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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  April 30, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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yo -- your full forecast coming up. several people rushed to a hospital in new jersey following a fiery car crash in clifton. >> magdalena doris is live from the scene with more. >> reporter: good morning brian and andrea. as you can see, pscng crews are here right now trying to replace an electrical pole that went down as part of this crash. police say this happened around 3:30 in the morning. a car veered off the road here and crashed into that electrical pole and eventually caught on fire when it brought down live power lines with it. again, four people were inside that vehicle. they were pulled to local hospitals. we are not sure of their condition at this time. there's no word on why this driver veered off the road and into the woods. this stretch of color road is known by neighbors who tell me this racing. they haven't seen any
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not sure why this happened. this stretch of color road is an industrial area as well. police are working to figure out if speed or alcohol was a factor in this accident. again, as you can see back here live crews are working to get those power lines reestablished here. some crash investigators were here earlier this morning collecting evidence as well trying to get more information as to what caused this accident. again, four people have been injured. we are live in clifton, new jersey. cbs 2 news. >> thank you. also new this morning , the nypd is on the hunt for three teenagers in connection to a hate crime in queens. a 19-year-old was viciously attacked wednesday afternoon in historia by these three suspects who yelled isis, isis and arab during the assault. investigators released the surveillance video. the victim
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the teens ran off when someone approached the scene. police released the photo of a shooting suspect of a 41-year-old. he was dressed as a construction worker when he jones was shot in the head and body hospital. at least 10 people died after a 6-story building collapsed in kenya. officials say heavy rain and flooding brought down the low income residential building in nairobi. at least 134 people were hurt. an unknown number of people remain trapped. search and rescue efforts are on going this morning. to campaign 2016. hundreds of protesters tried to storm the hotel where donald trump spoke. the rowdy crowd forced the gop front runner to ditch his
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the way to the building. dave carlin shows us what happened this time. >> protesters outside california's republican convention did more than just chant their disdain for the party's front runner donald trump. some threw eggings while others burned the american flag. they broke through barriers and tried to storm the hotel and officers held them back. >> around the same time trump ditched his motorcade before it reached the parking lot. he and his security team members went the rest of the way on foot walking in the back of the building. >> we went under a fence and through a fence. i felt like i was crossing the border actually. >> also in california republican john kasich at a town hall. republican ted cruz campaigned in indiana seen here with bakery workers in evansville. cruz hit back at former house speaker john boehner who earlier this week referred to the senate center as lease per in the flesh f cruz suggested boehner wants to be
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in an interview with cbs face the nation on sunday. >> one has been funding the cartel, the other has been giving into democrats for years which is why boehner lost his speakership. >> as for dims, bernie sanders was in indianapolis with union workers protesting job cuts. >> stop destroying the middle class. >> hillary clinton was in new york pushing for all boy public schools in high crime areas. earlier she said this. >> demeaning me, talking about playing the women's card. we're going to talk about what we want to do for the country and he can continue on his insult fest. >> when i focus on hillary she'll go down easier than any of the people we just beat. >> at the california trump protest five people were arrested and an officer was treated for minor injuries. dave carlin, cbs 2 news. the two men police say set off a wild chain of events in
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started. it started as a robbery in inwood. they were in pursuit when they collided with the suspect's car on 139th and 7th street in harlem. charges include robbery, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of stolen property. the officers involved were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. they are expected to be okay. a dog's excessive barking may have helped save it. they were found abandoned inside an apartment in huntington. the dog is a long haired chihuahua. investigators say another dog died probably of starvation. a neighbor heard non-stop barking and investigated. a cat, a boa constrictor and two spotted geiko's were rescued. melissa buchanan said she made a mistake.
