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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  WCBS  July 30, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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an e.t. knight pulliam, pregnant and in tears. >> i'm doing this one interview and i'm done. >> what you haven't seen from our news making interview about her divorce scandal. >> there's a baby in the middle of this. >> dumped by her husband. is he really demanding a paternity test? >> did you cheat on him during your marriage? then heart break over shannen doherty's cancer battle. >> shannen is a strong kid. >> what her co-stars are only telling e.t.
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boils over. we have what was cut out of the men tell all special. then inside j.lo's birthday bash. flawless at 47, we reveal the bizarre beauty routine that keeps her looking like this. and a beatles exclusive. the rare home movies, the untold stories. your first look at ron howard's new documentary. >> you think you know the beatles. you really don't. now in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." thanks for joining us, everyone, d world of celebrity news. >> we begin with our keshia knight pulliam exclusive. last week the former cosby kid reveals she's pregnant. now her news husband wants a divorce and is reportedly demanding proof the baby is his. michelle turner has the story. >> let's just go on the record. did you cheat on him during your marriage? >> i have never cheated on him during my marriage. that's not who i am. >> you said you will have a paternity test. >> that's not an issue.
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>> there's no problem. i've never been unfaithful to my husband. this is his daughter. it's one thing when you choose to be in the spotlight. it's another thing when you have a baby. it's not about me. >> yeah. >> the biggest thing and my priority is she doesn't deserve it. >> keisha was emotional and raw when i visited her in her atlanta home. ring she once wore proudly is gone. and get ready for this. keisha told me she's not the one who cheated. she claims her husband was. >> so when early in my marriage i was faced with this, i was ready to leave. i had divorce papers ready. i presented them to him. he begged -- he said, please, i want my family. he said all of the right things, and once i was pregnant, i did
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the back story. would you like to hold him? >> no, he might go on me. >> please! >> after we fell in love with her as rudy huxtable, keisha has led a pretty quiet life doing charities and her own podcast. then after just four months of dating, keisha and ed hart well secretly got married six months ago. last week she announced she was pregnant with a baby girl. then ed filed for divorce. one report claims he wants a paternity test. keisha was completely blindsided. >> he left like it was any other day. like good-bye. i was still asleep in bed. and he text me, you know, saying, hey, can i talk to you for a moment? okay. he was like, you know, this isn't working. all i heard was, i filed for divorce this morning, and i'm coming to get my stuff. >> keisha, who is reportedly worth $12 million, says she wants all the money she earned before the marriage.
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and get this. in ed hartwell's docs, he states there's no children. keisha points out there are no minor children, but one is expected. >> i'm not going to allow someone to rewrite the truth. this feeling, this baby -- this is a baby in the middle of this. and regardless, if we don't want to be married, that's fine. we agree on that. neither one of us want to be married. >> you don't want to be in this relationship anymore. >> i have no desire. >> keisha plans the former real housewives of atlanta husband has not responded to our calls for comment. >> i'm not about driving people through the mud in the media because even with a paternity test, one day he will have to answer to her and explain to her. >> i see your heart breaking. >> i'm grateful. despite all this and everything that happened, i'm grateful for my blessings, and that's my little girl. >> let's move on now and talk
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the celeb-packed democratic national convention. >> initiatele turner right there in the thick of it, capturing all of the behind the scenes madness with the stars. >> wow! >> i certainly think meryl streep hopes that people heard that scream and heard the words she said, grit and grace, because that was the case she made as to why hillary clinton should be the next president. >> we've got some fight left in us, don't we? wow! >> streep made her speech in a flag motif dress, and i sat down with chelsea clinton before she introduced her mom thursday night. is there any sort of competition between you and ivanka? you saw her speech and it was so great, and you're like i got to make sure i'm just as good tonight? >> our friendship didn't start with politics, and it will last long after this race is done. >> earlier this week, only e.t.
