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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  April 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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out immediately. >> reporter: one 83-year-old victim was left with two black eyes after being attacked last month and a 91-year-old woman was attacked in park slope, both attacked as they entered their apartment. police say clarence jones has 19 prior arrests and served 14 years in prison for this exact same crime, violently targeting the elderly. >> brian, thank you. now to the bomb slel -- bombshell if deflate gate. >> tom brady must serve out the games. is this it? >> reporter: is this the end? if it feels like groundhog day, it should.
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cardinals, dolphins, texans after the decision that may end the legal debate once and for all. >> surely we have to be done. it feels like six years already. >> reporter: it happened 15 months ago. brady skipped the suspension and the league argued that the 4-time super bowl winner tarnished the game by impeding the investigation. how you ask? brady destroyed a cell phone containing nearly 10,000 text messages. quote, why couldn't the commissioner suspend mr. brady for that contact alone? with all due respect, mr. brady's explanation of that made no sense whatever. >> he had serve it. he is not above the other
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>> this is not the time the patriots had a minor problem. >> it's maybe time to tom brady got caught for something. >> reporter: so the patriots can take their appeal to the supreme court, but in an interesting twist, the team and brady agreed to a contract extension.
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only cost about 100,000, not 1 million. coincidence? >> hm. >> so there is another chapter? >> like i said, i don't know. groundhog day over and over. >> all right. owen, thank you. tonight, mayor deblasio's legal team says things all about politics but sources tell cbs 2 that a decision to start an investigation in the first >> reporter: mayor deblasio announcing the drop in water rates as a drip, drip, drip of a scandal swirls around him as attorneys are probing how he raised funds to flps the 2014 senate race to get his agenda passed. >> we received a letter and the matter is under investigation.
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of support was sent by the state board of elections saying i believe reasonable cause existeds for a warrant of violation has taken place. it can only be described as wellful and flagrant and that touched off an angry response from the lawyer for deblasio saying their interpretation of the election laws was wrong saying, quote, your memorandum reflects a shocking misunderstanding or a complete disregard of the fundamental understanding of the election laws as probers try to determine if the way the money was raised for the campaign races circumvented the campaign laws. do you think there was a political motivation in leaking this memo to the press?
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you will get to the truth about that. i can say that a government officer is supposed to honor their public duties. >> reporter: sources tell cbs 2 that all four members of the board of elections, 2 ridiculouss and 2 republicans, looked at sugarman's findings. >> it indicate that -- indicated that it was sent to us in 2016 when the investigation started. >> reporter: this was a complicated case and the way it was explained to me is this. two illegal acts can turn into a legal act.
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looking at now. marcia kramer, cbs 2 news. a bronx senior citizen is dead after he got into a fight with a neighborhood inside an elevator. emily smith reports from kingsbridge. >> he was such a nice guy. he didn't deserve that. >> reporter: martha torres can't believe her long time companion, felix rodriguez, died in a fight. nypd said that he was put in a sleeper hold after a fist fight and torres said he had recently had a stroke and it made him more impatient. >> i don't know what the altercation was. >> reporter: police arrested joaquin feliciano, a 57-year- old former marine and father of a 3-year-old boy. both the suspect and the victim
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accordsto police and witnesses, he was holding the elevator for julio estella. when he walked in his apartment, rodriguez allegedly began shouting at feliciano. >> i felt bad at the beginning but i was coming with groceries, so how can i feel bad about it? i feel bad for both parties. >> reporter: police say that the fighting wont for sometime, ending when feliciano strangled rodriguez. >> the man was killed. he knew he was anything to kill him when he punched him. he knew it. he is a trained marine. >> reporter: and this small but meaningful memorial is a testament to the kind of person he was said torres. >> he had a generous spirit. >> reporter: police say that feliciano has nine prior arrests, mostly involving drugs, and no one answered the
