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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  April 17, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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right now, breaking news. one man is dead following a police involved shooting in queens. we're live at the scene with details on the investigation. a man wanted for slashing a cab driver is it -- believed to be connected to a homeless shelter murder. how police found a link between the two crimes. another deadly earthquake strikes. this time in ecuador where the
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continues right now. good morning everyone. it is 7:00 a.m. i'm otis livingston. >> the top stories are straight ahead. first vanessa murdock is here with a look at the forecast for the second half of the weekend. looking pretty out there. >> it looks just like yesterday. almost as cold as yesterday morning. not quite that chilly. that is good news. and it will be warmer than yesterday as well. here is the deal. it is going to be gorgeous today. seventys, sunshine. a great end to the weekend. we do have a frost advisory in effect until 8:00 a.m. this morning for much of new jersey. it is freaking out. hamptons, 40. on the vortex satellite and radar picture, clear skies overhead. high-pressure to thank for that.
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9:00 a.m., sunny and 52. by noon, blue skies, 64. at 3:00 this afternoon, we will reach the daytime high of 72. that is 10 degrees above normal. if you will be out this evening enjoying this beautiful weather, 68 at 6:00. skies are still clear. looking lovely to end the weekend. it only gets more hot tomorrow. we will talk about that and to the next best chance for rain in my full forecast. we begin with breaking news. a police involved shooting in queens that left one man dead. >> several police officers were sent to the hospital as a precaution. we're live from south ozone park with more. getting more information from the nypd about what led up to this fatal shooting. they say a person shot was a 30- year-old man. they say he was standing outside of a double parked car that officers had approached
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they say when a suspect was confronted by officers, he turned and ran away. and then turned back and pointed a firearm in the officer's direction. >> this is the gun that police say the suspect was carrying when he was shot by officers. this was at 116 avenue in the south ozone park section of queens. you can see police collins, surrounding evidence and what may appear to be a gun on the ground. according to the nypd, the suspect was running from police when he turned back, firearm in hands. it is unknown if he fired the weapon or how may times he was shot by officers before being taken to jamaica hospital where he died around 1:30 a.m. this morning. you can hear the calls for more officers over the dispatch radio radio. >> police say this incident only involved one suspect. no other serve really on for
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>> four officers were taken to long island jewish medical center as a precaution. they are not hurt. as this investigation continues, we're getting more information from police. we're also hearing from family members. we will have more coming up with a live report. cbs2 news. the lot -- the deck -- the death toll in ecuador is expected to rise. the epicenter of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake is along the south american country's central coast. >> this video was captured inside of a supermarket in the capital city which is more than 100 miles away from the epicenter. the quake flattened buildings and buckled highways yesterday. the port cities reportedly suffered the brunt of the damage. the sin on the warning center says waves are possible for the coast. residents have been urged to
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where the epicenter was. thousands of rescue workers in japan are searching for survivors. two powerful earthquakes in the southwestern part of the country have killed at least 41 people. the second quake, magnitude 7.3, damage more than 1000 buildings and triggered massive mudslides that swept away entire bridges and highways. police released surveillance videos of a slashing suspect that they are looking for. they say around 3:30 yesterday morning, a 23-year-old man was walking with a female companion in the hunts point section of the bronx. they say the suspect wearing and i patch at the time approached and said something they could not understand. the suspect allegedly cut the man in the face with an unknown object. the victim was treated and released from the hospital. the investigation continues into a slashing attack on a cab driver in queens by a man who may have also been involved in a murder at a homeless shelter.
