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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  April 24, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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continues at 8:00. right now, a violent road rage attack. a man crashes his car after getting stabbed by a driver on the upper east side. we're live with the story. mayor bill de blasio accused of breaking the law. bombshell document that could lead to criminal charges.
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friends and family bid farewell to the music legend as fans received priceless moment to those in his honor. cbs2 news sunday morning continues right now. good morning. it is 8:00 a.m. i'm emily smith. >> i'm andrea grymes. the top stories are ahead. vanessa murdock is live at the march of dimes, march for babies. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ladies. good morning everyone. we have people streaming in. good morning. how is it going? everybody is coming here for the march of dimes, march for babies babies. , along with me this way. if you look over here in the distance, eli manning is here. we will speak to him and about 10 minutes. by now let's take you to the forecast. temperatures starting off in
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it is chilly out here. certainly a windchill this morning. in the city, 48. feels like 43 right now in manhattan. the wind chill in montauk, 41. this morning, the opening ceremonies for the march of dimes, march for babies is at 9:00. we're hoping it will warm up to 51 by then. the high this afternoon, 66. sunny. a little breezy. if you're coming out early, i would say to layer up. it is chilly at the moment. the full forecast is coming up. we will be speaking with eli manning and my very special guest -- one of my coworkers from cbs new york. >> we look forward to that. following developing stories this morning on the upper east side. police are looking for a driver who they say stabbed a man multiple times in a set of road rage. >> magdalena tourists -- doris is on the upper east
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>> reporter: the victim in the road rage attack was trying to drive himself to the hospital. he made it more than 20 blocks away where he ultimately crashed here on 76th street. he was taken to the hospital by emergency medical technicians as in it -- and is in stable condition now. >> police are not sure where the road rage incident started or why the two drivers class. they do know where it ended. the scene is sprawled out on east 76th and madison avenue. it is where the 45-year-old driver of a toyota crashed into a parked car. investigators say the driver was trying to get himself to the hospital after being stabbed six or seven times in a driving dispute. according to the nypd, just after 11:00 p.m., a man driving a blue ford with rhode island license plate that into a fight with the driver of the toyota on east 61 street near york avenue. the argument led to the victim being stabbed.
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ultimately, the crash on 76th street. >> police say the victim is doing okay. he is in stable condition. they are searching for the driver of the blue ford. live on the upper east side, trend -- cbs2 news. now to a developing story. a fire that left two firefighters with serious burns is now under control. the flames broke out at a six the story building at thompson street around 5:30 a.m. the firefighters are being treated at cornell medical center. no word on what caused the fire. friends and family celebrated the life of prince at a secret ceremony in minnesota. this -- the singer was cremated yesterday. his remains will be at a private location stored. >> as bigger crowd gathered outside the state of prince, loved ones and close friends held a memorial. his publicist is that it was a
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say a loving goodbye". >> his girlfriend, and close friend handed out mementos to fans. the boxes contained a vintage tour memorabilia. no box was the same. >> it is just a booklet. and this for -- this fits my personality so well. >> all that up for us. >> what did you get in your box? >> this is amazing. i pursue bodybuilding and weight lifting. it is a personal gift. for him to give me a tank top is just amazing. >> he loved us all. they are appreciative of our support. >> prince rogers nelson died thursday. his body was cremated friday. the cause of death likely will not be known for weeks.
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$300 million the state. it includes thousands of unpublished recordings kept in a vault at paisley park. there are even -- there is even reportedly one with miles davis. minnesota lot that takes the closest blood relative should inherit everything if there is no will -- minnesota law dictates that the closest blood relative should inherit everything if there is no will. >> some theaters are showing his 1984 film "purple rain". >> i saw purple rain in 1984. it was a life-changing experience. >> i feel like it is such a great way to pay homage to such a great artist. that is why i'm here tonight. >> police have not commented on reports that he suffered an overdose less than one week before he died. campaign 2016. presidential front-runners
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clinton are looking for support in connecticut ahead of the primary into used -- on tuesday. >> donald trump told thousands that the election process is rigged and made fun of clinton. >> this is typical hillary clinton. the whole thing is a disaster. >> i have to give donald trump credit. he is betraying us before elected. >> ted cruz campaigns in indiana. john kasich had events in rhode island. on the democratic side, clinton spoke with working families in new haven. >> it will take everybody working, to turn that around and get back to where we are trying to take care of people. >> secretary clinton heard the same evidence that i did. she voted for that were -- war.