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frightening power surge. now neighbors are wondering who will have to pay for the damage. >> this morning con edison crews are back with several homes are still without power. on thursday a primary power line carrying 13,000 volts broke free and hit a smaller wire sending a huge surge into 28 homes. some homeowners say it's cost them at least $7,000 so far. con edison said residents can submit a reimbursement claim but they don't pay for damage caused out of their control like storms, vandalism or trees. a company spokesman said they believe tree contact with the power line triggered thursday's event. >> they didn't touch any branches, any trees, anything at all. >> it just blew up? >> it just blew up. >> we didn't do anything to cause this problem. >> neighbors say their insurance companies will pick up costs. on oil slick near the george washington bridge will not require a clean up. environmental police say it's
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necessary. the slick was discovered around 3:00 yesterday afternoon and stretched almost a mile along the hudson. investigators say it's unclear whether it came from a spill or a leak but at this point nothing more is entering the water. a commuter alert for driving heading for the tapancy bridge this weekend. all but one northbound lane is shut down as a new phase of construction on the new span gets underway there. the three lanes from westchester to rockland will stay closed until 2:00. they will close at 9:00 tonight to 2:00 p.m. tomorrow all southbound lanes though will stay open. some good news for bike riders. there's now a new safer way to travel between brooklyn and queens. chopper 2 flew over the new pulaski bridge bikeway yesterday. they celebrated with a ride between greenpoint and long island city. cyclists and
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>> best to avoid the tapancy this weekend if you can. time now 9:07. are you giving burglars easy access to your home? the simple mistake homeowners on long island made that let thieves in as they slept. >> skip the commute and work from home. the new tax incentive that could make that a jersey. >> in laughing for will ferrell. the out rage over a controversial film where he was asked to play ronald reagan. >> temperatures are warmer up. today the drier half of your weekend. talking about a soggy sunday coming up. >> first a check of the
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and a live look at central park on this saturday morning. get out and enjoy because your sunday may be wet. the zika virus has claimed its first american life. puerto rico's health secretary said a 70-year-old man living on the island passed away in february due to complications from the mosquito-born virus. more than 400 zika cases have been reported across the u.s. the fda
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emergency use in the u.s. and that could be available by next week. a little bit of new information on the death of the iconic musician prince. the carver county sheriff's office in minnesota said there were four emergency calls to the singer's home since 2013. in october of 2013 officers responded with medical assistance. the final call was last thursday when prince was found unresponsive inside an elevator at the compound. authorities have still not have said how he died. >> [ music ] >> prince fans in brooklyn continue to celebrate his life. hundreds of them gathered in fort greene park for a prince party last night. in addition to dancing fans watched the classic purple rain. >> the jacket that prince wore in that hit movie is going up for auction. he wore the gray jacket in his bike ride.
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jacket has an estimated price tag of $6,000 to $8,000. bidding is scheduled to begin in late june in hollywood. delta airlines said a new program will keep passengers from losing their luggage. it's going to start using baggage tags to allow customers to track their bags in realtime. it works using radio frequent id technology. delta plans to install that technology at more than 80 airports. a proposed law could make working from home more likely. meg baker explains. >> how long is your commute? want to cut that down to say zero? well, one new jersey lawmaker is here to state. state senator kip bateman introduced a bill to let workers telecommute. >> i feel like the traffic that's around here for commuters is getting really difficult so working from home especially if you have a child makes life a
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>> personal vehicles, path trains, buses, taxis and bikes all on this one block near the grove street path in jersey city. it's bus lane. >> it allows employer s to give their employees a break, get them off the roads, which is very important, especially in a state like new jersey where the commute takes hours. it will lessen the wear and tear on the road. >> he hopes to ease this congestion and wants to provide a corporal business tax credit equal to 1% of an employee's salary for the hours they do their job from home. >> it's good for the environment because it cuts down on carbon emissions and allows the employees the flexibility to work from home. it would save hours because sometimes they commute 1 or 2 hours each way. >> it would save money on gas and mass transit. >> commuters in jersey city said they would welcome the idea
