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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  August 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the neighbor's home. and he will run right past my car. once they turned their weapons towards him, following him, i ducked all the way under my seat. >> reporter: and now the nypd just wrapped up their news conference here, giving us a few more details of what happened. >> well, the uniform officer will arrive on the scene with the female caller who is also the resident of that apartment. they met them outside that building. after gaining entry to the apartment, one in the rear room with a struggle that ensued. which one shot was discarded, discharged by the officer's service weapon. this was a close quarter encounter with a wall broken. they both flooded at one point near the rear of the apartment. the man was struck one time in the groin area. the suspect fled the building and was chased on foot bit officers and apprehended about a block away in the backyards. we have a female who was discovered approximately three quarters of the block down the
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fled. and in her driveway. suffering from the laceration to her head. she was transported to elmhurst hospital where she is listed in stable condition. following a brief surgical procedure, doctors removed an object from underneath her scalp. preliminary inspection of this object indicates it appears to be a short piece of wire cable about a quarter inch in length. >> reporter: now police tell us that they are still unsure exactly how that wire ended up in the woman's head. the suspect was shot in the groin. 's burglar with six prior arrests. we'll have much more coming up tonight at 6:00. we are live tonight from maspeth, queens, tracee carrasco cbs2 news. >> thank you, tracee. police are closing in on the hit-and-run driver who killed two men in brooklyn. security video shows the speeding car striking the men as they crossed the street. cbs2 emily smith live with more on the investigation. emily? >> reporter: maurice, you can see behind me a sign that is
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information. it's true, commissioner bradden says they are closing in on a suspect and they say he is a teenager. this surveillance video shows two men walk down fulton street in cypress hills. then suddenly both men are hit and killed by a silver vehicle with an out-of-control driver behind the wheel. police continue to hunt for the driver of the acura sedan who mowed down 56- tursio. >> he was a good best friend. he always called me his best friend and i know that he was and i'm hoping that he didn't feel anything when this happened. >> reporter: millie munoz has shared a home and raised a son with the man together. munez went to the scene to identify maldanado, now the challenge of the life to accept that he is gone. >> you go to a better place, but you never truly believe
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believe that. i miss him, and i wish he was coming home. >> reporter: my dad was one of a kind, frank tursios describes his dad as a happy man from honduras who leaves behind three children and seven grandchildren. >> they have a lot of children and they have children of their own and it is a big beautiful family. he's going to be missed. >> reporter: police say that tursios was walking home from his brother's bar when a into two vehicles on fulton and chestnut streets. then the driver ran away. now police want to know who he is. it is still unclear who owns the vehicle, but they say the driver was a teenager. tursios died at the hospital. maldanado died instantly. >> the last time i got his text was about 5:00. i asked him to bring something home.
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>> reporter: again anybody with any information is asked to call police. you can see the sign behind me that is telling people to give them a call because they are searching for the suspect. again they believe that the driver is a teenager and they are zeroing in on a suspect. we are live in cypress hills emily smith cbs2 news. >> thank you, emily. the cdc is telling pregnant women to not travel to the so- called zika transmission area in florida as ten new cases of th bringing the total number to local infections to 14, all coming from the same neighborhood. joan murray has more from miami- dade county. >> reporter: despite massive efforts to control the population, the cdc says we are not doing enough to combat the problem and now they are sending in an emergency response team.
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blocking off to control the the spread of zika. there are 14 cases of zika infections transmitted locally in south florida. all originating in the wynnwood section, one-square mile north of downtown. >> we have plenty of mosquitoes around here. the zika is here. >> reporter: workers are going door to door checking for mosquiac >> are you finding a lot of water containers? >> no, right now, no. you won't find a lot of that going on right now. >> reporter: of the 14 local cases, two are women and 12 are men. they are asking pregnant women to avoid the district popular with tourists. england's pup lick health advise -- public health advisory have asked mothers to postpone to not travel to florida. zika is linked to severe birth defects.
