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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 12, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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wasn't a total wreck. >> we're with the original selfie queens, hearing the stories they have never told. now for april 12, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." chris hemsworth, charlize theron. absolutely stunning, liam and miley, emily glowing and pregnant, jessica chastain looking like a fashionista. you want fashion? we had fashion last night at "the huntsman" premier. >> megan fox the transformer star who filed for divorce from brian austin green last summer, well, she's pregnant, and the big question now, who's the dad? megan hit the red carpet in a versace minidress that said, yep, i'm pregnant. what is not clear, though, is who's the father? megan had some fun with it this
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question head on. she instagrammed this image with #not the father. the included her with co-stars shila buff and megan johnson. megan filed for divorce from actor brian austin green in august, they have two sons together, but they could be making a go at it again. this was megan and brian out last move month at lunch, twice, without the kids. and "e.t" was on the set on the teenaged mutant ninja turtles remake. we asked megan about her plan on >> i mean i don't have plans to grow it or not growit. i sort of leave it up to the universe. >> is there anything you can give me that would get in a sound bite that could go viral that says megan and brian are having another kid? are you willing to do that today? >> uhhh -- >> guess wh
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>> in the form of the baby. and the yuanuniverse is about to speak to christy tiegen and john legend as their baby is due any day. look at how christy's tummy is moving in that snap chat. she is back home for new. her baby buzz was like get me out of here. i'm hoping they have their bags packed. we have engagement news, "e.t" has confirmed lindsay is going to marry her russian boyfriend igor. that's all you need to know, because he's the hei to a multimillion dollar empire. >> they've been dating six months, and she's 29 and he's 22. she's robbing the cradle. anyway, we cover a lot movies and premiers, but last night was one of those nights when you just look out at the red carpet and you say, this is hollywood. it was a star studded turnout for the premier of "the huntsman: winter's war." >> you look at how your life has changed and how much mor fulfilling it is with your
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>> they're little gems, they really are. they're amazing. >> i got to let you go, but maybe more? >> oh, god! oh, my god! >> stop! >> you're funny. i think both of my hands are really full right now. i think i'm good for now. >> really, like my son blake, he's like let's get a cat and i'm like no, no more things that need to be fed. >> that'' sneaking in the so, do you w more babies question? i like charlize's honesty. we asked what was really going on with miley and liam. >> everybody's buzzing today about the lunch that you had with your brother and miley and -- what were you celebrating? >> weapon >> we were just hanging out.
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out when we can. >> miley and liam snuck into big brother chris's premier, here's the proof from a freaked out fan backstage. we caught the couple having dinner with the other hemsworth brother luke and his wife. leah walked ahead, knowing the came watching, but he kempt checking back to make sure miley was okay, there she is, engagement ring on. while charlize and company from o cf1 o "the huntsman" which opens may 2, she's with this guy scott eastwood, he's part of the team, she's the bad guy. will you do crazy to be a villain? will you shave your head? what will you do? >> i'm going to do something really extreme. definitely try and do something cool because the movie deserves that. >> she should shave her head again, that was a great do. >> she's stunning in any hair do. >> you know what was stunning?
