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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  April 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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track but a metro-north spokesman said until this scene is cleared, there will be no metro-north train service north of kiceina. it will impact 12 stations at the end of the line. because this is so far up the line, it is not causing substantial delays. no train service north of mount kisco. they will make sure that the cars are okay. they are lowering the gate as we speak and then they will be able to move along. police have taken over the scene here from bedford hills police and they are anxious to clear it up and to get rush hour under way but once again, there are some delays on the harlem line on the 12 stops north of the point terminating
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no injuries at this collision. lou young, cbs 2 news. more breaking news. a jetblue pilot in federal court accused of flying drunk. cbs 2's alice gainer live outside the courthouse in brooklyn with the details. >> reporter: maurice and kristine, dennis thomas murphy junior was arraigned today after being arrested at his home this morning. we are waiting to see if his wife, father or he might come outside. he was released on $50,000 bond. last april, the jetblue pilot was pulled from his second flight of the day for random alcohol testing. the test showed he had a concentration of .111%. now, according to the complaint, any individual with a blood alcohol content of .10 or more is considered under the influence. murphy blamed it on gum he had been chewing instead of alcohol. his copilot saw murphy
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from a cup before and during both flights that day. now, his first flight that day was jfk to orlando. 119 passengers were on board. the second was from orlando back to jfk. that had about 151 passengers on board there. we are outside federal court. he was released on $50,000 bond. he is facing 15 years in jail for this. as for jetblue, they have a zero tolerance policy. murphy resigned last year before his disciplinary hearing. they also terminated him. live outside of federal court here in brooklyn, alice gainer, cbs 2 news. now to an accidental shooting inside a doctor's office on long island that injured a doctor and a retired nypd officer. as cbs 2's raegan medgie reports, patients and neighbors are stunned. >> reporter: inside this building on long beach road in
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nypd officer was showing his licensed handgun when a gun went off. >> i think it was about 10:00 early in the morning right at the going of our day. we saw all the police cars, ambulances, s.w.a.t. teams, crime unit. they were pulled into the parking lot. >> reporter: hope pearlstein was work your waying inside her spice outlet store when all the activity drew her and her sister outside. she was working inside. >> there were all kinds of cop cars and bulletproof vests and they took each person out. >> reporter: one person police say was the retired nypd officer. >> he seemed to look okay. >> reporter: police say the retired officer was struck in his thigh. the bulletined through his leg then hit the doctor in the right foot. >> he was on the gurney texting somebody. >> reporter: he was brought to south nassau community
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a hospital spokesman says the man recovering and in stable condition. >> it could have ended badly. >> reporter: police say both injuries are not life- threatening. in oceanside, long island, raegan medgie, cbs 2 news. >> police say so far no charges have been filed. the investigation continues. we have some breaking news in the presidential race now. within the past hour, ted cruz named carly fiorina as his running mate. >> the announcement coming just a day after cruz was mathematically eliminated from getting the republican nomination -- unless there's a contested convention. cbs 2's dick brennan here with the latest on campaign 2016. >> reporter: lots going on today. the cruz campaign desperate, trying to stay afloat after last night's drubbing by donald trump in five states. so he takes an unconventional approach months before the convention. >> my friend and the next vice president of the united states, carly fiorina! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: ted cruz now has
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nomination. but that doesn't stop him from naming a running mate former rival carly fiorina. >> this is a fight for the soul of our party and the future of our nation. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: cruz is in indiana for next tuesday's primary in his last stand. this morning before his announcement, trump ridiculed the idea of cruz picking a vice president. >> he shouldn't be naming anybody because he doesn't even have a chance. he has no path to victory and he is naming a vice- presidential candidate. i guess that's cute. >> reporter: trump gave what the campaign called a major foreign policy speech that he read from a teleprompter. >> i will seek a foreign policy that all americans whatever their party can support, so important, and which our friend and allies will respect and totally welcome. the world must know that we do