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picture of the man they are looking for. 53-year-old william smith. we have the story from elmhurst. >> these photos show some of the knife attack wounds on 43- year-old cab driver manuel vera. saturday morning, he was dropping off a passenger in queens expecting to get his $10 fare but the man became violent. >> instead of paying, he pulled out a nice knife and he slashed mr. manuel vera all over his body. his throat, his arms, his back. >> this is the spokesman of the new york state federation of taxi drivers. he says all cabbies and the public should watch out for this man wanted by police. 53-year-old william smith. police say smith could be connected not only to the cabbie attack but also a murder the day before. police say friday morning, inside of this homeless shelter in manhattan, 56-year-old shelter residents -- resident
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>> investigators say there were items left behind in the cab. his loaded with his identification and a cell phone. the injured cabbie spoke to the car company soon after he was released from the hospital. >> he went through a really hard situation. he is alive. >> nervous taxi drivers and nervous residents at the shelter insist on action. they say without better safeguards and more security cameras and panic buttons, they could be in grave danger. >> there is no security. anybody can come and go as they please. >> officers described the manhunt as intense. they say they want to get the officers off the streets before he strikes again. street fairs are supposed to bring in big crowds. but a new jersey restaurant owner says it is bad for business. >> it destroys the business. not just mine but everyone
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and a battle brewing in tenafly. why one business owner says a weekend street fair is running away customers. a presidential candidates are still in a new york state of mind. who will be in the city today ahead of the primary next week. following in the footsteps. how the duke and duchess of cambridge recaptured memories of princess diana at the taj mahal. first a check of the forecast. >> blue skies. a chilly start. we will be warming up very well.
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coming up. it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by millions of small contributions. people like you
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the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change. campaign 2016. four of the five presidential
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appearances here in the city today. only ted cruz has no public events scheduled following his suite of delegates in wyoming. >> i ask you to please support the men and women of this state. >> donald trump denounced of the process. in syracuse, he called on republican leaders to reform the nominating system. >> you can have a rough july at that convention. you better get going and straighten out the system. because the people want the vote vote. >> let me ask you this. what was the show on tv? was that rig? >> ohio governor john kasich stopped at a manhattan deli yesterday after visiting a synagogue in long island law earlier in the day. on the democratic side, senator bernie sanders flew back from the vatican where he met briefly with pope francis to attend a social justice
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campaign. we are just busting through. and forcing a discussion that the establishment would assume pushed under the rug. >> hillary clinton is in los angeles yesterday where she gun control legislation. >> he voted against the brady bill five times. >> hillary clinton will visit staten island today and so will donald trump before he goes to west point. bernie sanders hold an event at prospect park. and john kasich will guest on a radio show and do an interview with cnn. later this morning at 10:30 a.m. on face the nation, bernie sanders and the chairman of the republican national committee will have a preview with john dickerson this morning at the 8:00 hour. pope francis is home at the vatican this morning along with some extra passengers he brought back with him from a trip to greece. the pope brought 12 syrian
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his emotional visit to greece. the island you visited has been on the front lines of the new york migration crisis. the vatican says all three families fled syria after their homes were bombed. a catholic charity is helping to resettle them. them. an iconic moment re- created as the duke and duchess of cambridge wrap up their tour of india. william and kate visited the taj mahal and retraced the footsteps of the prince's late mother princess diana. they sat on the same bench where she was famously autographed is sitting alone in 1992. the bench was renamed in her honor. >> so nice to see them. must have been emotional for prince william as well. it is 7:12 a.m. time for a check of the forecast. good golf weather today. >> yes. i would agree with that. absolutely. i know otis needs an excuse he said --
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no strong wind today but a peaceful atmosphere. temperatures well above normal. let's go live outside to see what is going on. we have sunny skies. morning. 45 degrees. north, northwest wind at 5 spectacular sunday. even warmer tomorrow. pushing 80. week. as far as the rainfall update, april, we have already received some but we are under a deficit. no real potential for rain until friday into saturday. we are not in dire straits. but the soil will be very dry as people begin planting the springtime plants. sunny today. thanks to high pressure. looking good. it is also causing big problems to the west. this is what we call a blocking high. it is not moving.
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midsection of the country. expect extensive flooding through places like texas and oklahoma today. especially as you look down toward houston. here, they could get eight up to 12 inches of rain over the next 24 up to 48 hours. snow wrapping into colorado. for us, smooth sailing. sunny skies. looking lovely. today, 1:05 p.m. first pitch, 67 degrees and sunny as the yankees take on the mariners. if you have plans to go to the ballpark, you are in luck. the uv forecast is high. a burn time of 30 minutes. sunscreen is a good idea today. highs across the region will look like this. wind out of the north. cooler temperatures at the morgan easterly component with the wind keeping temperatures at the coast cooler.