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night. dior lowered the neckline and beading up the front and the back. and jessica chastain took this run way look to the red carpet. >> i like it because felt like a casual handkerchief dress but it sparkles. >> and big-time props to pregnant emily blounlt wearing superchic maternity wear. >> it's fun until the heels go on, then it's less fun. but it's fun, it's carpet, i'll go home and eat something. >> she is a warrior. this is a great date night movie. it hsaction, it has fun and of course lots of beautiful people. it's better than the first one. >> chris hemsworth? a lot of beautiful people last night at the victoria secret dinner last night. taylor swift was there, she was rocking some short shorts and showing off those long lovely
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angels rosy huntington whitely an lily aldridge was also there to celebrate. taylor really stole the show in those denim shorts from one teaspoon, that's the name of the company..o cf1 o they were $110. and from there on camo jacket, $1,360. and check out those kicks from castle. $790. if you adddit all up, that is a $5,000 outfit and i will take it as a christmas gift. i'll let him know. by the way last night at "dancing with the stars" it was all about marla maples at the little mermaid. unfortunately, she sank. cameron mathison was there. >> marla and tony. >> i was actually backstage watching. >> every part of me doesn't understand this part. >> the judges have called last night's performance, one o their best so t was a shock to see marla and her partner tony
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support, her daughter with the donald, ti was in the audience. >> i'll overcome the sadness and try to relax. >> we went full on into the tarzan character this week. >> the law of the jungle is now the law of the deaths. >> a shirtless demall dimarco didn't skip a beat. the hearing impaired model kept step with his partner. but the rehearsals were a different story. >> how is your body holding up? any injuries this beaked? >> when i kicked the tree, i did cut my foot. but that's all right, i realized that i'm tarzan. >> jodie sweetin forgot her moves t her cha cha. >> i was like what is happening? >> the top two of the night was ufc fighter pa van zandt and ginger ze who was definitely
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>> i'm with compression socks, my friends, i tried to go to dinner with them and look cool with ripped jeans, and i had on compression socks under them. >> dancing's numbers strong last night. more than half a million people tuned in. that was more than the >> dancing's guest judge with a quick wardrobe change and she rushed over to join kiley jenner at the marie claire fresh faces event. and there was a lot of backlash over kiley's company. >> here'sshow marie claire courted kiley. i started wearing wigs and now everyone's wearing wigs. and here is the twitter flash, alert george washington and you're also the first person with lips,right? last night the18-year-old was super chatty on snap chat ssowing off this straight from the run way look on the may cover. only when publications switch up your words for hype, damn.
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no tan amy baldwin and haley nearly became paparazzi road kill. despite that, the daughter of a very proud steven baldwin says that she and kiley are having an impact ii hollywood. >> we're in a group of young people that are definitely changing the industry. up next, are george clooney and julia roberts exclusive for danger? >> and this threat of death. >> you've got to get out of there. selma and louise ride again. we open the "e.t" vault and flash back to the stars 25 years ago. again. and kloe kardashian tells us her secret to losing 35 pounds. >> i earned it.s. t 'vreiv aew re clinpcagins r teetpe 1yesruin
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well... "perfect" might be a slight exaggeration. swing by walgreens for flonase that helps block six allergic substances, not just one. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. you're doing recon work on our anniversary? >> taz. >> that was the last time we saw george clooney and julia roberts sharing the screen more than a decade ago. in oceans 12, if you can believe it. that was way too long. thanks very much jody foster, she has brought them back together for the intense new drama "money monster." >> point the camera in my direction, and we'll figure it out together.
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and yet so moronic. >> george and julia are used to figuring it out together, "money monster" is their fourth >> it's about feeling in control or not in control of our own lives. >> george plays a financial host taken hostage. julia is his producer. >> anyone that can get out, get out right now. >> she's trying to stay calm and collected and connected to lee to keep him calm and to understand what's going on and trying to find the people and trying to find what's really going on. >> george's kidnapper is a man who lost it all in the market, why? a sinister global conspiracy that julia quickly uncovers. >> keep talking to him. >> you're good at that. >> we love the idea of talking about the world of money and how it's gotten out of control. when those things all go wrong, the little guy kind of gets screwed. i thought those were really interesting themes.
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directs the movie and she says clooney is uniquely qualified for this role. >> he's able to look at the darker side of hims >> the minute that jody asked if i wanted to play the part, i said it will be perfectly safe working with jody, because she takes care o actors. >> i don't want you to die. >> we're not going to die. >> those two together. >> and we're hearing that george, julia and-that's actually going to be julia's first tim >> still ahead tonight, on the road again with thelma and louise 25 years later. i look back with the stars on the set. plus, the new single mom squad. drew barrymore after her split and gwyneth paltrow's co-parenting tips. >> what's your advice for your
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>> that's straight ahead.
