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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  July 30, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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more this weekend. i'll have more about that coming up in your seven day. for now back to you. >> thank you. police say a man on a burglary spree in manhattan isn't letting his crutches get in the way. >> investigators say he's hit several apartments in midtown. ali bowman joins us live with more. ali. >> reporter: well a bum foot did not stop this burglar from taking indictments, gold and surveillance photos in the hopes of tracking him down. take a look at this three- legged burglar. this is who police are searching for on crutches and wearing a medical boot on his foot. this burglar took the elevator when he broke into three apartments at 320, west 56th street. between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. he stole two computers, four pairs of earrings, diamond necklace and a rolex watch. residents say it often feels
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door open and it's easy for nonresidents to slip in and out. >> to make sure the windows are totally locked and drapes closed and double locked doors. >> it's always been safe. i've been here for two years and never heard of anything like this happening. >> reporter: it's unclear if the man actually needed those crutches. some tenants are speculating that he was using them as a way to look unsuspecting and just live in midtown. >> thank you. government health officials are tracking the zika virus in had florida. the state has become the first in the u.s. where mosquitoes are spreading the virus. experts in our area say while there's no need to panic you need to protect yourself. >> four people in our state likely have the zika virus as a result of a mosquito bite. >> reporter: florida governor rick scott's announcement sent shudders across the country. for the first time infected mosquitoes in the u.s. have
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virus to humans. being sprayed with pesticides, mosquitoes being tested and blood donations have been stopped. until now the almost 1700 cases nationwide were virtually all travel related. >> i'm almost certain that we're going to see more. >> reporter: the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases. >> i'm infected, a mosquito bites me, flies around for a couple 6:00 days then bites you, in i'm infected there's a chance -- not 100% chance, but a infected. >> reporter: 80% of zika victims won't show any symptoms. the other 20% may have a fever, rash, joint or muscle pain, pink eye and a headache lasting about a week. pregnant women can transmit zika to their fetus, resulting in terrible birth defects including microcephaly. in rare cases, a syndrome
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>> the zika-carrying mosquito in florida and latin america is a different species here. >> we are cautiously optimistic that our mosquito is not going to become an effective transmission vehicle for zika virus. >> reporter: dr. max gomez says use bug spray and clear up standing water on your property. >> i don't think people need to panic about this. this is something to keep an eye on. >> starting on monday, new york city will spray pesticides to kill adult mosquitoes that could carry zika or e nile virus. in parts of queens and staten island. if you're thinking of heading to miami, there is no zika- related travel advisory yet. more information on the west nile virus on long island. suffolk county health officials announced 12 mosquito samples tested positive. they were collected last week in about a dozen towns. two birds tested positive for west nile. so far no humans have tested positive. officials are advising residents to remove standing
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are on the hunt for the person who shot and killed a man in brooklyn. it happened around 1:00 this morning. when police arrived on the scene they found 26-year-old charles byrd with gunshot wounds to the torso. also new this morning, the search is on for a peeping tom in the bronx. the nypd released surveillance video of the suspect. just after midnight thursday he peered through the window of a home on black rock avenue. several people were home time. investigators say he touched himself sexually while looking through windows. also new this morning, four people are hospitalized after a two car crash in the bronx overnight. happened just after 2:00 on west 172nd street and jerome avenue in the mountedden section. one person is in serious condition after being ejected from one of the vehicles. no word on what caused the crash. drivers are hoping for a smoother ride today getting into and out of laguardia airport after some issues last
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central parkway showing bumper to bumper traffic during last night's evening commute. the slow downs were mainly at the entrance to the airport. some drivers say they were stuck in traffic for more than an hour and said lanes were closed due to construction. others said traffic agents were nowhere to be found. >> they should have a couple of traffic cops or traffic somebody -- there's nobody directing traffic up there. no one. >> it's a nightmare. three lanes that come into the airport are bumper to bumper. >> we reached out to e jersey for comment but did not hear back. people in one new jersey town are on alert after a possible coyote attack. a man had to get 30 stitches after some sort of animal bit him repeatedly at a park in ocean county on wednesday. the victim had been walking his dog. he said the attack was unprovoked. drivers in new jersey are hoping for shorter lines at the department of motor vehicles.
