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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  April 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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effective immediately, four senior commanders have been removed from their post as part of a corruption probe by the fbi and united states attorney preet bharara. >> the potential violations under investigation include violations of nypd rules and policies, the city conflicts of interest rules and federal criminal laws. >> reporter: he took away the guns and badges of james grant chanted your officer of the 19th precinct and deputy chief michael harrington executive officer of citywide housing on desk duty. also removed deputy chief eric rodriguez and deputy chief david colon. >> it's examining more personnel. >> reporter: that includes phillip banks. lot probe has been going on for two years it picked up steam sources say after the
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a businessman on the left at a dinner with banks and another person on the right. a tap on the telephones of the two men turned up questions of influence peddling involving as many as 20 cops. the accusations including gifts of super bowl tickets, trips to las vegas and in at least one case, a top ranking cop reportedly sold captain union identification cards to help people avoid traffic and parking tickets. >> we don't believe based on what we know so far that this is deep systemic corruption in the department as opposed to bad judgment of a small group of senior people. we'll go wherever the facts take us. >> reporter: the head of the captains endowment association which represents the chiefs called today's actions traumatic and called on the feds to wrap up their probe quickly so the chiefs can
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open forum. banks' lawyer says his client has done nothing wrong. >> thank you. a class action lawsuit accuse the department of education of lacking accountability when it comes to bullying. >> reporter: one of the worst times she was bullied was in third grade. >> this kid was behind me and playing with [ indiscernible ] and he cut me hair. >> reporter: what happened to him? >> nothing. >> reporter: she changed schools after another upsetting incident. she says bullies never seem to face consequences. >> it's a horrible feeling to know that no one understands what you're going through, that the bully can just bully you without anybody noticing or any adults noticing and caring for you. >> reporter: her mother maxine is hoping to join the class action lawsuit announced today that demands better training of department of education
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>> i pray it will bring justice and open up parents's eyes and give light to the good teachers there with a passion to help these kids gain a brighter future and not to do damage. >> reporter: other members of the 11 families already part of the lawsuit had disturbing stories of students and teachers traumatizing their kids. >> our children all have been victims of violence in school. when we tried to get our children help, we were all failed by the department of education. >> new york city is facing a crisis of school violence and the statistics are shocking. >> reporter: the group launched the safe schools now campaign and says there's been a rest sent uptick. >> in the last three weeks alone four guns. >> reporter: he says it's not a charter versus district school issue. the schools chancellor says student safety is a priority. >> i can assure parents that this is something we take seriously anytime something comes up. we deal with it immediately. >> reporter: the lawsuit is asking for better enforcement of the department of education's own policies.
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follow and we will follow that process. >> reporter: the lawsuit is not seeking any financial damages but is asking for change like the appointment of an independent monitor who can audit and make sure the department of education deals with people according to its own rules and make sure students don't deal with retaliation. sonia rincon economics. an out-of-control taxi in greenwich village struck and trapped a woman near university place. steve langford reports. [ yelling ] >> reporter: panic and chaos near nyu around 11 a.m. as this taxi has a pedestrian pinned underneath. >> they were trying to move the car or, like, sort of like help it so that they could get the body out of behind the cab
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>> reporter: skidmarks on the wall of this building, the victim gravely injured. >> i could see the taxi lose control from there hit the plant. >> reporter: a students says he never saw it happen a 32- year-old woman hit. >> you could see the person's body getting dragged from the building to the end. i felt really nauseous. it was pretty hard to see. >> reporter: the taxi driver questioned by police at the scene and later taken to a hospital after having reportedly suffering a medical incidents while driving. [ yelling ] >> reporter: the victim extricated from under the cab by the fdny then taken away in critical condition while the taxi awaits processing by investigators. its meter still running. in greenwich village, steve langford, cbs 2 news. >> right now, in the 5:00 hour advisory. >> lonnie quinn is here with that and the departing rain and then where are we going from here? >> i'm telling you, this is a we have everything.
