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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  April 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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now to the nypd officer convicted of kicking a suspect while the man was being put in handcuffs. >> the question tonight, what will happen to the officer now that he has been found guilty? cbs 2's steve langford was in the court for today's decision. >> reporter: this amateur video of the man resisting arrest even played in slow motion appears inconclusive as to whether officer joel edouard stomped on the suspect's head on hand july 23, 2014 in bedford-stuyvesant as the cop has testified. >> what is wrong with this officer! >> reporter: but after a no jury judge-only trial in brooklyn criminal court including testimony from witnesses and the man resisting arrest that day -- >> he kicked me in my head. >> reporter: judge alan marries has ruled -- >> my answer is that the prosecution has proved beyond thereasonable doubt the kick was to the head, unnecessary and agree to tis and caused injuries to the suspect's head and it was gratuitous.
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assault in the third degree. >> very disappointed with the verdict. >> reporter: defense attorney anthony rico speaking for the 38-year-old new york city police officer currently suspended and now facing an uncertain future with the nypd. >> my hope is that, um, the commissioner looks at the file but most importantly look at the character of a person like joel edouard. >> reporter: the conviction on a misdemeanor charge means commissioner bratton may decide if officer edouard keeps his job. the man on the other end of the boot here has certain ideas about the officer's continued employment at the nypd. >> jail time, lose -- loss of job. whatever is possible. >> reporter: sentencing is june 10 when police officer edouard will face anything from conditional discharge to a year in jail. at brooklyn criminal court, steve langford, cbs 2 news. >> while the officer claimed he had stomped on the suspect's hand, the judge
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suspect had any injuries to the hand. now to campaign 2016. heated protests in california today stemming from an appearance by donald trump. >> earlier anti-trump demonstrators delayed the start of an event by blocking traffic. cbs 2's alice gainer live in our newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: kristine and maurice, today's protests come on the heels of last night's violent demonstrations. this afternoon, trump gave' key speech at california's gop convention kickoff where he said he was told it was easier if he did not speak today because of the protestors. [ yelling ] >> reporter: protestors clashed with police in riot gear outside the hyatt in burlingame, california. crowds could be seen carrying signs and chanting. about a dozen linked arms to block the road in front of the hotel. but police had already closed the street to traffic. trump was flanged flanked by security as he went in the back way to avoid protestors. >> that was not the easiest entrance i have ever made. [ laughter ] [ censored ] ! [
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>> reporter: last night 20 anti-trump demonstrators were arrested at a rally in costa mesa. the crowd cheered on several people trying to flip a vandalized police car. meantime, ted cruz has picked up the endorsement of indiana's governor four days republican primary. mike pence says he will is. >> i'm for anybody but hillary and bernie sanders. >> reporter: cruz is trying to block trump to get the delegate majority before the july convention. >> i think the people of indiana want to unite. >> reporter: on the democratic side, bernie sanders addressed a large crowd at the indiana statehouse. he quickly launched into an attack on united technology's decision to relocate 1400 jobs to mexico. >> if united technologies wants to receive another defense contract from the taxpayers of this country, they better not move these jobs from indiana. >> reporter: as for hillary clinton, she was in new york
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keynote address to the eagle academy foundation's fifth annual awards breakfast. >> i also hope you will follow the excellent advice that mrs. obama gave the other day to a group of seniors up in harlem. never, never hesitate to ask for help. >> reporter: john kasich is also in california. he held a town hall this afternoon and he will speak at the california gop convention tonight. cruz will speak there tomorrow. live in the newsroom, alice gainer, cbs 2 news. police say powder mailed to donald trump's new york city headquarters is harmless. emergency crews were called to trump tower in midtown last night. investigators say it was an intern for the republican presidential candidate that opened the letter containing a suspicious white powder and then called police. more testing will determine exactly what that substance was. last month, a threatening letter containing white powder was also sent to an apartment of one of trump's sons. a commuter alert if you
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tappan zee bridge this coming weekend. you may want to leave extra time. construction on the new span will shut down all but one northbound lane from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. tomorrow and again from 9 p.m. saturday night until 2 p.m. sunday. three northbound lanes will be closed all southbound lanes will remain open. new at 5:00 now it is a tragic case of cruelty to animals. a long island woman accused of abandoning multiple pets in her care. it was her worried landlord that called police after hearing a dog's excessive barking. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan reports from huntington. >> reporter: miley an abandon long-haired chihuahua is slowly recovering at the huntington town animal shelter along with a tabby cat named spot. a rare albino boa constructor and two pet leopard spotted geckos seized in an apartment inside this south huntington
