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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 29, 2016 7:30pm-7:59pm EDT

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after the awkward moments and it felt like awkward moments they might want to make the change soon. tonight the top story. >> we made it. we got through it. it's the weekend. >> kelly kicked off today's live with relief but things turned to awkward and some call this a dig. >> you have got an award. >> co-host michael strahan seemed stunned and annoyed by her comment. she just finished her 20th wedding anniversary and strahan has been divorced twice. >> her house is nicer than mine. >> anderson cooper is fuelling speculation about replacing strahan when he jumps to gma. >> i'm happy at cnn. it would be a dream to work with
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depends on cnn. his contract requires he gets permission from the network for any additional giggs and it's unclear if they'll allow him to do it. here's why we think he's the clear choice. >> kelly is smart and funny. >> they vacationed together and it was a love fes when he presented her with a glad award last yea >> you have made such a difference in my life. >> kelly has to love reason number 2. anderson wants the job. he talked to megyn kelly last night. >> there's a question of whether you'll take a walk over to sit next to kelly ripa on live. >> i like learning new stuff every single day. i'm always open to new opportunities. >> and the third reason anderson is likely the choice, she is sending signals. with the media watching her every move she stepped out with
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in her hand. >> what is something that would surprise us about him? >> he's an ib credible dancer. i'm not kidding. people laugh whenever i say that. he is an amazing dancer. he is incredible. >> that's anderson dancing with madonna. >> there's a boat load of celebrities and dancing al decked out at a birthday party. >> the girl squad out to separate gigi hadid and they all got together at the nice guy but even the biggest stars needed to follow the party rules. >> rule number one, don't upset the birthday girl's fashion. the memo. yeah, 11:15 p.m. kendall jenner strutted in with the birthday girl.
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expe kendall made sure to show lots of skin. in fact we had to sensor that bra top. >> look at kendall's cute outfit. the sisters followed rule number two. no matter what show up. at 9:45, khloe and kourtney with a plunging jump suit that barely holds it together. kourtney was under the weather and khloe nursing a leg injury. >> he may have helped with rule number three. trying to avoid your ex. with former man john mayer showed up at midnight but no indication they interacted and yolanda hadid's ex was there too.
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but how about rule number four. respect your date. >> she left around 1:00 a.m. with lenny kravitz. >> he's out the door. >> zayn malik came late. and he helped with rule number five. when it's your party always leave last. he carried the birthday girl out at 2:00 a.m. >> that's called partying like a rock star and back to taylor that looked like a rock star in that outfit. in about ten minutes we'll explore the style evolution from country cutie to style icon. >> more news about prince's death and the battle over his estate. especially who gets access to paisley park because inside is
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unreleased songs and demos and video c it's a treasure trove of all things prince. >> an e.t. eyewitness spotted a lock smith at paisley park wednesday. reportedly to drill into the vault. >> a lot of music down there. >> how many songs? >> i have no idea. >> that vault contains hours upon hours of music which prince once talked about. >> a lot of it i didn't even finish. >> all of this unreleased music could be another bone of contention for prince's six siblings. a meeting between some of them yesterday apparently didn't go well. a source close ott situation tells us that an argument erupted over access to paisley park and who is being kept out. our source also believed that the sister that stormed out of the meeting is upset because she expected a bigger piece of prince's pie. >> while they fight over the estate the public can fight over prince's motorcycle jacket in this purple rain scene. starting bid is expected to be 6
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one guy still struggling with prince's passing is adam levine seen her performing purple rain in 2014. >> prince was a huge, huge influence on me. miss the guy. >> adam had a lot to say about his own life. a big change. an amazing change is coming soon. >> nothing like it. >> five months along in the pregnancy and we all heard they're having a little girl. but is it true? topping tonight's know and tell. adam's baby talk. >> how is the wife? >> she is good. a lot of watermelon. it's just like so much watermelon. >> on the tonight show adam
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you about his wife's pregnancy. >> do you know if it's a girl or a boy. >> it is a girl. >> she is due in september. >> super excited. >> >> i'm so in love with this dress. valentino. >> kate hudson in peach at the premiere of "mother's day" in theaters today. be sure to catch the bloopers after the credits. >> love the gag reel. >> it's fine. >> banana. >> also the cast of the good wife and gears up to say good-bye and some fans may not feel satisfied. the series finale. >> it's black and white. >> people may not like it much. >> after 7 seasons, never ea >> the most emotional for me was
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mckenzie and graham that played zach and grace. they were 15. graham was shorter than me when we started the pilot and there he is 21 years old. it's likk a mother saying good-bye to their kids going off to college. >> the show will be missed but the one thing she won't miss about shooting the good wife is >> coming up next a mariah carey exc her dressing room demands. plus it's fashion frid pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by
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>> our exclusive continues with mariah carey. we were the only one she talked to backstage in paris. everything she does is so delicious that we put together meme's memeable moments. >> i wear it at home and then i
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to. >> classic. but how about her reaction to missing the american idol finale? >> i was devastated that i couldn't be there. i almost lost my mind. i didn't know what to do. i had to go home and like ice my hand. i can't help it. this is just me. i don't even know what it is. >> filming a docu series. >> i'm like cameras, i'm dressing. >> haters going to hate. players going to play. >> i haven't met them before. >> a look inside the dressing room. velvet curtains, scented candles, and wine. >> what are your dressing room essentials? >> do i hav do i get any? i think i get none. do you want to know? right here. >> those are gifts from her fans that call themselves lambs and she puts them to good use like
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>> and coming up taylor swift's fashion evolution. our shopping spree with the country girl before she became a style icon. >> the gossip girl look. >> and he's here for his fashion dos don'ts and do overs of the >> how much did kate's peacock boots >> i love them. >> that is straight ahead.
