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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  April 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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. next, an suv flips over and the driver survives. >> plus, inside paisley park. prince's lavish life-style, like you've never seen before. and get another ir free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood.
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i was screaming at the cab driver. a shocking sight in manhattan. a road rage stabbing ends with a crash. good evening. i'm dick brennan in for cindy hsu. a fire that broke out more than four hours ago is still burning, leaving families homeless and investigators searching for answers. cbs 2's hazel sanchez is live in cyprus hills with the latest. hazel? >> reporter: dick, at this point we still don't know what caused this five-alarm fire. as you said, it started at about 6:30. firefighters say they have it contained, but you can see they are stillwatering down hot spots in some of the homes, at least three homes a total loss. the fire spread to three other buildings, including a church, but those structures can be repaired. and thankfully, all lives were spared. the flames were intense and moved fast, devouring three multifamily homes on arlington avenue, including pillar pena's home for eight years. she was at work when the fire started. >> somebody called me and told
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don't know. >> watching this, i can't imagine what's going through your mind right now. >> i know. everything is inside, you know? the best thing is nobody got hurt. black. then the fire was up. >> reporter: neighbors shot cell phone video as the fire began raging out of control. huge flames shooting out of the homes. fire investigators believe the houses. just minutes later, this woman says firefighters were banging on her door down the street to evacuate. >> scary. i was watching tv. >> reporter: 250 firefighters battled the fire that reached contained. witnesses watched as the roof of one home collapsed. >> this is an area, the buildings are very tight together, all wood frame buildings, very tight together, large body of fire, fire
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of buildings. >> reporter: the ortega family's home is a total loss, but despite their devastation, they are grateful for what they do have. >> the material is nothing. >> but at least everybody is fine. that's what i care about, my mother and my grandchildren. everybody is fine. my house, my insurance can pay for that later. >> reporter: it's really such a heartbreaking sight, as we watch these houses completely collapse under the pressure of the water out here tonight. families losing their homes. red cross is assist assisting families displaced by this fire. we're told seven firefighters and two civilians suffered minor injuries, but they are all expected to make a full recovery. that is the latest here live in cyprus hills, hazel sanchez, cbs 2news. >> hazel, thank you.
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fought a huge fire. a huge plume of back smoke could be seen. the fdny put out the flames by boat. the n.y.p.d. is searching for a suspect in an apparent road rage attack that ended in a car crash on the upper east side. police say just moments before the driver was stabbed repeatedly. valerie castro is live on the upper east side where she spoke to a woman who watched it all happen. valerie? >> reporter: the woman says she was so terrified that all she could do was scream as she watched the man being stabbed over and over again here on 61st street. tonight, the man is still fighting for his life at a nearby hospital. >> i was screaming. i was scared. there was just blood pouring out everywhere. >> reporter: this woman says she witnessed a case of road rage turn into a violent assault on the upper east side saturday night, all from the back of a taxi cab.
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>> reporter: it all went down on 61st street. the woman says the car in front of her cab suddenly stopped and the driver got out. he walked over to a blue ford parked on the side of the road. she said the driver of the ford got out and started stabbing the other man in the chest repeatedly. >> the guy who got stabbed came over to us right in front of the hood of the car and took his shirt off. he had a white shirt on. didn't even see blood yet. when he took his shirt off, the blood was coming out of his chest. >> reporter: the woman says she and the cab driver got out and ran to a nearby building for help. >> i ran in screaming. we both did, called the police, call the police. it was crazy. >> reporter: but before police could get there, both drivers took off. police say the victim tried to drive himself to a hospital, but crashed into a parked car near 76th and madison, almost 20 blocks away. drivers in the area sunday night say the incident makes them think twice about who else could be behind the wheel. >> i just got to just calm down and keep moving. >> i think that's crazy.
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i would just stay in. you never know what could happen. >> i think that as far as going to the point of trying to kill somebody, it's very troubling, our society not having patience. >> reporter: police say the suspect was driving a blue ford with a rhode island license plate. call police if you have any information. reporting live on the upper east side, valerie castro, cbs 2news. >> valerie, thank you. an autistic boy is back home tonight, after wandering away from his brooklyn school and ending up naked, waist-deep in the ocean. the close call is a reminder of another queens tragedy. >> reporter: somehow a nonverbal autistic 14-year-old managed to walk right out of ps 721 on avenue x in coney island just before 2:00 saturday afternoon, during a weekend program for special needs students. >> an autistic boy should not be allowed to walk out of a school just like that, without
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because it's very dangerous. >> reporter: the department of education released a statement sunday, blaming a community- based organization that runs the program, saying, quote, this is a deeply alarming incident. nothing is more important than the safety of all students and staff. we are working closely with the organization that hosted the event and the n.y.p.d. to investigate this incident. police then got a strange call about a naked male on the beach near west 12th in coney island about an hour and a half after the boy disappeared. when police got here to the board walk, the boy, whose name hasn't been released yet, was waist-deep out in the ocean. he was refusing to come out of the water, so they went in to get him. >> he could have drowned. he was also nonverbal. he couldn't even call for help. >> reporter: city council member mark tregreer says door alarms should have prevented this. avontekindo walked out of his
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eventually found dead months later along the shores. the alarms did go on saturday, but no one knows why the boy was able to wander off so far. >> this is happening over and over and over again. you would think by now we'll get this right. >> reporter: senator chuck schumer is representing gps tracking devices. >> if everyone who had autism had one of these bracelets or the device sewn into their clothes, when they wandered, we could find them right away and prevent the kind of death that occurred with avonte. >> reporter: thankfully, that didn't happen this time. >> there are calls tonight for mayor de blasio's impeachment amid a federal corruption investigation into fund- raising. today, community advocate tony herbert announced plans to join a rally outside city hall. just yesterday, we told you about a scathing report claiming the mayor violated campaign finance laws in the 2014 senate races.
