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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 9, 2016 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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spot. ian: jordan double checking the number. jordan: just hit a punch slice to shorten the green. right? michael: yep.
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ian: so composed and committed. wonderful shot. exactly what he wanted, nick, just short of the green. nick: that's what he's so good at. his misses all day intentionally in the right place. ian: that will be a nice little easy pitch from about 30 yards short. 7:00 on the east coast. third round of the masters tournament. it has been an exciting day's golf and we're right here at the 17th. jordan spieth with a four-shot lead. rory mcilroy has had a tough day, has yet to have a birdie. [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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visit] ian: both players number two and number three in the world. and that's a pretty good shot from where he was. nice little uphill putt for the birdie three. can he make one here? bill: with hideki matsuyama and robert turner will translate for it. congratulations. 72 today. what were the keys for you in this third round? [speaking in japanese] >> it was tough playing out there today with the conditions. the greens hard and the wind. the biggest key was just keeping mentally focused and i was able to do that today. bill: looking ahead to tomorrow, what are you going to have to do? conditions are supposed to be pretty good.
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tomorrow? >> yeah, i've got to go low tomorrow so i've got to make some putts and that's what i'm going to be focusing on. bill: 72 today. congratulations. thank you, and let's go back to 17. ian: thank you, bill. thank you, hideki matsuyama. rory mcilroy makes his way onto the green. a couple of birdies would be a nice way to finish for rory. get it back even to par and a tie for fourth alongside jason day, dustin johnson, danny will let let -- willett. it's been a day of poor driving, i believe from rory. he drove in it a few bunkers early and then, of course, the disaster at the 11th. jordan, on the other hand, had a
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but he's had five birdies interming and would he has the four-shot lead. nick: missed his landing point there, ian. ian: he did. he didn't hit that cleanly and that's come up a long way short. a good 18 feet short and it's a tossup as to who will go. it might be just rory for birdie. so at least he'll get a look at the speed. remember last year here, nick, it was probably the only bad
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17 in the third round but when he came to the home hole, he made up for it. nick: he made that incredible up and down. ian: incredible indeed. nick: he was in the patrons' chairs and he flipped it over, got it to six feet and made the putt. unbelievable. ian: remember last year, rory shot 66 on the sunday to try and make some sort of charge against jordan, who was on fire. he finished in fourth place. nick: rory hasn't left himself a straightforward putt today. evening is a side winder on the wind. and he didn't take advantage of the par 5's. didn't use his length at all today. just looking for his first birdie of the day.
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mcilroy. it's a tricky one, this one across 17. because if it goes in the breeze a little it can really take off to the rights but if you get it too far to the left, it turns left. nick: that was a decent run and still can't make one. ian: so close. trying to toid masters to his major championship resume and be the sixth player all time to win the grand slam. and sometimes it's just not your day.
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that without going in. and jordan, we've seen the last two rounds a number of unbelievable par saves. this one is a little longer than most but he's been incredible at coming back, hasn't he,ic? when he made the double at 11 he goes birdie-par-birdie-birdie straightaway. he's got a phenomenal talent at that. nick: the bounce-back is amazing, you're right. it's amazing so so many -- how so many players can do, that especially in major golf and on this course because you can't
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the ability to make it happen. ian: so the lead is now three. bogey 5 for jordan spieth. but he heads to the last with a three-shot lead and barring disaster will lead the masters seven consecutive rounds. tiger woods is the last defending masters champion to hold a 54-hole lead and go on to win. he's also the last one to win two straight years at the masters. as they walk back to the 18th tee. jim and nick. jim: all right, ian. now the question is what will jordan do with his tee shot here? what will the margin be going into sunday?
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build at least a modicum of moment up with a three here at 18? could he possibly wait all day long for a birdie to arrive? nick: 290 yards to the first bunker. rory can aim right at that and hit hopefully a little fade. jim: last time birdie-free in a major came after a 63 on thursday. high winds that day at st. andrews. shot 80. that was a good swing. nick: yeah, that was beautiful. jim: if it's docile conditions and the course set-up will bring a lot of excitement with birdies and roars.
