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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  April 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the lower 80s in portions of south jersey today. everything will change especially in the morning hours and a chilly turn around that starts tonight. we'll talk to the numbers in just a bit. lonnie, we're following a developing story, a security scare at the white house. secret service agents could see running near the white house as it was briefly locked down. it's unclear at this time what caused this security alert but everyone was kept inside as doors locked automatically. the lockdown was lifted after police cleared the area. the president is back to the white house. he returned late last night from his europe trip. a connecticut college town is on alert after an on-campus sex assault. >> the attack happened last night and now, other students are fearful. cbs 2's lou young has the story from fairfield. >> reporter: the crime scene is a picturesque campus, fairfield
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the turnpike. the victim was an on-campus student on the footpath between the library and science hall when the unthinkable happened before 11:00 p.m. >> the victim was walking from one building to another, and apparently, they were lured into the woods and somehow, she ended up off the path and a slightly wooded area adjestent ad -- adjacent to the math. >> and it's monday night at 10:00, and kids were about. it shows that attacks will just happen. >> reporter: students have been cautioned to walk in pairs, the buddy system. this is the first stranger assault in recent memory. >> i make sure i walk with someone. >> i don't know how this happened. >> reporter: it appears that the attacker was an intruder but that is an assumption.
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in his 40s and we have no further description. >> reporter: the victim is fine but students are still advised to keep their guard up for the foreseeable future. lou young, cbs 2 news. >> and fairfield is home to sacred heart university where students are also advised to keep caution. and disturbing information in the murder of an iona college freshman. stivenson desir is accused of gunning down brandon lawrence in a new rochelle park. they say that desir was affiliated with a gang. the search is on for a subway slashing suspect in manhattan. police say that the victim was defending his wife when he was
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in the morning on an uptown 6 train. investigators say the wife got off at grand central and the victim stayed on and confronted the suspect. the injuries are not serious. campaign 2016, more 500 delegates are at stake in 5 northeastern states including connecticut that are holding primaries. >> reporter: kristine and maurice, at this point, the race is all about stopping the clinton and trump train. voters playing a key role today especially on the trump side. >> they ought to go and drop out and unify the republic party. >> reporter: rivals ted cruz
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unconventional pact. kasich won't compete in indiana. >> don't want to see hillary clinton as president and nominating trump seems sure that hillary clinton will win. and i ask supporters to stand with us. >> reporter: trump has a 5- point lead over cruz and chris christie said that cruz and kasich have no dismoons -- chance. >> this is like giving a blood transfusion to a corpse, and nobody here would do that. >> reporter: hillary clinton is a favorite to win and she made a quick trip to indiana to meet with workers at a steel mill. bernie sanders was in philadelphia and plans to stay in the race until the convention returns to philly this summer.
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and now to the latest on the new york city scandal. pressure on mayor deblasio to dump the top aides embroiled in a campaign finance scandal. marcia kramer has the latest. >> the people are behind bill's agenda. >> reporter: emma wolf making transition from political director of deblasio's 2013 mayoral came campaign to making his progressive causes a reality. his campaign is probed for political contributions to approve state candidates so deblasio can get his funding passed. should have they be on the payroll while this investigation is going on? >> marcia, absolutely not. this is something that -- this is exactly what's wrong with politics.
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said that at the very least they should be put on leave until the probe is complete. >> you can say pay to play? like i said in 2014, this was a shake down by mayor deblasio on business owners in new york city. >> reporter: deblasio steadfastly is refusing. his spokeswoman saying that no action will be taken and referring cbs 2 to comments made by the mayor yesterday. >> a lot of very good people are having their names dragged through the mud in the last two weeks. that's not right and that's not fair. >> reporter: murphy said that the practice hasn't stopped and $50,000 was funneled in a reportedly questionable contribution to democrat todd kaminsky who narrowly won the seat varlie kateed by dean skelos. >> he was a prosecutor for the u.s. attorney general's office. this is what he ran on.