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fifty-two in the city. that will be 40s in the suburbs. significantly more mild than the past two nights. as we make our way into the day tomorrow, 78 in the city. that will translate to 80 in new work. maybe 81 -- for places like trenton. very warm tomorrow. a lot of sunshine early. overnight monday into tuesday, a cold front comes through. and maybe a few sprinkles with that. nothing major. tuesday, 67 and clearing skies. wednesday, mostly sunny and 65. very much where we should be. seventy-four thursday. mostly sunny. friday into saturday, is the next best chance for wet weather. it is an unsettled period as we head into the weekend. >> a good day for baseball. game three at the berkeley center. the islanders. the traveling weather for that. >> yes.
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hold here. >> how are the yankees doing? >> they have lost and asked -- the last two games. they should have no excuses today. a new jersey street fair designed to be fun for everyone is having the opposite effect at least according to one tenafly restaurant owner. we explain why. >> now that spring is here, street fairs are starting to pop up all over the area. from the music, to the t- shirts, trinkets and food, especially the food, there is something for everyone at this fair in downtown tenafly, new jersey. >> the tenafly chamber of commerce blocked off the street hoping to attract 10,000 people. >> it is a good time to bring outsiders and to see the restaurant. >> it destroys the business. not just mine, everybody else's business. >> massimo bazzarelli is the
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he says the street fair cost him his entire saturday lunch crowd. >> a normal day, we would get about 35 up to 40 people. >> today you got? >> zero. >> people and family just want to go for a walk. they are not interested in my business. >> of her -- other shop owners say business was down. some are hopeful the fair will pay off in the long run. >> it may hurt customer flow because the parking. but in the end, we are getting foot traffic in a town that doesn't get much foot traffic. >> even ahead of the chamber of commerce -- the head of the chamber of commerce says they may try to find a way to make changes to get regular customers into the blocked off stores. >> this is our first time at this location. we could do things better. >> if this will continue, i will be out of business. >> the businesses will face the same issues today because the street fair is a two day event. along with warming weather, tulips in full bloom
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you can get a lot of that at the annual tulip festival on west 89 street. there are more than 13,000 tulips and other spring flowers on display. you can get a glimpse of all of the flowers today and next weekend too. it is 7:18 a.m. the frightening sight in queens. a 2-year-old and 3-year-old found wandering the streets alone. how they managed to get away from their caretaker. and caught on camera, a driver steps out of his car and into danger. a massive tree crushes his car.
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today we will look at these. they came in three weeks early. they grow in a couple parts of the country. we are in one of them. let's talk about storage. when you see these in the local market, do not be surprised if there are a lot of fruits and dirt. you want to make sure the leaves are nice and perky. nice and green. check the routes. they should be a little red and white. you don't want to see a lot of other colors. these are wild. when you bring them home, you want to keep them cold. so wrap them up in a paper towel in the refrigerator.
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use them quick. when it comes to usage, clean them effectively. clean them very well. they will be covered in a lot of dirt. and a very light sauti. this flavor is incredible and powerful. it is a cross between a onion and garlic. you can imagine the ways you can use that are similar to those of onions and garlic. that is your tip of the day. right now, 5000 people in new jersey are patiently waiting on an miracle. last year, the miracle did not come soon enough for 90 families who lost a loved one in desperate need of a life- saving transplant. you can help give the gift of life by signing up to be an organ donor. here to tell us how is the vice president of the new jersey sharing network. good morning to both of you. >> let me start with you. your husband was a donor. can you tell us the story.
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he was able to touch the lives of 57 people. >> 57, wow. was being an organ donor something he was going to do? >> yes. we have a conversation. shortly before he died actually. we had a conversation about both of our wishes. he said that was his wish because he wanted to be able to continue to help people. he helps people his whole life being a first responder. anyone into continue to help people if anything happened. >> tell us what the new jersey sharing network is. >> this is a nonprofit in new jersey responsible for tissue donation. for the 5000 people waiting for a transplant in new jersey. >> what do you want people to know if they are thinking about becoming an organ donor? >> organ donation is the greatest gift you can give someone. it is selfless. and the best thing to do is talk to your family about your wishes.