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player like mcilroy, just gets on an incredible run, or a jason day or a dustin johnson, and they start piling up some red figures. spieth will be wise to that. ooh. nick: way up and high and right. jim: 17. i thought this could happen again. nick: it's on the far side of the pine needles and got to be in jail. watch him make a four. jim: i expect it. with this mastery of this place, his imagination, his talent, has him three in front here. final hole of round three. images, os, social updates. we call it dark data.
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and now, after 45 years, the rebirth of perhaps the greatest convertible of them all: the mercedes-benz s-class cabriolet. proving conclusively that there really is no limit -- or should we say, no roof -- on what is possible. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> 1986 was a thurement i didn't expect to win. the players weren't scared of me anymore. they didn't expect me to win. >> maybe. yes, sir! [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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visit] >> when i made the putt and i turned around and i was look for my son and he was there. he had this smile on his face and i just wanted to hug him. >> dad turns to me, eye to eye, he's not looking at anybody else, gives me a great smile and a hug that i'll always remember. >> you can take all the golf tournaments you want and all the wins you want. that was far more special than any of them. jim: jack and jackie, that incredible scene here at 18. i remember him saying that's beautiful, that's beautiful.
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special we'll have at 1:00 eastern on cbs here on the 38th anniversary of his epic win. it's tallahassee 50th-year anniversary of jack becoming the first to ever go -- it's also the 50th-year anniversary of jack becoming the first to ever go back to back. jordan: as long as it gets past this tree. no, i've got no shot over there. jim: michael suggesting a shot. jordan says there's no shot up there. rory was in a similar position yesterday. nick: i was just going to mention that. he didn't have a window but still took and it managed to scuttle up and down from 90 yards.
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beautiful old oak tree. jordan: i'm just trying to look for something. jim: boy, that is a narrow window. jordan: the hardest part about this is it staying low and still getting speed on it. nick: no, nothing up there. no options that way. jordan: it's really tough. but i like this better than anything else. michael: all right. jordan: i think it rolls through there too low. nick: i think he's going -- well, that's the bunker there at the left of the green. jim: this is high risk right here.
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it's even a better recovery than mcilroy's of yesterday. nick: yeah, a straight line to the flag. straight up the slope. it was like one of those old good stained glass leaded windows. that was incredible. jim: now rory. nick: it's gone very calm so maybe get one close. inside 15 feet on the upper level. jim: it gets the ground hook off the mound and who knows, maybe he'll finally get that elusive birdie. thank you. nick: just watch closely the flight to have football. it's going to be a foot high.
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i mean, it was threaded in between. it went underneath that giant oak and those overhanging branches are only, what eight feet high? here it comes. oh, he got the hop, skip, and jump just perfect. so that's how we do it, jim. jim: he couldn't have played it any better than that. nick: no. it's so easy to smother a shot like that. take too much club, lean on and it hit the darn thing 20 yards in front of you.
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mcilroy. and mcilroy at the moment seven behind but there could be a two-shot swing and put mcilroy that much closer tomorrow coming off a birdie, giving him a boost into the night. couldn't rule him out. nick: there's a little bit of pressure on it for rory because he's had such a deflating day. if he just misses it again and say magically jordan gets up and down. the flag is on 30 paces. he's got to land this exactly 15 yrds -- yards into the green, get that nice hop up the slope and it should just release out.
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it probably inside rory. just trap this one, hit it nice and low. ooh. landed it a long way short. jim: he can't believe he didn't get it to the upper tier. nick: no, missed his landing point by 10 yards. for administration that's a man that when you're leading a major, that will be a nervy two-putt to end the day. jim: yeah, his tee shot at 16, par 3. that was lost to the right. still made the putt. just barely.
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blew it right at 17. blew it right here at 8. nick: it's ban good selection of poor shots. it started on the third tree tee shot. blocked it into the trees. made it. into the patrons' viewing area at four. managed to get that one up and down. jim: i'm sure as soon as he signs the cards and does all the media obligations -- obligations, the first call he'll be making is to his longtime teacher cameron. who was here early in the week. but as is his ritual, he's flown back home, back to dallas. nick: i would kind of insist that my coach hangs around just in case. there's a little knoll right in the middle of the green there
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coming up the hill. jim: this back left today, when it was back right on thursday. virtually every time we've seen someone coming from the swale down to the lower surface, they've never gotten the speed just right. they've come up short the great majority of the time. nick: it's a lot to do with you've just come off -- well, every green. 14, 15,16. all those putts are downhill. megafast and suddenly you come to 1 and it's a good, steady gradient all the way to the hole. the patrons are bundled up. it's not warm.
