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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  August 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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longed for this job, which he has held twice. this time around the department has been admired in scandals. the announcement that he's leaving seems so abrupt and the change happened soon. bill bratton will resign as new york city's 42nd police commissioner in september. he has said he would not serve under de blasio's second term. the 68-year-old caught many off guard with this notice of departure so soon. this is bratton's second term as police commissioner having served before under mayor giuliani starting in 199 controversial broken windows policy went into practice. prior to that he served as head of new york city's transit police in 1990. the commissioner is a vietnam army veteran and his distinctive boston accent shows his roots as a beat cop there in 1980. he is married to ricky cleman. they saw corruption investigations involving top brass. as recently as this morning, there were city hall protest calling for his resignation. there have been ongoing
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interact with various communities. taking over is chief of department james o'neil. and o'neil has been a cop with nypd since 1983. sources tell us and tell political reporter that bratton appears to have a new job lined up already, finalizing a lucrative private sector offer. we will have much more for you at 5:00. >> all right, dave carlin in the newsroom for us. thank you. you're looking at a live picture of city hall where de bratton's resignation officially. we'll bring the announcement live and as soon as it happens here on this broadcast. to health concerns over the zika outbreak. issues authorized a travel warning to miami where mosquitoes are suspected of transmitting the zika virus. pregnant women are especially advised to avoid that area. 14 people have been tested positive for the illness. cbs2 janelle burrell joins us live from la guardia airport.
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unprecedented for health officials to issue this type of warning within the united states. but after that recent outbreak in miami, they're now urging people traveling to that region to take extra precautions. natalie and sarah are heading back to miami from la guardia airport today. she knows the risk. >> i don't want to get sick. i don't think anyone does. it's pretty bad. >> reporter: the centers for disease control and the new york city health department issuing the warning to people traveling to the windwood neighborhood of miami. a square mile art district where 14 people have been bitten by the mosquitoes carrying the virus. health officials admit having difficulty eradicating the zika- carrying mosquitoes. >> that could be because some of the mosquitoes are resistant to the insecticides or they haven't gotten rid of the standing water or it is a tough area to control the mosquitoes in. >> avoid getting bitten by
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>> just putting something on your skin to get rid of them. >> reporter: carmen marilla are leaving home from new york to go to the beach. here in the tri-state areas, these trucks spraying pesticides over parts of queens and staten island monday. an area with a large asian tiger mosquito population, though none have so far tested positive for zika. the the spraying is a preemptive measure a part of the city's $21 million effort to keep the virus out. >> we don't want to wait until we find it in the now. >> they add that being extra careful at night is also key. >> if you go out at night, they will attack you. >> reporter: now people who have recently traveled to those affected areas are being urged to refrain from conceiving until the next two months. pregnant women who have traveled to the area recently since mid-june are also being advised to test for the virus.
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burrell cbs2 news. >> janelle, thank you. police have released video of a frightening robbery. the suspect appears to be wearing an mta shirt. >> reporter: it is still unclear whether or not this man was an mta employee or just impersonating one. but this morning commuters here say they aren't trusting anyone. the robbery suspect fits in at the st. nicholas station stop in harlem untucked, but still the mta uniform. >> when you see something, say something, you're going to go to the person to say something. they're the ones that are going to rob you. >> reporter: just before 4:00 a.m. on july 26, the suspect came up behind a 55-year-old commuter, took a sharp object to his neck and stole the backpack from his shoulders before running off. seven or eight years ago i was actually on the other side of the station and i was attacked too. so i'm not surprised. >> reporter: the crime may be
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if the suspect is an mta employee or just posing as one. i asked the subway attendant on post this morning if uniforms were hard to come by. she says she is so new to the job she hasn't even received her mta shirt yet. today commuters say all they can do is look out for themselves. some say it's a matter of fate. >> it is sad to leave everything in the hands of god and believe he's going to protect us. >> reporter: the victim suffered some minor injuries when we reached out to mta. all they could tell us is that investigation. in harlem ally bauman cbs2 news. new at noon, crews battle a massive house fire on elm rock road. investigators say that the fire started around 9:30 this morning in the rear of the home. firefighters were getting the upper hand, but investigators say more flames erupted when they vented the roof. no one was hurt. we were waiting for mayor
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of police commissioner bill bratton. we'll join the mayor now. >> it is a day where we once again recognize the extraordinary achievements of our police force in driving down crime, making our neighborhoods safer, bringing police and community closer together. we celebrate transition filled with vigilance, taking a step into new york it in september commissioner bill bratton whose contributions to our city and the law enforcement not only here, but across the nation are literally extraordinary. in september commissioner bratton will retire from the nypd. we have found the perfect person to succeed him in chief jimmy o'neil.