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decided to add extra staff after three computer glitches this week forced people to wait in long lines. a problem yesterday shut down computers for about a half hour. offices will be open until 1:00 this afternoon. time is 9:06. lost in the woods with only rain water to drink. >> i had resolved to the fact that i was going to die. >> but two days later, national guardsmen came to her rescue. how they managed to find her. from a rescue in the woods to one at a man on the jersey shore. plus this. >> horrible. >> garbage. >> kind of like garbage. >> it smells filthy. >> we've waited days for the corpse flower to bloom, but what does it look like? >> takes years. here's elise finch with a check on the forecast. >> things are getting interesting. it's a little hazy out there. cloudy already in some locations. as we wait for some showers and even thunderstorms to head our
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started out nice earlier
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the clouds have rolled in. 78 degrees. 9:10 as we take a live look outside on this saturday morning. elise finch will have more on the rain heading our way coming up in just a few minutes. in the meantime, campaign 2016. the fbi is looking into a hack attack on hillary clinton's campaign. aides to the presidential hopeful confirm the same attack that leaked democratic party e- mails also reached a computer system used by clinton's campaign. sources tell cbs news it is still unclear who is second day campaigning on the road following the convention. she was in harrisburg, pennsylvania last night where she kept up her attacks on opponent donald trump. >> i find it pretty much the height of something or another, not quite sure what, when he talks about make america great again but he doesn't make a single thing in america. >> clinton and her running mate tim kaine are on a three day bus tour of pennsylvania and ohio. republican presidential
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on the road. he told supporters in colorado there's no more mr. nice guy. trump held a rally in denver last night. he criticized hillary clinton's acceptance speech as being average and full of false claims. >> if i don't beat crooked hillary clinton i will consider this a tremendous waste of time, energy and money. believe me. >> trump also rallied in colorado springs earlier where he complained that the fire marshal would no people to attend his event. both candidates now have 100 days to win over voters before the election. several national guardsmen will be honored at their home base near boston after they saved the life of an 87-year- old new jersey woman. >> she was stranded in her car for two days and said she was hours from death when her heroes showed up. >> reporter: jeanette haskins didn't think she'd be alive today. >> i'd resolved to the fact i was going to die.
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to baltimore she somehow got stuck on a remote trail in the woods used by tanks at joint base mcgwire lake hurst. >> i don't have any idea how i ended up there. i wasn't really concerned because i thought somebody will find me and help me to get out. >> reporter: haskins was traveling with her cat. she had no food or water and her smartphone was dead. two days passed and no one came. >> it was so hot. it was really, really a >> reporter: she grew dehydrated and started hallucinating. >> i'd get out of the car. i thought i saw a car coming or i'd blow the horn and i'd wave and holler and then i'd realize there wasn't anything there. and i knew that was a bad sign. we had a heavy rainstorm monday morning and i had some bowls that i had brought to feed my cat and i sat those out on the hood and i got water in those so i drank those. that's the only water i had.
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get out. and right after that was when the men came. >> reporter: the men, four army national guardsmen from massachusetts on a training mission at the military base. they stumbled upon haskins' car, gave her water and oxygen and got her help. >> i passed out in the car and i came to and there were these men faces, it was the best thing that ever happened. we have so much to be to them for. i'm convinced if they hadn't found me i wouldn't be here today. >> haskins is recovering from dehydration. unfortunately during the ordeal her cat escaped from the car and has not been located. time now is 9:13. let's get a check on the forecast from meteorologist elise finch. doesn't look too amazing out there right now. >> it's not so pretty. you know what i keep thinking? the cat is probably fine.
