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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 15, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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stars who dress alike, who rocks the best camo, taylor, kim or kanye. also tonight, dancing's hearing impaired hunk. only we're inside the rehearse sal with tyra banks. inside the movie everybody's talking about, stars, puppets, how they really the jungle book come to life. now for april 15, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." thank you for joining us, everybody. and welcome to baby boom >> it really has been a crazy baby boom week. every day we've been talking about different pregnancy news. >> or delivery news. and what better way to wrap it all up than this ba congratulations, looks like baby number two for ava mendez and ryan gosling. the actress was snapped leaving a medical building yesterday with a purse covering her baby bump. ryan is pulling daddy duty. he was there to pick her up.
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but that was me. >> mendez talked baby weight with wind wendy williams back in >> that whole term bounce back after pregnancy. support each other more. and another baby is on the way for ryan reynolds and blake lively. we figured that earlier this week when blake was on the beach strategica covering her baby bump duri reshoots of her mother, "the shallow". she told "e.t" in 2013, we would love to have a big family. we both came from big families, mine is four, blake's is five. and we already know that ryan is an awesome dad. he went home early super bowl weekend. >> i want to go and see my son. >> and we're on baby watch with christy tiegen and john legend. she could be close, but a rep tells us there's nothing to report quite yet. >> how about a song for your beautiful daughter to come. >> yes. attitude first, she might be a nightmare. >> and more baby news.
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in honolulu about six months along. her fiance is having a blast snapping pics in the ocean. the 34-year-old has been posting a lot about her pregnancy. on monday they shared this pic with cory, notice how they both have thei pulled back, and the caption, two buns and one in the oven. you know, drew barrymore is going through a big change right now, her marriage is over with will copalman and they have two young children and that's the most important thing in her life. it helps that drew has some really good friends to lean on and last night she also had sop puppies to hang out with. >> life is better with dogs. listen, there's a reason people cling to their pets, you know what i'm saying? >> so that's who's helping drew
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these guys. drew's actually rescued nine dogs and was honored at the aspca's bird ball in new york. you can see she's replaced her wedding ring with this blue gold banged with the words in french for tomorrow. but two weeks after her divorce, we wanted to know who's the mystery man she's holding hands with. turns out his name is aeri and he's the director of in style and calm downpeople, they're just friends, have been for 13 years. he tweeted the night out calling drew his #promdate. but inside dropped a little hint about what maybe went wrong in her marriage. >> we could all probably do wi a little less worse in our relationships at times. we should just follow the dogs. >> aiesha tyler, after 121 years of marriage, her college
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>> i just s aiesha monday nights and the ring was jeff citeder er reer erer irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce. the couple struggled with ivf and ultimate they weren't able to have children. >> the heart breaking thing is i really love my children, he's such a good person, and he would be such a good father. it would be great to see a little him running around. we go through that stuff, i'm sorry that i can't do this for you. >> we send you love, now here's one to file under confusing, liam and miley, in a recent interview with australia's tv week he reportedly sa i am not engaged, no. wait a minute, that makes it a little strange that miley's been wearing that 3.5 caret engagement rings, we came one a few reasons she brought out the rock.
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two, it mat my out three, it just shows miley's commitment to liam, even if he's and sean penn and mika kelley? each walked the reddcarpet inside. our source told "e.t," when i left at 2:00 a.m., they were still at the party, which was raging by the way, outside smoking cigarettes together. >> it doesn't get much more adorable than justin timberlake and jessica behl as hollywood's couple. we were with them last night as they enjoyed a date night. >> we had a good working relationship. >> jessica telling us she worked with her hubs but he made a quick dash off the red carpet at the tribecca film festival world premier leaving her in the spotlight. >> i would like to say that i was his boss, but i wasn't really acting as his boss.