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>> it will take pressure off the path. i think that's of use. i also think the more people that stay in town the better for local businesses. >> but how productive would you be? >> i would have to really discipline myself but i think some people function better at home, they're more relaxed. i think a lot of times office space it kind of creates sometimes a stressful environment. >> so what if your boss said sure you can work from home? >> that would be -- you know, i have three kids at home. >> three kids would steal his attention. >> hoping that we can get a hearing for it and push it through. other states have been successful and i'm hoping new jersey can follow. >> as for work from home attire, it's pj's across the board. in jersey city, meg baker cbs 2 news. >> ohio passed a similar law. the state senator said commute rs have driven about 2 billion fewer miles this year. don't know how productive i would be if i was home. >> we can't do this job from
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>> we can't do our job from home. back over to vanessa murdock. she has to be here to do the weather. >> my husband actually works from home and he's very productive and the quality of life is impeccable. i always tell people pretty lucky. >> good for them. >> for those run s on lunch, it's looking pretty good for him. the forecast looking good for all of today. let's start things off live outside right now. looks a little bit hazy out there this morning. we have clouds over head, fewer clouds east of the city. 51 degrees northeast winds at 3 miles per hour. headlines, here we go, better half of your weekend today. get out and enjoy it. tomorrow you will need that umbrella and not just for a couple of hours in the morning. it really looks like most of your sunday will be soggy. we could certainly use the rain. here's the deal, the drought
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oob normal ly -- adnormally dry. on the vortex satellite and radar picture right now, no rain. just those clouds in play. we can see them starting to break up from just through the hudson valley back down to the east end of long island. for today expect more clouds than sun but still decent over all. tomorrow the potential for a wash out here all because of this area of low pressure that will be moving in the northeasterly direction. tonight the clouds thicken big time, wet weather looks to roll in around 5:30 tomorrow morning. let's break it down hour by hour. for today, plenty of clouds, some sun as well. note that continuing trend of more sunshine east of the city. over night the clouds thicken for all of us. here we are at 7:00 a.m., light rain over spreading the region. those of you participating in the new jersey half marathon tomorrow expect rain for the duration of the event. for those of you riding in the five borough bike tour tomorrow it's not looking good for that either. here we go through the mid-morning and early afternoon hours. not just light rain but pockets of
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not until the evening that we start to see a break from the not an ideal end to the weekend but if you have any indoor activities that have to happen. as we make our way to monday that storm system still lingering and so do the showers. as far as total rainfall goes with this system, we could get an inch to an inch and a half. much needed rain on the way tomorrow and an unsettled pattern into the work week could help us out with the deficit. the deficit is around 4 inches. today no rain, clouds and some sun, especially east of the city. 62 degrees. winds out of the east on average 5 to 10. if you're heading to sdpi ing -- to citi field 60 degrees, looking decent for the ball game. tomorrow becoming cooler at 48. then wet weather. a sunday soaker here and cooler. so 54 degrees, a little breezy. i think it's going to be kind of a raw day
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monday warmer, 63. lingering showers tuesday, pleasant and 65 and partly sunny. that's a seasonable day for us. wednesday 64 and the chance of wet weather returns. the chance for wet weather lingers thursday, friday, saturday, maybe even sunday. it looks like an area of low pressure is going to get cut off and just wants to hang out with us for a while. hopefully that changes but right now it does look like next week late into the weekend will be pretty soggy too. >> the five borough bike tour and half marathon tomorrow not the best weather at all for either of those events. >> if you're a fast runner you can get through that half before the heavier pockets but for the bike tour a wet ride. >> not a lot of fun. >> thank you, vanessa . time now is 9:19. will ferrell under fire after word of a comedy about alzheimer's. the stars response to the controversial role. >> how volunteers are bringing sunshine to the lives of some seriously ill children in local hospitals.
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saturday morning. this morning the sun is shining brightly on children dealing with major medical issues. project sunshine is dedicated to bringing joy to their hearts and smiles to their faces. they have been celebrating the efforts of those who give their free time to help out.