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cat is probably at a new house. i'm good now. looks a little interesting. we have the clouds that are rolling in. this day really for the most part is going to be partly to mostly cloudy and we are expecting some showers, even some thunderstorms before the end of the day. problem is, or not the problem, however you look at it, things stay unsettled all weekend long. so this is what it looks like outside. not so pretty. we'll call it hazy and humid. it's notho miles an hour. here are the headlines. we stay unsettled all weekend long. that doesn't change. you'll want to grab that umbrella or your preferred rain gear. keep that handy. showers and thunderstorms are expected not just today but really through the beginning of the workweek. the humidity also sticks around. what we have going for us is that the temperatures are not rising at the same time as the humidity. we had a 10-degree temperature drop yesterday. we're 1 degree cooler today.
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tomorrow. 83 for monday. so temperatures really sort of remain in the low 80s another or slightly below the norm. 84 is the tomorrow. we'll be there or slightly cooler. that's good news. take a look. here's your vortex satellite and radar. had a little bit of rain activity moving through. this is from a decaying thunderstorm out of pennsylvania. that's not doing much for us. it is this we're taking a look at. a lot of moisture in association with this area of loes boundary. we'll see several days of this disturbed weather. so turning on your future cast starting this morning, you can see we head into the afternoon, we have isolated showers, possibly some thunderstorms. we'll see some more activity as we head into tonight. looks like a lot of it stays in pennsylvania. some of it can move in our area, especially as we head into your sunday morning. sunday morning looks to be pretty active. we're looking at some widespread light showers.
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possibly some thunderstorms. >> sunday looks unsettled throughout the day. monday, more of the same. that's what we mean when we say unsettled. we'll have a chance of showers and thunderstorms each day for the next few days. 84 degrees is the high temperature today. when you factor in the humidity, it'll feel more like 89 degrees. humid. not hot. warm and humid. tonight, more of the sort of warm it's 73 degrees. cloudy. unsettled. tomorrow, 80 degrees. humid. feeling warmer. a chance for showers and thunderstorms tomorrow looks to be active particularly in the morning for your sunday. monday looking unsettled, as does tuesday. wednesday is looking like the pick of the week. lots of sunshine, 85 degrees, decreased humidity, no showers. looks very nice. thursday and friday right now are also shaping up to be good. if you were going to take a day off from work, right now wednesday is looking like the
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between now and then, just keep that rain gear handy so you have it. >> no 90s in the forecast. >> no, no 90s at this point. >> huge cooldown. >> it is a pretty significant cooldown. >> thank you, elise. we do have a warning if you're planning a trip to the beach this weekend. because of heavy rainfall the health departments in suffolk and nassau counties are advising against swimming at more than 80 beaches on long island. storm runoff can elevate bacteria levels in the water. 62 beaches in suffolk county. 19 the bathing ban. we have the full list of beaches on a leap of faith for one california daredevil. expert skydiver luke aikins is jumping from a plane at 25,000 feet. he'll be doing it without a parachute or wing suit. he'll instead try to land in a net while going about 120 miles an hour. the net is 100 feet by 100 feet
9:18 am
>> it's actually like a big hammock. it cradles you and cups you and it's really soft in the beginning and then it hits hard in the end. >> he is confident he'll make it. he's been practicing his aim and says he's landed in the same spot 73 times in a row. gets me nervous just saying that story. >> that is no hammock. that is not calming or relaxing in any way. mike piazza is enjoying one of his best weeks ever. he was inducted into the sunday. >> his number 31 will be the fifth number retired in mets history. he becomes only the second mets player to have his number retired by the team. here's otis livingston with your update. >> good morning. it's like the mets have been in in bizarro world. familia blew two in a row. no one is going to feel sorry for the mets. game two of four against the
9:19 am
innings. the bullpen continues to struggle. insurance home run to make it 3- 1 in the eighth. mets aren't hitting as well either. they went 0-for-8. three of them in the bottom half of the of half of the eighth. sort of took the life out of citi field. then this. carlos gonzalez. as in gone. mets go it they're going to be buyers or sellers. this was an audition. it didn't go well. gave up a pair of homers in the first. no doubt that the rays will be sellers with a record of 39-61. they chase nova in the fifth. evan longoria makes it it 4-0 tampa. ellsbury lets it fly but not far enough.