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organ donor online. we really do encourage you to have a conversation with your loved ones. >> and you can be a living donor as well? >> absolutely. you can donate your kidney or liver to someone you love or to someone else in need. >> you have several events coming up. explain about the event's people can participate and. >> april is donate life month. a national celebration of organ tissue donation. and we have our annual 5k walk and ron willard -- where we will bring together thousands of people to celebrate life, tissue donation. >> i can't imagine what it is like to lose your husband but to know that he helped save almost 60 lives. how does that make you feel? >> it makes me feel very proud.
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gift and went on to help others -- it helps to spread the turning a tragedy into a trance. being able to continue his mission. and the importance of registering as a donor. as well as the importance of having the conversation with your family. the 5k really helps. it allows friends and family to celebrate his life. he believed a hawaiian shirt was a true celebration. it was just very fitting. >> you have his picture too. >> yes. >> and you participate obviously. >> we participate every year. >> thank you so much. we really appreciate that and hope that people are inspired by your stories. >> thank you for coming in. for more information about organ donation, you can go to
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we will be right back. breaking news in queens. one man is dead after a police involved shooting in south ozone park. we're live with the latest. a good samaritan jumps into action to save lives when a new jersey apartment building goes up in flames. >> sunny days are here again. a warm-up. looking spectacular out there. kind of chili. temperatures are reaching near 80 tomorrow. >> cbs2 news sunday morning continues right now. >> good morning. coming up on 7:30 on april 17. i'm vanessa murdock. >> i'm otis livingston. the stories are straight ahead. first vanessa murdock has a look at the forecast.
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yesterday. >> pretty much. just a little bit warmer. by about four or 5 degrees. that is the only difference. otherwise conditions are exactly the same. as far as today, it will look exactly the same. it will just feel a little bit warmer. a beautiful end to the weekend on tap. let's take a look. we do have a frost advisory in effect until 8:00 a.m. for many in new jersey. that is only a half-hour away. the temperatures are already warming above the freezing mark. it is 46 right now in the city. forty-two in deer park. forty-seven in monticello. on the satellite and radar, skies are a bright shade of blue. a little bit of a haze. closer to the skyline. otherwise, it will be lovely today. blue skies. warming up to 72 degrees at 3:00. by 9:00, 52.
7:31 am
lovely. coming up in the full forecast, we will talk about even warmer temperatures monday. and the next best chance for back to you. with breaking news. one man is dead and several police officers were taken to the hospital as a precaution. after a police involved shooting in queens. >> now we're hearing from relatives of the man that was killed. we're live from south ozone park with details. magdalena. >> reporter: family members tell us that the person who was fatally shot by police is 30- year-old george tillman from maryland and as a father of five. as police continue to investigate, family members say they need to find the answers. >> this is the gun police say the suspect was carrying when he was shot by officers.
7:32 am
116 avenue and 135th street. you can see police cones surrounding evidence and what may appear to be a gun on the ground. according to nypd, the police say the suspect was running away and turned back with a firearm in hand. it is unknown if he fired the weapon or how many times he was shot by officers before being taken to jamaica hospital where he died at 1:30 a.m. this morning. you can hear the calls for more officers over the dispatcher radio. >> police say this incident only involved one suspect. no other server lands -- no other civilians were injured. >> police say they need to know how and why this happened. >> a cop shot an innocent person, a loving father, and husband.
