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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  April 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> roads buckled. people still trapped. the japan earthquake aftermath. >> a car in a front yard but
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next. at stop & shop, shoppers are discovering low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my stop & shop. >> cars crushed under homes. tonight people are trapped after a massive earthquake in japan. >> stranger lurks in an
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>> plus, sheldon silver's alleged secrets revealed. i am kristine johnson. >> i am maurice dubois. federal prosecutors say the former assembly speaker had affairs with two women. tony aiello has more. >> reporter: the feds say sheldon silver was cheating on several fronts. collecting kickbacks and having affairs. a judge released the information friday. heavily redacted documents out lining two extramarital affairs. he was prepared to enter as evidence in silver's construction case under certain conditions. he had an affair with a woman who specifically lobbies the defendant and often is hired in part to lobby the defendant directly on behalf of her clients who have business before the state. a second affair with a woman hired for a state job, quote, in part due to silver's recommendation and follow-up requests. allegations that silver's
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patronage disappointed assemblyman republican. >> he was a very corrupt individual who used his position not only to enrich himself, but also to use for political favors for allies of his. feels betrayed. >> reporter: a woman running for his seat wonders how his relationship with the lobbyist affected legislative matters. >> we need to know exactly who was benefit interesting these on. >> reporter: silver's lawyers released a statement. these are unproven allegations that have no place in the case. a lawyer for one of the women allegedly involved with silver a says there was no affair. just a benign friendship. silver will be sentenced in may. >> the commissioner of the department of investigation has recused himself from the case. until today mark peters had said there was no reason to step aside.
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mayor de blasio's fundraising. peters was the treasurer of de blasio's 2013 campaign before the mayor pointed him to the -- appointed him to the investigation department. >> two people were hurt when a slow moving suv smashed into a barbershop. it shattered glass as it drove through the shop on jackson avenue in syosset. witnesses say the 17-year-old driver complained about not being able to stop. >> while he was driving he was screaming, why is it not stopping? so that's why i tend to believe him. >> there were minor injuries. the driver's vehicle was towed away. investigators have not determined if the suv had a mechanical problem. we are following a developing story in southern japan where a tsunami advisory has been lifted after another powerful earthquake. the 7.3 magnitude earthquake
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homes and caused massive landslide. >> reporter: this is the second powerful quake in just over 24 hours. at least 19 people are dead from this latest one. but that number could rise as earthquakes continue to rattle the southern region of japan. a helicopter from a japanese news outlet surveys the widespread damage and devastation. roads buckled. an entire hillside gone after a massive landslide and hundreds of people evacuated into this open space, forced from their homes that are either destroyed or too unstable to stay in. the powerful 7.1 earthquake struck southern japan in the kumamoto region saturday morning. it hit barely 24 hours after a deadly quake shook the same area. thursday night a magnitude 6.5 quake killing nine people and injuring more than odell beckham00. seismologists say thursday's smaller quake was actually
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because it triggered the bigger one about eight miles away. >> 5 to 10% of the time the earthquake triggered gets bigger than the first one. then we call the first one a foreshock and that big aftershock becomes the main shock. >> reporter: possibly foreshadowing something much larger. >> it's always possible for every earthquake that it will trigger something larger. the space and time we are current in is the most dangerous in this region. >> reporter: crews walked through neighborhoods, sexualing for any victims. teams dug through the rubble for six hours and rescued this baby from a collapsed home. but it's unclear how many more people could be trapped under debris. seismologists say there is still a 50% chance of at least a magnitude 6 quake hitting the same area of japan in the next few days. maurice. >> tracy, thank you. >> new tonight video of a man suspected of ro being a woman -- robbing a woman in brooklyn.
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april 1st when the suspect followed the woman in her cobble hill building. once inside he allegedly grabbed her from behind, cord -- covered her mouth and stole her purse. security video shows the suspect waited outside the building for an hour and a half before following her into the courtyard. a brooklyn man turns the tables on his attackers after getting sucker punched at work. now tonight police are trying to determine whether it was a hate crime. security cameras captured the incident in crown heights. that's where rafael spritzer says two teenagers attacked. one of them slugging him in the face. spritzer, who helped police arrest one of his attackers, believes the teens went after him because he is jewish. he spoke with cbs2's ilana gold. >> reporter: why did you go after them? >> i don't know. it's just my instinct, you get punched, you go after the guy who did it. >> reporter: the teenager who punched spritzer got away. police are charging a 17-year-
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>> remorse from a man arrested from road rage. pictures show shattered glass from a car window. rosemary iglesias and her wife were sitting at a stoplight in rozelle park when the man got out of his suv accused them of cutting them off. >> he punch at the window. >> i couldn't tell you why i got out. i had my little girl. she is 16 months old. i overreacted. unfortunately, i can't take it back. i probably should have stayed at the scene. when a window explodes in front of you and you know you did something, my first reaction was to get out of here. >> one of the woman was covered in broken glass. she has multiple cuts on her hands, face, and also in her eye. >> the search is on for the person poisoning cats in queens. hundreds of feral cats living there.
