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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  April 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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live from studio 46, this is cbs2 news at noon. >> good afternoon, i'm chris wragge. >> fans around the world remembering music legend prince. fans from brooklyn to los angeles and around the world are remembering the man and his legacy cbs2's jamie yuccas has burglar more. >> the fence outside paisley park. >> he touched many, many generations. he touched many cultures [ music ] prince's reign over popular music spanned four decades and touched almost every genre. >> he wore his sincerity on his sleeve, and you could feel it. >> i'm going to miss my friend. >> sheila e. knew and worked
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>> he was a gentleman, very funny, and competitive, a perfectionist, a genius. >> an autopsy today will help determine the cause of death, but results will not be known for days or weeks. the 57-year-old had reportedly been battling the flu. >> if the mood outside paisley park is somber, it's the exact opposite here outside minneapolis club 1st avenue where purple rain was filled. >> an all night street party will keep on going. more celebrations of prince's life are planned for tonight and tomorrow. >> trying to explain to a 3- year-old who prince was not easy, so hopefully in time he'll understand the importance of being here today. >> and join the millions of
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minneapolis minnesota. >> fans continue to mourn and pay tribute to the music legend. the apollo theater where prince is being remembered in song and celebration, even right now. janelle. >> reporter: chris, you can hear some of those songs playing right now here outside of the apollo. a steady stream of people gathering underneath the marquee to pay tribute to the legend and his greatest hits. >> his fans come from many backgrounds but under the lights of the apollo marquee it's their grief that connects them. >> it hit me like he's a part of the family. >> my heart is broken. >> eshel got a chance to meet prince once in switzerland, an unwaiver follower since then. >> you really lived and breathed prince. >> yeah, pretty much. >> it's amazing. >> it is my loss.
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i feel it really, really a lot. >> so many shattered by his passing today mourning and celebrating in purple. vendors along 125th street selling commemorative pins and t-shirts. >> purple rain, that was the two favorite songs people remember him by. >> trisha a mom of four bought three of them. fan. >> a very big fan. i made my children off of him. >> from harlem to broadway. >> purple rain, purple rain. >> stars from none other than the color purple belting out one of his biggest hits during curtain call thursday night, the performers of hamilton saluting him as well dancing to let's go crazy at the close of their show. and in brooklyn borough hall was awash in purple. on the streets of fort greene spike lee led a dance party last night drawing hundreds to celebrate the life of prince
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this soho subway sign modified by fans in tribute while his high legalled purple boots are cafe. now out here for almost 24 hours, she says it's where she needs to be. >> coming out here, all the fans, i feel happy when i'm around them because we're like a family, and we all got love for him. >> reporter: and we can tell this afternoon. we should also mention that prince performed several times here at the apollo over the course of his career. a lot of these fans got to see him perform here in person. now of course all of those cherished memories for those fans. reporting live this afternoon from harlem, janelle burrell cbs2 news. thank you. prince's influence spanned the music world from rock to r&b to pop, alicia keys tweeted prince was a gift and a genius. he showed us that we have no limits. his music left me forever
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elton john said this is truly devastating news. the greatest performer i have ever seen, a true genius. rest in peace. gloria estefan, i'm so sad we've lost prince the legend, the master, a music cal juggernaut that knew no boundaries. in other news we have breaking news in ohio. police are investigating the deaths of several members of the same family. they were shot to death in southern ohio east of cincinnati. the cbs affiliate in cincinnati reporting there are several crime scene locations. it's unclear how many people were killed or the whereabouts of the gunman right now. a nearby high school imposed a precautionary lout this morning but operations at the school are back to normal right now. we'll continue to update this story for you here on cbs2 news. police in queens are searching for the suspects behind two brutal attacks. cbs2's steve langford live with more. >> reporter: a bloody violent weekend here in ozone park
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it was 1:45 a.m. saturday at glenmore and 76th street. a 25-year-old man beaten and robbed, his cell phone and wallet taken, then surveillance video of a 32-year-old man sunday at 11:25 p.m. beaten and robbed. you can see three men carrying out this vicious attack. the man robbed of his cell phone and wallet. we spoke to a witness. >> victims tell me help me, help me. i come in outside and i call police. >> the victim in this second attack suffering cuts and fractures. hospital. this neighborhood on edge obviously after what happened. two attacks right around the corner from each other. the suspect still on the loose. live in ozone park queens, steve langford cbs2 news. a construction worker is in critical condition after falling 15 feet into a hole. chopper 2 was over the work site in the wingate section of brooklyn.