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but they are believing justice will be served. emily smith, cbs 2news. >> feliciano is charged with manslaughter. a massive fire damaged a church in brooklyn. residents sifted through the rubble looking for anything to salvage. it broke out on arlington in the cypress hills section. it quickly spread and firefighters were treated for minor injuries and one resident for smoke inhalation. and an early morning fire destroyed 14 apartments and a business on long beach road in oceanside. investigators say that the fire started in the back of the building at 4:00 in the morning and quickly spread. no one seriously hurt and the red cross is hoping to relocate 30 families. the united states will send additional troops to syria to
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president obama said he is sending in 250 special forces troops joining the 50 troops -- already in syria, tasked to training. president obama spoke with cbs's charlie rose in hanover. >> one of the things that's worked so far is us putting special forces in for training and intelligent gathering. >> president obama said he is committed to finding a war. you can see charlie rose's interview with president obama tonight at 6:30 on cbs 2. now, a bombshell. john kasich and ted cruz have formed an alliance from stopping donald trump from winning the nomination. >> reporter: cruz and kasich announced they are working
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each other's way in the primaries. clinton is expected to do well which could knock sanders out of the race. >> we are at a fork in the road. >> reporter: ted cruz and john kasich teaming up to take on trump. kasich saying, quote, we will shift our campaign's resources west and give the cruz campaign a clear path in indiana. as for cruz, they will, quote, clear the path for governor kasich to compete in oregon and new mexico and both play down the significance of the arrangement. >> i won't spend resources in indiana. what's the big deal? >> they colluded. it shows how weak they are. it hoes how pathetic they are. he has a news conference all
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i have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion. this guy takes a pancake and shove its in mouth. that's disgusting. do you want there for your president? i don't think so. >> reporter: hillary clinton took shots at the republican candidates earlier. >> they want to lower taxes on the wealthy more than they ever have been. i want to raise -- raise tacks -- taxes on the wealthy. >> we need to involve millions of people in the political process at the grassroots level. >> reporter: sanders is staying in the race until thent but he has been pushing clinton more overtly to adopt his agenda. if clinton wins tomorrow, it
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sanders to catch up. trump has a big lead in polls in all five states holding primaries. >> alice, thank you. a driver trapped after her slams into a long island deli. the obstacle that may have caused the crash. >> and attacked in his church. worshipers jump into action as their priest is attacked. >> and the crowd goes wild, a historic win by the islanders send fans into a frenzy. >> plus, an under steady's big shot with no time to prepare.
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a t-shirt. a car was pulled out of a deli after going on a collision course. 2 people were hurt after the car slammed into the store. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff has the story.
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busy deli and this was the chaotic scene at midday. a car careened through the window and came to rest inside sending glass and food flying. the owner of mam deli was one of those inside. >> we just heard a boom. i don't know what happened. i went to the front and see there was a car. >> reporter: the female driver trapped inside her mangled car had to be pulled from the wreckage and appeared to be alert without life threatening injuries, but ken butler, a customer, recalls the fear. >> i tried to run from it, and debris and bricks and grass were flying everywhere. >> reporter: witnesses say this school bus parked on babylon turnpike may have obstructed the view of this driver and he
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veered out of control into the store. neighbors say that this stretch of babylon in freeport has been a problem for years. one car ended up in that yard. workers say they are thankful because moments later, the deli would have been packed with customers. carolyn gusoff, cbs 2news. >> and the car narrowly missed hitting a pedestrian walk manage front of the deli. it took two overtime bust islanders did it. >> for the first time in over 20 years, the islanders won a playoff round. >> they beat the florida panthers 2-1 and ended their long playoff drought. now, islanders mania is sweeping the area. tony aiello reports. >> the quick shot, save made. score!