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died after eating chicken laced with rat poison that was left out. an animal rescue group is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> campaign 2016 and republican john kasich angered some people today. when a young woman asked him about college sex assaults. >> i would also give you one bit of advice. don't go to parties where there is a lot of alcohol. >> afterwards kasich said he was not blaming victims, but rather sharing the type of advice he gives his teenage daughters. >> the reason why i worry about that is it object cures the ability of people to see justice because then it's about he said, she said, and there is alcohol and it creates an inability to find the truth at times. >> donald trump on the stump tonight in connecticut. a crowd of about odell beckham,000 saw him speak at the convention center in hartford.
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april 26. the polls show trump getting 50% of the vote. >> and ted cruz in rochester tonight. when he left he went off to wyoming where state republicans will gather tomorrow to pick 14 delegates. >> bernie sanders did not get facetime with the pope today. he traveled to the vatican for a conference on social and economic justice, but he did get a happened written note explaining the holefully father was preparing for a trip to greece. hillary clinton appeared at a senior center in east harlem. new york holds thundershower primaries next tuesday. >> now for this update. it would allow texting at the movies. it got a lot of outcry and reaction. amc says they are sending it to the cutting room floor. they promised not to install texting sections in its theaters now or in the foreseeable future. >> still ahead right here on
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>> it has changed our life quite dramatically. >> drivers fly by ignoring signs and neighbors say nothing is being done to stop it. >> caught on camera by her own neighbor. do you need help making those varicose veins vanish?
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that. >> a wild crash seen on camera on long island. watch the top of the screen. an suv flips over several times and rolls. north babylon residents heard the crash and rushed to rescue anybody inside. when they got there, no one was inside at all. the homeowner's security system captured the driver taking off leaving behind thousands in damage. >> he came around that corner too fast. you could see the tire tracks. three houses away, in their driveway, you can see it. he went to this house, got airborne, flipped over three times and ended up on my front lawn. >> police say the car with two cell phones inside was reported stolen. they are trying to find the suspect. >> residents in a staten island
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they say speeding on an expressway service road is causing crashes. how everything changed when an exit ramp was moved. >> reporter: it's been a couple of years since exit 13 of the staten island expressway began letting traffic out here. >> it has changed our life quite dramatically. >> reporter: the speeding, according to the neighbors along the service road milford drive, is putting them in constant danger. >> the ramp is 30 miles per hour and the street is 30 miles per hour. nobody does it. some bad accidents out here. >> they just fly past here like this is the continuation of the highway. >> reporter: so it's people coming out of these small residential streets that get hit by the cars? >> yeah. a couple of neighbors up the block have gotten hit. you see that? instead of hitting the brake, they blow the horn. >> reporter: when the exit was here, neighbors couldn't turn on their streets. they had to go around.
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came with the new exhibit isn't worth the danger between the old exit and the stoplight. there wasn't a lot of room to speed up. it's not just the speed. it's loud. >> i don't have to open my eyes or look at the clock. at a quarter to seven the traffic is making enough noise. >> reporter: the d.o.patz. put up signs and has been in contact with contact with a city council member. they are promising to come up with something effective and sonya rincon. >> a woman? the bronx is taking extreme measures to point out neighbors not picking up after their dogs. she spent thousands of dollars, she says, to get these cameras set up outside her home in allerton to catch people in the act. she says when she sees someone leaving without picking up after their dogs, she rushes out and confronts them. >> it reflects where i live. i don't like it. this is my home. and this is what you are doing.
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beckham 0% who would listen to me -- odell beckham0% to listen to me, i would be happy. >> bailey says until then she is saving up for night cameras. new tonight, there have been many treatments to help get rid of varicose veins. >> the latest involves a common household item often used to piece things back together. dr. max gomez shows us how to make veins vanish. >> she is a schoolteacher and mother of two. with each of her pregnancies, she ended up with more than just a baby. >> i had pain through my legs. it wasn't long after that that the varicose veins showed themselves. >> reporter: as natalie soon found out varicose veins can be both uncomfortable and unsightly. >> they are going to look like almost like a snake going down the leg. >> reporter: they form when weak or damaged valves allow blood to back up and pool.
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become twisted and visable on the skin surface. it affects roughly half of all people over age 50, but they too. family history, pregnancy, obesity, being female, and spending a lot of time standing are all risk factors. the good news is there are some very effective treatments. >> you seal the main van. >> reporter: dr. navarro performance what's called a vain ablation, which sends bursts of laser energy through a catheter to heat up and scar off the defective vain. >> excellent results. very, very view complications. >> reporter: natalie wanted a new approach. >> industrially, it's called superglue. >> reporter: the doctor inserts a thin tube to the end of the vein, works up the leg until
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>> my husband is like, you don't know what could happen. i think it's amazing. i think it's another example of technology. >> the long-term effects we don't know. >> reporter: the glue stays in the leg for life. as with any new treatment, he advises caution. >> in the controlled studies done by very experienced practitioners for the fda, it's very safe with very good results. now, once the technique spread to the general medical population, we still don't know if it will be a safe. >> reporter: studies show there is a one in 400 chance of a potentially deadly blood clot. dr. max gomez, cbs2 news. >> the 45-minute treatment is virtually pain free, but not typically covered by insurance. >> the weekend is here. things. >> this is a great looking weekend. their numbers. here is what i have got.
