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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  August 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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public for help in finding the driver that hit and killed two pedestrians. this surveillance video shows the moment two men who were walking home down fulton street were killed by an out of control driver. now police are looking for the person who was behind the wheel of the silver acura tl sedan who crashed into them and ran away from the scene. this morning, the victims' devastated son returned to the coroner where his father was killed -- corner where his father was killed by the driver last night control. >> someone -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> my dad was one of a kind. frank describes his dad 56-year- old israel tursios as a happy man from honduras who leaves behind three children and seven grandchildren. >> he has a lot of children. they're all grown and they have children of their own and office a big beautiful family -- it was a big beautiful family. >> reporter: he was walking
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were hit by a silver car that left a path of destruction, investigators are now looking for the driver of that car who ran from the scene without hesitation. he died instantly and friends say he leaves behinds a 12-year- old son and neither man will ever return to their families. >> you never know what can happen. >> reporter: now neighbors are hoping the person who did this is arrested soon. >> don't ware, they don't care about anybody. what's -- soon enough i know for a fact they will get caught because there are right? there are cameras around. >> reporter: police say speed was a factor in this crash. but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. most of all who was behind the wheel. in brooklyn, magdalena doris, cbs2 news. >> okay thank you. this just in, florida governor rick scott says the number of zika cases likely caused by mosquitoes has now risen to 14. that's ten new cases since he initially reported on friday that four people were inpenaltied. all of the cases are within a one mile area of miami-dade
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now scott has asked the centers for disease control to activate a cdc emergency response team to assist the florida department of health with sample collection and mosquito control efforts in that area. a tragic update now an 8- year-old boy has died after an instant in a bergen county pool. the cap lain jcc on the par said confirmed the death this morning, the child had been pulled from the center's pool in tenafly on thursday and he was in cardiac arrest. a lifeguard performed cpr until ems arrived. the boy was being hackensack university medical center. his identity has not been released. well, police are asking for the public east help in the search for a brazen burglar. investigators say he is linked to two incidents in brooklyn and cbs2's scott rapoport is live in bush rick for us this -- bushwick for us this noon with more. scott? >> reporter: police are calling it a burglary pattern here in bushwick and say that the building that you see here behind me was one of the
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surveillance video liberally helping himself to packages that are not his from an apartment building lobby is wanted in connection with a burglary pattern in bushwick. >> that's horrible. very bad. i hope they catch the guy. >> reporter: it happened here at this apartment building on loghton street on july 19th around 7:00 p.m. then immediately starts ripping off packages and parcels on the floor after entering the building and stuin while plastic bag. he leaves then comes back looks around, and then takes a big box and leaves again. only to come back again, still an even bigger box -- steal an even bigger box and bolt it out of flame. >> i think they're probably desperate. >> reporter: but cops say he wasn't done there. police say the suspect is a also wanted for a burglary here at 228 jefferson street on july 3rd around 7:30 in the morning. where he's accused of standing
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floor apartment, reaching into the window of the unit, and stealing a cell phone inside while it was charging. >> i think it's crazy. >> reporter: danielle goforth lives in the apartment. she says the phone belonged to her roommate. >> the guy somehow managed to get himself up and partway in the window. so his body was actually in the window. >> reporter: police described the suspect as 18 to 25 years old. 16 # pounds and last seen wearing a black baseball hat a white t-shirt an j many here referring to the suspect as brazen, bold, and blatant. we're live in bushwick this afternoon, scott rapoport, cbs2 news. >> scott thank you. police in brooklyn are looking for a possible arsonist responsible for destroying seven tractor-trailers in east new york over the weekend. the seven vehicles mostly garbage trucks left with mirrors melted steering wheels charred and completely burned off. it took the fdny hours to put all the fires out.
