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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  April 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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able to cross that canal on to indian island for people familiar with this area right near copiague county park. the flames continued to burn on the other side. we spoke to witnesses. >> it's stressful and scary. they keep saying it won't go out and it's coming closer and closer to our road. >> i was at work and my friend called me and said your neighborhood is on fire. you better get home. so here i am. >> reporter: volunteers now bringing in water. [ pause ] [ no audio ] >> reporter: a fire aggravated by winds. 200 firefighters from at least four departments, three homes so far destroyed. we're live in copiague, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. we are getting some amazing pictures right now of the fire on social media. this is on facebook. it shows firefighters dousing the flames toward the right side of one of those homes.
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more than a shell left. and the flames are still raging there on the left. this picture was taken just a short time earlier. at that point one giant ball of fire filled the house. another picture shows the fire eating through the roof of a neighboring home. what's the current fire danger? >> lonnie quinn has the answer from the weather center. >> the wind is the problem. plus the super dry conditions that we have now. the best fire break you can get often times, you know, firemen will dig a trench for the fire break. a canal is the best fire break you can imagine and yet the embers were still able to be blown from one side of the other and spread the fire. as of now you look at manhattan it's just sunny overhead but it is bone dry. look at the conditions outside. 68 degrees. that's your thermometer reading. this is the key. right there. your dew point is 8. what a dew point means simply that's the temperature that -- you have to cool this air mass. 68 degrees. you have to cool it down to to produce any moisture. it's not going to happen right
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a radar picture shows you the smoke that we picked up out of copiague being blown down by the south to the winds north. the winds are at 20 miles an hour or stronger. the fire danger is in effect until about 8:00 tonight. it could extend. that's what we have now from the national weather service. there's no rain in our forecast until late thursday. friday though more likely. and the temperatures will be going up even though rain is in that forecast. we'll talk about that later. thank you. now to some other news. a terrifying early-morning jog for a woman in prospect park. she says she fought off a man who tried to sexually assault her. police have now launched a search. cbs 2's raegan medgie joins us with more. >> reporter: it's been hours since police say a woman who was jogging early this morning was attacked here inside prospect park in brooklyn. police are trying to put together clues who could have done it.
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this community on edge. this section of prospect park in brooklyn is now a crime scene as police investigate an early-morning attack near the garfield place and prospect park west entrance. >> disturbing. >> reporter: yolanda johnson is retired from the nypd and begins her day jogging in prospect park five days a week. as she passes this crime scene, it's not sitting well with her. >> this is not even a secluded area, you know? she wasn't in the woods. this is scary. >> reporter: police say this. at 5:15 this morning, a 2- year-old woman was jogging in prospect park when a man attacked her from behind threw her to the ground then knife in hand he said he was going to sexually assault her. >> oh, my god. >> she fought back. >> good for her. >> she got away. >> good for her. >> so did. >> that's not so good. >> reporter: right now behind me you will see police putting up dark blue tape looking as though they are expanding the search area.
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borough president called on the community to step up. >> we want to have a very swift and aggressive response not only from the police department but from civic and community groups to catch this person. >> reporter: it's not going to change the way i exercise but it's going to make me more cautious. >> when it's early, that's the race. that's the race. >> it's hard to believe it happened. i feel very safe. >> reporter: johnson says she will continue jogging at prospect park but with a more careful eye. >> just be aware of your surroundings and just be careful. and good for her that she fought back and i hope she is okay. >> reporter: police say the victim cut her finger when she struggled to get away. she was taken to the hospital and in stable condition. police have beefed up their patrols. not only inside prospect park but also outside. in addition, the brooklyn borough president is asking residents to keep on the
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in park slope, brooklyn, raegan medgie, cbs 2 news. a developing story in nassau county now. an ambulance crashes into a highway overpass killing the driver and a patient. an emt was also hurt. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff live in lakeview with the very latest. >> reporter: kristine, the sorb state parkway behind me finally reopened after eastbound lanes were closed today for 4 hours. all due to the crash of an ambulance into that overpass and we still don't know why control. a frightening spectacle on the southern state washing way. the occupants of an ambulance in dire need after it veered out of control and slammed at eagle avenue. it happened at noon at exit 18 in lakeview. the ambulance cab mangled. its patient compartment perched on an embankment.
