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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  April 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon i'm chris wragge. >> i'm mary calvi. we begin with the survival story in brooklyn. a store clerked shot during an armed robbery. >> the terrifying encounter caught on video. they make a bold grab for the weapon. steve langston is live as he spoke to the injured man. what's the update, steve? >> reporter: just after 11:00 p.m. last night the clerk in the store here on the corner of new lots avenue in bradford gets robbed and shot. just a few hours later that store clerk's attitude may astonish you. in the lower left corner of the video, a store clerk being held at gunpoint when suddenly the clerk tries to grab the gun,
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and takes a bullet from the robber who escapes with an accomplice. >> i'm the one that he shot. >> reporter: ten hours later the clerk is behind the shot and his family-owned corner store in east new york, smiling. >> things are good. >> reporter: he says that the bullet wound to his hip is nothing to worry about. released from the hospital, a couple hours after the shooting. he got a few hours sleep and came back to work. >> he was going to shoot me. the robbers fled with about $400 and a couple packs of cigarettes. the getaway vehicle a black honda police say. replaying the surveillance video of the armed robbery doesn't faze the clerk one bit. >> i'm fine. >> reporter: and the clerk tells me it's the first time he's been robbed at gunpoint, adding some cryptically that it will be the last. live in east new york, steve langford cbs2 news.
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police say they are zeroing in on a suspect who was seen carrying a gun at suni purchase college. we have exclusive interviews that spurred a temporary campus lockdown. >> classes are back in session here. some students looking over their shoulders after reports of an armed man on campus. >> at the end of the day the guy cannot be in all the places at the same time, but it's still scary. >> reporter: last night police flooded the college looking for the suspect. >> reporter: you can see a man running away. no word if that is the person alleged to have the gun or bystander. >> reporter: once they were notified, they were told to stay indoors, that the library here was on lockdown. as campus local and state
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>> i heard over the loud speaker that everyone needs to get in their rooms that it is not a drill to stay indoors because they said that there was an armed gunman on campus. >> reporter: no shots were ever fired that they believe that the man that ran through the wooded area behind the dorms. as they investigated, check points at entrances were set up. every car was inspected before leaving and the students were turning to campus where they were initially turned away. >> it is like four cop cars out front and that they would turn them around. >> reporter: today things are getting back to normal and that they say that they feel like the school has stepped up. >> definitely a lot more security. that they are doing a good effort. >> reporter: the president says that there is no threat to students or faculty and the police investigation, they have made head waves. >> police believe that they have identified who he is. >> reporter: the college officials say that they will be
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and in new york, cbs2 news. during the police investigation, no threat was found. classes at manhattanville are going on as scheduled. now to campaign 2016 a fight to the finish for new york votes. janelle burrell live with more. janelle? >> reporter: chris this could be a real turning point in the race and the candidates are doing all they can to sway voters. many of them making multiple stops across the state, working right up until tomorrow's vote. it's shaping up to be the battle of the new yorkers. bernie sanders spending the final hours ahead of the new york primary, fighting for a win. >> we're 10 points behind, are you concerned about the fact that, you know there, might be a lot of people that do not register on time to vote? >> yes, i am. in new york, we are running against somebody that has been
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but we have election laws, which really negatively impacts us. >> reporter: new york state law prohibiting independence from voting in the primaries could hurt him. hillary clinton on the road news radio. >> different states have different approaches. i think that's appropriate. >> reporter: instead the front runner is challenging sanders and his criticism of her campaign financing, like big donors. >> do i get money from abroad across people? yes, i do. do i raise money to help elect more democrats? yes, i do. >> reporter: in the republican race, ted cruz picked up all 14 delegates in wyoming's weekend primaries. today responding to the front runner's accusations that the gop delegate system is rigged. >> we have won five in a row and donald is upset, so he is throwing a fit. >> john kasich dismissing trump's claims as well. >> i mean, come on. act like you're a professional. be a pro.