7:33 am
telling us that this was an innocent man. police say that this person was pointing a firearm at officers who were in pursuit. again, this investigation is ongoing. four officers have been taken to a local hospital to be checked out. but they are not injured. live from south ozone park, queens, cbs2 news. a fire broke out at a three-story private home in brooklyn. the call came in shortly before midnight last night into 1600 block of new york avenue in flatbush. the fire was brought under control. new -- no injuries reported. no word on how it started. another fire in new jersey. a man is being held as a hero this morning for his quick actions that saved lives. he spoke exclusively to cbs2. and we have the story. >> smoke billowing up into the air over an apartment building in bloomfield. firefighters say flames erupted
7:34 am
unit on charles street. good samaritan r -- roy campbell said he saw smoke. >> that is not all. when he noticed part of the roof collapsing, he risked his life and ran inside the burning building. >> the back of the building was falling in. the roof was falling in. i said, somebody has to be inside the house. i ran around the corner and opened the door and yelled, fire, everybody out. >> everybody did get out, safe and sound, including a woman that grabbed her two daughters and ran as fast as she could. >> i realized that somebody was screaming that the building was on fire. i did not take anything. i did not have any shoes. >> the mayor of bloomfield was on the scene. he says 26 family buildings were damaged and the fire. he also says he will make sure
7:35 am
his selfless act. but he says he is no hero. >> just hanging in there. >> the red cross is assisting six families displaced by the fire. no word on what caused it. two young children scene wandering the streets of queens are back home safe after a frightening ordeal. surveillance video captured one of the siblings in the middle of the street yesterday morning at 145th street and 123 avenue in jamaica. police say the grandmother had been looking after the 2-year- old girl and 3-year-old boy that fell asleep. >> i looked at the girl. she is crying profusely. she is soaking wet with year- end. >> i'm obviously very upset that it happen. but the kids are okay. >> the mother says she found her children in an ambulance after coming home from an overnight shifts. two other neighbors say couple weeks earlier, the children had to be rescued from the same
7:36 am
criminal charges. a man who fell from a hotel window on the upper west side remains hospitalized this morning. the hotel is on west 94 street. the man fell from a hallway window on either the eighth or tenth floor. right now police do not know if he fell accidentally or was pushed. he was rushed to st. luke's hospital in critical condition. the nypd says a gun buyback conducted in queens yesterday was a success. police released a photograph of 85 working firearms in exchange for prepaid credit cards. there is no limit to the number of firearms that can be surrendered. but people are limited to three gift cards. the buyback program aims to get illegal weapons up the street. the newark public safety department has confirmed a hacking attack aimed at the police department. they say the virus-infected several computers last week. the department director says there is no indication that
7:37 am
they say the department's it employees were able to claim the system and additional safeguards were installed. it is 7:36 a.m. a big playoff win, for the rangers. how they bounced back twice against the penguins. and thousands without power. flights canceled by a spring snowstorm that blanketed parts of the west. and springtime wedding trends from the runway to the aisle. first, here is vanessa murdock. >> a beautiful end to the weekend. how long can this sunny stretch last? i will have details coming up in my full forecast. rain or shine, you can have the forecast anytime with the cbs new york weather app. send us your pictures and videos.
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store. take a look at this video of a driver barely escaping as a tree fell right on top of his car. this happened during heavy wind in the republic of georgia yesterday. several cars and houses were damaged. so far, no reports of injuries. a dr. seuss book is no laughing matter to a michigan couple. the couple failed to return the
7:41 am
their adult son, from a local library. they were also later returning a novel. they paid the fines but say they refuse to pay over $200 in what are called diversion fees to a unit of the police department. they call that extortion. but a judge says it is fair and they risk up to 93 days in jail if they fail to comply. the tax deadline is looming. you actually have until tomorrow to file your state and federal tax returns. if you ask for an extension, you are in good company. the irs says 13.5 million people are expected to request one. but remember it is an extension to file, not to pay what you might owe. the payment has to be postmarked by april 18, or he could face penalties. it is springtime. cannot tell that to colorado residents. they are dealing with major winter weather situations. some areas saw 2 feet of snow with more snow on the way. the spring snow could continue to fall through tomorrow.
7:42 am
causing dangerous conditions in texas. take a look at this funnel cloud in kent county. severe thunderstorms are expected in that area. >> nothing like that in our area this weekend. vanessa murdock is watching the forecast for us. >> what kind of day will it be,? >> gorgeous. >> he has got that right. it will be gorgeous out there today. a little bit of a chilly start. we will warm up very well. into the low 70s for most of us with cooler temperatures by the coast. let's check in with our weather watchers and see where temperatures stand at the moment. it is 38 degrees as we look over here at middletown, new jersey. looking lovely there. thanks to the weather watchers for submitting reports this morning. we have 38 to the south of the city. and in yonkers, 39.