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enemies, that we are always happy when old enemies become friends and when old friends become allies. >> reporter: on the democratic side hillary clinton was also pivoting to the general election taking on trump for saying she was playing the woman card. >> if fighting for women's healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in [ screaming ] ! >> reporter: bernie sanders is campaigning ahead of next tuesday's vote. >> we are in this campaign to win and become the democratic nominee. >> reporter: to get a boost in the hoosier state where they love basketball trump was campaigning today with legendary indiana coach bobby knight. >> thank you. more than 100 people are arrested in what's believed to be the largest gang takedown in new york city history. federal and local law enforcement officers swooped in overnight conducting dozens of raids targeting two rival
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investigators say these gangs terrorized streets in the northern bronx committing countless acts of violence! >> that's gangs didn't distinguish between rival gang members and law-abiding residents of the community. if you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, you could be shot, stabbed, even killed. >> 120 alleged gang members were arrested now charged in federal court with racketeering, narcotics and firearms offense. police are searching for a brooklyn mother of two who never came home after going out for dinner last wednesday. now the woman's boyfriend and mother are at odds in the investigation. cbs 2's ali bauman reports. >> i'm tore up. i want my child. [ indiscernible ] like everything is all right. >> reporter: seven days since police say 21-year-old destiny dawson left him home in bed-
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destiny lives with her two daughters and her boyfriend, who reported her missing the next day. now destiny's mother says the man isn't help returning the woman they both love. >> i have been calling [ indiscernible ] that's what i been doing. i have not seen him. >> reporter: destiny's boyfriend has been impossible to get hold of but when we went to the couple's apartment the man was there and says he has been doing some searches of his own. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: he says he signed on to destiny's instagram account with his own phone after she disappeared and found messages to other men from just hours before destiny left. >> i think she's out doing her -- out having fun. she's spending time with whoever she knows. >> reporter: back in harlem, destiny's mother says her daughter would never walk out on her two children and fears rasheem is being evasive and
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be delaying the investigation. >> i don't want identify her body. so if he know something, say something. don't hide. don't lie. tell me what is going on. >> reporter: lasheem says while he was helping destiny raise both her daughters, he only is father of one. they are not married. he doesn't have custody. the girls are now staying with their grandmother. ali bauman, cbs 2 news. >> police say they are looking at destiny's prior relationships but haven't zeroed in on a suspect. with state and federal prosecutors sniffing around, how he raised campaign cash, mayor de blasio has been arguing that other mayors did the same thing. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer explains why he may have had a hard time doing that. >> it's an undisputed fact that former mayor michael bloomberg believed inputting his money where his mouth was.
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$7,170,000 to various political committees and candidates from 2006 to 2012. that included large donations to senate republican and assembly democrat campaign committees. so when i first asked mayor de blasio in october 2014 about charges that there was something wrong with the way he was raising money to unseat senate republicans in order to further his agenda, this was his reply. >> it's something that's been going on for a long time in the state. it's a very normal thing to provide support for party organizations. >> pay to play? >> it's not. nothing new here. for years and years, people have supported party organizations. >> reporter: but the good government group citizen union begs to differ. he says it's the way de blasio raised the money that's the problem. >> the mayor accused of raising specific money for a specific committee for a specific candidate for a specific cause. so there was a, you know, very seamless transaction raising money going into the candidate committees and
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candidate committees. >> reporter: so is that wrong? >> it is wrong. >> reporter: u.s. attorney preet bharara and manhattan district attorney cyrus vance are trying to determine whether team de blasio violated the law by circumventing campaign finance limits and earmarking large donations for specific candidates, which is a no-no. also there are apparently several things that differentiate bloomberg's largess from team de blasio. >> mayor bloomberg gave his own money to campaign committee accounts with no strings attached. mayor bloomberg raised it for general purposes. mayor de blasio has raised it for specific purposes with the idea of funding specific candidates. that is what the law particularly says is wrong. >> reporter: this just in. we're learning within the hour that some members of the mayor's inner circle have received subpoenas in the case. they include emma wolf a top political adviser and the city's director of intergovernmentable affairs, a top fundraiser ross offinger