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hillary make history. >> i've been on an emotional roller coaster. haven't we all? ? >> banks produced this star-studded campaign video. ? this is my fight song ? >> you all just kind of did your little parts. i'm like jane fonda is rapping. what else is going to happen? ? >> it happened really fast. i think she e-mailed me and i said yes right away and we did it a few days later. it is beautifully produced. >> more music -- ? i've got the eye of the tiger ? >> katy perry was supported by orlando bloom who filmed her song. and on tuesday, andrew day presented a powerful performance of her song, rise up. do you already have butterflies? >> i do. i caught them when i was sound
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it's just -- it's the magnitude of the event and the moment. ? >> now we need to mention this as well. some of the viewers were upset with the dnc this week and not because of the content of the speeches but for how long they ran, and that is because on monday and tuesday, it delayed the start of the bachelorette. >> fans up in arms everywhere. don't mess with my bachelorette. while we wait to see who jojo chooses because she has to make th all her guys got together for that epic men tell all episode. bad boy chad was in the house. he faced off with, well, everyone basically, and our lauren was there to reveal all the drama that you didn't see on tv. >> we'll never know what we could have had. >> you didn't want me. >> no. it's not that. i'm sorry. >> your face, you looked so shocked. >> yeah. >> what was going through your
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i've ever had in my life, especially in a relationship. every day prior to that, jojo and i were just growing closer and closer and closer. it really was a shock for me to go through that that night. i think my face said it all. >> if you think luke's exit was bad, chase got it even worse. jojo cut him in thailand too, right after he said, i love you. no night in the fantasy suite for him. >> you didn't give it a chance. you never gave it a chase! >> it was a hard breakup between jojo and i. my initial reaction was shock and despair. it just doesn't make sense. >> i knew no matter how much time we spent together that night, that it wouldn't just amount to what my feelings are for the other guys. >> but after hearing their tales of heartbreak, what everyone wanted to see was the chad show. >> you might want to pump your brakes there, i got dirt on you son. >> don't make me talk about your
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calling people out and saying some really weird stuff. >> you choose apples when you should have chose pickles. >> but some other great minutes didn't make the cut. >> in chad's honor a trail of deli meats was passed around for the audience to snack on. in that audience was actress chloe grace moretz. now, the guys on the other hand were given shots of fireballs to give them a little liquid courage for the taping, but things still got really tense when chad called out jojo's final two men. >> robbie e girlfriend days before filming in order to be on the show with you. and we both know that jordan is a liar and cheater whose own brother won't even talk to him. >> oh, i could go off right now. he loves the attention and we're giving it to him so he's not even worth my breath. >> speaking of jordan's brother, the nfl finally broke the silence about the strain within his family, telling reporters at training camp, he finds talking publicly about family matters inappropriate. but he did wish brother jordan
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competition. >> i'm torn. when i'm with robbie, i think of jordan, and when i'm with jordan, i think of robbie. >> while jojo struggles in that fin ally sneak peek, her ex-s are confidence they know who will ultimate win her heart. >> i think she's going to pick jordan. seeing the journey that they went on together and how smooth sailing it really was from start to finish, it seems like her and jordan have that relationship. before jordan stepped meeting jordan. she just looked at him in a way that was different than a lot of the other guys. >> i'm so scared. i pray to god i'm not making a huge mistake. >> monday it is all over. that's right. jojo will have to make that decision finally about those two remaining guys. who is she going to go with? >> after that get ready for bachelor in paradise.
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with mariah. rob lowe on defying age and speaking of, how does j.lo look this good at 47. her step by step beauty guide is ahead. >> plus we're at the big premiere of bad moms with the stars spilling secrets about their own parenting struggles. >> every night that we put wyatt down, i had so many thoughts once i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my wife... ...what we're building together... rfarin in the hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? i spoke to my doctor and she told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots. but eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. knowing eliquis had both... ...turned around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless you doctor tells you to.
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there were some hubbies that crashed the carpet. >> ashton! >> every night that we put wyatt down, we high five each other and like we're did it. we kept her alive. she's alive. and we're so in love. you high five when you still like each other and you still like your kid at the end of the night because sometimes they're the devil. >> spoken like a soon to be mom of two. ashton not the only hubby there. kristen bell just shows off pics fr but it was co-star christina applegate who got a little frisky. >> she was groping your tush. >> was it as wonderful for you as it was for me. it's called next level friendship. >> sometimes you grab each other's buns. >> oh, my god! >> since their movie reminds us no parent's perfect, how about their own bad mom moments?