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lot of trees and wood and grass. and so there is a lot of places that you'll find in the empty lots like that and there is nobody living here. >> reporter: zika virus similar -- symptoms fever include rashes, headaches. but most of the time those infected show no symptoms. there is no vaccine. health officials are warning everyone to avoid mosquito bites. >> usually i light some insents, trying to keep them away. mosquitoes are everywhere, so you don't really know which one of them has zika. >> reporter: and that cdc emergency response team should be here shortly. in miami joan murray cbs2 news. to campaign 2016 now, donald trump taking a lot of criticism for his remarks about a muslim mother and father of a u.s. soldier killed in iraq. >> the attacks coming from all sides. emerging at a key moment in the campaign. cbs2 dick brennan here with more. dick?
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wife spoke about their son killed in the iraq war at the democratic national convention. and they criticized donald trump. khan is still speaking out today with his wife after donald trump raised the issue over the weekend. >> we will continue to speak up until this candidate behaves in a dignified man -- manner. >> reporter: donald trump criticized the khan's, saying that his wife may have been silenced for religious reasons. >> maybe she wasn't allowed to >> reporter: but trump's comments have triggered a storm of criticism. senator john mccain saying i cannot emphasize enough how deeply i disagree with trump's statement. he was flat-out wrong. >> my religion or my family or my culture never stop me from saying whatever i want to say. >> reporter: trump fired back on twitter this morning saying "mr. khan who does not know me viciously attacked me from the stage of the dnc and is now all
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defended him. >> if donald trump was the president, khan would still be alive today because we would have never entered the iraq war in the first place. >> reporter: for this response to the question about her e- mails. >> after a long investigation, fbi director james comey said none of those things that you told the american public were true. >> chris, that's not what i heard director comey say. he said my answers were truthful and what i said were consistent with what i have told the post had trouble believing clinton giving her four pinocchio's for her answer. there is no evidence that she lied to the fbi, but he didn't say that she was truthful to the american people. today trump attempted to clarify his position on the conflict between ukraine and russia after giving an answer over the weekend. today he explained when he said russia would move into ukraine, he was referring to a time when he would be president. maurice and kristine? >> 99 more days of this.
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>> i'm sorry, but no one is counting. >> a very active weekend for sure. dick, thank you. the latest poll shows hillary clinton with a sudden and sizable lead over donald trump. in a survey conducted between saturday and sunday, clinton got 46% of the vote compared to trump's 39% and the apparent bounce from the democratic national convention. just last week before it started the same poll showed the candidates tied at 42%. now to the war on isis, the united states today launched air strikes in libya. government officials there the terrorist organization. in response the u.s. military started bombing isis targets in the coastal city of sert. according to libyan officials there the strikes caused major casualties. new at 5:00 a bronx assemblyman said he was roughed up by a police officer when he tried to stop a confrontation between officers and neighborhood residents. cbs2 hazel sanchez has more including the nypd's response today.
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fought back tears reliving an altercation he had with police. >> when you work as hard as i do for my community. and to be treated the way that i was on saturday, you don't know how it feels. >> reporter: blake who represents the south bronx says that on saturday afternoon he was enjoying the neighborhood family event at the morris house's. when he claimed that the nypd neighborhood coordinating officer or nto used excessive >> i shouldn't have to use my title to get justice. >> reporter: he was speaking to two police officers near this courtyard when he noticed a woman getting handcuffed by cops in the distance. he said as he was approaching the situation to find out what was going on, an officer grabbed him from behind and slammed him into this gate. >> and within seconds i was in a bear hug and to my left tossed to the gate that is the closest to the wall. >> reporter: a superior officer
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police say that the officer considered blake a threat after he allegedly saw the assemblyman putting his hand on another officer's shoulder. blake said that never happened. the city civilian complaint review board is investigating. police commissioner bradden say that the officer did nothing wrong. -- said that the officer did nothing wrong. >> i have no reason to believe the officer behaved in an inappropriate manner. >> if i was not recognized on saturday, i don't know would recognize me today. >> reporter: the fact they don't recognize their own elected officials brings attention to the need for more police training. in the section of the bronx, hazel sanchez cbs2 news. up next here at 5:00, a thief on the crime spree caught on camera accused of picking up packages that were not his. how you may be able to stop him. it's a heart stopping sight. a human chain rescues a driver from raging flood. hear from the woman plucked from danger.