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rosen which works on the mayor's political can pain. being subpoenaed means they can be questioned and must also preserve documents. spokesman karen hinton said, quote, we're not commenting on the details of the investigations. all involved followed the letter of the law and are cooperating fully with the investigations. she described emma wolf as, quote, a highly regarded public servant whose integrity should not be questioned. maurice and kristine? >> thank you. the city of newark gives uber the green light to pick up passengers around town as part of the 10-year $10 million deal. the company must pay the city $3 million up front also provide commercial liability insurance and conduct driver background checks. the mayor ras baraka says the agreement is about fairness. >> what we are trying to do is make sure we have a competitive playing field here that we can help the taxi
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>> uber must also pay a fee for operating at newark airport. first he refused to remove his airplane from his driveway. now a long island man is accused of threatening town supervisors with a crossbow. >> once a powerful washington politician, now a convicted sex offender! the judge's sentence for former house speaker dennis hastert. >> iphones are popular with muggers but now there's a new twist. what the crooks are forcing the owners to do before giving up their phones. >> and this time of year we start filing away frost and freeze advisories, right? well, you might want to open that up filing cabinet and find a sweater in there
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because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec . muddle no more . his neighbors said he was crazy for parking a small airplane in the driveway of his long island home. now he is accused of making violent threats with an unusual weapon. cbs 2's hazel sanchez has the story. >> reporter: 70-year-old
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pay the price to park his cessna at the airport. now he could go to jail for some of the disputes he has had about parking the single- engine plane in his oceanside long island driveway. >> is he an angry man? yes. is he ever going to hurt anybody? absolutely not. >> reporter: mark is his attorney. he was in a nassau county court after allegedly threatening town of hempstead employees with a crossbow. prosecutors say the man was angry with the town for dismantling his plane while he was away. police say the man called the town supervisor's office monday and threatened to hurt two employees with his crossbow. police arrested him tuesday. his attorney says, the man is harmless. >> he is an angry old man e called up. he made a threat. he is know the going to carry it out. if i had a nickel for every time somebody threatened my i'd be a millionaire. >> reporter: the man has been arguing with neighbors since
5:18 pm
to store his plane at the airport and parked it at home on yale street. then he said -- >> why they're picking on me i don't understand. >> reporter: his attorney wouldn't tell reporters if his client even owns a crossbow. hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news. >> the man is charged with two counts of aggravated harassment and was being held on $2,500 bail. former house speaker dennis hastert is now headed to jail. a federal judge today sentenced him to 15 months in prison and two years of supervised release well beyond the sentencing guidelines. last year everyone the 74- year-old pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi about hush money he paid a former student to keep quiet about sex abuse. prosecutors say he abused at least four students while working as a high school coach outside of chicago. hastert's attorney had asked for probation only in light of his poor health and his remorse. he becomes one of the highest
5:19 pm
history to be sentenced to prison. sentencing today for robert dustst. a federal judge in new orleans sentenced him to 7 years and one month in prison on a weapons charge. durst accepted the sentence in february as part of a plea deal. he was fined $5,000. the real estate heir still faces a murder charge in california where he is accused of killing a female friend. wild weather in the southwest. a tornado touched down in tulsa, oklahoma, as severe weather tore through several states overnight. in texas a 62-year-old was killed by a tree. heavy rain in kansas city and wichita. lonnie quinn has our forecast. we started off in winter this morning. >> it was cold out there this morning. it's going to be cold again
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take a peek at what we have currently. that's a good-looking shot. it's mostly sunny overhead. 59 degrees your current temperature reading but it's going to get cold tonight. all right? so cold that we have frost and freeze advisories that will go into effect at midnight until 9 a.m. frost advisory for all those areas just outside the city north and west. also very east end of suffolk county with a frost advisory but the real cold air will be inland fairfield county, putnam and orange counties. there's your freeze warning. sullivan, ulster and dutchess will be just as you cold if not colder. it's just all about the growing season when it begins. vortex satellite and radar, all right, tale of two cities here because there's your dividing light right there right through monmouth county. north of it a lot of sunshine today. south of it more clouds have been hanging out there. i think he is getting to tonight a lot of that will start to break up. so you're doing okay with the sky overhead. it's cool. 45 in the city. again, dropping well below 40 north of the city. tomorrow 59 degrees. the clouds come back to the area and then afternoon shower chances, as well.
