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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  April 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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all across america families are coming back to time warner cable
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we came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed. we're catching up on movies and shows on demand just as fast as we can watch them. twc's home wifi is so strong we can use all our devices at the same time. come back today. you'll get 100 meg internet, tv, phone and more for $89.99 a month. and now, get a $300 reward card. call today. two big wins tonight in wisconsin, bernie sanders and ted cruz take tonight's primaries. all eyes are on the next big prices in new york. traffic backups and cracks in the concrete, potential
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mess up your morning commute. >> first, yankee home opener that felt more like a football game, bundling up for a freeze warning. the tri-state area continue to deal with the blast. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm maurice dubois. >> and i'm kristine johnson. lonnie quinn is tracking the cold temperatures. live in midtown with forecast. lonnie? >> reporter: i'll tell you, kj, it's a cold night out here. stationed right along fifth avenue and 59th right by the apple store which by the way i've got to tell you is a great place to go warm up because they are open 24 hours. i want to show you this, the fountain in the plaza is still operating and yet we have a freeze warning that goes into effect tonight, a hard freeze is possible. it would take something bigger is to freeze that fountain. but possibility, lo and behold right there, coolest vehicle in the world, my mobile weather lab is parked -- we are facing the wrong way.
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37 degrees, all compliments of the equipment on the top of the vehicle and take a look at what the other readings are around the area, right now it is 20 degrees in the hamptons, 25 monticello, new york city at 37 which is what i'm picking up right here outside the park. future temps, 6:00 a.m. new york city at 29 degrees. liberty, monticello at 17. bellmore, 31. everyone below the freezing mark. thus we have the freeze warning. again if your area is not shaded in, the color that represents the freeze on it, purple, it just means you hasn't -- you haven't started your growing season yet. after a very cold start, 49 degrees. filtered sunshine, watching more clouds make their way into the area ahead of a rain chance. but that comes with milder temperatures. we'll talk about how long they last in just a bit. let's go back to you. >> thank you. campaign 2016 now, results
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confusing the race even more. bernie sanders, beat hillary clinton meaning he has now won the last four contests against the front runner. >> ted cruz down step -- trounced donald trump. cbs2's tony aiello here now with more. >> reporter: hillary clinton's only public reaction tonight, a congratulatory tweet sent to senator sanders. donald trump also lying low while ted cruz told a big crowd tonight represents a turning point. the gop nomination won't be settled before the convention. >> we've got the full spectrum of the republican party coming together and uniting. behind this campaign. >> reporter: it was a must win for the texas senator and he did. his convincing victory in wisconsin complicates the delegate math for front-runner donald trump. next up, new york which rarely matters in the gop nominating process. trump planning a major rally at grumman studios on long island
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>> this is going to be going on for the next two weeks. it's a level of primary excitement, bringing that we've never had before. >> bernie sanders, our candidate. >> reporter: on the democratic side, senator sanders won handily and boasted that will give him momentum heading to new york where hillary clinton's lead in the polls has shrunk from 40 point last june 2 -- last june to just 10 prompting this bold prediction. >> it is very unlikely that either candidate, secretary clinton or senator sanders will go into the convention with a majority needed of pledged delegates in order to win. >> reporter: the clinton campaign tried to close the door on talk of an open convention. >> there's not going to be any doubt who the nominee is going in well ahead of the convention. >> reporter: clinton pulled out of wisconsin days ago to concentrate on new york where more than ever she needs a big win. >> and i know new york will
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>> reporter: went and told supporters she will carry on the work of president obama. >> are we going to build on the progress that president obama made or are we going to watch it get ripped away? >> reporter: the sanders win in wisconsin nets him a handful of additional delegates, he still lags secretary clinton pretty badly in the overall count. while the trump campaign complains the gop is plotting to steal the nomination from him at the convention. a wild primary season that doesn't look like it's going to end anytime soon. >> tony, okay. track a traffic jam on the henry hub was -- henry hudson parkway has finally started to ease up. more than seven hours after it started, concerns over and unstable wall could still mess up the morning commute. cbs2's tracee carrasco live in mobile to with much more on this tonight and the traffic jam that persists. >> take a look at this, delays in traffic tonight of the henry hudson parkway, we are just past 96th street.
