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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 25, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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weekend no matter what part of the world you live in, the sounds of prince were playing. our coverage of his passing continues in just minutes. >> but oh my gosh. >> yeah ittwas crazy. >> did you see beyonce's hbo lemonade special on saturday night? i'm still recovering from it. >> you and every other woman on the planet. >> people are losing their minds over this. the visual album was so raw and so extremely personal and in it did she just put jay-z on blast for cheating on her and also call out the other woman? tonight's top story, don't mess with beyonce. >> are you cheating on me? >> it appears beyonce finally addressed all the jay-z infidelity rumors and these words about cheating still have everybody talking today. you better call becky with the good hair >> is there really a becky with
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many think it's fashion designer rachel roy. she posted this instagram. good hair don't care. >> roy later deleted the post and was already rumored to be the reason behind the tmz jay-z beat down elevator video and as you expect the beehive has been there's this medium of the 42-year-old roy covered in bees plus her wicapedia page was hacked and died under a lemonade stand. >> so this morning rachel pulled out of an event tonight in new york due to a quote, personal emergency. e.t. ot insight into who rachel is when we saw her a few years ago. >> i wear my heart on my sleeve so you know that some people are attracted to that and some people aren't.
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>> right now lemonade is number one on itunes and here's three of our favorite things to look out for. one, the stunning visuals. she is wearing her wedding gown and in a not so subtle message it turns blood red and she is surrounded by fire and how about beyonce empowered and smashing cars up with a bat and a smile? >> the personal side. while the 50 day shoot in louisiana caused $1.35 million, the most priceless moment are the home movies. finally leeonade takes us on the same ride we imagine beyonce could have gone through.
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true. they run through 11 steps of her grieving process and 42 minute in we see jay himself and his wedding ring and the soulful song about forgiveness called sand castle. >> i just don't know what to think about all this. i do know though that jay-z getting crushed on social media. i mean, the memes were crazy for example like this one on twitter.
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the song kind of rocks. >> right now new details from inside prince's memorial. our team of reporters has been inside since news broke about th michelle turner has the latest. >> prince's remains have been cremated and a small group of friends and families have been throughout the weekend. morning the mourners sheila e. his former fiancee and confidant. i spoke to her about the >> it was very somber. i don't know if he knew how he touched almost everyone in this world. i don't think that he knew how good he really was. >> and today we're learning more about that emergency landing prince's plane made six days before he died. e.t. obtained audio of the transmission between his pilot and air traffic control. >> whaa's the nature. >> unresponsive passenger. >> any age or anything? >> i do not know that.
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>> we're also learning prince may have had money problems. e.t. entered documents that showed he had 7 years against property that he owned including a $2 million lean in against paisley park studios. that's when priice lived and died. sheila e. told mm he had been working on turning the studio into a tribute mu >> to paisley park could essentially become like the next gracellnd. you would open it up to fans. >> it would be bigger than that. like drums, motorcycles, instruments that he played. awards. pictures of him all down the hall. >> is there a public tribute or tributes being planned for him? >> there are. we're in talks with them as of right now. >> saturday night live paid tribute to prince this weekend. the hour long special included
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his incredible performance of let's go crazy at snl's 40th anniversary after party. >> we'll have more memories of prince later in the show. >> right now a story that we have been in front of. kelly ripa will be at work tomorrow. she e-mailed the ssaff on friday that she will be and michael told fans today but now her bff has us wondering. kelly is back but buckle up. will it be a bumpy ride? >> all smiles on the set this morning with michael and fill in host shay mitchell.
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wasn't in the room. tomorrow. which we're all excited abbut. >> sources at live tell us that strahan will be there with ripa. >> this is between you and me. >> as for kelly she confi her return to a lter to the staff late friday following her one scheduled and two unscheduled days off saying quote i wanted to thank you all for giving me the time to process this new information. we are a family and i look forward to seeing you all on tuesday m >> am i wrong or am i right? >> reportedly ripa before agreeing to return had demanded assurances from abc that live wasn't getting cancelled. and thattwas apparently made clear to her. even if gma with strahan were to expand to the 9:00 a.m. slot live could still be moved to 10:00 a.m. one person still in shock is kelly's bestie who vented today on his radio s >> it just seems like a premature end to a great relationship. and it was a big, bad break up. >> they'll appear to be all
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chrissi gave birth over a week ago and prompting some t out on social media. and a long night out. >> and the body suit just nine days after giving birth. she looks super sexy on her saturday night out with husband john legend but queue the haters. after a bar raj of tweets calling her out for leaving baby luna at home she addressed the backlash with this post. i went to dinner. good morning. next some pda in p pregnant megan fox holds hands and here he is and sweet shottings confirm what sources it work.
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first look alt her new baby boy. her 1.4 million instagram followers to meet remy. she gave birth to him on april 12th. she is also mom to river who is almost 2. coming up will jodie sweeten drop out of dancing? last week this injury sent her to the hospptal. what she is saying now. >> plus amy shumer just embarrassing her bff. >> one miss jen lawrence. it seems like a cold at first. you can't concentrate, can't sleep. before long it's all you can think about. you feel anxious and uncertain. until one day you realize, this could be it.
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>> well, jodie sweetin be able with the stars? because her injury seemed serious. >> we'll see. >> new video jodie returning to practice in l.a. friday with an ace bandage on her left ankle walking with flip flops. thursday the fuller house star was rushed to the hospit this injury during rehearsals for tonight's contemporary performance. seeing her back in the studio is promising but she was kind of having the worst week ever. last tuesday this happened. this is exclusive video. we're told her partner almost broke jodie's nose. and now to her dancing champs 98 degrees reunion. >> it's our 20th anniversary. >> today drew and nick got back together to announce they going on the road. the tour kicks off in july with o-town, ryan cabrera and dream.
