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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  April 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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police officer bring his boot down on the suspect's hand ass officer testified in court here. the incident was caught on video, and after a three-day bench trial the judge declared the police officer guilty. >> you let down several officers in the new york city police department by losing his composure and admittedly it was a difficult situation but he. >> toos youly stomped on the head of a man. the defendant is guilty of assault in the third-party. >> very disappointed with the verdict. at this point what we are hoping for is that the police commissioner will save the job of a good man, a good four, and a terrific new york city police officer. >> reporter: because it's a misdemeanor, it is not an automatic firing but the nypd officer.
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live at brooklyn criminal court steve langford cbs2. police are looking for two suspects responsible for a frightening and violent carjacking. cbs2's carolyn gusoff live in roosevelt with that story new at noon. carolyn. >> reporter: good afternoon, it was a terrifying ordeal for a man driving home from work en route to freeport. he drove through this intersection, and he says he was approached by two masked men armed with knives as he sat right there at that red light. it happened at 10 p.m. at the intersection of nassau road and clinton avenue. a victim in a 2005 nissan ultimate says two men reached into his open car window, demanded money, then slashed him under his chin and armament the panicked victim got out of the car. the carjackers jumped in. they stole the car. they got away with his phone and wallet, too.
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a nearby deli for help. police found the car ditched doors way down the block from front of a vacant home. police are snow looking for those two armed men. neighbors say the violent carjacking is a new low for a community that has had its problems with crime. >> this is the first i ever heard of anyone going to a car at a light and hijacking their car. this is serious. this is serious. the police need to get on their grind. >> the 46-year-old victim, the male driver has not been identified. he was taken to the hospital and treated for the slashing under his chin. he received stitches. nassau county police are asking anyone with information to contact them. reporting live from roosevelt long island carolyn gusoff. police in brooklyn are investigating a deadly shooting
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a man was killed near the intersection of livonia avenue. there is a construction site near the scene. no word on the victim's identity. the city health department is testing a white substance mailed to trump hour and opened by an intern. police say it was harmless but this is not the first time something like this has happened. andrea grymes has more from midtown. >> reporter: that intern's mother says her son is doing fine. the city health department tells us it will take another week to confirm exactly what that white substance was, but they do say preliminary tests were negative for a number of agents including the one that causes anthrax. as for the trump tower building out here now things are a lot calmer than they were last night. >> back to normal this morning outside trump tower on 5th avenue with tourists and passers by stopping to take pictures of the republican front runners flagship building. it is a much different scene last night after a high school
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a letter with a suspicious white powder inside. he was in a fifth floor office for the trump campaign where volunteers make calls and open mail. sources say the intern was decontaminated as a precaution. about half a dozen others including a police officer were isolated and monitored also as a precaution. all of this went on as trump campaigned in california. this is not the first time he's been targeted like this in new york. back in march his son eric trump and his wife received a threatening letter at their home at trump park east on central park south warning donald trump to drop out of the presidential race or harm would come to his family. the envelope also contained white powder which turned out to be harmless. as for last night, police say the substance in the letter was also not hazardous. >> and sources say trump was notified about this incident last night, and none of his family members were present
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reporting live in midtown, andrea grymes cbs2 news. 20 people are under arrest after protests following a trump rally in california last night. it happened in costa mesa in orange county where trump was speaking. at the height of the chaos a demonstrator jumped on a banged up police car. one trump supporter was treated by paramedics. a flight from long island was forced to make an emergency landing in newark. southwest flight 3348 landed safely at newark liberty airport around 6 this morning after the pilot complained of possible engine trouble. >> could you relay to them after landing we'll clear the runway, and we'd like to have the fire personnel look at our engine. >> the customers were transferred to another plane. the original aircraft has been taken out of service for maintenance. a sign intended to keep city streets safe may have had the opposite effect. motorists say it was jutting
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asking whose bright idea was this. >> this electronic board flashes drive safely, plugs the campaign to eliminate traffic deaths vision zero and speed limits 25 miles per hour. helpful hints in a perplexing place. >> it's crazy. it's ridiculous. >> the board blocking the far left lane of jammed 11th avenue south of busy 42nd street near the entrance to the lincoln tunnel. putting it here results in too many close calls with scenes like this one, a box truck barreling scraping by. >> i have no idea what is the -- >> should it be there? >> i don't think so. >> this nypd traffic enforcement agent said get it out of here. >> do you think that's a wise place for that sign? >> no, it shouldn't be. >> honestly they could have put it on the sidewalk. >> we reached the new york city department of transportation asking who made the decision to put it here. the d.o.t.'s only response was they're looking into the matter. >> they should get someone to move it now. >> a short time later these d.o.t.