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>> reporter: kaminsky's avs y -- offense said it went to the that says committee. but murphy aides say that they suspect that deblasio is still at it, and consultants close to deblasio are working for democrats who want to defeat murphy in november. >> thank you. police say that an armed robber has struck again on long island, and they say what makes the latest hold up so brazen is the time of day. here is hazel sanchez. >> reporter: mohammed describes how the thief carrying a large kitchen knife grabbed more than $400 from his register while terrorizing the lone clerk on duty. >> a guy came in and walked through the door where you are standing, and over there by the register and showed the knife,
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knife and told her give me all the money. >> reporter: it's the 11th robbery since march where police say that the same thief has targeted convenience stores across the country. the surveillance cameras were broken. cameras on neighboring stores on the turnpike didn't work or were pointed in the wrong direction, and police say that a nearby business captured the new image of the suspect walking in the area before the latest robbery. >> he does wait. he looks around and waits for the perfect time. >> reporter: police say that the robber targets stores with one clerk on duty and no customers inside and add for the first time that the armed robber struck in the daytime, just before 10:00 a.m. in the latest robbery, and the brazen robbery is alarming workers at the sweet shop next door. >> we didn't see anything but i was unlocking the almost at the
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>> reporter: muhammad said he fixed the cam rapid and -- camera and is mixing other issues, too. >> no money in the register. >> reporter: and he has posted this imact of the knife- wielding thief on the front door, a poster that police are circulating across the county. hazel sanchez, cbs 2news. >> and police are offering to a dlen,000 -- $10,000 reward for successful tips. and a dozen car windows smashed in a queen's neighborhood. >> and new and disturbing details who is behind the deaths of 8 family members in ohio. >> and pocketing polish, a thief steals thousands of dollars in nail polish. why is it so valuable? >> and daytime drama. kelly ripa returns to her show but michael strahan has another
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last week, we brought you the story of a long island family upset that their neighbors have a security camera pointing into their backyard. >> now, how the issue is spreading across new york. >> reporter: remember the family that called cbs 2 friday after their next-door neighbors installed these cameras pointing on to their 10-year- old daughter's swing set? >> it's puzzling and disturbing to know that someone is looking at you all the time. >> reporter: today, i spoke with the camera owners on the other side of the fence and they showed me what their 4 cameras had been recording. on friday at 11:00, the family took down their own security camera. >> 20 minutes before you got here, yes. >> reporter: a case of an eye for an eye.
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to show their face but they wanted the camera for security. >> i wanted to protect my property. >> reporter: they said that the camera was a fake and pointing to the mailbox and it's legal, pointing towards a child's swing set is taking it too far. >> my daughter, my son, my nieces. this is disturbing. >> reporter: this is bigger than a dispute between neighbors. with modern technology, it's easier and easier to record other people's property legally, and it's a law that many people believe needs to change. >> it's outrageous that someone would film someone in their backyard especially children. >> reporter: a bill in the senate would make it illegal to film someone on their floorpt property -- property. they will be taking down the
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will be more in may. cbs 2news. >> and the bill has been referred to the judiciary committee. a man accused of killing his neighbor in a bronx elevator told investigators he overreacted. 57-year-old joaquin feliciano is charged with first-degree manslaughter. investigators say that the two got into a fight on monday over holding the elevator. when police arrived, the victim was upconscious and later died. feliciano told investigators it was, quote, not supposed to happen that way. new information. cbs news has learned that investigators are looking into the possibility that members of a mexican drug cartel executed an ohio family. the bodies were found friday and so far, no arrests but there are new theories about the motive.
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source confirms to cbs news that 200 marijuana plants were found in an indoor operation in the homes where eight members of the rhoden family were executed. law enforcement estimates that the street value of the marijuana plants is nearly half a million. of think that could have been a factor? >> we have no idea. we are rung the leads out. >> reporter: more than 60 people have been interviewed by investigators. isaiah jones said he was detained at gunpoint in a traffic stop and questioned for six hours and then released. >> i want people to know that i had nothing to do with it and the people were friends of mine. >> reporter: investigators also spoke with his friend apparently about a facebook post that appeared to threaten the youngest murder victim, among the eight victims shot in
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her father thinks his daughter knew the killers. >> whoever it was, they knew the family because there were two dogs that would eat you up. >> reporter: the sheriff believes there may have been more than one killer because there were 4 crime scenes and the sheriff doesn't think they could have gotten away unnoticed and is convinced that the kill her help. david begnaud, ohio. >> the size of the family's marijuana grow house indicates that they were selling the drugs and said that the area has a drug problem. and in the outpouring of support since his death, it's been said that prince's heirs could inherit his fortune. his sister said that prince had no known will. she filed paperwork asking for a special administrator to oversee the estate. prince died on thursday at his home in suburban minneapolis.