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there are still backups. bumper-to-bumper traffic with one northbound lane of the hendrick -- henry hudson parkway shut down and crews still unseen making the commute home even longer. how long is your commute normally? >> on a good day, around half. with this, two and half hours. >> trying to get home. just going to take an alternative route. >> there was a warning downtown coming up from 14th street from school. it said, right lane is closed. >> reporter: earlier today, two lanes were closed since around 4:00 p.m. as crews inspected a bulging retaining wall. with possible concerns about stability. you can see from this video there is a slight crack in the wall, something drivers have noticed. >> it's about to get -- fall down. a little loose there. every time it gets more and more raining, seems like it is pushing toward the street. >> reporter: back in 2005, a big part of a retaining wall collapsed onto the henry hudson
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of heavy rain causing months of work and delays. commuters hoping this time that can be avoided. no estimate on when that lane will reopen, but oem tells us it will likely be closed through the night and possibly into the morning rush so plan ahead if you are going to be heading through this area, you might want to take an alternate route. live tonight in from mobile two, tracee carrasco, cbs2 news. new tonight a rookie cop convicted of manslaughter is now requesting a retrial. attorneys for peter liang claim it sure like during the selection process here 62-year- old michael vargas said no one in his family was ever accused of a crime. but it now appears his father spent seven years in prison for accidentally shooting a friend to death. liang was convicted of accidentally killing akai gurley in a dark stairwell at a brooklyn housing project.
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support tonight after she was vicious -- and viciously beaten. now there are calls for justice. 17-year-old warner is brain- dead, police say the result of a violent conversation -- confrontation outside her apartment building in coney island. warner may have fallen and hit her head during a fight. friends and community leaders who gathered tonight to pay tribute say others were involved and should be arrested. >> it feels like one of our children was snatched away from us because of the fact she's just a young child. >> this is murder. clearly, they snub that girl out with no remorse. >> sabrina ford is charged with attempted murder and assault. new cell phone video shows the deadly tugboat accident last month by the tappan zee bridge. watch here as the boat sinks in a matter of seconds. all three crew members were killed in this disaster. they had been escorting a barge down the river when they
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being used to build the new bridge. >> a bronx man is accused of getting behind the wheel of anywhere car, leaving the police on a chase and then crashing the vehicle. police say 20-year-old juan carlos hired the right share service to take him from philadelphia to a college in upstate on saturday, at some point during the trip, the uber driver asked carlos to drive so he could take a nap. carlos was speeding at 86 miles an hour near binghamton. shortly after the car crashed, injuries. fears of corruption have the feds investigating the nypd. sources tell cbs2 an investigation began with norman seabrook, head of the city's corrections union. reports that he invested pension money into hedge funds run by local businessmen. that led to wiretaps and recorded conversations implicating members of the police department according to investigators. cbs2's marcia kramer asked commissioner bratton about the matter today. >> reporter: does it trouble
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>> the nature of the business, these results in investigations, we'll have to see where the investigation goes. >> a detective in the 66th precinct has been put on desk duty and several members of the 19th precinct have been questioned. and escape with seconds to spare. >> hurry-up. getting in. >> a tv crew helps a man get out of danger as flames creep injuriously close. we find all the evidence in the morning. >> sex and drugs where your kids play?