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a utility pole setting off the tragic chain reaction. the pole smashed into a fence and knocked the worker into that trench. campaign 2016 for you now, the republican national committee ends a three-day meeting in florida. the rnc rejected a push to rewrite party rules. front runner donald trump has complained about delegates in the nominating process. he wants individual delegates to have more power. his campaign promises the candidate will project a different tone after he secures the nomination. trump says there should be more transparency. >> i go in and win with the vote, and these guys go and they buy delegates. they buy them dinners. they send them to hotels. the whole thing is a sham. >> republican ted cruz says the rules are fair and need to be followed. five states including connecticut and pennsylvania hold their primaries next tuesday. the u.s. government is sounding the alarm over a dangerous new jersey railroad crossing with more than a dozen crashes including one fatality. since 2006 the railroad
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been named among the 15 worst in the country. $800,000 in safety upgrades last year have made a difference. the improvements include computerized stoplights, traffic sensing cameras and warning flashers. >> it's better for the motorists because they don't get stuck on the tracks. the light will come on. the warning signals will come on before the trains are remotely close to the area. >> is it ever enough? things are always going to happen. >> the state d.o.t. hopes the upgrades will eventually get the crossing off that most dangerous list. new york city is doing its part to reduce pollution today as the world observes earth three locations across manhattan are going car free to celebrate the occasion. broadway will be closed to vehicles in flat iron between p.m. there will also be closures around washington square park and in parts of washington heights. city leaders are encouraging bike. >> we all know the benefits.
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people to enjoy the streets. fewer carbon emissions. >> city bike will be offering free rides to riders who sign up online. the eight-day jewish holiday of passover begins at sunset. it's joyous festival of freedom. the pasover commemorates the exodus of juice. the first two nights of the holiday are celebrated with special ritual meals. >> much more ahead here on cbs2 news at noon, president obama and the first lady meet queen elizabeth at windsor castle as birthday. plus this. >> i killed my boyfriend in self-defense. >> a chilling call to 9-1-1, a woman shot her boyfriend six times. was she just trying to protect herself or is there more to this story. john. >> we've got a pretty dynamic weather scene playing out. we've got heat. we've got humidity, and we've got a front on the way.
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president obama and the first lady are in the british capital for a three-day visit and they brought birthday wishes for 90-year-old queen elizabeth the second. >> the president's helicopter lunch with the queen. the obamas were a day late for elizabeth the 2nd's 90th birthday. president obama almost took the
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before realizing his mistake and climbing in front. inside the thousand-year-old castle. >> where would you prefer. >> the two heads of state and their spouses posed for photos before sitting down for lunch. >> very nice to see you again? >> in her 64 years on the throne the queen has met eleven of the last 12 u.s. presidents. the president and the first lady started the day at the castle with a queen and a duke. it ended at the palace with two princes and a duchess. cbs news london. >> never take the queen's seat in the range rover. this is expected to be president obama's last trip to britain while in office. as for the one u.s. president the queen never met with, lbj. president obama just finished meeting with british prime minister david cameron. they planned to address the world economy, the fight against isis and the debate over whether britain should stay in the european union. right after the meeting cameron reflected on the strong bond between britain and the u.s. >> through it all the strong
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between our nations who share the same values and so often the same approaches to the many issues that we face. >> this is president obama's fifth visit to the uk. still to come here, she confessed to killing her boyfriend in self-defense but her strange behavior during questioning by police caught the attention of the prosecutor. was it murder. >> and showers are on tap for the afternoon. will they stick around for the entire weekend.
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for you when we come back. i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424.
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what's it going to do this weekend, it's time for your exclusive cbs2 forecast. let's bring in john elliott. thumbs up, thumbs down? >> we were having a heated debate during the commercial break. chris a little upset with me. i'm a little guarded about saturday because we see this system lingering a little way into your saturday. futurecast in just a second, but lets check out our weather watchers. i love this, 66 for the south shore, 73 for the north shore. we've already got readings in the upper 70s. we've got even warmer readings north and west where, yeah, it's a pretty day underway, but here's the question.