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have a great day. time is 9:19. cell phone hijacking. the new way thieves are stealing your identity. a warning coming up. a legal debate over the price of pasta. why four new yorkers are suing one of the nation's leading pasta makers. this is cbs 2 news saturday
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all right. you're taking a live p you're looking at a live picture of a wonderful behind the scenes dream team in master control. say hello. hey, guys. they're saying we're going to ignore you now. thanks, guys. [ laughter ] they're not going to do it. i begged them to do it. it's the control room, by the way. i think i misspoke. barilla is in hot water after being accused of
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types of elbow pasta in boxes that appear to be the same size. some boxes contain as much as 25% less pasta. >> well, you should be getting what you pay for, i guess; right? if they say this is how much is in the box or you really can't see it, so are they trying to deceive you? >> reporter: they do not comment on pending litigation but they remap confident in the quality of their products. there's no word on how much money the lawsuit is seeking in damages. th featuring sweets so deliciously tempting even models can't help but indulge. >> that's funny. >> interesting line. alex denis has the scoop on treats packed with flavor but disguised in a chic exterior. >> reporter: salvatore welcomes customers to little cupcake bake shop as if they're walking into his home. >> it's almost like you're family.
9:24 am
too. old recipes perfected with the help of his family. >> a lot of them are on lockdown. only mom can see them. >> reporter: keep a constant stream of big name stars coming through the door. some get the home made ice cream, the flavorful cheesecakes. others the layered cakes. but it's cupcakes the brooklyn blackout, the seven layer and the peanut butter and jelly that take top prize. >> you're doing this every day and you're tha >> when you get people that are like wow -- >> reporter: there's gluten free and vegan options as well. around the corner you'll find stick with me sweets. uniquely flavored, hand painted bonbons. founder and chocolatier packs each treat with layers of flavor like bourbon maple pecan, banana foster, even macha. >> some are crunchy, some are creamy, some have a light and
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happen. >> reporter: a surprise that keeps this man coming back daily. >> so how many times a day would you mosey on over? >> i'd like to say two, but i'm sure it's closer to three or four. >> reporter: with so many flavors to choose from, he never gets bored. enjoy one for $3.40 or create a mix and match box and try a few. >> very pretty. little cupcake bake shop has several locations in brooklyn as well. >> that all even want to eat it. one of those gift things. it's 9:25. up next, today's top stories, including the search for a thief in midtown. >> reporter: police searching for the man who stole diamonds, gold and computer from this apartment building all while on crutches. some tenants think those sticks were just a disguise. we'll have a live report coming up. no go. who a new york lawmaker wants
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a bold burglary in midtown. police say this man broke into several apartments, took off with electronics and expensive jewelry, all while on crutches
9:29 am
west side. it's not illegal to sell them, so why are police confiscating them. you may want to get out early today. showers and storms could interrupt possibly your afternoon, but mostly your evening plans. good morning, it is coming up on 9:30 on this saturday, july 30th. i'm andrea grymes. >> and i'm cindy hsu. the day's top stories are ahead. first meteorologist -- [ unintelligible ] -- elise finch is here with the good morning to you at home. it's an interesting morning. we started at sunrise. it was beautiful, just a few clouds. we've added a few more clouds to the mix now. temperature wise we are -- not bad. 78 degrees right now in central park. 77 in -- 79 in newark. 70 in ferndale. temperatures aren't too bad. as we look at the dew points, lots of 70s.
