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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  April 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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finding colon cancer early gives me the best chance for treatment. we got screened because i know colon cancer doesn't always come with symptoms. i was worried about the cost but got screened when i learned there are options. my doctor helped me find the right test for me. we got screened when we turned 50 and we're so glad we did. if you're 50 or older talk with your healthcare provider. there's more than one way to screen for colon cancer and it's easier than ever. if you're 50 or older get screened for colon cancer. live from studio 46, this is cbs2 news at 6. right now three against one, an unsolved hate crime in queens. disturbing words and weapons hurled at an innocent teenager.
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a little bit of panic and he was absolutely exhausted. >> a water rescue off coney island. >> and enjoy the sunshine while you can. wet weather is on the way for the second half of the weekend. good evening, i'm cindy hsu. happening now an intense man hunt for three suspects caught on camera in the case of attacking a teenager in a quiet neighborhood. the words are just as concerning as the weapons the suspects carry. dave carlin is live in astoria with more. >> reporter: cindy, it happened here on 10th street, and cops say that these teen suspects had weapons, a baseball bat and a metal pipe, and cops say they picked on this victim because of his race. >> police want the public to be on the lookout for this trio of teenagers, wanted for an alleged hate crime on a young man during daylight hours on wednesday in astoria. in this just released surveillance video you see the three suspects walking along 10th street.
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camera so you never see the 19- year-old victim who police say told them he was minding his own business walking along this section of sidewalk near his home just before 1:30 when he was confronted. one of the young suspects aledly called him arab as the team was sucker punched twice in the face, then another teen who police say had a metal pipe in his hand allegedly yelled isis, isis. the victim was hurt but refused medical attention. his next door neighbor says for more than a decade he's known the victim whose parents moved here from guyana. >> he's a very quiet kid, very decent kid. he's working part-time at the pharmacy, very decent. >> reporter: nypd's hate crimes unit is heading up this investigation. live in astoria, dave carlin cbs2 news. thank you. the nypd also needs your help trying to track down a man accused of choking a 15-year-
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take a look at this surveillance video from april 11th near white plains road and east 217th street in the bronx. this man came up behind the teen, wrapped his hands around her neck and choked her before taking off on foot. the victim is okay and police say she does not know her attacker. police make a risky rescue in the ocean. special ops officers with the nypd jumped into action to save a kayaker stranded off coney island. cbs2's steve langford spoke with the man who was saved. >> 2 miles off coney island kayaker danny ing is in trouble. an air and rescue team responds to the distress call in about 4 minutes finding the man and his kayak partly sub merged in 50- degree waters. . >> he definitely had a look of a little bit of panic, and he was absolutely exhausted.
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>> nypd divers were about to hoist the 33-year-old man up into their helicopter when a harbor unit vessel arrived to take him and his kayak back to land, examined by paramedics, the rescued man was released. ing had gone fishing around 8 a.m. and had caught a big one he told police which he suggested helped pull him far from shore. >> he said that he actually hooked a pretty nice sized fish, and it actually pulled him quite a bit. >> it was just bad luck. >> danny ing back home after his ordeal at sea. he and his kayak in one piece and grateful to the nypd. >> they were great. >> police not sure how the man ended up in such distress but they say his life vest proved vital. >> he was prepared, but he wasn't prepared to sink. >> and in the end the big fish he'd lured in that helped lead
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the rescue tale he's always have to tell. cbs2 news. >> police say the kayaker had a cell phone with him and called someone who caledonian. the coast guard had to put out a boat fire in copiague long island. flames destroyed the boat this morning. coast guard crews moved in quickly and towed it away so it wouldn't burn other boats. the two people on board escaped without getting hurt. in new jersey at least four people ended up badly injured when a car skidded off the road and burst into flames. clifton police say the car hit a telephone pole before catching fire in a wooded area. police officers and firefighters pulled four people from the car. all went to the hospital with severe burns. we don't know their conditions tonight or what caused the crash. crews did have to come out this morning to repair that utility pole. a former top aide for governor cuomo is under investigation in connection to the buffalo billion project. an economic development program spearheaded by government cuomo.