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to cut the attitude. she's like, i don't have an attitude, dude. then i know i've done something wrong. >> talk about my bad mom story, my daughter's birthday is today. happy birthday. mommy's going to a movie premiere. see ya. horrible mother. >> and we were live on e.t.'s facebook page as kristen bell paid it forward for another mom. tare la lance answered kristen's plea to donate to the charity alliance of moms and won a trip to the premiere, some pampering and this surprise date. >> hi, guys! >> you want to go to the premiere? let's do it. >> we're going to have a blast tonight. >> okay. i think i can help you out here. what you're talking about. when we were in the theater getting ready to watch the movie, my friend said did you get a jell-o shot yet?
7:16 pm
ladies and gentlemen, right there. #badmom. >> here's what's coming up next. >> wake up, kick ass, repeat. >> j.lo's age-defying beauty secrets. we're showing you what she does to be this flawless at 47. plus mariah carey reveals her biggest divorce regret. and does she need her own entrance music at dinner? what we know about the new diva report. >> i will not be seen in fluorescent lighting without ng surgeon making headlines for posting his patients' procedures on snapchat.
7:17 pm
welcome back, everyone. and chou carey, and let me just say diva is just the way we like her. >> opening about divorce and children all while wearing a corset and fishnets. ? it's kind of like mariah's uniform, right? look at my cleavage red gown, strategically placed see-through lin
7:18 pm
shoot. well, miss thang gives us something to look at in complex magazine. she throws shade on the kardashians who were shooting their show in the next room while mariah did her interview in malibu. quote, some of us talk about other people and what they do and la la la, but i'm not that person. code, the singer docu-series mariah's world will not be like their reality show at all. other people want to be shady, and if they want to be shady, that's fine. haters going to hate. >> i don i've never even mitt them before. >> mariah's big regret about her split from nick cannon has to do with their kids. she add mits i never thought i would have babies with someone and then get divorced. as for her upcoming wedding to husband number three, james packer, she laughs when it's described as a merger. and then there's the issue that mariah has taken being a diva to
7:19 pm
fluorescent lighting without sunglasses. >> and new headlines this week claim mariah demands her own entrance music. and that music's got to be her own, of course. last sunday the 46-year-old, james, and their ten-person entourage reportedly walked into a quiet restaurant in italy to a mimi play list. her favorite song, fantasy. okay, that is awesome -- or not awesome? you got to step it up. >> i play it all the time when he walks in. now to another diva. i'm talking about j.lo. >> jennifer lopez just celebrated her 47th birthday last weekend. come on, everybody. has 47 ever looked so amazing? >> i covet her, i swear. so beautiful. you know, you won't believe what the birthday girl's secret is to
7:20 pm
and that's how you do it when you're j.lo. first you perform to a sell-out crowd at your vegas residency while your good friend, kim, snapchats the whole thing. ? then you party on the rooftop at cesar's palace with casper smart, john stamos and, yeah, that's kim hanging out with tay already swift's ex calvin harris. and all the while you look absolutely amazing. check out the mom of two in this age-defying jumpsuit. how does she manage to look half her age? >> get up every day. it's like wake up, kick ass, repeat, every day. >> we are digging deep into j.lo's beauty face. first the placenta facial she reportedly gets. the process uses sheep stem cells tory juv nate the skin. also she doesn't sun, she doesn't drink, and she stays away from caffeine. what she does do, lots of
7:21 pm
you know, first of all, i just have fun with it. i don't overthink it. >> and how about those abs? >> i love the dancing. definitely i don't love the gym as much as i love the dancing, so it's a good thing for my abs. >> but our biggest takeaway from j.lo at 47, be you at any age. >> i refuse to be put in a box in that way. do you know what i mean? why? because i'm over 40 so i can't be sexy? or is it because i'm a mom? moms aren't allowed to be sexy. women at a certain age i didn't even know who i was in my 20s. honestly. but i do know who i am now. >> seriously, i could not agree more. now, forget fitness routines and facials, some people in hollywood turn to, well, more drastic measures to look forever young. >> there was a time when going under the knife was kept quiet, but that is not the way dr. miami operates. he's a controversial plastic surgeon who started snapchatting
7:22 pm
and guess what? it led to a big tv deal. >> good morning, everybody. my name is michael. they call me dr. miami. welcome back to the operating room. i have two full-time social media assistants, and all they do all day is snapchat and answer questions and comments. >> give her a little bump here to curve that out. >> dr. miami says he only started >> i posted before and after pictures. i guess we showed a little bit too much skin even though we put choc emojis over the private parts. >> she said, dad, they have in new feature. i asked a patient would you mind if we snapchatted. ey signed a consent form and it kept growing. >> dr. miami says about two-thirds of his patients sign away their privacy.
