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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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and all the back story too. >> reporter: dana, it was out with the old and in with the new. bill bratton quitting chief of department and james o'neill stepping into his shoes. while mayor de blasio lamented the departure, it is apparent he also saw the political up side as well. >> he is the architect of our neighborhood policing strategy. >> reporter: the words bill de blasio used to describe jimmy that helped catapult him to reelection because replacing bill bratton who has become a something of a lightning rod with a man with a squeaky clean reputation and no baggage and respect among cops in communities they police will bring the mayor support in the minority communities that provided a good deal of votes in the last election. a political consultant said "the mayor's minority voter approval numbers will rise and the rest of the city will
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will see this as another chaotic day in the de blasio." the mayor made sure that the leadership team will be racially defers. o'neill will lead the department assisted biben tucker and carlos gomez. >> ? hey, hey, hey good-bye. >> demonstrators bidding a sarcastic good-bye to bratton as he left city hall, emblematic of the that surrounded him. mayor de blasio always took great pains to respect bratton and his national reputation on policing, bratton had to deal with the killing of four cops and a corruption scandal that gave nypd a block eye. top deputies indicted, some for favors in exchange for money, trips, prostitutes. nevertheless. >> we will never forget or fail to honor the achievements of
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is leaving because now is the right time. he has changed the department, changed training to make cops more racially sensitive and at 68 wants to spend more quality time with his wife. >> i am leaving with reluctance. i wish i had more time chronologically to stay around for three or four years. i don't have that time of type. >> reporter: bratton's new job is official. he will be joining a consulting firm that advises big companies about risk management. you should als miller, the head of intelligence and counter terrorism, is staying on. >> the commissioner spoke highly of john and so many people. thank you so much. the man replacing bill bratton as commissioner started patrolling the subways more than 30 years ago. now the nypd's chief of department james o'neill will head the police force assigned to keep more than 8 million people safe. dick brennan is live in mid
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police commissioner. dick. >> reporter: dana, he is the highest ranking officer in new york city, also a lifetime officer. he has been here more than three decades. we should note this time jimmy o'neill becomes commissioner with a lot of problems cut out for him. >> those who have known me for a while know i love being a cop. i love this uniform. i love what it stands for. >> reporter: he has been wearing the uniform for decades. he 1983. >> i remember the look of relief on many people's faces when they would see me, a cop, little bit more hair then, standing on the same platform or riding in the same car as him. >> reporter: he has support among people who have seen him in action. >> he has served as commanding asker of a precinct where you have a high population of minority residents that have had fractured relationships with officers and jimmy gets
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he speaks at roll call. i have seen him. >> we are rolling it out and 51% of our precincts this fall. you will see what it means in the lives of everyday new yorkers. >> reporter: o'neill is 58, a native of flat bush brooklyn and got emotional thanking his mother. >> i mentioned my mom earlier. >> she really is the one who taught me ideals of what good cops should aspire to. >> reporter: helen o'neill told us things you didn't know about her son the new police commissioner. >> he has six siblings. he is one of seven. >> what's his favorite food? >> what's his favorite? >> iris soda bread. >> reporter: can't argue with that. o'neill takes over in mid
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seamless transition. >> thank you, dick. the police commissioner's current salary is just over $214,000 a year. there is more information like that including a look at the careers of commissioner bratton and incoming commissioner o'neill. check it out on our website the zika outbreak in florida has new york state health officials so concerned they're taking aggressive action to prevent t from spreading right here. 15 cases have now been confirmed in miami's winnwoods art district. there is a travel warning advising pregnant women to avoid the area. hazel sanchez with more on the steps taken to keep those mosquitoes out of new york. >> governor cuomo headed under ground to get to the root of the mosquito borne zika crisis before it has a chance to plant itself here. >> we have dealt with enough
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way to deal with crisis is to prevent it and get ahead of it. >> how do you feel about that, thinking it might come to new york? >> kind of scary. >> reporter: on any given day, 13 million gallons of water can be found within the city subway system, tracks leading to a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. for the first time at the governor's direction the state department of health and the mta will be using larva side tablets in subway system to stop the gestation of water, we will apply the larva cide. >> this is the most aggressive approach to combat mosquitoes in the subway system. it is finding some insecticide aren't working. >> it could be because some mosquitoes are resistant. >> new york health commissioner says the one the state is using is effective and safe. >> it is a bacteria and the bacteria ends up killing the
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>> reporter: mta says crews will regularly patrol tracks to clean drains and prevent standing water. >> i think it's good. i think preventative measures are better than trying to fix something after it is done. >> reporter: more than 500 people have the zika virus in new york though no one contracted it here. the state is hoping the preventative measures keep it that way. >> governor cuomo is their part to eliminate standing water on their property. the state is distributing larva cide tablets to any homeowner who requests them. there is a health alert also in our area about the mumps. the nassau county health commissioner is warning the disease is making a come back in long beach and nearby communities on the south shore. more than 18 cases have been reported and most of the people who get it had been vaccinated.