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forecast coming up. it looks like a bicycle graveyard. stacks of broken station. is it just an eyesore? inconvenience, too. >> credit cards embedded with chips are supposed to be safer but crooks might have found a the new warning. >> also, a new gene test could help determine if breast
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chemotherapy. coming up here at 6:00, an alleged heroin ring busted on long island. >> drugs are a major problem around here and i want to keep our children safe. >> five suspects accused of selling drugs under arrest tonight. investigators say they are connected to more than a dozen overdoses. >> and a neighborhood divided. a plan to help boat owners by dredging the creek have some homeowners heading to court. >> still here at 5:00 now, abandoned bikes are creating an eyesore in brooklyn. >> cbs 2's magdalena doris reports from the bicycle graveyard in williamsburg. >> reporter: a mounting of metal covers north 7th and bedford avenue on the bike rack between the ten speeds long forgotten rods. >> seems like some have been here for years.
5:25 pm
fractured frames and rotten wheels left by riders months or years ago make parking a tight squeeze for cyclists who need the space near the l station. right now you're moving over a wheel to try to get a spot. >> yeah. >> reporter: you can find one on almost every rack and post. >> this poor bike was a good bike. it's been there for a long time. >> reporter: what is left of mike's own bike has been sitting here for years after thieves snatched the tires and pedals and broke his lock in the process. >> it's a pain. >> reporter: why not do it? why not get the grinder and part -- >> i'm a busy guy. i don't know. >> reporter: the department of sanitation says the owner is accountable for the removal but riders say it's too easy to leave. >> no responsibility or connection, easu to leave. >> reporter: the city can't clip a bike for sitting too long, it has to be crushed unusable rusted or missing multiple parts. >> no way to track the owners and if you clip the wrong bike people will be upset.
5:26 pm
either way you're going to be wrong. >> reporter: city removal only covers city property. scaffolding like this is a construction company problem. if neighbors would like to see them removed from the street, they have to call 311 and complain. there's no specific sanitation department team tasked with finding these ruststy rides and getting them off the racks. in williamsburg, brooklyn, madalena doris, cbs 2 news. >> now, the department of sanitation has recently survived the bike racks there and tagged a handful for removal within the week. muggers target iphone users and now there's a new twist. >> so they basically got a brand-new phone. >> yeah. pretty much. >> what the crooks are asking owners to do before they hand over their phones. >> we could learn a thing or two from millennials especially when it comes to money. >> we are going to explain. >> and an update on the metro-
5:27 pm
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it has to do with the metro- north train in westchester county. it crashed into a vehicle. >> metro-north train collided with that car leaving a trail of destruction setting off delays of over an hour for riders on the harlem line. cbs 2's lou young is live on the scene in bedford hills. what's the latest? >> reporter: those passengers are also stranded on the train for a good 90 minutes or more. if you see right now the relief train has since taken the passengers away 20 minutes ago and the wrecked car that was under the fifth car of the train there was also removed. this happened about 3:30 this afternoon, a woman driving a car started across there at the crossing gate and apparently told witnesses that the car stalled. she realized she was in a bad spot and she got out along with her passenger. the northbound train then clipped the front of the car, degreing it up under the train -- dragging it up under the train as it passed and ended up and you the fifth car of the train.
5:31 pm
has been no service north of mount kisco since this happened. but since this is along the last 12 stops of the harlem line, which terminates at wassaic, there vent been substantial delays out of grand central. no injuries. but the task now is to take a look -- take a look at the train and make sure there was no damage. then they will take the train to the yard for inspection and re-open the line. i'm not sure if we can save the afternoon rush at this end of the harlem line but certainly the morning rush should be undisturbed. live in bedford hills, westchester county, lou young, cbs 2 news. a popular park is the scene of a bold robbery, thieves stealing iphones. it's what they ask the victims to do next that's making headlines. it happened to a teen on the upper west side. cbs 2's ilana gold reports new at 5:30.