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though we don't micromanage, especially an artist like that, he's much better left to his own devices. >> we loved jessica's minidress and self portrait. also out on date night is jason sudeikis and olivia wilde on date night. >> to get it done is impressive fete. >> a pretty good thing, so much harder, so many more things to take care of. >> you okay, mister? >> yeah. >> mazy williams switches it up from her usually "game of thrones" look to dress for her new role. as jessica took good care of her on the new orleans set. >> she looked after me and made sure that i had everything i needed and that was all i could ask for as a producer and frrend. >> she must have been honing her mommy gene. jessica was pregnant with little silas during production of the
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so what do silas and otis have planned for their moms on mother's day? >> we have all sorts of stuff cooked up, but he won't let me know because he doesn't know enough words yet. topping tonight's know and tell, reclusive rob returns to the kardashians. >> welcome home. >> the 29-year-old is pretty much been off his family's realty show for the past two years. >> he feels a little uncomfortable right now being on camera. >> while he's back starting may 1, 50 pounds slimmer and engaged. and today he and his fiance left new york after partying thursday at a strip club. rob and former exotic dan blac chyna got a cake of 2:00 a.m., but we're told this was not their engagement party. and now t an even craz bash, starring taylor swift' cat. taylor's probably the coolest 26-year-old cat lady. yesterday she tweeted with pic of bessey brittany, with new hubby ben sipping wine at their new york home. but a very uninterested kitty, meredith, short for dr. meredith
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captioned it, come to the party. now taylor's other bff selena tells all. >> we're kind of the biggest ever, which is why we're friends. >> gomez has instagrammed most followed and she's g details to "gq" on some of her posts. >> me and my natural habitat. a robe. i love hot cheetos and pickles. but my trainer doesn't like that and i don't like my trainer when she doesn't like that. this time in mexico, i was & feeling a little bit of the body shaming things when i realized that curves are actually sexy. now i'm happy about it. and coming up, from top model to top dancer? how this hearing impaired heart throb is overcoming the odds. >> i can actually work with anyone and anyone can work with me.
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we're in the recording
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new monday on "dancing with the stars," it is switchup night which is always a lot of because that is where the celebrities swap their pro partner. so front-runner nile demarco who is hearing impaired has to do just that, but considering how
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can't conquer. >> i heard that you actually prefer to not fee the vibrations of the song, why is that? >> i was born deaf so when i music has never been a part of my life. so i feel the music, it throws me up. so it's contrary to what i know, so i can't work with it because i'm not used to it. >> now who's killing it? i mean who can forget that tarzan dance. he's switching from merg troy to burgess who shows us how to gi niles ss subtle queues to tell him when to move. >> i was able to know when to -- not because of taps and obvious signals but because he can see my body movement and catch on to rhythm and the timing of it. >> niles you are the next america's top model. >> he won the season of america's next top model and on "e.t" can telllyou what happened when tyra dropped by for a reunion. >> so how the hell do you make
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>> yra banks stopped by, what was it like foo you to see her again? >> i have do to say that it was touching and i was honored that she dame to me my work or our work. i was on her show and she trained me. and i think it's different for her to come and see me work, it means so much for her to take the time to do that. american sign language and the voice y hear is his interpreter. >> my goal was to prove that i could actually work with anyone and anyone can work with me and that deaf people can do whatever they want to do. >> peta is not going to be on dancing on thursday, but niles isn't going to miss her. >> how is he going to judge her fairly and criticize her? >> oh, right, because then there would be no tango at home. >> thank you.
