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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  April 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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this is cbs 2 news at noon. good afternoon i'm chris wragge. i'm mary calvi. a car service show down in newark, wanting to service the same transit hubs. the city council is considering a proposal for a fee. cbs is outside newark city hall where protesters are lining up. >> reporter: yeah, we are just minutes away from the city council, uber drivers with no time getting their voices heard. >> reporter: the city council will hear proposal that require uber and lyft drivers pay a $1,000 fee to pick they will up and drop them off at the penn station and new york liberty airport. >> i'll still go, it is just not right. brian clarke has been driving an uber around new york
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needs to understand drivers like him are just trying to make an honest living. >> it is not just uber, we are people, uber is a job just like this job. you can't just put people out of work or may they will pay to work. yellow taxi drivers waiting in the penn station cab line say they support the proposal because there needs to be a level playing field for all drivers. >> we have the license, the process you have to do background check insurance everything. >> for the newark commuters, it is all about con convenience. >> the cab service needs help, i welcome the uber drivers. this comes after a back and fourth for the uber drivers and
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and putting it back in place. thank you. today campaign 2016 bernie sanders and ted cruz are hoping their big wisconsin wins will give them crucial momentum to out of the five remaining candidates campaigning here in new york today. shifts to the primary in two weeks, andrea grymes is here with more on that, andrea. ebola donald trump and ted cruz are in town today trump still leads in the delegate count his loss in wisconsin makes it more likely there will be a contested republican convention. >> donald trump and ted cruz are both in a new york state of mind today. thousands are expected tonight at the studios in bethpage long island. first cruz has a meet and greet an hour from now in the bronx. >> we are winning because we are uniting the republican party. cruz coming off a big win in wisconsin. came in first with 48% of the vote. trump came in second and john
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>> as a result of the people of wisconsin defying the media, i am more and more convinced that our campaign is going to earn the 1237 delegates needed to win the nomination. trump did not speak last night but campaign issued a statement, quote ted cruz is worse than a puppet he is a trojan horse attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump. >> on the democrat side, bernie sanders also pulled off a double digit victory last night in wisconsin taking 56% of the vote to hillary clinton's 43. >> this campaign is giving energy and enthusiasm to millions of americans. >> clinton tweeted, congrats to bernie sanders on winning wisconsin to all the voters and volunteers who pouredded your hearts into this campaign, forward. both candidates are campaigning in pennsylvania. >> if you do your part, you and your family should be able to
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that, to me, is the promise of america. >> both candidates also have their eyes on new york, the next big contest as well for the democrats. sanders has now won 6 out of the last 7 contests, all though clinton leads in the delegate count, political contributor says sanders is not embarrassing himself by staying in the race because of the fbi into clinton's use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state. no one would blame him for hanging around to see if hillary clinton is going to be invited. now i don't have any evidence that she is or that she isn't, but i do know there is an investigation going on. and i think he'd be wise to just hang around and see what happens. >> clinton has denied any wrong doing as for her campaigning later today actually mayor deblasio, she is in pennsylvania, he will be holding a rally for her in lower manhattan this evening. mary, over to you.