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are among five states holding primaries tuesday. bernie sanders and john kasich will be on cbs's face >> john dickerson has a preview. >> good morning. away. we're going to talk to john bernie sanders about what they will try to do, to stop that. and with the conventions will look like for both parties. and we will talk to the new correspondent. egos -- about president obama and hillary clinton and her view on foreign-policy. and what that might mean if she becomes the president. and in the political roundtable, to put the week's news in context, we will have fresh brand-new polling numbers about pennsylvania and indiana to put this race in some kind of perspective. >> it definitely seems like donald trump seems to be pivoting a little more toward
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came up with a name for hillary clinton. >> he is constantly coming up with names. he is pivoting but also doing the twist. he was restrained a little bit. yesterday and connecticut, he kind of unbuckled and gave that the old-time trump rally -- with a lot of things people would recognize from the first stage of his campaign. on the one hand, his campaign manager was saying that he has been playing a role and will tone it down. and donald trump yesterday said he did not like toning it down. we're seeing two different donald trumps. >> pivoting the doing the twist. i like that. you can catch john in a full hour of "face the nation" later this morning at 10:30 a.m. right here on cbs2. a cbs2 investigation. taxpayers shelled out millions for turf at schools and parks.
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and is the public paying a price? controversy over the nearly naked man that looks all too real. a local landmark he has been seen hanging around in his underwear. first year is vanessa murdock with your forecast. >> a chilly but bright and beautiful start here at lincoln center for the march of dimes, march for babies. coming up -- the no -- the moment i know many people are waiting for. an interview with eli manning. to his left, my very special guests who is hiding. i will let you know who that is. you will see his face coming up. first, a check of the community
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it is looking gorgeous out there on this sunday morning. thank you for waking up with us here on cbs2 news sunday morning. 48 degrees. it is chilly. vanessa says it will be a nice day. it will warm up. and vanessa murdock has some special guests. >> two special guests. she is at the march of dimes, march for babies. which is getting ready to kick off. good morning, vanessa. >> reporter: good morning, ladies. good morning everyone. my two very special guests. you have to wait about another minute before you meet them. i want to make sure you know what is happening with the weather. let's go live outside. current conditions from central
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feeling more like 43. the wind out of the north, northeast at 10. what can you expect from the forecast? it will be a nice finish to the weekend. what you see is what you will get. warming into the mid-60s today. tomorrow, even warmer. mid-70s. looking lovely. rain returns monday night. sticks around until tuesday. tuesday looking soggy. as far as today, 66 degrees. not too far from where we should be. and why the bright beautiful skies? we have the high-pressure to think. clouds late in the day tomorrow. a low-pressure system approaches from the west. with that, increasing clouds. wet weather overnight monday and sticks around tuesday. for today, blue skies. beautiful. 66 degrees. we have to wait until we get there. if you're heading out now, you will want to make sure you hire -- that you are layered up. it feels chilly when you are
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overnight tonight, much more mild. 50 degrees. partly cloudy skies. looking good tomorrow. sunny and 73. more clouds then we had today. estimate our way into tuesday, it will be soggy. the umbrella is a good idea. a high of 69. wednesday, 63. awesome. as we make our late thursday and into friday, unsettled weather weather on the way. next saturday, the forecast is looking great. 67 degrees with sunshine. that is your forecast. now the big buildup. it was one of my favorite people at cbs2 news? he has red hair. he wears glasses. and he loves his denim. john elliott, everybody. >> you said it was cold. it is freezing out here. >> you know what else is cold? the sky. my special guest. you buy manning does not just show up. he is involved in the march of dimes and the planning and promotion of this. he will be met -- he will be busy all morning.
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thank you. >> thank you. >> you have been doing this nine years. why do you do it? >> to try to ensure that babies are born healthy. making sure moms have all the information and research is being done to be sure they have full-length pregnancies. helping babies get a healthy start in life. preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. i have three little babies of my own at home. thank goodness they were born healthy. it is getting better in new york city and around the country. less premature birth. but we still have work to do. >> you have seen the success of this organization. >> sure. the march of dimes helps every baby that is born. to do research through all of the fundraising over the years. they have been doing -- the
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the march of dimes has had some effect on them. kids that were born premature and the great work they do -- the march of dimes is helping those babies live normal lives. you can see the work being done. you see the progress we are making. there is lot of to be done -- a lot of work to be done. >> have you grown 4 inches? isn't it amazing? >> today we just have a black top. >> let me ask you this. how do you feel? what do you do when you're not playing football show? during the off-season, i spend a lot of time with the family. during the season, it takes so much time out of my life. i try to spend a lot of time with my kiddos. we are back at workouts. lifting weights.
