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tv   CBS 2 News Saturday  CBS  April 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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tim mccarv right now a freeze warning has been issued for parts of the tri-state area, and there's another round of spring snow on the way. how long will the bitter cold stick around? plus a new cleul clue in the violent robbery and slashing of an israeli tourist in greenwich village. >> i went in and i saw my car
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>> it wasn't paint, but it might be just as hard to remove. the big mess drivers discovered on their cars at a public parking garage. cbs 2 news saturday morning starts right now. good morning, it is 6:00 on this saturday, april 9th. i'm an disree a grim' es. >> i'm tony iello. the day's stories are straight ahead. first, meteorologist vanessa murdock a with a look at the forecast. a mixed bag, vanessa. >> yeah. a little bit of a raw day out there. we're not just talking unseasonably cool temperatures, but rain and snow as well. so, yes, it is going to get messy out there. we expect the wet weather to begin about mid morning and it will be snow for some, but a wintery mix for most. let's take it off to the radar right now so you can see what's happening out there.
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rain to the south, but temperatures in and around the city, points east will be a little too warm for just snow. so here's how we see the day breaking down, 7:00 a.m. out there, things are still dry. but heading towards mid morning, 11:00 a.m., snow is moving into the western fringes, rain for most at this time. then as we make our way into the early afternoon, note where it is still snowing, through the mid section of new jersey, middlesex, somerset, hunterdon counties most likely to get the most snow. for the rest of us, maybe just a trace as the storm makes its exit. so totals will not be significant, but it will be a very unseasonable day. here's how we see the snowfall totals breaking down. one to two inches in the bull's eye region, again, hunterdon, middle sex county. a trace to an inch, maybe at most. but i think everybody really sees closetory that trace. so it is not going to be a bright and beautiful day by any stretch. it will be a very abnormal spring day with some snow for us.
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coming up and we'll talk about when the sunshine will really take hold. tony, an dree, a back to you. >> thanks, vanessa. new this morning, police have released alarming video of a suspected slasher attacking an israeli tourist. >> it happened at a subway stop in greenwich village. cbs 2's magdelana doris is live there this morning. >>reporter: good morning, andrea and tony. as you can see, police are still here on scene at the bleaker street subway station. they have released new video now 24 hours after this slashing and robbery in hopes of catching this suspect. police have released this surveillance of the struggle between the suspect and the victim shoving one another. the video paused at some points during the friday morning attack. when it plays out, you can see the man in the orange sweatshirt pushing the victim against the turnstile door on the bleaker street station 6 train platform. investigators say the victim is a 55-year-old israeli tourist
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he was wearing traditional clothing at the time. the tourist was on his way from brooklyn to visit friends in the diamond district. when he got lost riding the train, and sat down on a bench on the subway platform to look through a map, and dozed off. at 3:13 friday morning, police say he woke up to the suspect using a knife to cut through his pockets, stealing cash and slashing the israeli tourist in the face, hands and neck during the struggle. the suspect then ran out of the station. this is one of the good samaritans police say came to help the victim who was taken to bellview hospital in stable condition. >> yeah, i saw this and [ indiscernable ] >>reporter: it's the second slashing in the bleaker street station this year. in january a 71-year-old grandmother was slashed in the face. there's now been over 1,000 slashings across the city this
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knife attacks rising at a 24% increase compared to last year, making riders wary >> they're just reaching out, striking out at anybody >> if it's past 11:00, i try not to take it any more just because i am scare of being slashed. it's sad. >>reporter: police believe the motive behind this incident was robbery. they are not classifying this as a hate crime. it is expected that the victim should be getting out of the hospital today. live in greenwich village, magdelena doris, cbs 2 news >> thank you. a federal krouption probe aimed at the nypd is expanding to city hall. as cbs 2's political reporter marsha kramer reports, investigators are now examining the mayor's fundraising. >> new york city mayor bill de blasio. >>reporter: a queens cheer for mayor de blasio at the hometown opening of the mets baseball season as the feds start looking into his fundraising. sources telling cbs 2 the you states attorney's office has started asking questions of
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industry about donations solicited by team de blasio, including former campaign treasurer ross offinger. the move appears to to be an offshoot of the nypd corruption probe. while looking at the chief in the department philip banks, the phones of two businessmen were tapped. the business dlmen who serve on de blasio's inaugural committee were these two men. recognizeneck and his wife gave to the mayor's 2013 campaign. he also gave $50,000 to de blasio's controversial nonprofit campaign for 1 new york that was used to raise money for his initiatives and ponied up $102,000 when de blasio asked for help to get democrats to take control of the state sneat. rushburg hosted a campaign 43,000er netting $35,000. a spokesman said we are fully confident that the campaign has conducted itself legal aand appropriately at all times.