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stay with cbs 2 and for campaign 2016 and the new york primary. a hunt is on the way for the bronx accused in a string of robbery, this video of mark wiggins investigator says he struck at least 6 times in the section one attempted robbery on monday. allegedly stolen thousands of dollars worth of electronics, clothing and accessories. a city council meets on a vote to control costume characters and other pan land lers. give the department of transportation power to designate pedestrians and restrict the characters and painted ladies to specific zones. there have been growing complaints, though opponents of the measure say the vast majority of the characters don't cause any trouble. a scary incident a school bus burst into flames on long island at 7:30, the bus was traveling on merick and kirkwood avenues when i broke
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bus when it caught fire and no word injured, no word what caused fire. attorneys for a police rookie convicted of manslaughter have requested a retrial. attorneys for peter liang claim a juror lied. saying no one was accused of a crime, now the father spent seven years in prison for accidentally shooting a friend to death. liang accused of killing in the project. and dangerous behavior in the playground, from liqueur bottles to use of drugs, now they are demanding action about the problem. >> reporter: the city says parks and playgrounds are closed at night but not always locked up, parents say for the sake of their children's safety, this has to change. ready? one, two, three, push ! >> reporter: general and her 2-
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regularvisitors to this astoria park. but when the sun goes down a more adult crowd tends to takeover. >> we find all the evidence of it in the morning. >> parents have documents like used condoms and wrappers, and paraphernalia. and lots of beer and liqueur bottles. in this picture, says a homeless man was found sleeping on a mattress. >> one of her friends, two-year- old daughter found a crack pipe and was running around with it in her mouth playing with it. >> city council member is proposing a bill that in addition to posted hours every gated playground should be locked each and every night by the parks department, the department says it does work with communities and the nypd to lock some parks when needed. >> it is a lot harder to scale a fence than it is to walk through a front door. >> says it is a simple solution
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>> this is not just about being a dirty playground we want to clean it up for aesthetic purpose this is is a huge safety issues. the city council hopes to introduce it before the start of summer. reporting in queens. one northbound lane of the henry hudson park way remains closed due to a problem with a retaining wall. the problem is around 125th street, two lanes were shut down yesterday afternoon as crews inspected the bulging wall. >> still much more ahead on cbs 2 news at noon, a little girl going blind gets the chance tomeet the pope. how a special suit can see what it is like to grow older. a mysterious message from janet jackson canceling part of her tour, what she says the doctor told her. feeling a little bet better today, feeling wet tomorrow, we have more interesting changes
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up. . if you're on the go, we can still catch cbs 2 news at noon, we are live casting this newscast at a girl suffering from a
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it is a big day for a little girl. but 5-year-old lizzie is taking it in her stride, a tiny piece of a precious meteorite. today's audience is the highlight of sightseeing part of what they've called lizzie's visual bucket list, her father secretly wished for more than just an audience for the pope. >> we are definitely hoping for a miracle. >> when that special moment a arrived he touched and laid his hands over his eyes. >> to pray for us and pray for him. her parents not yet told her that one day she will lose her site as a result of her raregenetic type order she already wears a hearing aide
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adolescents she'll probably go completely blind. her parents are making sure she has lifelong memories to recall when she can no longer see. deborah, cbs news, london. the general manager of turkish airlines was so moved they offered them tickets anywhere in the world. they chose rome. the new odd couple is coming back to thursday nights. >> we'll get a sneak peek at the new season and hear from the stars. john elliot has a rainy forecast kind out what part of
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snowflakes. this morning, people on medicaid who might otherwise be struggling to care for themselves won't have to. because homefirst, a product of elderplan, is there... helping them with bathing, dressing and meals so they can remain safely at home.
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continuing the work of the four brooklyn ladies caring in so many ways. call 1-866-386-4180
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. we normally think of technology of something that will make us healthier smarter and faster. >> why would someone develop technology that would make us feel slower? wait until you see what he learn. welcome to new york, we
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which can be hard when we get on our older slower neighbors. it can be hard to identify with aging if you haven't walked in an older person's shoes that's what i did with help of amazing technology. >> it is going to affect your vision. it is an skeleton suit a $2 million collaboration, to give me a feel for what it is like to experience various aging the traveling interactive experience is at the liberty science center. >> in our society it is hard for us to talk about aging hard for parents to talk to their kids and hard for kids to talk to their parents about it. really to help spark a dialogue. >> first, they impair my vision with what it's like to have