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about the organization and the mission are executive directors. thank you so much for being here. it's a wonderful organization. for those who don't know, our viewers, explain exactly what project sunshine does. what's your mission? >> well, project sunshine is a volunteer-based organization. so we train and send volunteers into hospitals to bring comfort, joy and companionship to young patients in their time of need as well as a full array of enrichment programs. >> kate, you're a volunteer. what activities do you participate in with the project and really how does it make you feel when you see those kids? >> well, i'm the chapter leader at harlem hospital where we bring creative arts and programming to children of all ages. i do to sunshine chefs program where we do nutritional crafts and programming and we
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>> you get to cook with the kids in the hospital. >> we do. it's really fun. >> it is fun. >> now some of these kids are not just in the hospital for a day or two, some of them are there for long-term medical needs. what kind of issues are they dealing with? >> we work with patients who are dealing with everything from cancer to sercerebral palsy to transplants. some of them are in long-term rehab for months and months on end. >> the idea is to make the stay at their hospital more comfortable and educate them. you have a got of authors involved. i saw mary pope osborne, thing jack and annie tree house series books. my kids love those. part of that is trying to educate the children too. >> right. we want to make sure they're not falling behind. they're outside of the normal pattern of their lives. they
9:25 am
school, they're losing out socially. reading is wonderful because it makes their imaginations go way beyond the walls of the hospital. then at the same time , an interest in literacy. >> they get to keep the books they read. >> they do. >> what about life outside the hospital? there's an effort, kate, to try to get them up and running when they get out of the hospital as well. >> yes. it's a dreary place, a hospital. if we can bring some laughter and joy and sunshine so when they leave they're equipped to go and have some sunshine when they leave the hospital too i think the sunshine chef's program does that. we teach nutritional cooking. so when they go home they can help their siblings prepare some healthy meals for their families. that's one of the families that we do. also there's some tutoring that we do as well in the hospital as well.
9:26 am
watching wants to get involved, wants to help out. it's obviously a wonderful non-profit. what do they do? what do they contact? >> contact us at we are national and international. we have four international sites. we are across the country. then in new york we have our strongest constituents including our volunteer of the year kate. >> there's a big event all week long. you've been celebrating but it ends with a gala. cindy from cbs 2 is the mc. >> we're absolutely thrilled on thursday night your big hearted cindy will be the mc. we will present an award to kate. we have a company that's transforming the healthcare delivery and then we have jackie who will sing. we also are lighting the empire state
9:27 am
15,000 volunteer who is work with us. >> thank you so much for being here today and thank you for what you do to brightening the lives of those kids. it's absolutely wonderful. >> thank you for having us. >> to learn how you can volunteer with project sunshine as we mentioned we've got a link for you on our website at andrea over to you. >> thank you. time now is 9:27. up next, today's top stories. >> four people were pulled from a burning car this morning after it crashed into a utility pole. police are still working to determine the cause of this crash. >> and inside broad way's biggest shows ahead of the tony this is cbs 2 news saturday morning. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy.
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you're watching cbs 2 news this morning. right now in new jersey a car goes up in flames after slamming into a telephone pole. several people have been rushed to the hospital with burns. the details ahead. >> plus, burglars trying something new to rip you off. how homeowners are giving them axis without even realizing it. >> and dry and sunny today but tomorrow it's a bit of a different story. the rainy finale to your weekend forecast. good morning. it's 9:30 on this saturday, april 30th. i'm andrea grymes. >> i'm brian conybeare. great to be with you this morning. the top stories are straight ahead but first over to vanessa murdock with a look at the weekend weather. >> i like that rainy finale. i like the sound of that. here's the deal, no rain today. we're going to see some sun, plenty of clouds and temperatures that are warmer than yesterday, closer to
9:31 am
weekend. looking good today. 51 degrees is where we are right now. it's 47 in andover, 52 in bridgeport. the vortex satellite and radar picture shows what's on the way for that rainy finale. it is right now moving through the ohio valley heading towards us. arrives early tomorrow morning, continues throughout the day and even into monday. don't worry about that for today. just focus on this, a beautiful forecast. at 2:00, 60 degrees. mostly cloudy skies by 5:00 tonight, 59 and partly sunny. looking good to start your weekend. the high today will be 62 degrees. coming up we'll talk about that soggy stretch coming up tomorrow and also some cooler weather to accompany it. brian and andrea back to you. thank you, vanessa. new this morning, several people rushed to the hospital in new jersey following a fiery crash in clifton. >> cbs 2's magdalena doris is live with more. >> reporter: good morning, andrea and brian.
9:32 am
are still on scene right now working to replace a utility pole that that car crashed into. the burned out vehicle is still inside the woods right now after police say it crashed into the pole and caught fire. this happened at around 3:30 this morning. four people were dragged out of that burning car by emergency crews. they were taken to local hospitals. their condition is unknown at this time. i did speak to neighbors in the area who say that color road is an industrial strip right here and it used to be known for drag racing but there's no word yet if police are saying that speed or alcohol was a factor within in crash. again, that car veering off the road here into the woods and catching fire. back here live you can see the pscng crews still working to secure those power lines which are dangling at this moment. again, police are still working to determine the cause of this crash and four people have been injured. they were taken to the hospital. unknown conditions at this time.