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>> vanessa was taking out his muscles are. >> what are you looking forward to this season? challenges? what do you anticipate? >> that is the thing about the football season. every year, it is a new year. everybody starts the season with zero wins and zero losses. you get a chance to make the playoffs and a win. >> some changes being made with the coach. so far, so good. i'm excited. i'm excited about the players we have. i think the guys are excited for the upcoming season. >> you are the best. we appreciate it. >> you are remarkably tall. >> we will see you on stage. >> we're so glad eli manning is here. everything kicks off at 9:00.
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10:00, the walk begins. back to you. >> so nice to see eli manning this morning. he fits right in with john and vanessa. that was good. >> you guys need to grow a foot or so. great interview. nice to see. first in-flight of its kind. the pilot attempts to fly around the world without a drop of fuel. why his latest leg was the riskiest one yet. plus this. [ music ] . >> a special treat from a jewish a cappella group. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it
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down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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[ music ] [ singing ] >> they can harmonize and dance. you could say, they can do at all. 613 is an award-winning jewish up apollo group from here in new york. they are right here in the studio. welcome, gentlemen. >> i love the video with their moves. >> you that have performed
8:24 am
for someone who might not have heard of you, explain what your group doesn't. >> our group performs jewish music with an original flair. we do this without instruments because -- who wants instruments? we all a cappella. everything is coming out of our mouths. recently we have taken to the viral video circuit. what you just saw is about three years old. we're still doing it. we disrupt our newest one -- we just did our newest tune. >> it is passover. >> when people hear your music, what is the feeling you want them to get? why is it so important to celebrate judaism? >> the feeling we want them to get -- this is something we arrived over time at -- we want joy. we just want to exaggeration. we realized that is the thing that plays the best. jewish people were a minority
8:25 am
you still see anti-semitism. it is important especially for people who don't have a communis -- a jewish community -- to know there is a place to belong to. because they are proud of being jewish. >> you will perform her latest song. >> yes. >> say the name one more time. >> it is, god split the ocean. >> you have several performances coming up locally. you can head to our website on cbs2 says is new 613, take it away.
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did taxpayers shell out big money for faulty turf on feels? cbs2 investigates. another beautiful day on tap. there is rain in the seven-day forecast.
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continues right now. good morning. 8:30 a.m., sunday, april 24. i'm emily smith. >> i'm andrea grymes. first, vanessa murdock is live on the upper west side at the march of dimes, march for babies. coming off of a big interview with giants quarterback eli manning. good morning, vanessa. >> reporter: good morning, ladies. good morning everybody. it is gorgeous out here. as you can see. the crowds are starting to build as people show up to show support for the march of dimes. we have two little cuties over here. what are you meeting? >> -- what are you eating? >> she does not want to talk to me. i totally understand. it is too early. you guys look beautiful. a little chilly. that is the trenton this morning.
8:31 am
let's go to the forecast. temperatures are in this our 48 in the city. the 24 hour temperature change is impressive. ten to 15 degrees colder than yesterday. the opening ceremony for the march of dimes, march for babies, starting in a half- hour. 51 degrees is where we will be then. skies as blue as they are now. and for the rest of the day as we warm up to 66 this afternoon. you can expect nothing but sunshine. could not have asked for a more lovely way to start the day for the march of dimes, march for babies. trying to raise over $2 million. it is not too late to register. not too late to show support. more coming up. but back to you for now. a bombshell report claims mayor bill de blasio may have violated campaign finance laws. >> marcia kramer has been following this story from the beginning and has more on the
8:32 am
york city corruption scandal. >> sources telling cbs2 that manhattan district attorney cyrus vance has in his hands, a scathing report on mayor bill de blasio's efforts to influence the 2014 senate races. "i have determined that reasonable cause exists to believe that a violation warranting criminal prosecution has taken place". >> the violations discovered by the investigation can only be described as willful and flagrant. the board's investigation centered on whether team bill de blasio violated the law by funneling big bucks contributions to democratic senate candidate -- today -- democrats and a pass-through scheme. the money was the most immediately given to the candidates. the move circumvented contribution limits. $10,300 was the contribution limit to candidates. $102,300, the donations feeling for county committees. the board's investigation came after complaints made by the republicans and putnam county.
