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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  April 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the case because he w as allegedly boarded. - - b o r e d . rodriguez testified saying she and guerra responded to the building, trying to help and then entered the elevator and was overcome by thick, black smoke when the elevator door opens. >> can't breathe, can't breathe report in respect a voice barely above a whisper, her lungs damaged from the soot and blaze, rodriguez describes the scene. >> i remember holding on to guerra's shoulders. i didn't want to lose him. >> reporter: the fire took the of well of officer guerra.
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family went quietly from the courtroom. >> they had to watch the last moments of their son. >> reporter: we asked the attorney about the reaction to the emotional day. >> i will not discuss any comments about my client's statements or reactions. >> reporter: this as officer rodriguez said she will likely need a lung transplant as a result of the injuries from the fire. scott rapoport, cbs 2news. >> and dockery faces a 25 years to life sentence if convicted. mayor deblasio said he followed the law. >> political reporter marcia kramer has the mayor's response to the growing corruption scandal. >> reporter: mayor deblasio rushing to the defense of his advisors and aides and
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campaign funds for the 2014 senate races. >> a lot of very good people are having their names dragged through the mud over the last few weeks, a lot of people i respect greatly and have worked with for years. that's not right. that's not fair. >> reporter: the mayor hired a lawyer, laurence laufer, who fired off an angry letter to sugar, the chief enforcement council to the state board of elections who charged in a scathing report that team deblasio violented state election laws when it allegedly went to circumvent campaign rules. donors can give only $10300 directly to a candidate but $102,300 to an individual committee. the u.s. attorney and manhattan
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whether the immediate transfer of funds was legal. >> we obviously received a letter from miss sugarman and the matter is under investigation. >> reporter: laufer's response to the report is it's blatantly political and reflects a shocking lack of understanding or a complete disregarding of the state's election laws. sources tell cbs 2 by charging that the sugarman report is political, deblasio may be trying to deflect attention from the probe. >> it's outrageous and, again, i don't know what's motivating it. mr.laufer's letter raised a number of questions about what is motivating it it. >> reporter: sources tell cbs 2 that the vote to send the
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2 democrats and 2 republicans agreed there were possibility violations of law to be looked at. >> thank you, marcia. the cause of this devastating fire in brooklyn is under investigation. three homes and a church badly damaged on arlington avenue yesterday. surveying the damage, some residents came in search of anything to salvage. >> i come here thinking maybe i can save something inside my house and now i see it's impossible. >> seven firefighters and two residents were hurt and expected to be okay. the red cross is working to find temporary homes for seven families displaced by the fire. on long island, 14 apartments were destroyed in another fire. investigators say that it started in the back of the building on long beach road in oceanside around 4:00 this morning and quickly spread. no one was seriously hurt and
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relocate 30 families here. the cause is under investigation. jersey city. one side wants to anchor the barges between the statue of liberty and ellis island, and the other side that says views will be lost. >> reporter: upper new york bay is known for the proximity to ellis and liberty i left hand and the beauty, a major attraction one that the jersey city mayor said would be ruined if barges are allowed to moor here. he is trying to make sure it wouldn't happen. >> a dramatic impact on the park. the spark a jewel, and we want to keep it that way. >> reporter: the transportation
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the newest client, a rock quarry, would store crushed stone and has support of the maritime association of the port of new york and new jersey and many not many others. the barges. it's really the wrong place for the barges. >> reporter: michael burke said that navigation safety is his >> they will tie up a lot of square footage between where the boats depart from at liberty state park and ellis island. >> reporter: a number of people who oppose the company's plan say there is a simple solution. move the barges farther south. >> there are plenty of places that the barges can go. >> reporter: the army corps of engineers are responsibility for denying or approving the permits.
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>> the company said they were, quote, unquote, not married to that location and would manically move after the public outcry. backlash over a pollution plan. >> it's a gimmick to plug hole as soon as a multi-million dollar bill to help water but you could be footing the bill. >> and the suspension for tom brady is back on it deflate gate and why his own cell phone could have gotten him benched. >> and a teen got a driver's license, but it says he is 116 years old. >> oh, he is probably a slow driver. north of the great lakes, it's slowing. we'll talk about this coming up. lonnie, thank you. and scott pelley joins us with a live of the preview of the cbs evening news.
