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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  April 10, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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a deadly temple fire in india. more than 100 people killed
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>> campaigning in the tri- state, presidential hopefuls pounding the pavement. nine days to go until the new york primary. keep the jacket handy. a freeze warning in effect. cbs2 news sunday morning continues right now. 8:00 on sunday, april 10. >> i'm andrea grymes. the top stories are straight ahead. first we want to know about the freeze warning, snow or anything else going on in the weather. >> the windchill factor? >> that is a thing of the past. let's not talk about snow totals. we will talk wind chills. they are substantial. feeling like teens and 20s. actual temperatures, not higher than the mid-30s right now. thirty-two in the city. thirty in andover.
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if you are going out for a run. the wind chill is 28. freeze warning in effect until 10:00 a.m. that is when temperatures will be above the freezing mark. not expected to go back down to freezing either. so some good news. a breakdown of your day looks like this -- if you looked outside, you know it is bright. that is the trend. bright skies. cool temperatures. 47 degrees will feel like 42 this afternoon. that is as warm as it gets. and temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees below normal. expect a few more showers as we get into the late afternoon and evening. the full forecast is coming up. we will not talk about snow but we will talk about seasonable temperatures. now to campaign 2016. new yorkers are set to hit the polls in a high-stakes primary that is just over a week away. >> before delegates are decided, two other states weighed in. bernie sanders beat hillary clinton and now wyoming caucus taking 56% of 56% of the bill.
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john kasich and donald trump. we're joined in the studio with more. >> good morning, presidential hopefuls have been courting new york voters on both the democratic and republican side. the primary here, just over a week away. >> in the race for the democratic nomination, a battle for home turf between brooklyn native bernie sanders and former new york senator hillary clinton. at a rally in queens, sanders broke in with big news for his campaign. >> we just won wyoming [ cheering ] >> and inside the apollo theater, the sanders campaign is won eight up the last nine contests for delegates, still trailing clinton but gaining the momentum. hillary clinton stopping by juniors cheesecake in downtown brooklyn. and a rally in sunset park. >> i actually think that new york values are really good for america.
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ted cruz coming off of a major he cracked jokes at a rally in >> about. >> the democratic field right now consists of a wild eyed socialist with ideas that are dangerous for america and the world and bernie sanders. >> donald trump has stayed relatively quiet since his loss in wisconsin. on saturday, he visited the national september 11 memorial museum and donated $100,000, passing of a chance to speak with media. john kasich stopped in rochester addressing the working class. >> trying to play by the rules -- we just want to believe the system is fair. >> new yorkers make their vote count in the primary april 19. >> bernie sanders is staying local. a rally in coney island. donald trump will be in rochester. hillary clinton going to baltimore. and the whites of ted cruz will be on long island monday.
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in the long island monday. we will be talking with john dickerson in a few minutes. an investigation is underway in the bronx after a man was fatally stabbed at a party. this happened around midnight on westchester avenue. the 30-year-old victim was taken to a local hospital where he died. no arrests have been made. new video this morning of a temple tragedy in india. more than 100 people killed in a massive fire with a fireworks explosion. this happened in this -- the southern indian state of kerala. the fire started when a spark during a fireworks display ignited a separate batch of fireworks. they had been stored in the temple and preparation for the hindu new year festival thursday. this morning prosecutors in belgium say the terror group that struck brussels last month initially planned to launch an attack france. under the pressure of an investigation, they decided to brush attacks on brussels instead.