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>> reporter: with the hockey hero propelling the team into the second round, it's diagnosis islander mania. >> crazy. how you stop that man in. >> reporter: showing off the team's winning colors and winning moment in double overtime. >> i screamed at the top of my lungs. i lost it. it was like the greatest moment. >> reporter: you can see the islander faithful flashing jerseys and caps. >> there are no words for what the islander know if as are feeling. >> reporter: frank is 22 and wasn't even born the last time they were in the playoffs at the nassau coliseum. and now the fated arena is undergoing a face-lift. 1 hockey crazy clan gathered at their parents' home to witness the finish. >> before he put it in, he knew
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out of the room for a big pile up with my family. >> reporter: it has die hard fans wishing that the team that won 4 straight cups would return. >> come back to the coliseum. forget about brooklyn. forget about the barclay center. >> reporter: the barclay has many voicing wish for the stanley cup once more. >> and so game dates have been set yet for the tampa bay lightning. the ticket guess on sale thursday at 10:00 a.m. >> maybe a bit of a frenzy. >> just a bit, penalty up. >> could be. lonnie quinn is in the weather center. and it will all be changing for us. right now, it's fine and a few
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67 right now and a click or two warm two -- warmer in central park. here is what we see on the vortex satellite and radar, the wispy clouds with a flurry of rain showers around litchfield county, connecticut but nothing right now, and i believe that will be changing because look at what's up to the north. see the arc? it's a strangely configured front. but there is your front and this will give us a chance for rain on tuesday. this front will move due south and die doing that, you will be in the cold sector of this storm on the backside of it, the east end first and continue to drop down. jersey shores, you could have temperatures there in the 70s. the temperatures in the east end in the upper 40s, and there will be rain as part of the forecast. here is how we see it tonight. checking in primarily after mid
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at 56 and keep the rain chance in at 71. over to you guys. thank you, lonnie, and a surprise from the metropolitan opera fan who is attended a weekend performance of otello. that is francesco singing, so it was a row that he had rehearsed but never performed at the in the. he had - - at the met. he had five minutes to get ready. >> they called me, said come. not usual but it can happen. >> it can and it did.
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was no time for a costume and he was wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers under the cape. this was a sophisticated lip sync. the audience was in it on. the main guy was performing, and everything was from on it. and he got a standing o. >> very forgiving. >> the original actor was apparently having trouble with his voice. so that goes out, so what do you do? you call in the under study. >> and get a standing o. >> that is a professional, you twinning. -- wing it. you have done that for me many times. and a major gust finding dozens of guns.
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it was just coming out of his chest. >> a case of road rage and the suspect had a knife. >> and beyonce's new new album and what people are speculating it reveals. if you're told you have cancer, explore your treatment options with specialists who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america.
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new tonight on cbs 2news at 6:00, lawmakers propose a multimillion dollar bill to protect your water and you could foot the bill. plus. >> this is the wrong place for the barges. thrldz be --there would be a large amount of barges. >> that's straight ahead at 6:00. the nypd and manhattan da announce they busted up a major gun ring bringing weapons into the state. >> reporter: it's quite a display of fire power. authorities have stopped these weapons from flooding the streets of new york city, 67 pistols, 8 revolvers, 2 shotguns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. >> these guns are not brought up here for show. they're brought up here to be shot.