9:33 am
jersey, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. an nypd officer could soon lose his job following an attack caught on camera in brooklyn. yesterday a judge convicted 38-year-old joel edward of assaulting a man during an arrest back in 2014. a bystander recorded the officer stomping on john kuffy who police say he had been spotted in possession of alcohol and marijuana. the police commissioner must decide if the suspended officer will keep his job. he will be sentenced in june. a taped confession has been released from the teenager who killed nypd officer dennis gara in 2014. in a video played in court yesterday marcel dockery who was 16 at the time admitted to starting the fire because he was bored and admitted the setting fires since he was 9 years old.
9:34 am
the confession was coerced. a warning for homeowners on long island to tell you about. police say a burglar is breaking into homes there using stolen garage door openers. surveillance video shows a hooded man wanted for two burglaries on dale and janet courts. the man steals those door openers from unlocked cars. in one of the crimes the homeowner scared the suspect away when she woke up during the break in. the man stole cash in the other burglary. a man said he was punched in the face by an attacker who said quote it's because you look like shai labeouf. he got a video mail from labeouf. he apologized for the attack and offered to bring him soup. he got back in touch and posted a picture on instagram of them talking on the phone. homeless advocates question
9:35 am
showing a decline of people living on the streets. the city officials counted 2800 people but critics say it doesn't include those who spend their mights in nights in subway cars. >> they hide on rooftops. >> what's great is we're helping so many people. our out reach teams are working with 2,000 people who sleep on the streets. >> the city plans to do another count in may. a woman has been reunited with her lost wedding and engagement rings after a desperate search. >> i was hieng -- i was like he's going to kill me. >> she will never forget the night that she made meat loaf for dinner. >> i took my rings off and put
9:36 am
>> the next morning at work. >> i called my mom and was like have to go outside before they get the garbage. she said i can't they came. >> she called 311 and multiple agencies to see if anything could be done. >> they located the truck, pulled them off the route and instructed them not to dump the garbage. >> that garbage truck was brought here to the staten island transfer station for the otterbecks to dig through the piles of trash in hopes of finding tiffany's ring. >> to see the massive file. s this is what tiff any, her husband and father-in-law saw, an estimated 7 to 8 tons of smelly disgusting bags of garbage. they brought a sample of their bags with them to know what to look for. >> while sanitation workers are
9:37 am
off duty couldn't let them do it alone. >> we saw how anxious they were to find it. >> the sanitation department said this happening often. call 311 as soon as you realize the mistake. if they get there fast enough they have a high success rate. for tiffany, after 45 minutes of searching. >> i knew it was a bag and i got right on the floor. i didn't let anybody help me. >> i could see like the look of relief come over her face definitely. >> relief to have her rings back where they belong. in staten island, cbs 2 news. >> what a happy ending. >> indeed. that actually happened to me once. >> you were telling me. >> i threw a way my friends diamonds. he was here in new york to have a ring made for his fiance. i threw them away. >> you found them though. >> we went through the trash and found them . it is a relief. >> it can happen . just dig through and you might find it.
9:38 am
:37. it's the night many teenagers dream of but the price tag could be a nightmare for parents. how much people are spending on the prom and ways to save. >> [ music ] >> an all star line up celebrates jazz at the white house. >> skies are beginning to break up especially to the north and east of the city. so we will see some sunshine today. don't be discouraged. coming up we will talk about a soggier stretch as we start the second half of your weekend and go through the work week. it's all coming up in the full forecast. blinds to go's new cascade shades. gentle diffused light when you want it. darkened privacy when you don't. modern elegance always. right now take 30% off our entire selection of beautiful cascade shades. let the sun shine in. or don't. it's all good. blinds to go.
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franklin got behind the queens and performed donnie hathaway's song at the white house. this was part of the international jazz day concert posted by lady. other performers including sting, buddy guy. vice president joe biden has joined pope francis in a call to end cancer. mr. biden met with the hope yesterday at the vatican. pope francis said both faith and science can work together to help solve the cancer epidemic. they called for a global commit to support cancer research. vice president biden thanked the pope for comforting the family after the loss of his son who died of republicanst heard year. cancer last -- died of cancer last year.