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emergency medical technician in the back. but the ambulance driver and a male patient were pronounced dead at the scene. the emt was rush to the hospital with a broken leg and concussion while police worked for hours to recreate the accident. it appears the ambulance lost control and hit a light pole before hitting the bridge. the vehicle part of hunter ambulance fleet a private medical transport. it had to be hoisted high above the bridge to clear the scene. police won't say where it was heading but it was not traveling with lights and sirens. and hunter ambulance will not tell us if the driver, the person who died, was also an emt as is normally the case or if the ambulance was rushing that patient who died to a hospital. state police have not yet released the names of the victims. they are still notifying family.
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cbs 2 news. a driver is killed in queens after his car went flying off the whitestone expressway about noon. police say the man was heading north near the van wyck when he hit the median. the impact sent the car over the ramp and landing 25 feet below on harper street. the man was taken to the hospital where he died of his injuries. no word on what caused that crash. a computer glitch today canceled the parcc exams for some students across new jersey. partnership for assessment and readiness for college and careers is what parcc exams stands for. exams this week. the education department saysed problem is with the exams. school districts are rescheduling the tests. now to campaign 2016. reverberations from new york's primary are being felt in both parties. front-runner donald trump and hillary clinton both and regained momentum!
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marcia kramer is here now with the latest. >> reporter: well, kristine and maurice, the democratic and republican party front- runner say the new york primary left their opponents bruised and beaten but they are not going away. but the contest shapes up this way. hillary clinton needs only about 30% of the remaining delegates to lock in the nomination. donald trump need 57% to avoid a convention fight. >> the vote was incredible. it was record setting and it's new york and now what is nice i have to say -- you know what is is nice? i have to say. they know the good, the bad, and they know me and they're tough. >> reporter: donald trump in indianapolis still crowing about his victory in a new york primary thrilled he picked up 89 of new york's delegates. none to ted cruz, 4 to john kasich. two delegates wait for absentee ballots. it means that cruz and kasich cannot win the nomination. they can only hope to force a
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so trump kept up his attack on cruz his nearest competitors. lyin' ted, lies, oh, he lies. >> you know ted, he brings the bible holds it high puts it down lies. >> reporter: cruz challenged the billionaire to debate him in battleground pennsylvania where voters go to the polls next tuesday. >> listen, donald right now is terrified. he refuses to debate because he can't defend his policies. >> reporter: an open convention is where he steps in. >> since i'm the only one that consistently beats hillary, in every single poll and they lose in every poll, i think we'll have a good future here at the convention. >> reporter: with the delegates she got in new york, she has 1930. bernie sanders has 1189. it takes 2383 to win. hillary clinton is holding two
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a new monmouth university poll shows her with a 13-point lead. her take after the win tuesday night. >> the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: bernie sanders did not speak publicly today. meanwhile, in a somewhat unusual move, new jersey governor chris christie flew out to indiana today for political meetings with trump. a spokesman for the new jersey governor and the gop would give no further details about the powwow or why trump sought christie's counsel. christie wasn't on stage with trump at his rally and was expected back in new jersey tonight for a regularly scheduled radio show. and the fight continues. thank you. it's going to be days before there's an official winner in the race to replace dean skelos. todd kaminski has declared vickery but leads by 780 votes
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ballots that still need to be county. the seat became available when skelos and his son were convicted of corruption. prevails, the two men are likely to battle it out again in the fall. >> there's almost no doubt considering how close this race was that this was just a warmup that there will be a main event, a rematch between mcgrath and kaminski come november. >> kaminski may have been helped by the fact that more democrats than republicans and there were polling problems for a number of new york city voters on primary tuesday. now the board of elections is under investigation. so will it be ready for the next big vote in november? that's coming up on cbs 2 news at 6:00. coming up, we continue to follow breaking news. fire crews working to get control over that brush fire burning near copiague. we'll keep chopper 2 live on the scene for updates. >> also, tackling fires before they start. we go out with local volunteers as they try to
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>> and a money makeover. but it's not the original plan. which bill is getting a female flavor. >> we feel stressed out. we feel sad. >> and they put their homes in the hands of a popular tv show. now they are suing over what they say the show left them to deal with. (vo) we developed the world's first transvenous cardiac pacemaker, performed the world's first coronary bypass, and have world-renowned specialists taking on