7:22 pm
high 50's right now. jim: and once again -- short. nick: very short. jim: no one gets that right. nick: that might have to have a look. they're both dancing around the hole. jim: rory's stepping in. he believes he's away. it's close. nick: doing a full 36 0. it's just a little right-to-lefter. ball outside right edge. good speed.
7:23 pm
biedny confidence off on today but would he possibly feel a little seeing jordan struggle and realizing he could seize a very big moment here? nick: absolutely this is a huge moment. brush this one in -- jim: for his first birdie of the day. ah. ran out a couple have, two and a half feet. nick: he's hitting them low and firm and he's furious. jim: remember, he'd just gone into this cross-handed method four tournaments ago. nick: that will hurt him, as nothing, no birdies today. who would have ever -- you
7:24 pm
that one, would you? a little left to right. there's no real breeze. left edge firm. skwloip just can't go into the night with a six. a year ago we were sitting here in this very spot on saturday night. he holed a putt like this for a par, a big par. this for a bogey. nick: it is six. jim: this has changed everything going into sunday. three under is going to be the lead score. he'll still have it alone. for a seventh consecutive competitive round. he's all alone.
7:25 pm
a bogey-double bogey finish. par for mcilroy. it's a head-hanging six. 5-6 finish this kid's resolve, we saw it earlier when things-like looked like they bit. the double bogey at the 11th hole, comes right back.
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of others to follow shortly there after. 54-hole leader. co-leader in three consecutive masters. hogah -- hogan, palmer, and now spieth. hogan didn't win, while palmer did. and that third masters start. the final pairing on a sunday for the third executive year. the last guy to do that is not probably who you think. it was ben crenshaw. 1987 through 1989. all of these at plus bun. lee westwood -- westwood got back many this thing with a
7:27 pm
only four behind. how far back to you go on a day when maybe birdies will be aplenty as the conditions, the winds are expected to die down? nick: my magic number was six. justin rose at plus-three. he's six back. cabrera, masters champion. oosthuizen is seven back. that was one of my early calls. a lot of danger men. i like matsuyama and jason day suddenly, after shooting eight over par for the second nine from thursday and friday has been ginch a reprise. he has a shot. he's three back. world number one. dustin johnson is cruising along. could we get a real surprise winner? snedeker loves coming from a few back. jim: he's had a lot of his wins
7:28 pm
times he's had a sensational sunday. it wasn't what we thought it was going to be but spieth remains on top by one. to build the most beautiful mercedes-benz ever to take the road... and when that mission remains pure and intact... ...from the very first sketch to the very last stitch... this is the result. the s-class coupe. our most beautiful work, yet. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. todd spaletto. i enjoyed working with you on our prototype to match customers to the right gear. watson, let's give it a try. say it's mid-june and i'm backpacking in yosemite. of our 353 jackets, i can recommend nine. watson, what if it rains? there is just a three percent chance of rain, so i recommend the breathable stretch fuseform dolomiti jacket. a perfect choice, watson. no wonder our customer loyalty numbers keep climbing. i believe we can do even better.
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what do you see? i like the left edge. at&t's network takes care of jordan so he can take care of business. i emailed you a video of your swing analysis. hey jordan, don't forget, it's aunt kathy's birthday. check out romo throwing this laser! people say it's more like a missle than a laser really. oh, your new clubs are here! i've got a shipment for j. spyth. it's spieth!'s looks like spyth. spyth... with at&t, team spieth stays connected to what's important. this is jordan's network. the network of at&t. jim: tomorrow, 18-hole coverage. 2:00 eastern time on cbs. plus the nicklaus lookback, a special on jack at 1:00.