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they prepare for the next super storm. plus, banned from pokemon go. new action to keep sex offenders from using the game to get to your kids. right now some storms are starting to spark up in the western communities, but there is something in our atmosphere that i believe will keep our storms from making their way to the east. i'll tell you what that is in
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police are calling it a disturbing burglary pattern in bushwick. cameras captured his someone recognizes him. cbs2 scott rapoport has more. >> reporter: nypd says that the man in the surveillance video boldly brazenly helps himself to packages that are not his from an apartment building lobby is wanted in connection with a burglary pattern. >> that's horrible. that's very bad. i hope they catch the guy. >> reporter: police say it happened here at 24 laughton street around 7:00 p.m.
5:16 pm
building, then immediately starts snatching up packages and parcels on the floor and stuffing them in a white plastic bag. he leaves then comes back, looks around, then grabs a big box and leaves again. only to come back again, ripping off an even bigger box and bolting out of frame. >> that is a terrible thing. >> reporter: police say that the suspect is also wanted for a burglary here at 228 jeffersonst at 7:00 in the morning. >> reporter: he's accused of reaching into the unit of the building, stealing a cell phone inside while charging. police say that surveillance video shows him leaving with the the phone. >> i think it's crazy. >> reporter: danielle gofford says that her roommate left the window partly open. >> the guy somehow managed to get himself up and part way in the window, so his body was in the window. >> reporter: police say that
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two burglars as brazen as they come. scott rapoport cbs2 news. >> deadly floods in maryland over the weekend. some describe it as a scene out of a disaster movie. raging floodwaters kill two people on saturday. sweeping away hundreds of cars, damaging buildings, in a quaint historic town out of baltimore. cell phone video captured good samaritan forming a human chain to pull off a dangerous rescue. cbs2 marcus washington has more. >> repr: flooding in ellicott city, a woman was stranded in her car as threatening storm waters threatened to move her out of her car. >> i'm not a strong swimmer as i was afraid of getting washed down the street. >> reporter: within moments they log wrists, inching closer to 29-year-old jamie knight panicking inside her car. david dempster recorded the rescue. >> i'm so embarrassed. i don't know his name, he was swept away. he could have died. he could have died.
5:18 pm
>> drowned by people that care and they look out for each other. >> reporter: when you saw the group linking hands together to pull the lady out of her car, what were your thoughts? >> well, i thought he was going to be swept away. but when he let go of the other people's hands, it looked like he was just going to be swept away. it say -- it is amazing that they saved him and her and it is a r we are very linked together. just like they were. >> reporter: certainly a happy ending to this story as jamie is doing well tonight. she was also able to meet the man who pulled her from her car as it was submerged in that rushing water. his name jason barnes. in ellicott city, maryland, i'm marcus washington cbs2 news. >> talk about neighbor helping neighbor there. >> seriously, wow. >> quick thinking too. so locally did our stormy weekend help with our drought conditions outside?
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>> and it helped. it definitely helped with the drought conditions. check it out around the five bureaus we picked up an inch or two of rain north of our area these areas shaded in purple, put -- putnam county. and ocean county, a couple of spots with three to six inches of more. it looks like lacey township to the west of that, you had that over six-inch range and it helps dramatically with the deficit. it does not erase it, but h so far central park, the official numbers that i'm using from the park. central park picked up 26.9 inches of rain this year. normally we should have 29.6. we are exactly four inches below where we should be as we were six inches below where we should be last week. but the drought conditions are not gone entirely. a good chunk is still shaded in the brown color, a moderate drought. severe drought that has been declared in portions of suffolk county where the worst of it is right now. i do not believe they will get the worst of the rain tonight.