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you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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big change coming to the $20 bill. the face of abolitionist harriet tubman is going to replace andrew jackson. while alexander hamilton remains on the $10 bill. cbs 2's weijia jang joins us live from outside the theater where "hamilton the musical" is playing in midtown. >> reporter: kristine and maurice, the u.s. treasury department is not going to come out and say this show played a role in deciding who to replace with harriet tubman but fans are convinced that the phenomenon probably just rewrote history. the new bill may not make an
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people say that's too long to wait. >> abolitionist harriet tubman will soon be the new face of the $10 bill. treasury secretary jack lew says hers is an american story. >> a woman can grow up as a slave, remain illiterate, and threw her heroism and her vision and her determination help to change the course of the country. >> reporter: tubman escaped slavery in 1849 then helped others to freedom through the underground railroad. she later became a member of the suffrage movement. >> someone who is a freedom fighter who freed so many people who were in bondage. she is our moses. >> reporter: the move is a victory for barbara ortiz howard, founder of women on but she wants the bills in circulation by 2020, the centennial of voting rights for women. >> the federal reserve has a huge stake in this and they need to put the -- it on the front burner. >> reporter: in june, the treasury department announced
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front of thed 10 bill moving alexander hamilton to the back. the huge success of hamilton the musical which just won a pulitzer prize may have let him keep center stage. [ music ] hamilton's new popularity aside, jackson's legacy has its own problems. >> in part because of enforcement of the indian removal act of 1830. he was a slave owner. and more over there was no contemporary broadway play about andrew jackson. >> reporter: that's just fine with fans who are paying "benjamins" to see hamilton. but even before the show became such a big deal historians were objecting to hamilton losing his top spot on the 10. he was the country's first secretary of the treasury. still, eventually there are plans to redesign the 5 and the 10-dollar bills in the future. cbs 2 news. >> thank you.
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you think about harriet tubman on the $20 bill. post your comments to jewish communities are preparing to celebrate passover. today young students in westchester got a sense and a taste of the history behind it. vanessa murdoch reports. [ singing in foreign language ] >> reporter: it's one of the most exciting days of the year in new rochelle. what holiday are you guys celebrating? >> passover. >> it's a really special night. >> reporter: passover starts friday at sundown. today, students just two, three and four years old practiced with a model seder or as aaron would say it. >> table. >> this is a holiday of freedom. but this seder is really a time where we tell our stories. >> reporter: they read from the hagada and tell the story of when jews were enslaved in egypt and led to freedom by moses. educational director ronnie becker says the students
5:19 pm
senses to get a sense of what passover is all about. they witnessed burning of the breads. why did you burn the bread? >> because we don't have bread on passover. >> reporter: it's tradition to eat unleavened bread or matzo. students prepared the table, songs sung. [ singing in foreign language ] >> reporter: students munched on parsley, grape juice and put the matzo to search for later then it was time to eat. apples, raisin, cinnamon, honey, eggs, some seemed to like the nontraditional cream cheese best. what is your favorite thing at the table. >> matzo. >> matzo. >> reporter: sweet aaron
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[ laughter ] >> reporter: shy says his favorite part of passover. >> matzo game. i'm gonna find it >> reporter: students looked for the covet [ non-english language ] eden found it and looked thrilled when she did. what's most important at this table? >> the people. >> reporter: perhaps the most beautiful lesson learned as these sweet students celebrate passover. from new rochelle, vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. >> passover lasts for eight days. a sign of springtime in central park. the bethesda fountain was turned on today. the angel is on the fountain built in honor of the croton water system. it first brought freshwater to the city in 1842. you can find it in the middle of the park on the north side of the 72nd street.
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stroll in the park. lonnie quinn. >> no clouds. just what maurice said, beautiful outside. 68 it is just bone dry though when you figure that the dew points are nine and relative humidity up 10%. at 10% you're concerned about fires. i want to let you know that all the trees are starting to pop out. the leaves coming out. poplar, juniper and maple. high today, tomorrow, friday, suffering, if you are suffering more of the same. let me show you the high temperature. you hit 68 degrees. 63 your normal so 5 degrees above the normal today. yesterday were you 10 degrees. before that 20 degrees. that slide with temperatures is going to stop. it's the coolest spot i can find. 68 we'll match that in edison. vortex satellite and radar, nice clear picture.