9:30 am
that it's pretty sticky. pretty oppressive when the dew point hits 70, which it has done. so it's going to be a little on the humid side today. in fact, it already is for many of us. we have some disturbed weather off to our west in association with an area of low pressure. we are expecting some showers, even some thunderstorms to push their way into our area today, tomorrow and the next day. so high temperature today expected to max out right around 84 degrees. with the humidity it'll feel more like89 isolated showers and thunderstorms throughout the afternoon and evening. so make sure you grab your rain gear, keep it handy. of course i'll have more coming up in your seven day. for now, back to you. >> thank you. the nypd says a man on crutches has managed to go on a burglary spree in midtown. >> now police are hoping to track him down before he strikes again. ali bouman joins us live.
9:31 am
was able to steal computers and jewelry from this apartment building. now police have released new surveillance photos in the hopes of catching him. take a look at this three- legged burglar who police are searching for today on crutches and wearing a medical boot on his foot. he broke into three apartments at 320 west 56th street. between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. he stole two watch. the building does not have a doorman and residents say it can be easy for people who don't live in to slip in. many are surprised this happened because the building often feels so safe. >> to make sure the windows are, you know, totally locked and drapes closed and double locked doors. >> it's always been pretty safe. i've been here for two years and never heard of anything like this happening. >> reporter: now it's unclear if the man actually needed
9:32 am
using it as a disguise to not draw any suspicion. of course anyone with information on this man is asked to call police. live in midtown, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. an update on the man hunt for the suspect in a child luring case in queens. police have just released these sketches. they say the man lured a young girl with special needs into his car on thursday in richmond hill while she waited for the summer school bus. surveillance video shows the suspect's car. li old he was a relative. after about an hour the man dropped the girl off near her school unharmed. police in rockland county are on high alert after a homeowner reported property damage. look at this video showing someone getting out of a car and busting a mailbox into pieces with a baseball bat. this happened thursday night. it's the only official complaint but several people
9:33 am
man stranded in the water after he fell off his jet ski. two nypd helicopter crews were called on thursday night. within minutes they spotted the 21-year-old victim in the water. two divers with a basket were lowered to pull the victim inside. he was taken to the hospital for observation. a boater was rescued after he was knocked overboard by a wave in the great south bay. a 911 call alerted the suffolk county police marine an empty boat. they found 21-year-old justin underwood about a mile away. underwood, who is a swim instructor said he'd been in the water about 90 minutes. he says he was thrown overboard while checking his phone for his satellite position. a new york state lawmaker wants to ban certain registered sex offenders from playing the game pokemon go. announced legislation yesterday. he says the popular smartphone
9:34 am
walk around outside searching for pokemon. a businessman from brooklyn is going down in history as the first person to win the pokemon go game in north america. how he turned the craze into a second career. >> reporter: brooklyn native nick johnson is the first person in north america to capture all 142 pokemon. he's been a fan of pokemon since he was just 8 years old but never had any intention of winning the game when he started to play on july from the work i do at apple co. a subject i'm passionate about. >> reporter: he works 50 hours plus at this tech company. >> i would go out after work at about 6:00, 6:30 and my girlfriend would meet me, we'd grab dinner, walk around and catch pokemon. i'd play about six to eight hours a day. i'd walk an average 8 miles a day. >> reporter: after two weeks of
9:35 am
central park. this place is loaded with hundreds of pokemon go players that gather here in hopes of catching a pokemon and this is where johnson captured his last one. all the pokemon trainers we spoke to say even though johnson was the first to capture all the pokemon, that does not discourage them. >> it still doesn't take away from the feel of getting them all. >> i just want to fulfill my childhood dream. >> he might have all of him but his might be a lower ev mine. >> your goal is to? >> be better than him. >> fyi, he still didn't catch pokemon that are international. >> i got breaking news for you. nick is on his way tomorrow on a plane to asia, europe and australia to try to capture those. >> i'm broke so i can't really travel. hopefully when i get some money i'll beat him to it. >> i'll be leaving in the next couple of days and probably be gone for a week or so. >> johnson's advice to those trying to finish the game is to
9:36 am