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still ahead here, the jungle book's secrets, they look so real, so how do they pull off that movie magic? >> that's not something you can really teach. plus stars stealing other's looks, selena versus kim k., kiley and halle's romi and
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stolen each other's looks. a dress for a princess and drew barrymore. kate middleton and drew wearing tte same embroidered gown yesterday. we already showed you drew at the aspca event, the duchess wore hers with the king and queen of bhutan. kate was out again with her orange wrap and black sandals, but drew went all flower child with her long locks. bomber jackets are totally in, just ask selena or kim. two celebs, one look. who wore it first? that would be selena at l.a.x. last week. kerry hearnes with a plain white tee and black joggers. kim had hers on two days later, looking as if she had just left the gym. who wore it better? we're going to go with selena on this one. and everybody's crazy camo. there's kim but this time taylor swift seems to be
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she wore her$350 hunter jacket to a birthday party on monday with a $795 moccasin style sneaks. that's not a style we're used to seeing on k.k.m. but kim's camo was a custom design by hubby kanye west. she wore it first at is yeezy show last year. and the camo together, you get &- the >> gwyneth paltrow or yolanda haziz. who wore it better? we'll have to say gwyneth takes it thanks to this inky blue splash of color. her bag retails for nearly $4,000. and some say it's totally worth it. and then kiley jenner and haley baldwin seen out together. kiley is wearing nothing more
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kaley paired her bomber jacket, with matching short shorts. >> they have got nice linee, a fun, frisky look of color. all in all i have to say they're really not bad. >> all right, movie news, the jungle book hits theaters today. everything about this movie is big, and the buzz is huge which of course means big box office. >> and we have all you to know. here are the bare necessities of the jungle book. young newcomer neil settee's action shots were put to the test as mowgli. all those plants and animals were added later by computer. >> i wasn't acting by myself. >> cut! >> all the crew was there, everybody was supporting me. and there were puppets there that helped me.
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disney's 1967 animated feature aae reimagined. llke this frightening tiger attack. but watch how director job fabreaux put the scare in him. >> when he was singing, i squirted him in the chest and they animated ballew. >> and whenever needed an energy boost, didn't feed him sugar, they fed him bruno mars. >> there was some up town funk and we always had it ready, so if he ever ran out of energy, we would blast out up town funk >> and he would dance and get back into the scene. >> and cut. there, we got it >> i know what you are. >> some a-list actors added
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kaaa the snake. bill murray is ballew the bear. >> what's that? >> that's a song about the good life. >> peter played the wolf that adoots mowgli. >> how did you connect with her? >> i definitely channelled my mother who was fierce and she is known to say things like if you die i'll kill you. >> the jungle is no longer safe for you. >> sir ben kingsley, the panther that first saved the boy, was observed closely as he read. >> most of my voice was quite still, but when there was movement, it was captured by at least three c in the studio. >> i can't help but notice a strange odor today. >> neil now 12 who was born in new york city and is of indian descent was found among 2,000 kids auditioned worldwide. >> you need somebody who has a ceetain spark. when you see someone on camera
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something you can really teach. >> what was your reaction when you found out you got the part? >> i like jumped and i was swinging. it was crazy. >> you were already getting into the character? >> it was amazing. the producer called and we were just so happy and we want to get my favorite food. >> what's that? >> lobster ravioli. >> man, what i call a swinging party. >> there's already a sequel in the works, they're actually that confident in the movie. a new little mermaid and she actually stirred up a little controversy. when she joked about aerial's hair color. >> i wasn't even being supermusical. i didn't even know what it was going to be. >> aerial's hair color has to be red. in our "e.t. birthdays," which knocked up actor has never held a baby until shooting the
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the answer is coming up next. >> it's all at welcome back to the show, everybooy, in tonight's "e.t. birthdays," which knocked up actor had never held a baby until shooting the film? that is seth rogan who turns 34 today.
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baby, believe it or not was in the delivery room scene. killing it on nbc right now. it is the number one show on sunday nights and this sunday steve has a 9-year-old wh who learned to play piano by ear. >> take a lo bye, everybody. >> what do you think of music today, the new music? that's the same face i make. >> meet brendan, he channels his inner billy joel. brandon's been playing since she was 3 and he's using his tallentlent to inspire others. >> you've given two ted talks >> i have. i talked about how the piano changed mm life and how i believe everybody has their own instrument but maybe they just
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phil: previously on "the amazing race," seven teams raced to georgia. caused spain and misery. at the road block, ashley was a dancing queen, but one stumble.


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