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ahead of votes in the cbs battled ground tracker poll, but recognizes that he needs every delegate he can get. if he stands a chance of clinching that nomination. >> that vote is so vital. >> reporter: trump is meeting with voters representative minority supporters at trump tower. he heads up to buffalo later. kasich, he will also be here in the city before he goes up state. cruz, clinton, and sanders all have stops here in new york city as well. chris? >> janelle, thank you. the supreme court is hearing arguments on their executive immigration. the administration wants the justices to okay the plan to let them work in the u.s. but 26 republican-lead states are challenging saying that the action requires approval from congress, lower court haves naught plan on hold and the supreme court decision is expected in late june. there is a frantic search for survivors in ecuador after the country's most powerful
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cbs2 is there with the latest on the traumatic rescue efforts. >> reporter: rescue teams pulled this woman from the rubble on sunday. she was trapped under the fallen roof. these are the few stories of triumph in what seems like a sea of devastation. "i saved my family at least, "this woman said. but my little nephew is still inside. this appears to be the moment that the earthquake struck saturday night. this woman tries to brace herself between two cars as the ground rocks violently beneath her. there is significant damage more than 100 miles south of the epic center. where a hospital collapsed. nearby, 180 prisoners escaped from a jail. across the country now that it is daybreak, search and rescue operations have resumed in the
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one man was quoted of saying that we could hear them yelling for help. we just can't get to them. and the quake killed at least 350 people and injured 2,500 more. the u.s. military joins relief efforts to search for nine people still missing in theearthquakes there. two marine earthquakes will deliver the water, bread, other emergency supplies cut off by the landslides and the damaged roads. at least 42 people are dead and more than 1,000 injured in the two quakes that hit the region on thursday and early sunday. the cause of an early morning fire in new jersey is under investigation. chopper 2 was over 26 owned as the flames and the smoke poured out from the roof of the building here. investigators say that they started just after 6:00 this morning, the gas leak complicated that fire fight. and the firefighters had to contain that fire and protect the interior, exposing that line before they were able to completely extinguish it.
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>> no one was hurt as fire officials say that they did not spread, but the expected to have no knock down those hot spots throughout the day on the scene. there is much more ahead here at no. the university of buffalo will make a huge mistake. why some students that would get acceptant letters really did not get in. the airport crisis as they would report that they slammed into the drone while landing. where did it come from? >> drenching rains in parts of texas that will lead those roadways under water. more rain is on the way. that weather could not breakthrough our big ridge of high pressure.
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the forecast is coming up. it happened yesterday around noon after the plane took off from geneva. mark phillips is in london. >> reporter: this was an happen. but of course it is an accident that should have never happened because there are strict rules. still, it appears that despite their rules that there was a drone in the air here, the busy period of yesterday. when an inbound flight carrying 139 people coming in from geneva collided the pilot says
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the the plane was examined. but the police are taking the report seriously and they have launched an investigation. the british have been struggling with drones like everybody else. they are not suppose to be around airports for obvious reasons. first you need to find the drone and whoever was flying it. they have been calling for tests because of close calls. as to what would happen if the airplane collided with the drone. now they've had an unplanned test. the damage was luckily not serious. mark phillips cbs news london. >> you can stay away from planes and the airports where they could face jail time. the boston marathon is underway today. under the fight security. three years after the marathon bombings, the city's law enforcement would prepare for any possible event. about 5,000 uniform and planed route.
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officers that are working the crowd with bomb-sniffing dogs. you can never say that it will be totally secure. >> 30,000 competitors would register to take part in today's race. and they are causing controversy in the new york college. that they mistakenly notified that more than 5,000 perspective students have been accepted. even though that they had not been fully reviewed. the school sent another e-mail about three hours later apologizing. today is tax day. millions of americans will face a midnight deadline to file their income tax return with the irs thanks to the emancipation day holiday this past friday. the traditional april 15 deadline was moved giving them an extra three days to file. they commemorate abraham lincoln signing the dc emancipation act. today is also the last day to file for an extension, which will give you another six
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sight in london. why are they putting the gas statutes there? >> it is a gorgeous monday as they will let you know how long that the warm weather will last. it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by millions of small contributions. people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money.