>> all right. the companies responsible for making the pokemon go app had not contacted johnson to congratulate him. he says he'd love to work with them and help promote the game. a battle over books has erupted on the upper west side. video taken earlier this month shows police packing up one vendor's books even though it's legal to sell them on the street without a permit. police say some vendors have left the books out overnight. >> the fundamental issue is that there's a law on the books sell something, books or anything, you can't leave the table unattended. >> the books were eventually returned to the vendor who was also given a court summons. police were responding to complaints by residents. imagine going from staten island straight to midtown. plans for a new ferry stop are under consideration. suggested the 34th street ferry
9:37 am
says existing staten island ferry vessels cannot dock at that terminal. they will explore the proposal. time now is 9:37. a new beginning several years after tragedy. we go inside the new sandy hook elementary school and show you the security that'll keep students safe. 100 years and going strong. the special connection a local golf course has to the pga that you may not know about. plus this. >> we're killing ourselves trying to be perfect making us insane. >> moms overworked, overcommitted and exhausted. a sneak peek at the new comedy just ahead. here's elise with your forecast. >> things are a little unsettled today. the humidity is already moved in. clouds are moving in and some isolated showers. maybe even thunderstorms are possible by the end of the day. also possible again tomorrow. i'll have the details coming up
9:38 am
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all right. well there's some blue sky out there from our camera on top of our cbs broadcast center here on the west side. taking a live look at the hudson river and jersey there. looks like a fly on the camera too, unless that's just my tv. might just be the tv here. 78 degrees. 8:40. welcome back to cbs 2 news saturday morning. pope francis and silent stop in poeland. he walked through alone and said nothing. he stopped to pray, sitting silently at one point for 15 minutes. the pope later went to an underground cell where he began sat quietly and prayed. the cell was where a catholic priest was killed after offering his life to save a polish man. outside that cell he signed a commemorative book writing
9:41 am
much cruelty. a newly rebuilt sandy hook elementary school is set to welcome students next month. the $50 million facility features state-of-the-art security features. two police officers will be stationed at the school, which includes video surveillance and bullet proof windows and doors. the new school sits adjacent to the side of the old building this has been demolished. a memorial to honor the victims is being planned. we have a for parents. combi usa is recalling more than 30,000 car seats. the company says in a crash the seats can transmit too much force to a child's chest. the recalled seats were manufactured from january 2009 to june 2016. identity thieves have come up with a new scheme. they're taking over mobile phone accounts. data breaches are likely how crooks gain access to the data
9:42 am
phone hijacking extepid far beyond the inconvenience of losing phone service or fighting a fraudulent charge. when crooks transfer your number to the new phones they may gain access to your most critical accounts. >> increasingly facebook, google, bank of mesh, wells fargo, they're all using your cell phone as a secondary measure to prove who you say you are. >> experts say the best protection is to set up a password or pin with your carrier that's required before making any changes to visitors at new york botanical garden are getting a whiff of a much talked about corpse flower. this is a live look at the corpse lily. after growing for more than 10 years it has finally bloomed in the bronx. the flower emits an odor like rotting flesh. visitors have their own unique ways of describing the smell. >> i sniffed out garbage. i live over in bushwick and it
9:43 am
it's just kind of a hot crash day in bushwick. >> kind of like garbage and hot -- it's just like hot -- just -- it's like -- >> it smells filthy. >> yeah. filthy. >> it smelled like vomit. >> what do you think it smells like? >> um, what a dog leaves behind. >> if you want to stop and smell the corpse flower, time is the bloom only lasts about 36 hours at its peak and you might have to wait years before it blooms again. >> and how fun, you get to stand in that long line. >> look at that little girl holding her nose. but you have the experience that you'll remember forever. >> that's true. >> priceless. >> that's true. >> everyone talking about the heat, which is going to continue. elise finch has the latest. >> so today it's not the temperatures in the 90s, it's lower temperatures, but the
9:44 am
warm, sticky out there. weather watchers to see what they have to say. kind of temperatures, readings we're getting out there. 85 down the jersey shore. this is walter. he says 85, good day for the beach. come on down to the shore. you could see some showers, maybe a thunderstorm by the end of the day. as we head into the lower hudson valley. little this is mark and janine. some folks are seeing fog and lots of clouds. afternoon showers sound good. i'm glad you think so, because we definitely have a chance for that not just today but for the next few days. let's take a live look outside. yeah, so this is times square. you can tell obviously we have some fog there. it's hazy and humid everywhere. it's just not hot. 78 degrees is our current temperature. here's what you can expect today. a stray shower, certainly possible this morning.