7:23 pm
>> we don't give any discounts for being on snapchat. a lot of them want to be on snapchat. in fact, they'll request certain songs to be played during surgery. they'll want to shout out their cousin or sister or something. >> the surgery posts are graphic. stuff we can't show you here. >> so what kind of blade should i use? >> with so much stuff already on his snapchat, what can the doctor's fans expect to see on his upcoming tv >> the reality show is going to show things i'm not able to show on the snapchat. you know, i can't follow patients home through recovery. you're going to see other perspectives, home life of myself and patients. i think it's going to be very unique. >> no question this doctor is one of a kind. ? all right. well, maybe he should stick more to surgery. the filming of dr. miami should start soon. they're hoping to begin airing next year.
7:24 pm
will smith, margot robbie, and the joker, jared leto. what will just told us about being on set? >> i was like -- >> then star wars overseas. what you don't know about the new han solo. >> it's amazing. plus 90210's shannen doherty, an update on her cancer battle. that's coming up. >> announcer: closed captioning provided by -- happy anniversary dinner, darlin'
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if you're just here are this week's top five stories. number five, hollywood's dnc invasion. >> wow! >> meryl streep screamed her approval and only e.t. was backstage with a tearful elizabeth banks. >> i've been on ang emotional roller coaster tonight. >> the actress co-produced this star studded campaign video. ? this is my fight song ? >> we got this together so
7:28 pm
lohan drama. that's lindsay accusing fiance egor tare boss ov of abuse. egor has not been charged with a crime and hasn't been available for comment. lindsay did comment saying, quote, i am sorry that i exposed certain private matters recently. i was acting out of fear and sadness. number three, taylor swift reunited. wednesday, taylor and tom were spotted on a date. this after love. while kanye's famous video, the one with the swift look alike and that controversial line got two nominations including video of the year. >> i made that [ bleep ] famous. >> kanye just referenced kim releasing part of taylor's recorded phone call which they claim swift lied about not okaying his song. >> i am so glad my wife has snapchat. number two, dancing pro kim johnson's i do's.
7:29 pm
20 partner shark tank's robert herk vic. >> we're doing a romantic dance first to "at last." >> yes. >> we've been with the couple since their engagement. captured their prep and official photos will be in a future issue. and the number one story this week. a former cosby kid's shocking divorce. >> would you like to hold him? >> no. he might go on me. >> rudy huxtable, keshia knight pulliam six months ago she secretly got married. last week keisha announced she was pregnant with a baby girl. then just days later, ed filed for divorce. one report claims he wants a paternity test. >> did you cheat on him during your marriage? >> i have never cheated on him during my marriage. this is his daughter. you know it's one thing when you choose to be in the spotlight. it's another thing when you have a baby. >> go to for the latest.
7:30 pm
jared leto revealed this new selfie dressed as the joker from his upcoming movie suicide squad. i can't wait. >> that anticipation is insane. we just saw jared at comic-con last weekend with his co-stars including will smith and margot robbie. they gave fans a little peek of the making of the movie, but e.t. was actually first to show you this look behind the scenes. ? >> the suicide squadar no one is cooler than will smith as dead shot. >> it's an honor among thieves. >> there's a part of him that the dead shot is thinking maybe i might have made a wrong turn or two in his life. >> then there's that twisted joker, jared leto. >> i'm not going to kill you. >> i didn't realize that this joker was 75 years old.
7:31 pm
i never thought in a million years i thought i would have a chance to play a role like this. >> he hooked up with margot robbie as crazy harley quinn. >> harley quinn, nice to meet ya. >> dr. harley is working as a psychiatrist and that's where she met joker and fell for joker and followed that with a transformation into harley quinn. >> despite the fact that she looked like a demented cheerleader, it was very frightening to come within an inch of her. but at the same vulnerability. >> i think you can do some good. >> viola davis is amanda waller, and we've got to say it's awesome to see these ladies in such strong roles, like cara della veen's wicked enchantress. >> i don't remember seeing a movie where the women got such important roles. they were always kind of the sidekick or the kind of love interest. i remember reading it, and i was like, oh, my god, the girls have the best lines.