5:32 pm
water at riverside park and 72nd street turned into a frightening one for ross kennedy and his friend when they got mugged at 8:00 last wednesday night. >> it was scary. >> reporter: kennedy says two teens on a bench started talking to them, then they suddenly showed knives on their waist bands and demanded wallets and cell phones from their pockets. the criminals then stayed in contact with the victims for longer than most holdups. >> the entire the entire time i was waiting for it to be over. >> reporter: he said the crooks made sure the iphones couldn't be traced. they forced the victims to delete the app called "find my iphone" and turn off their icloud settings. that way, kennedy and his friend couldn't log into their accounts from another device and find the phones' exact location. it's an app people commonly use if their phones go missing. they made them hit reset and wiped them clean for possible resale. so they got a brand-new phone. >> pretty how much. >> reporter: kennedy used a
5:33 pm
service provider and paid hundreds for a new iphone. other iphone users in the area now concerned about their phone getting stolen this way. >> the phones are ridiculously expensive. >> i'm also a film student and i have so much stuff on my phone that i need for school. >> reporter: police say this is definitely a new tactic that crooks are using and haven't dealt with many of these cases. but they say if this happens to you, don't fight back. >> it feels like a violation. >> reporter: investigators say kennedy and his friend did everything right. they admitted in a case like this you will never see the phone again. but the device isn't work dying for. on the upper west side, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. >> we did reach out to apple to find out what users can do if this happens to them. but we did not get a response. fire tore through a recycling plant in new jersey. chopper 2 was over the scene in woodbridge this morning. you can see the flames shooting through the roof of a warehouse at bay shore recycling corporation. police say the fire started around 9:30 in a fertilizer
5:34 pm
all the employees inside at the time were able to get out safely. chopper 2 also flew over the scene of a terrible accident in new jersey. it happened before noon and 102 in east orange. several cars were involved including an unmarked police car. no injuries. the search now is on for the man wanted for vandalism in brooklyn. police have released the photo of the suspect who allegedly defaced five locations in marine park with swastikas. it all happened monday around 4 a.m. the swastikas were scrawled in white along avenue s, including a home's front door. garbage cans and a residential gate, as well. several elected officials today voiced concerns about the coordination of construction projects in lower manhattan. state senator daniel squadron led a news conference urging the city to keep overseeing projects in the area. plans are in the works to phase out coordination efforts that have been in place since about 9/11.
5:35 pm
the area's density, the oversight remains necessary. >> we need it for information. we need it so that permits and construction schedules run in a sane rational way. >> it saves money, time and lives. >> the city says there's no reason lower manhattan needs special oversight of its construction projects. if you don't have a new chip credit card yet, listen up because scammers could be targeting you. the new york division of consumer protection says fishing emails are going out -- phishing emails are going out to people without chip cards. a suspicious link to sign up for a new car could install malware on your computer and gives scammers access to your personal information leaving you open to identity fraud. lower airfares, the average roundtrip last year flight cost $377 which is down from 392 in 2014.
5:36 pm
you can thank a combination of lower gas prices and competition from discount carriers. by the way, americans really are going places. people took nearly 800 million trips last year. and now an update on a runaway peacock who flew the coop on long island. two police officers and a sergeant from the lloyd harbor police department captured p number one after a three-hour chase today. all three posed for the photo along with the birds' owner and a woman and her son who spotted him outside their home in huntington this morning. you can see they're all very happy. p1 disappeared from a farm last week. >> doesn't look happy. >> no. oh!! i had freedom for like a minute. [ laughter ] >> i'd like to see video of the chase. three hours. [ laughter ] >> feathers flying. coming up, property values skyrocketing in a town in westchester. but not everyone is excited about it. we'll explain. >> plus, could loneliness be killing you? the new study that shows what
5:37 pm
>> plus, today in history, it was this day in 1994, that former president richard nixon was laid to rest. the service was in yorba linda california where he was born. nixon has specified he didn't
5:38 pm
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[ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices.