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spieth. here's jordan at the fourth hole today for par. at six for par. at eight, his third shot. nick: beautifully dialed in. caught it on the downslope perfectly. jim: led to a birdie. birdied that eighth hole all three days. at 11. nick: and high wind at that time. a very difficult chip to let it just fall onto the green. went a good 20 feet past. jim: he went on to make double. but this is what we alluded, to
7:31 pm
the birdie at 12 with mcilroy well in sight of him. rory wouldn't make his putt. 14, second shot. nick: this is perfect. you feed it in from about 20 feet left of the flag. there's a little ridge. now it gathers. jim: he made birdie there. 15. this might have been the best of all. nick: just so difficult, just to dial it in. jim: after giving away a shot at 17, after a drive to the right, same thing at the 18th. nick: when he loses it, he loses it big-time, doesn't he?
7:32 pm
jim: somehow he was able to get out of that position to have a third shot from here. nick: and very surprising missed his landing point by 10 yards. jim: i would have said the odds of him making four vs. six. you would have said 10 times or even higher than that. nick: i wouldn't even talk about that. i'd say no, that can't happen. jim: the bogey putt wasn't his best. adds up to 73. so 66-74-73 for spieth to lead by one over kaufman. and jordan standing by with bill macatee. billy? bill: jim, thank you very much. a grinding kind of day for you. talk about the finish, bogey
7:33 pm
jordan: yeah, it wasn't ideal. climbed back nicely on the back nine to get to two under on the day. which, even par i thought was a fantastic score when we were warming up in the high winds. so i figured par-par-par and got really wayward with the ball from there. bill: one of the keys was the response with the double at 11, coming right back with the birdie on 12. jordan: yeah, that was a nice putt on 12 to hole and a nice putt on 15. we were rolling at that point and i shouldn't have hit driver on 17, the position i was in. i should have hit 3-wood, made sure i at least had a chance to hit that green. live and learn. bill: and your thoughts looking ahead to tomorrow? jordan: i have to absolutely throw away the finish to this round. pretend tomorrow is a new round
7:34 pm
to score the best round to win. understand this is the lead i wanted to have after 54 holes and not think about today's round. bill: jim? jim: he'll be playing with a man who last played in a junior tournament when they were 13 and 14 years old in dallas and jordan won that one. don't forget bernhard langer's performance. incredible, at the age of 58. beginning that last round two behind with hideki matsuyama. jason day and dustin johnson. how about that pair something nick: real powerhouse. jim: and then matsuyama at age 24. 34 years younger than the man he'll be alongside, langer. kaufman, his first-ever masters appearance. no one's won in their first
7:35 pm
1979. final round coverage begins tomorrow at 2:00 eastern time. encore performance tonight at 8:00 on cbs sports network. what are we going to see here tonight? nick: time to let the guys go, make some birdies. hopefully the golf course is set up when that's possible and we get the roars. i guarantee we're going to have a great day tomorrow. jim: disappointing die for rory. langer surprisingly surging today. spieth with a messy finish but still the man to beat. seven straight rounds at augusta he's all alone in the lead tomorrow, going for back-to-back green jackets.
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tradition unlike any other. man 1: i came as fast as i could. what's up? man 2: this isn't public yet. man 1: what isn't? man 2: we've been attacked. man 1: the network? man 2: shhhh. man 1: when did this happen? man 2: over the last six months. man 1: how did we miss it? man 2: we caught it, just not in time. man 1: who? how? man 2: not sure, probably off-shore, foreign, pros. man 1: what did they get? man 2: what didn't they get. man 1: i need to call mike... man 2: don't use your phone. it's not just security, it's defense.