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about at one point, maurice and kristine, everybody had it. now it's just out to long island where that advisory rests. this is a picture we see over new york city. look at that. a couple of breaks here and there and the a break from the rain now. i see more out there. 57 your current temperature. so certainly mild enough out there. your vortex satellite and radar showing in the big bright colors have exited the area even montauk done now with the heaviest stuff so the worst is behind us and now what we look at a couple of scattered showers. there's a break and more scattered showers. right around baltimore, washington, you see you could see a thunderstorm as this second area makes its way through but it's not nearly as rigorous as what you've already dealt with. we have a wind advisory in effect for all of long island. brooklyn, queens, nassau, suffolk county, possibility for wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. so be prepared for this, a saturday. weekend snow chance, you bet!
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models are hitting at accumulations. it's out there. we'll talk about this later. back to you guys. >> thank you. campaign 2016. the outer boroughs now at the center of the presidential race. three of the candidates visited parts of the city today. but were they trying to sample our way of life or just simply pandering? cbs 2's tony aiello breaks down the appearances. >> i love new york. and i just am thrilled to have the time to spend here. >> reporter: she is no doubt sincere but she no doubt would prefer to have things wrapped up by now. instead, hillary clinton needs to win big in her adopted home state. >> i'm going to trust the voters of new york who know me and have voted for me three times. >> reporter: she to be a subway ride in the bronx. perhaps to chide bernie sanders who told the daily news he thought riders still use tokens. but when clinton went to swipe her metrocard, she had to swipe again and again -- and again. it happens but seemed like an awkward moment that may cost
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>> what it speaks to is are these candidates out of touch with everyday new yorkers, everyday americans? and the reality is that all of them are. >> reporter: political scientist charisma loan thinks sanders is starting to irritate the clinton camp. >> i don't think that you are qualified if you get $15 million from wall street through your super pac. >> you're going to see i think her surrogates more than her really come out, um, attacking sanders. >> reporter: on the republican side. >> these are my people! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: donald trump had nothing on his public schedule one day after a huge rally on long island. ohio governor john kasich visited mike's deli in the bronx where he chowed down and drank up, while ted cruz made a pre-passover visit to a matzo factory in brooklyn. cruz is focusing on districts with few republicans.
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to win the gop-friendly first district on long island by 20,000 votes. that will earn him three delegates. cruz can focus on a district like the 15th in the bronx, win with just 1,000 votes, and also take three delegates. >> it makes sense to go after low republican districts, the bronx, even manhattan, because you get more bang for your buck essentially. >> reporter: one of the new york delegates will be former mayor giuliani. he said today he is voting for donald trump, but not formally endorsing him. giuliani says that will give him more sway if as expected republicans end up with a contested convention. now to the latest in the brussels terror attack investigation. police today released new video of the surviving suspect in the airport bombings. they say the so-called man in the hat seen on security video leaving the airport on foot was also seen walking through a nearby neighborhood and then the cameras lost track of him.
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video of the man walking with the two suicide bombers who killed 16 people in the march attack. meantime, it may take weeks before belgium extradites the suspect in the paris terror attacks. salah abdeslam was captured in brussels in march. his attorney says before abdeslam can be sent to paris, belgian authorities must lift his arrest warrant. they want to question him about a place raid that happened days before he was arrested. and in the war on isis, the terror group has reportedly abducted more than 300 construction workers and contractors outside the syrian capital. according to syrian state tv it the mass abduction came in an area northeast of damascus where isis launched a surprise attack against government forces this week. no one is officially claiming responsibility for the abduction. a smoky fire at an upper east side building sent residents running from their beds early this morning. chopper 2 flew over the
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between east 94th and 95th streets as firefighters checked out the roof. investigators say the fire started at 6:00 this morning in the basement and then it spread to the first floor. four people including two firefighters suffered minor injuries. some new information now. the new york city council has just passed a bill to restrict costumed characters in times square. the measure allows the city transportation department to designate pedestrian plazas. characters and nearly naked performers would be limited to specific zones. over the past few years there have been arrests, fights and dozens of harassment complaints about the workers in costume. dealing with a loved one's loss, death is difficult enough. >> we can't even take her home because we don't know where she is. [ crying ] >> they stole her. >> meet the family who says they got the wrong remains after their mother died. and they cannot find the right ones.