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there when the first fire started around 3:00 a.m. sunday morning. >> a man get out -- a regular box truck and out of the passenger side. he come out of the -- he came out of the truck and walked right here to the passenger side of the tractor-trailer and busted the windows and next thing i know there was an explosion. >> five of the seven trucks have markings for tps trucking company in newark leading some to believe they may have been targeted. the nypd wants to find the suspect who hacked police radio frequencies and threatened to attack a captain. cbs2 from midtown. >> reporter: officers standing guard today outside the midtown south precinct station house. as investigators try to track down the man behind the violent threats made against one of its captains. >> please be advised there may be a stolen radio making unauthorized transmissions, please use caution when responding to incidents. >> reporter: this warning going out over the police air waves over the weekend. after the suspect somehow managed to get onto the police
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antagonistic threats saturday evening. >> captain, remember how you put me in jail? i'm out now and i'm coming to put a butt in your head. -- bullet in your head. >> security is a huge threat right now. i mean, knowing that somebody can just jump on the waves like that is pretty terrifying. >> reporter: how the man was actually able to break into the frequency is still unclear. investigators don't think the threats are credible but are taking them seriously. one of the officers even responding to the suspect scolding him over the radio. >> officer -- [ inaudible ] >> some people trying to do their job on this division. >> it's very disturbing because even i know this precinct and they are pretty tight. you know with security and stuff like that. they take it very seriously here. so i'm surprised that that would happen. >> reporter: as police work to zero in on that hacker, they say they are taking appropriate action. they say there haven't been any additional threats since saturday. reporting from midtown, janelle burrell, cbs2 news.
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has been able to gain access to police frequencies but the incidents did not involve the suspect making threats. now to campaign 2016. donald trump is facing criticism over a dispute he has with the family of a muslim american soldier killed in the line of duty. meanwhile hillary clinton receives a postconvention bounce in the polls and cbs2 news poll out today shows clinton with a seven point advantage over trump 46% to 39%. the candidates were tied after the republican national convention. >> was standing there. she had nothing to say. she probably maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. >> that comment led to a fire storm sparked after trump spoke about khan and his wife who criticized trump at the democratic national convention. their son american soldier captain humayun khan a purple heart recipient was slain in iraq. >> muslim women have all the rights in the world.
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and i'm very glad that i have been in this -- country. >> he is a black soul. and this is totally unfit for the leadership of this beautiful country. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell released separate statements condemning trimmable without saying his -- trump without saying his name. hillary clinton called him out detectively at a church? cleveland. >> mr. kahn paid the ule he? and what has he heard from donald trump? nothing but insults. >> reporter: republican vice presidential nominee mike pence sought to defuse the conflict between donald trump and the muslim soldier's parents. in a statement, pence said that both he and trump believe humayun khan is quote an american hero adding that his family should be cherished by every american. trump campaigns in two battleground states today.
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nebraska. pope francis is speaking out in defense of muslims. the pontiff says people should not identify islam with violence and he made the remarks yesterday on the flight back from rome. to his visit from poland. pope francis had been asked about the recent skillings of a french priest by two isis followers but he says there's fundamentalism in every religion. in syria five people are dead in the province earlier today. the russian defense ministry reporting that the aircraft was returnfr the city of aleppo which has been under siege by rebels. three crew and two officers were on board. the ntsb continues investigating now we're learning more about the pilot of a hot air balloon that crashed in texas of the texas pasture over the weekend. killing all 16 people on board. the faa says alfred skip nichols held a commercial pilot's certificate with a balloon rating. now a missouri police officer tells the associated press that he was arrested on a felony dui
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to misdemeanor dwi in 2002. the balloon caught fire after touching power lines federal investigators say. >> there's physical evidence to indicate that the balloon or some component of the balloon hit the wires themselves. >> it's believed to be the deadliest hot air balloon crash in u.s. history. there is much more coming up on cbs2 news at noon. a wild rollover crash. the car flips several times across the parking lot and how good samaritans rescued the driver. >> torrential rain leads to a district in maryland sweeping away cars in this town's path. >> and a sky diver takes the leap of faith without a parachute. his target a huge net on the ground. >> all right, we've got a little bit more rain in the forecast and then some really nice august weather to look
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when we became teachers, the state made a commitment to us. i knew that i wasn't going to make a fortune. but i would have a secure pension plan when i retired. each and every one of us made that contribution from every paycheck we ever earned. they've been negligent in their responsibility the way it should have been funded. they have made a promise, they've made a commitment,
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down the california coast. it started around 4:30 this morning in the woodland hills section of los angeles and investigators stay driver was speeding and erratically weaving in and out of lanes, officers finally cornered the car two hours later in san diego in a cul-de-sac. the female drier was pulled out of the vehicle and arrested and no one was hurt. a wild multirollover crash caught on camera in florida. hard to believe the driver survived. he is in a florida hospital this morning.
