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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  April 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon. i'm chris wragge. >> and i'm mary calvi. >> a court just ruled that new england patriots quarterback tom brady must serve a four- game suspension over the deflated football scandal. there have been months of people arguing over one of the team's -- league's top teams and top players. the four-game suspension will now happen. we'll have much more on the story coming up tonight at 5:00 p.m. families are sifting through the rubble, looking for anything left after a fast-
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>> cbs's magdalena. >> yes, chris and mary. those who lost their homes are coming back to take a look at the damage at the daylight. firefighters are still on scene, as plumes of smoke, filed through this debris, every now and then. >> marina zapetta came back to her home, hoping to sift through more of what's left of her belonging. >> i was hoping to save something inside my house. but now, when i see it, it's impossible. >> her apartment is now crushed under the weight of a collapsed roof. sunday evening, zapetta and her two grandchildren were inside the home, when her ex-husband came rushing in and screaming. >> and cry, it's fire, it's fire. and i take the two babies and go, get out, and leave everything. >> reporter: this morning, everything she left behind is charred and damaged. the fire believed to have started in a garage behind the homes quickly spread to three neighboring houses and presbyterian church of the
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destroying parts of the sanctuary and the food pantry. >> that hurts the most. because we are servants. it's sad. and we need it. >> reporter: last night, the flames. four members of the ortega home were inside at the time. although they lost all of their material belongings, they're grateful they're alive. alive. >> reporter: the fire spurred by winds and the close proximity of the wooden homes. >> it was a handful. and the members really did a did. >> embers are still burning remember. >> in total, seven 5 fighters and two civilians were hurt. they are expected to be okay. the red cross is now helping seven displaced families. live in cypress hills, brooklyn, magdalena daris, cbs 2 news.
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ripped through a building leaving dozens homeless. chopper 2 was over long beach road in oceanside, as firefighters doused the smoldering fire. investigators say it started in the back of the building around 4:00 this morning and quickly spread. >> there was a lot of fire coming out of the second floor, off the fire escape. >> we started off with an aggressive interior attack. we tried to get in there and attack the fire. unfortunately, we were hindered by some of the collapse inside the occupancy. >> no one was seriously hurt. the red cross is helping to relocate 30 families. the cause of the fire is under investigation. new at noon, a scare in the air for a man working high up in a bucket of a crane. a passing truck struck the crane at west 114th street at morning heights. the man in the bucket was able to get down. a second man was able to get down to rescue him. we are told he has minor injuries. also new at noon, a man crashed into a car.
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another collided and jumped the curve. -- curb. chopper 2 was over the scene. we're told a female driver suffered minor injuries. they are now looking into the safety of the building. mayor de blasio is fighting back. his lawyer is claiming the mayor's effort to raise money to help democrats take control of the senate were, quote, unquestionably authorized by law. >> reporter: mayor de blasio is none too happy about a scathing report. has lawyer fired off an angry letter to the state board of elections whose confidential memo was inprently leaked to the press. they wrote, i have determined that reasonable cause exists to determine a violent criminal warrant has taken place.
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willful and flagrant. de blasio lawyer disagrees. it is a complete disregard. adding that the way de blasio raised money is unquestionably authorized by existing law. >> we obviously received a letter from ms. sugarman. and the matter is under investigation. >> sugarman's report has reportedly led to a full-scale investigation. and united states attorney preferreira. it circumvented campaign finance laws. dede blasio's attorney is trying to find out who leaked the report. he also reserved the right to sue. >> the nypd is on the hunt for a man wanted in a frightening road rage incident on the upper east side. police say that driver on the run stabbed a man repeatedly and left him in critical
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cbs's alanna gold has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: the nypd, searching for answers on what exactly prompted a violent confrontation on east 61st street by first avenue at 11:00 at night. the victim, now recovering in the surgical intensive care unit, after getting stabbed repeat lead in the chest. >> it was like something from a horror story. >> reporter: this woman said she witnessed the apparent road rage incident from the back of her taxi. she says the gray car ahead of her suddenly stopped. then the driver got out of the vehicle and walked up to a blue ford on the side of the street and confronted that driver. seconds later, she said the man behind the wheel of that ford pulled out a knife. >> the guy that opened his door got out and was stabbing him, right in the middle of his chest. so then he came back over to us. and he took has shirt off. he was in complete shock. >> reporter: the victim's family members tell us his name is david piczaro. that witness claimed she watched him get stabbed even is