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should see a lot of familiar faces. >> now the truth to another match made in heaven. amy schumer and j-law. >> i never react to jennifer lawrence videos. >> i say sorry too much. >> she never says sorry to me. >> vanity fair's issue has amy riding a gold missile and going full jessica rabbit and doing something we can barely you. >> it's a collaboration between amy and annie and it's iconic amy schumer. >> and she talks about her boyfriend. she doesn't say a whole lot other than they are in love. she is saving the best story for a book coming out later this year. >> make that money girl. -pi hear you. still ahead, the real prince behind closed doors. >> he had these epic late night concerts. >> late night bike rides movie
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>> he would have liked some of the fashion in beyonce's new visual album and she's here to break it all down. >> fit to a tee. >> then a clueless chris hemsworth. >> don't listen. >> his hilarious ghost busters
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hello. >> hi. >> who you gonna call? chris hemsworth. >> he has no idea what they even do. >> what is this place called again? >> he played the receptionist. not a bbmbo exactly. >> don't listen. >> kevin is a big dumb puppy dog. >> but that's not a bad thing as our kevin found out during his ghost busters set visit. >> what is he like? >> everything positive we could have. >> he's a ken doll with the inside scoop. >> just kept getting dirty so i took them out. >> he thinks he's going to become a ghost buster too. >> we need to firm a group and build something to fight these guys. >> that's exactly what we already do here. >> it's chris hemswort
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fun online tomorrow ahead of administrative professional day which is wednes well now back to beyonce. her hbo special lemonade was a usual fashion feet. come on. we called on our fashion expert and editor and chief of yahoo! ptyle. >> she flows in layers from cavalli and then pairs it up with that baseball bat. >> i have styled beyonce many times and i know that that was a shift over and fit to a tee. >> then she does $995 platforms and then it's comfortable converse sneakers. lemonade above all screa are powerful. this gown was gold on the run
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lights. >> he has become a go-to designer for all of that beaded sparkly amazing evening gowns right now. >> this leather bullet bra is $265 but this snake print blotce is over 2500. the lemonade designers come from all over the globe. beyonce likes launching the careers of newcomers. the gold mesh top was created by the project runway a >> absolutely designers will be household names because beyonce wears their clothes. >> beyonce likes to mix it up. under this fur coat she is
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leggings from kanye's yeezy line. >> he used to champion that brand like crazy. on beyonce it looks fantastic. especially on the bra top and leggings. and they are friends. >> the off the shoulder blouse is resort wear and the lace body suit. >> he designs a lot of gowns for the kardashia beyonce surprises me all the time. >> no doubt about that. but how about that hair? look after look after look and also very different. this one right here. but i can only imagine what beyonce's stage show is going to look like. her world tour kicks off wednesday in miami. >> more prince news. you know there's so much material in his vault at paisley park. i have been told there could be new music and other media coming out for years to come. now sadly like michael and elvis before him prince will most likely be worth more in death -pthan while he was alive. >> what happens to the estate? >> all of that is being worked out with the family. >> whether prince had a will or not remains to be seen but without one his next of kin, his sister could inherit a $300
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stands to grow. after his passing prince broke records with his music. >> about 579,000 album sales and that's an increase of about 42,000%. >> prince came from humble beginnings beginnings. he was just 16 when gary levinson became his first & manager. >> what would you say was your favorite memory? >> we had to stop at donuts whenever we saw one. >> really? >> ye he loved it. & >> it's the memories that linger in prince's hometown. the stories you never heard. he live do you understand the road and remembers his
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>> he had epic late night concerts that went on u 2:00 a.m. and everybody would have pancakes and it was a crazy community thing. >> prince was a normal guy living in a small town community and he also spent a lot of time right behind me here cinema. he didn't watch any r rated movies he only watched pg-13 and below. lastttime he was here was march to see zootopia. >> he was a really funny guy. >> he was one of the first to carry a camera inside paisley park. becoming fast friends with pr the kind that shared insight and more. like prince's crush on beyonce. >> i said she is so talenttd and i love her to death. she's so beautiful inside and out. i said jay-z is a lucky guy and he just looked at me and smiled and said very. >> kevin was one of the folks that prince trusted. he was everywhere.
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we'll be right back. >> travel consideration provided by. >> we got to get out of here but here's a sneak peek at everything else oming your way later this week. >> starting thursday on entertainment tonight. >> oh my gosh. it's so good. >> big stars. >> look at me now. >> big exclusives. and all the ossip you can handle. >> this is how rumors start. >> plus every friday in may all the fashion dos, don'ts and do
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>> did you just rap?
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>> this is silly. (grunting, glass breaking) officers responding for backup, arriving at the scene. all right, all right, stand down. we got this covered. this is why you two boys called for immediate backup? two adorable ladies having a pillow fight? officer: hey, you weren't here. it was like ali-frazier, if ali cheated on frazier with the ups girl. what? these two little peanuts? aw. who won? polly pocket or strawberry shortcake? you want some, too, bitch?! man, control your suspect! all right, get 'em out of here. we'll secure the area. uh, you sure you two can handle an empty apartment? no, no, no, no, no, no. you heard him, ramirez. housekeeping will take it from here. hey, hey! put some mints on the pillow. (laughing) you know, i am getting a little sick of seely always acting like he's better than us. yeah. i mean, just 'cause you get a commendation from the mayor and back-to-back marksmanship awards doesn't mean you're a better cop.


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