9:42 am
movie that was a comedy about alzheimer's with ronald reagan. there's no word if the movie will make it to theaters. members of the fdny were honored for being bone marrow donors. 179 members of the department have made life saving donations. some donated more than once. yet two recipients got to meet and thank their donors. >> the donating part of it is very simple. nothing painful. it's to help somebody. >> when i had my transplant my kids were 3 and 4 and didn't understand. now they're 6 and 7. i'm grateful. >> member offense the -- members of the fdny make the biggest group of donors. going to the prom can get pricey these days.
9:43 am
ways to cut costs. vanessa murdock has tips to saving on the pricey prom. >> excited. it's senior year. >> they ooze excitement when talking about program. >> i picked out this beautiful purple dress. >> a lot of dresses have tags on them and cost $200 to $300. >> here they're free as long as you're passing all of your classes. noel said out fitting these young women makes their dream prom possible. >> the cost of prom gets higher and higher. >> families in the northeast shelled outage average of $738. >> the more you spend the higher your expectations are. >> it's one night and should be about having fun. do your own nails, make up and hair.
9:44 am
>> no, i'm going to get it done. >> daisy expect to spend $100 achieving perfection. >> transportation another opportunity to save. >> don't hire a limo. limos can be 7 #0 7 -- can be $700 to $800. >> opt for uber or lyft. >> we decide today -- decided to split the cost of a bus. >> has a lot of great prom dresses for under $100. >> or consider going vintage. >> you can have something that not everybody else will be wearing. >> a plum bill dress with pearls will set you back $150. guys, there's cuff links too. don't buy a tux, rent one. better yet, borrow one. save so you're not still paying for prom months later. >> that visa survey also revealed people are putting big money into those promposals. an
9:45 am
our parenting expert said it isn't worth it. if you're going to do it anyway better make sure the person you ask is going to say yes. >> for $431 she better say yes. >> if she says no you got a problem out there. >> yeah. >> crazy stuff. >> a lot of people concerned about that this time of year, vanessa. they're concerned about the weather this weekend too. >> listen, it is of concern. there's a lot going on tomorrow and the rain is going to be substantial. today the pick of the weekend. let's start off with our weather watchers and see what they have to say this morning. generally speaking we're seeing some improvements out there. so that's nice to report. 53 degrees -- well, ralph said it's 49 in plain view with cloudy skies. reported .200 of an inch of rainfall yesterday. daniel in redwood lake said we're seeing some sunshine and 53 degrees. improving conditions. live
9:46 am
what it's looking like. 51 degrees, northeast winds at 3. what can you expect from this forecast? clouds and some sun today. soggy. cooler tomorrow. the shower s will linger into monday and then it's an unsettled pattern ahead. next week wet weather thursday, friday, saturday, maybe sunday. so enjoy today. enjoy tuesday and wednesday as well. your temperature trend looks like this, yesterday it was 58, today going for 62. closer to seasonable. tomorrow cooler at 54 and then monday we're back to 63. as far as what's happening over head we're starting to see some breaks in those clouds, especially north and east of the city. generally today the clouds do prevail in this forecast. tomorrow low pressure moving towards us will lead to a very soggy day. we're talk about periods of light rain for the most part. we could also have some elements of heavier rain at times. so for the five borough bike tour, for the half
9:47 am
put a damper on those events. hour by hour for today plenty of clouds but breaks of sun. that trend more sunshine to the east certainly looking good to start your weekend. over night those clouds thicken. by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow most of us dealing with light, possibly moderate rain. the trend continues. this rain spills over the region. here we are midday. we're seeing steady rain for all. heavier pockets of rain as well. so certainly through the midday tomorrow and early afternoon not looking good. as you head into the evening looks to break up a bit. so your late hours could be salvaged. today dry forecast, clouds and sunshine, 62 degrees p winds generally out of the east at 5 to 10. ballpark forecast for today at citi field, the mets playing the giants, 60 degrees, partly sunny skies. at 4:05, winds out of the southeast at 5 to 10. over
9:48 am