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the city. i will say it, i always call him jimmy, you can call him james, you can call him jim, but i always call him jimmy. jimmy is one of the best prepared police commissioners that this city has ever seen. his decades of experience have taught him not only how to lead and how to continue to improve the extraordinary work of the vision of neighborhood policing that is now taking hold as the philosophy of this department. he is the architect of our neighborhood policing strategy, a strategy that commissioner bratton and chief o'neil convinced me over the last few years would be the future of this city and was deserving of the extraordinary investment, the strategy that's going to make us safer, a strategy
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this is the man that created that neighborhood policing. he is the man who will see that vision through the good of all new yorkers. we will never forget or fail to honor the achievements of bill bratton. he and i have developed an intense bond over these last 31 months. and i am happy for the future and i'm happy for your future, extraordinary friendship. i'll miss seeing you every single day, but this friendship and this deep, deep connection will continue. i want to thank you for all that you have done for the people of new york city. when we think about the 31 months, we came into office, all of us together with the goal of doing two things that many said could not be done at
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driving down crime while repairing some of the riff between police and community. we said both of those things have to happen. we knew it was a tough road. wherever bill bratton has gone, he's worked on both those fronts. and he had an extraordinary chief of department in jimmy o'neil to help find a path to take us to some of the lowest crimes we have seen in the writing some of the wrongs in the past, fixing the broken policy of stop and frisk, changing the relationship between police and community precinct by precinct. that work has a long way to go, i want to emphasize that. but i don't think any of us could have imagined a more productive 31 months. i don't think any of us could have imagined more done in such a short period of time.
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the senior leadership has done an incredible job. one thing that has been a hallmark of bill bratton and i know that it is something that jimny o'neil -- o'neill believes. that is one of the reasons that you will see the extraordinary success. we remember what this city used to be like. a lot murders a year, disorder was common, almost went without notice that they were so common. bill bratton and jack maple may he rest in peace changed that for all of us. but there was so much more to be done with that model that it wasn't enough to just end the bad. we have to start working towards the good. towards our status as the
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towards the goal of real harmony between police and community. that is work again that we have come a long way much more to be done. when you go back and you think about those days in the early 90s, that this man and his partner in crime, that's the wrong phrase, but his partner of fighting crime believes something different could happen. they had a vision that many doubted. they had a vision that was big and different. they believed, they had faith, they were willing people hadn't gone before. you're going to see the same when it comes to jimmy o'neill and neighborhood policing. he's ready to take this department where it has never been before in terms of a truly deep and consistent bond between police and community. it's an idea that has been talked about for a decade, it has never been achieved. but this is the man who will achieve it, and that is very good news for the people of new
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neighborhood policing continues to grow. we are rolling it out in 51% of our precincts this fall, and we will continue from there. you'll see what it means in the lives of everyday new yorkers when they actually know the officer who patrols their part of their neighborhood. when they know the officer's name when they have a sense of personal connection, mutual respect, shared mission, that's going to change this the better. jimmy is the real thing in every way. first of all he comes from some place that i would like to call one true burro of brooklyn, born and breed. flat brook brooklyn, that upbringing that he'll talk about for sure. growing up in the city, learning about the people from
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brought up by a wonderful family that instilled with him values of service. and then joining the nypd. 33 years ago as a transit officer. we were talking last night about the fact that transit officers, they get to know new york city shoulder to shoulder, every kind of new yorker, upclose and personal, gives them a city safe, one or two at a time. and then he started to rise. he was noticed early on by great leaders of the department like bill bratton. he rose through the ranks, commanded precincts, worked narcotics, trained future officers at the police academy. he did so many of the crucial roles in the department. and along the way built tremendous relationships with leaders of this city.