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alone for days allegedly abandoned by their owner, 27- year-old melissa buchanan. a pet twin chihuahua named mia did not make it. >> when we entered the home we could see that there are animals in severe distress, one small breed dog that had been deceased for quite some time. >> reporter: it must have been very emotional. >> anytime you see that kind of prolonged exposure to neglect, it's very, very difficult. >> reporter: the landlord says he became suspicious when miley kept barking and there were no signs of his tenant. >> the there is a window there. i look through the curtains and i see one of the dogs are dead. >> reporter: according to the criminal complaint, buchanan admitted her pets had been without food or water for more than two days. she was unable to make it home to care for them. >> a necropsy will be performed on the dead dog to determine the cause of death which we suspect of course is starvation. the reptiles will be removed
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>> reporter: will the dog and cat be up for adoption? >> they will be. >> reporter: buchanan is being held on $4,000 bond. this was not her first offense. she told a judge she made a terrible mistake. from police headquarters in yaphank, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> buchanan faces a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail for each cruelty charge. police in brooklyn are searching for the suspect behind a deadly shooting in east new york after 10 a.m. this morning livonia near ps 13. investigators say the suspect was dressed like a construction worker wearing a hard hat when he gunned down 41-year-old charles jones and then ran. jones was shot in the head and torso and later died at the hospital. police are yet to determine a motive. the first u.s. zika- related death has been reported in the u.s. territory of puerto rico. the victim was a 70-year-old man from the san juan area.
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symptoms initially but then died in february after internal bleeding caused by the zika-related infection. meanwhile, in the u.s., over 400 cases of the mosquito- spread virus has been reported and all were linked to people traveling to outbreak areas. also today, the food and drug administration gave emergency approval to the first commercial zika virus test in the u.s. that could be available to doctors next week. we have an update on the suspect accused in a bomb scare at a baltimore tv station yesterday. police say criminal charges brizzi. he walked into the local fox tv station yesterday afternoon wearing an animal costume strapped with a phony explosive device. his father says his son became ago. he lost his job, broke up with his girlfriend and thought the world would end soon. police. he is expected to survive.
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shows a 12% drop in the number of homeless people living on the streets. but homeless advocates say the report is misleading. cbs 2's ali bauman explains. >> reporter: nearly 400 fewer people sleeping on city streets since last year. that's according to hope the population estimate. >> what's really great is we're helping so many people. our outreach teams are now working with over 2,000 people who sleep on the streets. >> reporter: but some holmes advocates say that number cannot be valid since a survey only counts people visibly on the streets which discounts anyone spending the night in spots like subway cars or all night restaurants. >> you see the people that you want to see in places that you will go in. >> reporter: this man spent 10 years living on the street. the city survey was taken one night in february a time ali says homeless people avoid the streets any way they can. he spent his on the subway. >> there's people who live in abandoned buildings and rooftops who actually hide
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have a place to stay. >> reporter: here at the mission a shelter in the lower east side management says they are much more in demand in the wintertime and all 250 beds here at the shelter are not counted in the city survey. >> the city counted 2800 people on the streets but the city's also housing 60,000 people in shelters. >> reporter: the city said it's not about how many they are counting but how many they're helping. >> so we're looking at the hope count and added quarterly counts, daily canvassing and a ton of services for this population because at the end of the day what's most important is that we're helping people rather than counting people. >> reporter: the first quarterly night street count begins in may. on the lower east side, ali bauman, cbs 2 news. >> more than 4,000 people were counted during the city's first street homeless survey back in 2014 five. coming up, will ferrell isn't usually a controversial comedian but people didn't
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ronald reagan very funny. the turn this story took late today. >> how homeowners are giving burglars access without realizing it. >> building a better knee the new replacement that could help patients a lot earlier. >> and we have had a couple of days of less than great weather around here. well, here comes the weekend! things will improve possibly not improving as much as you look. more coming up. where should you start when you're told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology, precision treatment options and truly compassionate care.