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involved in the attacks is finally in custody. >> belgian prosecutors finally have the so-called man in the hat. they say he is mohamed abrini, one of the terror suspects rounded up and raised in brussels on friday. authorities say mohamed abrini admitted he is the person and surveillance video seen next to the suicide bombers in the brussels airport. mohamed abrini is also linked to the paris attacks last november. he was caught on a gas station security camera with terror suspects salah abdeslam and two days before the coordinated massacre in the french capital. >> mohamed abrini is one of four men charged in belgium with participating in terrorist acts. thirty-two people died last month at the airport. >> authorities say one of the suspects in custody is osama kraiem, accused of being the second man in the attack. >> belgian will look for additional accomplices and work
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they have not done enough to battle terrorism. cbs news, london. >> the u.s. air force says it deployed b-52 bombers to the mideast. the first time the heavy bombers will be based in the region since the 1994 gulf war when they operated from saudi arabia. this time they will be based in qatar -- the long-range bombers will join a multinational coalition carrying out air strikes against the islamic state targets. back at home, charges for the driver police say slammed his car into a man writing a scooter in queens. the car burst into flames after the accident yesterday morning in glendale. investigators say the car hit the scooter head-on after swerving onto the eastbound lane of cooper avenue. the 21-year-old victim is hospitalized in critical condition. charges against 38-year-old roberto lovo include assault, reckless driving and driving while impaired by alcohol. an investigation underway in new jersey after a father
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immemorial was set up yesterday for 27-year-old diahlo grant. the father of six with another on the way was killed early yesterday morning in new brunswick during a shootout with two officers from neighboring franklin township. the middlesex county prosecutor says the officers first came across diahlo grant he was armed while he was walking in franklin township. officials say the officers followed him across the town border and that is when gunfire erupted. >> we heard five gunshots. we look outside. by that time, it was surrounded by cops. >> investigators say diahlo grant was wanted for nonpayment of child support and a probation violation on a drug charge. they have not yet said what prompted the shooting but did recover his gun from the scene. three new york city firefighters are facing charges after a bar brawl near citi field. police say the three off-duty firefighters got into a fight at mcfadden's restaurant and saloon which is on the 126th side of the stadium.
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one of them was also charged with resisting arrest. cycling for a cause. dozens of cyclists take off from connecticut to the nation's capital. what they are demanding from lawmakers. and bruce springsteen known as the boss -- but he is being called another b word. cold today. work week. i'm talking warmer temperatures and wet weather. ahead. first a check of the community
8:10 am there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think?
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hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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26 gun control advocates. calling for tougher gun laws honoring the 20 children and six educators murdered in the 2012 sandy hook elementary school shooting. the ride is expected to last four days. >> we will continue this fight for as long as it takes. and work just as these bicyclists do, just to keep moving forward so we have a safer america. >> upon arrival in the nation's capital, the cyclists plan to deliver a petition signed by 38 up to -- 38,000 people calling on congress to make it more difficult to carry weapons on college campuses. today was supposed to be the day bruce springsteen performed in north carolina but
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protest a new state law. the law prohibits transgender people from using public bathrooms that don't match the gender listed on their birth certificate. a congressman who supports the law is slamming bruce springsteen. and republican representative mark walker says "i consider this a bully tactic like my kid getting upset and saying he will take his ball and go home okay. >> coming up on face the nation. >> john dickerson joins us from washington with a preview. good morning. >> good morning. we will start off talking to bernie sanders about the democratic race that has gotten a lot more heated as it moves into new york. he got a win last night. but the delegates are evenly split. we will talk to him about his pathway forward. will also talk to john k to john kasich who is trying to make a run for the cleveland convention on the republican side -- and then, because it is getting confusing in this delegate fight, we will talk to
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elections about what to look for in the new york primary. also how these numbers will add up or not add up for the candidates going forward. and then a treat at the end. a conversation with ken burns about his new documentary on jackie robinson. a wonderful conversation with him about baseball, the president and all kinds of fun things. >> we love baseball. >> ken burns -- he is the expert. of course donald trump and hillary clinton are the favorites in new york. talk about the strategies with the other candidates. we have had tons a different campaign events in the area. >> and we are not used to that during a presidential election. >> that is right. they are doing all kinds of things in front of the cameras to get covered. on the republican side, the goal here is for ted cruz -- new york is not a state for him especially during that time during the primaries when he talked about donald trump's new york values. donald trump has been bringing that up repeatedly.
