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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  April 24, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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the news is next. . it's something from, like, a horror story! and i was screaming at the cab driver. right now, a road rage attack in manhattan. a man crashes his car after being repeatedly stabbed. good evening. i'm dick brennan in for cindy hsu. the suspect is still on the huntoon after the violent confrontation on the upper east side. valerie castro spoke with a woman who saw the whole thing. >> reporter: dick, the witness says she was screaming and terrified. she watched this all play out from the back of a taxi cab, right here on the upper east side. >> he was in front of the hood of the car, bleeding out. >> reporter: this witness to a bloody fit of road rage says she can't believe the violence she saw on 61st on the upper east side saturday night. >> it was something from a horror story. >> reporter: the woman says her cab pulled up behind a gray
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middle of the street around 11:00. she and the cab driver watched. she says the driver of a blue ford got out and started stabbing the other man. >> the guy that opened his door got out and was stabbing him right in the middle of his chest, so then he came back over to us and he took his shirt off. he was in complete shock. >> reporter: the victim walked over and stood in front of the hood of the car. the woman says she didn't see any injuries until he pulled off the white t-shirt he was wearing. you can see that shirred is still on the ground in this video. >> i was screaming. i was scared. there was just blood pouring out everywhere. >> reporter: as for the victim, he and the suspect both drove away. the suspect took off in an unknown direction, but police say the victim tried to drive himself to a hospital. he crashed into a parked car nearly 20 blocks from where he had been stabbed. detectives canvassed the area sunday, looking for
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the witness says she'll never forget what she saw. >> it was something that i'll always, you know, remember in the back of my head, how crazy people could be. >> reporter: police say the suspect's blue ford had rhode island license plates. he's also described as having red dread locks. call police if you have any information. reporting live from the upper east side, valerie castro, cbs 2news. >> thank you, valerie. new tonight, a westchester community shaken after the sudden and mysterious death of a second grader. we have information just received from the health department. >> reporter: dick, the westchester health commissioner tells me their preliminary investigation shows this child's death to be an isolated incident, though they have not released the exact cause at this point. they say it appears that no other students here at the green vail elementary school are at any risk.
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and students at the green vail elementary school in eastchester. the district confirming a second grader died suddenly on saturday, but the exact cause has not been determined. >> i feel for the family. my god, i can't even imagine what they are going through at this. >> reporter: the school superintendent sent out a statement saturday night, saying the health department assured us the green vail school is safe for students and staff to return on monday and no additional action is necessary regarding the safety of the students, faculty and staff at this time. but that's not enough for laura covay, who has a fifth grader at green vail. she points to a memorial garden behind the school for another second grader from the same classroom, who died suddenly of influenza in 2012 as a concern. >> i surely think this is all just coincidence. that's what i'm praying that it is, but right now, i need to worry about the fact that he's still in the school and we don't know exactly what is going on. >> so you're keeping him home? >> i am keeping him home. >> reporter: the health
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absolutely no way that an influenza case from four years ago could be related to what happened to the second grader this weekend. and they say they didn't even recommend cleaning the classroom for the school because, again, they say this was an isolated event, albeit certainly a tragic one. reporting from the green vail elementary school in eastchester, cbs 2news. >> brian, indeed a tragedy. police are also searching for a teenager, autistic teenager who walked out of a school and ended up naked in the ocean. the teenager disappeared from the school in brooklyn. officers found him later in the water, naked off coney island. the 14-year-old who does not speak was attending a community- organized event at the school. police rescued him more than an hour later. senator chuck schumer is sponsoring a bill that would
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>> if everyone had -- everyone who had autism had one of these bracelets or the device sewn into their clothes, when they wander, we could find them and prevent a death. >> under the new bill, wearing a tracking device would be voluntary. police are searching for a suspect in an attempted rape on the lower east side and now they have surveillance video. cbs 2's steve langford has more. >> reporter: the middle of the afternoon saturday on pitt street when a 24-year-old woman gets in the elevator, followed by this young man who police say gropes and fondles the victim before she can escape. the n.y.p.d. releasing these images of the suspect, but showing more explicit video to some building residents. >> she exits the elevator, he takes her by the back of the neck and grabs her by the behind and pushes her to the side. >> reporter: the suspect followed the young woman to an apartment here, but according to police, he fled when a man from in here raced out to see what was going on. >> sir, can we ask you, how is
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>> she's fine. >> reporter: family members comforted both by the fact their loved one was not seriously injured and by the outpouring of concern among neighbors. >> you know, any woman would be upset if a man would come and grope them or do anything inappropriate to them, you know? >> we all have kids out here. this is a nice neighborhood, and, you know, we're just hoping that they catch the attacker. >> reporter: being attacked in an elevator does not mean, experts say, you have to be a victim. >> you want to focus on striking two soft spots on the body, eyes, nose, jaw, groin. >> reporter: the suspect is hispanic, 16 to 20 years old, light-skinned, 5' 2 to 5' 4 tall, weighing 130 pounds. >> if we had known, this kid would never have got out of the building. >> reporter: steve langford, cbs 2news. there are calls tonight for mayor de blasio's impeachment, amid a federal corruption investigation into fund- raising. today, community advocate tony herbert announced plans to join
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rally outside of city hall in the coming weeks, demanding the mayor step down immediately. just yesterday, we told you about a scathing report claiming mayor de blasio violated campaign finance laws in the 2014 state senate races. >> we are concerned that you're leading this city in the wrong direction, because you cannot honestly represent this city, having these criminal investigations on your back. >> mayor de blasio was also part of a federal investigation concerning contributions to his campaign. well, driving through the tapanzy bridge just got faster. sensors will now read drivers ez pass tags. cameras will capture a license plate and a bill will be mailed. a gunman opens fire at a high school prom with a high- powered rifle. how investigators prevented a disaster at the dance. >> plus, two men on the run in manhattan.