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the supports, packed up the portable board and finally rolled it out of everyone's way. for the second half of this rush hour, drivers have the lane back unobstructed and they say the fact d.o.t. swooped in to move that portable sign so quickly proves it never should have been there in the first place. a breezier commute minus that beast of a board. on the west side dave carlin cbs2 news. police identified the man who walked into a baltimore tv station with a fake bomb. he is alex breezy. yesterday the 25-year-old walked into wbff dressed in an animal cost testimony with what looked like a bomb strapped to him. his father says his son started having problems a couple of weeks ago. he lost his job, broke up with his girlfriend and thought the world was going to end soon. >> it looks like he just -- he just had a mental breakdown, and probably what happened was, you know, he has no way of doing a bomb or anything, so
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putting himself out there thinking that he wanted to die. >> breezy is hospitalized after being shot by police several times. he is expected to recover. the fake bomb turned out to be wires and chocolate bars. there's so much more ahead here on cbs2 at noon. why first responders had to wait precious minutes before getting to a zoo keeper mauled by a toggler comedian will ferrell under fire by his new movie comedy. >> and we're on the red carpet with the cast of the good wife as they wrap up the final episode of their hit series. johnny. >> cold and gray in the city today, but will we be able to
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forecast is coming up. a florida zoo official is defending his employees actions after a deadly mauling this month. employees tranquilized an endangered tiger during the attacked in of killing it. cbs2's david vegno has more on the zoo's reason behind that decision. >> if this were the last animal of its kind and a human life were in danger, we would kill the animal if it were the right decision. >> palm beach zoo president and ceo andrew aiken defended his employees thursday insisting share priority was saving trainer stacy conwiser. >> the animal was within inches of stacy's body.
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animal there was a chance we may hit stacy. >> officials chose to tranquilize the tiger rather than kill it, a decision they say was made in less than a minute. >> if you're in a cement walled area that bullet can go anywhere. >> they are predators. they are very strong and they're lethal. >> conwiser was attacked on april 15th when she entered the tiger's sleeping den which is known at the zoo as the night house. maintenance workers could hear her screaming. >> do you know what kind of animal he was injured by. >> it's a tiger. >> zoo officials claim after 7 minutes on the scene zoo responders shot the tying we are a tranquilizer gun. those drugs didn't kick in for about 3 minutes: it took about 10 minutes for first responders to reach stacy. by then she had no pulse. >> we try and give our tigers something new. >> officials say they do not know why stacy an experienced zoo keeper would walk into the enclosure alone without
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>> the palm beach zoo has come up with a new rule, if you enter that night exhibit where the tigers are you do so with another person, two at all times. stacy konwiser was about to leave to take a job with the fda. the day she was killed the zoo counter offered. they claim they really wanted to keep her. cbs news palm beach florida. from the extreme hedge of a roof high above manhattan, there is a bird's eye view like no other. getting to that elusive perch and capturing a one of a kind image is a risk that is dangerous and illegal. >> when i first saw this, i mean my heart was pounding. what was your heart doing? >> i was just focused on trying to get good photos because we really didn't have very long there, and we got chased off pretty soon after taking this. you know, i mean i love that photo, so like to me that risk was, you know, no question worth it. >> tonight at 11, cbs2's alice gainer meets the urban explorer
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ride as he literally puts the life on the line or the edge as a sky high snapper. >> great pictures. >> it really does take your breath away. murders. the bodies of the teenage girls were found on the beach decades ago. >> john elliott has rain in the
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will ferrell will reportedly play former president ronald reagan. ferrell will star in reagan. it's a comedy about a white house intern who must convince a dementia stricken reagan that he's an actor playing the president in a movie. reagan died of complications from alzheimer's in 2004. his daughter penny davis writes on her website there's nothing comedic about the disease. many of you are commenting on facebook about this story. cara says it's abundantly clear to me ferrell has no idea of the pain and loss associated with this horrible thieving disease. there is not one thing comical about watching your loved one fade away. paul says wait and see what the movie is when it actually comes out. find something that actually has happened to get outraged
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kind of cool temperatures out out there. time for your exclusive cbs2 forecast. >> technically it's still friday. that's going to worth something. good afternoon mary and chris. let's check in with the weather watchers. they're lamenting this as well. head down to the beautiful shore, and this is carmen. carmen has 52 in jackson. john, it's colder than you think outside. you are correct. it's that east wind. it just kind of accentuates the chill, and now dan the man, he's got a plan, 56, and he's saying, look, i don't mind the cold at citi field. but i would like to watch it dry. free shirt friday could be a light shower tonight, and then saturday's okay. sunday, that turns wet. adele has 57 in -- and it is day 3 of baby duck day. this is charlie using ducks to teach. guy knows how to get down. i like that. they're so cute.