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breaking now, chopper 2 over an oil spill of some type on the hudson. joe biermann live over the scene not far from englewood. joe. >> reporter: hey, maurice. we're on the hudson here north of the gw. it looks like the oil slick starts up around the englewood cliffs area. now, you'll notice there's a marina there. u.s. coast guard has to come up take samples of the fluid and then try and figure out what this is and where it's leaking from.
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two miles north of the gw all the way down along the jersey shore almost down to the george washington bridge itself. no word on where it's coming from but the u.s. coast guard says they are going tonight lead agency here. live in chopper 2, joe biermann, cbs 2 news. >> joe, thank you. actor will ferrell will apparently not play a president in the controversial movie. the decision comes after many people lashed out at hm for taking the role. -- at him for taking the role. cbs 2's tony aiello has more. >> reporter: the outrage was front page news. actor will ferrell signing on to portray ronald reagan in a movie that plays the late president's alzheimer's disease for laughs. reagan's daughter patty davis was not amused writing an open letter to him. perhaps you have managed to retain some ignorance about alzheimer's. perhaps if you knew more you would not find the subject humorous. but friday afternoon ferrell's people said he wouldn't take part in the film. >> alzheimer's disease is never a laughing matter for
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are caring for a relative with the disease. >> reporter: jed levine of the alzheimer's support group caring kind says ferrell was wise to drop the comedy. but he doesn't consider the disease off topic for hollywood. >> for this movie or any movie where someone with alzheimer's is a character, what would your hope be? >> if any film is done about a person with dementia, it's that it's done with great sensitivity, great respect. >> reporter: the script for the movie has been kicking around hollywood. actors james brolin, nathan and dennis all participated in a public read of the script last month. screenwriter hinted in a podcast his own family has been affected by alzheimer's. >> i was really fascinated by all of the dementia stuff. >> reporter: reagan was in 53 films but it's not clear if this comedy about his disease
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make it to the big screen. tony aiello, cbs 2 news. >> an aide said any movie portraying him in the grip of alzheimer'ss while president rewrites history. viewers have been sounding off on facebook. new at 5:00 tonight, several new york city firefighters honored today for saving lives. but this time it had nothing to do with smoke or flames. cindy hsu takes us to fdny headquarters in brooklyn. [ applause ] >> reporter: an emotional hug for firefighter michael wilson. he donate bone marrow and saved amy in her fight against leukemia. >> he is my hero. he really is my hero. it's like his cells were made to save me. >> it was incredible. we've communicated through email and through the phone
5:18 pm
today is a great honor. >> reporter: it's also a rare honor. donors and recipients normally never meet for privacy reasons but at this ceremony two donors got to thank their heroes. for jonathan ragland, that special person is firefighter frederick perdue who says the process is painless and similar to donating blood. >> the donating part of it is very simple. there's nothing painful. >> to help somebody out. >> reporter: ragland was fighting bone marrow cancer that killed his father shortly before he had his own transplant. the father of two says he is eternally grateful to purdue. >> when i had to have my kids at 3 and 4, they didn't understand what's going on. now they are 6 and 7. i'm grateful i'll continue to see them grow up. it means the world to me. >> reporter: the names of eight fdny bone marrow donors were added to the honor roll of life. 179 fdny members have given these gifts of life in some cases more than once. it just takes a swab of the mouth.
