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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 11, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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and tonight's fashion fix. jessica's crop top. and you will not believe how much selena spent to look good. on one flight. love, sex and baby talk with jennifer anniston, wait until you hear our interview overshare. >> that was a lot of information. >> now, april 11, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." >> the wait is over, we h scenes from "game of thrones." we were with the stars last night. the season of secrets is coming up. >> and john snow may or may not be dead? >> we just don't know. but very much ali weekend is love. so many couples this weekend. let's start with on again off again miley cyrus and hem they are definitely back on and are they planning a wedding? that is liam, holdinn the door twice for miley. this is the kind of sighting is
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since her engagement ring returned to her finger in january. liam's brother chris was also there. so what's the occasion? well, we checked, no big birthdays or anniversaries we're just hoping wedding planning was on the menu. next up kaley gets cozy, she just shared a new pic with her new boyfriend. carl is anequestrian, 25 years old, five years younger than the actress and his father is worth an estimated $2 billion. carl looks like 80s heart throb matthew modine. kate hudson and jessica alba
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saturday's lavish i dos bet stylist to the stars and fashion icon. katie perry attended with boyfriend orlando bloom and cameron diaz was there too with benji and big coat is still fueling speculation about baby from aspen to europe. and the royals, middleton fashion is taking the spotlight. kate wore this cream dress to a war memorial where she experienced a slightly, well, awkward windy maryland moment. she wore a pink and green dress on the cricket field. and this was pretty bowled bold. and she paired it with chunky wedges and today she wore a black and white crop top with an elaborate skirt. the ensemble an elaborate
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$11 will and kate left the kids at home for their seven-day tour. >> she's so classy. >> i loved that dress and i wanted to get it for my wife until i saw the price tag, sorry, we're not royalty. >> she's got 22 events to go to, 22 outfits, can you imagine? there's a lot of love on display these days, gwen stefani and blake shelton changed their profile pics on twitter. swapping throw back pics of each other. that's some serious stuff. hugh jackman posted this pic of his wife on their anniversary. >> and uptown gir christie brinkley she surprised her world captioning hold on to 16 as long as you can. >> you were starting to "jack and diane" with respect you? >> yeah, i was. meantime, the mtv movie awards are celebrating their 25th anniversary. duane johnson and kevin hart hosted the show. michelle turner was all over the rain soaked yet ery fashionable red carpet. >> arianna grande may have dazzled in bubble gum pink, channeling marilyn monroe, but
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preferred black. best fema performance winner charlize theron, daring in a sheer alexander mcclaire plunging v-nec and halle berry showed off her abs with this lacy number. >> and can we talk about kendall jenner's shoes, all strung up stilettos. kendall instagrammed the team work it took to get her in them. >> are you having some problems? >> yeah. >> the movie awards are always insane, but for t anniversary, mtv cranked it up with host duane johnson a kevin har who took on both mad max and "batman vs. superman" by the time they presented the
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their antics made the rock and kevin's -- >> thank you to the assistants. >> first woman to ever get this award. >> i couldn't think of one other person who's ever won it. >> melissa mccarthy is funny for so many reasons. fearless, timeless. >> teddy graham. >> chris pratt snap chatted yesterday with so jack from a private plane, but the sweetest moments giving moments to wife anna faris. >> of course my wife, anna faris, darling, our son was destined to be tough, and thanks to you, he's going to be smart too. >> and talk about racy, alexandra in these tighhy & whiteys and shoutout to blake lively. >> everything i do is to make her laugh. especially the sex. so thank you.
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generation award and said it made him feel old. but you had to admit he wins some of his youngest fans from his dad. >> i'm the karate kid's dad. so this is coming at the right time for me. >> i get it, will, because i always call you jada's husband. so congratulations to you. and more good news from melissa mccarthy, "the boss" was the boss at the box office this weekend, taking down "batman vs. superman" for the number one spot. chris e was also at the mt. movi awards but she got him one-on-one and things got interesting when talk turned to favorite body >> when you read descriptions like extreme close-up of chris evans' guns. >> that's what >> zoom in on the bicep. >> now you're like oh, great, now i got to hit the gym even more. >> when you're doing these movies, you try and get as fit as you can before you start.