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his sister is his only surviving full sibling. he has several half sisters. we have a thunderstorm watch in the area. >> look at the raindrops on the lens, lonnie. yeah, and 51 degrees and temps will be a good story today as well. the severe weather, that's the story as well. 65 should be our normal, and 60 was our high but look at the highs today. bellemare, the hottest spot on the list at 82 and sag harbor, barely 52. what happens? the front goes through in the rest of the nighttime hours. a chilly start, 40s around new york city, and i think a place like monticello, you'll make a run at the freezing mark tomorrow, real cold out there
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areas shaded in yellow, a thunderstorm watch until 11:00 p.m., one around harrisburg and philadelphia, and may be clipping ocean county as they move through. tonight, 44 and showers pushing south and east and left over clouds and tomorrow, a cool start and 54 degrees and a bit of sunshine and looks good for wednesday. lonnie, thank you. and hours after his cohost kelly ripa returned to the airwaves today, michael strahan gave his 2-week notice and his announcement is filling up neighbor daytime drama with rip assaying she -- ripa say ing that she needed a few days off. >> what transpired has been extraordinary starting a
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communication and consideration and most importantly, respect in the workplace. >> now, last week, strahan had said he planned to leave in september and now it will be may 13th. just in time for the ratings. >> even before the end, a little early. all right. the search for a peeping tom on staten island, he was seen using his cell phone to video women in a dressing room, police say. >> and rice cereal was a popular option for babies but now, a warning for parents parent and caregivers. >> and a peacock flies the coop. where should you start when you're told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology,
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coming up at 6:00, a playground attack. two young boys say this woman took their hockey stick and then took a swing at them. so what happened? police want to talk to her. and a tiny house for sale in brooklyn with a giant-sized price tag. see what half a million will
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a nassau man said he was a chicken farmer for 77 years and never had a bad day until now. the coop. >> i'm very worried. >> reporter: chicken farmer eddie armstrong can't sleep at night and neither can his pets, peacock number 2 whose brother flew the coop he sounds aping wished. >> he cries all night long and is crawling like a baby. report . >> reporter: it's mating sense, hence the beautiful plumage. peacocks? >> five years. >> reporter: why did you live
5:25 pm
>> because i live on peacock lane. >> reporter: and the bird was found 12 miles away, a long way for a bird not known for flying. >> i was at the kitchen window and there on the lawn was my peacock. and i ran outside. >> reporter: there was no mating call? >> no. it was just walking around. >> reporter: they posted photos on facebook so farmer armstrong could see his missing peacock, now concerned about predators. >> we have had a fox walk around here. >> reporter: what is your biggest worry? >> my biggest worry is that a fox will get them. >> reporter: armstrong is 81 and said he hopes that the peacocks will live another decade.
5:26 pm
help are and will drive to wherever the peacock has ambled with breadcrumbs and apples and marshmallows to lure him home. jennifer mclogan, cbs 2news. the old fashioned way. take what you want and leave the monday knee and the peacock, probably not a lot missing so if you see one -- >>say something. >> say something especially if it's shaking his tail feathers as they do this time of year. you heard of nail polish remover but not like this. a thief steals thousands of dollars in polish from a local store so why was it so valuable? >> and the wedding seen around the world and now, 5 years later, a lawsuit surrounding
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and it's easier than ever. if you're 50 or older get screened for colon cancer. new at 5:30, a thief who cannot keep his hands off nail polish. police have evidence of who he might be. i'm maurice dubois. >> and welcome back.