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the further east you go, cold readings. 39 from john. he is telling us great day today. hit 65, but the wind made it feel a lot cooler. spring's fickle weather. that sounds poetic, doesn't it? 48 degrees. they are going to continue to city. 65 degrees was your high temp. 6 degrees above the average of my headline's looking like this. it is going to be great all weekend. there is still going to be a chance some of you possibly by the time we get to monday of next week could maybe find an odell odell beckham0-degree reading. some models are saying the summer is going to average three degrees above average. that seems like nothing, right? that's huge in the weather world. it's cold tomorrow morning.
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putnam county, fairfield county, a freeze warning for you. temperatures starting off in the 20s and 30s. we talked about how, you know, john was recording a temperature around 39 degrees. it's 29 right now in the hamptons and north and west you're not finding all that cold of air. 43 monticello, 48 in the city. belmar 36 degrees. there is not a cloud in our sky. we are not going have to pedro any problem with precipitation. that's 1550 miles of cool air. this low pressure system offshore not allowing the high to exit. why do we want the high to exit? we want to it to -- it to stay. we are not worrying about it. up. in fact, when i look at the next rain chance, it doesn't look like it's going to be until next saturday. i did have some raindrops on for tuesday. i took them off a couple of days ago.
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i am just watching temperatures. 66 saturday. 72 sunday. 76 monday. that monday temperature has been going up each and every day. a degree every day. monday is going to be a beautiful day. tuesday more clouds. i just don't think it's -- if anybody gets a little raindrop, not too much. >> not many april showers. >> no, i am wondering about the may flowers. >> thank you, lonnie. friday night sports. >> islanders didn't look like underdogs in game one. tonight a different story in florida. everyone is wearing number 42
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>> now your jeep sports desk. >> islanders to lead-off sports. otis is here. >> that's right. after winning game one last night it was time for the islanders to get greedy. they come back to brooklyn with a 2-0 series lead over the panthers. thomas greiss stopped 42 shots. not as lucky tonight. a goal and assist for reilly
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in the second. new york down for the count in the third when they got a lifeline from john tavarres. the lead is cut in half. three minutes left. needed something to happen in the final seconds. anything but this. the empty netter. oh, rats. those are real rats on the ice. florida ties the series there at one. [ laughter ] 3-1 the final from florida. >> rats. >> former yankee robinson cano back in the bronx on the day major league honored the man he was named after. jackie robinson. he broke the color barrier with his debut with the team. bombers up 1-0. another off night for luis severino, who gave up three runs and ten hits in the last start. cries iannetta pumps one to the seats in left. a four and five and two-thirds innings.
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yankees 0-for-12 with runners in scoring position. 7-1 the final from the bronx. >> mets and the indians. he says thank you very much, t.c. solo crank in the first. there was more where that came from. alejandro de aza with another to make it 2-1. wait. there is more. yoenis cespedes makes it 4-1. the mets had two homers in the first eight games. four tonight. mets up 6-1. they win it 6-5. >> a quick break. when we return, will the king return? henrik lundqvist back at practice after taking that stick in the eye wednesday night.
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tomorrow? american workers know how to fight back and rebuild an economy. so does she. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton.
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even when the deck is stacked, a new yorker will find a way to break up big banks, create millions of jobs, and rebuild america. some say it can't be done again. but another native son of new york is ready -- bernie. rebuild the middle class, make wall street banks pay their fair share,
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new york -- it's our time again to build a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. >> welcome back everyone. rangers with another day off. definitely in the headlines. they were hoping to find out if henrik lundqvist will be back in net. you recall he was struck in the eye with marc staal's stick in game one wednesday night. not a lot of damage to the eye.
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practice today to make a decision if he would be able to play. after seeing a specialist in pittsburgh yesterday there he was at this morning's practice. he is officially listed as a game time decision. >> we are talking it day by day here. the practice was good. like i said, it's more than the swelling around the eye that affects it a little bit. i am pleased with the way it felt. >> baseball celebrating jackie robinson breaking baseball's color barrier. if you want to see the signed documents that led to the accomplishment, you're in luck. i'm talking about the two contracts the future hall of famer signed. they are no the new york historical society until next friday. jackie signed with the minor league montreal royals on october 23, 1945 before agreeing to join the big league brooklyn dodgers april 11, 1947, and making his debut four
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the make -- hitspry -- history was in the making. >> what a nice tribute to have everyone wearing his number. we are back in just a minute. i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto . xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there is limited information on how xarelto and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. you know, taking warfarin, i had to deal with that
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blue skies smiling at me nothing but blue skies do i see the new jetblue card. it's like having jetblue with you wherever you go. get two times points at restaurants and grocery stores. the new jetblue card. >> thanks for joining us tonight. >> up next "the late show" with steven colbert. >> he has eve a longoria and a phone call from donald trump. have a great night. >> jon: stephen colbert!


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