5:20 pm
to the west. not making a big push that far east because we're catching the sea breeze. a little bit of an easterly component to the wind coming in off the waters, keeping them sort of stalled off to the west. i look at this one particular cell out around scranton as it has moved 23 miles in eight hours, excuse me in three hours. that's less than eight miles an hour. it's not moving at all, but it will make their way. that is primarily where you'll see the threats tonight for flash flooding with that watch county your ground is pretty sitrated as well. -- pretty saturated as well. falling humidity at 79 under a sunny/cloud mix overhead. we'll have your forecast later. back to you guys. >> all right, welcome back, my friend. still ahead a confusing crime. who should shoot this swan with a cross bow? the search for whoever set their sights on the wild animal. plus, a new idea that could revolutionize organ donations.
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how this voucher system would
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tonight at 6:00, computer glitches, long lines.
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department of motor vehicles. tonight at 6:00, cbs2 demanding answers. what's being done to ease the frustration at the dmv. also a traffic stop turned marriage proposal goes off without a hitch. but now these officers are in trouble for helping the man pop the question. and a lot of action for the mets and the yankees before this afternoon's trade deadline. and tonight as the subway series will get started, we are live at citi field, we'll see you at 6:00. >> okay, dana. well right now there's more a kidney transplant in this country, but now there's an innovative new approach to help meet the demand. >> max gomez explains how living donors can get a kidney voucher for a loved one to use in the future. >> reporter: when his grandson quinn was born with kidney problems, howard broadman desperately wanted to help. but there wasn't much he could do. quinn is too young to need a transplant now. by the time he does, howard will be too old. >> and i said wait a minute. this doesn't make any sense.
5:25 pm
to somebody else and get avoucher to give it to -- a voucher to give it to quinn. donate a kidney now and a loved one gets a voucher for a kidney in the future. >> if you donate a kidney now because it's a good time for the donor, it is not a good time for the recipient because they do not need it, but in 10 to 15 years they draw one over the pool. >> reporter: the ethics committee of the transplant surgeons, they ha endorsed the voucher program. it has gone to their executive committee for approval. nine institutions across the country have already agreed to join the program. including new york presbyterian cornell in new york. every day 13 people in the u.s. die waiting for a kidney transplant. but the program could change that. vouchers have secured a kidney for the loved one in the future may lead to an influx of the living donors now to save countless lives today and for years to come.
5:26 pm
reducing the waiting list. >> reporter: starting with one little boy and his loving grandfather in southern california. >> i left a legacy of putting him from perhaps at the bottom of the list to the top of the list and i have changed my grandson's life and i may not even be here that it doesn't get much better than that. >> just one half of adults became living kidney donors, that we could wipe out the list 15 times over. if you want more information on becoming a living getting a kidney voucher, go to dr. max gomez cbs2 news. >> that's stunning. >> it really is. >> those numbers. coming up next all day they -- all they want is to protect their home, but for years red tape has left them in a limbo. a new life for homeowners to get to higher ground. disturbing calls over police radio. the hacker threatening to attack an nypd captain. surveillance cameras
5:27 pm
see how bystanders jump in to help.
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a new push to sure up our low lying neighborhoods. good evening i'm kristine johnson. >> welcome back i'm maurice dubois. after seeing the damage done by super storm sandy, leaders in one town are giving homeowners help to elevate their home. >> it is still a lengthy and expensive process, but is it worth it? >> carolyn gusoff reports new at 5:30. things are looking up in highland park nearly four years after super storm sandy. it is now buzzing with homes on the rise. >> we're going to be 20 feet up. we're putting the elevator in. >> and not taking any chances on waiting for the foundation. the elevated house will tower over neighbors. down the block, he too will have to move out again. for nine months. >> worth it? >> yeah, of course it is.