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then the blue lights on the skeleton turn red. >> it is like turning my arms through peanut butter. and my heart rate shows how hard my hard is working watch the lights turn red. first on both legs then one at a time. >> what we hope this encourages is patience. that sort of impatience that comes with youth is maybe a little misplaced because the person might work a lot harder than you can realize. the agenting experience will be at the liberty science experiment if you go you might get picked to wear the suit. at least you can see what it does. let's get to john elliot find out what we can expect today, we're still waiting for warmer temperatures. >> i wear that suit every day, the oldest man in the studio, so yeah i'll tell you we are going to see changes and you know what, every now and then if you have a bum knee, i get headaches when low pressure
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be the challenging health day with that system. i've got a few observations and questions dan has 39, cool but we'll see nicer sun for him give way to clouds this afternoon, he wants to know about the met's home opener. i think we'll get the game in but it will be cloudy to start the day, clouds and lots of them here, it is cloudy and cool for sherry, clouds have already moved in, she has lost her flowers, happy to report that adele did the right thing she covered them and saved them there in the hudson valley. yeah pretty sun there. and also it is turkey mating season, thank you, it is also twinkie day, so we have got you covered at the weather watcher wall today. so serving up some sun now, but you can see yeah clouds starting to fill in, just in the last half hour or so we're seeing more of the blue give way to gray in the city. still bright to the east clouds have taken over north and west
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reading there white plains to monticello, 37 in greenwich, onaverage 6 to 8 degrees warmer. 10 degrees warmer in the city in the absence of the wind, feelsbetter almost 10 degrees below normal 9 the record nowhere near it. clouds by then now it is a sign of season when you see numbers like this, but pollen count drops tomorrow because of the rain. where is the rain right now? it is not in our area there is some moisture aloft off to the west but we don't anticipate that we see this area of low pressure trailing front pushing through tomorrow. timing it out for you, you're okay today, and tonight tomorrow morning some scattered showers and then by midday that's when we see the possibility of pockets of heavy rain even an isolated thunderstorm another round between 8 or 10 at night that
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place. early friday morning we could even see a few flakes still dealing with a chance of a shower looks okay for the mets and then the next system coming in on saturday. however it will be cooler that first pitch right around 49 degrees clouds giving way to some clearing during the course of the game then saturday that's that rain/snow chance, i know, snow again mid-40s still well below normal. extended forecast calls for numbers closer to normal by the middle part of next week. tomorrow is mild but remember tomorrow is busy, tomorrow is wet we're going to need the rain gear. okay thank you. ^ to find out the weather anytime just download the cbs new york weather app get the forecast check live radar and send us your weather picture and video available in the itune store and available on google play. season two of the odd couple returns to cbs. matthew perry and thomas
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we sat down with the actors. >> what are you doing? i'm not going to stand in the doorway and eavesdrop? >> we'll go in the terrace where we can hear better. >> reporter: the odd couple is back on cbs. >> how can season two be better? >> i'm sure it is pretty exciting. but generally season two is just much better. the writing much better, the acking got better. >> stars as oscar has a new love interest on the show. >> oscar decides instead of dating a bunch of different women he wants to find something substantial and he needs terry hatcher. >> thomas plays felix and was shocked he had to do a scene in the nude. >> imagine going to work hey, in about six weeks you'll have to be completely naked on a television show. >> thomas admits he is a clone of his super uptight character and perry definitely can result
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>> i'm quite similar to oscar, if i didn't have housekeepers in my life, my house would be an absolute disaster zone. >> got it. >> did you hear the plural? >> keepers, two. and they are topless. which i think is great. >> all jokes aside, these two definitely have unique chemistry. on the upper west side, cbs 2 news. when we come back, a message online from janet jackson delaying her global concert tour.
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hooking forward to that too. . a bombshell announcement from jacket jackson, the singer announced he is delaying the second leg of the world tour, jackson who turns 50 says she has to rest up following doctor's orders but not saying when she is expecting a baby, she says she'll resume her tour as soon as she can.
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cbs tonight at 5:00, puppies found crammed in cages now the pet store owner defending himself. is it okay to eavesdrop, what parents need to know those stories much more tonight beginning at 5:00. before we leave an incredible site out of the south florida this nearly 15- foot alligator killed, 2 men were hunting over the weekend when they discovered the gator in a pond, i hope he's dead! they needed a farm tractor to pull the nearly 800-pound reptile to shore. this thing was massive. really. >> enormous. wow. that's it for us at noon for john and the entire cbs 2 news team, thanks for joining us i'm mary calvi. i'm chris wragge, cbs is back at 5:00 see you tomorrow
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a great afternoon. >> hilary: neil is barring me from the board on his foundation. how dare he reject me? >> devon: hilary. >> hilary: i am more than qualified. and then we made that huge donation at the fundraiser. how could he keep me off this board? >> devon: the reason is -- >> hilary: no, you know what? even though he says he doesn't hold a grudge, clearly he does. >> devon: that's not what it is. >> hilary: what? did he tell you something?


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