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parks under lock and key. new tonight, incredible moment caught on camera by a tv news crew in oklahoma. the man was using heavy equipment to control a fast- moving grass fire in woodward
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the tv crew was watching nearby as the flames started to get dangerously close. take a look at what happened next. >> he needs to get out. >> i know he needs to get out! >> get in. hurry-up! hurry-up! >> go! back up. >> that was close. the crew and the man were able to drive away safely. >> wow. parents say dangerous behavior at a playground is putting their kids at risk. the proof they say is in the mess left behind. everything from liquor bottles to baggies for drugs and more. now they are demanding action on the playground problems, here is valerie castro. >> reporter: the city says parks and playgrounds are closed at night but they are not always locked up even when they do have a case like this one. parents in a story essay for the sake of their children's safety, this has to change. >> ready? one, two, three. >> reporter: gentility and her daughter are regular visitors
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place. schulte says when the sun goes down, a more adult crowd takes over. >> we find evidence in the morning. >> reporter: parents have documented evidence in what appears to be drug paraphernalia. another corner of the playground, lots of beer and liquor bottles. this picture, schulte says a homeless man was found sleeping on a mattress dumped in the park. >> one of my friends, her two- year-old daughter found a crack pipe. and was running around with them in her mouth, playing with it. >> reporter: a city council member is proposing a bill that in addition to posted hours, every gated playground should be locked, each and every night by the parks department. the department says it does work with community members and nypd to lock some parks when needed. >> it's a lot harder to scale a fence and is to walk through the front door. to deter behavior. >> reporter: she says it's a simple solution.
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dirty playground and we want to clean is up -- this is a huge safety issue. >> reporter: the city council is behind this bill hope to introduce it before the start of summer. reporting in astoria, valerie castro, cbs2 news. it was a sham from beginning to end. federal agents set up a fake college to crack down on immigration fraud. homeland security agents posed as a school administrators for the university of northern new jersey. the school had a twitter and facebook page full of announcements and pictures of students. but none of it was real. brokers used the school as a cover to help foreigners secure fraudulent student and work visas. >> they brought many many students, people purporting to be students, who enrolled in the university knowing full well that there would be no classes. >> 21 people were arrested this morning in the sting. a flight attendant makes a
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department -- put departure. take you look what happened yesterday morning, the flight attendant deployed -- to plug the emergency chute, throughout a bag, slid down and walked away. so far no word as to why she did it. united says she has been fired. cover story controversy. for glamour magazine, comedian amy schumer takes offense to this special edition of the glossy about plus size women who inspire. schumer says there's nothing wrong with plus size, but she is a size 6 or eight. she tweeted, bottom line, seems to be that we are done with these unnecessary labels which seem to be reserved for women. others agree. >> i don't think it's a great message because it makes you think that the ideal person is zero, two and four. amy schumer is a great size. >> i think i'm beautiful no matter what size i am. i've had three children. and as far as i'm concerned,
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>> glamour says the issue is aimed at women size 12 and up and said the edition did not describe her as plus size. we are sorry if we offended her in any way. hearing from a driver about his close call with a falling tree on a new jersey road. we showed you the video last night. police dash cam captured the giant tree falling across rockaway valley road in boonton township. it was knocked down in those fears winds on sunday. alex conklin was driving in the opposite direction behind the wheel of his pickup truck. he crashed into the tree and the landed on top of it. >> i saw the tree that i hit coming down. the wind blew it so fast but there was nothing i could do. it was crazy. i don't know. the worst amusement park ride i've ever been on. [ laughter ] >> crazy is right. conklin was wearing his seatbelt. he walked away without a scratch. >> i wonder if he wasn't in a
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smaller vehicle or something -- >> what would have happened. a look at our forecast, we saw lonnie quinn on fifth avenue in midtown. sure is chilly outside. >> chilly, that's your word for it. dawn was just telling me, i can't guarantee these shots, fingers are frozen. take a shot right behind me. what i'm going to do is take a man right over this way, let's swing over to the mobile weather lab. temperatures coming in at, right on the side of fifth avenue, 36.7 degrees. we've recently had a wind gust at around 8.5. in the morning, the winds should be an issue but temperatures will be. different vantage point of our fine city so -- central park, clear and chilly. i think it's cold outside. the almanac shows us the high temp was 42, low was 26. as crazy as 26 sounds for this
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the record, 20 degrees way back in 1874. i think we've only been keeping track of these since 1869. my headlines look like this. the mild air will get here by thursday, but on thursday, rain is likely. so you take some, you lose some. then the temperatures will drop friday. so it's a one-day affair with the milder temperatures. beautiful skies in our area, pretty decent skies for your day tomorrow, notice the unsettled weather in the midsection of the country, that will get here on thursday. put into motion on the future radar, your day tomorrow is fine looking, filtered sunshine gets in here because the high, thin clouds make their way in late afternoon. wet weather for thursday morning, i don't think too much, yes a chance for a little bit of a light shower here or there, more likely for your evening commute and some of that rain could be on the heavy side. then it gets out of here with a little bit of wraparound moisture left to start the day on friday.