9:45 am
shower. we are expecting more widespread rain later on. there could be locally heavy downpours and things remain unsettled tonight. they remain unsettled all weekend long. we do have several chances for rain. that's actually a good thing. i know some people don't necessarily love to see it on the weekend. it's still a good thing. you can see most of the area is under a moderate drought. as you head to suffolk county, severe drought conditions there. we need the rain and we'll get some. here's where we stand so the year. just under 24 inches of rain. normally we'd be just under 29 inches of rain. we have a nearly 5-inch deficit. earlier this week, it was over that. we're moving in the right direction. that's good news. here are the showers that sort of move through. a lot of folks didn't necessarily get it, didn't necessarily make it to the ground. a few rain drops out there. things are relatively calm right now. as we look off to the west we see a lot of activity in association with this area of low pressure moving out of the ohio valley.
9:46 am
area of low pressure riding along this frontal boundary, at least it will. humid air in place. showers and thunderstorms are likely before the end of the day and then for the next few days. so it's not a washout. it's not a soaking rain from start to finish. but each day we have a chance to see some showers and thunderstorms. here's your future cast. we turn it on for you. you can see this afternoon, widely scattered. couple cells out there. we head through tonight. again, tonight at this point it looks more to be concentrated a little north. doesn't ui new jersey situation tonight. that could change. tomorrow morning we'll looking at showers, thunderstorms. more scattered into your sunday afternoon and evening. then we head into monday morning. looking at more of the showers. that's what we mean. it is not a washout all day every day. but each day we'll have a chance to see showers and thunderstorms.
9:47 am
that. could see light anything. that's an issue. cooler tomorrow. mountains, 76 to 80 today. 75 to 78 for your sunday. ocean temp, not bad. so 84 degrees is our forecast high for today. with the humidity it'll feel more like 89 degrees. we'll see increasing clouds as we head into the amp. right now still seeing sunshine in a lot of places. it's more of a hazy sunshine. as the day moves on, the clouds will temperatures tonight, for the most part, upper 60s and low 70s. still humid. chance of showers. tomorrow, only 80 degrees. that's one of the coolest days we've seen in a while. with the humidity it'll feel warmer. showers and thunderstorms possible. especially in the morning. seven day, right now, unsettled through tuesday. wednesday looking like the pick of the week. sunny, dry, 85 degrees.
9:48 am
new jersey festival of ballooning hopefully the rain holds out. >> maybe not. >> i don't know the criteria. it'll hold out for most of it. i'm not sure exactly what they need for hot air ballooning. should still be beautiful. >> it's beautiful because even if they're tethered down. >> with you can still see. >> still impressive. >> very nice. >> thank you. the world's best golfers are headed to springfield, new jersey. >> another club a special connection to the pga. >> celebrating a centennial. it's been 100 years since the club hosted the very first pga championship back in 1916. hall of fame golfer jim barnes captured the first trophy and the members here are reminded everywhere you look how steeped in tradition this course is.
9:49 am
transmission day and play because the way the courses were built years ago it's never lost its character. >> just to think about what it was like 100 years ago. how simple it was and where it's come to today. it's cool to kind of picture yourself in those shoes back in the day. >> from the commemorative plaque to the photos in the clubhouse. every round is a walk down historic fairways for members and pga tour pros. >> it's great. all of us are kind of history geeks on the it's nice to come to a course that has history and see an old school locker room and they treat you like it was back in the day. hopefully the course is just the same. >> it is a hidden gem. it's been 100 years since the original pga. you tell them that and they're like oh my god, can't believe it. just a wonderful place. >> according to the pga the winner share in 1916 was $500.
