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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  April 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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live from studio 46. this is cbs 2 news at noon. good afternoon i'm chris wragge. i'm mary calvi. we begin with breaking news more than a dozen schools in energy received bomb threats. >> thousands of students forced to evacuate their classrooms as police searched their schools. meg baker joins us live from midland park this noon. chris and mary, midland park high school was on lock down for more than an hour and a half this morning they weren't the only ones, police confirmed that 13 schools in burgan and passaic counties received threats, they were anxiously awaiting to hear the all clear. >> students were immediately evacuated after receiving an morning. >> she is just scared, it is a scary world we live in. this mother who did not
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alerted by her daughter not the school. my daughter textedded me her school received a bomb threat alert and that they were evacuating the building. students were walked to surrounded areas and waited there for an hour and a half while authorities went through the school with bomb sniffing k9's. getting to the point of ridiculousness. >> there have been multiple mass bomb threats across burgan and passaic counties disruptingclass time and sending panic. several were on spring break, only staff members were at fair lawn high school when it received a robo call caming a bomb was in a vehicle in the parking lot. the bomb squad checked and deemed the area safe. >> if it is somebody behind the computer playing a prank i don't know if it can be stopped. the harsh punishment should be the mandate and leniency leads
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new jersey homeland security tells me the penalties for calling in a false bomb sweat have been increase. if caught face 10 years in prison and be responsible for the cost of the law enforcement response. we're live in midland park, megbaker. a major development in the scandal, andrew capel has been reassigned to administrative duty. police commissioner bratton removed four of the most senior men from command post. whether looking into the officers accepted gifts in exchange to favors, the mayor says he did not accept money for the businessmen for his reelection. workers are on strike fighting back after failing to
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andrea grymes joins us from midtown with more, andrea. >> here we are 6 hours and counting these workers on strike behind me say they are going to be out here for as long as it takes. one executive he spoke with said he would be proud of this contract even if his own children were employees. workers on strike call the contract unfair. >> at 6:00 on the dot this morning. >> i'm upset, i mean it iscorporate greed. hundreds of workers walkedded line in midtown. >> it is sad we're forced to be out here. >> the main purpose is fighting corporate greed. this company makes $1.8 billion profit a month they won't trickle it down to the people who built the company. >> joined land line and cable workers now on strike from
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they say the company wants to gut job security protections require technicians to work away from home for as long as 2 months and move positions out of the country. they want to offshore work to mexico and the philippines this is the united states what are we doing here? >> this is greatly exaggerated. >> bob says the financial package they offer is actually greater than what they negotiated three years ago. i think this issue of greed is a good tag line, but i think we need to negotiate with reality and try to keep our entire employee base well compensated and well rewarded that's what we're trying to do. >> union leaders say the strike mainly involves technicians who work on connecting phone lines to home verizon is apologizing to customers saying it is working to make any disruptions as minimal as possible. >> verizon says it has trained thousands of workers nonunion workers to takeover these union
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to be on strike. we're told that customers with cell phone, verizon cell phone service should not be affected by this, both sides hope to reach a contract agreement sooner rather than later. reporting live in midtown, andrea grymes, cbs 2 news. a former police officer has been sentenced to 9 years in prison in a shooting that left two people injured cbs 2 joining us live with reaction from the victims, steve. >> brandon sentenced to 9 years in state prison for shooting and at two innocent civilians gave lengthy impact statements in court this morning. we were not allowed to video, but after i asked joe why he thought an intoxicated off duty officer would shoot him and his friend that night.
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intense training at the training facility. he was doing vehicle take-down training for two days prior to the shooting. i think a combination of his training, his failure to de- escalate from the training and his drunkenness if you will, all led to the shooting, this is my own personal belief that he thought he was back in the training facility. >> the victim impact statements were absolutely gut wrenching he portrayed as much emotion who were reading a grocery list to them. steve langford. a judge convenes a hearing for peter liang convicted of
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death in the pink houses. saying the conviction should be set aside because one juror did not reveal his father did not serve time for manslaughter. due to be sentenced tomorrow. the count down is on for the prior mays, six days remains looking to secure as much support as possible before voters head to the poles. i'm here to say that new york workers and tw local 100 stand with bernie sanders for president of the united states of america. >> bernie sanders is making some head way in the empire state with a major endorsement and a major move in the latest poll. sanders has closed the gap with hillary clinton to just 10 points last month clinton's lead was 21 points. late this morning, sanders was endorsed by the transit workers
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>> the trade unions are up to day that are the last lines of defense against a vicious corporate agenda that is working hard to destroy the middle class. fresh off an enforcement from the new york daily news, clinton took questions on wins as she attempts to beat back the sanders surge. >> how do you explain that a formerly obscured socialist from vermont is holding up against you in new york? >> there are a lot of polls out there, the only one that counts is on tuesday when people across new york turn out and vote. according to likely democrat voters, all though sanders is edging closer to clinton, the same siena poll shows clinton will be the next president on the republican side, donald trump and ted cruz are both campaigning in pennsylvania today. trump will stop in pittsburgh, cruz in erie.
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maryland. back home in new york, even with two of trump's children failing to register to vote in the primary, it may not matter. today the poll has stretch well ahe has of kasich and cruz with kasich falling behind with 27%. while maybe taining a large lead in new york, trump is 500 delegates short of the nomination. police on long island a searching for a serial robber of knife point hold ups. janelle burrell has more. they were too nervous to speak on camera, police say it was where a worker was held up at knife point around 9:30 tuesday night by this man ordering the cashier to turn over cash. investigators believe this was the ninth armed robbery this
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march first. she was traumatized. held up in his dunkin' donuts march 30th the seventh case in this string of attacks. around 9:30 this guy walks in and he had a hunters knife in his hand and jumps jumps over the counter and demanded money. >> other locations include this dunkin' donuts on sun rise highway, targeted last sunday and this dunkin' franchise on north jerusalem road. six dunkin' donuts total. so why is it that the suspect seems to have a sweet spot for the donut shops? >> they believe that this guy knows how dunkin' donuts operation works and what times the slow time what time to come in exactly how to maneuver around so probably that's making easy prey.