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leading this city in the wrong direction because you cannot honestly represent this city having these criminal investigations on your back. >> the mayor is also part of a federal investigation concerning contributions to his campaign. his spokesperson offered a written comment, saying they believe they did nothing illegal. happening tomorrow, president obama is expected to officially announce a plan to send an additional 250 troops to syria to fight isis. the move increases the number of u.s. forces battling isis to 300. most of the additional personnel will be army green berets. tomorrow's announcement comes at the end of president obama's week-long trip where he focused on the war against isis during meetings with world leaders. tuesday bring's five more presidential primaries, but the biggest will be in pennsylvania. new polling out today finding donald trump with a big lead over ted cruz and john kasich. he has the support of 49% of likely republican voters. on the democratic side, hillary
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8 points with the support of 51% of voters. sad news tonight about the mayor of bergen county's mayor, parker. she passed away at the hospital. we do know she previously fought cancer. she was 44 years old. a wild and dangerous ride in new jersey. a violent crash ends with an suv wrapped around a pole. >> plus, gunshots at the prom. the split-second division that averted disaster at the dance. >> also ahead, saluting a superstar. new tributes to prince and a never-before-scene tour of his paisley park estate, including one thing visitors couldn't believe. >> then later, feet from danger. what would you do if you saw this bear outside your door? >> i did see that bear, well, a tiny version of that bear outside my door one day. interesting. we have a beautiful start to the work week. it will start much how the weekend ended.
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details coming up in a bit. >> an entertaining segment of television coming up, talking about new york hockey and the latest with phil jackson. is this guy getting too much of
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. new tonight, a new jersey man in critical condition after a crash along route 17. police say the driver wrapped his suv around a pole outside the sleepy showroom between ans drive and midland avenue. he was rushed to hackensack university medical center. the cause of the crash remains unclear. prince is being honored in his home state. minneapolis city hall honored the legendary singer from its bell tower. >> the bells are chiming some of prince's classics. prince died thursday at his paisley park home just outside the city. fans are leaving behind purple balloons and flowers at the complex. and prince loved minnesota
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music at his paisley park home, but what exactly is inside? cbs 2 spoke with the architect responsible for the complex. >> reporter: from the outside, paisley park looks like any large commercial building. but inside, the creative genius and mysterious side of music icon prince is on full display. >> prince wanted to have a place where he could do all his music and make films and do his tour rehearsals and do dance, choreography and everything under one roof, which is back 25 years ago, was quite progressive. >> reporter: designed by los angeles architect brett thoeny, the $10 million, 65,000-square foot complex is a curiosity to many. he says it took the better part of three years from conception to completion in 1987. walking through the front door transcends into prince's reality. >> when you come to paisley
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the lohse with a pyramid, the two-story over your head. and then as you recall, it is cold in minnesota, so you have another set of doors that you go through and then you get warm. >> reporter: the first floor houses production facilities, including state of the art recording studios, a sound stage and massive rehearsal hall. prince wanted no windows in the downstairs performance areas, creating a timeless environment where he could work without knowing when night became day. the second floor designed with windows includes executive offices, as well as prince's personal haven. >> a portion of it could be like a stayover, where if he was in the studio late, which he always was, he could just crash for a few hours and get back in the studio. >> reporter: as for his secret vault in the building, yes there is. prince requested one. >> he wanted a place to keep his master recordings, but at the time he was -- it was very important to keep this a secret. >> reporter: he wasn't just
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about the entire property. a long-time friend of prince tells cnn he didn't like people taking pictures inside. >> reporter: prince named his complex paisley park, thoeny says after his love of print design and a song he recorded by the same name released in 1985. >> reporter: thoeny says he will never forget, despite his fear of heights, prince bringing him up on the massive roof to see the view. >> you can see the lakes and the landscape. it was just a moment that was important for him to go up there. >> now, prince was cremated yesterday. family and friends celebrated his life in a private ceremony. let's go to the weather center. elise, you were actually on that estate once? >> i was. of course not the part where the studios were. on the side is where he would have the dance parties, and so i was there this past summer. we went in that way and it's kind of a huge dance space and has a stage. he didn't perform, but he did come out and talk to us.