7:32 pm
i'm just forewarning you. >> we sort of landed on the separation between being a bad guy and being evil. it's not a movie about good versus evil. it's a movie about bad versus evil. >> margot robbie! >> suicide squad got mad love at comic-con. the cast jetted in for their panel with the joker jared leto snapchatting the frenzy over will smith. >> words to describe this, will? >> this is fantastic, man. i'm loving this. >> will told us filming this movie brought him his teen fan boy days. >> when we were on set and the batmobile came around the corner, and i was like -- it's important to share that feeling with the fans. >> and there was one big celeb who went incognito to comic-con. superman henry cavill. now, his disguise was so good, will smith thought, who is this? >> i love that. i love that. good job. now, another star having a blast at comic-con, conan o'brien.
7:33 pm
last weekend and helped with some famous faces, made some hilarious star wars skits. but as for the real cast, well, we've been with them as they crisscross the globe. >> may the force be with us. >> she may be new to the galaxy far far away, but at the london star wars celebration, she told us she was nervous. >> i kept walking around my house trying out the lines. so i'd be in the bathroom, like, may the force be with you. you know, you go over and over again because i knew it was such a momentous moment. >> this is a rebellion, isn't it? >> have you talked about being a female in this universe? >> it's just -- it's just a fantastic time, and i would hope that we're in a world now where we have an equal amount of male leads and equal amount of female leads.
7:34 pm
legendary opening. >> they've been talking about it but i don't think these films will have an opening. >> i rebel. >> you have to wait and see, i'm afraid. >> but you won't have to wait to see who will play a young han solo. >> alden erin wright. >> from los angeles and single. >> sometimes i amaze even myself. >> alden was the very first out of 3,000 to audition for the millennium falcon with chewbacca himself. >> i've never acted with a wookiee, so that's a whole different thing, which was pretty -- yeah, it's amazing. i had the blaster, and we did the whole kind of costume and everything. >> to succeed, he'll have to find that harrison ford swagger. >> that is not an easy thing to accomplish, but i got faith. i think he'll find it. >> indeed. check out what's straight ahead.
7:35 pm
star ian ziering. then his former co-star, shannen doherty, battling cancer. what her 90210 family is only
7:36 pm
7:37 pm
yes. t sharknado was back in weekend
7:38 pm
about returning to his role slaying man eaters from the comfort of his home far, far away from shark-infested waters. we are at home with the z zierings, and i know you've heard of sharknado, but have you heard of bee nado? >> whoa. >> 30,000 bees. ian's wife, erin, is a third-generation beekeeper. the hype could be a real danger for his daughters, >> we keep the hive on top of the house just because we don't want the kids to be anywhere near it. >> i feel strangely hard core in that outfit. do i look hard core? >> you look tough. >> should we open it up? bad idea? >> we'll know soon. inside all of these here, there's honey. >> the honey makes a great gift, and bees are good for the
7:39 pm
angry now. >> okay. time to go. you won't see a beenado on sunday, but there are a few hazards. >> you guys having as much fun making these films? >> it's a blast. >> is did? >> it's 15 days of pure fun. i get to play an action adventure hero in the middle of a science fiction movie. >> you were part of another television project where the fans were also out of control. 90210. what do you say, more enthusiastic about 90210 or the sharknado? different time. we didn't have the internet like we do now. >> this is a beach party going on. >> there's always a beach party. >> ian was 27 in his first e.t. interview. today he's a family man. he and erin have started a family-friendly website, at home with the >> me and ian, we love doing things together as a family, creating projects.