8:33 am
been done in races in monroe an erie county for cbs2 first told you about the story 18 months ago. october 30, 2014, when then republican candidate for the senate terrence murphy demanded a federal investigation of the practice. he said difazio -- trinity was asking people to do to do this is for the city to cut big checks. >> this is a shakedown on new york city businesses by mayor bill de blasio. a money laundering scam. >> and while the district attorney was said to be probing a large amount of intimates -- at the time, the mayor told me he thought the practice was normal. >> something going on for a long time in the state. a very normal thing. to provide support for party organizations. >> they say it is pay to play. >> the board of elections apparently does not agree saying that team bill de blasio's actions were done "in order to evade contribution limits and disguise the true names of the contributors". >> a spokeswoman for then
8:34 am
everything was done in accordance with the law and bill de blasio will cooperate with the investigation. cbs2 news. >> and a u.s. attorney is also probing corruption involving contributions to mayor bill de blasio and has issued numerous subpoenas. we're following developing news on the upper east side. police on the hunt for a driver accused of stabbing a man repeatedly in in a fit of road rage. the nypd says just after 11:00 p.m. last night, a man driving a blue ford with rhode island license plates got into some sort of argument with the driver of a toyota on east 61 street on new york avenue. they say the suspect stabbed the victims victim six or seven times and took off. investigators say the 45-year- old victim was driving to the hospital when he crashed his car into several parked vehicles on 76th near madison avenue. he was rushed to the hospital and is in stable condition. police have released surveillance video of a man who they say tried to rape a woman inside of an elevator on the
8:35 am
investigators say around 3:00 yesterday afternoon, the 24- year-old woman enter the elevator to her building near stanton and pitt street. they say the man followed her inside and groped her. you -- police say he followed her to her apartment but then ran away when a man from inside came to the door. getting to the tappan zee bridge toll plaza that quicker. a cashless tolling system went online on the rockland side of the bridge at midnight. sensors over the area will read driver pass tax. for those without easy path, cameras will capture the vehicle's license plate and a bill will be mailed to the owner. artificial athletic fields can cost millions across the country. some of those turf fields at public schools and parks are falling apart prematurely. >> there may be a number of those faulty fields right here at local schools and public parks. >> take a look at the soccer fields at redwoods state park. they seem perfectly fine.
8:36 am
>> it is on people's clothes. it is covered. >> the artificial turf is breaking off. it is happening at public schools too. >> it is unbelievable. >> is this normal? >> it breaks down into small fibers. it breaks down into hairline fibers. they break apart. >> we asked a sports facility expert to look at nearly a dozen long island fields, all still under warranty. schools and parks paid up to $1 million for each field. expecting they would last a decade or more. >> is it supposed to rip off in your hands like this? >> no. not at all. >> island trees high school installed six years ago. the bondage image -- the bottom image shows how it looked then. on top, the failure. >> another high school, seven and a half years ago. >> there is not one spot on
8:37 am
>> this field has failed three years ago. >> when they look at it, it is still the same color green. >> a turf consultant told us that plastic blades of grass are splitting and breaking down prematurely. >> total failure. see the little fibers. see how they are split. >> he says that the broken fibers could make fields less safe requiring them to be replaced much sooner. >> they are not getting their moneys worth. the life expectancy of this field has been shortened about 35%. >> and taxpayers may be unaware about field sailing across the country. and many local fields are made of the same defective fibers. >> and a turf war that began in 2011 -- when an industry field leaders sued a fiber
8:38 am
product was a bait and switch. and degraded prematurely because it was less durable with less uv protection. the lawsuit was settled out-of- court. but sources tell cbs2 that much of the defective turf, from 2007 until 2010, made its way here. lists acquired by cbs2 -- are shown that got the field fibers. >> cash strapped schools and municipalities paid for a more expensive feel because they thought it was payoff -- that it would pay off in the long run. >> the legal team representing three california schools, suing field turf -- saying the company cross the line by not notifying schools about the defect. >> when you sell something knowing it is going to fail and
8:39 am
are billing it to be -- in our world, that is fraud. >> field turf said they did not notify every customer about the defective turf because the breakdown has only been in about 2% of 7000 fields. and primarily in higher uv environments. but resources point to field failures upstate, rhode island, ohio and pennsylvania, as evidence that this is not just a sunbelt problem. they say that company is playing a game with numbers because many owners don't know what to look for. >> field turf calls this, normal aging, pointing to roslyn high school -- still lush after 10 years, the company claims, thanks to better way -- better maintenance. but sources say rosslyn did not get the defective turf. as for the schools we visited, we got a line out of seemingly the same playbook. and bayshore said the fields performed to expectation and warranty.