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flipping several times friday afternoon. the car came to a stop upside down. bistandsers ran over to help. >> people came over with fire extinguishers and put out the fire. we flipped the car back over. pulled the guy out. so he didn't burn alife. >> i start pulling him out and another guy probably about my age helped me. we pull him out of the car. >> and then cops and paramedics did their job and they took over the rest really. >> rescuers rushed the driver do a hospital by helicopter. officials say he suffered head trauma and condition. wow. parts of maryland still reeling from weekend floods that killed two people. around a half a foot of rain led to flash flooding now the rushing water swept away cars and destroyed homes and businesses and cbs2's erral barnett is in ellicott city, maryland where the community joined together to help people survive. >> reporter: this dramatic cell phone video shows people in ellicott city linking arms to save a woman from her car. it was being washed away by the force of the flood.
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>> reporter: david was recording the rain sweeping through the main street art gallery he owns with his wife. he came up stairs and saw people taking refuge in their foyer. that's when they spotted the stranded driver. >> get out. >> the water went from just above the curb to 20 inches higher in the street. and just a couple of minutes. >> i will never forget seeing that video of the human chain saving that person out of car. i'll never forget that. >> oh my god. >> reporter: scenes like this played throughout the small town. 16 miles west of baltimore. water rushed through the street. turning roads into rivers and sweeping away anything in its path. >> there are people in the water. >> reporter: diners at this restaurant watched cars some with people holding on to them float away. the aftermath was just as striking. in some cases, cars ended up stacked on one another, right
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businesses and streets. officials say at least 200 buildings were damaged and most of them significantly. some destroyed. and consider this. 170 vehicles were swept up by this flood. airline barnett, cbs news, ellicott city, maryland. >> the maryland governor hogan declared a state of emergency on sunday which will allow greater aid coordination and assistance to the area. still ahead, extra runners calling in for those wildfires. >> and john elliott has some sun in the forecast.
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[incoming message beep] the average text takes your eyes off the road for nearly five seconds. [screaming] stop the texts. stop the wrecks.
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extra trues were called in to help fight the california burning for more than ten days. several areas still under evacuation at big sur as more than 2500 acres have charred. 57 homes and 11 is buildings are destroyed. crew tackling the fire from the ground and with helicopters from above. this morning firefighters now also dealing with a new fire that has been quickly spreading in fresno county. well, let's get over to john elliott right now for your exclusive cbs2 forecast. got a lot more humidity in the air in this part of the country so it's not like a tinderbox out west.
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problems with runoff and some flooding. but you know, we are making up on that deficit in fact want to talk numbers with the weather watchers. i got a kick out of this from kathy. she has 74 and work with me here. 74% humidity. temperature 74. high temperature 74. she wants to play it in the lottery. i do not encourage that. but that's kind of fun. now, 67. look at this. 67 from sherry. and yeah, total rainfall so it really needed it no complaints there. which is a blessing. parts of the hudson valley though came down you know too fast and we had those rainfall rates that led to some flooding. so it was kind of a mixed bag around the area. we'll take a look at this in a second. scanning the skies right now though. it's gray. it's gloomy. and anthony wants to know if he picked a bad week to be on vacation. no because it gets better, i tell you what it's going to be cloudy for lunch today.