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you can then decide whether you choose to donate. new york's bravest hope their example will encourage more people to sign up. in downtown brooklyn, cindy hsu, cbs 2 news. >> what an example it is. members of the fdny make up new york blood center's single largest group of bone marrow and stem cell survivors. >> they look so healthy. >> tremendous. the weekend forecast not so tremendous. [ laughter ] >> could see a mixed bag. lonnie quinn standing by with more. >> saturday will be better. clouds are in place out there. empire state building, temperature 54. it's cool. but we talk about saturday being the better half but it's not perfect. it depends where you live. regardless, it's better than sunday. sunday will be cold and wet. some of you on sunday in the 40s on sunday for a high.
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pushing through. none of this is heavy or severe. it's not going to be severe. a few light showers could pass through. this is the air mass we look at for saturday. the further east you go you're tapping into better looking sunny sky. north and west more cloud. then this air mass for sunday and sunday's going to have a rain chance and colder temperatures. we'll talk about that later. for tonight, light rain chance tapers off around midnight, about 45 degrees your overnight low. tomorrow some breaks of sun tomorrow 62 degrees, more sun east and even a sprinkle chance north of the area tomorrow. again, the entire weekend forecast a little later. maurice and kristine, back to you guys. >> thank you. coming up next, hunting a serial graffiti artist. police say they caught up with their tagger after he left his mark across local neighborhoods. but wait until you hear the suspect's surprising day job. >> plus if you could bring a loved one back from the dead,
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a teen on trial for setting a deadly fire that killed a police officer. >> it started burning the edge of the mattress. >> confession tapes played in court today. >> a new tax credit to work from home. why the state of new jersey wants businesses to allow their employees to telecommute. all at 6:00. would you want to live forever? how about your spouse or your parents? would you want to spend time with them long after they're gone? as cbs 2 explores cloning a loved one is no longer just science fiction because of digital immortality. >> reporter: women don't like to talk about age. >> when were you born? >> i was first activated in 2010. >> reporter: she does like to talk about her past. >> i used to play piano and my parents pushed me into a recital. >> reporter: when she is not joking around. >> why did the chicken go halfway across the road? >> reporter: she is obviously not a real woman. but she does have the mind of
5:25 pm
>> there will probably come a time when robots will be living amongst us. >> reporter: she is a clone sharing not only the appearance of a very real woman, named bina roth blatt but also her exact memories attitudes and beliefs. >> this is one opportunity for us to start thinking about changing the way we look at what itens me to be human. >> reporter: it's technology we have so far only seen in movies. >> manipulation. if that isn't true, what is. >> reporter: in real life she is one of the first clones to be implanted with a mind file representing an actual person's consciousness. the robot can even see thanks to facial recognition software so she actually knows who she is talking to. >> you seem not interested. >> reporter: she is the brainchild of the real rothblatt's speaker of the house who couldn't fathom a life without her. bruce duncan is the managing
5:26 pm
foundation started by the rothblatts to further research in cloning minds. >> even someday a couple of hundred years from now into new bodies based on the dna of the original donor. >> reporter: as many as 56,000 people have already signed up on the foundation's website to start uploading the contents of their minds with the hopes of being cloned. >> it's fascinating. but i think this has a lot of emotional psychological ramifications. >> reporter: this neuropsychologist says while the technology is incredible, it has the potential to interfere with the natural progression of human life. >> the way this world works is someone dies, you get divorced, you move on. >> duncan says they still have decades of work ahead to perfect cloning. [ chuckling ] but in the future the robots will not only be able to make the same facial expressions they will even sound like them.