7:43 am
this is the trend. and has been, for days now. bright blue skies. it is dry out there. this stretch continues today. you can see the sun reflecting off the buildings. central park looking lovely. bright skies. and 46 in the city. north, northwest wind at five. a sunny stretch continuing today. even into tomorrow. today, in the 70s. it will be cooler by the coast. tomorrow, we are approaching the 80-degree mark. the city will get close -- places like newark and trend will see at least 80, if not 81. maybe 82. normal high, 62. yesterday, 68. today, 72. tomorrow, 78. cooler tuesday and 67 after a front roles through. we will fast forward with this high tomorrow. 70 degrees is the normal high for june 10. not quite summertime temperatures yet. but it will certainly feel much
7:44 am
why this set up? why such a dry pattern. system that cannot budge. we call this this an omega block. the high-pressure system has low-pressure to the west and low-pressure to the east. so nothing is moving. that is unfortunate for those who live in the midsection of the country. slammed. tornadoes. today -- not just tornadoes but flooding also, a big problem for the midsection. you can see locally, they could see totals as high as eight up to 12 inches. that will be close to houston, through san antonio and austin. for us, this blocking high means beautiful blue skies. cooler by the coast. talking 60s along the shoreline. overnight, not nearly as cold. 52 degrees in the city. forty in the suburbs. clear skies. tomorrow, even warmer. 78 degrees. a couple of 80s on the board. gorgeous with a few clouds
7:45 am
we may see a few sprinkles. mainly east of the city. clearing skies. on wednesday, it will be perfect. sixty-five. a lot of sunshine. mostly sunny. by then, we will be looking at friday and saturday. some wet weather on the way. we will need that. also it is nice to have a rainy day. over to you. wedding bells ringing across the tri-state area. it is wedding season. if you are planning a wedding, or you like seeing all the glitz and glamour, the city is a place to be. it is new york bridal week. just as exciting as fashion week. here to give us a preview is rachel leonard, editorial director of the vital council. welcome. >> thank you. >> tell us about what bridal week is. >> bright a week is -- store is -- stores come in from all over the world to shop wedding dresses for the following season.
7:46 am
>> next year. >> yes. the press comes in. they highlight the newest trends. the stores, and purchase for the wedding season. >> what is one of the biggest trends you are seeing? >> i'm overwhelmed by the trend of nature, spring -- the dew awakening. we're seeing a lot of blossoms and soft pink colors and touches of pastels and embroideries. it is very beautiful. we also have other trends -- and light effortless dresses. >> you brought some models that exhibit the trends you are talking about. >> yes. >> let's bring them out. >> she is wearing a dress that is very soft. the color is boston.
7:47 am
made out of this very light material. it talks about the ongoing lingerie inspired trend that has been very big with a wedding dresses believe it or not. >> yes. it is shared but not too share. >> and this has a hint of pink pink. >> yes. >> thank you. very beautiful. >> and this is the trend with the pans. >> it kind of has a bopo field. it is soft and flowing. it would be great for a beach. not every girl wants to look like a princess.
7:48 am
with the wind blowing. >> tell us about this leaves. it seems like strapless was always the rage. now you are seeing more sleeves it. >> we are seeing more sleeves dresses. i think it is basically -- you want to pick something that works for your body. that just reflects you. but we are seeing a lot of sleeves. it is a great alternative to the strapless sweetheart -- which has been the trend for many years. >> where is the stress available? >> beautiful. >> the craftsmanship that goes into these is just incredible. >> the dresses and the luxury bridal industry -- most of them remain in the shops themselves versus -- having it shipped somewhere else in another country to be put together. so what the bridal council is
7:49 am
the ovation channel. we have done a behind-the- scenes art and crafts of the industry. and just to see all of the handwork and -- it is an artform. >> i don't think anybody has really seen that before. we're going to shine the light on that. >> very nice. we have more looks to show everybody. let's bring this model back out. tell us about this look. >> what i love is the whole illusion has been the strong trend. the cap sleeves. it is romantic. but still a little sheer. sparkles. and it has the slit in the front. but it is so light weight. it is effortless. and i think girls today want to be -- they just don't want to be bogged down with too much weight. it is for this kind of girl.