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4 by 4 by land, 4 by 4 by sea
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4 my country and how it all started out 4 the brave and every boy scout 4 doin' it yourself cuz you want it done right 4 by 4 the top down - stars keep ya up at night 4 by 4 every one of our seventy-five years 4 by 4 the wave - that's how we say 'cheers' that's how we live 4 by 4ever i would have been here on time if my ex-husband hadn't married a tween or my doctor had called in my child's asthma medication or my mother mobile had not been stranded on the freeway. >> she's not pregnant even though tabloids claim she is almost every month. she teams up with julia roberts
7:39 pm
>> you haven't aged that much. >> thank you. >> mom of two kate had an on-set experience with garry marshall. >> when i was on overboard as a kid, i liked to let the kids yell out "action", or "rolling." and i remember being that little kid on his set. and i watch ryder, and he's sitting with garry, and we had a bit of an emotional moment. and garry's like, uh. >> congratulations. >> i'm not a contest winner. >> julia plays a tv host and best-selling author who forfeits a family for her career. this is the fifth film they've done together. >> we should continue off into the sunset. we've been doing movies together. it makes it quite comfortable and fun and familiar. >> and jason's raising two
7:40 pm
him to ponder the unthinkable. a world with no mom. >> a bunch of kids running around with golf clubs and chain saws. that's what my little boy's like when his mom's gone. not chain saw. >> then we were lucky enough to chat with another special mom whom we met way back. kimberly paisley and the relationship she has with her own mother will truly touch your heart. but they talked about the movie that made everyone fall tor kimberly. "father of the bride." >> what did you say? >> i met a man, and he's wonderful and brilliant, and we're getting married. >> there are rumors of a third "father of the bride." would you want to do a third one? >> i would totally one to do one. i heard a great story line. the character comes back and
7:41 pm
i don't now if there's any truth to that. if there is, they haven't called me yet. >> it's hard to believe it's almost been 25 years since kimberly in her wedding-day sneakers starred in the original. she almost didn't audition, but we thank her mother linda. >> she wanted the best for me. she pushed me. she's that voice in my head that still tells me to go for it and have adventures. >> linda appears in the movie laughing next to movie mom diane keaton. but today it's a different story. kimberly's mother, biggest friend and cheerleader now suffers from dementia, really can't speak or write and sometimes becomes violent. kimberly made the heart-wrenching decision to move her into a home. >> my mom was aware enough to know that she had been left. and that was really horrible. >> your mom is non-verbal? >> mm-hm. >> how hard is it not to talk to her anymore?
7:42 pm
bye to the old mom. my brother said it's death by paper cut. >> but kimberly has found faith in the face of this struggle. and she's written about it. there's joy watching her play with her children and her mom can laugh. and there's comfort knowing her husbandpaisley is there as her rock. >> he was there on the hard days to hold me and let me cry. anytime you go through hard times and challenges in life and you survive, it strengthens your relationship. >> kimberly and brad have been married 13 years. they met just after he saw her in the second "father of the bride" movie. coming up, have you seen the kids on "little big shots"? they are so talented. what steve harvey tells us about
7:43 pm
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>> those kids are little big shots and they blow me away and unbelievably talented. >> and they're so cute, cute as a button. you won't believe how the show finds these kids. we got cues from the host himself, steve harvey. >> ellen degeneres, at first i said no, and because i just didn't have time to do another show. and they kept telling me the idea, and they kept calling and kept calling, and i kept saying no. finally, ellen called and told me how much it paid, and so here i am. >> that's the steve harvey studio audience listening in, by the way. and now the karate kids, dancing phenoms and magicians are making history, averaging 12.5 million viewers a week, it is the most-watched entertainment show in a decade. >> first of all, the show was so
7:47 pm
to talk to kids, because i've had kids in my life for 33 years. i don't pay any attention to the cue cards, and i keep telling them you can't prep an 8-year-old guy. so the cue card guy, his whole job is -- >> do you have a favorite? >> this little japanese kid who spoke no english. i think you already know i can't speak japanese. and i go hagigato, and he goes ah! >> and the other two shows? he's won an emmy for "family feud", and two emmies for "steve harvey", and just got more good news. emmy nomination for this show and for "family feud". >> somebody told me, it seems like everything you touch turns to gold. i said, nah, i just don't touch everything. that's all it is. i've just learned that everything is not for me.
7:48 pm
to host another show, a business reality television competition for abc. >> i finally got tv people to believe what i've been telling them for all along. stop putting me in the black box. they don't care what color you are. if they can relate to you, funny ain't got no color on it, man. >> that's true. >> and by the way, you can look for me on an upcoming episode of steve harvey. i will be having a panel discussion and a hot topic, but if he calls my out on my love life. >> he wants to set you up. >> we got to watch. >> and this week, the final "american idol." >> for 15 seasons, the show has turned small-town people into stars. >> entertainment tonight, here's a look at some never-before-seen moments with the "american idol" winners. a nervous farm girl from rural oklahoma awaits a big chance.