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>>reporter: commissioner william bratton removed four of his most senior men from command post. two lost their badges and guns. today we learn how far they fell. >>reporter: commissioner william bratton removed four of his most senior men from command post. two lost their badges and guns. today we learn how far they fell. deputy inspector james grant demoted from commanding officer of the 19th precinct to working a desk in the medical division. deputy chief michael harrington from executive officer of the brooklyn housing division to a desk job in transit. deputy chief eric rodriguez demoted as executive officer in brooklyn south to handling fleet repairs and logging and property confiscated during arrests. deputy chief david colon will no longer be the commanding officer of the brooklyn housing unit. he'll work on such things as prisoner transfers. >> it's something that we must do. >>reporter: all this digging into the nypd has led investigators back to city hall. i spoke to ross offinger, bill de blasio's campaign treasurer who told me he's not allowed to speak on the record. now, a spokesman for the mayor says they're not going to accept any money from the two businessmen going forward and, in fact, they're going to return all the money they've received so far. in the newsroom, i'm marsha kramer, cbs 2 news. the search for a 13-year- old boy missing for nearly a week has intensified on long island. nassau county police say amari young was last seen leaving his home in new castle at 6:00 monday morning. investigators say witnesses placed him at a park and a middle school in westbury. amari's mother said he packed a bag the night before. she made an emotional plea, hoping amari is watching. >> amari, come home, just come home. whatever it is that, you know, you have going on personally, mommy's here for you, you know, and she just wants to talk to you. >> investigators say they've also searched social media sites for possible clues in hopes of locating the teen. some travelers returning to laguardia airport are
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cars. this is happening at level 4 of the parking garage for terminal b. a waxy liquid is dripping from the ceiling and onto vehicles. officials say this substance is calcium lime. one passenger took pictures of the damage to her new suv. >> i saw my car and it looked like it was covered in paint, like the whole front hood, the sides of the car and the windshield. so i tried to brush it off to see if it was just -- i don't know what it was. but it wouldn't come off the car >> rebecca seeingar says it cost her $150 to have the substance professionally removed. she's file ago reimbursement claim with the port authority. a spokesperson for that agency wouldn't say what's causing the calcium deposits, but confirmed this garage soon will be demolished for an airport renovation project time now 6:09. a new jersey man takes his love for donald trump to new heights. >> he's the best thing since the american apple pie was invented. >> why his political pride could land him in trouble with
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plus this: >> smoke and flames cause a wall to crash to the ground when a massive fire destroys part of a jersey shore downtown. and brooklyn rolls out the red carpet for the rock and roll hall of fame class of 2016. >> did you hear "smoke on the water" jamming there? first vanessa jamming with the forecast. cold, rain, snow >> yeah. it's a mixed bag today for certain. but you know what? we do have a brighter second half of the weekend. and then what about the long stretch? will we finally see warmer temperatures? i'll break it down for new my full forecast. first, though, a check on the community calendar from cbs 2 and
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brussels remains under the second highest terror alert despite multiple arrests. prosecutors now trying to figure out whether they've caught the so-called man in the hat. the suspect in the hat was mohammed abrini, one of five people captured in raids yesterday. it's unclear whether he's the same man seen in video from the brussels airport bombing on march 22nd. investigators have also linked abrini to last year's paris attacks. prosecutors have revealed former house speaker dennis hastert agreed to pay $3 1/2 million to a man who says hastert sexually abused him as a youngster. the refuselation was filed in court papers against hastert yesterday. it's the first time prosecutors confirmed hastert paid hush money to victims. the filing also says three others accused the former teacher and wrestling coach of sexually abusing them. in campaign 2016, presidential hopefuls from both
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weekend stumping in our area. this morning bernie sanders' campaign will host a block party in harlem. yesterday the vermont senator campaigned in his native brooklyn. he stopped in green point as well last night. earlier in the day he was in flatbush, the neighborhood where he grew up. sanders also announced he'll travel to the vatican next week for a papel conference on social justice. sanders' rival, hillary clinton spent her friday in the western part of new york state. she hell a rally in rochester. she also stoped in buffalo and answered voter questions at a medical center. on the republican side, john kasich will attend town hall meetings in rochester and new rochelle today. tonight the ohio governor heads to a fundraising ball in proriver in rockland county. today the republican candidates are vying for 13 delegates at stake in colorado's state gop convention. yesterday ted cruz won 21 of the delegates. the texas senator's next scheduled appearance is monday in california, donald trump's