mild, temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. tomorrow cooler. we're talking ^ about ^ and only 54 degrees, breezy and rainy. a raw damp end to your weekend. monday 63 degrees. we bounce back into the 60s. showers will linger. for tuesday it's 65 and partly sunny. wednesday late maybe some wet weather but i think generally tuesday, wednesday the picks of the week. thursday, friday, saturday maybe even sunday we will be stuck with the system just kind of hanging out over head. waves of rain for several days then. >> unsettled week. >> for sure. >> thank you. from ground breaking news -- breaking musicals to classic plays it's been a great musical season this year. dave carlin has a look. >> hamilton move from the
9:49 am
richard rogers theater in july and took broadway by storm. >> [ music ] >> fans of gloria and emilio stephanieo stefan were happy to see on your feet. >> [ music ] >> they're still working out the winter garden theater where class is in session for andrew lloyd weber's school of rock. >> last fall spring awakening included a cast of mefrn sign language actors and was the first to feature an actor who uses a wheelchair in real life. >> [ music ] >> five time tony nominee danny bursteen leads the cast of johnny on the roof. >> laura and jane are back on
9:50 am
>> the color purple broadway newcomer cynthia arevo shares the stage with jennifer hudson and daniel brooks. >> revivals of american classics attracted stars like the long day journey into night. >> that cheep hotel doctor all he knew was i was in pain. >> i don't know. i just think we should know who we are. >> oscar winner la pita nuanga. >> there's star power in other plays. three time tony winner frank nagela struggles with alzheimer's in the father. >> i don't need her. i don't need her or anyone. >> michelle william s s and jeff daniels star in blackbird. there's laughter and tears in the dark comedy the humans. andrea martin lead farce, noise is off. >>
9:51 am
>> bright star opened in march edie. >> sarah barelis wrote the the season closed by six time tony winner along. it takes us behind the scenes how the first musical written by african-americans came to light in 1921. >> it will be the most diverse. in time's square dave car lin, cbs 2 news. >> the 2014 tony nominations will be announced this tuesday morning. you can expect big things from hamilton going out on a limb there. >> i saw on your feet and loved you it. >> awesome. >> highly recommend it . sports this morning. fresh off his injury a pair of mets franchise records.
9:52 am
>> good morning, everyone . just keep the good times rolling. they were riding a six game winning streak, winners of the past 11 out of 13 starting a series with the giants. sespetus was back in the line up. he had a nice view to watch. a 1-0 met lead in the 3rd. sespetus stepped up. david wright come down down on down. a two run r. oovment b.i. neil walker looking for his 10th homerun of april comes up short but it's an r.b.i. double for a 4-0 lead. >> he wasn't done. that's his second r.b. iechlt i. of the inning. a grand slam homerun. the mets score a franchise 12 runs in the 3rd. steven mats got the win,
9:53 am
yankees and red box. a rod went 3-3. last night goes out again. a rod's fourth of the year. >> a 2-0 lead but the pitch count around 100 for the night. his 99th would be his last. jackie bradley, junior drives in two. hand it over to the best bullpen. 4-2 the final. >> i'm otis live ingston. have a great saturday. >> thank you. time now is 9 :53 a.m. >> after the break, a check of
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cbs 2 is back with your top stories. four people have been rushed to a hospital in new jersey following a fiery accident in clifton over night. police say the car involved ended up in the woods and in flames after it crashed into a utility pole bringing down live wires. no word what caused the crash. the exact condition of the victims is not known. the nypd is on the hunt for three teenagers in connection with an alleged hate crime in queens. police say a 19-year-old was viciously attacked wednesday afternoon in
9:57 am
who yelled isis, isis and arab during the assault. a commuter alert for driving heading to the tapancy bridge this weekend. all but when northbound lanes are shut down as a new phase of construction getting underway. the three lanes from westchester to rockland will stay closed until they will close again starting at 9:00 tomorrow. all southbound lanes will stay open. there. saturday morning. our next newscast is at 6:00. >> for vanessa and the rest of the team i'm brian conybeare. >> nice to have you brian. i'm andrea grymes. have a great saturday.
9:58 am
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