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you can call him the nail polish perpetrator. >> he has a liking finish one brand but they are not sure why. raegan medgie has the story at 5:30. >> reporter: take a look at this surveillance picture. this man is on a nail polish removing spree of sorts, stealing hundreds of nail polish. all the polish has 1 thing in common. it's all made by essie. >> i was shocked. i wondered if he was planning to go into business. >> reporter: in the flagship salon, judy comes once a week to get the nails condition and she, with police, are wondering why steal only the nail polish? >> when i read the amount he had stolen, it was incredible. >> reporter: employees here noticed 200 bottles of essi
5:31 pm
targeted this salon, taking 350 bottles. two weeks ago, he went back to the first store in midtown and stole 200 more. one bottle of nail polish cost $8.50 at duane reed. policesay that the polish perpetrator walked off with $9,000 worth of bottles, and that means he has more than 1000 bottles on hand. why you may ask? the founder of essie may have the answer. >> the formula that we designed 35 years ago, it looks wet and stays on for a week to 10 days. >> many may be attracted to the names. they have very unusual names. >> reporter: if that's the case, we has a secret stash that police want to find. raegan medgie, cbs 2 news. >> and police tell us in a case like this, they use a computerized database to search websites like craigslist for anyone selling a large volume
5:32 pm
for the second time in a week, neighbors if on several streets in far rockaway woke to sounds of windows smashed in but nothing was stolen from the vehicles. >> reporter: car after car, windows smashed in and broken glass lines the pavement of oak drive. >> we came to find the cars broken into. >> reporter: the citizens group sent us pictures of other vandalized cars, even a bus. neighbors heard the glass breaking at 5:30 this morning. >> i have two cars. >> reporter: we spoke with one neighbor by phone and others were afraid to go on camera. one woman said that nothing was taken.
5:33 pm
not just a car window. that's not -- i don't give a damn about a car window. they didn't touch a thing in it. there were valuables, and so it was obvious vandalism. the question is, was there a motive? why was this neighborhood targeted pa os over on a holiday? >> reporter: three streets in a row were hit, oak drive, elvira, and cedar hill, the neighborhoods, predominantly orthodox jewish. >> this is the second night it happened, overnight saturday night into sunday. >> reporter: next to several of the vandalized vehicles, large rocks like this 1 were spotted and this one found on the passenger seat of a vehicle. the group is increasing patrols, and we noticed the nypd driving by as well. many homes have security cameras, and they are hoping that someone has a clear image.
5:34 pm
>> the nypd said that seven windows were reported i don't know this morning and one on saturday and they're stepping up patrols for plainclothes and uniformed officers. and a warning for women. a man may be creeping around store dressing rooms looking to record you. policesay this is the person who has been spying on a 35- year-old woman at the j.c.penney at the staten island mall. the woman claims that he stuck the phone under the door and began recording. the hudson river barge battle is over. concerned citizens helped to sink a plan p to have the barns stored at liberty state park but 5000 people signed a petition against the idea and the company will now look for another location. could dna determine if you
5:35 pm
or is there someone better for you? >> and overnight, evenings, and early mornings, shift workers sacrifice a lot, including their health. what your hours could be doing for your heart. >> and today in history, this day infer 1977 that studio 54 opens its doors for the first time, and soon after, it was the global epicenter of the
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nightclub in the world. it seems like a cold at first. you can't concentrate, can't sleep. before long it's all you can think about. you feel anxious and uncertain.
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this could be it. you've done it, you've quit smoking for good. a little suffering now can save a lot of suffering later. stop before the real suffering starts. you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor. there is a big mess going on over kate middleton's wedding dress. the designer is now suing over it. she claims her sketches were the inspiration for the dress and she even received a thank you note after sending drawing to the palace. but a designer from alexander mcqueen is the designer of record. prince william and kate celebrate their 5th anniversary this friday.