5:31 pm
house up. the number of elevations are likely to go higher with the town proposing the streamlining red tape and waving -- waiving permit fees. >> obviously the better that our community will be to handle. >> reporter: why now? many bought houses at auctions, turned over because so many grew weary of the rebuilding process. the other. >> yes, i'm done. >> reporter: but if there is ever a flood again i will be covered. hopefully that will go down to a normal level. >> causing between $80,000 to $200,000. the deadline just passed with them rising to put the bills as they would pay to elevate those
5:32 pm
attract those new waves of homeowners. no deadline than making your house storm resilient and upping its value. i'm carolyn gusoff cbs2 news. about 1,000 of the town's 20,000 eligible flood zone residence have opted so far to elevate their homes. new information now on a fraud case stemming from sandy. unsealed today a 50-count indictment against matthew paplardo and his former employer high-rise engineering they are accused of cheating homeowners by altering engineering reports, used by the national flood insurance program to calculate reimbursements. the documents were changed by people who never visited the damaged properties and were not even licensed. the nypd wants to find the suspect who hacked police radio frequencies and threaten today attack an nypd captain. cbs2 janelle burrell reports from midtown with the recording
5:33 pm
guard today outside the station house as they try to track down the man behind the violent threats. >> please be advised that there may be a stolen radio. please be cautious when responding to this incident. >> reporter: this going out over the police air waves over the weekend as the suspect managed to get on the police air waves, making the threats i'm out now. >> and also for manhattan and knowing that someone could jump on the air waves like that is terrifying. >> reporter: how the man was able to break into the radio frequency is still unclear. >> clearly that person had familiarity with police lingo and codes. we are trying to find out what happened. >> reporter: they don't think that the threats are credible,
5:34 pm
taunts seriously. one even responding to the officer and scolding him. >> that is very disturbing because i know this precinct as they are very tight and they take everything seriously here. >> reporter: as they work to zero in on the hacker that they are taking appropriate action. they say that there have been any additional threats since saturday. janelle burrell reporting from midtown cbs2 news. >> this is not the first time, but they say that the incidents did not involve the suspect making threats. lyme disease is on the rise. and the city spread by the tick bites is bad in staten island. there were 55 confirmed cases in 2014. that jumped to 89 last year.
5:35 pm
bitten by the local ticks that carried the lyme disease. there is a steady rise a well with the the number of the cases statewide is up from 567 the previous year. the battle against home lessons gets personal about one local community. and while the woman stays safe while on the streets. also a pokemon down. the legal battle they are keeping sex offenders from using the game to find victims. and today in history, 35 years ago believe it or not. mtv made its debut. the first music video to air,
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car flips over. they caught the crash yesterday, just southwest of daytona beach. when it stopped rolling, the witnesses rushed over to help pull that driver out. no word yet on what lead to such a crash. walking the walk. people in a neighborhood in the bronx are going the extra mile to find help for a homeless woman in their midst. >> cbs2 lou young has their story. >> street is known by her first name only, jen is a fixture here on city island in the bronx. usually friendly, somewhat unkept and confused, recently homeless. >> we care about each other. and she is somebody that we see on a daily basis. so i think that everybody, they started to see that she wasn't doing well. they became concerned. >> the mere mention of her name
5:40 pm
>> it is a sad case to see her roaming the streets. >> she lived with a friend six weeks ago. >> and now there is new people over there. it is in the past. i don't want to talk about the past. >> you keep coming back here though, right? >> yes, i love the men and women, they are friendly to me. >> reporter: she takes back and forth, but there is barely a bus. she seems to be drifting away, a neighbor in distress. homeless and mental health outreach team seem to miss her because she keeps moving. and retired nurse robbie grany is tracking her movements. others bring her food and clothing if need be. one of the photos they took of her eyes twinkling, at the heat
5:41 pm
for assistance. >> reporter: that got everybody together, chatting throughout the the facebook page. >> reporter: where the homeless is too visible, and this community sees only a neighbor in need. lou young cbs2 news. >> the people have logged a dozen calls to the department of homeless services. we called today and we are waiting to hear back we hope that it works out. coming up next at 5:00 a tv star opens up about her battle with cancer. >> and just holding on to huge clumps of my hair. >> what shannon dorrity revealed about why she took this public. plus the search for the person who took aim at a swan with a cross bow. first though dana tyler