5:22 pm
out there for tonight. overnight low about 48 degrees. clear skies on the cool side and then look at this we have a frost advisory for those counties shaded in blue into ocean county. temperatures in the low to mid- 20s and 30s tomorrow. warmer temperature tomorrow and friday. we'll have more later. up next, a trip to the vet can be a stressful thing for animals and pet owners. now new services are popping up to bring the doctor to your doorstep. the vets say it could actually help them with their diagnoses. >> also, a new kind of chemotherapy.
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coming up on the news at 6:00, he terrorized residents on staten island for years but he was never caught. >> i don't know what you're talking about. [ inaudible ] >> now police say they finally found the man known as the ninja burglar. that's coming up at 6:00. right now, taking a pet to
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>> but now there are high-tech services that will have your pet feeling right at home. karina mitchell has the story. >> reporter: when her golden retriever jz developed a skin condition she knew getting her to the vet wouldn't be easy. >> she gets anxiety every time we even walk past the vet. >> reporter: see she used the smartphone to have the vet come to her. dr. john works for a new app called instavet. pet house calls go from general checkups to end of life care. he said they can be more effective than a traditional vet visit. >> they're not stressed, stuffed in a carrier in the car to the vets. you can reach a diagnosis much easier at home sometimes. >> reporter: same day advance bookings can be made using a mobile device or online and the service allows you to keep
5:27 pm
>> reporter: other apps including vet pronto offer similar services, another called vet on demand allows users to get a video consultation with a vet. dr. john was able to give jz a shot for her skin problem and will need a follow-up visit. >> more exercise. >> reporter: instavet charges $149 for a housecall. but she says it's worth it. karina mitchell for cbs news. >> right now, instavet is only available in new york and san francisco but it has plans to expand. protecting people with special needs before emergency strikes. up next a new registry to help rescuers. >> as fire crews battle one brush fire in copiague, other crews are trying to prevent new fires from starting.
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do to cut down on the risk. sfx: crowd cheering sfx: crowd booing sfx: crowd chanting sfx: crowd cheering
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good evening once again, i'm maurice dubois. >> welcome back. i'm kristine johnson. we continue to follow breaking news of that large fire in suffolk county. authorities say the fire broke out in a house on east santa
5:31 pm
the flames spread to three other homes. the fire also jumped a creek to ignite a brush fire on nearby indian island. it was a fierce battle as firefighters and residents put out the flames that threatened a neighborhood. now, right now, this is a life picture of the scene from chopper 2 where it originated. white smoke still drifts from the brush and the homes that caught on fire all have major damage. one just a shell of what used to be that home. we'll continue to follow developments. the fire has crews across the area on alert. they are concerned that the dry windy conditions could turn flames into another raging inferno. cbs 2's elise finch shows us the new equipment that could save lives and property. >> reporter: this battering ram on the fire truck rolled through the tangled ridges of forest that ring the town of ridge. local volunteer firefighters now confident it will help them take on flames deep into
5:32 pm
way out should flames brock the road. >> those are ex-military five tons that we had fabricated to take down trees. >> reporter: this firefighter knows the danger. he was in command when a huge brush fire broke out here four years ago under similarly dry conditions. it burned homes, damaged fire equipment and briefly trapped several volunteers. >> there's nothing i ever seen before. i have been in the department for almost 20 years and that's the biggest fire i have ever seen. >> reporter: since then more new homes have been built directly in the woods. this family moved in two months ago now alarmed to learn of recent new red flag warning for her neighborhood. >> it don't cross my mind about the brush fires and it would be this close to us. >> reporter: in the thick brush you can see why at least a red flag warning. dry weeds crumble at the touch. it's why the state forestry department plans to set more fires intentionally.