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in rochester. a former firefighter in new jersey is being flagged for his support of donald trump. joseph horneck, jr. flies two trump flags outside his home in west long branch. but after a neighbor complained, the borough ticketed hornikck and told him to take the flags down. the new jersey primary is in june and the borough says the flags are political signs which can't be displayed until 30 days before the election. >> which well, i'm going to keep on flying my flag at all costs. if they have to put me in jail because i'm expressing my freedom, i'll do the jail time. >> if convicted, hornick could face up to a $2,000 fine and some jail time. he's due in court april 20th. brooklyn's barclay center was alive with the sounds of rock and roll. >> that's david bernham, the roots performing a tribute to the rate rocker david bowie at
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hall of fame induction ceremony last year. the inductees include the rap group nwa including cheap trick, chicago, deep purple and steve miller. >> you just listed the soundtrack of my youth. >> of your life? >> yes. especially chicago, one of my favorite all-time bands. >> i love chicago too. the rap group that was inducted last night, they said "straight out of compton," the movie that came out last year, really put them over the edge. >> groundbreaking stuff from mwa. time for your exclusive cbs 2 forecast with meteorologist vanessa murdock here. she's keeping busy. there's a lot to talk about. >> lot to talk about, and also finally some more seasonable temperatures at the week's end. but today, of course, the day everybody wants to know what's happening because, yes, we're talking spring snow. first let's start off live outside to show you this beautiful picture. it is bright to start off. sunrise around 6:30, right now it's 38 degrees, we have northeast winds at 6 miles per hour. your headlines. for today rain and snow arrives.
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south of the city through the mid section of new jersey. and then another cold night. just how cold? we're talking the possibility of record cold overnight lows. that's how cold it's going to be tonight. as for the winter weather alerts, from 7:00 this morning through 8:00 p.m. tonight a winter weather advisory, but the only county in our viewing area impacted from that is hunterdon. that is one of the counties we anticipate the highest snowfall totals in. so hunterdon, middlesex, warren county will maybe get a little bit on those higher edge of the totals, but really up to two inches is about the maximum we expect. we could see some isolated spots with about three inches through that mid section of new jersey. the rest of us just going to see maybe a trace. and then many of us have to deal with this tonight, a freeze warning, again, going to be frigid overnight with near record cold. as we go into the day, these clouds will continue to thicken, the snow, the wintery mix, the rain not far behind. here's the big picture. this is all associated with an
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sweeps down and out and across, and as it makes its way out, that's when we have our best chance to see snow in the city and points east. that's because cold air will be wrapping in behind the system. hour by hour, here's what you can expect from the forecast. this morning, of course, as we just saw, clear skies, bright, beautiful. that quickly translates to cloudy skies with wet weather moving on in. mid morning the wet weather really starts to the west of the city, but then by 2:00 you see what's happening. it is snow, again, as i mentioned, through that mid section, well to the west of the city. as we look to the city, points east and even right along the coast, it is rain at this point in time. as we go into the evening, though, again, that colder air starts to filter in behind the storm, and we will see a little bit, i think, of wet snow as the system wraps out from the city and points east. but it is certainly not going to be an all white day for us out there. we're going to see mostly rain, and then those to the west of the city will see mainly snow. so as we go through your
6:19 am
whole lot brighter. it'll be a mix of sunshine and clouds and also on the chilly side. just a quick reminder of those snowfall totals. most of us get maybe a trace to an inch at best. higher totals through the mid section of new jersey, one to two inches. maybe some isolated three-inch locales. today it's 43 degrees, that's your high. that's where we're heading now most of us in the 20s and 30s. rain and wet snow, steadiest snow south and west. winds really calm, but they'll be ramping up through the day. and then overnight it actually gets windy out there. we're talking about winds gusting between 30 and 40. the rain and snow ends early, then temperatures start to drop. 29 the overnight low, the record low 28. so we may very well tie a record tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon a mix of sunshine and clouds and 47. that is more than 10 degrees below the norm. as you make your way into monday and tuesday, it is very unsettled. we're talking showers on monday, 58.