8:40 am
it failed three years ago. they are wrong. >> and at redwoods state park where publicly funded fields are nearly seven years old,. >> we were promised one thing. we're seeing another. >> monica martinez is calling for an investigation by the attorney general. >> the company new -- had known. >> field turf says they will continue to work with any customer who contacts them to evaluate the field. and they stand by their warranties. the company's entire statement is on our website. the installer did not request for comment. a provocative piece created by a brooklyn artist is stopping people in their tracks. the newest resident on the high line is leaving little to the imagination. tony matelli's "the sleepwalker" statue is part of
8:41 am
about two years ago, vandals defaced the statue with pain. about 1000 people signed a petition to remove the sculpture from the massachusetts school. now he is turning heads on the high line. >> he should be properly closed to be in public. >> i have empathy for this figure. he is so isolated and lost and helpless. >> the sleepwalker will be there until next march. it will be a cold winter for him. >> it looks so real. >> i would totally think it was a real person. it is 8:40 a.m. another missile launch by north korea to mac months after two teenagers disappeared during a fishing trip in florida -- the boat was discovered. and vanessa murdock is getting ready for the march for babies. >> reporter: good morning.
8:42 am
joining me is janet and her beautiful granddaughter. >> she is a miracle. born premature. >> she is eight months now. doing well. >> this is why we are here today. to raise money for the march of dimes.
8:43 am
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8:45 am
the full forecast as well. north korea is claiming it successfully test fired a ballistic missile from a submarine. south korean officials say the missile only traveled about 19 miles yesterday evening. military officials say a successful submarine launched could typically wipe out 186 miles. the u.s. says the launch did not pose a threat to north america but it violates un resolutions. the u.s. is now limiting travel. the boat belonging to two florida teenagers that disappeared at sea last summer has been found. austin stephanos and perry cohen cohen, both 14, had been missing since leaving an inlet north of palm beach last july. the coast guard says the 19- foot long boat was spotted 100 miles off the coast of bermuda.
8:46 am
was found inside. the pilot of a solar powered airplane is one step closer to circling the globe. solar impulse two landed near san francisco last night. the nonstop leg of the journey began thursday from hawaii. it was seen as the most risky because the limited sites of landing. the journey started last march in abu dhabi. the airplane has a wingspan of a boeing 747 that weighs as much as an suv. >> crazy to think of solar power. it is 8:45 a.m. let's go outside to meteorologist vanessa murdock who has been having a really fun time on the upper west side. >> it is beautiful and chilly. >> it has been a blast meeting so many people. i'm told the baby you saw moments ago -- so precious -- we're seeing more and more little ones stroll in. the weather -- another reason to smile. we will take you to the
8:47 am
another very important person today. it will be spectacular today and warming up nicely. by now it is live outside. 48 degrees in central park. sunny skies. north, northeast wind at 10. a spectacular sunday. dry and warm. tomorrow, into tuesday, wet weather moving in. looking to be soggy. we may even get thunderstorm action. temperature trend today -- will be at 66 degrees. which is pretty much on par with where we should be. tomorrow, 73. tuesday, 69. for the next seven days, temperatures are at or above seasonable levels. i'm sure you have looked out your window. if you have not, the skies are a beautiful shade of blue. high-pressure dominates the forecast today and most of the day tomorrow. the forecast today is bright skies. beautiful blue skies. 66 degrees. the wind will become more southerly. as that happens, temperatures
8:48 am
overnight, more mild. under partly cloudy skies. in the city, 50. mount olive, 43. tomorrow, partly sunny. seventy-three degrees. looking great. overnight, monday into tuesday, wet weather moves in. tuesday forecast, 69 with showers. maybe storms. wednesday, beautiful. 63 degrees. sunshine. thursday and friday are unsettled in the mid to upper 60s. next week looks amazing. talking temperatures in the mid- 60s with a lot of sunshine. it is time for us to speak to our last very important person this morning. his name is bob timler. he is phenomenal. he has been the top walker for seven years. yourself you have raised over $1.5 million. >> it is easy to raise money for a great cause. i have been doing this for just over 10 years. we're right in front of morgan
8:49 am
i joined morgan stanley 10 years ago. it is an easy cause to raise money for. it has been great. this year so far, we have raised $130,000. hoping to get up to $175,000. >> what is your pitch? you say i'm raising money for beautiful babies to stay healthy? >> that is perfect. it is one of the great charities out there. another place i worked with right next door. one of my former partner's child -- will be here today. just talking to people about every aspect of healthy babies. healthy women during pregnancy. it is really such a wonderful thing to do. it is easy to do. >> it truly is. what is your plan for today. what are you most looking forward to? >> it is a big family day. a lot of my family is here. my mother is watching from queens.