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how doctors could regrow cartilage that patients thought was gone forever. >> plus, baby or baseball? the life changing event that could have a mets pitcher walking off the mound. >> baby.
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tt0w!tx#hg!!ed@-4:( tt0w!tx#hg%!)8h-tdt tt0w!tx#hg%!kzh-i+( tt0w!tx#hg%!n-h-> should i stay or go? >> reporter: his wife is in florida. jacob is here in new york and he plans to stay with the team until he gets the word that stacey is in labor with their first child a boy. so that means he is planning to start tomorrow's home opener against the phillies but no matter what time he gets the word, pre-game, during the game or post-game, he will get on a plane and go. if he misses the game, the most likely candidate to replace him is bartolo colon
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lot of tricky situations in his 18 years in the big leagues. degrom says he is focused. but if he is tapped on the shoulder during it -- >> i plan to be there whenever he is born so i'll probably be out of the game and i'm still waiting to hear. we're just waiting. very exciting. i mean, after a good season last year we're looking into toward getting back here and playing in front of the home fans and i'm expecting a baby boy so it's definitely an exciting time. >> hopefully the baby holds off another day or two? but, uhm, hopefully he gets home in time to see it because i know how excited he is and, um, if i was a mets scout i'd go look at him and try to sign him. >> jake is pumped up but also would like to have that baby arrive and we can move on. >> abrupt there, huh? [ laughter ] >> this won't be the last time the mets are faced with this situation this season. neil walker will have a decision to make in august when his wife will have their first child.
5:17 pm
straight start in a home opener so that's special but let me tell you from experience five times nothing like being there for the birth of your child. >> you don't get that back. >> let's go out, throw a perfect game. >> what if he is in the middle of a pitch? what if the ball is coming out of his hand, got to go! just get to go. >> i hope he would steal the ball or something like that after. perfect game, no-hitter, whatever, then fly on down to florida and have the child. >> huge. >> that would be the plan. [ laughter ] >> we'll see how that works out. [ laughter ] >> thanks, otis. got knee pain? millions of active baby boomers are developing osteoarthritis. they have just worn out the cartilage in their knees and their only resort is knee replacement. but cbs 2's dr. max gomez is here to tell us a new study shows there is a way to replace that cartilage. doctor. >> reporter: that's right. osteoarthritis is wear and tear arthritis. the nice smooth cartilage on the end of all bones is worn away. the knees are where that often
5:18 pm
when it gets to be bone-on- bone, there's no more cartilage and it hurts a lot. mears a way to replace it. -- here's a way to replace it. cheryl christie is one active baby boomer, works out, softballs, snowboards, kayaks. after a couple of knee injuries and acl surgery, her right knee was shot. >> every step it was likeing an ice pick in my knee. stop running and you have arthritis in your knee. >> reporter: cheryl has essentially worn away large areas of cartilage on the ends of her thigh bone and growing it back in adults is almost impossible. >> by the time you're an adult, cartilage can't get nutrients to support a healing response to the area so we have to be creative. >> reporter: for dr. williams creative means finding a way to use bone and cartilage plugs to replace the missing cartilage. he just presented a long-term study of cartilage replacement
5:19 pm
patients normally not thought to be good patients for cartilage surgery. the key is donor cartilage. >> i can put my bone into yours and over about 6 months it will grow in. >> reporter: this is what it looks like. the plug is mostly bone with a thin layer of cartilage on top. you can just make out the white line of cartilage. that plug is surgically inserted in the knee and here a few years later is cheryl's knee. this is all nice thick well. but mris don't tell you how a knee feels. >> i feel awesome! i can work out pain-free. i can play softball. i can snowboard. it's pain-free. >> reporter: now, the plug comes from the same donors as organ and tissue donors. it's thoroughly tested for infectious disease for two weeks before its implanted in a knee. not everyone with knee arthritis is a good candidate for the procedure. it depends mostly on how much damage there is. but it's a good alternative. >> sounds like it. thank you, dr. max. a new survey shows that