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there is no perfect formula, but there might be some real science behind dna match making. two couples, one happily together for decades. >> it just works. >> reporter: the other newly engaged. >> we knew fairly early that we had something special. >> reporter: chelsea and brian were introduced through friends. max and donna in the in high school and married seven years later. >> july was 32 years. >> reporter: what makes the relationships work? now there could be a scientific answer. dna testing companies claim they can tell you how compatible you are with your mate. and it's as simple as putting saliva in a test tube and sending it to be analyzed. >> i'll do it for you, honey. >> it's interesting but i'm not -- . [laughter]
5:40 pm
little bit of spit holds a ton of information. it can measure things like serotonin, do pamine and it can tell you how you might react, if you are impulsive, and your ability to deal with stress but it's a basic romantic connection that makes the relationships work. >> you have to common interests. you have to compatibility in your personality and it's much more than just dna testing. >> reporter: in these cases, the results are good, 80% for max and donna. >> that's probably why we stayed together so long. >> reporter: and chelsea and brian? >> heechts he wants to frame
5:41 pm
>> and put it up. >> prices start at $149. >> some would say money well spent. >> i guess. i like it the old fashioned well. >> others say not so much. okay. a warning about rice cereal. baby whose --baby whose eat -- babies who eat too much are at risk. >> and an officer on trail for kicking a suspect while he is cuffed. we'll hear from the man who videoed the incident. >> and people order addictive
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avoid getting caught. don't forget to follow us on facebook. you can find us at cbs new york. a new study may have parents thinking about a common first food for babies. researcherssay that infants fed rice-based foods may have higher levels of arsenic in their urine compared to babies who never eat rice. so far, it's unclear what the
5:45 pm
the study was published in the journal of the american medical association pediatrics. 15 million americans do some kind of rotating shift work including overnight, evenings, and early morning. >> most of them will tell that you it leaves them tired but it might be bad for their heart, too. >> reporter: at night when host of -- most of us are heading to bed, many, including nurses, are beginning their day. will it take a toll on their health? >> for me, it's been an open question for several decades now. >> reporter: boston researchers examined the link using surveys from 189,000 women who reported lifetime exposure to rotating night shift work and 24 years of follow up. >> over the course of the study period, a little more than 10,000 cases of newly developed
5:46 pm
>> reporter: the study appears in jama. >> rotating night shift work is associated with modest risk of coronary heart disease taking into account known risk factors such as elevated bmi, smoking, poor diet quality, and low levels of physical activity. >> reporter: officer tating shift work was defined as working at least three night shifts for month and morning and evening shifts. >> even though the absolute risks we observed were small and the contribution of shift work to coronary heart disease is modest, there is an opportunity to help prevent coronary heart squeeze by trying to find out what other characteristics of shift schedules may carry the highest risk. >> reporter: the longer the women did the rotating shift work, the greater the risk but
5:47 pm
stopping night shift work. dr.max gomez, cbs 2news. >> and heart disease is the number 1 killer of american women. and a look at the forecast. lonnie quinn is talking about thunderstorms. i tell you it's calmed down a lot. and first, let's check in with the weather watchers. i was telling you that the temperatures are the stories and we are seeing the change right now. 46 up around poughkeepsie and that's from mark and jeanine and a 74 around brunswick, and let me tell you what i see in new york city. of the skies, not pleasant up there. what you have is a 51-degree reading and you can see the raindrops on the lens, 51 right now, and we have one cell and lo and behold, i think it could prompt the severe storm warning.
5:48 pm
the east southeast and travel along the ocean county border. 5:49, and 6:03 to jackson and 6:24, it's into tom's river. all right. that's the only sell i see packing a punch. temperatures will become the story once this line moves through, so a chilly morning. 32degrees and the rain will return to our area on thursday. come on. it's springtime and you expect it to be anything back and forth. you need the may flowers. we have the april showers. here is the cold they are i'm talking about. tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m., right there, close to the freezing mark at 34. and starting off at flor new york city. but the warmest reading, maybe a 50-degree reading for bellemare and tom's river. ed to show --i wanted to show you the national picture. all the talk from nebraska to
5:49 pm
severe weather with large hail and tornadic activity and let's focus on missouri and illinois. this line is 200 miles long, 21 miles thick, expwhupped are caught in that, you are in that for a long time. the comma, that's if bad news -- that is in your atmosphere, that's bad news. a good looking wednesday, but 59 on thursday, a wet weather day and fried looks better than before. we thought the rain would be more thursday improper friday. friday is looking good, and ski saturday, the brightest of the two days, and looking good and more clouds later, and monday, back to another rain chance. >> how about this rain deficit? >> we are at 2" and the probable is it's spotty throughout.
5:50 pm
not everyone picking it up, but 2" for april. we need rain. >> all right. thank you, lonnie. in tonight's living large, a building well known for celebrities. >> emily smith takes us to soho. >> reporter: at 285 lafayette, you can find a building famous for the celebrity residents such as iman and the latest david bowie, the 1912 pre-war masterpiece. for a rare look, we met the real estate team inside. >> this is a loft made into a 2- bedroom, 2 and a half bath place. >> you can see the industrial feel. >> reporter: it was fully renovated with wooden beams and original piping along the ceiling. >> a designated dining area and living area and an open kitchen which is very popular.