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strain of the virus that's not covered by the measles, mumps, or rubella vaccine, mmr vaccine. doctors say some patients have the tell tale swollen cheeks but other symptoms are less obvious. >> they're very nonspecific. you can come in with a headache, low grade fevers, body aches, things that are similar to the common cold. >> the doctor recommending for the best protection, two doses of the mumps vaccine. some people may have only gotte say it is never too late to get the booster shot. an update now on a story we told you about last night, that nightmare of the long lines at the department of motor vehicle offices in new jersey. known in the state as the motor vehicle services offices. computer and other problems forcing customers to wait in long lines at times and just give up and go home with
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in lines wrapping around motor vehicle services offices in new jersey, some never making it in after taking the day off work because of computer failures. we took their complaints to the governor. >> what are you going to do about the problems at the motor vehicle offices, people waiting in long lines and not getting in, being sent home? >> first, i would love to urge the public -- i know this may be a vein attempt -- to not wait until the last three days of the month to do what you need to. not just at the end of the month or the beginning. it's random. it's computer outages. it's not just confined to the end of the month. >> the numbers don't prove that. >> reporter: he admits staffing is increased because it was low and he has appointed a new information technology director who figured out the cause of the crash of the computer system. >> because we have so modernized and invested more in mvc it was not catching up to state mainframe. it is older.
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so long? >> legislature, any exec it i've plans will have to step up and invest more in computer technology. >> reporter: the governor says he has asked the i.t. person to come up with a plan by september on what it will cost to modernize the system at all the offices. christine sloan, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. breaking news now in newark new jersey. a roof collapsed, joe biermann is in chopper 2 showing us pictures. a lot where is it? >> reporter: newark south 8th street and 15th avenue, a large roar and cloud of dust, upper floors of an abandoned building and roof collapsed on the street. the fire department says the good news is no injuries to report. joe biermann, cbs 2 news. >> thank you for the update, joe. a risky surgery for this little girl from queens to remove a life threatening tumor on her face.
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and look normal. >> we're with her doctors and family before the complicated operation. >> a devastating flood at a church. their preschool is nearly destroyed. can they salvage anything? lonnie quinn. >> the rain situation out there right now, nothing is making its way to our area because of the northwest breeze. with once that northwest breeze turns, temperatures will start going up. i will tell you when that's going to happen. >> charlie rose is in for news. >> tonight on the cbs evening news. >> you can get the baby out of here. [ laughter ] >> that's the latest attendee to get kinged out of a don -- kicked out of a donald trump rally. >> will an unprecedented travel ban halt the spread of zika? >> how the pope says women could lead the catholic church into a new era. those stories are tonight on
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devastating floods caused by rain storms have left one church and nursery school in ruins. meg baker went to see first hand how they're picking up the pieces. >> reporter: dumpsters are picking up as the church is emptied, everything lost to storm flood waters. water rose above the door handle, furniture, copier,
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of a hill on lake drive east and the water just cascaded down the road above us. >> reporter: the pastor says it was raining buckets sunday night around 8:45. a church member was actually in the building. >> she said the water started pouring in through the windows so fast she didn't even have time to react. it just happened. >> reporter: the work is being done by volunteers and all the sheetrock must come down to prevent mold from growing. >> just here to help as much as i can. quinn kelly has this church. >> removing molding, sheetrock, getting rid of carpet, cleaning everything out. >> reporter: parents and teachers of the adjacent nursery school say it's going to take a lot of effort and money to get the building ready for the first day of school september 7. the director has heard from some families. >> my mom let me know from a kindergartener that she saw the pictures and she was crying, that's my school, that's my teacher.
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>> we can use people to help clean up. if anyone can volunteer professional clean up services, that would be great. >> reporter: there is a food pantry that feeds a number of families. all the food is unuseable. total damage is estimated to be more than $100,000. meg baker, cbs 2 news. two new york surgeons will use ground breaking medical techniques to rescue a baby girl from a her face. dave carlin reports that tomorrow's life saving surgery is answering the family's prayers. >> reporter: this corona queens girl with sparkling eyes is too familiar with doctors' offices. sandy diaz was born this way last summer. repeated efforts to shrink this giant mass kept failing. so sandy and her parents moved to a crucial risky next step.
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when, god willing, she's going to be able to get rid of this. >> the malformation is all the way through and goes behind the airway. >> reporter: the surgical dream team for removing the big cluster of lymphatic vessels and fluid, the doctor is world renowned in the field. >> anatomically everything is distorted. the nerves are not in the right place. >> reporter: th will dramatically improve her life involves pioneering medical techniques that weren't even around when dr. wayneer started this important work. >> we had to wait for the patient to fully wake up and determine whether or not we had damaged anything. >> reporter: advanced electrical monitoring shows doctors where nerves are and how they're responding to surgery. it is expected to take five hours to remove 90% of the mass with results doctors hope will be similar to this patient.