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gained weight because of their work. and it's not just about sitting at a desk all day. stress plays a major role. the career build your survey found 44% of workers put on weight at their current job. 77% of them reported high stress levels. the survey shows that women are 10% more likely than men to say that they have gained weight at work and some people added that -- said added stress of tax season packs on the pounds as well. >> it's stressful at times so i do tend to eat more at this time of year. >> survey found a quarter of workers have access to employer programs to help them lose weight but more than half of the people in that group do not take advantage of it. >> take more vacation, you might lose weight. i guess so. >> supposedly. >> is that like a little thing to me? because i'm on vacation tomorrow? i thought many you were like -- >> i wasn't thinking about that. >> wow! [ laughter ]
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>> i didn't even -- >> apparently. >> we'll see. >> holy cow. >> i'm just -- [ laughter ] >> moving right along. what have you got, lonnie? out there right now, you know what, it's not a bad looking sky. yes, you still have the cloud out there but at least, you know, part of your sky has some sunshine out there. 57 degrees right now. your high temperature was 58. and 58 at 3:00 in the afternoon it is exactly where you should be for this time of the year. the morning low 48. so it's not like 30 or 31 like we had yesterday. 48 is where you started today. 6 degrees above the average of 42. all right. let's make some sense of what's going on here. temperature-wise look it's not a uniform perfectly uniform air mass. 45 in monticello, 61 in belmar. you don't see 20s to 60s like we had a couple of days ago. right now a lot of folks in the lower to mid 50s. what's happening? the rainfall we picked up biggest number approaching
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we have this line right around washington. let's time that one out, georgie. we can time that it looks like it wants to get to new york city, we think sometime like around 9:00 or 10:00. we'll watch that one for you. there could be another round that comes in tonight. >> that's the thing about people. can't trust them. >> i was just joking. >> we were all just joking. >> thank you, lonnie. clip coupons, the secrets to getting a digital deal and where to find those precious promo codes. >> what this ex-babysitter is
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in jail. new york. 20 million people strong.
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we don't all sound the same either. but when we pull together we do the biggest things in the world. so when some say we can solve america's problems by building walls, banning people based on their religion, and turning against each other... well, this is new york. and we know better. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. coming up at 6:00, how is a pet store owner who is charged with more than 200 counts of animal cruelty still able to operate stores? plus, unwelcome visitors at a local college. what some students say are all over their campus. we discovered new ways that you can save money shopping online. it's little known secret.
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multiple coupons for the same item. and those savings stack up. cbs 2's mary calvi shows us how to cash. >> reporter: it's a baby present bonanza at this woman's house and the only thing she liked more than buying them online is the savings. >> it's good savings if you stack your coupons. >> reporter: online? yup. entering one coupon code got her 30% off. typing in another code let her cash in on her kohl's cash rewards dollars. she added a free shipping off and voila. >> when i stacked coupons in the year 2016, i have saved around $1,000. which is pretty substantial. >> reporter: where do you find these codes? search sights like retail me not, coupon cabin and others. using multiple coupons isn't just for in store savings any more. >> this used to be common with clipped coupons and circumstance last at the grocery store. now it's available online with many clothing and merchandise
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>> reporter: kohl's lets you add 4 promo codes to an online order. and two if you're ordering from a mobile device. gap and banana republic have certain restrictions but their websites say you may be able to apply more than one promotion code to a single order. so why are some online retailers now allowing you to layer up in discounts? >> consumers demand it and retailers need to stay competitive. >> reporter: but caution, don't let the online discounts bust your bank. >> be careful that those extra items that you want in your basket are ones you really want. >> reporter: she admits redeeming discounts is tempting but she budgets enough money so she can spoil her new nephew. >> it's often because i can give all the coolest gifts. >> you can also register for promo codes and have them sent to your email address. cremation confusion, up next at 5:00 a family says their mother's remains are nowhere to be found. so whose ashes did they get? >> also, you may remember this video of women fighting in the
5:28 pm
well, now they are suing the airline for their aggression.