5:33 pm
burns cut down on the amount of combustible brush that spreads brush fires quickly. >> pine barrens have been burning for thousands of years and our firefighters have learned that it's better to fight small fires than big fires. >> reporter: even as these volunteers train constantly to protect their community, she says she and her family are already planning an escape route. >> i'm definitely going to have to talk to the kids again about fire safety. >> reporter: while keeping a nervous eye on the woods. elise finch, cbs 2 news. >> unless there are strong winds tomorrow, the state plans a controlled burn in the pine barrens tomorrow. and a fire severely damaged two homes and spread to a third. this one is in new jersey. chopper 2 is over the scene in rutherford about 10 a.m. a neighbor also captured video of the firefighters on the rooftops there battling the flames. took about two hours to get it under control. fire investigators are looking into whether a cigarette tossed outside one of the homes may have started the fire monmouth county is it trying to improve the
5:34 pm
respond and people with special needs with a new registry. meg baker tells us how it works. >> reporter: as a parent of a special needs child, francis he takes extra precautions to keep his son safe. >> we couldn't find him and were panicked and we called 911 and, you know, um, thankfully we found him. >> reporter: colton who is 18 says he has wandered off a few times and froze in fear. >> i was pretty scared i will admit. i at any time really know what to do. >> reporter: monmouth county is hoping to be of assistance in these situations. today, they introduced a first- of-its-kind special need registry. the 911 call center is the first point of contact. any information on the registry pops up on the dispatcher's screen. >> we know now that this information that family members can put into the system will be at the fingertips as an alert to the name or the address. >> reporter: that includes not only people with autism but elders with dementia or
5:35 pm
impediment or who is deaf. the responding officer is then armed with this information. >> law enforcement has seen incidents where certain behavior or a lack of behavior was easily misconstrued by that officer as some kind of furtive or dangerous activity. >> reporter: the registry is a voluntary program with families can enter additional information like calming methods for someone who is autistic. >> if we know the child likes trains or baseball the officer armed with that information can talk to them about that and hopefully gain their confidence and keep the situation calm. >> reporter: the prosecutor says more than 10% of monmouth county's population has special needs. that's more than 60,000 people. in freehold, new jersey, meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> and you can sign up for this registry free of charge. two nypd detectives are on the wrong side of the law tonight accused of attacking a
5:36 pm
today a grand jury indicted angelo panpana and robert carbone on assault charges. they have been suspended without pay. they allegedly punched and kicked kareem baker on this corona street in october. baker claims the attack as retribution after he gave a person directions to the marcy houses. the man shot and killed detectives rafael ramos and wenjian liu in 2014 and then killed himself. some new information. three people face criminal charges in the lead tainted water crisis in flint, michigan. two state workers are accused of refusing to order chemical treatment that could have prevented the release of lead in old plumbing. also, a flint utility worker is charged with tampering with evidence allegedly changing water testing results. michigan's attorney general says more charges are expected. it's a new way to battle some forms of cancer. they are called chemo bead and they let doctors track their progress in real time.
5:37 pm
>> a "hawaii five-o" star turns from the screen to the stage. hear from daniel dae kim about his new project. >> and today in history in 1959, dolly parton's first single was released.
5:38 pm
called, puppy love." patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits.
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new rules for the golden globes category reaction for comedy. the martian starring matt damon won the comedy prize and he won best actor in a motion picture, comedy or musical but movie-goers felt it was a drama even though had some funny moments. the new rules said dramatics with comedic overtones should be enter as dramas. >> those the are rules. there is a new king on broadway now.
5:41 pm
the cbs drama hawaii five drama "hawaii five-o" is on broadway. >> i started in new york many years ago and to be able to come back to lincoln center to make my broadway debut is very special. >> reporter: he starred on the "hawaii five-o" as detective chin hoe kelly. >> this is my 13th year on television in hawaii. so i don't know of may actors who are able to say that. [ music ] >> reporter: that's the role of the king of siam that kim is taking over in the king and i. >> i hope that they take their preconceptions to something that's relevant today. >> reporter: it follows the relationship between the king and anna a british schoolteacher he hires to educate his children. she is played by a three time tony nominee.