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really john kasich, is to deny donald trump some delegates. they both expect him to win the state. the question is, can they find a way -- in little pockets of the state -- if they run in search and operations come to win districts inside new york -- can they steal delegates from donald trump? the goal is to keep them from getting the majority of the delegates on the first ballot in the convention in cleveland. and then a second ballot, where delegates are not bound to the delegate that won the state they come from, that it may be a free-for-all and they can convince delegates to come their way. on the democratic side, bernie sanders has to not only win but to win big. even if bernie sanders were to win, the loser in that case being hillary clinton, would also get a lot of delegates. meaning her lead would exist in pledged delegates. then he has the challenge of the superdelegates which are
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shield -- he is way ahead in that too. bernie sanders needs a big win. >> it will be interesting to see what happens there. thank you so much for checking in with us. we appreciate it. you can catch a full hour of face the nation later this morning at 10:30 a.m. right here on cbs2. politics and baseball. we will look forward to that. >> yes. vanessa murdock has more on the forecast which changes by the day. every possible temperature we can have. >> moving forward, it will be pretty constant in the 50s. just not today. we have to get past today. chilly and bright. but not warm. after today, temperatures will be returning to seasonable levels. let's go live outside from atop the empire state building. as we start things off, it is blue and bright and lovely. but chilly. 32 degrees right now.
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wind chills are in the 20s. here are the headlines. another cold start. but we will begin warming things up. especially as we move into the work week. today, drive that chili. wet weather returns monday. especially tuesday. your morning low was 30 degrees. this is the normal low for february 22. we came very close to tying the record low today. it is 28 degrees set back in 1997. so we missed it by 2 degrees. of course that feels even colder than 28 right now. it feels more like 25 at central park. on the vortex satellite and radar, thanks to high-pressure, it looks like this beautiful brighter sky -- mainly clear. staying that way for some time. this afternoon, the clouds will begin to get more thick as low pressure moves closer to us. tomorrow, a few showers. tuesday, the system lingers overhead. that will mean a very soggy
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hour by hour, what does it look like today? beautiful but not warm. as we get into the late afternoon and evening, high thin clouds make their approach. clouds get more thick overnight. early showers possible tomorrow. a stray showers throughout the day cannot be ruled out. as he goes through into tuesday, that is the brunt of the wet weather from this storm system. right now it looks like the morning commute might be salvaged on tuesday. as a go through the day, this very slow-moving fun -- front will make for a dreary tuesday. wednesday morning maybe lingering wet weather. by wednesday afternoon, skies are clearing. today, sunshine and 45 at 1:10 p.m. for the first pitch of the mets taking on the phillies. things looking good there. wind out of the southwest at 10. wind chills filling closer -- feeling closer to 40. the high will feel more like 42. wind out of the northwest. they become southwesterly later today at 10 up to 15 miles per
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start warming us up as we head into the work week. much more mild moving forward. 40 degrees overnight. thirty-eight in wayne with mainly cloudy skies. tomorrow, 58 degrees. mostly cloudy with scattered showers across the region. and breezy. wind out of the south, southwest at 10 up to 20 miles per hour. it is dreary on tuesday. soggy wednesday. we start to dry things -- dry things out after that. right now the end of the week is looking lovely. thursday, friday and saturday. temperatures around 60 degrees with a lot of sunshine. however i do want to mention that there is the potential for that to change in a big way. and it could become a very bleak stretch for the entirety of the week. we will hold onto the sunshine for thursday, friday and saturday. a lot of sunshine josh -- just on the chilly side. kids from all over the tri-state area will take their
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tomorrow at radio city music hall in front of friends, family and celebrities for the annual, garden of dreams talent show. joining us this morning are performers and sisters, rachael and my a mason. with the rockettes. good morning. >> it is not often we get rockettes on the set. i'm impressed. so happy you could be here. first of all, you all look lovely. tell us about what this is all about. >> the garden of dreams foundation is a nonprofit charity that works close with local hospitals and community- based organizations. really the goal is to help dreams come true of children who face obstacles in their daily lives. they do that by providing these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities much like a talent show where they can perform on the great stage of radio city music hall tomorrow at 7:00 p.m.