5:27 pm
>> i don't know. >> it would be too much. still to come at 5:00, how the fundraising scandal could be taking a toll on the mayor's political future. >> plus, are you accidentally giving burglars easy access to your home? the mistake homeowners on long island made that let thieves into their home as they slept. >> primping for prom, getting there can be expensive. coming up, tips to cut costs. (vo) one of only a few hospitals in the u.s. performing surgeries on babies before they're born, we're also there for them as they grow. our children's hospital is ranked by
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good evening, i'm kristine johnson. >> welcome back. i'm maurice dubois. a new crime spree is sweeping the suburbs. people are giving burglars access to their homes and they might not know it. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff live with the story new at 5:30 tonight. carolyn. >> reporter: that's right. garage door owners are really a staple now of suburban life but careful where you leave them. twice in the last week, happauge residents left these garage door owners in unlocked cars and that let thieves into their homes while they slept. the car unlocked in the driveway with the garage remote inside.
5:31 pm
house while they slept because the door to the home was unlocked inside the garage. >> we don't lock it. you know, you get complacent. because you're relaxed. you know, you don't think anything is going to happen. and now you learn the hard way. >> reporter: it was 3:30 thursday morning, the would-be thief scared away without taking anything because marie woke up. down the block surveillance video recorded this hooded man first going driveway to driveway looking for open car doors. suffolk police say he struck earlier in the week here on janet court. a family of four asleep upstairs, the thief got away with cash, again the garage door remote like this one lifted from an unlocked car and the inside door also unlocked. >> we wanted to get this out to the public to urge the public, don't leave your car unlocked. if you have a garage door opener, keep that out of view. and certainly, make sure that
5:32 pm
leading from your garage to your home is locked at all times. >> reporter: neighbors say the days of leaving cars unlocked and garage owners in view are over. >> unfortunately, but you shouldn't have to worry about that stuff in the neighborhood. >> from now on what, you'll lock your car and the door? >> yes. you learn the hard way. now we got to be careful. >> reporter: suffolk police truant. likely fueled by the heroin epidemic. don't give the thieves the opportunity. lock up. carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news, hauppauge long island. >> thank you. new at 5:30, police arrest a homeland security worker for graffiti in staten island. 38-year-old juan rivera is in custody for spraying graffiti near his home on central avenue. police linked him to 13 different taggings of the word, mash, around the area. he works for the department of
5:33 pm
immigration officer. he has been charged with making graffiti and criminal mischief. well, the new york city corrections scandal appears to be taking a toll. some are now wondering whether the ongoing investigation may limit mayor de blasio's role as a democratic party leader. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer reports. >> reporter: after he was elected he gave speeches around the country enlisted elected officials to join his progress agenda coalition, and formed a political organization to raise money. now engulfed in corruption probes, some question whether he can expand his power base. >> please welcome the former mayor of new york city, the honorable rudy giuliani! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: it's been a time- honored tradition that mayors and former mayors of new york city are asked to participate at national conventions. will bill de blasio get that honor this year? >> i think it's unlikely that bill de blasio will have any
5:34 pm
engagement at the convention this year. >> reporter: for de blasio who aggressively sought the national spotlight since he became mayor follow-up from the corruption investigations has apparently dimmed his luster. >> he is toxic for the democratic party. i don't think clinton's will want to showcase anyone who has a challenge in the areas of big donor money. >> reporter: this after a week of stunning disclosures and subpoenas issued as part of a joint state and federal probe into how de blasio sought to raise money to elect a democratically-controlled senate to advance his political agenda. probers are seeking to investigate charges that team de blasio sought to evade individual campaign contribution limits of $10,300 by having donors make big donations to local county committees that in turn earmarked the money to specific candidates. if you do that, you are breaking the law. de blasio was grilled about that on the brian lara radio show.
5:35 pm
of custody of that money was likely to be? >> i was certainly not involved in the specifics of the day to day and different efforts. >> reporter: prosecutor have subpoenaed de blasio fundraiser recognize offinger to question him about -- ross offinger to question him about what instructions he gave to donors and who told him to. >> there was an attempt to evade contribution limits to candidates by funneling money through these political committees to these specific candidates. >> reporter: i asked the mayor's press secretary if de blasio would seek a speaking spot at the convention. she passed the buck to one of his political consultants who passed the buck back to her so, so far no answer. >> wasn't that long ago the mayor was in iowa, remember? >> he was in iowa, he was all over giving speeches. that's not going to happen again. >> thank you. new at 5:30, a safer way to travel between brooklyn and queens. on two wheels. chopper 2 was over the new pulaski bridge bikeway this afternoon. community leaders celebrated with an inaugural ride between greenpoint and long island city.