7:40 pm
the kids are going to be looking for their sharknados, wherever they go. >> so you'll know when the sharknados are coming a little bit before the average person. >> you'll see them coming a mile away. >> great to hang out with those guys. if you haven't had a chance to check out ian's and erin's block, you have to. it's adorable. >> we have an update on shannen doherty. she has been documenting her battle with breast cancer by sharing photos, one with her head completely shaved as she undergoes treatment. >> what she did the other day with shaving her head and posting the pictures and everything, that was incredibly brave. >> jason priestly tells us he hasn't spoken with her recently, but he's been following her emotional journey on social media, and he couldn't be prouder of his tv sis. >> shannen's a strong kid and a tough fighter, and i know she's going to come through this fight, and she's going to be okay. >> we were with jason at the
7:41 pm
parkinson's fund-raiser for the michael j. fox foundation, where we also got an update on michael's battle with the disease. >> he's much healthier than he was 15 years ago from my perspective when i see him. >> tori spelling and tiffany amber thiessen were also on hand, and lots of love was being sent shannen's way. >> i wish her all the best, of course. >> i got nothing but love for her. >> i gave her a call last week and just let her know that i was is -- i mean she's one tough cookie. she would stand up to that if anybody can. >> shannen opens up about the fight of her life in an "entertainment tonight" starting monday. >> it's hard. i started thinking that i wasn't going to live. i don't look past today. >> how her battle with breast cancer is unlike any you've heard before. >> i don't know if i'll ever look like me again. >> revealing for the first time a devastating setback and why
7:42 pm
heartbreaking than she could have ever imagined. >> i want to believe that if i -- if i fight, i'm going to be okay. >> starting monday only on e.t. this is one gripping interview. you will not want to miss. still to come. rob lowe gets ready to be roasted, only we're with the heart throb before the comedians take aim. >> am i stupid to have said yes to it? plus two all-star cast reunions. signature onny weaver on movie history for women with aliens. >> i know. and star trek celebrates a major milestone. >> does it feel like 50 years? >> yes. my backaches. then three things you never knew about the beatles. our exclusive look at ron howard's new documentary with never before seen footage. >> we were kids. we were all pretty scared. that's ahead but first this weekend in the entertainment tonight birthdays, which oscar winning actress dropped out of
7:43 pm
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my advice for looking younger longer? get your beauty sleep and use new aveeno? absolutely ageless? night cream with active naturals? blackberry complex. younger looking skin can start today. new absolutely ageless? from aveeno?. the type of experience that can save a life in the midst of chaos. doesn't quite fit on a resume. welcome back. and just look at rob lowe. i know i have been. >> you have been for a while now. >> well, he's a handsome man. you know what? he looks incredible. age-defying at age 52, right? but he must just age a little bit when he gets roasted by comedy central. let's face it.
7:46 pm
closet. >> so the question is, is he worried? well, nischelle turner found out when they had a little chat in, of all places, a bedroom as they shot a commercial for his big, brave night. >> nischelle was living the dream on the bedroom set surrounded by hundreds of rob lowes. >> i don't know what's happening. i'm mortified. >> i think that standshe of time. >> rob walks into the lion's den on labor day. >> am i stupid to have said yes to it? >> well, rob lowe. >> why did you say yes? >> because i love those roasts. i love them. the meaner they are, the more i like it. >> okay. >> and the people who can take it are my heroes. >> is there anywhere they can't go? >> part of the fun of it is that it's totally open season. >> rob has a ton of famous friends, but it's still a jsecrt
7:47 pm
>> there will be people in my life who have been important to me. a couple of people who you will go, they're on it? why? >> have you been trying at home, like, kids, throw something at me. give me your worst. >> my boys are aficionados of the roast. they're 20 and 22. they're like, dad, you're going to get killed. now, my wife is another -- i don't even think she's going to like some of the promos i'm shooting. what's going to happen? >> are you going to allow t >> yes. >> okay. >> because it's all part of my master plan because i figure how mean can they be when my wife and my children are there? >> boy, let me educate you. >> rob, let me tell you something. they will not hold back no matter what. let's keep moving. last weekend at comic-con, the cast of aliens reunited to celebrate their 30th anniversary. >> and even 30 years later, sigourney weaver still looks
7:48 pm
space traveler of all time. it's just as ripped as ripley when we were with her back in 1986. >> they're real disgusting. >> i got quite used to it. i mean an alien could sit there behind me, and i probably wouldn't jump. >> the sequel to aliens barely got made. >> i didn't want to do it in the beginning because i thought we did that. >> add tott >> you were the first woman with this contract negotiation to cost $1 million, and you held on to your guns to get what you deserved. >> yes. that's right. it is important to have parity. it's very important in all ways for us to be at the table equally. >> it was another franchise, star trek beyond, that wowed the weekend box office. not bad for a series celebrating 50 years.
