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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  April 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this doctor works for a new app called instant vet up in flames, it started in one home and turned into this. a massive brush fire quickly spreads across a suffolk county community forcing people to fight it from the ground, rooftops, even from the water. good evening. i'm maurice dubois.
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. crews will be keeping a close eye on the area overnight. cbs2's lou young is live now latest. lou? >> reporter: this is where it began, the house completely consumed where it started and then the fire spread in a widening circle of destruction, strong winds and dry conditions threatening the entire community. at its worst, the air was filled with smoke and embers swirling in a brisk changeable wind. five homes went up and it wildlife refuge across a canal was a wall of flames. >> it was intense down here, the air, the wind changed direction so vast that the island was on fire. start letting stuff up. >> reporter: this is american venice on the lindenhurst line, canal access to great south bay, the nexus of a flight --
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blown fire from developing. >> all the fire departments, suffolk county, marin broken, they all came. >> reporter: it started in a house on east santa barbara, electrical short in a wall mounted air conditioner. a woman grabbed her child and ran for their lives. >> all of a sudden they yelled it's out of control. at that point i lifted my head and i saw the backyard up in flames. >> we just wanted to protect the adjoining houses for explosions. >> reporter: the heat was very intense, it meant -- it melted this fence said. this house is where keith bush lives, listen to what he found when he went inside. >> i went in to get my phone charger of all things and i saw smoke coming through the walls. >> reporter: he ran for his life, everyone got out ahead of the flames. many of the homes are still being restored from superstorm sandy damage. as crews hose down hotspots, across the canal at sunset, the people in charge are breathing a sigh of relief. tragic, but it could've
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>> reporter: no serious two firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation but it's the family who lived here were about to leave so the place could be renovated, the house was going to be raised and the family who lived here was just getting ready to return. the place had just been renovated. now both will have to rebuild from scratch. live in lindenhurst, lou young, cbs2 news. thank you. lonnie quinn has more on the fires, lonnie, so much spoke from this one, actually visible on the radar. >> take a peek, sometime between 2:00 and 4:00, that's the blue cross blue shield right there, radar picks up on whatever is suspended in the air. a raindrop, snowflake or ash from a fire. what i want to show you now, the winds were coming in from the north. pushing that smoke into the atlantic. the picture is going to show you know rain on our picture. the rain we watch is in the midsection of the country, this will bring relief from the fires, not going happen tomorrow. the national weather service has a fire alert again in
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jersey. until it. tomorrow night. tomorrow night, into your day on friday, things will start to change. tomorrow still have some wind gusts out there, double digits throughout the area around 330, some up to 20 miles per hour around montauk. it's a bad combination for another day. we will talk about really availability. maurice come over to you. developing in brooklyn, police search for the suspect who tried to rape a female jogger. the disturbing attack happened this morning while the woman jogged in prospect park. police say the victim was attacked from behind and thrown to the ground. the suspect had a knife but the victim fought back. other joggers say with this in mind, they will be more cautious. >> this isn't even a secluded area. you know? it's not like she was in the woods. this is kerrie. >> hard to believe this happened actually. because i feel very safe here. i don't see anything going on here. >> police have increased patrols and in prospect park. an ambulance crash kills
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an emt was also hurt. the ambulance lost control when it hit and overpass on the southern state parkway in lakeview. no word whether it was rushing to a hospital, but police say it did not have on its lights and sirens. the death of a bicyclist in brooklyn has local leaders demanding a crackdown on truck drivers who go off route. cbs2's valerie castro has more now from park slope. friends honored the life of 33- year-old james great with flowers and candles, placed at the corner of sixth avenue and sterling place, where he was killed while riding his bike. >> he was always on the back. will be out for his morning bike ride. >> reporter: he was headed south on sixth avenue in the truck. when he somehow collided with the back tires. >> he may have found himself squeezed a little bit. and not realized the truck was passing him and he got clipped by the back tires. >> reporter: in surveillance video you can see the truck stop in the middle of the intersection just after the accident happened.