5:36 pm
have double the amount of space and separate paths. >> the old way of commuting is behind us. we are moving forward in a method that's safer, smarter and more conservative on the community and globe we want to live in. >> according to the department of transportation, about 1500 cyclists use the bridge during rush hour. still ahead here at 5:00, new hope for people with bad knees. the new replacement doctors are working with that could help patients a lot earlier. >> plus, he has worked with some of the biggest names in baseball on one of their most prized on field possessions. how this guy could be a game changer. >> today in history in 1913 an engineer from hoboken, new jersey his name gideon sunback he got a u.s. patent for a
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repairing the mit. it takes a skill. that's when you call the glove doctor. steve overmyer introduces us to a person who repairs gloves and the memories. >> there's a lot of laces. >> reporter: working out of his basement in brooklyn, john gollum does surgery on the most prized possessions. >> they are trusting their sentimental glove, the glove that they maybe pass on to their child or continue to usual it's very rewarding when they are pleased. >> reporter: mitts from across america find their way to his shop. >> there's nothing more sentimental than the baseball glove. you made a great catch with it. it feels right. >> reporter: leather craftsmen are scarce but exceptionally scarce are the masters of the art entrusted with the hall of famers. >> there was a glove of derek jeter with a small tear here. >> were you nervous working on his glove? >> nervous but people good. i trust my ability. >> reporter: whether it's baseball gloves or boxing,
5:41 pm
>> i been fortunate to be part of a great american manufacturing family. >> reporter: john's grandfather founded the most famous gloves in the history of boxing. ever last. in fact, in 1983, john himself designed and created the thumbless glove to prevent eye injuries. it has been recognized as the optimal design for gloves ever since. >> how do you think your grandfather would react to seeing how much care and love you put into baseball gloves? >> he would be thrilled. when you have a name like ever last, you got to make a very good product. it's got to last forever. but that was his guiding legacy. he wanted to make high quality products and that's what i'm carrying on. >> the average price for repairing these gloves is between $150 and $200. new leather gloves are up to $400. and to major league baseball players, these gloves are inavailablual. wade boggs once refused to
5:42 pm
to the glove and wait for it to be repaired right there. they are invaluable. they are very valuable to baseball players. >> i replaced mine in high school. started making errors! >> it was glove. >> they are sculpted to your hand after you get the ball in there and you know you wrap the i guess the glove around the ball and lay it under your pillow so it's got to be very personal. >> some players have the same glove their entire career. >> some get new ones every year. some have the same for over 10 years. >> what a craftsman. great story. thank you. thank you, steve. it's going to be a wacky weather weekend. lonnie will break down the rain and shine, what's coming next. >> life imitating art. why a cbs star took over the podium mountain white house press room today. >> and at 6:00 a bronx
5:43 pm
$2,000 to fix the sidewalk. she can't find the damage. cbs 2's "demanding answers." >> get ready for a traffic nightmare. three lanes of the tappan zee
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president obama calls america's addiction to painkillers a greater threat than terrorism. he named 10 people champions for change for their efforts to tackle the nation's growing open idea addiction epidemic. it began with a joke as a wing took the podium. >> oh, you're back. >> this is not your show anymore. i'm so sorry. i just, um, i was in town and i just, um, you know, want to take a moment. in all seriousness my name is alison janney and i'm here to celebrate those who are working to help combat substance use disorder. >> she stars in the cbs comedy mom which features a mother and her daughter struggling
5:47 pm