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the same plaza, says the suspect's timing is key. >> the parking lot is actually empty, security that's what they need. the man is described as black between 25 and 30 years old 6 feet tall 170 pounds last seen wearing a dark colored hooded jacket scarf covering his face, sunglasses, gloves, and blue baggy jeans. >> always keep your eyes open. police are hoping surveillance video from this camera outside of the carvel from the most recent incident will give them clue what is to look for they are offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. reporting from north valley long island, janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. police have a suspect in custody in connection with an attempted abduction in brooklyn a tip led police to a man. investigators say he approached an 11-year-old girl walking
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police say the suspect then snatched the girl from behind and exposed himself. still to come on cbs 2 news at noon, a grandmother lost in the desert. she was stranded for 9 days how she survived and how she was finally able to signal for help. an ar line disaster see what happened when they used a crane to move a jumbo jet. pretty in the city, it is ait is a nice long stretch of spring weather. we've got the forecast coming
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come american workers know how to fight back and rebuild an economy. so does she. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs,
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her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. . new video of a plane crash, a huge plane was moving an empty air passenger jet when that plane crashed sending it to the ground, the plane was being moved for training purposes there were no injuries reported. emergency crews rescued anne rogers after being stranded in the arizona desert for 9 days, reporting on the 72- year-old's quick thinking that helpedded save her life. weak, disoriented but alive. this was the end of anne rogers remarkable journey. the 72-year-old got lost. her car ran out of gas and power.
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remote stretch of the arizona wilderness. >> i waited until sun up the next morning hoping a truck, a car, anybody, anything would go by even a stere, i didn't care. traveling with her dog, rogers climbed a ridge looking for signs of life and a cell phone signal but would come across no one for 9 days. i was eating desert plants, my dog was too. diving into clover and finding all the places that were the easiest path for me to take. she was my pathfinder on that journey. the break through came when teams spotted this signal, made an area where her dog was seen.
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pointed it towards a sign that said help. >> rogers described the moment she knew she had been saved. >> when that helicopter, thatair rescue police copter landed, i just sat down and bawled. >> remarkable, remarkable, remarkable. rogers was in fairly good condition, well enough that she went for a hike tuesday afternoon. just don't get lost. doctors are learning about the zika virus and not good news. warm weather is on the way find out if it will get here in
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my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. . president obama is expected to approve a new bill to combat the zika virus, will provide financial incentives for companies treating virus, but the measure doesn't go far enough, the administration wants $1.9 billion in funds to fight the virus days after u.s. health officials warned the virus is worse than previously thought. everything we look at with this virus seems to be a bit
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>> the virus is linked to the birth defect, seeing it is growing concern it may damage brain or nerve tissues in adults as well. we have a nice change in the weather we've been waiting for this, spring came but winter came back. >> you know what it is still chilly out there with a north breeze, it does feel good, looks good into the weekend let's have some fun with the weather watchers. beautiful pictures coming in, lovely light to shoot with, i'll tell you, even has 44 chilly degrees, she really is just in hog heaven over the weather, that's just a beautiful shot, having fun on the farm there and i really appreciate this from richard in bell harbor, he is on the south shore commenting on the beautiful blue background. this is charlie doing some hunting off of rock away park and i have one quick question, i want to share with you as well. this is coming in from steve, 46 and he has a question john, i have watermelon seeds that i
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do you know when the last frost is? here is the deal with watermelon, you could start watermelon inside in new jersey now if you're going to plant it outside in new jersey normally you would wait until may. make sure you check your seed calendar. the national weather service has a freeze watch tonight yeah parts of passaic county and burgan county, you are really close there in whipny and parts of central connecticuit as well. we could see patchy frost tonight you have to be mindful of that, also as we look at more plant data, we are checking the pollen count. this thing isn't working go ahead and fire me up there, it is not firing up. the pollen count is very high and it is at 10 today and going to stay high with high pressure in control so you have that to
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scanning the skies, it is beautiful out there, you're looking at temperatures yeah right around 50 winds variable at 6. numbers for you, they are going to be a little cooler than you'd expect. 50, green will have greenwich, still warmer but cooler than you'd expect because of that north wind we'll go with 57 for a high, 60 is the normal 88 is the record, sunsetting at 7:34. scanning the skies, beautiful, it is a big ridge of high pressure blocking the wet weather. i want to show you the future cast, we won't make too many stops tonight clouds fill in that's about it as we look into thursday and friday, it stays dry one of the models does have a system trying to back in on the weekend but even until then that high pressure will block
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with a shift in the wind, 70 by sunday. seven day forecast, you get proof with these nice numbers right through the weeknd and first part of next week as well.
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we'll be right back. . new status for the pepsi cola sign in city queens, been designated in a landmark, protected by law from alteration, relocation. the 50-foot sign was first constructed in 1940 on the roof of a pepsi bottling plant reconstructed after storm damage in 1993 the plant closed in 1999. coming up on cbs 2 news at 5:00 it is a common allergy but many people who think think can't have penicillin might be wrong. controversy, why some are accused donald trump and the republican party of disrespecting a man's memory, those stories much more tonight begin at 5:00. that's going to do it for us at noon, for john and the entire news team thanks for joining us i'm chris wragge. cbs 2 news is back at 5:00
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