7:49 pm
my captain. >> the original captain kirk, the now 85-year-old william shatner on hand for the milestone. >> does it feel like 50 years? >> yes. my back aches. >> now cbs is bringing back the series, showing the first trailer for star trek discovery at comic-con. the new ship takes flight in 2017. >> you enthusiastically said during the panel that you would absolutely return as captain kirk, but you don't think that opportunity would ever happen. that happen? >> negotiate. >> i think it would be fantastic to see him back on the bridge. >> yes, it would. no doubt about it. child star turned director ron howard. he once played richie cunningham on happy days, but these days he's working behind the camera on a new project, a documentary on the beatles. you think you know the fab four, right? think again.
7:50 pm
>> do you remember your first memory of them and where you saw them? >> when they performed first, i think it was on ed sullivan. i watched that. it was so important, everybody tuned in. it was amazing. >> hello, my name is paul mccartney. >> this ringo starr. >> what i wants was beatle boots and a beatle wig. >> are you kidding? >> my parents couldn't find beatle boots but down at the dime score, they found a beatle wig, and i wore >> here is the american public. >> i'm john. >> you're john. >> the director is putting that beatles love to work, directing a new documentary which includes newly discovered home movies and bootlegged sound, both digitally enhances. >> top british group, top record of the year, the beatles! >> it's a little magic chemistry that happened between us that
7:51 pm
>> first, the beatles basically invented the stadium tour out of necessity. >> everybody, how do you do? >> the police and local governments told them that if they continued to play 10,000-person arenas that they'd always have 30,000 or 40,000 people outside, kids outside clam ? >> we're on 24 hours a day. >> second, they stood up to segregation. >> i didn't know that their first political stand, their first big controversy or issue involved what was to be a segregated concert in jacksonville, florida. and they said, are you kidding me? that's ridiculous. they couldn't see the logic in it, of course. but they had no idea how controversial it was, but they stuck to their guns.
7:52 pm
just feels like a hollywood movie. >> we were kids. we were all pretty scared. ? i was younger than today ? >> it's this ensemble taele of these young guys. they're boys at the beginning. they're men at the end. they've been through an amazing journey. the world has gone through a transformative period as well. >> this looks so good, and this is actually the second documentary ron howard directed.
7:53 pm
7:54 pm
7:55 pm
travel considerations provided by -- there they are, some of the stars with birthdays this weekend. delta burke, 60. now, take a final look at your choices. which oscar winning actress dropped out of high school to pursue an acting career. that is hilary swank, who is 42 this weekend. starting monday, an "entertainment tonight" exclusive. >> it's hard. >> shannen doherty in the fight of her life. >> i started thinking that i wasn't going to live. i don't look past today.
7:56 pm
heard before. >> i don't know if i'll ever look like me again. >> revealing for the first time a devastating setback and why her diagnosis is even more heartbreaking than she ever could have imagined. >> i want to believe that if i -- if i fight, i'm going to be okay. >> starting monday only on e.t. we are almost out of time this weekend, but for all the late-breaking hollywood news, just go to our website, >> before we go, check out the video from fantasia for her song sleeping with the one i love. >> it's off her new album, the definition of, which just came out on friday. the video is kind of a sultry orange is the new black vibe. >> enjoy it and of course the rest of your weekend, everyone.
7:57 pm
7:58 pm
this is your moment, this is your time.
7:59 pm
on a job well done. i'm so proud of you. you are amazing. ?
8:00 pm
(tour guide speaking indistinctly over p.a.) gerald: you know, this is the first time i've seen you and lee out outside of work. he wanted to see the sights. i thought he'd like this. aw, that's nice, carter. look at you two, getting all close. ?close?? no, lee and i are just friendly, all right? but that's just professional respect. (laughs evilly) tour guide: no? whatever. l.a. notorious tour: a voyage into the macabre. our first stop is the home of silent film director... william desmond taylor! william desmond taylor, whose notorious murder was never solved. well... they had a dozen suspects, okay? but they told the cops to just back off. why? oh, because this is hollywood, baby. (laughs) listen, this case just got too explosive,


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