6:20 am
soggy and 57. wednesday, thursday and friday, though, i am happy to report are looking lovely and finally seasonable in the mid- to upper 50s, even low 60s out there with tons of sun. we have a ways to go before we really get to that longer stretch of pleasant weather >> that's what i was going to say. when is it going to become consistent? >> it's never going to be consistent in spring and spring does not officially end until late june >> yeah. it's a reminder that april really is a transitional month. we think spring, but mother nature has other ideas >> a fluctuation in spring. >> vanessa, thank you so much. lots of folks going to be doing some cooking this weekend. you may be looking for a fresh colorful vegetable to add to any dish >> here's tony tantillo with your tip of the day. >> well, today's tip of the day is going to be about orange bell peppers. orange bell peppers are so great, tips on the yellow, to the green, but i haven't tipped an orange bell pepper in a long time. they're one of my favorites. fairly expensive this time of the year because they're not
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value is still there. storage is very important. i'll give you a tip on the cooking method of these. when you buy them, you want to make sure a nice bright orange color all the way around, the crown free from any slifling whatsoever an the stem has to be green and thick walls. bring them home, in your refrigerator right away. now, when you sauti with these bell peppers and you're mixing them with the red or the green, put these in last. they are so mild, they'll break down much faster. so put in the green first, then the red, then the orange and your bell pepper will taste great and cook evenly with the other two or three. and i'm tony tantillo your fresh grocer. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. and aren't these beautiful? and, by the way, they're great for us >> thanks, tony. for the first time in nearly a century the price of postage is going down. consumers are welcoming the savings. cbs 2's allana gold reports. >>reporter: customers
6:22 am
plainview post office, where a stamp will soon drop from 49 cents to 47 cents. >> i think that's going to be great. we're not going to have to pay as much for our stamps and we mail a lot. >>reporter: what does your business mail people or clients? >> a lot of letters out >> whoa! that is wonderful. my boss will be very happy where i work that we are finally reducing a stamp price. what's it attributed too? >>reporter: the cuts on stamps, postcards an international letters is a partial payback of a nickel price spike that congress approved two years ago. it was meant to stem the postal service's billion dollar losses. the postal service issued this statement about shaving back prices. despite strong growth in package deliveries, the postal service continues to record unsustainable losses and we continue to seek legislative reform >> i read about somewhere they have to fund the pension system for a certain amount of years years which is one of the only systems that requires that, that requires by law they have to do that.
6:23 am
paul is right about congress forcing the postal service to overfund its pension system, something private competitors are not required to do. but the tens of thousands of employees in the postal service unions fear any change in funding could threaten retirement payouts, should the postal service go bankrupt. it's judge paul shaw says enjoy the price cut while you can. >> buy stamps now before it goes up. take advantage of the two cents because it's not lasting long. >>reporter: the lower stamp price takes effect this coming sunday. in plainview, long island, allana gold, cbs 2 news. >> the postal service says it just saw its first profitable quarter since 2011, earning $307 million. >> two cents, but every little bit helps, right? >> it all adds up. 6:23. good news about stamps, bad news about your water service. how much more you'll be paying on your water bill next year. plus shared on social media for all to see. what were these teens think sng they're in new jersey. they played a popular drinking
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and how opening day almost took a back seat for met's
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this is cbs 2 saturday morning. start of a new season, the same way as the old season for the second straight year the mets win their home opener against the phillies >> yeah, it was an exciting day. here's steve with your cbs 2 sports update. >> met's manager terry collins was happy opening day was done, and it had nothing to do with the game. collins said he wanted to turn the page and put last season to bed. the 2015 national league championship banner will not only serve as a permanent place mark in mets history, but it also closes the chapter on last season.
6:27 am
expectations. like jacob degrom whose wife is expecting their firstborn at any moment. degrom left early after striking out six in six innings, not because of the baby, but because of tightness in his back. new york's big inning happened when they scored four in the 7th. here's one of the newcomers, neil walker adding a couple of hits and an rbi. and how about michael confortho driving in three? he went 2-3 at the plate. no surprise here, the mets hammering the phillies in front of their home fans. 7-2 the final from citi field. yankees visiting the tigers at their home open ner detroit. sev erino wasn't hit hard, just often. the tigers got three runs on 10 hits in five innings. meanwhile the yankees just gifted george zimmerman a win, a guy who couldn't ask for a better start with his new team. just three hits combined for the bombers. new york's bullpen has pitched great up to date, but they finally caved in the 7th. it is no shame when you give up a home run to miguel cabrera.
6:28 am
triple crown. the yankees get shut out 4-0. for cbs 2 sports, i'm steve overmeyer. have a great day. >> i was at citi field yesterday. the fan excitement and energy, couldn't even describe. >> you barely got your noon live shot done. they were crazy >> they were. time now 6:27. up next today's top stories. >>reporter: police are investigating a violent robbery and slashing here at the bleaker street subway station in greenwich village, releasing new surveillance video. we have that video coming up. and is it that cannabis cure? the push to make pot legal to help women who suffer from extreme cases of pms.