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and you can see his bloody white shirt left at the scene. police tell us pizzaro chased after them and crashed into a vehicle nearly 20 blocks away. >> i was screaming. i was scared. and there was just blood pouring out everywhere. >> reporter: a bloody and frightening scene that is making drivers think twice about getting angry behind the wheel. >> you just gotta calm down and keep it moving. >> i think that's crazy. i don't think i'd get out of my car. you never know what could happen. >> police have been scouring this neighborhood, looking for surveillance video that could give them a better description of the suspect and his car. they say his blue ford has rhode island license plates. on the upper east side, alanna gold, cbs 2 news. >> police are trying to figure out where the problems between those two drivers initially started. >> the hunt continues for a man who raped a woman on the lower east side. the 24-year-old woman told police she followed her into
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stanton and pit street saturday afternoon. globed her but ran off when a man in the apartment came out. >> reporter: the trial of marcel dockery continues in brooklyn today. he is accused of setting a mattress on fire in the hallway of his building in coney island in 2014. responding police officer dennis cuera was killed. now to campaign 2016 and the race for the white house in what could be an unprecedented step. ted cruz and john kasich's campaigns announce they are going to work together. >> -- to try to stop john trump -- donald trump. >> they are teaming top stop donald trump from becoming the presidential nominee and going up against hillary clinton in the fall. >> we are at a fundamental. >> the pact between cruz and kasich means they will get out of each other's way in upcoming
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they said we will shift our resources west and give the cruz campaign a clear path in indiana. cruz is returning the favor out west, saying they will clear the path for governor kasich to compete in oregon and new mexico. >> i'm not going to spend resources in indiana. he's not going to spend them in other places. so what? what's the big deal? >> reporter: trump respond, saying this is another example of what he believes is wrong with washington and the political system. he fired off a tweet this morning, calling it collusion, and says it shows weakness on kasich and cruz's part. this does not affect the five states that vote tomorrow. trump has a big lead in the polls there. as does hillary clinton on the democratic side. >> i'm just working hard to win on tuesday. >> reporter: clinton who is close to locking up the ad. called on bernie sanders supporters to join her. >> reporter: sanders says he's staying in the race until the end. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house.
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also pushing to have more involvement in writing the democratic party platform. it's an attempt to shift the viewpoints of pushing for higher minimum wage. president obama is ending 250 additional foyses -- forces troops. the president made the announcement this morning in germany. the extra forces will join the 50 troops already in syria. the president says our troops will not be lead the fight on the ground. but they will provide training and assist local forces to continue to drive isis out of key areas. >> make no mistakes. these terrorists will learn the same lesson as others. which is your nations have no. >> today, mr. obama is meeting with other negligence germany, france and italy -- others in germany, france and italy. still ahead. detergent danger. a new warning for parents about the popular pods millions use
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plus, the bells toll for prince. see how else his hometown honored him. and a wild encounter with a bear in new jersey. find out where the big animal uh-oh. looks like we could see some stormy weather in our area soon.
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once again, warning parents about the popular detergent pants -- packs. >> a new increase in children getting hurt after biting into them. marlie hall reports. >> reporter: detergent packets can be a convenient way to do the laundry. but to a toddler, they can look like candy. two years ago, angela aven told us her daughter anaya had to go on life support because she ate a packet of detergent. >> she was foaming at the mouth, couldn't breathe, couldn't move issue she was just laying there. >> there were more than 62,000 detergent-related calls to poison control centers in 2013 and 2014. there was a 17% rise in calls, specifically about laundry packets. among those, there were 17 cases of coma, six cases of respiratory arrest. and two cases of cardiac arrest. >> we want to let parents know, this is something they want to take caution with. put it up in the cabinet.
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>> reporter: last year, consumer reports stopped recommending laundry packets because of the potential danger. but the industry said it is adopting new voluntary changes. >> procter & gamble, the maker of tide pods and flings, introduced pods that are stronger. they also have a bitter-tasting substance on the outer film to stop kids from biting into them. >> we are introducing a new bag with a child guard zipper. >> reporter: the new packages hit shelves next month. safety advocates plan to monitor these to make sure they prevent poisonings. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. >> procter & gamble said during testing, 70% of children 5 and under were not able to open the new package. >> billy paul, r&b singer, has died. >> mrs. jones, mrs. jones, mrs.