5:27 pm
up the iron pipeline where traffickers make a fortune bringing weapons to new york from southern states. police say that the alleged ringleader abdul davis brought them up to new york city. >> davis sold them to detectives detective no more than a 15-minute drive to the washington lamarcus aldridge. >> reporter: police charged six people as members of the ring, including four who reside in virginia and georgia and 2 from new jersey including davis and his girlfriend, shelita funderberk. >> she is employed by the department of corrections so they have day jobs. >> reporter: whether you sell 10 guns or 10,000, the penalty is the same, a class c penalty through it carries a minimum of 15 to life and a maximum of 25 to life and will send a signal
5:28 pm
from the south. >> reporter: all the defends are going through an extradiction process. dick brennan, cbs 2news. they say he came out of nowhere. who attacked a priest in church? >> and a major drug bust in long island, millions in drugs off the street. >> and a new study show that is prema murder babies might feel
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a new jersey man accused of attacking a priest inside his church. good evening. i'm kristine johnson. >> and hello again. i'm maurice dubois. this happened before sunday mass. parishioners saw it happen and chased the suspect. meg baker has the story at 5:30. >> reporter: it was no ordinary sunday at newark church. >> a young man known to us who is mentally ill came into the church and attacked one of the priest who is he knows. >> reporter: father phil waters was in the church with father
5:32 pm
the man got aggressive and punched the previous. speed chase. i got a couple of my church people and followed him to broad street and he turned around and yelled but we kept our difference. >> reporter: they found a police officer and swinton, who suffers from mental illness, was arrested. >> he does not have any family support so in some cases this is the closest thing he has had to a family. >> reporter: he attended st. benedict's prep for a few years but did not graduate. the priest was brought to the hospital with minor injuries and is speaking out on mental health issues. >> there is a horrible challenge for people who
5:33 pm
problems of their heart so to speak, emotional problems. >> reporter: he said there was not enough help for the mentally ill. >> the sense of community and service neighborhood have been destroyed. >> reporter: father leahy said that the church's role is to be exclusive and let people know that their of well matters. police are searching for a man who police say nearly killed a driver in a fit of road rage. a woman who witness today from the back of a taxy is speaking out. hazel sanchez has the latest. >> reporter: this woman said she witnessed a man getting be stayed -- stabbed. >> it's something i will always remember, how crazy people could be. >> reporter: police say it was road rage that spiraled out of control at 11:00 on saturday night. two men arguing about traffic
5:34 pm
up battling about their differences on 61st street near york. this witness said she was in a taxi behind them. a man identified as david pizarro got out of the car and confronted the driver of a dark- colored car who was nearby and she said that driver pulled out a knife. >> the guy who opened his door got out and was stabbing him right in the middle of his chest. he came over to us and he took his shirt off. i was in complete shock, and i was screaming and i was scared with blood everywhere. >> reporter: the bloody shirt was still on the street but the victim and his attackers got in their cars and took off. and pizarro crashed on 76th street. the attacker got away. >> we have a lot of video in the city and we are scanning that to see if we can get that license plate and identify this individual.
5:35 pm
the suspect was a black man with dredlocks in a black nissan altima with rhode island license plates. the victim, who police say ask very lucky -- is very lucky to be alive s in stable condition here at the medical have. in nassau county, $1 million in heroin and cocaine is off the street and several alleged drug dealers are under arrest. police say they found drugs in secret compartments in cars and confiscated 3500 dozes of heroin and a kilo of cocaine. drug dealers are targeting young adults in record members. >> if the fatal overdoses at 48 as compared to 58 for the entire year last year, the war on heroin continues. >> the drugs were reported
5:36 pm
bronx and sold in freeport, massapequa, and montauk. mayor deblasio has proposed a $183 summer credit for water and sewer bills and the 1-time credit will be applied to 1 and 3-family homes across the city and is part of the decision to no longer require an extra fee for the water bill. the proposal will be a 17 to 40% savings on annual bills. the credit must be approved by the waterboard. is she singing the blues? some say thaty with beyonce's new song has to do with her marriage to jay-z. >> and what was a man doing in a bubble at sea? and this day in history, 1901 that new york became the very first state to require automobile license plates.
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no big shock that bees buzz around lemonade but today a queen bee known as beyonce is getting a swarm of attention with lemonade, the entitled of her album if you can follow that. >> and has to do with the hour- long music video and it has many questioning, has jay-z been cheating? >> reporter: lyrics from "sorry" on lemonade continues with -- >> then the speculation began about who was becky with the good hair? rachel roy, a friend of jay-z sea. she was married to his business partner, damon dash, jumped into the fray. >> reporter: good hair don't care but we will take good lighting for selfies or self truth always.