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office probe will focus on whether joseph percoco failed to report potential confects of interests in thousands of dollars he allegedly received from outside companies. manhattan district attorney cy vance makes his first public appearance since he issued subpoenas in the mayor's fund- raising investigation. the mayor hosted the second annual clean slate event which gives no,ers a chance -- new yorkers a chance to resolve outstanding warrants. vance refused to comment on the de blasio investigation. severe weather turns deadly in texas. a 64-year-old woman and her four young grandchildren died when flood waters swept them out of their home. the children ranged in age from 6 to 9. a tornado ripped apart two businesses and destroyed at least 40 homes. severe storms have been causing destruction all across the state in recent weeks.
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is headed our way. elise finch is here with more. >> cindy, you are correct. the remnants of those systems are headed our way. you can make out we've got this northern piece and of course this southern piece of energy all moving in our direction, so hopefully you had a chance to get out today and enjoy it. this is definitely the better of the two weekend days with our sunshine because tonight mostly cloudy skies, and we could already start to see some of that rain moving in tonight. i'll have more coming up in your full forecast. cindy. >> thank you. the city council is expected to vote this week on a bill that would put a $0.05 fee on paper and plastic shopping bags. cbs2's alley bowman is live outside a grocery store year-to- year. >> paper or plastic, soon you might have to pay to use either of these now that mayor de blasio says a bill that would impose a fee on these shopping
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>> one day after city council speaker endorses the controversial bill for a $0.05 fee on shopping bags, mayor de blasio said friday he likes what the bill stands for. >> one that we must stop using plastic bags for the good of our environment, and two, that this is one of the tools that has proven to work around the country. those are obvious we've got more work to do to perfect the bill, but i think the city council and administration are working very positively here on this. >> the bill aims to encourage shoppers to bring a reusable bag and everybody in the city needs to make that switch. >> i think it's great. they need to get rid of the plastic. it's ruining everything. >> is this road has a lot of garbage bags hangs in the trees. it would be nice to clean it up. >> opponents say the bill unfairly targets senior citizens and those who can't afford a fee. >> it's awful because the economy is not that great right now and unless people can
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bag, they're going to kind of be forgotten. >> reporter: the bill would exempt purchases made on food stamps, on takeout and medications at pharmacies. >> thank you. tragedy in texas, when something goes wrong on a popular carnival ride. >> plus duck boat danger, a small scooter crushed by a sight seeing vehicle in downtown boston. >> also ahead, tourists in trouble at the brooklyn bridge. how they allegedly used a camera to break the law. >> then later hugs, tears and a remarkable bond. two mothers meet for the first time since a life changing gift. >> and the giants wrapped up their draft by doing something they have never done before. we're going to explain that. >> and are the islanders ready to replace the rangers as the hockey stars of new york. find out what happened in
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sports. a deadly accident in downtown boston. police say a woman on a scooter was hit by a duck boat, a popular sight seeing vehicle in the city. the 29-year-old woman was taken to the hospital where she later died. a passenger on the scooter is expected to be okay. no one on the tour bus was injured. the cause of the crash is under investigation. and a tragedy at a church carnival in texas.
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injured after they were ejected from a ride in el paso. police say the teens were hurled from a spinning ride called sizzler yesterday evening. one girl hit a metal barricade and died a short time later at a hospital. the other victim is expected to survive. no word on what caused the ride to malfunction. new at #, trouble for tourists at the brooklyn bridge today when they ended up in handcuffs. around 6:00 this morning two men were caught walking on a beam mid span. they reportedly told police they wanted to take pictures of the sunrise. both were charged with trespassing. over the past few years there have been a number of tourists arrested for trespassing on the bridge including a german artist who swapped american flags on the bridge for white ones. an update on the tappan zee bridge construction. all northbound lanes are cleared for travel after an early morning of snarled traffic. in a statement the thruway authorities says the work on the new span was completed well ahead of schedule.