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you do something about the lack of rain. over 2 inches below normal for april. we'll try to make up a little bit of that deficit, so the futurecast in just a second, oh, and happy 80th birthday to elaine stern. she was watching this morning, and had some fun, and elaine, nice enough to check us out on facebook, appreciate that. look at that new mobile weather lab ready to go. mostly sunny and 76. that's why you see the discrepancy, south shore, north shore. it's 61 in the hamptons. it's 76 in the city, a 15- degree spread there, so there's no big surprise here. numbers are a lot warmer than they were yesterday. it's 11 degrees warmer than it cities. so i think 80 is very doable. i think we will see some readings and 82, maybe even 83, sunsets at 7:43. again, 80 is the normal high still springtime. evidence of that, your nose,
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a lot of the weather watchers sneezing. already. pollen count stays high. showers right now, few trying to work their way into warren county. that's about it, and then we'll have more of this moisture work its way into our area. let's plan out your day. i know this is an important day as families gather for passover. we're going to make some very important stops. as you get ready to start your journey some scattered showers. between 3 and 5 there's not a lot of activity but there will be one or two isolated pockets of heavier rain through 7:00. and then we finally get to see some of that heavier rain fill in between the 9 and 10:00 hour with a few isolated overnight tonight, and then here's the problem with saturday. we see a few leftover showers early, for early activity, or if you're getting up early, loading up the car and heading out on a big trip early on saturday morning but could even see a little bit of leftover
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so if you're headed out to the hamptons or montauk or orient point, you could see a little bit of wet weather linger into the first part of your shapes up. we've got nice weather to look forward to. it will be cooler on sunday. you'll have lots of company if you join us for the march of dimes march for babies. it's in the lincoln center area. miss it. a lot of folks up there. eli's going to be there, too, so a lot of fun. then after that we've got a warm day on monday, and then the next chance for rain is coming in on tuesday. so overall, i would give the >> there you go. >> it's just going to be a little gray to start your saturday. >> eli manning correct? close. >> say hi to him for me. he was a promising lawyer with a bright future but it all ended when his on again, off again girlfriend pointed a gun at him and opened fire. she admitted killing him in is convinced.
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story. >> on october 12th, 2012shayna huber shot her on again off again boyfriend ryan poston six times. >> 9-1-1. >> ma'am, i have -- i killed my boyfriend in self-defense. >> police escorted shayna to the station where for almost three hours the 21-year-old told nine who would listen that she shot 29-year-old ryan because she felt her life was in danger. >> i had my head banged and i just picked up the gun and in the middle of him doing something with his arm or saying something crazy shot him. >> but prosecutor michelle snodgrass believes this was cold-blooded murder and that the motivating factor was shayna's relentless obsession with the handsome lawyer. >> she wouldn't stop texting him, obsessively texting him. she showed up unannounced all
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>> by the fall of 2012 authorities believe the situation had reached a breaking point. ryan had made plans for the weekend that did not include shayna. >> in her mind this was a failure of sorts, and shayna didn't fail. >> he was moving when these shots were fired. >> the defense argues that ryan had a violent temper and shayna's mother sharon hubers says investigators are wrong about her daughter. >> shayna ubers hue hubers is not a murderer. >> peter vanzant joins us from the newsroom. >> have you ever seen someone act as bizarre as shayna has so far from what you've seen? >> i've been in this business a long time, chris. i've never seen anything so odd, and investigators who have been spending a career at this had never seen such a scene unfold in that interrogation room. remember, she was read her
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any questions whatsoever. she did a monologue. it was like an off broadway show with sharon hubers and spoke for nearly three hours telling a fascinating tale. we get into that in our two- hour show. >> the big question is does anybody believe it. >> does this look like a case of cold-blooded murder? >> it is a case of obsession and a killing. the question is and what it comes down to with this jury is whether or not ryan poston who kept firearms at his home and he would always keep a handgun on the kitchen table, whether he grabbed that gun as shayna hubers alleged and started moving toward her she claimed in one of her stories she took the gun from him and shot him. we'll find out if this is self- defense or not, but the fascinating thing chris is this is like the movie fatal attraction. she sent more than 100,000 text messages to him.
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course of about a year and she couldn't let go. >> unreal. looking forward to that. peter thanks so much. >> and you can watch peter vanzant's story tomorrow night right here on cbs2. it was a two-hour special beginning at 9:00.
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this. co-host of hotted bench
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hosted a big gala last night. the vera institute of justice honored former attorney general eric holder. he was honored for his work to improve the criminal justice system. you can watch hot bench every weekday morning at 9 right here on cbs2. coming up on cbs2 tonight at 5:00. prom dress shopping is about to kick into high gear and so are the approximate that come along with it. -- problems that come along with it. how to make sure your daughter's dress doesn't go too far. >> and coming up at 6, vintage cars vanish, three classics parked in this garage just disappear. why a long island man believes his town is responsible for their disappearance. those stories and much more tonight on cbs2 news beginning at 5. the city of rome celebrated its birthday on thursday, exactly 2769 years after romulus founded the ancient city in roman mythology. to mark the occasion the roman
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legendary day where the brothers romulus and remus fought to determine which hill they would build the city. celebrations are expected to continue right into the weekend. that's going to do it for us at noon, for john and the entire
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i'm chris wragge. >> abby: ben, i had one job, one job -- to provide a safe place for our baby to grow. and i was stupid, and i was clumsy, and i-i fell down the stairs, and now our baby is gone. >> stitch: baby, people fall all the time. >> abby: if i hadn't insisted on wearing those heels, if i had just been practical for once in


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