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a wet snow flake north and west. the cold air is coming back. how much rain do we get out of this? anywhere computer models are saying from a half inch to an inch and a half would be the biggest number. that's thursday into early friday morning. for the here and now, freeze warning in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning and afternoon hits the high temperature of 49 degrees, filtered sunshine, the temps will be going up, after the sun sets and get to 60 degrees on thursday, all part of your extended forecast. 60 thursday, 50 friday. 46 saturday, 47 on sunday. so the warmth on your day thursday but it comes with a pretty decent chance for rain. live in midtown, back to you guys in the studio.
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. otis here with sports now. opener. they've got some games left.
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i felt like i was at the pinstripe bowl instead of the yankee home opener. football weather as the bombers faced the team that finished their season in october. they say revenge is best served cold. some leftover snow from yesterday's rainout, a nice start for starlin castro who went on-3 with a pair of rbi, his double in the second put the bombers on top. masahiro tanaka didn't have his best stuff, carlos carrera provided but -- the pop right here, solo homer ties it at two in the sixth. new york's bullpen, supposed to be the center piece of the team. houston scored the go-ahead run in the eighth. the yankees played the rest of the game under protest are baseline, to no avail. they didn't change the call. the damage was done. houston tacked on two more in the eighth, the yankees are dealt a tough loss on opening day. what did joe girardi hope to accomplish with the protest? >> if they don't change it, you bring more clarity to the rule. because i don't want to tell my pictures, hit him in the back.
11:27 pm
because you get somebody hurt. karenina is way in the baseline. to me it's something that really needs to be addressed. the mets finishing up their brief stop in kansas city, they watched the royals unfurl their banner on sunday night. today they had to witness the ring ceremony. the mets trying to ruin the party. the new met, neil walker, that's a two run homer, 2-0 mets. noah syndergaard was working on a kc masterpiece, nine strikeouts, his last one coming with the bases loaded in the sixth. the bullpen handled the rest as the mets retired the last 10 batters en route to a 2-0 shutout. the mets offer the next two
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11:31 pm
he has six in his last seven. rangers fought from two down to tie it and then won it off the stick of chris kreider. rangers win 3-2. islanders with a chance to clinch with a win in dc, had to take down the big bad wolves, the washington capitals. they tied it at three. in overtime, thomas hickey banks in the game-winner, the isles clinch a playoff spot. 4- through the final. uconn women, four straight national titles. 11 overall. 82-51 victory over syracuse. take a look back at that historic shot by kris jenkins that won the men's championship last night. we were watching during the commercial break, ryan arcidiacono with the nice feet in rhythm, drinking. what about the tbs crew? take a look, charles barkley obviously had villanova. this is the highest he's jumped in years.
11:32 pm
kenny smith in the background was upset because he's a north carolina all-american. berkeley did not spare him by rubbing it in. >> the thrill of victory and agony of defeat. >> sometimes we can't contain ourselves.
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>> a great finish. thanks for joining us tonight. up next, "the late show with stephen colbert". melissa mccarthy and carry on it covington will be his guests. we'll see you back here tomorrow. -- >> jon: sthen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs


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