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i hear it from them all the time, their appreciation for the way that jimmy o'neill will communicate with them and shares his thoughts and vision, listens to their concerns. commissioner bratton understood what jimmy could bring to the equation as he would build this extraordinary leadership team as he thought about how to take come stat to the next level -- com stat to the next level. jimmy has been intimately involved in the further deepening of model. and the architect of the neighborhood policing, creating a model that i believe are going to make work here, i believe that it will change the city, i believe it will become a model that will be looked at around the country because they answer what people are aching for, everyone is aching for it, people in neighborhoods, they just want to be safe, they want to have a sense that they are respected, they want to walk out door in the morning. they know that they will be safe, come home at night. our police officers want the exact same thing, they want to
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to their families at night and come home safely. they want to contribute. that's why they chose this profession. neighborhood policing is the model that will allow that to finally happen the way that it was meant to. and the many new yorkers when i talk to them say we remember the cop on the beat, we remember the officer that we knew. the guy who knew every one of us, knew every parent, every child. we yearn for those days and we want to see today's version of that. that's what jimmy o'neill wl well, i know this is a job for a strong man. i know it is a job for someone with a real vision, the vision of change, reform, progress. like i always said about bill bratton who has never ever rested on his morals to the benefit of all of us. jimmy o'neill, burns with a
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better, to keep finding the next innovation. and he is going to be an extraordinary leader for this department. i want to introduce to you the next police commissioner for the city of new york jimmy o'neill. [ applause ] >> it's not true irish people do hug every once in a while. good afternoon everyone and thanks for being here. thank you mayor de blasio and police commissioner bratton for your confidence in me. it's truly astounding. it's been an amazing 16 hours. never in my life coming on this job in 1983 did i think i'd be standing at the podium talking to everybody as the next police commissioner. thanks for allowing the men and women of the new york city police department under your guidance to do what they do
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cops. thank you to all the officers at nypd, every rank from three- star chief down to cop who allowed me and helped me get to where i am today. without them i'd be nothing. thank you to all the elected officials and the clergy members, and all who live and work in the two-five and four- four who have become true friends and guides for my career. over the past two and a half years i've had the absolute privilege to work closely with the mayor and the mi nation's largest police department away from the style of policing, the city that sometimes lost focus of the most important aspect of safeguarding the public. lowering crime, but not at the expense of losing the faith of the people we are sworn to protect and serve. the mayor has given the nypd everything that we have asked for and needed to change our
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zero, bicyclists, pedestrians alike, all in the name of saving lives or adding manpower to our ranks for the first time in a decade thanks to the mayor and the city council for purchasing necessary tools to make our officer's jobs safer and more effective. but also more importantly, steadfasting us in the efforts to improve this great city. many might think being named the next police commissioner would be a career of an old transit cop like me, sometimes but i can tell you i see this as an invitation to continue, a unique chance for us to advance and see through to all the great work we have put together in the past 31 months in commissioner bratton, thank you for that. those of you who have known me far while know that i love being a cop. i love this uniform and i love what it stands for. most of the people i know in law enforcement took this job for the same reason i did, to lead lives of significance. they wanted to make a difference in the world.
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an even better city and to help all new yorkers achieve a quality life we can all be proud of. when i was a rookie cop patrolling the subways in 1983, it was a different city in many ways. but i think the people back then, they still had the same dreams that we have, just want to live good lives, be productive, take care of their families. my mom helen who is sitting in the front row with my sister sheila. she might remember this. when i first came on the job they had us wor to 4:00 in the morning. they learned quickly how to be a cop, how to be aware of your surroundings, how to navigate the maze of subway lines. but most importantly how to talk to every person imaginable. i remember vividly the look of relief on many peoples faces when they see me. a cop, a little bit more hair back then standing on the same platform or riding in the same car as them. not a lot of people back then really wanted to ride the subway between 8:00 at night until 4:00 in the morning, but they did so to get back and
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their families and to improve their life. they were happy to see a uniform cop because they felt safer. it was inspiring for a young cop, and now nearly 34 years later it's the same feeling today for the young men and women you see in uniform all around the five burros. we are here forout people of this city. as i became a precinct commander, my horizons were broadened. i learned exactly how valuable and how fragile at times this relationship between la actually is. let me tell you this is truly a shared effort, a shared responsibility. our success as a police department, as a society only when we work together. with the help of every new yorker we will continue facilitating all the good that is done daily by law-abiding residence in our neighborhoods while we work to erase the pockets of violences that emerge. that's our obligation. and know this, we are very much aware of the majority of violent crimes in the cities
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small percentage -- cities perpetrated by a relatively small percentage of people. we know who these people are and we will continue to go right after them as we have done in the past two and a half years on some of the largest takedowns we have ever conducted. as with enforcement, we will continue relentless follow up. we will do all of this by keeping the city safe from the ever changing threat of terror. it is a different world. you are aware of our new strategic response command. always ready. those officers are amongst the best trained in the nation to respond to any emerging threat in this city including an active shooter situation. they work hand and hand every day with our counterterrorism intelligence bureau, which is second to none. anales suring that people can safe -- and also ensuring that people can demonstrate safety and the nypd does it better than no one else. it is what democracy in america
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the protests and the fall of 2014 signaled that change was necessary. with the brutal assassination of joe lou in brooklyn that december that it was clear that the nypd had to find a new way forward to meet the needs of every new yorker. that's when our new york-based policing initiative was really born. but this october our neighborhood-based policing program, which is very much a crime fighting tool will be in more than half of our command city wide and 100% public housing commands. knowing who your police officers are, especially what their names are, if you are dealing with someone you also have their phone number at your disposal is one way to strengthen the bond that will exist in many places and bridging the divide where it doesn't. i mentioned my mom earlier. it is hard to talk about you. [ laughter ] she really was the one that taught me the
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can change the world to what we want it to be and that life is much more than just about one's self. it's about all of us. thank you, mom. >> oh man. [ applause ] i never thought it would be that hard to talk about you. i talk about you all the time. that's not, i can't forget about my older sister sheila. he's been my guru for my direction, so thank you sheila. it's about all of us. today new york city we're at record lows in terms of homicides and shootings. by year's end we'll have a great chance of logging the fewest index crimes ever recorded in the single year. that's truly historic. we need to take a second to think about that. but that doesn't mean we stop. we never stop trying to drive down crime and disorder. we're going to do it in lock step for the people we're dedicated to protect. it is afterall what we do now.