5:42 pm
cancer last may and is in remission. how does it feel coming back to broadway? >> amazing in this beautiful production, i feel very grateful and blessed. >> reporter: she actually came to see the production to see her friend kelly o'hara who starred as anna. >> reporter: i was so moved by her relationship with the king and her and the journey together. >> reporter: they started rehearsing eight days ago and since they are taking over the lead roles together she feels confident that kim will have her back. daniel and marri in will be starring in the king and i here at the beaumont theater starting may 3. at lincoln center, jill nicolini, cbs 2 news. >> he will appear in the king and i for eight weeks and return to the set of "hawaii five-o." >> sure fans are like, whew! all right. it will be nice to see him on broadway. >> a regular yul brynner. >> very good. coming up, some may think
5:43 pm
see who "people" magazine chose as the most beautiful woman in the world. >> and how a special cover could protect cars from weather damage. >> at 6:00, breaking news on long island. a home catches on fire and then spreads to three other houses and then starts a huge brush fire. >> plus, names left off the roles. voters confused after serious problems at the poles. will the board of elections be ready for november? (vo) you were born. you live in westchester. you live in the hudson valley. you live in the bronx. you want world-class medical care without
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you have it in montefiore. with a history of firsts, we're nationally recognized for medical excellence, and with our albert einstein college of medicine, academic and research excellence. and now state-of-the-art healthcare
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new technology revealed amazing results when it comes to hard-to-treat liver cancer. it's beads and a chemo drug. dr. max gomez here to tell us the combination kills off tumors without the awful chemo side effects. >> reporter: every year in the u.s., there are about 40,000 cases of cancer that starts in the liver well over half that number dying of the cancer partly because most of it is inoperable. what if you could squirt tiny drug coated beats into the tumor to kill it off? if you can say that anyone with cancer is lucky, patrick delaney is a lucky man.
5:47 pm
hepatitis treatment, doctors found something unexpected. >> the white a 2" tumor. >> reporter: patrick it two of those tumors in his liver and they were inoperable. >> when you hear you have two tumors in your liver you start thinking about how much time you have left. >> reporter: the lucky part is that the tumors were actually pretty early stage and that doctors at mount sinai were about to make him one of the first patients in the country to have a new technique done using lumi beads that are coated with a chemotherapy drug. >> the advantage of the bead is that you will have diminished side effects. >> reporter: because the drug comes out slower? >> yes. because it will release more slowly and so the maximum effects will be in the tumor and not in the body. >> reporter: actually the advantages are even greater. dr. kim can actually thread a tiny catheter through the wrist and because the tiny beads show up in x-rays, he can tell when he is in a blood vessel that feeds just the tumor. there's a double killing effect. the chemo drug and especially
5:48 pm
flow to the tumor. >> so far nine out of ten patients we have seen complete response. >> reporter: a month after two treatments there's just scar tissue with a where the tumor once was. >> they cure tumors with no side effects, no down time. whatever happens in the future is the future. but right now, i feel like i hit the lotto. >> reporter: he did indeed. now, this technique is what doctors call primary liver tumors. those are tumors that start in the liver, not tumors that spread there from somewhere else. while it's very early in the use of lumi beads, it's a hopeful appears for patients who previously had few. patrick by the way got his medicine for his hepatitis so he got his tumor taken care of and his hepatitis is gone so he really did hit the lotto. >> great deal. thank you. expected tomorrow is announcement of a deal between
5:49 pm
it stems from vw's diesel cars that were deliberately designed to cheat u.s. emissions testing. sources say the company will shell out more than a billion- dollar total to compensate owners of those cars. well, a new invention gives some help to any car owner who happens to be concerned about the damaging effects of hail. this is great. look at this. its called the hail protector. it's an inflatable cover for cars so when storms are moving in you just place it over your car and then press a few buttons. [ chuckling ] in just a matter of minutes it creates a giant balloon that doubles as an air cushion. the hail protector comes in different sizes for different vehicles. it starts at $300. and you know what? i'm not thinking about hail. i'm thinking about parking in new york city! that is perfect! you know the little bumper things that people put on their cars? you put that thing. >> hopefully it's locked down so no one is stealing it. >> you're not going to get nidings. >> this is true. >> also got to worry about what the neighbors think.
5:50 pm
>> you need a big space, too. >> that's true like three spaces and you have -- you have to know the forecast. a change as we finish out the workweek. tom donovan first time on the show with me. thank you, my friend. appreciate you joining us. west islip reporting 61. tom is saying, blue skies from now on. we were just chitchatting about this. no not from now on. there's going to be a change on friday. we'll talk about that. nothing but blue sky and clear and breezy at times. 68 cross-examination, bone dry atmosphere, humidity down to 10%, 68 degrees. five degrees above the average. we have been in the 80s, 70s and 60s.