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morning. right now parts of the area preparing for another blast of winter with more snow on the way and temperatures dipping even lower. vanessa murdock standing by with a frigid forecast. plus video released of an
6:31 am
his life inside a greenwich village subway station. morning. and a massive fire destroys historic buildings, injuries firefighters and forces evacuations in new jersey. cbs 2 news saturday morning starts right now. good morning. it is 6:30 on this saturday, april 9th. i'm tony iello. >> good to have you here, tony. >> good to be here >> i'm andrea grimes. the day's stories straight ahead. vanessa tracking, yes, some snow on the way. >> you take a look outside at the stunning picture. >> beautiful. >> skies are almost pristine, but, yes, there is snow, rain and much colder air on the way. so we can prepare for that. it all begins around mid morning and really the afternoon hours will be the height of wet weather.
6:32 am
advisory in effect for one county in the viewing area. that is hunterdon county. here's the deal. the mid section of new jersey anticipating most of the snow. we are talking about up to two inches at most three inches through the mid section of new jersey, hunterdon county, of course, would be in the real bull's eye. as we look at the vortex satellite and radar picture. on the fringes of new jersey, you can already see those clouds beginning to make their approach, and then the snow right now is around harrisburg, pennsylvania. as we go through the morning, yes, clouds will continue to thicken. we anticipate wet weather beginning close to mid morning. then as we go into the afternoon, more of us are dealing with rain and snow. for the city, i think it's going to be mostly rain with a little bit of snow mixed in, especially for long island. that story is the same. but across new jersey where colder air starts to build in behind this system, it will be more snow. as we go through the evening hours, things are wrapping on up and wrapping out, and then you see as the storm really
6:33 am
of a last effort of snow to fall. so zero to one for most of us, one to two in that bull's eye, again, the mid section of new jersey. coming up in my full forecast, we'll talk about persistent brighter skies in the not-too- distant future. an dree, a tony, back to you >> vanessa, thank you. new this morning, police have released video of a suspect slashing an israeli tourist on a subway platform. >> cbs 2's magdelena doris is live in greenwich village with more. magdelena. >>reporter: good morning, tony and andrea. that victim is still in the hospital recovering from gashes to the face, neck and hands, and police are still searching for their suspect, but they've released new video in the hopes of finding him. police have released this surveillance of the struggle between the suspect and the victim shoving one another. the video paused at some points during the friday morning attack. when it plays out, you can see the man in the orange sweatshirt pushing the victim against the turnstile door on
6:34 am
investigators say the victim is a 55-year-old israeli tourist who only speaks yiddish. he was wearing traditional yasidic clothing at the time. the tourist was on his way from brooklyn to visit friends in the diamond district when he got lost riding the train and sat down on a bench on the subway platform to look through a map and dozed off. at 3:13 friday morning, police say he woke up to the suspect using a knife to cut through his pockets, stealing cash and slashing the israeli tourist in the face, hands and neck during the struggle. the suspect then ran out of the station. this is one of the good samaritans police say came to help the victim who was taken to bellisview hospital in stable condition. >> yeah, i saw them [ indiscernable ] >>reporter: it's the second slashing in the bleaker street station this year. in january a 71-year-old grandmother was slashed in the face.
6:35 am
slashings across the city this year, knife attacks rising at a 24% increase compared to last year, making riders wary. >> they're just reaching out, striking out at anybody. >> if it's past 11:00, i just try not to take it any more just because i am scare of being slash. it's sad -- being slashed. it's sad. >>reporter: police are not classifying this violent robbery as a hate crime. the israeli consulate has been in touch with the victim who they say will be released from the hospital today. live in greenwich village, magdelena doris, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. six firefighters have been injured battling a raging fire at a monmouth county shore town. the flames erupted yesterday afternoon in the business district of keyport. cbs 2's dave carlin reports. >> three buildings on fire, crumbling and knocked to the ground, a total of five businesses, including a tax office and some apartments now smoldering rubble on west front
6:36 am
>> the town is only a mile by a mile and a half, and it's just traumatic. >>reporter: it was mid afternoon when the fire started. people ran to spots upwind of all of this thick smoke >> it was just getting bigger and bigger. >>reporter: then from a safe distance many got their cell phone cameras rolling in time to capture this big section of concrete wall crashing down. >> all of a sudden we hear a crack and the whole front of it falls down. i think a couple fire men got caught under it too. >>reporter: six firefighters are further. we're told all will survive. power is off to much of the town anna gas leak forced firefighters to evacuate even more people from an area they may have a hard time recognizing when they return. >> it's horrible to see businesses go down. >> unfortunately for keyport, these buildings are historic, they're all over 100 years old, so -- but they're lucky it didn't spread to more buildings. >> this morning the fire is out, the cause of it remains under investigation. controversy this morning over local high school students
6:37 am
pits jews against nazis. this picture posted on social media shows students at princeton high school playing the game called alcohol- holocaust. you can see the cups arranged in the shape of the star of david and a swastika. sources told cbs 2 news this happened over spring break in a private home. the superintendent says he's deeply upset by the underaged drinking and the "clearly anti- semitic overtones of the game." new york city residential water rates could increase 2.1% next year. that is the proposed hike the department of environmental protection wants, and it would be the lowest rate increase in 16 years. if the board approves the increase, single-family homes will see an average increase of $23 a year. the increase for a multi-family home would be $14 a year per unit. the time now 6:37. a message to the faithful. pope francis releases a document about divorce and same- sex marriage.