8:50 am
from westchester. over the years, it has become a big family event. it is all good. we have kids here. we have eli manning. it is all good. thank you for doing this. >> we're very happy to be here for this family affair. beautiful day. beautiful people. back inside to you. >> such a beautiful day out there. thank you. time for our for a friend finder segment. this little guy is a 10-year- old yorkie mix. he is so sweet. his owner passed away. he is looking for a forever home. he loves to travel. he will go wherever you go. really cute and sweet and loving dog. >> i have gizmo. he is four. he is great with children. he loves his belly to be
8:51 am
he is a should sue -- spi -- a shihzu.
8:52 am
cbsnew the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash.
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now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus on the e350 sport sedan. time to see what is coming up next on cbs sunday morning. >> we have a preview. good morning, charles. >> good morning. when disaster strikes, people rush to send relief supplies. this morning, we look at why sometimes that does more harm than good. >> we also catch up with a comedian. we will meet the man behind the nike brand. and of course, we will be looking back at the life and legacy of prince. all of that and much more coming up on sunday morning. >> thank you. i love your purple bowtie today. >> very nice. the passover holiday last
8:54 am
>> here to passover -- here to prepare some passover favorites is our chef with a gourmet institute for culinary arts in new york city. welcome. >> most people have big dinners for passover on friday night and last night. >> just like i did. >> thank you for being here so early. talk a little bit about this. we still have to eat for the rest of passover. >> i but a number of different dishes. i like to start with why we do passover. we use only a certain type of food. we do not use leavened bread. because as the hebrews were moving from egypt and going into freedom, they were not able to leavened bread. that is why we have matza. and we have the seder plate. it represents every solitary thing the hebrews went to when they were slaves were moving from slavery. you have all the cultures represented.
8:55 am
the horseradish. and the romaine lettuce. you have the bone that was a sacrifice to the god. you have an apple, cinnamon, wine and nuts. that basically represents the bricks the slaves had to use for the pyramid. this is my favorite one. you have parsley. which -- they eat, to begin the passover seder because they wanted to feel like -- feel the live mobility. >> and the jelly rings the? >> that is dessert. >> and you wear them as rings as kids. >> i love those. >> annual show us -- very quickly, what are these dishes? >> this is a really great salad.
8:56 am
coconut bacon. >> i have never heard of coconut bacon. >> it is kosher for passover because you cannot have bacon for passover. it is mixed with maple syrup and pepper cab. it dries nice and firm. it looks just like bacon and taste delicious. we have a flourless coconut cake. and we have an original sweet dish made of different fruits and vegetables. >> and you will show us quickly. >> i'm going to do a salmon cake. >> first we have the salmon. that goes in. all together. and we have -- this is the celery and onions. >> we will put in the egg next. >> is that one or two? >> it is one beaten.
8:57 am
>> we will put in a little bit of dijon mustard. >> and salt-and-pepper of course. and this is a matza. >> i will mix this up first. so we can figure out how much we needed. >> as you continue -- he will continue working on this. in the meantime, we will check in with vanessa murdock. let's go back to the march of dimes, march for babies. >> the bagpipes are beginning to play. the crowds are gathering. 10:00. registration is ongoing. people are starting to get the nourishment they need through the three and half mile walk. beautiful day. sunny and 66. tomorrow, 73 and partly sunny. watch out for soggy weather as they make our way into tuesday.
8:58 am
so you mix all of this up. >> i did not use all of the matzo. everything was nice and tight. >> i will make about eight of these. >> >> you pop them in the oven. >> for about 30 minutes. so both sides get nice -- >> at what temperature? >> 325 degrees in. >> thank you for coming. thank you for joining us this morning. cbs2 news is back tonight at 6:30 p.m. and 11:00. for vanessa murdock and the entire cbs2 news team, i'm emily smith. >> i'm andrea grymes. thanks for watching. have a great sunday. where should you start when you're told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology, precision treatment options and truly compassionate care. start here with a team of experts
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