9:50 am
home nearly $1.9 million. you can watch the championship today and tomorrow starting at 2:00 p.m. right here on cbs 2. good news for theater lovers. the theater development fund is opening a fourth discount ticket booth at lincoln center. the pop up tkts booth will be inside the atrium at 62nd and broadway starting this tuesday through late october. you can buy tickets for as much as 50% off to broadway and off broadway shows. die hard jason bourn fa film of the franchise which is now in theaters. and moms can relate to a comedy about mothers going bad. >> i know who i am. >> reporter: it's been almost 10 years since we last saw matt damon portraying former cia assassin jason bourn. he reprises his role and comes out of hiding only to uncover some hidden secrets from his past. >> he's had a dark decade and he's been still running.
9:51 am
and he's running out of road. >> reporter: the cast and crew spent some time in las vegas filming these scenes. >> i can't believe they let us do it. we were blocking traffic for a month and a half at night. it just was an all hands on deck effort. >> reporter: critics predict this fifth film in the franchise will take the number one spot this weekend. >> in this day and age it's impossible to be a good mom. >> screw it. let's be bad moms. >> reporter: in bad moms, three overstressed moms rebel against some up tight children's school. >> it's a realistic, comedic portrayal of what i think every woman who has had a kid has gone through. >> of course no nuts or eggs or milk or butter or salt -- >> reporter: christina applegate plays a mom who thinks she knows it all. >> i try to have a good balance of hippy parent and type a. >> reporter: this crime thriller nerve may be a perfect fit for the younger tech
9:52 am
her luck at an online game of truth or dare. she then meets ian. >> the motorcycle dare. the scene that just amps you up the most. >> reporter: the game becomes dangerous and the stakes get high as she makes decisions that will impact her future. jason bourn is predicted to take in about $50 million this weekend. star trek beyond and bad moms will bat second place. -- battle it out for second place. with some rain in the forecast, maybe a good time to go to the movies. time now is 9:52. after the break, a check on the forecast and your top stories. today in manhattan, it's the avenue of the americas festival. 6th avenue will be closed between 42nd and 56th streets.
9:53 am
riverside drive closed between 120th place and time and place. and that is your cbs 2 saturday
9:54 am
?? ?? ?? not just anyone can pitch like all-star jacob degrom, but anyone could save money with geico.
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cbs 2 is back with your top stories. police say a man on a burglary spree in midtown is not letting his crutches get in the way. investigators say he hit three apartments and a building on west 56th street on tuesday morning. he carried out computers and
9:56 am
medical boot. u.s. health officials are tracking the zika virus in florida. state officials confirm one woman and three men likely got the zika virus from a mosquito bite near miami. experts in our area say while there's no need to panic you need to protect yourself. starting on monday new york city will spray pesticides to kill adult mosquitoes that could carry zika or the west nile virus in parts of queens and stattela commission decided to add extra staff after three computer glitches this week forced people to wait in really long lines. a problem yesterday shut down computers for about half an hour. officers will be open until 1:00 today. let's get a final check of your weather well. >> today is an interesting day. it's not a hot day, but with the humidity it will feel a little warmer. let's take a look at it. we are expecting a high of 84 degrees in central park. with the humidity it will feel
9:57 am
today, upper 70s, low 80s. again, feeling warmer with the humidity and because we do have a system off to the west, we are expecting some isolated showers and thunderstorms by the end of the day. there will be that same chance for your sunday, again on monday and on tuesday. wednesday is looking a little better. tomorrow looks like the morning might be the heaviest part of the day as far as shower and thunderstorm activity. more isolated and scattered. today the reverse. kind of dry. afternoon and evening, should be >> all right. thank you. and that wraps up today's cbs 2 news saturday morning. our next newscast is tonight at 11:00. >> you can check the day's top stories all day long on for elise and the entire cbs 2 news team. i'm cindy hsu. >> and i'm andrea grymes. thanks for watching.
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