6:38 am
trying to ease women's painful pms symptoms with pot. and he wanted his girlfriend's hand in marijuana. he ended up needing a hand from rescuers. how one man's marriage proposal went terribly, terribly wrong. but, first, here's vanessa murdock with a check on the forecast. >> you have to wonder, will he try again or will he think that is a sign? oh, listen, wish him the best. but for us, the forecast today is a bit dicey. we have a little bit of sunshine to look forward to, and then as we move forward, we're going to be back to seasonable temperatures. your full forecast is coming up. remember, rain or shine, you can have the forecast anytime. just download the cbs new york weather app. blinds to go faux wood blinds combines the warmth of natural wood with modern durability to make any room beautiful for years to come. spruce up your home today with up to 30% savings on hundreds of styles and colors. spring is here.
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beautiful sunrise out there this morning. 6:40, 38 degrees, listening to jersey native bruce springsteen "dancing in the dark." but no one will be dancing to his music in north carolina this weekend. he's decided to take a stand for lbgt whites and the boss canceled tomorrow's planned concert in greensboro, north carolina, citing a controversial new law in the state. part of it prohibits transgender people from using public bathrooms that do not match the sex listed on their birth certificate. springsteen released a statement that read in part, it's an attempt by people who cannot stand the progress our country has made in recognizing the human rights of all of our citizens to overturn that progress. i feel that this is a time for me and the band to show solidarity for those freedom fighters. pope francis is urging compassion for all in a long- awaited papel document on the modern family. the joy of love addresses sex, marriage and family life. the pope says divorced and remarried catholics who wish to
6:42 am
their pastor to see if some accommodation can be reached. >> he asks all catholics or anyone who has got an issue around marijuana always to come and seek the -- marriage, and seek the church's guidance and wisdom and to sit down with ministers who can help them sort out the issues of life >> that was father eric andrews. he's head of the paulist fathers in new york. the pope write that is gays, lesbians and unmarried mothers should be treated with love and respect, but he affirms church teachings against same-sex marriage and abortion. one new jersey lawmaker wants to make medical marijuana legal for women suffering from monthly cramps. cbs 2's tracy carosco reports. >>reporter: they're the monthly pains many women know all too well. >> if i missed important days because i was just too ill to continue my day. >>reporter: menstrual cramps so severe they're often crippling. now new jersey democratic assemblyman tim eustis wants to
6:43 am
list of ailments approved for medical marijuana. >> rather than giving women opennoids or painkillers which is the usual treatment, this would be a less harmful, less addictive drug. >>reporter: governor christie has long opposed the use of medical marijuana and right now in the state a doctor must prove a patient has a debilitating medical condition with chronic pain, such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, aids or a terminal illness. eustis says it's time women are allowed to get some relief. >> there are some patients that nothing works for the pain of menstrual cycles. so as i say, another tool in the toolkit. >>reporter: but dr. jennifer wu, an ob/gyn at lenox hospital says not so fast >> usually medical marijuana isn't a firstline treatment for menstrual cramps. usually doctors will try a traditional approach painkillers like advil or birth control pills. >>reporter: some in new jersey are open to the idea. >> if it would help with it.
6:44 am
i probably wouldn't. >>reporter: assemblyman eustis is working on getting this bill posted to the committee agenda and still looking for a senate sponsor. he's hoping for a hearing on this before the assembly breaks in june. reporting from hoboken, tracy carasco, cbs 2 news. time now 6:43. looks beautiful out there right now, but we're in for some changes, at least according to vaness, a right? >> that's what she's been telling us, if we're paying attention. >> yes. please don't doubt the forecast. i mean, listen, some may get a little more snow than expected because, you know, those temperatures can waver a little bit, but it's going to be kind of just a wet, soggy afternoon and it's going to get a lot colder after that. so, yes, we have some snow, we have some rain in the forecast, and then we have frigid possibly record-breaking cold. first we want to check in with our weather watchers. it is 29 degrees, this from theater in cedar grove, new jersey. he's reporting a few clouds out there, otherwise things looking pretty good.