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really did. >> what's his favorite female body part? he's all to anna faris on her podcast. >> i'm way, way, way more of an ass man, i like butts, you got to understand we were doing a podcast in anna's living room and you guys just know how to cherry pick those linns and blast them on the headl don't you? >> i had nothing to do with that. >> okay it's you, you are the enemy. >> these things get picked up and they run forever and the internet doesn't die. i'm going to shut my mouth as long as i can, don't you worry. >> of course chris is a bachelor with no kids, but as far as a father in captain america's civil war, has to be the coo dad ever. >> what do your kids think about their dad being a superhero? lot. and he draws pictures. it's really sweet. >> a end of the day, when i
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tantrum. i want purple daddy. >> i was 21 and 19, they're like daddy writes checks, that's what daddy d >> and that daddy can write some really big checks. >> and right now let's on to a little bit of music awards. the b award nominations were released today. 16 categories, adele, taylor, drake and justin bi for top artist, host ludicrrus and sierra told us who they're rooting for. >> the biebs, man, just want to skiee him succeed. up next the cast helps us debut scenes from the new season. >> later, ginger zee's new
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those upclose and sexy moves with val. >> celebratg an "e.t" birthday today, singer josh stone is 29,
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and actor jennifer escondido sir, this alien life form is growing at an alarming rate. growing fast, you say? we can't contain it any long... oh! you know, that reminds me of how geico's been the fastest-growing auto insurer for over 10 years straight. over ten years? mhm, geico's the company your friends and neighbors trust. and deservedly so. indeed. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. let's get to work. that's imerious who's getting some more army candy. eastwood is joining the show. >> they can't get enough "game wondering, is john snow really
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>> is he? >> i don't know, but here's the good news, we have all the new scenes to help you figure it out. >> this season is so good. >> there's so much and so little that i can actually tease. >> so little because the hbo hit has been so clouded in secrecy, even most of the cast hadn't seen the premier before stepping out on the gray carpet. a new trailer out today only and it is far the most heart pounding, gut wrenching trailer the film has ever released. speaking of sanza, she was queen
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>> she's amazing, sophie, and h does she look tonight? >> sophie turner crushed it in a gorgeous bordeaux gown and that graded crown is truly regal. >> animals do do we in cabtivity. >> how do you know this? >> that's what iido, i drink and i know things. >> and gloria clark's character is no stranger to stripping down. this mothe dragon says she wants more male nudity on the show. >> damned straight. >> who's at the top of that list for you? >> i mean there's so many choices. >> so many attractive men. >> there's a lot to choose from. >> she wants men it makes the plot better. coming up, ginger see on balancing dancing with motherhood.
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in motherhood is important. and reese witherspoon showing off some serious skin.
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it's midriff monday. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%.
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pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. in tonight's fashion pic,
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>> what do you think people say they're higher than dukes? when your fashion empire is worth a reported billion dollars, you definitely know how to dress for a double date. jess w crop top and a 95% pencil skirt. in new york city, reese wither spoon looks stun sapphire. the 40-year-old mom of three stepped out for a stand up to cancer event in this number. when you see it from the side, a major wow. and selena gomez's airport ad. the singer's set style is all sort of stylish so where we start? the crop top or price tag? s strutted into miami
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$775, matching pa$385, sunglasses, $850. crop top, we're not sure butt those ads, priceless. >> selen actually spent around $2,700 for that 9-hour flight, roughly $23 a minute. jennifer annistoo all covered up for her date with hubby justin thoreau. >> she rocked that same outfit when i sat down with her to talk about her new movie premiering on mother's day. have you ever sat down for an interview and unintentionally overshared? >> no, only you. only kidding, can't wait to see. >> let me set up thesituation, apparently olivia wilde, jason's partner wants to have another child. so i asked her about it. unfortunately, my question -- >> >> never in my life have i had more sex than when my wife wanted to have another child. >> i have never met your wife.