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around 10:00 this morning. officials expected the work would continue until sunday afternoon but no more lens will be closed this weekend. wet weather for the second half of the weekend, elise finch is timing out a storm and a special day for some special children, a one of a kind baseball field now open for the season. >> plus tragedy brings two strangers together. how a mother's loss is helping someone she just met today. >> and don't forget to follow cbs2 news on facebook.
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6:15 pm new york. april is national donate life month. two mothers bonded by the selfless gift of organ donation are asking others to sign up. magdalena doris has more on how today's emotional meeting came to pass. >> in a small conference room at the wile cornell medical
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first time the one has suffered incredible loss. another was brought back from the brink of death. both are bonded by a teen who's no longer here. >> i miss him so much. >> last june 19-year-old kris tan nagrone was jumped by four men in an attempted robbery. nine days later he was found unconscious in his home. christian's family decided to donate their son's organs, a selfless decision made during the most difficult time in their lives. >> everybody says there's a reason for everything, and you try to think of every day i ask myself, what was that reason. >> at the same time 42-year-old mother of four from new jersey susan draper went into sudden liver failure. >> the head doctor said we have about four days. her chances of surviving more than a few weeks without a transplant approached zero. >> that's when the match came. because of christian's donation susan would make a full recovery. his liver now working inside of her. now every day susan makes right
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gave so much. >> to step it up, to really make this life count. >> now the nagrone and draper family are asking a favor from you. organ donors can save up to eight lives. they're asking if you're eligible please sign up. from new york presbyterian, wile cornell medical center, magdalena doris cbs2 news. a new first of its kind athletic field for people with disabilities is now open in nassau county. >> 1, 2, 3,. >> hundreds of people gathered in east meadow to try out the new field with the nonprofit organization league of yes. the group provides a baseball league for hundreds of children with disabilities on long island. the multipurpose field is made of a special synthetic grass. it's also wheelchair accessible. >> this field in particular is so much nicer for all of the kids to be on. it's a beautiful experience for them.
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hearts, and it's a beautiful thing. >> organizers hope the field at eisenhower park will also host soccer and lacrosse games in the near future. elise finch is here now with your exclusive cbs2 forecast. looks beautiful out there. >> hopefully people had a chance to get out today. if you haven't it's not too late. let's check in with our weather watchers and see what kinds of temperatures people are reporting out there. let's start on long island. this is from adrian in valley stream. he says it's 56 degrees where he is. temperature-wise not a bad day, little on the cool side, not terrible. we head into new jersey. this is kathy in new milford. it's 64 where she is. her comment, another beautiful day, can you keep it coming for sunday. the short answer, no, i can't. in fact, it won't be beautiful by most people's standards as we head into sunday. so we're taking a live look
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nice, hazy sunshine out there, but we do have increasing clouds, currently 57 degrees, wind out of the south, southeast at 14 miles per hour. so highs around the area today, not bad. 60 to 65 degrees. 65 in central park its, 63 for laguardia and newark. 62 for bridgeport, 61 for islip, jfk a little cooler at 60 on the nose. it's 65 degrees today for central park. that does put us 1 degree below the norm. 66 is where we should be. we made it to 65. 46 degrees this mornings not bad at all. we are about to certainly add some rain to the bucket, right? we've been talking about our rainfall deficit. so starting march 1st, so far we've had 2.78 inches of rain. normally by this time we have almost 9 inches. we're talking about a 6 inch deficit. we need a little over 6 inches of rain to sort of get caught up this spring. we always say april showers bring may flowers, this week we'll see some april showers as
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a little late but that's what people have been saying all season long basically is that everything's running a little behind. so whereas we should have been seeing the rain, haven't yet but you can see a little bit of that cloud cover starting to creep in on your vortex satellite and radar. here is one batch of wet weather that's going to start moving in. we have the high pressure system right now. for the moment still sort of hanging on giving us these mild dry conditions. warm front moves in. it's going to bring us some rain starting as early as 3, 4:00 in the morning, although this particular model does show it holding off a little bit longer, closer to about 9:00. then we start to see some more significant rain, some possible moderate, even heavy rain, 2:30 in the afternoon, we start to get a break sunday night, and then monday morning just a little bit of drizzling and then look what happens monday afternoon. we're talking showers, thunderstorms and very heavy rain. how much rain? anywhere from an inch to an inch and a half approaching 2 inches for some places. now with the 6-inch deficit we
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tonight mostly cloudy with late sprinkles, about 47 degrees. tomorrow a soaking rain and it will be a cooler day. today 65, tomorrow 52. we get back into the 60s pretty quickly on monday, but again, showers and thunderstorms and a soaking rain for your monday. so things are about to get interesting. enjoy this day while you can. >> thank you very much. >> still ahead game 2 between the islanders and the tampa bay lightning. plus the mets go for their eighth straight win.