6:45 am
on the north shore of long island. bruce adams in northport, he leaves us this comment, we're going to have to bundle up for watching the kids' soccer games today. and i think that's true. and you'll also want to make sure you have the rain gear or perhaps the snow gear, depending upon where you live because we do anticipate mid morning start to the wet weather. live outside right now, though, you'd say, hey, what is she talking about? it's gorgeous out there. sunrise just about 15 minutes ago, 38 degrees, northeast winds at 6. things to note for today, we won't be warming up much, winds will be picking up and those clouds will continue to fill in as rain and snow arrives this morning. the steadiest snow will be south and west of the city through the mid section of new jersey, highest totals, of course, on grassy surfaces, but we are not talking significant snowfall totals here. and then overnight a freeze warning is in effect for many of us as temperatures will drop below that freezing mark. so here's a look at where the freeze warning is in place.
6:46 am
right along the coastline, long island, close to the jersey shore, temperature trend is one of rock bottom today, 43 degrees the anticipated high. tonight possibly record lows, and then we steadily climb back up. so tomorrow we'll be brighter, 47. monday 58, and then for the rest of the work week, we're staying closer to seasonable with highs in the 50s, and we even get into the low 60s by friday. normal high right now is 59. so as you can see, today it is going to be well below that. right now 23 in monticello, 21 in the hamptons, but we're at 38 in the city, 29 in white plains. on the vortex satellite and radar picture, those clouds are moving on in. yes, it is a storm system that will be sweeping across, bringing some snow, bringing some rain and a little bit of a wintery mix as well. low pressure system will track across and then make its way on out of here. as it does make its exit, it will strengthen, the winds will be ramping up and the cold air will be piling in behind it.
6:47 am
hour what you can expect. this morning, of course, bright and beautiful, but those clouds quickly thicken. by 2:00 this afternoon, we do have snow across the mid section of jersey, rain for many of us. but note the rain/snow line sneaking in over manhattan. so, yes, a wintery mix can be expected as well. as the storm begins to make its exit, note we're trying to get that cold air to filter in, so i do think as the storm moves out it's more likely we'll see a wintery mix for all. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, it's bright and beautiful. we expect a mix of sun and clouds for your sunday. again, though, temperatures well below seasonable. totals look like this. for most of us it's a trace up to an inch, but we do anticipate one to two inches jersey. hunterdon, middlesex, that is where we anticipate kind of the system today. but slippery roadways can be expected for all as the wet weather moves on through. tonight 29 degrees. again, so close to a record. 28. tomorrow 47 degrees.
6:48 am
clear, and the winds will be settling. it will get windy tonight. monday into tuesday it is seasonable, but soggy. showers monday, sustained rain on tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday looking spectacular, seasonable with sunshine. friday looking like the pick of the week at 62. >> i had to check, the high forecast in anchorage, alaskatude is 48 today is 48 degrees. >> that's well above where we stand as far as global location for sure. >> today is a nice day to just take it easy inside. >> yeah, i think so. this morning get out there early if you like the sun. and, then, yeah, something indoors for the afternoon. the well, the frigid temperatures this weekend may keep some of you from enjoying the outdoors, as we just said. >> as discussed, you might be thinking of heading to the movies instead. here's cbs 2's jill nicolini with a look at what's new in the theaters this weekend. >> you're under arrest for insider trading. >>reporter: melissa mccarthy is back on the big screen in "the boss." >> she plays a finance titan of
6:49 am
when she gets out, she tries to rebrand herself as america's sweetheart by selling brownies >> what do we say if somebody doesn't want to buy? >> buy my brownies or i'm going to kill you. >> how does that person change, because i think for any of us change. >>reporter: played by kristin bell and her husband ben falcone makes a cameo appearance. >> jake jillenhall stars in "demolition" as a businessman who loses his wife and then he begins to literally demolish everything in his life. >> we're taking apart my marriage. >>reporter: jillenhall's character loses the ability to feel. >> it was really uncomfortable, i'll be honest to not do much, but know kind of underneath there's all this stuff going on. >>reporter: on his quest to discover his new self, he finds solace in a new pen pal played by naomi watts >> when she's reading these letters, she's, like, wow, he's speaking about my own life.