5:41 pm
ramaqueen. >> and that sent the beyhive into overdrive and literally lost their minds, attacking rachel roy. >> reporter: she deleted the post. she is a well-known fashion designer who was possibly behind the elevator fight between beyonce's sister and jay-z. >> could it be about her father who had affairs and two kids with two other women? that devastated her. >> reporter: lemonade is set to become beyonce's 6th straight number one album through it bonds women. they watch this and are moved by the message and can understand and feel her pain. >> reporter: beyonce's world
5:42 pm
so people are speculating she will talk about her personal life on stage as she has done in the past. and another note, rachel roy canceled an appearance in new york just a few hours ago. >> big, big news for beyonce fans. >> reporter: and just to show how crazy this is, there was a confusion which rachel was the one being indicted here. many were calling out rachael ray, the chef who has nothing to do with this. >> her social media page exploded. and it's like it's not me. the other rachel. [laughter] >> a little footnote to all of this. >> yeah, by the way. all right. in just a moment, doctors are changing the way they treat preemies feeling that they feel more discomfort than thought. >> and a danger regarding the popular pods used to wash clothes.
5:43 pm
killed in a fire allegedly started by a board teenager. e possessional --emotional testimony about her life. >> the any -- government gets money other ways. why should we have to pay for it?
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a warning for parents about detergent packets. there is an increase in the number of children getting hurt after biting into them. more than 62,000 detergent- related calls to poison control centers. parents need to be mindful of where they store them. >> this is something that they want to take caution with. put it up in a cabinet or behind a cabinet lock. >> the industry is adopting new voluntary safety changes. proctor and gamble have new pods that are stronger with a bitter tasting substance on the outer film to stop kids from
5:47 pm
preemies and pain, how much can they feel? dr.max gomez said that opinions are changing and hospitals are looking for safe ways to treat it >> reporter: tiny babies born too soon are often poked and prodded, and moms are pretty sure that their babies feel it. >> i want to cry. i don't want my baby to hurt. >> i think we are cognizant that a baby does experience pain. >> reporter: the pain from treatments meant to help them survive could potentially cause harm. repeated early bouts of pain may affect brain development which could lead to anxiety and mood or behavior problems later on. so the american academy of pediatrics updated the guidance saying that doctors need to about a better job of managing and minimizing the pain. >> we want to see if we can minimize the pain response
5:48 pm
>> reporter: babies show pain by grimacing, elevated blood pressure or heart rate. hospitals try methods like pacifiers and tight swaddling to calm babies in distress. nurses use a standard pain scale, but sometimes, it just takes a little skin to skin contact with mom. >> i hope them for to grow and be strong and do well and prosper. >> reporter: there is still a difference of opinion if they are feeling pain -- they can't speak after all -- but it seems that these methods can't hurt. dr.max gomez, cbs 2 news. >> and dr. max said that the conventional painkillers safe to use in infants and adless
5:49 pm
blood pressure in newborns. teen idol bobby rydell is appearing in midtown meeting with fans to talk with his new book, "teen idol on the rocks." he was celebrated with friends. he was known for "wild ones" and appearing on american band stand. >> lone -- lonnie quinn is here, and lots of sunshine? yeah, and we had a slug of rain. we have the weather watchers, and i can see the 74 out there from daniel in greenwood lake. what is dan saying? looks like rain, yeah. you can sometimes even smell
5:50 pm
you can smell rain. here is what we have in the -- hey. i like that. a response from mo. no. it has a scent of rain [laughter] it would be so much more excite figure -- exciting if your mics were on. okay. there will be a rain chance tomorrow and many breaks, though, so it's not an all-day rain and there is in fact a severe risk that some of that could be severe weather but it's not a real risk. if you look at this, the entire area has a chance for thunderstorms. it's the lime-green area that's a marginal risk, not very high on the list but it's out there. precip update, we could sure use rain. we have a deficit of almost 2.5".