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check out this new video really film of the beatles as we have never seen them seen making faces having fun to get ready for a tv appearance in 1965. national film and sound archive of australia released this footage. the silent clip was filmed by a makeup artist who remembers the band having fun with her and her camera behind the scenes. >> very cool. >> love to hear what they were saying. a growing crescendo of development leaves a music school priced out of a new place to call home. >> lou young has more on how a sharp rise in property values caused their plans to fall flat. >> reporter: the crumbling brick building on north high avenue doesn't seem like the object of anyone's desire, but
5:41 pm
vernon property sold wednesday at public auction after a bidding war. >> that property has been vacant in excess of 20 years. >> reporter: you didn't expect it to go that high. >> the property is definitely worth it. >> reporter: the developer bought the derelict property for more than 4 times its previous estimated value outbidding another developer and the nonprofit mount vernon school of music who was previously promised the place for $65,000. the school director was stunned to see it go for $310,000! >> mount vernon is inning cha -- mount vernon is changing. they said they don't care about children and education. we just care about -- [ pause ] >> -- you know, making money. >> reporter: it's all about development pressure in the suburban communities of westchester along the metro- north lines, mount vernon already with a high-rise development planned. and a recent rezoning near the train stations has changed the development game. >> it's the. reason.
5:42 pm
so crowded ? >> reporter: at public auction, no. 17 properties sold for $2.5 million. the mayor promised the find the music school a property that's affordable. >> i'm excited that there's a lot of interest in mount vernon. >> reporter: the development pressure along the commuter lines is intense but mount vernon is uniquely positioned with two metro-north lines running through it. it sits just north of the bronx. the people in this city hope it doesn't welcome new residents at the expense of the people who already live here. we're in mount vernon, westchester county, lou young, cbs 2 news. >> the city councilman andre wallace said he and his fellow council members intend to hold the mayor's feet to the fire to get the after school music program into new quarters and very soon. a new gene test could help women with breast cancer. how it could help determine doesn't. >> new arrivals at the bronx batty. >> at 6:00 -- >> kicked me in the head.
5:43 pm
>> a man accusing an officer of police brutality during an arrest faces him in court. >> a crackdown on illegal pets on long island after this gator, a six-footer, was taken from a home. hey what are you here for? you getting poked, prodded or pinched?? uhhh yeah, colon cancer screening. hey me too, second time. it's a piece of cake! that sounds good right now. it's no big deal. that's what everyone tells me. today there is more than one way to screen for colon cancer and it's easier than ever. if you're 50 or older talk with your healthcare provider and choose the best test for you! if you're 50 or older get screened for colon cancer.
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the pentagon wants america's armed forces to stop smoking. defense secretary ashton carter issued new guidelines including raising tobacco prices on military bases to take into account local taxes. widening smoke-free zones in areas frequented by children. according to the defense department data, tobacco use costs the military $1.6 billion a year in lost productivity and health care expenses. women diagnosed with early stage breast cancer are often recommended to have chemotherapy. but it's hard to tell whether the approach will actually improve a woman's survival rate. dr. max gomez says a genetic test can spare some women chemotherapy. >> reporter: ian is a two-time early stage breast cancer survivor.