6:50 am
and who is this person? you think. different than anything you've ever seen before. it's an entire movie from the first person point of view. so if you're a gamer, if you're familiar with games like "call of duty," this is an entire movie like call of duty where you are in the position of the hero. >>reporter: although the film is audience friendly, warning, there is a lot of blood and guts. >> and disney's new film "the jungle book" hits theaters next week. classic. well, talk about a rocky romance, a man who climbed a cliff to propose to his handcuffed. michael banks was plucked off morro rock in california by a helicopter. authorities say the 27-year-old scaled a 600-foot cliff to propose to his girlfriend via facetime. she said yes, but banks tried to take another way down and got stranded on a ledge, but
6:51 am
this whole story. authorities say banks was arrested after he started acting erratically. he was allegedly high on methamphetamines. >> and they're going to play "jailhouse rock" at the wedding. >> that's exactly how you proposed to mrs. iello, on a 600-foot cliff? >> there was no methamphetamines involve >> let's not start rumors. yeah. time now 6:50. after the break a long island mansion for sale with an added bonus. >>reporter: we are in old westbury at what they call the polo house. they even have horses plus a porsche comes with the property. that's coming up in "living large." well, today it's the 18th annual tarton day parade which recommends contributions made by scottish americans to the united states. so from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. sixth avenue will be closed between 44th and 55th street. and on sunday from 11:00 to 1:00, it's the nyc walk for animal rescue, so fifth avenue will be shut between west 26th and 24th streets, west 26th
6:52 am
fifth avenue and broadway and broadway is closed between west 26th and 17th street.
6:53 am
traffic report. this is everything i have, my family. i got to see my dad die on national tv. they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system. he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie.
6:54 am
in today's "living large" a lucks eurious setting with an impressive view of nature. >> there's an added feature for the buyer. emily smith takes us on a tour in old westbury. >>reporter: it's a home on hidden pond road, called the polo ranch, a stone hampton- style house on two acres of pristinely manicured property. sean elliot with sean elliot luxury homes and estates gave us the tour >> this is a front-to-back entrance. just take a look at that view. >> you have to take a look at this ceiling. it is all mahogany.
6:55 am
>>reporter: you can easily accommodate 24 people in the dining room. floors hardwood oak with a hering bone pattern. in the library we met the homeowner and builder, robert beer >> originally i built it for myself, but then i saw the market place, what it was doing in the area and as a builder, i decided to put it on the market. i've grabbed inspiration from all over the place. this room actually reminds me of the polo bar. >>reporter: the library has mahogany wall with a high-gloss shine and some pricey furniture ralph lauren. >>reporter: of course. >>reporter: the great room opens to the outdoors and seamlessly blends with the kitchen. >> you've got marble, you've got the highest end appliances possible. >>reporter: and the kitchen back splash is a glass tile that looks like silver. >> it's made by allison eden. she's a very famous artist. >>reporter: a three-floor spiral staircase brings you to all levels >> we're going to the master.
6:56 am
>>reporter: it's a large room with a custom vaulted latt iz ce ceiling and a terrace overlooking the yard. the master bathroom has a mixture of materials, including caesar stone >> what i like most is that it overlooks the property. >>reporter: the lower level has a spectacular home theater. >> these seats all recline. they even have a place, emily, to plug in your phone charger. >>reporter: and finally the yard, it has an infinity pool and a hot tub, plus a view of a 500-acre preserve owned by a horse riding company. >>reporter: last ones. if you buy the house at the listing price, you also get a white convertible porsche. >> it costs $6,595,000 to live large here. >>reporter: that's living large in old westbury. >> you know what's also nice? it looks like you're really far out in the country but still so close to the city. >> going to write that check, right? >> yes, i'm going to write that check, right after this. i'm going to call him up. time now to see what's coming up next on "cbs this
6:57 am
preview. >> all yours for $6 million, andrea. >> you can come over. >> pool our money. friends. >>reporter: coming up the battle over encryption just exploded in size. an app used by more than 1 billion people announces it's encrypting texts, videos, even phone calls. we'll look into this. >>reporter: also in this age of multimedia, is shooting a cell phone video the best way to apply for college? a few universities think so. some are showing they are scrapping the essay along with the s.a.t.s. >>reporter: and it's a moarpd- day noah's ark. meet the photographer who's trying to document the world's wildlife species before they disappear forever. all that plus an eye opener, the dish from brooklyn's charles bradley in our saturday session just ahead on "cbs this morning saturday" >> all right, anthony and verynew zealand ita, thank you. let's get a check of the forecast with vanessa. >> bright this morning, clouds moving in.
6:58 am
and then the brunt of it is really this afternoon. snow mainly south and west of the city. one to two inches there. most of us see maybe a trace to an inch of snow at best. but i think for the city points east it's mostly a rain event >> all right, vanessa, thank you. this is cbs 2 news coming up, do you prefer to type or write your notes? smarter. caught on camera. wait until you see what knocked him off his board. we will show you when we come back at 9:00. s.u n'brk .yowaa ecofakouswchs artemasitastoet00egntne usv d onfoju 9. p mthnle.
6:59 am
lyioca thank you for dining with us. hope to see you again soon. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do.


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