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must be so exciting for you. >> do you know how big radio city is? >> yes. 6000 seats. >> more then we have here. tell us what it will be like getting on the stage and doing this. >> i already know that it will be very exciting. it is the rockettes. they perform their all the time. to imagine you will be on the same stage as the rockettes is mind blowing. and so many people don't really get the chance to perform. i'm so happy that we do. >> how do you feel about being up there? >> it feels empowering. >> what does that mean? >> inspirational. i have been through a lot in my life. it is going to be very
8:22 am
stage that most celebrities idolize. >> speaking of the celebrities -- the rockettes -- you guys have seen some celebrities too. people. my favorite event so far has been working with these kids. they are the biggest inspiration. we have done three rehearsals with them so far. watching them grow throughout each rehearsal has been such an honor. these two -- wait until you they are so fun. they sang and danced with each other. it has been amazing. >> tell us about what you will perform. >> we will be performing "blank space" by taylor swift. >> can you show us a little bit of that? >> i think everybody knows the song. >> when you get up on the stage and sing, do you ever say -- maybe i could do this? maybe i could be the next taylor slept. >> sometimes i say to my parents -- because we saw the
8:23 am
maybe they are celebrities. we were like, maybe we can get on here -- like celebrities. >> and for you guys who are used to being on the big stage, radio city music hall seats 6000 people. when you hear the name, you think of the rockettes. when you get out there, is the pressure always there or does it dissipate? >> there is always pressure. you always want to do your best. this is what we do. we rehearse six hours a day, six days a week. >> six hours a day? >> yes. it is home for us. it has been so nice. we have a personal experience to stand alongside the kids and give them advice and encouragement -- to be the best performers they can be. >> when you see these ladies on the stage, what does that say to you?
8:24 am
>> we usually go to the christmas spectacular every year. it is like a tradition. when i see them on stage -- i never thought i would be on that stage ever in my lifetime. when i look at them, i'm like -- it looks small from a distance. but then you get there and you are like, wow, that is more than i thought. said to imagine how they are performing on stage -- and you think they have no fear. it is amazing. >> it is an inspiration. you put it so beautifully. we look forward to seeing you on the stage. you have a lifetime of dreams >> definitely.
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a new jersey man is healthy today apparently saved by his fitbit. he suffered a seizure and ended up in a hospital. doctors detected a heartbeat and they checked his fitbit and found out that he had a chronic condition. that allowed them to make proper decisions for treatment. it is believed to be the first time a fitness tracker has been used in this way. this story was mentioned in the journey -- journal of medicine. and furry cats and kittens on hand to hold. the event called "destress with cats" gave people something extra. the cuddling cats were from the best friends animal society. people who fell in love with the felines were in luck. the cats were also up for
8:28 am
so they could take them home. from cats to dogs. >> that is right. beautiful creatures up for adoption. >> this is a yorkie poo. nine months old. i have one of these at home -- madison. i have to tell you, this dog is so chill and cool and sweet. hypoallergenic. not shedding. just very chill. very quiet. not one peep. >> i dig the hairdo. >> he looks like a 60s hippie look. >> he is fabulous. >> i think i have competition. lamar is a 5-month-old terrier mix. so relaxed.
8:29 am
but so sweet. he loves television apparently. and he is very much a puppy -- at just 5-month-old. everything that goes along with loving a puppy is something you need to consider if you want to make one or both of these little fellows part of your home. >> absolutely. >> for more information, you can look up up furry friend finder on the best of new york section on cbs2new givetoy. them a home. liken rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at (mailman) what are you guys doing? (receptionist) it-it gets boring between calls so i make phone music.
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(receptionist) i'll bust out some sample beats for you. (mailman) why don't you try a new york lottery scratch-off game instead? it's fun. (receptionist) i'm incredible at this. (avo) take a break from the expected.
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a deadly end to a more than 100 people killed after a fire ripped three temple temple. state area. presidential hopefuls pounding the pavement with just over a week to go into the new york primary. keep the jacket handy. a freeze warning in effect. andrea grymes tells us when we can expect release. cbs2 news sunday morning continues right now. just after 8:30 a.m., i'm andrea grymes. >> the top stories right ahead. explaining to do. >> people take it out on vanessa murdock a little that. >> yes to change the
8:33 am
i don't have mother nature's number. i apologize for that. when they can do is give you the best possible detailed forecast so that you know what to expect. let's take a look. thirty-two in the city. thirty-four in fairfield. feeling colder than that this morning with a breeze. the windchill, down to a t. in liberty. babylon feeling like 25. in sussex, feeling like 25. the vortex satellite and radar looks clear. high-pressure to thank for that. it will be bright and chilly. as the day progresses, we will see a few more clouds. forty-two at noon. feeling like 37 by 3:00. and 47 feels like 42. the high today is 47. it will feel like 42. enough of that. warmer weather on the way. details in the full forecast.