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a bronx family is denied a final good-bye for their loved one after a mother's remains disappear in the mortuary mix- up. good evening, i'm kristine johnson. >> i'm maurice dubois. welcome back. consuela rivera died last month. her remains are still nowhere to be found. what was done with the body before disappeared is adding to the family's heartbreak. cbs 2's raegan medgie has more new at 5:30. >> i love my mother. i love my mother very much. >> reporter: emilio in anguish talking about his mother who died last month and how he still is looking for her remains to say good-bye. >> we can't even take her home because we don't know where she is. >> they stole that from us. stole my last kiss. my last good-bye. >> reporter: rivera's family first went to a funeral home in nutley new jersey. they changed their minds deciding on services and burial with rg ortiz funeral
5:32 pm
trusted to pick up her body. that funeral home subcontracted first avenue funeral services in east harlem to pick up rivera and make the transfer to brooklyn. they did. but instead mistakenly took her to new jersey to get cremated. >> devastating. >> she's your mom, your mother- in-law. there's grandchildren involved and we can't even say good- bye. >> reporter: according to the family's lawyer, the family searched crematoriums in the area and thought they found their loved one in elizabeth, new jersey, at rosemont crematorium. turns out those remains were someone else. even more gut-wrenching, first avenue told the family they didn't know where the remains were. >> it's not right! it's not right at all. >> reporter: biondi said: >> reporter: as for the owner
5:33 pm
had possession of the body and is extremely sorry this happened. in the lower east side of manhattan, raegan medgie cbs 2 news. >> we did stop by first avenue funeral service but no one was available to comment. the family's lawyer believes funeral homes need to be better regulated and hopes that this story will push for that to happen. police are trying to find a driver responsible for a deadly hit-and-run in astoria, queens. the victim struck as he tried to cross a street that residents say is dangerous. cbs 2's janelle burrell reports. >> reporter: detectives going to each corner checking every building, every camera, making every attempt to track down the driver who mowed down the 45-year-old man leaving him to die. >> people just speed up and down the street all the time. >> reporter: residents like jennifer patton say 21st street at 30th road is a raceway. >> people going between the two bridges. >> reporter: and for pedestrians, getting across this intersection particularly
5:34 pm
>> oh, i never cross this >> reporter: -- a known danger, especially because there is no traffic light, no stop sign and no crosswalk. down. >> if they come at a speed they can -- you know, they are going to hit the person. >> reporter: it was around 11 p.m. wednesday that investigators say the 45-year-old man was crossing when a dark colored car hit him, never stopping, leaving him in the street. that man later pronounced dead at elmhurst hospital. highway patrol officers spent hours at the scene collecting evidence overnight. police now urging witnesses to come forward as residents hope for the city to do more to protect them. >> there needs to be something to sort of help with the flow of traffic, so a light, a stop sign, something that would help. >> reporter: residents say that the city has installed new lights within the last several months here along 21st street but clearly not at this intersection. they are hoping that this accident will cause that to change.
5:35 pm
queens, janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. >> the identity of the victim is not yet released. new information. spirit airlines is being blamed for a midair brawl. fists flew on the los angeles- bound flight last month when one group of passengers allegedly refused to turn down their music. video of the fight that involved hair pulling and punches went viral. now some of those involved say that they want to set the record straight. they claim flight attendants fueled the chaos by serving too much alcohol to some already drunk passengers. they are suing the airline. >> the flight attendants failed to take control of the situation before it got to the point where we were physically attacked, humiliated and escorted off the plane as if we were criminals. >> no arrests were made. spirit airlines has not responded to our request for comment. a warning tonight for parents about a long island babysitter who is charged with
5:36 pm
suffolk county police released this most unusual mugshot of the suspect, who smiled for the camera. last month, casey evans allegedly tried to sign a sayville boy out of school parents. evans is also accused of illegally entering the child's home to leave a gift for the boy. she was fired by the child's parents back in november. coming up, a father on a mission. his son's death has him helping police detect distracted driving. >> plus a huge visit for a new jersey school. the attraction that caught the eye of the first lady. >> and today in history, in 1927, then commerce secretary herbert hoover starred in the first successful long distance demonstration of television. his image and voice were transmitted live from washington to new york.