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>> i was asleep and i heard what i think was a screech and a bank. and a screech of tires. >> sixth avenue is residential, not a truck route. >> reporter: borough president eric adams called attention to the fact that large 18 wheelers like the one indiscretion are not permitted to drive on sixth avenue without the proper permit. police say the driver in this accident was issued a summons for driving off route. this map from the new york city department of transportation shows the accepted truck routes all over the city including brooklyn, sixth avenue in park slope is not an accepted route. residents say despite the regulations, trucks often roll through and claim police rarely stop them. >> open tolerance by the police department is like a de facto acceptance. we cannot continue to have trucks and other vehicles on areas where they are not supposed to be.
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advocacy group transportation alternatives says this death should serve as a call to the city to add more bike lanes and aggressively fight against reckless driving. in park slope, valerie castro, cbs2 news. one thing led to another when police got a tip about illegal credit card skimmers, the trail took them to a stash of guns, including a loaded ak- 47. cbs2's tracee carrasco. a demonstration of just how dangerous the weapons can be. okay sheepshead bay brooklyn apartment, the site of a credit card fraud operation busted by the nypd early tuesday morning. more than 100 forged credit cards and skimming devices, thousands of dollars in cash, five illegal handguns and rounds of ammunition. most alarming? police found a loaded ak-47. >> what makes this rifle so dangerous is the select fire. ability to shoot fully automatically. and as long as you hold the trigger back, the gun will fire. >> reporter: the nypd arrested a man and two women and say they are seeing more of these financial criminals with a
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>> there's drug cartels, organized crime. you know, the way they can smuggle in drugs, they can smuggle in illegal guns. >> reporter: detective robert gasperi from the firearms and tactics section says these deadly weapons in the wrong hands can be devastating. >> this is a threat not only to the police responded to the scene but even to the neighborhood itself. it could go right through a building into someone's bedroom or dining room. kitchen. it's a very powerful weapon. >> reporter: in an exclusive demonstration in robbins next firing range, we got a close look at how much damage these ak-47s can cause and how powerful they are. they can shoot dozens of rounds in a matter of seconds even from far distances. take a look as detective gasperi fires at this piece of steel, the ak-47 pierces right through it. a critical job as the nypd works to get these illegal
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all three people arrested here facing number of charges, for the weapons, forgery devices and stolen property. reporting from sheepshead bay, tracee carrasco, cbs2 news. new at 11, what prosecutors want for sheldon silver. in papers filed, he was attorney says that he will ask silver be sentenced to at least 15 years in prison, a record for any new york state legislator. former assembly speaker was convicted last november on seven counts of corruption stemming from bribery and kickbacks. his sentencing is set for may 3. a burglar suspected of more than 100 crimes finally behind bars. >> and they are standing facing them. it was a ninja. a guy dressed up as a ninja. the new evidence uncovered inside his home. border tunnel bust. the money makeover, how
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face on the $20 bill. new information tonight on the notorious ninja burglar home police say has confessed to a decades-old crime spree. robert costanza was expected to plead guilty to burglary charges tomorrow. investigators say he admitted to roughly 150 break-ins on staten island since 2005. also linkedin to similar crimes in new jersey, upstate new york and connecticut. >> detailed how he targeted homes between 6:30 pm and 7:00 a.m. under the cover of darkness and checked to see there weren't any outside alarms are sirens. >> and there, standing, facing me was a ninja. a guy dressed up as a ninja.