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though. shh's a great lady. >> that's a lot of information. >> that was a lot, wasn't it? that's how you get good answers. >> are you ready for it >> yeah. again, i think a lot of it has to do with being with the right person, and i think we did a humdinger of a job on the one we >> now that jen and justin have finally tied the knot, i was curious where she stands on motherhood. >> have you reached that point in your life where you're at peace? you know, we come to a poin in our life where, at peace with my life, i'm happy? >> i'm very peaceful. i feel very peaceful. every day i wake up and feel fortunate, yeah, i got a good one.
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>> that's annoying for other guys, he looks good, and he's actually good at what he does, but you deserveeit. >> you know no junked to for breakfast. he also goes to school without any underwear. >> in the film jen plays a single mother coming to terms with ddvorce and dating. >> two sons. >> nice meeting you, sandy with two sons. >> you guys have done 107 movies together. >> not all of th are released, we have only released five. so who's carrying who? who signs the deal first? >> it's always him. >> after five films together, jason is obviously a fan. but jen seems to have that affect on her co-stars. just ask jake gyllenhaal who starred with her. >> jake gyllenhaal came out and said he had a huge crush on you. >> i learn that information now? what good is it to me now? >> by the way the five films that jen and jason have made together, do you know them? >> i think i could, some of them. mother's day. >> right.
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>> she's reading this. >> i would not have gotten the bounty hunter. >> the bounty hunter 2000. >> i wouldn't have reason remembered that one. but i do remember the millers. >> dancing with the stars is on tonight. >> first of all, the ballroom is packed, i tried to get some extra seats for some friends and no go because it is a busy and it's always a blast. ginger zee us in on her rehearsal as goes the working mom to belle. ginger zee bring bell and gaston to the dance floor tonight. >> my feet still are works. thee're so swollen.
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heels to do gma. >> the meteorologist gets into her hearts last week with the ballroom debut with her 3-month-old baby adrian and her hubby ben. >> it's sort of upsetting being with a handsome man like this. my husband has been so beyond supportive. he's like go more, push he wants me to do really well. and it meant so much. >> with the busy man bouncing back and footh between new york and l.a., val is sometimes on baby duty and there are lots of candid mommy moments. >> myboobs are full. do you care if i do it in the corner here? >> there's a first time for everything. >> i have had a lot of great support saying, thank you for making it so normal. that's what they go through at work, whether they're in a ballroom, or a board room, there's no secret. i feel like it's what every parent does, you just have to organize and be the best at whatever you're doing right now. >> and it obviously takes a lot
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quentin, she's a lawyer. when i did the show, i was flying back from new york every week, i can't even imagine doing it every week. >> all right, stick around, because you have to hear what fashion trend --
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this year marie claire is putting out five issues of their first face cover issue. >> now for me, kiley really stood out because she has such great fashion revelations, like and now everyone is wearing wigs. i just do whatever i want to do and people will follow. >> she really said that. well, listen to kiley's peeve. >> when people move my car, or the valet takes it, they change your seat, they chan light rear view mirror. they change everything and it
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>> revelation.foalthr w vis.u n'brk .yowaa ecofakouswchs artemasitastoet00egntne usv d onfoju 9. p mthnle. blcat fethe ee ts ic lyioca (music plays) in this city, there is always a threshold waiting to be crossed. waiting for you to go beyond.
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eight million footsteps daring past limits and delta, right there with you, as if all of us were saying together: new york. is. go. kara: when i was a child, my planet krypton was dying. i was sent to earth to protect my cousin. but my pod got knocked off-course and by the time i got here, my cousin had already grown up and become superman. and so i hid my powers until recently when an accident forced me to reveal myself to the world.


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