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we have breaking news, the bus is wounding two people coming in the way of the attacks with mostly stabbings. two are said to be serious. police are calling it a serious attack. making their point about their air pollution. and that they have climbed up several famous monuments in london. including putting them on the faces as they would break their security around their building. they plan to put masks on 17 people. after heavy rain and parts of the area are under water all because of the severe storm system moving from the dakotas through texas. we have reports. rolling thunderstorms battered texas late sunday
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lighting up the sky over houston. >> i've got to work tomorrow. >> reporter: the rain came down in buckets overnight with nearly 13 inches in only six hours. the downpours flooding streets, trapping cars. the rush of water transforming the yards. it's raining in texas. >> and along the gulf coast, they would spill into the roseways. >> i came from work and kill not get home. >> reporter: trapped at the gas station for over three hours because of the floodwaters. >> i've never seen anything like this. the official haves decided to cancel classes today as the heavy rain is expected to last
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cbs news, dallas. i've never seen flooding like that as it is unbelievable. and what happens then. >> make sure that you appreciate it today that they will be courtesy of the high pressure that it will be a wall, heavy rain over the area. and let's check in with the weather watchers that you know as they point out that they will be enjoying some great weather. out in plainview as he says to look at it that i did not want to keep that inside and they had to because of channel 2 and that it is just a great day. i know pollen count is high. saying hello with a new pick two that they are just loving this water and that it is just beautiful flowers, so many great pictures of just really
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that is a great one right there and then they would show the blue and the pretty bud for you in the city right now with some pretty nice skies. a few clouds and parts of the area still in the parks. 70. boy, winds are variable. that is the hot spot. you've got about a 10-degree spread there from that reading at 66 to 76. without exceptions that it will be 5 to 15 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. i mean not a record, but just so close to 80. i bet that we'll hit it in jersey city maybe. but yes the pictures mean this. the big numbers and high today thursday. yeah, you'll need to be geared up, ready for that. then also a sign of the season.
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make sure you have the sunscreen out. here is our weather of high pressure that will be stretching through the great lakes, then down into texas, so you will get training no place for that rain to go and that you just see that rain continue to fall on saturated real estate. and that is why the water has to place to go and you'll see that devastating flooding. future cast with a few clouds this afternoon and then a weak front that they will breakthrough. evidence of that tomorrow morning with a little bit of light rain and drizzle and look at how it falls apart. the key day as votes are cast in new york. but then you'll see relatively uneventful weather to wrap up their week until friday. we are waiting for friday with a 50% chance for the forecast with some rain as we desperately need it. the numbers even more, more severe as you look at the deficit for spring and a chance to make up for the rain on friday with a great chance to enjoy a june day today. >> right. those temperatures look good today though.
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to find out the weather any time download the cbs weather app as you can check the live radar and send your weather pictures and videos if you've got it. it is free and for android on google play. usually you'll think of corn as the summer vegetable, but showing up in the market. tony aiello is in the produce aisle. >> today's tip of the the day, let me tell you for this time of the year this spring is coming in beautifully. it is very important, otherwise that it will be tasting starchy and you'll lose out that wonderful flavor and nutritional value. let's talk about selection. when you buy it, you would like to make a window in the corn to see the corn and all the kernels are plucked and tucked together. the bigger the either better bigger bang for your bucks. and make sure it is green right here. it is nice and green and right here on the very top make sure it is nice and smooth. when you bring them home, store
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it tastes delicious and it is spring. i'm tony aiello your fresh grocer. remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. >> does he look great or what? he looks fantastic. when we come back, the online contest, the british researcher will be over, but the results
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the expensive fields will be falling apart before they were suppose to as they investigate their taxpayer dollars spent on troublesome turf and then at 6:00 the battle brewing in brooklyn, could they be forced out for months to make room for subway repair work? those stories and much more tonight on cbs2 news beginning at 5:00. and the public has spoken if selected that it is the name. and more than 7,000 were submitted. but in the end that people wanted that suggestion and no guarantee that they will actually follow through on the public's choice. and from what i'm hearing that they are not thrilled with it. >> yeah, i'm sure that it is an why not. >> that is it for us at noon
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