8:34 am
the new york state primary is just over a week away. this is bernie sanders and ted cruz taking up a win out west. >> before the delegates are decided here, bernie sanders beat out hillary clinton and wyoming taking 56% of the vote. ted cruz took donald trump and john kasich by picking up all 34 delegates. we have the latest. >> nine days left until the new york primary. and our area is getting a lot of attention from the presidential candidates looking to secure delegates. >> in the race for the democratic nomination, a battle for home turf between bernie sanders and former new york senator hillary clinton. >> news bulletin. we just won wyoming. [ cheering ] >> the sanders campaign is won eight out of the last nine
8:35 am
trailing clinton but gaining momentum. clinton also spending time this weekend at her adopted home states -- state, stopping by juniors cheesecake and a rally at sunset park. >> i think in new york values are good for america. >> on the republican side, ted cruz coming off of a major win and colorado, cracking jokes at a rally in nevada. >> the democratic field right now consists of a wild eyed socialist with ideas that are dangerous for america and the world and bernie sanders. >> donald trump has stayed relatively quiet since his loss in wisconsin. saturday he took time to visit a national september 11 memorial museum and donated $100,000, passing on the chance to speak with media. john kasich stopped in rochester addressing the working class. >> trying to play by the rules and get some more -- we just want to believe the system
8:36 am
>> new yorkers make their vote count in the primary april 19. >> the wife of ted cruz will be in long island monday. hillary clinton goes to maryland. donald trump in rochester. bernie sanders will hold a rally at coney island. john kasich and donald -- john kasich and bernie sanders on face the nation this morning. for the first time since the gulf war, u.s. b-52 bombers going to the mideast. they will be based in qatar. they will join a multinational coalition carrying out air strikes against islamic state targets. new video of a deadly fire in india that killed more than 100 people. another 200 were injured when a temple burst into flames in the southern indian state of kerala. the cause is because of a spark during a fireworks display igniting. a separate batch of fireworks destroyed a temple ahead of the
8:37 am
huge flames quickly engulfed the people inside. police in the bronx are looking for a slashing suspect. not -- one of two people that allegedly assaulted a 19-year- old woman. police say she got into an argument with a two people around noon monday. they say a 21-year-old woman slashed her across the face with a knife. the unidentified man slashed her across the neck. the woman suspect was caught. the man is at large. the victim was treated for non- life-threatening injuries. an investigation in new jersey after a father was killed in a shootout with police. immemorial was set up yesterday for 27-year-old diahlo grant. the father of six with another on the way it was killed early yesterday morning in new brunswick during a shootout with two police officers. the middlesex county prosecutor says the officer's first came across diahlo grant who was armed while he was walking. officials say they followed him across the town border and gunfire erupted. >> we heard five gunshots.
8:38 am
by that time, they were surrounded by cops. >> investigators say diahlo grant was wanted for nonpayment of child support and a probation violation on a drug charge. they have not said yet what prompted the shooting but they did recover his gun from the scene. the search is on this morning for the man who police say robbed a woman in brooklyn. police released a photo of the suspect. the 40-year-old victim said she was getting off of a bus in front of brookdale hospital when the men grabbed her wallet and took off. it happened march 28. investigators say they used a credit card to make a purchase at a nearby walgreens. a starbucks order with what many think is an extra shot of maine. a customer at a starbucks near jacksonville says he ordered eight -- a white mocha only to find an unwelcome message. >> it said "diabetes, here i, -- come". >> he says it was hurtful
8:39 am
from diabetes. need an apology but assurance else. surfer. >> incredible video of a frightening encounter between a shark and a man on a pedal board board. blue skies right now. 20s. when does it finally feel like spring again? i will have your full forecast coming up. foalthr w vis.u n'brk .yowaa ecofakouswchs artemasitastoet00egntne usv d onfoju 9. p mthnle.