5:42 pm
hi, dana. >> maurice and kristine, hello, we continue to follow the breaking news in queens today. a police officer opening fire, a suspect shot. we're live with the latest developments. and family greeting the remains at la guardia airport today. more than 60 years after he left for the korean war. jennifer mclogan with the family as they prepare to finally lay their hero to rest. and those stories and also live
5:43 pm
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police on long island say that someone used a cross bow to shoot a swan at a wildlife preserve this weekend. now they are looking for whoever did it. >> and the attack has a lot of people outraged. >> reporter: investigators
5:46 pm
on this female swan. the swan was shot with two darts from the cross bow, becoming embedded in the swan's wings, narrowly ignoring the internal organs. >> it could have caused that serious view. >> reporter: he spends his day feeding the different types o shoot at them. anybody could have walked right up there and shot her. >> reporter: he successfully removed the darts, treating them with antibiotics before returning it to the pond. residence that walk along the pond are stunned by the attack. >> i don't have any words. i mean it's horrific. >> it is senseless. >> it makes me ashamed to be a human being. >> reporter: mike and kelly kaikel take their young
5:47 pm
>> our little one loves playing with the ducks and swans. probably kids shooting them with darts. >> reporter: the spca is asking the county to put surveillance cameras, calling for their help. >> they have put up a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and the conviction. >> reporter: even though it is expect today fully recover, those who care for it will send it to the wildlife refuge to make sure it's not harmed again. >> it is sad that they need to put cameras to prevent something like that. >> let's talk about the weather, quite a light show last night. lonnie quinn is back. are we going to see it again? >> and some folks will be seeing those storms. it looks to be very late there.
5:48 pm
weather watchers, being reported out from new jersey. and they are telling me that we have over four and a half inches of rain. thank you very much. but look that's the story as there were pockets of the heavier rain. you look outside right now, a cloudy sky at 78 degrees as we would speak. four degrees cooler than what it should be. that is what you expecting ahead with a storm chance for the five bureaus. but it is just moving so slowly. and west of the city that will be swooping on, in effect until 6:00 a.m. the river is running very high right now, just making it possibly worse. pleasant temperatures on tuesday through thursday and then look at this, we are back to pushing 90 degrees by the time you get to saturday.
5:49 pm
again, anything making their way into our area right now, just that light green area making their way through pike county, that's a light little rain shower. look for where the lightning bolts are, the reds and the oranges, the heavier downpours. i talked to the top of the news where they were not able to make their push to the east because we're catching the sea breeze beating them down, not making their push, basically through the entire area. at this hour we'll start to think that everything will start to wind down if there is anything that is still le afternoon, spot those little showers a possibility. wednesday, thursday looks really nice out there. vortex satellite and radar as far as the big picture goes, the cold front right here with the skies and later on tuesday and wednesday and thursday. and the line of rain that you'll see, this cold front is not going to hold themselves together. this high in essence will sort of bust through it, going to sheer it apart. some of the rain will go north of our area, the bigger rain
5:50 pm
spotty rain showers for your day tomorrow with the rain showers here tonight. a chance for the showers and storms. 69 degrees, your overnight low looking at tomorrow's high of 79. fall and humidity, i think the afternoon will be okay out there. still some spotty shower chances, but looking pretty good, setting up for a nice looking wednesday at 82. notice how the temperatures go up each -- each and every day. now friday and saturday you're back to that heat and humidity game again, so we need to start putting the thundercloud back on the maca summertime pattern, but that the heat is gone right now. it looks like it wants to make the appearance later on. >> we'll put you back to work. >> yes, you read it. >> coming in today 5798 degree -- today at 78 degrees. >> good to have you back. >> thanks, lonnie. actress shannen doherty has been very public about her battle with breast cancer. now she is revealing even more about her health and an exclusive interview with entertainment tonight. cbs2 joel niccolini has the
5:51 pm