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northeast at 8. so from 66 to 77, that's the temperature spread. cool, well yeah even compared to yesterday. about two of the three degrees cooler than it was this time yesterday but dew points chris said it. it's humid. dew points in the mid- to upper 60s. high today 79 below normal and record high of 100 nowhere near it. sunset at 8:11. i tell you with there'll be a lint of sun -- what there'll be a hint of sun for part os temperature area, the -- parts of the area, the uv high is basically a by- amount of sun. pollen is very low, that's a blessing, air quality is exceptional no air quality concerns with recent rain. humidity though is high. you know blue just to give you a quick kind of snapshot, almost two inches of rain pockets of two inches of rain even in and around the city through brooklyn and queens but purples that's three to four through passaic up into putnam and dutchess and parts of orange county and then the bullseye sadly that three to
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ocean and also somerset county the mill stone river taking a lot of abuse so to speak. flooding is improving. flash flood watch though until 6:00 a.m. so it's been extended and it's for more of the area. and here's why. we're looking at relatively quiet conditions right now. but that line of showers you see to the north, that holds together and we see some thunderstorms early tomorrow morning. any additional rain could cause flooding that's why they've extended the watch until early tomorrow morning. vacation weather. later tuesday and wednesday and thursday. both look type. and then it feels like august heat and humidity back friday into saturday. >> you feel bad for the people that started their vacation today locally. i mean where's it? >> the rest of the week in good shape. well, there's an apricot in the market like a plum. fresh grocer tony tantillo is in the produce aisle.
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dark. inside beautifully red and they are apricots and heirloom apricot that is loaded with flavor. look how beautiful they are. they almost look like a plum but they're not. they're apricots. wean you buy them make sure that they have a nice color all the way around free from any slivering whatsoever and a slight give to the touch. not too much. heavy for their size it's a touch. when you bring them home store them on the counter not in the fridge. now sugar and shelf life very short. two, three days at the most. red velvet apricots beautiful or what? and i'm tony tantillo your fresh grocer, eat fresh and stay healthy. always remember that. mm. that's good. >> never seen those before. >> looks exactly like a plum. when we congresswoman back why a -- come back why a sky diver would jump out of a plain without a parachute -- plane without a parachute.
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coming up on cbs2 news -- i'm sorry beginning at 5:00, banned from playing pokemon. the new legal action to keep sex offenders from using the popular game to get to kids. and then, at 6:00, computer glitches long lines problems seem to plague the new jersey department of motor vehicles. cbs2' demanding answers is
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tonight on cbs2 news beginning at 5:00. a record-breaking free fall in california. luke aikins took a death- defying leap into the record books this weekend. he jumped from a plane at 25,000 feet without a parachute. akins soared for two minutes with safety divers at his side before making the descent on his own into a 100 by 100-foot net. high fives and then a huge hug from his wife awaited the daredevil. once his feet ground. >> got to be kidding. i wouldn't jump out of a plane with a parachute let alone without win. >> he was ready. >> that's going to do it for us at noon, i'm chris wragge.
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>> victoria: you want me to run brash & sassy!? >> jill: well, you were there at the beginning, with ryan and neil. you've helped nurture the line all this time. i mean, you've grown a brand that has stayed relevant. and considering how drastically tastes have changed, this is quite a feat. >> victoria: yes, well, it was i've moved on, jill. so i wish you and your c.e.o.s all the luck -- >> jill: no, no, no, no, no, no! no, no, no! please hear me out. i literally am desperate to have you run this company. >> victoria: i have a job. >> jill: [ sighs ] how long have we known each other, hmm? can we just stop this posturing? i happen to know that victor stole that company out from under you. and he did it to punish you. that's got to have hurt.


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