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lyioca there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child
8:41 am
where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. we visit a boutique building in the heart of the west village.
8:42 am
a townhouse with an amenity filled condominium building. we go inside. >> this west village white gloved doorman building has 10 townhouse is in it, each with a private back entrance to forego the lobby. >> great to see you. thanks for coming by. >> how do you describe this design? >> they were very careful with choices. they did great finishes that are timeless and elegant. >> no one has ever lived here. >> you have really nice dimension and proportion. a formal dining area. >> in the living room, giant windows, a quintessential feature you often see an old warehouse is from the west village. >> a beautiful open kitchen.
8:43 am
>> you have a convection oven, microwave -- my favorite part is this a warming oven. you have the five burner gas range. >> upstairs, a grand hallway. artwork. dutiful separation in terms of the master bedroom. >> and here, a space for a custom closet. >> we found some old fashion photography for the wall. >> the bedroom suite has casement windows with 10-foot ceilings. >> when you are in town houses, you are not used to these casement windows. it is nice to play around with the architecture and details. >> a gorgeous master bathroom. >> a tub with a separate shower. >> and a private outdoor space. >> you can sit out here and
8:44 am
>> to live large here, it will cost you $10 million. >> taxes and fees on the apartment are more than $78,000 a year. >> in addition to the 10 million. >> yes. >> and i love the bathroom the most. >> talk about a close encounter. a shark gives a paddle board are quite a shock when it collides with his board. look at this. knocking him into the water. the man captured this amazing footage riding the waves that jupiter, florida. a ride that is making him a local celebrity on the beach. >> it landed on my board. i had to jump over him so i did not get bitten. >> he says the encounter enjoying the ocean. the shark in the water. >> just to be around --
8:45 am
>> . >> at least he is okay. a beautiful beach. >> no beach weather here. let's get a check of the forecast. >> we have no mention of the beach forecast. in this extended forecast. it is going to be chilly today. ten to 15 degrees below normal. tomorrow, we start to get back to seasonable levels. mid to upper 50s. that is good news. this morning, if you are stepping out early, it is cold out there. just how cold, look at the wind chills. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. it feels like the teens and 20s. cedar grove feels like 19. bruce adams says the wind chill is 27. other saying it feels like 25.
8:46 am
so close. 2 degrees off. let's take a look outside at how beautiful the skies are this morning. from on top the empire state building, we have clear skies. 32 degrees. northwest wind at 13 miles per hour. there will be a bit of a breeze today. it will be dry. but chilly. overnight, not as cold. the wind becomes more southwesterly later on. that will help usher and warm air as the evening moves forward. passing showers in the forecast for tomorrow. but not a washout. were we do think is that tuesday could be a big washout. especially through the midsection of the day. so soggy weather but warmer weather to start the work week. we anticipate 47 today. tomorrow, 58. that is pretty much where we should be. tuesday, 56. we stay closer to seasonable throughout the work week. the vortex satellite and radar is crystal clear. high-pressure and control.
8:47 am
it is to the west. in the midsection right now. as it gets closer to us, some high thin clouds today. today, i think is the better half of the weekend. if you like the rain and the snow and the chilly temperatures, then yesterday was the day for you. a lot of sunshine today. tomorrow getting warmer. passing showers. not an all-day washout. temperatures in the upper 50s. as we make our way into tuesday, a slow-moving cool front lingers across the region. with that, rain on and off throughout the day. and you will need the rain gear. i think we will pick up a half inch on average tuesday. today, totally dry. forty-seven. a lot of sunshine. clouds later on. wind out of the northwest and becoming southwesterly later on. overnight, clouds will increase. a late chance of showers. it is throughout the day tomorrow that scattered showers are anticipated with a high of
8:48 am
it will be breezy. wind out of the south, southwest up to 20 miles per hour. tuesday, 56 degrees and soggy. here is what will happen wednesday. i think we might have wet weather lingering early. and skies will partially clear as the day progresses. right now, thursday, friday and saturday, very much seasonable. close to the 60 degrees mark with a lot of sunshine. i have been talking about this morning -- that one of the models which is the outlier right now, once to suggest thursday, friday and saturday will be as jury as monday and tuesday. so i want to give people a heads up that we could see the forecast change. so if you are making outdoor plans for the end of the week, just stay tuned to the forecast. >> tough to figure out what to wear when the temperature is all over the place. >> thank you. celebrating grilled
8:49 am
>> this is not your grandmother's grilled cheese. they have some unique pairings coming up next. this is cbs2 news sunday morning. early detection is critical in fighting cancer. a misdiagnosis or other errors can have serious consequences. for almost 40 years jacoby & meyers has successfully represented thousands of clients. winning them the money they need to take care of themselves and their families.