5:51 pm
50s tomorrow? no temperatures are going up. so headlines look like this. no concerns on friday. you asking about blue skies no. i think friday is going to be a likely wet weather day. now, the fire concerns that we talk about for tonight, it's on alert until 8:00. new jersey has to be concerned with open flames. vortex satellite and radar is boy just clean and green nothing going on. this is a radar picture and it's the satellite picture. both of them together on this picture but you don't see a cloud. you don't see rain. the bigger picture will show you where i find it. keep going. there we go. stop it there. there is a front in the midwest and it's moving in our direction. it's definitely got some rain associated with it. but remember. until you get on this side of warmer and warmer. this path right here is filled with warm air. we could possibly find some 80s on friday even though i do think wet weather is going to
5:52 pm
futurecast looks like this. your high pressure system for thursday starts to push offshore a little bit so you will see more clouds later thursday but the bulk of the day on thursday is okay. just a few more clouds. then by friday lunchtime, maybe a couple of leading showers coming into the area. its more likely to find showers after 3 p.m. then you get to saturday. by saturday afternoon back to a good-looking sky. so let's give you the forecast. i just want to spend some time on passover beginning friday around 8 p.m., 72 degrees. and you do have that thunderstorm risk. here we have it. look across the board. >> sunday is th march of dimes for babies. 63 your monday high temperature. >> thank you.
5:53 pm
woman in the world has been crowned. she is no stranger to the hollywood honor. actress jennifer aniston is on the cover of the "people" magazine issue which hits newsstands on friday. she previously held this tight until 2004. the 47-year-old is the second oldest honoree behind sandra bullock. second oldest? it sounds weird to say that about a 47-year-old. >> most veteran. >> that's better. i like that much better. >> experienced. [ laughter ] up next, they thought a hit tv show would help them renovate their home but what this couple says they were left with to deal with after the cameras left and they are going to court. >> at six road rage at the mall a guy accused of cutting off a car and pepper spraying
5:54 pm
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popular home renovation show is accused of failing to deliver on its promises. a north carolina couple turned to hgtv's love it or list it when they decided to fix up their home. now they are taking the production company to court saying the renovation left a lot to be desired. cbs 2's emily smith shows us why.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: the hgtv reality show bills itself as a hit tv series that appeals to homeowners in search of a new home to better suit their needs. in each episode, a home is renovated and the owners get to decide if they love it and want to stay or list it for sale. it build up to a big reveal at the end of the show. dina murphy and timothy sullivan signed up hoping to be wowed but they weren't. >> decisions made. >> are you going to love it or list it? >> reporter: but nearly 7 months after their episode aired murphy and sullivan have yet to list it or move back in. they filed a lawsuit against the subcontractor and the canadian company big coat tv that produces the show. the couple claims the renovations were disastrous alleging their $140,000 was essentially used to create a stage set for this television series. >> we took out a substantial
5:58 pm
of our own money. >> reporter: their allegations include damaged floorboards, open holes, low great carpeting and unpainted surfaces. the couple's attorney claims the poor workmanship occurred because the production company was a general contractor during the renovation hiring local subcontractors to do the work. >> for the homeowners here, this is a renovation project. and for big coat it's a tv show. what we allege is that big coat hired contractors who did substandard work. >> reporter: the couple's lawsuit also claims the subcontractor received only about $58,000 of their money and the -- $85,000 of their money and the production $55,000. in a statement big coat production says it completed without any issue. and that the claim is in no way supported by any of the facts in the case. really disappointed.
5:59 pm
sullivan, finding their dream home will just have to wait. emily smith, cbs 2 news. >> the lawsuit also claims the show is scripted with roles and reactions assigned to the various participants on the program including the homeowners. 5:00. now. captions by: caption colorado linda macdonald is captioning for you in real time. homes in flames and smoke. the race to save homes and stop a fire. >> a burglar terrorized staten island for years. tonight police say the ninja burglar is behind bars. >> and will they be ready after polling problems on super tuesday? can the board of election bounce back? good evening, i'm kristine johnson. >> i'm maurice dubois. dana tyler is off tonight. we begin with that breaking news on long island.
6:00 pm
copiague started with a house fire that quickly spread to 3 other homes and before it was over, the smoke could be seen for miles. >> and this is a live look interest chopper 2 right now. you can see the fire has been contained. but a burned-out shell of the home is all that remains. jennifer mclogan reports. >> reporter: swift action from hundreds of firefighters kept this blaze from getting worse. they descended here on the explosive scene on east santa barbara road in copiague. three homes at the end of this street appear damage or destroyed. two others can be salvage. windy conditions and dust. flames jumped across the canal


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