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earlier we talked to you about taylor swift wearing it to gigi hadid's birthday party. but the big question is the oscars of fashion. our editor and chief of yahoo! style, you have so many crede he joins us right now and i know that you have been looking into this for us. what do you think taylor is going to wear. >> i put the pieces together. here's what i can tell you. he is wearing it a lot lately and it started way back at the i heart radio awards. remember the black sequin cat suit. she looked sexy and great but also on vogue she mostly wore that and as you know vogue was very influential so i will predict she'll wear it on the red carpet. >> i will too. because you're right.
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and she has really become a style icon but at her first in 2008 she was a country girl in the big city. tonight's big picture, taylor's style evolu >> at the first gala in 2008 she wore this gold creation and picked it herself. no help from a stylist. >> this say gown she wore nearly ten years ago. 50,000 sequins on this dress. >> the then lesser known country singer stunned everyone. >> i looked at her and saw her flip her eyes back at her and gave her a double take. >> two months after that first gala she was still a country girl that invited e.t. along as she shopped for clothes mall. >> i love dresses. this is a cute littte cotton
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>> for 2010 we saw her style mature with a white ruffled ralph lauren. >> everybody looks gorgeous. >> have you seen any gowns you loved on any stars so far? >> jennifer lopez looks beautiful. she is right next to me right now. looks beauti gorgeous. >> the gown was from a runway show five years before. also fit with the theme. >> the theme is american fashion so looking for 20s hair. this is flapperish the way the sleeves are i guess. >> she chose this now. >> it's experiment i really like the retro look right now. >> and when punk was the theme in 2014 she went edgier with a
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she was pretty in piik in 2014 and when we flash back at every met look you can see her evolution from all american girl to godess. >> taylor looked great. >> every friday our fashion dos and don'ts and do overs. so let's start with your number one do of the week. >> i'm so kpietd. so first off, have to tell let's start withhfour words. so yesterday we saw kate hudson running around. but the one thing that caught my eye were the suede over the knee and top design by brian atwood for $6,000. >> my stylist did a reveal of them today, this morning and i was like i love them. >> she found out quickly that these are going to be available in the summer. >> all right. well, what about chrissi teigen now. she got a little it of hate for leaving her baby daughter at home.
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hard on her. the woman has to eat dinner and she looked fantastic and as long as i have known her her style has always been very basic and then she throws an incredible statement outerwear piece on top and that's her style. and i love that. >> what about kim kardashian? she was out yesterday in this diamond patterned red dress and so sh she is showing off a curvy girl there. >> i love this look. it was custom made for her. inspired off the runway. you can't buy this dress but of course kim would have it. look what she said to the paparazzi. >> of course not. >> i feel your pain girl. >> okay. all right. >> all right. can you tell us what was a fashion don't? >> my don't of the week, something we all love is dame
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flowers and thrills. it was a crazy smoothie. >> i learn something every week. >> this is my favorite part is well so my do over of the week is drew barry more. i would change the wash of the jeans to something darker so it feels more slimming. >> it does. >> it makes you look immediately 10 pounds lighter and i would change the top underneath to a white shirt so it brightens the face and makes the jacket shorter so it's not shapeless and then just have it be a anchor piece. the finishing touches are in the
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>> she is so chic now. >> you can find it with me every friday through the month of may. in addition to all the star styles we can all learn, right? and monday covering the met gala for us. >> there's so much fashion to talk about. >> have a great time. >> all right. celebrating mother's day with the sta >> when you think of mother's day you think flowers, butterflies, and hearts. not on entertainment tonight. -p>> my momma said knock you out. we have star moms and stars with their moms kicking off with olivia munn. >> she is doing this because the cameras are there.
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starting mon marriage. why he thinks women should never tell men to be better husbands. it's all at e.t. >> we have a busy weekend today
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gwennstefani as she is honored for her positive impact on fans. i'm just wondering if he's goin to surprise her on the disney channel sunday. very blake. >> i bet he'll pop up. sunday night kelly underwood expected at the country countdown awards. >> we'll be presenting at the daytime emmys. check out the updates.
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phil: previously on "the amazing race" -- six teams raced to bali in indonesia. tyler and korey make new friends. >> ooh! phil: at a grueling road block, rachel struggles to keep up. >> oh, zach! phil: and a second roadblock put brodie and kurt in unfamiliar territory. >> i tied them wrong. >> this is unbelievable. >> it's going to be real close. phil: tile ere and korey ron on -- tyler and korey won the leg. you are team number one! while brodie and kurt narrowly edged out zach and rachel. unfortunately you are the last team to arrive. you have been eliminated from the race. five teams remain. who will be eliminated next? >> the dragon looks like one of tyler's ex-boyfriends.


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