huge clumps of my hair in my hands. just running to my mom crying. >> reporter: in february 2015, beverly hills 90210 star shannen doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer, now has undergone three out of eight rounds of chemo therapy. she sat down with senior editor jennifer parrows. >> it is pretty aggressive. documented the journey of shaping her head. >> that is the moment of where my mom was comforting me. >> we did a pixie and a mohawk, my favorite look. and then we need to finally get shaver thing and just buzz it off. >> reporter: one of the reasons why she chose to do it is so that people going through similar experiences wouldn't feel alone. >> i didn't want somebody to take a picture of me coming out of the grocery store being like
5:52 pm
i wanted to put it out there the way that it felt the best for me. her husband and mom are her two strong supporters that are with her every step of the way, they are both there, you know, the day after her chemo therapy helping her through the sickness. >> if i could help one person, then it makes me go oh, okay. it is easier to live with having cancer if i know that i'm helping at least one person. >> reporter: that doctors have not given her a diagnosis on the stage, but they want her to focus on getting better. then she will undergo radiation and get a scan to see if the cancer has spread. >> okay, thank you. >> yes, thank you, jill. coming up next, banned from playing pokemon. the new legal action aiming at keeping predators from using the popular game to target kids. then at 6:00, a traffic stop that turned out to be a
5:53 pm
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everyone seems to be playing pokemon go. >> but he is making sure some people cannot. meg baker has the story from the bronx. >> reporter: it's a game that draws in search of pokemon. >> one of the main concerns as a kid is that they might not be safe having those apps. >> report senator jeffrey kline says it is not all fun and games. >> when we open the door to technology, we have to be very careful that we're also not opening the doors to the dangerous sexual predator with a road map of where the young people are meeting. >> reporter: children play this popular august meanted game -- augmented game are steered towards sex offenders homes. governor cuomo has directed the
5:57 pm
restrict sex offenders under community supervision from using the pokemon go app. >> i think that's wonderful. anything to keep them away from children. >> reporter: parents here say that the new rule makes them feel more comfortable about their kids playing the game. although they will still talk to their kids about being aware of their surroundings. >> with the sex offender, you never know who is a sex offend -- sex offender and who is not. i think that's a good idea. >> state senator kline says there the state needs the help of the app developers. >> the second piece would require any augmented game
5:58 pm
>> that is all for the news at 5:00, we'll see you back here at 11:00. >> the news at 6:00 starts right now. breaking news, a struggle and then a police officer opens fire in queens. a burglary suspect shot. we are live with the cbs2 demanding answers tonight. what's being done about the ongoing computer problems and long lines at the new jersey dmv. and it looked like a traffic stop, but that was a hoax. setting up the marriage proposal. now the police officers who helped pull it off could be in trouble. and finally home. the remains of the long island war hero returns to their family after more than 60 years. good evening i'm dana
5:59 pm
police say that things started this afternoon when a woman saw an intruder inside her home from a remote surveillance camera. cbs2 tracee carrasco live in maspeth with the latest on the police involved shooting and putting all the facts and the story together. tracee? >> reporter: dana, behind me this crime scene stretches two blocks down on 66th street and across on hull avenue. the investigation is ongoing into this police-involved shooting of a burglary suspe part of a home break-in pattern. >> gunshots. >> reporter: cell phone video we obtained shot bay resident across the street captures the moment before and after shots fired can be heard. police tell us they fired after responding to a call of a
6:00 pm
police say the suspect seen in the video is running from the home while the woman who is the homeowner called 911. witnesses say they heard a gunshot, unsure exactly where it was coming from or what was happening in their normally quiet neighborhood. >> sot cops go in. so the cops go in and by this time they are there to see if they need to disable the man. >> reporter: police say that the suspect a career criminal with six prior arrests was spotted by the woman casing her home from a remote surveillance system. >> the unirm to see the female caller. who is also the resident of that apartment. met them outside their building. after gaining entry to the apartment, one officer encountered a male suspect in the rear room. a struggle ensued. which one shot was discarded discharged by the officer's service weapon. the suspect fled the building and chased on foot bit officers, apprehended about a block away in backyards. >> reporter: police say the woman was discovered three quarters of a block from where


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