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be with you. the pentagon is sending another 250 u.s. special troops into syria. tonight on this broadcast, charlie rose will ask the president of the united states why it's necessary to deepen america's involvement in the syrian civil war. that and the rest of the world news coming up at 6:30. if you're told you have cancer, explore your treatment options with specialists who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america.
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a controversial clean water referendum is being float inside suffolk county. >> supporters say paying into it now would save the most treasured natural resources are saying that air and water should be tree. >> reporter: suffolk county has 360,000 unsewered homes, more than the state of new jersey, and that spells trouble. nitrogen pollution is rampant. starved for oxygen, fish and shellfish are dying. field grass and coastal marshes, needed to buffer the coast from erosion are suffocating. >> let the people decide if we are going to protect water quality or not. >> reporter: steve bellone
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clean water referendum. all would pay a fee of $1 for $1,000 gallons used translating to $73 for average household a year. >> every $1 generates into $1 million. >> reporter: that would go into a fund to connect homes to sewers and protect the groundwater, the sole source of drinking water. >> we have studied this to death. we are taking steps, plans that can be implemented and turn around the water quality. >> reporter: but there are problems. >> that's an absolute gimmick. >> to have it cleaned up? no problem. >> this is not a countywide sewer tax.
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if you conserve water, pay less. >> reporter: officials are working to get the state legislation passed so it would appear on move no's ballot. jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> it is average water bill is there is $183 a month, 1/3 less than the national average. and new moms who struggle with depression in new york state are going to get screening to ensure that more women will get the treatment that they need. insurers have six months to make sure they can provide coverage. scores of middle school children took part in a protest today on the steps of city hall, rallying against planned cuts to summer programs.
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programs for 31,000 kids will be nixed. >> the children don't have powerful lobbyists and special interests protecting them. that's why we are here today. >> we have an enormous responsibility to make sure that the children at our site have a place to be and fight against diversity. >> the mayor's office said it upped the be in spaces from last year but are warned about the decrease this year. we are not so bad today but tomorrow, it's a day to leave with an umbrella. it won't day all day long but it's a likely chance you will encounter wet weather during the day. so right now, it's a filtered sun, definitely sunny and you can see the shadows from time/warner cast out on central
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and our typical this time of year, 65, and the morning low, 50 degrees this morning. the vortex and radar showing what we are going to watch, this portion of the front here that will drop to the south. the reason i'm pointing it to the east end of long island is because you'll be the first one to jump on the backside of the front. the backside of the front is where the cold air is, and the front is the mild air and depending on when the ridge of the front passes through your area, and it's later in the day, temps will go up in spots. here we are at 3:00 a.m. a slug of moisture where you can see the flashes of red. it could be on the heavy side and not everyone is getting it. 3:30 in the afternoon, the
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and prior to that, on again-off again time where there is no rain. this is a picture of the temperature disparity. this is the bottom of the front. maybe 64, 65 degrees tomorrow morning, and west hampton, 48. bridgeport, connecticut, 45. i think by 4:00 in the afternoon, we'll have a bigger spread and possibly upper 40s the east end of long island possibly 70. some areas, possibly at 80. almost everybody, less than an inch. we could have a couple of spots with training showers or storms that could give you more than an inch. thunderstorms a possibility for everybody. it's only a marginal risk for areas south to see severe weather. the rest of us, not as much of a risk.