now to some hopeful news for people with bad knees. chronic knee pain and replacement, dr. max gomez says doctors are testing an artificial replacement. >> i couldn't get up the hill. i had to stand and watch my two children, you know, climb a little bit of the hill that we have. >> reporter: 44-year-old jim diri co couldn't climb the hill because of pain in the knee from a worn meniscus. the shock absorbing cushion between the thigh bone and shinbone. >> it felt like a knife in the meniscus. >> reporter: when it's removed or wears away, doctors don't have a lot to offer short of knee replacement surgery. but they don't last forever so many patients are asked to hold off until their older. >> we used to say 50 years old. >> my birthday is coming. now probably should be 60, 65. i mean, people women in particular live forever. >> reporter: surgeons have
5:48 pm
meniscus with various materials about all have failed. >> this is the implant. >> reporter: now doctors are testing anew implant made of a special medical grade plastic. >> meniscus implant looks like a normal meniscus. >> about this is relatively stable. patient gets up and puts full weight down right away. and it doesn't work, burn bridges, i can take it out. >> reporter: ten weeks ago jim became just the fourth person in the nation to get the new implant. he still has a way to go but is able to climb not just stairs but that very important hill in his backyard. >> my daughter saw me on top of the hill. she's like dad, your knee is all better! it felt great. >> it's a life changer. the plastic knee is being tested in a two-year clinical trial in the u.s. it's time to get a look at our forecast. the weekend is here. lonnie quinn is standing by.
5:49 pm
>> it looks like the data is suggesting things are going downhill by the time you get to sunday. so we are going to enjoy our saturday. saturday looks to be the better portion of the weekend. right now, outside, it's cloudy. we don't have the rain over new york city. but showers are nearby. it's 54 degrees as of right now and around the area it's uniform air mass there's no one real hot spot and one cold spot. upper 50s 40s and 50s for everybody. 8 degrees colder than average this time of year. typically you get to 66. keep that number in the back of your head when we talk about the weekend because neither day reaches the average. one particular day is going to be real cold out there. as far as saturday goes it will be suffolk sunshine and sussex clouds. further east the brighter the sky. i'm writing sleep in sunday a little alliteration going on here.
5:50 pm
you're not missing anything. vortex satellite and radar, showers overnight. saturday, you can see brighter the further east you go. western community will have more clouds northern communities the same deal and then you get to your day on sunday. not a good air mass. it looks like two separate systems. look closely and you will see this starting to climb up to the north and fill in. this is going to become one sort of line of wet weather that moves east. we get rain on sunday. we need it. here's what it looks like at 10:30 this morning. chance of rain, moderate showers. but none of this is going to be severe. it pushes offshore for saturday. saturday sun/cloud mix starting off and then remember how i talked about how the further east you go the further sun you get further west more clouds? this illustrates it perfectly. here's 5 p.m. clear on long island and more clouds north and west then could be a little drizzle or shower for some of our northern communities and this is sunday starts off. sunday clouds start to finish. wet weather moves in.
5:51 pm
throughout the daytime hours. so i wish i had better news. i think the good news is the saturday portion the better half 62 degrees sunday night looks cold. 52 degrees. some of you will work to try to get out of the upper 40s. it's guilty to feel more like march. east wind will feel raw and it's not going to be a banner day but i have always said weekends are great no matter what happens weather-wise. and then monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday friday of next week, look to tuesday as the best day during the week but you're looking at least a rain chance of some sort almost every day. >> every weekend is good. >> what mother nature serves up i'm with you mom. >> isn't that the truth? from the extreme edge of a roof high above manhattan, there's a bird's-eye view like no other. but getting to that elusive perch and capturing a one-of-a- kind image is a risk that is both dangerous and illegal. >> when i first saw this, my heart was pounding.