7:49 pm
and i'm from oklahoma. i'm ready for somebody to get ahold of me and tell me what to wear and what to do. >> carrie underwood! >> just under two years later, we shared with carrie her first real case of superstar dom. >> you are a grammy winner. >> i am. you can't get anybody to pay attention to you. "american idol" is my way in for people to start taking me seriously. oh, my god, i'm still on a cloud. >> we also witnessed kelly clarkson break through at the grammys. >> oh, my god. she's unbelievably gorgeous. and she's tiny as well. >> kelly clarkson! >> that's the first winner in in '02, kelly had no road map to follow. >> are you ready for this? >> i don't think god would give me anything i can't handle.
7:50 pm
losing. >> a-k-i-n. >> you've never been to new york? >> no. >> where do you go from here? >> i'm going to ride this fame we have as much as possible to open as many doors as i can. >> second place catherine mcfee is now a star on scorpion. >> you worked on a cruise ship? >> yes, the disney wonder. >> but jennifer hudson -- >> what's up next for you? >> i want to do some theater. >> as for that dream, the rest is history. >> my journey is a blessing and when i didn't have a faith, the rest of the world did.
7:51 pm
who often stole the show. >> i'm in a position most women, in fact, all women would envy. >> in this clip shot just for e.t. is simon finally showing his softer side? that's more like it. but stunts like this were a typical example of how the judges were often a bigger story than the contestants themselves. we often talked more about simon's reality check than the singers' performances. >> it was shockingly bad. always being told off by the producers. i was like, okay, we'll have robots. >> as for paula, it was always about her size. fans started to wonder if paula had a more serious problem when this confusion occurred in 2008. >> oh, my god, it's like twice. >> everyone in the world looks
7:52 pm
under a microscopic -- i don't know what it is. microsoft? >> she's part of our family, and we love her. >> in a dispute over money, she reportedly wanted to triple her pay package. >> i'm really happy. >> what happened then was a revolving door of judges. ellen replaced paula but stayed only one season saying it was one of the worst decisions i've made. simon left to start x factor. in came j. lo and steven tyler. j. lo reportedly tripled her salary. >> she called my something that begins with a b and ends with an itch, i have to rebuke it. >> often mariah was sniping at the same time.
7:53 pm
>> it was then that the ratings started dropping. >> maybe i should just [ bleep ]. >> former judge j. lo returned the following year. but as she always said, it was saying good-bye that was hardest. >> not making it to the top 24. >> i didn't expect it. i'm a very emotional person. i really do see myself in them. i know what they're going through. and it hurts. >> my favorite idol of all time.
7:54 pm
>> i do like kelly there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. (mailman) what are you guys doing? (receptionist) it-it gets boring between calls so i make phone music. (security guard) she has a gift. (receptionist) i'll bust out some sample beats for you. (mailman) why don't you try a new york lottery scratch-off game instead? it's fun.
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a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approvethis message. travel considerations provided by lots of stars celebrating birthdays this weekend. haley joel osment, hugh hefner is 90. we'll take a look at the birthday quiz. which twilight star was featured in their own comic book? that is kristen stewart, who is 26 this week. monday on e.t. is jennifer aniston ready to be a mom? then how gma's ginger zee
7:57 pm
and dancing. >> i think it's difference because it's a competition. >> and the sweet way ginger's handsome hubby is supporting her. then we have all the couples news. that's monday. we're almost out of time this weekend. but for all the latest breaking hollywood news go to our website, et and the steamy video. >> it's off an upcoming album "727." work, work, work, work
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previously on hawaii five-o... i missed you. i missed you, too. so after the wedding, how long are you planning on staying? how long do you want me to stay? steve: i'm gonna ask catherine to marry me. hey, buddy, that's great, huh? hey, hey, i'm driving here! what, are you crazy? yeah, it's good. (doorbell rings) chin: got here as quick as i could.


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