5:51 pm
the entertaining areas with a big carrera marble island. >> yeah this. keeps it open. >> exactly. >> it's easier to clean. >> the owner put in a lot of thought and energy, emphasizing the industrial vibe, and you have the ability to make it blacked out for privacy and this is the master suite off the main loft area. you think it's two separate hallways but it's one big beautiful hallway and you have incredible hand made wallpaper. >> reporter: a large bedroom has if native american decor and then a master bathroom with the penny-tiled floor. >> an incredible soaking tush
5:52 pm
>> reporter: to rent, it will cost you $32500 a month and there are four apartments on each floor and eight penthouses in this building. >> very nice. >> yes. just how fresh is your food? new technology is coming to your smart tonight that reveals secrets about your food. >> and at 6:00, an unusual house for sale in brooklyn,
5:53 pm
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or high potassium in your blood. tomorrow, tomorrow i love ya, tomorrow. ask your heart doctor about entresto. and help make tomorrow possible.
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the identity of the street artist is still a mystery but you could soon own a piece of his art. it will go on sale this weekend. a total of 9 pieces by the mysterious graffiti artist will be auctioned off. we saw his work here in 2013, left in random places around
5:56 pm
half a million for the auction. the bidding starts on saturday. some apples can be stored for 10 months but how can you tell? >> companies are developing technology to show when the food was picked and how nutritious it is and more. >> think of this as the ultimate truth detector. >> reporter: we're in a target warehouse in lake city, florida where the food tester spends eight hours each day holding what looks like a gun shooting light into fruits and vegetables. the gun is a mass spectropete meter that identifies a fingerprint of the items. >> we let the customers know what they are buying and how long it will last. >> reporter: this machine is a prototype that could tell consumers everything they want to know about their food. >> we know less about the food
5:57 pm
time in history. >> reporter: each wavy line measures a particular level like vitamin c or antioxidants or moisture. the hope is one day, it can tell you things such as which side got more sunlight and how long it will be before it goes bad. the idea is to track all the foods around the globe and equip consumers with smart phone apps to select smart food. >> we are going to arm you with the ability to track that. >> and that is all for the news at 5:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. battling the growing addiction of prescription
5:58 pm
sales across state lines. >> an officer on trial for pulling his gun and kicking a suspect who was already cuffed. >> a playground attack, why two boys say that a woman took their hockey sticks to stop them from playing. good evening. i'm kristine johnson. >> and i'm maurice dubois. dana tiler is off tonight. police are searching for the woman who allegedly went off the boys. >> but she has dropped out of sight. hazel sanchez has more. >> reporter: in the afternoon, friends were hanging out in this play ground in staten island and they said that the woman in this photo attacked them. the picture shows the 35 to 45- year-old in the white coat hitting them with a hockey stick. >> she said that her baby was sleeping and she doesn't want are us to make the noise.
5:59 pm
woman was caring for a baby in the stroller and left the child unattended to confront them. >> she came over and took the stick and went over there, and she went to go throw them over but i got one of the sticks back, and she went to take a swing at me and missed and got me right in the leg. >> reporter: how bad did it hurt? >> it hurt very bad. >> when you have someone coming and telling kids not to play in the playground, that's a problem. >> reporter: one of the boy's mother heard about the attack and rushed to the park to question the unidentified woman. >> i want to know why you would hit my kid. if the baby's sleeping, why wouldn't you walk away? and she kept ignoring me and eventually, i ed i'm calling the cops. >> reporter: the woman left before police arrived. the boys said they had seen the woman pushing the baby carriage in the neighborhood several
6:00 pm
allegedly attacked them but that was two weeks ago. >> what happens when the baby does something she doesn't like? she hurts the baby? >> reporter: they are hoping that they will catch the woman before she has a chance to hurt anyone else. hazel sanchez, cbs 2news. >> and that boy ended up with a swollen leg. and a sexual assault on campus last night at 11:00 at fairfield university in connecticut. policesay that a student was walking between the library and science hall when she was attacked. police have stepped up patrols, and students are told to walk in pairs. >> find someone and walk back with them. >> i don't understand how this happened.


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