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of the east, it a's damp day, 55, and that wind at 17, i've been clocking wind at closer to 28 miles an hour, so it is a breezy day. look at this, it's april. it's not even 50 in the hamptons. 52 in sparta, 50 in monticello. on average 2, 3, degrees cooler. between the wind and the dew points it feels cooler than that. 58, you know, almost 10 degrees below normal. sunsets at 7:51. a few more showers in the mix. one blessing or arbor day, love trees but the pollen's still high, it's a little lower with some moisture out there and a few chances of rain. little bit of sun into parts of the hudson valley, very little. bigger view, you can see some friday. and then we've got to get ready for sunday. this is a lot more energy, cold enough for snow in colorado and arkansas.
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but it is heading our way, so here's a shower for the afternoon commute, and then for the mets it could be a little wet but this is light rain. that clears up. saturday shapes up. warms up, too, and then here comes sunday. sunday the possibility is there for some heavier rain. i know sunday's a busy day, so remember that's the better chance for more rain. could see an inch of rain on sunday, and then it ultimately warms up by july. >> it has been pretty cool. >> we need the rain. >> thank you. shocking clues in a cold case. two girls murdered in very similar ways years apart. were they victims of a serial killer. >> the investigation went cold decade ago, but now dna technology is pointing to a couple of suspects, one inside the police department. richard schlesinger of 48 hours has the story of blood in the sand.
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barbara nantsse was found murdered on torrey pines state beach. >> my dad looked at me and said your sister's been murdered. i didn't find out until years later how bad it really was. >> barbara had been camping with her boyfriend, jim alt. she was sexually assaulted, beaten, strangled and mutilated. he had been severely beaten and was in a coma for days. >> this was a serious life- threatening attack. >> yes, sir. i almost did not make it. >> six years later in august 1984, 14-year-old claire huff was found murdered on the same beach. claire's best friend kim jamer had been with her a few days earlier. >> i think about her just about every day. she was my best friend. >> the cases grew cold until 2012 when advanced dna testing
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blood was linked to a convicted rapist named ronald tatro, but the other dna, a microscopic amount was linked to a man named kevin brown. he was a former criminalist in the san diego police lab. rebecca brown insists her husband was wrongfully accused. >> my husband didn't do it. i knew they were wrong. >> what possible connection could a mild mannered criminalist have to a violent convicted rapist. did the police get it wrong. >> richard schlesinger is joining us live. good afternoon, first of all thanks for joining us. was there a dna link to the two suspects on barbara? >> there was -- there was no dna on barbara. the first victim. there was two hits on claire huff, the second victim, and that's where this case got so interesting because of the link to the guy who's the police criminalist.
12:23 pm
this case and you'll see this unfold tomorrow night is the questions surrounding how the dna evidence was gathered, how it was preserved, where it originated from to begin with, and i promise you you will be stunned by how dna evidence was handled in this case, not through any fault of the police, it was just the way the technology was back in the day when they were inventorying it. >> thank you so much. wow, what a case. >> yes, and you can watch blood in the sand on 48 hours
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after seven years on cbs the political drama the good wife is coming to an end. the cast says it's bittersweet. >> i feel proud to have been a part of such a great show and a great family of cast and crew members and producers. it was just the greatest family of people. actors, crew members, you know, we were the luckiest of people. >> cast members gathered last night to celebrate. the show has had an impressive run winning five emmys. the final show will air on may 8th and you can catch the final two episodes sunday 9 p.m. right here on cbs2. >> coming up on cbs2 news tonight, beginning at 5, it is a night many teenagers dream of.
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how much are prom costs rising and how just popping the question to your date is becoming surprisingly expensive. and then at 6 a tax credit to work from home, the new incentive of companies to allow workers to telecommute. >> i like that telecommute idea. that's for sure. >> that's going to do it for us at noon, for john and the entire cbs2 news team. thanks so much for joining us, i'm chris wragg and i'm mary calvi. cbs2 news is back at 5:00. we'll see you monday morning. have a great weekend. if you have medicare parts a and b and want more coverage,
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