5:37 pm
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lyioca a bill is introduced in new york aiming to increase
5:40 pm
if passed it would allow police to use technology at the scene of a crash to determine if the collision was related to distracted driving. cbs 2's alice gainer has more new at 5:30. >> reporter: back in 2011, 19- year-old evan lieberman was killed in a car crash. >> he was a passenger in the back seat. shook our family to the core. >> reporter: the family says the drive who caused the car crash initially said he fell asleep at the wheel. >> what we found out later on was that there was a lot of phone activity. >> reporter: what angers the family is that they had to do the investigating. >> we subpoenaed the phone records through our own civil lawsuit. and what we learned from that was that the police weren't to blame for this, that the police don't -- there is no police protocol in place to investigate phones at the scene of a collision. >> reporter: so they are trying to change that with evan's law. assistant speaker of the assembly felix ortiz introduced the bill which would create a protocol for police and allow them
5:41 pm
cell phones. >> they would be able to obtain the cell phone with this new technology. >> reporter: much like a breathalyzer detects whether a driver is drunk, a so-called text alaser would determine if the person is on the phone at the time of the crash. an israeli tech company confirms they are developing it. they insist there are no privacy concerns. lieberman has been working with them. >> scanning devices only looking at usage and won't look at any content at all. won't be any text conversations or any pictures. >> reporter: so the purpose of this bill is to help aid police in the investigation after a crash. the hope is that this will also somehow act as a >> putting people's mind psychologically that if this happened to me i have to pay consequences because now my cell phone is going to be confiscated. lieberman says they are just trying to make sure no other they went through. alice gainer, cbs 2 news.
5:42 pm
york will be the first state to use such technology. the cost of this is unknown at this time. charlie sheen may be in trouble with the law. the lapd is investigating alleged threats made by the actor. this criminal investigation is just the latest negative episode for the former "two and a half men" star. back in december, his fiancee filed a lawsuit accusing him of assault and battery and failure to disclose he was hiv-positive. sheen's attorney denied the allegations calling the suit an attempt to extort money from his client. up next it may look like a warehouse from the outside, but inside this west village building they are "living large" from wide open rooms to a first class kitchen. we take you on a tour. >> then at 6:00, a street fight turns bloody when a man pulls out a machete. see the new video just into our newsroom. >> plus, it was supposed to become an upscale shopping center before investors backed out. now residents on the shore want this structure gone.
5:43 pm
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tommy tippee ton a former justice of the peace in texas surrendered to iowa authorities on wednesday. he is the brother of eddie tipton a former security director with the multi-state lottery association in iowa. he was convicted last year of rigging a $16.5 million jackpot. prosecutors say eddie tipton helped to build a computer used to pick winning numbers. his brother allegedly bought two of the winning tickets. security experts say the alleged scheme sounds like a hollywood thriller. >> the movie plot would be, you know, employee gets security job to help protect a lottery system, figures out away to hack the random algorithm so he can win the lottery and pass the winnings on to relatives multiple times. >> the brothers currently are out on bond. their attorneys deny the charges. in tonight's "living large," we visit a boutique building in the heart of the west village.