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with three of the crimes because the statute of limitations expired on the other burglaries. espn has fired baseball analyst and former boston red sox pitcher curt schilling after a controversial post on facebook. schilling shared a picture viewed as insensitive to transgender people, it shows a man wearing a wig and references letting him into a restroom with your daughter. now, schilling says he didn't post the picture and only made a comment about the basic functionality of men's and women's restrooms. last fall, schilling was suspended by the network after he shared a post comparing muslims to nazis. new tonight a remarkable look inside one federal agent is saying the longest drug california mexico border. the tunnel runs from mesa to mile long. it has a ventilation system, lights and a large elevator on the mexican side. agents seized nearly $30 million worth of cocaine and
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historic changes to the $20 bill, abolitionist harriet tubman will replace andrew jackson on the front of the bill. while jackson will be featured on the back. tubman escaped slavery in 1849 and helped others get to freedom through the underground railroad. she will be the first african- american on u.s. paper money and first woman in 100 years. also, alexander hamilton's image will remain on the $10 bill. the new bills will be issued as early as 2020. new tonight, the price of owning a home is never cheap. mortgage and taxes can be relentless drain on finances. >> as dick brennan chose us, sometimes when payments are missed, the consequences can be devastating. >> reporter: this house on prince street in middletown is in a sorry state of disrepair, but that wasn't always the case. >> i worked very hard for that.
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the house needs repair, i was there with my kids. until 12:00 at night. >> reporter: clara bought it as a rental property hoping it would give her financial edge for the future. >> that was my tomorrow. my tomorrow is gone. >> reporter: she had fallen behind in payments and was working to restructure her mortgage. but she still eventually lost the house, not to the bank, but to the city of middletown because she didn't pay a $1700 water bill. >> she finds out that suddenly, the property is not yours anymore. she goes to inquire why. what happened? she finds out that -- >> reporter: water bills and legal notices were sent to rep her property, not her primary residence. the attorney told us she never saw them. and the tenants ignored them because water bills were not their responsibility. leonardo had no idea she could actually lose the house because of an unpaid. >> all that we have is one certified letter that they give us a copy of which said they were telling her if it wasn't paid by a certain date, the property was going to become theirs. >> reporter: the middletown
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>> she was collecting rent on both units, ignored two years worth of notices including regular mailings, certified mailings. >> reporter: leonardo contends that town didn't do enough and that she would have paid if she knew it meant losing her house. she says she did present a check for the amount owed but it was after the house was taken and was too late. if the person does make whole the property, in a given amount of time, why do you still take the property? >> because it's the law. >> there is no lien greater than the government. >> reporter: no matter what the hardship, it's the owner's responsibility to know what is owed and when, or face the consequences. >> homeowner beware. pay your bills. pay the most important bills, property taxes, water and mortgage. >> reporter: this happens in cities all over the country. sometimes for missed bills of just a few hundred dollars. as for clara leonardo, she is considering filing for bankruptcy. the house she lost is slated to be rehabbed for community
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cold, hard truth there. all right. let's talk weather tonight, lonnie quinn is here. a little dry, a little warm. >> if it wasn't for the fire danger that we've had, it's been some beautiful weather out there. sort of continues tomorrow. and then the transition is going to take place. i'll show you what's going on out there as of right now, your temperatures in the 50s for most spots, some 40s out there as well. we can go right here, around spring valley, this is carl, carl kessler. i think it's your first time on the show with me. we've had carl on before? forgive me, carl. welcome back. what is carl have to say? will friday's rain is the dry weather? it's going to break us out of the fire danger that i was talking about but that's not on friday not for tomorrow. outside right now, clear sky, temperature comes in at 57 degrees. high temp was 68. five above the average. but on monday, you were in the
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tomorrow you go back to the 70s and by friday, could see 80. rain chance however on friday. going to be unsettled and cooler as a look ahead to next week. like tuesday, wednesday, thursday. before your day tomorrow, i think we'll get up into the mid- upper 70s for the afternoon but it's actually morning out there. some of you are under a frost advisory. from 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m., looping around towards suffolk, sussex county as well, morris county, you could wake up to a bit of frost out there, not everybody but just outside the metro area, yeah. some frost on the ground. vortex satellite and radar showing us know rain falling out there, the rain is still off to our west. you can see a few more clouds make their way into our area tomorrow but this front is going to make its way through. on the backside, cooler air will start setting up, that's what i'm talking about for next week. but for your day tomorrow into friday, tap into this air right here, there's moisture for
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there, you are talking, that burst of southwest wind, you are dealing with temperatures, 77, 78, some 79th out there. futurecast show you the high- pressure holding on strong, a few clouds in on friday, where we start to see those clouds thickened up, this is 6:00 a.m. looks like the best chance for rain on friday would be safe from 2 am-ish from 2:00 p.m. on. that's the line coming through and it's not as a wall of water. that's not what i see. more spotty like this, but he will do with it into friday night as well, saturday things clear. saturday afternoon, things look pretty good outside. so temperatures in the morning, some 30s out there, 39 for liberty, maybe a lot of you hovering around 40 degrees mark. could see some frost. 74 the high tomorrow. 77 friday. wet weather chance, 69 on saturday. 64 sunday. next week, wednesday back to the upper 50s and 59 for wednesday, would put you below average after a week that's been so nice with mild temps.