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committed after barging into an upper west side building this morning. >> then later, remembering prince. new tributes to the legend in minneapolis, just three days after his death. >> well, today wasn't as warm as yesterday, but i think we still managed to end the weekend on a really nice note. how will we do heading into the work week? details, coming up in your full forecast. steve? >> it's been a rough season for the yankees and someone else is now injured? we'll tell you that, while the mets are catching fire and welcoming back their proud
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later in sports. . school administrators in wisconsin say the quick action of officers saved dozens of lives when a gunman opened fire outside a prom.
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an tiago, about 150 miles north of milwaukee. police say officers were already patrolling the parking lot when the 18-year-old suspect jacob wagner walked up and shot two students who were leaving the building. officers returned fire, killing him. a school administrator believes wagner planned to enter the dance and start shooting randomly. both of the students that were shot are expected to be okay. new video tonight of the men wanted for allegedly robbing an upper west side man at gunpoint this morning. you can see the man walking down west 81st street before they start running. one appeared to pull out a gun. the victim says this morning the men followed him into the vestibule and then armed with a gun, stole his cell phone, two ipads and cash. police say they took off in a black suv. firefighters in new jersey had their hands full with a brush fire along the waterfront. take a look. a huge plume of smoke and flames could be seen for miles away. this fire was burning on 5th street and threatened to destroy school buses being stored nearby. here's another image of the
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the fdny helped put out flames by boat. well, sunny skies to the end of the weekend. children out enjoying the warm weather in union square today, blowing bubbles, too. how long will the mild temperatures last? find out, when we could see showers. >> plus, march for babies 2016, the special guest who came together to help save lives. >> and don't forget to follow
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. minneapolis city hall honored prince from its bell
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>> the bells were chiming some of prince's classic songs, including "nothing compares to you" which the singer wrote for sinead o'connor. prince died thursday at his home, paisley park. fans are leaving behind flowers and balloons at the complex. he was cremated yesterday and his family celebrated in a private ceremony. 5000 people took to the streets of the upper west side for the march for babies. >> reporter: looking at twins jacob and liam, you would never guess they were born premature. one at 2.7 pounds, the other at 3 pounds. >> they are very lucky to stay alive because some kids don't stay alive. >> reporter: big cousin kelly anne and others celebrated jacob and liam at the march for babies sunday morning. >> all of these kids, there's a
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continue on being normal children. i love it. >> reporter: this is the march of dimes premier event. the nonprofit works to improve babies' health by preventing premature birth, birth defects and infant mortality. jacob was born premature. >> it means a lot to us, knowing the research has been done. we wouldn't have made it where we are without all the medical help, assistance and nurses, which was a support for him and me especially. >> reporter: the walk also had some special guests. >> good morning, new york city! how are we doing? >> reporter: giants quarterback eli manning traded in his football cleats for a pair of walking shoes, serving as celebrity chairman. >> i got three little babies of my own at home and, you know, thank goodness they were born healthy, but, you know, it's getting better in new york city and around the country and less premature births, but we've still got work to do. >> reporter: manning was not alone.
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march for babies and raise $2 million! >> reporter: cbs 2's john elliott served as host, cheering on families that are hoping for a better tomorrow for all new babies. andrea grymes, cbs 2news. >> of course cbs 2 is a proud sponsor of the march. elise finch, what a great day for that march! unbelievable, huh? >> yeah, it really was. the thing that was so interesting was there are years when we're out there and we say, like, well, we have sunshine in our hearts because it's a rainy day or it's overcast. so much better when there's actually sunshine outside and today was a great one. let's check in with weather watchers right now. it's still pretty mild. we're getting a 57-degree reading from elena in brooklyn. her comment, what a marvelous day. cool, crisp, plenty of sunshine and blue skies. wow, i know. you can't really complain too much about this one. it's a full 10 degrees warmer still. this is from bruce in north port. 67 where he is. he says it was a great day for a march of dimes walk or most anything else. i agree.