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anthony mason has a
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>> i will introduce you to a whiz kid chasing big box and the silicon valley. we will go to australia and visit folks who live underground. we will find out why hugh jackman is pushing his own brand of coffee. and a comedian and father will perry -- tooth fairy prices keep going up. >> that is a good question. >> we look forward to that. this is our favorite segment of the whole morning. you don't typically think of comfy sued in the spring. but a grilled cheese sandwich melted to perfection hits the spot in any season. april 12 is national grilled cheese day. >> here to create some sinfully good sandwiches, is our chef alex from staten island. good morning. you have three bs that you keep in mind when putting together the perfect world cheese sandwich.
8:53 am
>> base, butter and blend. so the base, we have to choose the right red. it should be thick. the right bread. it should be thick and creamy. for grilled cheese, you have to use the right amount of butter. and the blend of cheeses. >> this is not your grandmother's grilled cheese. would you describe these through spectacular sandwiches. -- these three spectacular sandwiches. >> this one is friday with fontina cheese. >> it has arugula as well. >> what about the one in the middle. >> it is fried onion, pickles and mozzarella cheese.
8:54 am
>> mediterranean. it has pesto. >> we're ready to dig in. take us through how you put these together. >> i will make be a low hop. >> the aloha pork sandwich. >> and you pressure on the butter. >> both sides. >> do you do calorie count? >> inappropriate question for grilled cheese. >> a light grilled cheese sandwich with pulled pork. >> and grilled pineapple and the heat should be on low. >> yes medium. >> okay and both slices of cheese.
8:55 am
>> havarti cheese. >> two slices on each. >> a total of four slices. >> and then the pineapples. >> pineapples on grilled cheese. do they make that in staten island? >> the real pineapple and then the pulled pork. >> barbecued pulled pork. >> how did you become such an expert on making grilled cheese sandwiches? >> it is such a huge thing for chefs to do. you can make them savory or make an appetizer. whatever you want with a grilled cheese. >> and people anticipate that it will taste great. >> you start out on third base -- people will love it no matter what. >> that is true. for the crispy top and the gooey inside. >> people love that. >> how long do you cook this? >> until the bottom of the
8:56 am
>> just about. >> do you find that people have a particular favorite? do they come back and ask for the pineapple? >> most popular is grilled cheese with cheddar and bacon. in my restaurant, i serve dessert grilled cheese which is and nutella. >> there it is. >> that looks delicious. >> this is such a great dinner option when your home from work. it is so quick to make. >> anybody can do it. kids can do it. popularity. grilled cheese shops all across the country. >> it is like a burger shop.
8:57 am
>> we will finish this one. this is the mediterranean. >> this is delicious. vanessa murdock would like a piece also. >> he is going to eat all the food. >> this is delicious. it is good comfort food. >> it is so cold out there. >> it is going to be chilly today. but still bright and beautiful. talking about 47. it will feel like 42. these are the highs this afternoon. some clouds around. it will be 44 and montauk. towns river, 49. if you are going to the ballgame to take -- to watch the mets take on the phillies, it will be 45. clouds and a breeze of the south, southwest at 10 miles per hour. the extended forecast. today looking great. unseasonably chilly.
8:58 am
scattered showers. not a complete washout. on tuesday, 56. hopefully some sunshine by the end of the week. >> should i just reach over because no one is offering me grilled cheese? >> [ laughter ] thanks for joining us this morning. cbs2 news is back tonight at 11:00. >> you can check the top
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