5:47 pm
after she was first diagnosed. >> you have exhaustion that isn't helped by sleep. you get cognitive impairment. you're not thinking clearly. >> reporter: 10 years later doctors found a different type of it breast cancer. >> i really didn't want to go through chemotherapy again. >> reporter: so doctors recommended the mama primp test which analyzes 70 genes looking at more than 3,000 breast cancer cases, a study found that many early stage patients could avoid chemotherapy after surgery. >> women with biologically low risk tumors even if they're clinically high risk don't benefit from chemotherapy. >> reporter: until recently, a large tumor or cancer cells in the lymph nodes automatically meant chemotherapy. >> if you are a low risk, you have just as good an outcome at 5 years if you don't have chemotherapy compared to those who do get chemotherapy. >> reporter: diane's score on
5:48 pm
had a lumpectomy and radiation but no chemo. >> i was just so relieved. >> reporter: diane now works to educate other women about the disease and she's currently cancer-free. while some women and doctors look at chemo as an extra bit of insurance against cancer recurrence, those powerful drugs have serious long lasting side effects so the possibly of safely avoiding them is a plus for women. dr. max gomez, cbs 2 news. >> a different gene test has also been shown to predict women -- rather, which women can safely skip chemo. the study was presented at the annual meeting of the american association for cancer research. social isolation can take a toll on your emotional and mental health. but a new study also shows that it can impact your heart. researchers in england found people who are isolated have a 29% higher risk of having heart disease, 32% higher risk of stroke. studies showed isolation can
5:49 pm
people who are alone may be less likely to eat well, exercise and also see a doctor. researchers say being alone can also shorten your life- span and increase premature death by 50%! >> social beings. >> go get some friends. >> that's for sure. go find some. [ laughter ] let's check in with lonnie see what's going on. it started out cold as you promised by the way. >> it's cold this morning. turning to a nice spring day. temperatures about where they should be today. i think we'll preet it all over again tomorrow temperature-wise. bit of a change with the skies. right now that sky is a beautiful shot. you're looking at the empire state building. see one world trade there in the background mostly sunny 59 as of right now. high temperature today was 62. so again this is what i'm talking about. seasonable day. you should be 65. three little degrees colder than we expected for this time of the year.
5:50 pm
tomorrow. rain chances thursday and friday. not washouts but a chance because of this front. we dealt with it yesterday. remember this front yesterday was north of our area. really had that big dip so it first hit the east end of long island set that cold air up and pushed it down to where it is right now. you're in the good sector of this system right now because the whole thing is going to get pushed in our direction tomorrow and we are look at a rain chance. this is going to kind of stall and sort of just linger in the area. so it looks like this. when you look at the computer models, all right, we talk about the cold air setting up in the morning. 36 in monticello. 38 in the catskills. you could be colder than that like around 6 a.m. then as you get going into your day, here we go high temperature around 60 degrees tomorrow, notice the clouds filling in with rain off to the west. sometime between 3 and 6:00 you see showers make their way into the area. then you deal with them sort of on-again, off-again as you
5:51 pm
well. here's 3:30 friday afternoon with some speckled and spotty showers out there. but it's the cold air that sets up first and we have that frost and freeze warning for all those counties shaded in blue or purple north of the city west of the city even the east end of long island so here are the numbers. tomorrow, high temperature 59 degrees. but the clouds will be on the increase after a cold start. and there's that afternoon shower chance. this rain should not be very heavy for either thursday or friday. friday's high temperature 60 degrees. i will say it's setting up for around 64. sunday, i kind of had to go in reverse a little bit compared to what i said yesterday. i thought the timing was and sunday. now some of the cloud cover will get here earlier on sunday and it could -- maybe late rain, more so monday. sunday not pretty as saturday. >> first day of may on sunday. >> where did april go? we're still in april. [ laughter ]
5:52 pm
members to its jungle habitat. among them an adorable otter pup. take a look at this. this is an asian small clawed outer that made its public debut. the creatures come from out east asia and they are the smallest otter species in the world. also new to the zoo this colony of rodriguez fruit bats. they are found only on one island in the indian ocean and they are kid critically endangered -- they are considered critically endangered because of deforest ation. >> i don't like that. >> take a look. >> can't look at that. millennials and money turns out that they might know a thing or two why you might want to take their advice. >> and then at 6:00, why some homeowners are fighting a
5:53 pm
boaters. i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto . xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there is limited information on how xarelto and warfarin compare in
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you know, taking warfarin, i had to deal with that blood testing routine. i couldn't have a healthy salad whenever i wanted. i found another way. yeah, treatment with xarelto . hey, safety first. like all blood thinners, don't stop taking xarelto without talking to your doctor, as this may increase your risk of a blood clot or stroke. while taking, you may bruise more easily and it may take longer for bleeding to stop. xarelto may increase your risk of bleeding if you take certain medicines. xarelto can cause serious and in rare cases, fatal bleeding. get help right away for unexpected bleeding, unusual bruising, or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto , watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto , tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto is the number one prescribed blood thinner in its class. well that calls for a round of kevin nealons. make mine an arnold palmer. same here. with xarelto there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions.