5:51 pm
stuff and we'll get some. vortex satellite and radar, looking fine, wispy clouds making their way through the area, and a bigger picture of where the rain is. we'll time this out. the computer models show it making its way through after midnight, a good slug of rain. this is how it could play out. this could come through earlier or later or further south or east. it's just the idea this is a possibility after 8:00 in the morning for heavy rain in spots. and then you get to 1:00 in the afternoon and these are the breaks, not an all day rain, a second round making its way in. 4:30 in the afternoon and clearing out for wednesday. wednesday, a pretty day. how much rain? isolated spots could see the inch of rain. otherwise, everybody is less than that. if you get a training thunderstorm, that's when you will pick up the rainfall at --
5:52 pm
70 is the high and when i will go 70 tomorrow and 64 on wednesday, a beautiful day. take a look at the morning temp on wednesday. 44, and we are not done wet 30s. there will be more 30s on wednesday morning. >> oh, yikes. wow. >> thank you, lonnie. coming up, an emotional performance cut short in -- that's the wrong one. i'm sorry. the coast guard, i should say, gets a lot of calls for help but this is the second time that coast guard crews have picked up this man in a bubble -- that's a bubble right there, off the florida coast. he takes the hydropod and wants to run it to cuba from florida. and they had to rescue him once again. >> back at it again. next, an emotional performance cut short at the
5:53 pm
why security guards forbid a school choir to sing. >> at 6:00, drama at the dmv, a
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5:55 pm
5:56 pm
driver's whole lot older. a group of patriotic students brock out in song after seeing the 9/11 memorial for the first time. >> and a security guard makes them stop. raegan medgie has the story. >> reporter: imagine visiting the september 11th memorial that you feel so overwhelmed that you want to sing the star spangled banner. that happened to these choir students from waynesville elementary. >> they asked when will we get to sing? i said we hadn't planned on it, but let me check with the security guard. >> reporter: these patriots other than born after the
5:57 pm
>> i asked if it would be okay if we offered the song and he told us yes. >> reporter: the choir started to sing. >> a lot of people gathered around to listen, and we thought -- the second security guard stopped us but we thought he was going to hear better. >> reporter: that wasn't the case. >> i can't remember his exact words. but he used the terminology this could be defined as a public demonstration and you will have to stop unless you have a license and i don't see that you have a list. >> reporter: right after the security guard came over and they had to stop, the group left the park, and the choir
5:58 pm
into a teaching moment. >> that space is protected by rules if we are allowed to sing, others might be allowed to do things that are not respectful. >> i am not mad but i felt like i was supporting the people who died that day and supporting my country. >> reporter: a tough lesson about staying patriotic. raegan medgie, cbs 2 news. >> and a spokesperson with the 9/11 memorial has apologized to the students and explained that the security guard did not act appropriately, and they have been invited back for another visit. >> that is it for the news at 5: 5:00. >> the news at 6:00 starts right now. a show of support for an officer taking a stand. tonight, she described her struggles after losing her
5:59 pm
by a bored teen. >> at really the long place for the barges. it's the battle for the barges. residents are pures over the parking the barges. >> and our drinking water and the clean up that could affect your wallet. severely injured in a fire that took her partner's life, an nypd officer tells her story. >> an 18-year-old man is accused of intentionally starting the fire. scott rapoport was in court for the emotional testimony. >> reporter: rosa rodriguez, the surviving officer of the fatal housing officer in 2014 that took the life of dennis guerra and left rodriguez seriously injuries injury -- injured was in court in the
6:00 pm
the case because he w as allegedly boarded. - - b o r e d . rodriguez testified saying she and guerra responded to the building, trying to help and then entered the elevator and was overcome by thick, black smoke when the elevator door opens. >> can't breathe, can't breathe report in respect a voice barely above a whisper, her lungs damaged from the soot and blaze, rodriguez describes the scene. >> i remember holding on to guerra's shoulders. i didn't want to lose him. >> reporter: the fire took the of well of officer guerra.


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