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this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my stop & shop. go back a little bit on the side and over the top and let >> oh, my gosh, that will be the most adorable thing we see all day. chris pratt taking his 3-year-old son to f so adorable. from a proud dad to a hollywood single mom's club. gwyneth paltrow and drew barrymore, we are with both in
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gwyneth had for all the single mo out therr like drew in the wake of her split. >> it's important that you be as a family. so what advice do you have girlfriends going through something like that in their life? >> you know, it's really kind of just an exercise in letting go and forgiving and embraci what's wonderful about the person and what you fell love with in the first place and it is possible to sort of separate out the romantic part and still forge th wonderful familial relationship with somebody. >> gwyneth knows how to be a single mom, it's been nearly three years since her split. >> t home, i try to keep the pantry pretty clean, but when we're out in the world, it's all oreos and, you know, cheese-its
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unfortunately. >> we're kind of fond of oreos and cheese as well as healthy food. >> a lot of peopl surprised to see that. do you not own a microwave? >> i do not own a microwave. i believe in the old fashion ways of heating things up. >> gwyneth is good friends with drew barrymore who is having to learn how to co-parent 3-year-old olive and frankie who is only 2 are her everything. drew did this cover shoot before her breakup went public. she said she'll never let her two girls become child as like she was. right now she's just trying to keep them out of her makeup. >> ruined carpets like you can't believe, the entiroom's got mascara and eye shadow she gets into everything. the nail polish. it's so cool.
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not seemingly bothered by divorce drama, but teared up at the new york society for the prevention of cruelty to children. >> i was getting ready to have my own children, it was time to start learning and investing what it would mean to become a good mother. >> she proved kids always come first. >> i >> geena davis and susan sarandon as thelma and louise became a classic, it was a game changer for women in hollywood and truly all over the world. it was nominated for six oscars. and as the stars for the anniversary, we open up the "e.t" vault because we have been with thelma louise for the whole wild ride. >> ha, ha!
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in a '66 convertible on their six-day road trip taking a break from their dreary lives. now reuniting with their ride in times square, re-enacting their famous selfie back then way ahead of their time. >> that was when the polaroid came in, she's just trying to keep hhr life together. >> the reunion for harper's bizarre was just around the corner of the world premier of thelma and louise which we covered in 1991. >> it's just a little bit bigger than that. >> i think it's a movie about a journey of women finding their strength, taking responsibility >> also in attendance was 27-year-old brad pitt who was paid only $6,000 for the role that launched his career. >> take me, break me, make me a
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>> on the set, we witnessed the director ridley scott re-create the sexy scene about a sexy trucker. >> you have really bad manners. >> i don't think he's going to apologize. >> i don't think so. [ gunshot ] >> whew. >> god lova. >> i don't know what i dii. >> after the t-bird, well we all know what happens in the end. they used t cars for this scene, five total in the film. >> one burned, three of them went over thh side and two of them stayed in the film. >> the film was a surprise hit and became a girl power classic. >> you what you settle for, so the whole point is to not settle, and if it's a
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fashionable. >> let's go to mexico. >> all right. let's go. >> i'll toast to th >> by the way, we just found out today, louise is getting another grandchild, susan sarandon's daughter eva is expecting her second child. this one's going to be a >> and take a look at this, what an adorable way announce it.
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darker" and i contained one important clue ab the sequel. it's all on all right, before we go, i want you to check out kloe kardashian in her sexy one piece. and clowe- >> inside she is showing off those abs, her bootie and pretty much every curve in between. >> i love my shape because i earned it. >> kloe says she worked hard to lose 35 pounds and she credits it for getting over her
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today marks the beginning of the trial of hugo garza, known international arms dealer. the state is confident in a conviction and looks forward to this violent man being imprisoned for the rest of his life. (loud, overlapping shouting) izzo: big day for you, dwayne. big day for both of us. yeah, long time coming. nine-month sting operation, 16 months pre-trial. yeah, i'll be happy putting garza in the rearview mirror. izzo: yeah, as long as today goes well. beautiful morning, agent pride.


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