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as we head into the lower hudson valley, we're getting one reading with temps in the upper 50s. this is from mark and janine. 59 in pleasant valley. they are grilling on the deck. it was a great day for it. let's take a live look outside right now and see how things are doing. this is times square. looks pretty good. really can't complain about this one. definitely cooler today than it was yesterday, but still a beautiful day and a nice evening. we're currently at 63 degrees. check out the highs around the area today. yesterday we were upper 60s, low 70s. today, it was more like low 60s to right at 70 degrees. new york was the hot spot with the high of 70. laguardia, 66. bridgeport, 65. at 68 degrees today, still 4 degrees above normal. so all in all, not bad. the morning low, 1 degree off of where it should have been. overall, not bad. we've got cool and calm conditions tonight. the warm sunshine returns tomorrow. you definitely want to try and get out and enjoy it because the rain returns monday night.
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we have a deficit and we certainly need it. but the rain returns monday night. we're also expecting showers, possibly even thunderstorms as we head throughout the day on tuesday. kind of hard to tell that if you look outside right now, looking at vortex satellite and radar, not much going on. high pressure sliding offshore. it is going to open us up to, again, have some of that wet weather moving in. that doesn't happen until monday night. for tonight, it's cool, but still very nice night out there. tomorrow's going to be a beauty. high pressure slides offshore, but for tomorrow, for most of the day looking good. then we have that shower activity. that's monday night. then we could see showers, even thunderstorms on your tuesday. so tonight, 50 degrees. that's in the city. 40s as we head into the suburbs. tomorrow, 71 degrees, so partly sunny, a little warmer tomorrow than what we had today. it's also pretty warm on tuesday, but again, expect showers and thunderstorms. we are dry again as we head into your wednesday. >> we love the 70s!
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>> great stuff. thanks, elise. new father jacob degrom returns to the mound for the mets. and michael peneda has a forgettable day on the mound,
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steve's got sports, coming up. . mets in atlanta with a new papa on the hill. >> yeah, so good to see jacob
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he took the mound with extra motivation today. his newborn son jackson was with his mother in florida, watching dad on tv pitching for the first time. top of the first, did you know that you can score a run on a foul ball? the play was knocked dead when peterson makes a great diving grab. how about the base running by granderson who scores on a sac fly foul ball. degrom was solid, if not spectacular. eight hits in 5 2/3, but minimized the damage to just one run. moving michael conforto to 3rd in the batting order last week is paying off. he is hitting .323 with 5 rbis since then and the mets lineup is averaging 6 runs a game since then. anxious moments in the night. now 3-2, two outs, two on. fifth save for familia, as the mets complete the sweep, capping off a very impressive 7- 2 road trip. if you were watching the yankees today, you were miserable.
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bad home stand. even though we've seen heroic moments from jacoby ellsbury and brett gardner, the losses are starting to pile up. a rough start for michael peneda. from the get-go, top of the first, one on for corey dickerson. just like that, it's 2-0 rays. three batters later, another two-run blast. the rays on top 5-0 before the yankees even come to the plate. homeruns have never really been an issue for peneda, but today he was blown out of the water, giving up four homeruns. so far, he has given up the most homeruns in the bigs in this young season. the yankees get on the board in the fourth. alex rodriguez hadn't done a lot this year. he nearly hits that one out. he settles for an rbi double, but he had to leave the game with an oblique injury, which occurred while taking batting practice swings in between ads. one step forward, two steps back. the results are negative on the mri. he'll stay with the team for the road trip.
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celebrating with his second homer of the day. the rays end up with five homers, really an unusual line for peneda. five innings, 10 hits, seven earned runs, but only walked one and struck out nine. yanks lose this one, 8-1. the islanders are on the cusp of doing something they have not done in 23 years and that's win a playoff series. tonight, they can take the series over florida with a win at the barclays center. and the star of the series has been john tavaris. thegriese has a 98 saves percentage and has been the better goal in this series. title defense of the golden state warriors may have taken a serious blow. steph curry missed the entire second half of today's game with a knee injury. he missed the last couple of games with a sprained right ankle. in the final seconds of the first half, there was apparently a wet spot on the
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refs about earlier in the game. golden state did not flinch. they outscored the rockets 41- 20 in the third quarter, after curry left. in fact, the warriors broke the nba playoff record with three- pointers, with 21 of them. they take a 3-1 game series lead. stay tuned on curry's status. finally, the spurs dispatched the grizzlies today, finishing the sweep. but after the loss, memphis coach opened up to reporters and he could not contain himself. >> this season's been hard. it's been really hard. and we could have quit. we could have not made the playoffs. and every day they came out and they fought like crazy. >> lot of emotion when you lose in the playoffs. >> yeah, one series. boy, tough. well, that does it for us here at 6:00. for steve and elise and the entire cbs 2news team, thank you for joining us.
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11:00 and we'll see you then. captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> angie, what is this with these names on the wall here? >> we call this "the death wall." >> the death wall? >> yes. >> why is that? >> the majority of the people on


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