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having the trust and confidence in me to continue shepherding the extraordinary changes that we have put in motion to help the nypd continue to evolve and must always evolve. and new york city continues to be in a place we're all proud to live and work. thank you very much. [ applause ] so i've had all of 16 hours to think about the way forward. and there were a couple of easy decisions for me. one of them was to ask friend ben tucker first deputy commission to stay on and help the city move forward. ben, thank you for that and i've asked you to come up. [ applause ] >> just a few words. first of all jimmy, sot first thing this morning i get a -- so the first thing this morning i get a call from jimmy and he says ben, it's jimmy.
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i just want to know you are hanging around, right? and i said absolutely i'm hanging around. i came here and i'm hanging around because jimmy and i sort of have this synergy from the time we connected, when i came here back in march of 2014. and i got the call from commissioner bratton. by the way thank you for that call because it changed my life. it brought me back into policing after having been gone from the nypd for 24 year i came back as a deputy commissioner of training. we have done some extraordinary work as the mayor eluded to in a variety of ways. it has never been in my 46 years in the business this much activity in a police department particularly the nypd moving it in a direction that is changing the way that we police the
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later ended up being appointed the first deputy commissioner. and so for me it has been an amazing ride. i love what i do. when jimmy asked the question, i mean the words came out right away, of course i'm hanging around. i wouldn't leave. although that we have accomplished a great deal, we have a lot more work to do. our crime is down, the numbers are down, they look great and we will probably have a wonderful year. on the other hand our relationship with the community is still we know it, we recognize it. and everything that we have done in the past 33 months, 30 months has been focused on how we improve and build trust or rebuild that trust. so we will continue on that path. the mission is not over. and i'm looking forward to serving with jimmy when i came in commissioner bratton and i became the first deputy. he said i want you to be a full partner in running this agency.
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perspective and i'm looking forward to being a full partner with jimmy o'neill. i know that we can work together and do some amazing things and dot work for the city that we know has to be done. jimmy, congratulations, my man. >> thanks, ben. [ applause ] >> so if you have noticed one thing at ben, i'm really going to have to up my game when it comes to suits, ben. >> don't worry, i'll take care >> i have a couple. but not as nice as that. so moving up to the position of police commissioner, that does create a bit of a vacancy. my old job, but as chief of the department. and it didn't take long for me to figure out who i wanted to fill that position. it is a man that i have come to, i have known him for 14 years. i met him when i was at the precinct.
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that he was the man of integrity, hard work, sharing the same vision that i do. carlos gomez is a man right for this job. he has the will to make the change. sometimes it is real difficult to change police departments. he has the vision to make the change. he's a great friend, he's a great leader, and i would just like to introduce carlos gomez as the new chief of department. carlos? [ app] >> thank you. thank you. >> well let me begin by thanking mayor de blasio, commissioner bratton for all that you have done for this city and this police department. the transformation that has taken place in the last 31 months is truly amazing.
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commissioner, jim o'neill, this city is so lucky. someone who cares about the cops, cares about the community, whose management style is one of teamwork and that is what we share. that is going to trickle down, which will trickle down from the top, from the police commissioner through me, through the bureau chiefs, the burro command that it will trickle down all the way down to the police offi newest police officers, the newest rookies. who benefits? the entire city, the community. they will benefit from this. it is a great honor to oversee all uniform members in the nation's largest and finest police department. this city is truly blessed in that it has the most hard working very dedicated and the best trained police officers patrolling the street.
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mean from the newest rookie in field training all the way up to the experience and talented bureau chiefs. my task will be to have our offices work together as a team with the communities that we serve. to reduce crime, especially violent crimes. by such communities. we don't care about that anymore, we just care about the rotten apples, the few of them. of course, we must work on our community relations and that so much has been done. we will continue to be done with that regard. chief o'neill designed the neighborhood based policing, which is in place in 32


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