5:55 pm
ask your doctor about xarelto . they are saddled with big student loans and small paychecks but some millennials say they thrive against the odds. >> so is there something all ages can learn from this generation? cbs 2's emily smith has the story.
5:56 pm
older teenagers are dubbed millennials or generation y. the age group seems to think nothing of living at home. >> roommates. [ laughter ] >> yeah. mom and dad. [ laughter ] >> they're awesome. >> i'm going to be living home until i'm like 27, 28 years old. >> reporter: a report from city controller scott stringer shows millennials in new york city earn 20% less than the previous generation of young people. in 2000, the average 23-year- old earned about $27,000. in 2014, that same worker earned only about $23,000. >> millennials are now the majority age group in new york. they are the upper and comers better educated but yet so many of them are stuck in low wage jobs, tourism, fast food industry. and we have to do a better job lifting them up. >> reporter: stringer blames the statistics on timing saying many young people graduated from college just as the economy was collapsing.
5:57 pm
that monitors the economy released a report with better news for millennials. they have the highest feeling of job security overall and the only age group to feel more comfortable with their savings. >> i think they are better savers depending where they live, obviously. i think we're staying single longer and we're starting families later. >> reporter: thomas laveque yeah runs on like magazine new theory that caters to millennials. he says working with them has taught him a gen xer a few things. for example, using transportation more efficiently like zipcar or uber. >> the uber-ization mentality. we go to buy a car, we spend $45,000 on a car and that money goes from us to the car company. they believe instead of buying the whole pizza, just buy a slice. >> reporter: they also admit to frequent job hopping to get more money. >> each place sometimes six months at a time it was just cultivating as much that i could learn at that job and then on to the next one. >> reporter: 24-year-old
5:58 pm
now she is happily living with her parents. she knows she may be missing out on living independently but like many other millennials, she believes in time she will be ahead of what generation x has done just by thinking outside of the box. in kenilworth, new jersey, emily smith, cbs 2 news. >> that's all for us here at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. >> it's a big issue. >> neighbors in a quiet seaside community locked in a battle over proposed dredging project. >> plus, prosecutors on long island say they busted six major drug suppliers. >> and breaking news. a metro-north train rams a car that was stuck on the tracks and now there are major delays for commuters. good evening, once again, i'm maurice dubois. >> i'm kristine johnson. dana tyler is off today. crews are still on the scene in westchester county several hours after the crash. >> delays still longer than an
5:59 pm
let's get to cbs 2's lou young on the scene in bedford hills. lou. >> reporter: yeah. a stalled car a quick decision, a disaster averted. take a look at the scene a little earlier. the northbound metro-north train with 77 passengers on board collided with the front of a toyota about 3:30 here at the green lane crossing in bedford hills on the harlem line. a witness who heard the crash says he rushed down to find a bewildered driver looking at her vehicle wedged under the fifth car of that commuter train. listen. >> shaken up. didn't know waves going on. just seemed confused about what happened to her car and she came to the side and was like stand there is trying to figure out everything when the paramedics and all the fire department came. >> reporter: look at the car. it was removed about 50 minutes ago as stranded passengers on that train were transferred to a relief train. the affected train also rolled
6:00 pm
the tracks are being inspected for damage. looks like service is resuming. no, some inconvenience. service north of mount kisco all the way to wassaic on the harlem line is returning to normal as we speak. live in bedford hills, westchester county, lou young, cbs 2 news. now to more breaking news. a jetblue pilot accused of flying while drunk just walked out of the courtroom. alice gainer is live in downtown brooklyn with the details. >> reporter: dennis murphy just exited the federal courthouse here in brooklyn with his wife. he actually switched clothes with his father to try to throw the media off. he was arrested at his home this morning in new jersey. last april the jeff jetblue pilot was pulled from his -- -- last april the jetblue pilot was pulled from his flight for random alcohol testing and had a concentration of .111 complaint. any individual with a blood alcohol content of .10 or more


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