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>> kind of cool to see the rest of it. >> yeah. also cool, our weather. it was beautiful this weekend. had a little bit of rain early saturday in some locations, but ended up beautiful. today, clear skies from start to finish. tomorrow we start with clear skies. we could end with some rain. but remember, we have a deficit and we need it. checking in with weather watchers tonight, temperatures still pretty mild at 11:18, heading down the jersey shore. we have at least this one reading from thomas in manchester township. he says it's 48 degrees, perfect day. enough said. i don't think you can complain about this one. may not be as warm as yesterday, but it was really a beautiful day. heading into connecticut, 55 degrees. another nice day, but we still need the rain coming during the week, plus more. we do need the rain heading our way. it is going to be significant, so let's get to it. first up, a live look outside, things are looking good from our camera in times square. mostly clear skies, 52 degrees,
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southeast at 6 miles per hour. highs yesterday were in the upper 60s, low 70s. today, low 60s to just at 70 degrees. newark was the hot spot at 70 degrees. central park, high of 68. that's 4 degrees above the norm. 64 is where we should be. we made it to 68 today. overall, not bad. i mentioned the deficit. here it is just for the month of april. so far this month, 1.32 inches. normally at this point we would be approaching 4 inches. our deficit is 2.34 inches. we need almost 2 1/2 inches of rain going forward. will we get that this week? probably not 2 1/2 inches, but if things hold true, we could certainly see an inch of that rain. high pressure still dominating right now, so your vortex satellite and radar reflecting clear skies. basically what happens is high pressure stays with us tonight and through a good portion of the day tomorrow. then as the high slides offshore, it sort of makes way for clouds, then rain to move in as well. we have a nice night tonight, cool, a little on the chilly side depending where you are.
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lot of sunshine out there, filtered sunshine. we will see clouds. temperatures nice and mild. we're talking back into the 70s. monday night, clouds and rain likely. then on tuesday, not just rain. we could also see thunderstorms with this system as well. so overnight tonight, partly cloudy, 49 degrees. that's in the city. a little chilly for some of the suburbs. tomorrow, as i mentioned, partly sunny skies, but warmer tomorrow than it was today. we're back into the 70s. we remain in the 70s on tuesday. again, we get that with showers and also thunderstorms. tuesday could be kind of a messy day there. we clear out again for wednesday with another chance of rain on thursday. keep in mind it may not be a fun commute, but we do need the rain. >> 70s are good, too. love the 70s. >> thanks, elise. seems bears are enjoying our nice weather as well. where else would a black bear decide to spend his day? denville, new jersey, get it? this bear showed up at one man's back door.
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from the bird feeders before heading to the woods to walk off his meal. the homeowner says the bear hung around the backyard for about 10 minutes before he got bored, or full. either way, lost. still ahead, emergency in arizona. flames as far as the i can see. an apartment building turns into a raging inferno. the challenges in fighting this fire. >> later, an historic flight around the world without one ounce of gas. we'll tell you about the incredible accomplishment. >> and don't forget to follow cbs 2news on facebook.
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11:25 pm . real excitement on the ice tonight. steve is here with a quick look at sports. >> yeah, and i think the islanders are one of those teams quickly gaining a reputation as a squad that thrives under pressure. in the final seconds of regulation and down a goal to the florida panthers, the islanders pulling out all the stops, jamming home a goal with 53 seconds left. we'll see if the isles could
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jacob degrom was triumphant in his return to the mound after a scare with his newborn son. the mets swept the braves. we'll show you the offensive hero, later. it was a day michael peneda would rather forget. he now leads the majors in homeruns allowed. one key player gets injured. we'll have details of that and cbs sports radio host will join us later. i'll ask him if the knicks zen master is starting to lose his zen. we'll see you in about 15 minutes. >> much more on the islanders. it's getting exciting. >> getting fun. . a fast-moving fire burning after more than four hours. homes badly damaged and families homeless. an update, just ahead. >> plus, a shooting at the senior prom. how investigators jumped into action to save lives and avert a tragedy.
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mysterious death has school
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. we're staying on top of breaking news in brooklyn where a fire destroyed three multifamily homes in the cyprus hills neighborhood, even causing one of them to collapse. neighbors say they could see the flames shooting out of the homes as firefighters rushed to put out the flames. no one was injured, but several families have lost everything. the red cross is helping. >> my house, my insurance can pay for that later. a life? i thank you to god that there was not any injuries. that's the best thing. >> firefighters say the fire began in the garage of one of the homes and quickly spread to the others. right now, they don't know how the fire started. school administrators in wisconsin say the quick actions of officers saved dozens of lives when a gunman opened fire outside a prom. it happened late last night in milwaukee.


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