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how do you celebrate her 90th birthday if you are the queen of england? with royally memorable photos. buckingham palace released three portraits by photographer annie leibowitz. to mark the milestone. one shows her with grandchildren and great- grandchildren including 11- her brother prince george was also featured in a commemorative image on a series birthday. look at that smile. [ laughter ] the queen turns 90 tomorrow. he's actually standing. i don't know if you saw it. standing on like, a little pile of foam. >> it's his secret, though. you've given it away. >> the most adorable thing ever.
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>> that smile kills me. you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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the islanders said they fed off the crowd energy on sunday, overtime win at the berkeley center. because of the nature of the sport, you can't count on momentum carrying over. you could count on the crowd being raucous in game four, the
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ice advantage. they get the equalizer from john taveras, 15 seconds before second intermission. three goals and four assists in the series for the captain. it stayed that way until midway through the third. thomas greiss never saw it coming, fights through the traffic, the panthers went on top 2-1. the islanders had their chances, they came up empty first on the power play. the man advantage with the empty net, the panthers tied the series at two piece. game five friday night in florida. >> obviously back-and-forth, everything has been tight. we played well down there. obviously the first game we got the results. second game, we played pretty well. so believe in our group and correct where we got to be better and find a way to get a win. one of brooklyn's finest, duane perl washington passed away of cancer at 52. the high school all-american at
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perl went to syracuse, big east rookie of the year, three-time all big east player, also all- american, a basketball with you with some serious handles, his signature moment came in his 15th collegiate game, a half- court buzzer beater to nip boston college by two. his head coach was emotional when talking about perl today. >> we've been fortunate, had a lot of great players but i think there's really only one guy like him. >> true. time for a quick break.
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welcome back, everyone. brett gardner out of tonight's lineup, the yankees trying to bounce back from the extra inning loss to the a's last night. right off the bat, bases-loaded for a run. he has the most grams -- grand slams all night. his batting average down to .163.
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first, gregorius, the yanks went to the short porch, second of the year, 1-0 lead. yankees down 3-1, threatening, second and third but he hits it to the 5-through-hike -- 5-5-3 double play. the yankees have now lost six of seven, 5-2 the final. series wraps up tomorrow night. the red-hot mets in philly, 2, yoenis cespedes rips a frozen rope laser to left, his fifth of the year, ties it at three. lucas duda, no doubt. the third straight game the mets have hit back-to-back home runs. ever a compass that feet. 4-3. the fighting fills live up to their nickname. slaps one to write, it's a 4-4 game in the seventh. stayed that way until the 11th. than that man again, allows the
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would have been out of the inning. phillies avoid sweep. you know what? they can take two out of three. >> that was a tough play. >> those home runs. oh, my gosh. >> they are cranking them out, franchise record. they had six the other night. >> just another night at the ballpark. >> they love philly. when systems can help sense your surroundings. and when cameras change your perspective. that's the more human side of engineering. experience what a lincoln can do for you at the lincoln spring collection event. your choice of the lincoln mkc or mkz for $2 a month,
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thanks so much for joining us tonight. coming up next, "the late show with stephen colbert". he's got dennis quaid and donald trump in cartoon form. don't miss it. >> stephen: hello! we're on in one minute. what's going on in there? what the hell is happening?


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