5:52 pm
>> i was just focused on trying to get good photos. because we really didn't have very long there and we got chased off pretty soon after taking this. i love that photo. so like to me that is no question worth it. >> tonight at 11:00, cbs 2's alice gainer meets the urban explorer who takes you along for the ride as he literally puts his life on the line or on the edge as you might say for his art as a sky high snapper. >> chased off. where are you going? >> i have no idea. >> chased! oh, my goodness! what spectacular photography new at 5:00 a real buzz near columbus circle this morning. after more than a million bees were handed out in packets for free. several urban beekeepers gathered to distribute the bees to local farmers. 800 packages went out each containing 12,000 bees. one beekeeper said the insects went to people with hives
5:53 pm
>> hope none escaped. >> keep them under wraps! [ laughter ] coming up next, it's the night that many teens dream of. but the price tag could be a nightmare for parents. how much people are spending on prom the days and the simple ways that you can save. >> then at 6:00 tax breaks for working at home.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
new jersey. from the proposal to primping going to the prom is pricy but some experts say there are some ways to save dollars. cbs 2's vanessa murdoch has some ways to cut costs on prom night. >> kind of excited senior year all you have been waiting for since you got into high school. >> reporter: these girls ooze excitement when talking about prom. they are gearing up today in white plains thanks to operation prom. >> i picked out this beautiful purple dress. >> reporter: some dress. >> these dresses are free. >> reporter: as long as you pass all classes. outfitting these young women makes their dream prom possible. >> the cost of prom just keeps getting higher and higher.
5:57 pm
spending survey, families here in the northeast shelled out an average of $738 on prom night last year. >> the more money you spend the higher your expectations of prom are so it's not a good idea. >> reporter: parenting expert erica katz stresses it's one night and should be about having fun. so the easiest ways to save do your own nails and hair. >> i want everything to be perfect. >> reporter: transportation another opportunity to save. >> don't hire a limousine. limousines can up to $800. >> reporter: she says opt for uber or lyft instead. >> we decided to go on a bus. that way we each cut the cost of limousine. >> reporter: for shows still searching for the perfect gown has dresses under $100 or go vintage. >> you can have something that
5:58 pm
>> in tarrytown this dress is $150. guys, there are cufflinks, too. don't buy a tux. rent one. better yet, borrow one. save any way you can. so you're not still paying for prom months later. from white plains, vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. >> all the awkward moments that come with it. the survey also revealed people putting big money into prom-posals, an average of $431. parenting expert says is it worth it? >> if you going to do it just make sure the person you're going to ask is going to say yes. >> brings back memories. >> wasn't around for those proposals. >> whole different game now. >> remember there's life after the prom. >> a lot of it. that's it for the news at 5:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. i looked down and started burning the edge of the mattress. >> he says he did it because he was bored.
5:59 pm
taped confession saying he set a deadly fire. >> developing tonight, two nypd officers hospitalized after police chase ends in a crash. >> and commuter chaos. a triple lane closer at the tappan zee bridge. what drivers need to know. >> work from home. the new tax incentive that could make it a reality for workers in new jersey. good evening, i'm kristine johnson. >> i'm maurice dubois. dana tyler is off tonight. we begin with that taped confession you saw played in court today. a teenager admitting he set a deadly fire that killed a police officer. it raises questions about the defendant's past behavior. cbs 2's scott rapoport has the new information. >> i didn't mean for the whole fire to come. just for a second, just because i was bored like just wanted something to do instead of sitting in the hallway. >> reporter: a potentially damning confession in the murder trial of 18-year-old marcell dockery. the teenager is charged with
6:00 pm
coney island public housing building in 2014 that killed nypd housing officer dennis guerra and seriously injured his partner officer rosa rodriguez. >> i lit the edge of the mattress. >> how? >> with a lighter. i set it on fire a little bit, i thought i could have sworn i blew it out. went just like this. [ blowing ] >> reporter: that's dockery in a 2014 videotaped statement to cops and prosecutors admitting to setting the fire but saying after lighting the mat treasures he tried to put it out -- the mat tress, he tried to put it out and then started knocking on doors telling residents to get out. later he went to mcdonald's and then heard the police were looking for him. admittedly terrified about what he had done. >> it was like got so big, so quick, i was scared to tell, 'em like, you know, i started this so something like i was just like nervous in my heart. >> reporter: prosecutors later showed surveillance video of him with friends sparking what they believe is the lighter he


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