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photos at 2 and 9 years old. this mother says her four other children are protective and sandy will return to the loving home as a miracle baby. dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> the surgeons are volunteering their skills to the family saying no child in that condition is ever turned away. lonnie quinn is here. what a story. >> it up lifts everything. >> irt does. >> every digit crossed. >> yes. >> let me show you what we have outside. the day will be better looking. right now we have quite a bit of cloud cover. i still think you have to classify the sky as mostly cloudy, 74 degrees. your high temp didn't find 80 today. it is five degrees cooler than it should be. what we will talk about is tropical storm earl. the e storm is out there.
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improving but also expect temperatures to be increasing. it will be getting down right hot again. this is earl. you see it right here about 450 miles to the east of belize, not posing a threat to the united states. but it does look like it will be making landfall late tomorrow, maybe thursday morning as a strong tropical storm. right now 50-mile per hour winds could be almost hurricane strength as it makes landfall with 70-mile per hour winds and sort of pushing across yucatan peninsula into the gulf of mexico for possan landfall a little bit later on in the week. in our area here is what it looks like outside. any rain that's been out there has been to our west, not allowed to move in. you see the arrows showing the surface winds? pushing everything inland and not allowing it to move west to east. we look good. the clouds will dissipate overnight. here is the front we dealt with yesterday. high pressure is strong behind it. it's not entirely in place over our area yet. it will be tomorrow.
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we didn't get much out of it. look how pretty that sky is for your wednesday, your thursday. friday at 2:30 this is as far as the models will go but it is showing some rain is getting close. we think later friday into saturday, that will be the next rain chance. tomorrow, what a good looking day dana with 82 and low humidity and sunshine. early august, 82, low humidity. that's nice. 84 thursday. it is looking great. 87 friday. we are heating up. it looks lie saturday. friday into saturday again is the next shower or storm chance. >> thank you. >> need the rain. game two of the subway series tonight. sports is next with steve overmyer. ?? the 2016 us open. get your tickets today. there's one place where america's
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?? the 2016 us open. get your tickets today. sweeping communication changes in the workplace. >> what's happening more often and what's becoming a thing of the past. >> get traffic and letter on the twos. >> wake up tomorrow morning. the mets are hoping to catch lightning in a bottle for a second straight year. tonight we'll get our first glimpse of the new slugger jay bruce. bruce brings a career year with him to queens. he is league leader in runs batted in and it is paragraph that the mets front office was going to do everything they can to help the team. bruce is an impact player when he is hot like he is now.
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bats in baseball. last year credited for mets offensive surge at the end of the season so bruce has a lot to live up to. >> the only responsibility i feel is to be the best version of myself. i am coming in to be part of this team. i really truly believe that baseball really does take 25 plus players to reach the goal that everybody wants to reach. you know, yeah, i am not trying to be anyone but myself and hopefully just come new york from alex rodriguez who is possibly on his way out of new york. the question is when? reports say a-rod could be cut in the next week. it is said they haven't had discussions about his roster spot yet. he says if yankees cut him, he had be okay with it. he is currently four home runs
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time. he is off the injured list and practiced for the first time. meanwhile oh, dell deck am junior spent most of the day on the sideline. -- still a work in progress. >> i am just trying to be myself, do what's best for the team, help leaders and put them in the position to be successful. so everything i will do as a position coach and try to help the players i coach play position coaches be as best they can. now i am trying to do that throughout the time. >> wash outs at the u.s. open are a thing of the past things to a gleaming new roof. the long awaited retractable roof is unveiled, the flagship improvement to a center that's seen about $600 million worth of upgrades over the past few years. the roof takes about six
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problem at the u.s. men's open. last year's final was delayed by more than three hours. again, that is a thing of the past. weather will not be bothering the funnels this year or any year -- finals this year or any year after. >> thanks. we'll be back after this. >> sports is brought to you by jeep. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good.
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closed captioning on cbs 2 news is brought to you by chrysler. >> here is what's coming up tonight. i am maurice dubois. we have been reporting several problems caused by pokemon go. something about the popular game has a resident so angry he has filed a fed are a the lawsuit. >> new video, store employees escape into a locked room to get away from armed robbers. not everybody found a and how everybody wound up unharmed. we'll have all those stories tonight at cbs 2 news at 11:00. >> thank you. next, pope francis says women can lead the catholic church into a new era. charlie rose is in for scott pelley tonight. thank you for joining us at 6:00 on cbs 2. have a good
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> rose: and then trump said. >> i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. i hear that baby crying. i like it. actually, i was only kidding. you can get the baby out of here. >> rose: also tonight, the president suggests it's time for endorsements. >> this isn't a situation where you have an episodic gaffe. this is daily. and weekly. >> rose: a new zika case outside zika zone. >> women are scared to death. >> reporter: yourself included. >> myself included, absolutely. >> rose: and reinventing the wheel. >> seems to be a war. it's a wheel war out there.


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