5:47 pm
it's a townhouse within an amenity-filled condo building. emily smith takes us on a tour. >> reporter: this west village building has 10 townhouses in it, each with a private back entrance to forego the lobby. >> great to see you. thanks for coming by 150 charles today. >> how would describe the design? >> a classic modern. the developer was careful with the choices and did great finishes that are sort of timeless and elegance. >> reporter: it's staged and no one has ever lived here. >> then you have really nice dimension and proportion to have a formal dining area. >> reporter: in the living room giant casement windows a quintessential feature you often see in the old warehouses in the west village. >> it's a beautiful open kitchen. >> reporter: it has a wine fridge plus -- >> convection oven, microwave, my favorite part though is the
5:48 pm
to prep for people, leave it there, then you have the five burner gas range plus the oven there. >> reporter: and upstairs, a grand hallway. >> perfect to display your artwork just beautiful separation in terms of the master bedroom. it's all the way at the end. >> reporter: in here, a space for a custom closet. >> we actually found one of the local bookstores some old- fashioned photography and put some things up on the wall. >> reporter: the bedroom suite has casement windows with 10- foot ceilings. >> when you're in townhouses you're not used to these casement windows and that's the nice juxtaposition. playing around the architecture and details of the old classic west village. >> reporter: a gorgeous master bad room has side by side vanities. >> nice soaking tub with a separate shower stall. >> reporter: finally, we stepped outside on the private outdoor space. >> you can just sit out here, relax, have your friends over.
5:49 pm
the 4,000-square-foot townhome, will cost you $10,995,000. taxes and fees more than $78,000 a year. >> can we just say 11 million? >> why not. lonnie is here with all kinds of action coming our way. >> yeah. and some of these models now for this chance for some weekend snow are actually bumping some numbers up. the type of snow that accumulates. my weather watchers all throughout the area, 50s, look there's a 60-degree reading. oh, my goodness there's a 63 here. this is from harold in jackson, new jersey, and harold is telling me, wind speed 5 gusts to 14 miles per hour rainfall for you in jackson, eh, just about two- tenths inch. the biggest rainfall amount i have seen so far in our area approaching .75" around montauk. in the city right now, you have had a brighter sky over the last half-hour. now we are seeing eye few more clouds come into the area and maybe i can't justify a partly sunny sky right now in those clouds, they are going to be thickening up again. 57 your current reading.
5:50 pm
there's your headline. a weekend snow chance is out there. the cold air that you need to make the snow is going to be sticking around for what looks like the bulk of next week. but there's a big difference when you compare what you get this saturday with what you will get next saturday. it the looks like the pattern wants to change. it's all about this dip in the jet stream filling in with these cold waves. next saturday the middle of april, both the northern jet and southern jet, there's two jet streams in our atmosphere. they are going to both lift north. then we are in this area in between the two jet streams and that's not like -- you're in a zonal flow meaning the air is not traveling over these big humps and dips. it's just kind of flowing straight from west to east. it's a moderate air mass so temperatures go back to where they should be even above average and it's kind of mild in terms of, you know, severe weather. but it's not an impossibility. it just looks to be calmer for the second half of april. so we'll see if that holds true. vortex satellite and radar,
5:51 pm
getting clipped here around montauk in about, say, 5, 10 minutes with heavier rain than now. right now it's just a light little shower but this heavier stuff offshore i think most of it will stay offshore but it's out there. here's your big picture. all right? notice these thunderstorms you see around washington, d.c. if they stay on track, they are forecast to come into our area like the city, the metro area, 9:00 at night so sometime around that time. big picture shows you, you cannot rule out a chance for wet weather for your day tomorrow and then the cold air is going to be filtering in behind it could make some of that wet weather into snowy weather. i'll show you how that works out. here you are at 8:30. some bouts of heavier rain from baltimore and washington make their way in but they are spotty. 3 a.m. the colder air is in place. some snow flurries well north and west. then you get to your day on saturday. okay? in the morning hours in comes another system and here we are later in the day and there's a snow chance. it's not definite but there's a snow chance that clears for sunday. right now the models are hinting at the nam saying 0 to
5:52 pm
saying anywhere from just a couple of tenths to maybe 4 for sparta. i feel comfortable telling anybody you could city a coating it 3 inches for anyone in our area. 50 on friday. i think the mets will play. 44 on saturday. there is the rain-snow chance and again all that snow could be just rain. but i think you're going to get snow mixed in. 45 on sunday. again looks like we're cold next week but the following week we'll do better. >> promise? >> no. [ laughter ] >> thank you for that. >> smarter than that. thank you, lonnie. when it comes to harry potter memorabilia, this item may just top them all. can you guess who sat in this chair here? it's the chair author j.k. rowling sat in while writing the first two harry potter books.