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cast, very interesting, a difficult forecast day for temperatures tomorrow. i believe rain will be likely. at some point tomorrow you will find rain. but some models say a high of 60 tomorrow and some say 80 degrees tomorrow. it depends on what time it makes its way through. i think we will see a 70-degree reading tomorrow, and rain back on thursday. >> not bad at all. >> thank you, lonnie. teenagers always wish they were older so one local teen was thrilled to find an adult, unredistricted learner's permit in the mail. >> until he looked closer. >> reporter: every teen looks forward to the learner's permit. but dylan brown was frustrated by an unusual birthday glitch
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his mom said it started simply enough. >> first, his birthday was wrong. january 10. >> reporter: three trips to the that one. but when they got the day right, the dmv got the century wrong. the fresh-faced permit's said he was born in 1900. >> he thinks it would be fun to buy lottery tickets and vote and throw the election off. he can vote and my husband thinks he should collect social security because he is 116. >> reporter: on reflection, though, it's just another inconvenience. i mean, you are 116 years old! >> apparently so. >> reporter: how do you feel? >> not great. it's kind of annoying. with all these issues, now i can't drive. it's more of a hassle. i've been to the dmv like 3 or 4 times. >> reporter: and one of his
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problem but the dmv made him seven months older, not a century. >> my date of birth says april 4 but it's november 4. >> reporter: and neither of them can drive. a spokesman said that corrected documents were issued and it's taken, quote, very seriously. >> we are frustrated because we don't know how many more trip its will take. >> reporter: lou young, cbs 2 news. >> a lot of luck. and this year's 16-year-olds are the first group of student drivers to be born in the 21st century. the dmv said this is the first case that they had seen. when i said that, you went -- . [laughter] >> just getting younger and younger by the day. >> i know. 21st century. >> meanwhile, he is just annoyed. can i just get my permit? >> i know.
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the deflate gate merry go round looks like tom bradile have to serve that 4-game suspension. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes.
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this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
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it's time for sports, and there is another chapter in the deflate gate story. >> let's hope this is the last chapter. the court of appeals said that tom brady must sit the first four games of the 2016 season reinstating the nfl's initial suspension from may of 2015. that suspension was overturned last september because judge richard berman ruled there were legal deficiencies. but a 3-judge panel today reinstated that pointing out the destruction of the cell phone that contained 10,000 text messages saying that it raised the stakes to, quote,
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that the commissioner convened. 23 long years is how long it's been since the islander won a playoff series. that is until last night. down 1-0 with 53 seconds left, lighting the lamp for the equalizer. the isles played two overtimes and the man who was 2 years old the last time they won a playoff series sends them back with the wrap around and the win. >> we fought hard and gave ourselves a chance. this is incredible. just tried to find a way, and it's nice to get it. we wanted to get it at home and finally get a series win to move on, and we're excited. it's incredible. after going 3-6 on the homestand, the yankees hit the road beginning a series with texas.
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after a 7-2 road trip out scoring opponents, 54-27. that's doubling them up. noah signed disbarred -- syndergaard is on the hill tonight. >> we are certainly signing up for this road trip and hopefully can bring the momentum with us. and the golden state warriors were clearly the odds on favorite to win the title but the odds took a hit in an odd fashion. steph curry who already had an injured ankle, slipped on a wet floor and goes down awkwardly. he took an mri and it shows he
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warned about the wet floor before and now it happened. >> he warned them about the court being wet? >> they couldn't get a towel out there. and he is the reason people are watching. well, i shouldn't say that, but people are watching. >> exactly. and both teams have to get there. so. >> that's true. >>thank you.
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coming up tonight at 11:00, what's more important than romance when it comes to a relationship? >> turns out some are saying that your dna could determine more than you think, and we real couples to the test. >> it's interesting. >> their results and should you use dna to determine who is your date? >> way pasttime. >> join -- past time. >> join us for the news later. and donald trump responds after
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>> that's tonight at 11:00. >> pelley: cruz and kasich gang up on trump and a political food fight breaks out. >> i have never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion. >> pelley: also tonight, the president tells charlie rose why america must send more troops to syria. >> being able to distinguish between those who we can work with and those we can't, all that's really important. >> pelley: a federal court rules against the patriots' tom brady. and art imitates life in an all-female broadway play about women in war. >> we didn't know we were going to be making history. >> no. no, no. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the end donald trump lashed out at ted cruz and


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