7:50 am
pink color. >> i love the flowers and the cap sleeves. >> thank you. >> and alexandra is wearing a very unique address. >> this is very unique. it has this fun removable tape -- cape. it is also light weight. it is if you want to make a big statement. it would be incredible for a big historic home or garden of some sort. >> and with the illusion on top. >> that is the biggest thing. it is so delicate. it almost looks like tattoos today -- which is a very current look and this generation of wedding dresses. very fascinating.
7:51 am
and has the layers of ruffled material. >> thank you. tell us about the bridal council. this is new. >> it is only a few months old. it is a membership organization. it is designers, retail stores and members of the bridal industry. we're very excited. we have never had an organization like this that address our needs. we will all meet and talk about issues over the years. and hopefully make this the future for everybody. we have become such a global industry. -- with everybody exchanging information. >> so they are back out together one more time.
7:52 am
by the week, opened to insiders today and tomorrow. the public will see these looks starting next year. >> thank you for being here. we appreciate it. for more information on the bridal council, you can go to our website on we will be right back. if you're told you have cancer, explore your treatment options with specialists who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america. learn more at thank you for dining with us. hope to see you again soon. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check.
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stronger or longer than advil it's the world's #1 choice. what pain? advil. gorgeous look outside this sunday morning. right here on cbs2. it is 7:53 a.m. vanessa murdock says it will be a carbon copy of yesterday. just a little bit warmer. welcome back everyone. a man is making history by becoming the first african- american to become the chest -- being inducted into the chess hall of fame. the only african american grand master. a level he reached in 1999. he says he hopes to see more black players at the highest levels. >> way to represent brooklyn too.
7:55 am
the rangers take on the penguins in game two. and turn up the offense with some great results. >> here is steve overmyer with your cbs2 sports update. >> let's start with great news for the rangers. not just a win, more important may, we saw henrik lundqvist -- take a stick to the eye in game one. the goal he loses his vision -- focused, he is done. you have to be convinced that his eye is no longer an issue after yesterday. they busted out three goals in a second. they scored twice and 18 seconds. three times in three minutes. three times and four minutes. chris crider made it 4-1 in the third. and henrik lundqvist here. twenty-nine saves, for the rangers.
7:56 am
the garden. also the yankees and the mets both lost on saturday. for cbs2 news i'm steve overmyer. have a great day. the security will be extra tight at tomorrow's boston marathon. officers from various agencies will be working along the course. half a million people are expected to cheer on the 30,000 runners who will race on patriots' day. of course it has been three years since the bombing at the finish line left three people dead and more than 200 injured. >> boston strong. it is 7:55 a.m. no more waiting for a mimosa. wade decades-old sunday brunch rule may soon become history. we will check out the beautiful forecast. all ahead when cbs2 news sunday
7:57 am
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7:59 am
8:00. one man is dead following a police involved shooting. a man wanted for flashing a cab driver is believed to be connected to a homeless shelter murder. another deadly earthquake. this one in ecuador where the death toll continues to climb. cbs2 news sunday morning continues right now. good morning everyone. 8:00 a.m. on this sunday, april 17. i'm otis livingston. >> nice to have you with us
8:00 am
i'm andrea grymes. the top stories are straight ahead. vanessa murdock has a look at the forecast. the shots from outside are beautiful. >> it will stay that way. no change to the great beautiful skies today. it will be just like this all day long. looking lovely. it will be a little warmer than yesterday by about 4 degrees. let's take a look at where we stand right now. up to 49 already in the city. forty in somerville. forty-six in the hamptons. as we look at the vortex satellite and radar picture, nothing to see because of high pressure. it will be a superduper sunday. the sun shine. keep in mind that the uv index is at a seven. a burn time of 30 minutes. so put on the sunscreen and enjoy the day. by 3:00, the high is 72. 10 degrees above normal. by 9:00 this evening, 59 under


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