5:53 pm
she had four mismatched chairs when she lived in scotland and picked this as the most comfortable to write in. no word on what the bidder plans to do with this expensive chair. >> bet the chairs match today. >> pretty sure they do. >> a whole set. >> and they're very comfortable. up next, a very special visitor for a new jersey school. the project students are working on that attracted the attention of the first lady. >> and then at 6:00, shrinking airline seat. will a push it make your uncomfortable flight the thing of the past be approved by congress? the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. curing a massive reduction nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women...
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first lady michelle obama visited newark to teach kids about healthy food choices. cbs 2's vanessa murdoch reports. >> reporter: a big hug, some laughs shared, the fact that first lady michelle obama visited phillips academy is a really big deal. how are you feeling right now. a little excited. >> reporter: just a little? >> a lot excited. >> i was really surprised because i didn't think that somebody as big as michelle obama would come here and actually, like, come just to
5:57 pm
>> reporter: the first lady made the charter school a destination to highlight the benefits of diverse gardens. they have that and more here. students showed off their rooftop garden, planted some seeds, explained their aero farm indoor garden. they saved her a seat at the table and served her smoothies, quinoa bars and fresh veggies. >> we are going to have a real experience! >> reporter: these students are planting of the seeds to make healthy living possible. through their co-curriculum ecospaces. so many of what's >> my favorite part about going to school is the art school, it cares about what we eat and how our students are out there for the school. >> reporter: they learn to prepare the food in their teaching kitchen and serve their classmates family style to build a sense of community. exactly how they dined with the first lady. >> salud! >> salud! >> to your health.
5:58 pm
going to tell your family. i'm going to go, mommy, daddy, a saw michelle obama and got to hug her. >> the best part was huggin michelle obama. >> reporter: ' obama. >> reporter: from newark, new jersey, vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. >> and phillips academy also holds healthy eating work shots for the whole family in hopes that lessons learned in school will translate to healthy family meals at home, as well. a day to remember forever. >> yes. >> won't forget it! that's it for the news at 5:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado linda marie macdonald. >> this is not a good day for the department. >> scandal at the nypd. four top cops accused of corruption. the accusations that cost them their jobs.
5:59 pm
complaints filed against him so how is he still able to operate pet stores? we are "demanding answers." >> a deadly crash on the l.i.e. a man killed while trying to fix his car on the side of the road. the advice now for other drivers. >> bedbugs in the library and cafeteria! the local college campus fighting an outbreak. good evening, i'm maurice dubois. >> i'm kristine johnson. dana tyler is off tonight. we begin with that bombshell scandal at the nypd! the fbi investigation revealed accusations of corruption. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer spoke with commissioner bratton today and he says he is taking disciplinary action against four of his most senior commanders. marcia. >> reporter: that's right. as the police commissioner told me, it's not a particularly good day for the nypd. not a good day for the men and women in blue who have to uphold the highest standards of integrity. >> these are not easy press conferences to do. but it's, um, something that we must do. >> reporter: police commissioner william bratton
6:00 pm
briefed by the fbi today about an ongoing corruption probe he knew that what he must do immediately is take action against four of his most senior commanders. >> the public has an expectation of a high degree of trust and integrity in its police department. >> reporter: bratton confirming that the probe involves both present and former police officers. that an apparent reference to form of chief of department phillip banks who is reportedly being investigated for his ties two businessmen, jeremy reichberg on the left at a dinner with banks and another on the right. the fed are reportedly looking at banks' financial dealings as well as trips and hotel accommodations he may have received. sources telling cbs 2 that wiretaps on the best men's phones turned up questions of influence influence peddling involving as many as 20 cops accusation that cops may have received small gifts, super bowl tickets, trips to las vegas and in at least one case, a top ranking cop


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