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[ music ] >> paul was known for the 1972 hit single, me and mrs. jones. the song about a secret love earned him a grammy. he had been suffering from pancreatic cancer. billy paul was 81 years old. a public memorial to honor prince's life after a private memorial was he. thousand -- held. thousands came to pay respects. they brought purple balloons, flowers, even a guitar. the 57-year-old music superstar died thursday. the cause of death has not been released. his fans are still in shock. >> it hit me hard the first day. i to sobbed bat the -- at the back of work. i'm able to compose myself, but it still doesn't feel real. >> prince's remains were
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still ahead here at noon. working towards a faster commute. how a new system on a major bridge could help ease rush hour traffic. and the crowd goes wild,
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islanders. . if your commute includes the tapanzee bridge. there's now a cashless system. ez pass tags. for those without cam -- ez pass, bills will be mailed to the owner. where else would you see a brack bear -- black bear? and where would he spend his day? how about denville, new jersey. showed up at one man's back door yesterday morning. big fella grabbed a quick breakfast from the bird feeder before heading to the woods to maybe walk off his meal. the bear hung around there. anyway, he is gone right now. >> pretty tight shot there. it's close. >> yeah. big guy. >> time now for your exclusive cbs 2 forecast. let's bring in john elliott now.
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danville. thank you. [ laughter ] >> all right. so we have some critters actually some great weather pictures sent in. i want to focus on what the weather watchers are watching. and i am enjoying the contrast in numbers. look here. 75, 74. this is carmen in jackson. 74 with clouds overhead. look at that. it's over 10 degrees cooler there on the jersey shore. and cooler still in parts of the hudson valley. this is an interesting observation. sherry sent this in from woodborn. 62. and you what happen? we really, really need some rain. yeah, she is right. we are waiting right now. it's a relatively quiet day. there's a blue herring, a frog. and i love this. and i love this from maureen, getting ready to go into the shark river. today, it's a quiet day. but sherry is right. we need the rain. in fact, for the spring season. again, this is meteorological spring.
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we're well over five inches below normal. now, this event that we're anticipating tonight into and through tomorrow, could bring a half inch to a little over an inch. the problem is, the models are account accounting for the potential for moderated storms. chris asking about the skies. more clouds filling in. but still partly to mostly sunny. 65. 64 in belmar. toms river has been as warm as 70. look at the hamptons. 57. 57 in greenwich. marlboro, new jersey. a lot of people working through there. 70 degrees warmer today than it was this time yesterday. so we're shooting for 71. well above the normal. a sign of the season, i tell you what, that pollen count high today, hoping for some relief with the rain tomorrow. speaking of that rain tomorrow. none right now. some clouds filling in. here's the front. talk about contrast. cold enough for snow, in through parts of ontario.
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possibility that we'll tap into that energy, possibility of storms early tomorrow morning. and then watch what happens. during the commute, hit-and- miss showers with heavy rain. and then a break. but by lunchtime, could see an isolated storm. and then look at the afternoon commute tomorrow. before this thing wraps up, as we work our way into tomorrow night, into wednesday. wednesday, a break. the potential, though, for an isolated severe storm tomorrow. wind is something we'll be watching. definitely tuesday is busy. then a few more showers possible on your cooler thursday. but we do need the rain. >> yeah. but it look nice. the weekend at least. >> weekend right now, looks pretty good. >> looking forward to that. >> thank you, johnny. now that the rangers are out of the play-offs. new york's hockey hopes fall on the shoulders of the islanders. and last night, they did not disappoint. check it out, in case you missed it. >> it's over. it is all over.
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years, the new york islanders have won a play-off round. >> reporter: that's right. for the first time in over two decades, the islanders have won a play-off series. the crowd went berserk last night. not an easy win. the game went into double overtime before john davaris pulled off the winning goal. and the goal to tie it with just 53 seconds left in the third period. it was like white knuckle time. >> my boys were there. and they said the crowd was just electric. just completely wild.
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. coming up on cbs 2 news tonight, at 5:00. can preemies feel pain? doctors once thought that the brains of newborns, especially preemies were not developed enough to feel pape. but that concept is changing. we'll explain. and pollution solution. local lawmakers propose a multimillion dollar bill to protect your water. but who is going to pay for it? those stories and more tonight at 5:00. the u.s. coast guard has ended a dream of running a marathon by running across the atlantic ocean. >> the coast guard towed his hydropod back to land sunday. he had hoped to use the bubble to run on water. this was not the coast guard's
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in 2013, they rescued him in a bubble off the coast of miami. just not going to work. >> shocking. that's going to do it for us at noon. thanks for joining us. i'm chris wragge. >> i'm mary calvi.
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have a good afternoon. >> dylan: oh, hey. here's your tea. it's ready. >> nikki: oh. >> dylan: i got a bottle ready for sully when he comes to. >> nikki: thank you. you're too good to me. >> dylan: well, you're talking to a guy who made lattes all day.


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