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sports. now your jeep sports desk. >> all right, the islanders skating for the stanley cup. steve overmyer is here with sports. >> they are moving a little bit closer, at least they're hoping
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and the rangers have really ruled the hockey scene of new york, but the islanders window is opening. they have one of the best players in the league in john tavares. to get attention in this city you've got to win. after stealing home ice from the lightning in game 1, tampa had only 5 shots on goal in the opening period but they connected on two of them, both in the first 12 minutes of the game. thomas greiss has been great in the playoffs but he was beaten 5 hole twice in the first. new york is playing with confidence, especially against ben bishop who they've beaten three times this year. given up an average of five goals a game against the islanders and all of a sudden it's 2-1 after that power play. the turning point came in the 2nd, the islanders shorthanded. this actually goes off the state of calvin gahan.
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tuesday night in brooklyn. >> they're a good hockey team. they're going to make pushes and that's how we handle that momentum and find a way to grab it back. it's part of the playoff series. no question i think we've got to be a little better slowing them down. now to the mets and moving michael conforto to third in the batting order has paid off for this mets squad. in the dozen games since the move, conforto is hitting 378 and he's averaging an rbi per game. last night they scored a franchise record 12 runs in one inning against the giants. today bases loaded to start the game and the neil walker comes through again. you know the mets have scored in the 1st inning in 14 of their last 16 games. it was conforto who drove in the first two runs at last night's 3rd inning power surge today. he drives in a couple more to make it 4-0. he leaves the yard in the 5th. the mets go up 5-3. this was great to see, wilmer flores
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slump with his first pop of the year. the mets now lead the giants. it is 6-3 in the 7th innings. yankees and red sox continuing that series in fenway. david ortiz is retiring at the end of the season. this guy can still play a few more years if he wants to. big poppy slugging his 48th career homer against the bombers. this go ahead blast came in the 8th inning as the yankees have now lost 11 of 15. michael pineda gets the start tonight. the jets and giants wrapping up the nfl draft by getting depth at various positions. the jets picking up a corner and offensive lineman, another wide receiver as well. the giants adding a linebacker, a tight end and a running back. for the first time ever, the giants didn't draft a lineman on either side of the ball. the teams are finding inventive ways to announce their late round draft picks. this is former broncos quarterback jake plumber skiing
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trying to make it a little more interesting in rounds 4 through 7. this is a tv event. everybody wants to see the first couple of rounds of the nfl draft, but to make it maybe a little bit more interesting they have unique ways of getting the picks in on those last couple -- >> i like that. i like the skiing. >> first off, i think it's great that plumber didn't trip because that was live tv. i mean, imagine if he kind of skis away and falls and takes a tumble. actually, that'd make for better tv wouldn't it? >> no, we don't want that to happen. all right, steve, thank you very much. that does it for cbs2 news at 6. for the entire cbs2 news team thanks for joining us.
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we'll see you then. >> axelrod: deadly storms sweep through the south. a grandmother and four grandchildren drown in floodwaters. tornadoes tear across texas and oklahoma. anti-trump protests turning violent. are these tactics actually helping donald trump? a state of emergency in iraq after protesters storm parliament. piles of ivory set on fire in kenya. elephants. religion. >> we need to put ourselves out as just we're normal people. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. deep south tonight.


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