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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 3, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, august 3rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? breaking news. a passenger jet crash land in dubai's main thick smoke into the air. all 300 people on board survive. >> donald trump refuses to endorse gop leaders after they condemn his comments about a gold star family. >> sending 400 million in cash to iran. why critics say it amounts to ransom for american hostages. we begin this morning with a
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the airline is calling it an incident. it appears the plane may have crashed during an emergency landing. >> you have been evacuated safely. >> i think he is the worst president maybe in the history of our country. i think he has been a disaster. >> republican nominee is unfit to serve as president and he keeps on proving it. >> a man came up to me and he handed me pu >> i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. >> i'm shouting. i'm just so upset. >> president obama's administration sent 400 million in cash. americans were released. >> widespread flash flooding in phoenix. tropical storm earl expected to
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zika likely transmitted by infected mosquitoes in miami-dade county, florida. >> 9-year-old the first to undergo a air transplant. all that. >> now the wind is going bad. now i'm like a weather reporter. whoa! >> possible mad cow situation here. >> we are going to handle this. >> no don't run from me. i'm the police. >> all that matters. >> this photo enjoying kentucky fried chicken. >> you can tell trump has never eaten kfc in his life because he thought he might need salt! >> on "cbs this morning." >> you're good. >> i love that. i hear that baby crying. i like it. i like it! what a baby. >> you see, he can be a nice guy. okay? i should apologize. >> actually, i was only kidding. you can get the baby out of here.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." we are following breaking news of a passenger plane that crash landed into dubai. thick black smoke from the jet when with it stopped on the runway. all passengers and crew are safe. seconds. >> the boeing 77 n morning was flying into dubai. >> reporter: the details are still coming in. the airline not saying much. we don't know what caused this dramatic crash landing and much what we can tell you this morning is based on videos intermediate by people, a lot of them using their telephones, waiting at dubai airport.
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on the runway, clearly on fire after a very hard landing. in another view, there is a big explosion in the fuselage and shortly afterward, you can see the aircraft still smoking, its wing ripped off and flipped over. and the emergency chutes are all fully deployed. emirates airline says all 282 passengers and 18 crew were safely evacuated. airline crews are trained to evacuate this kind of plane in a minute and a half. now, we have been in touch with aviation experts here in london and they tell us that there appears to have been strong wind and blowing dust in the area when the plane was on its approach and it looks like the landing was hard enough to have actually snapped off the landing gear which takes some doing on a boeing 777. but as i said, still no word exactly what went wrong and when on that final approach. gayle? >> it's just good to know after
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thank you. more dramatic video shows the flames shooting from the plane after it crashed. accidents involving this particular jet are rare. kris van cleave looks at the plane and the circumstances of this crash. >> reporter: good morning. we expect the national transportation safety board will be involved in this investigation because the plane is a boeing 777. the first thing the investigators will look for is the plane's black boxes similar to this one and they are kept the voice and data recorders should give investigators a clear sense what the pilots were saying as well as how the aircraft was functioning as it landed. the boeing 777 has been flying for 20 years. it has an excellent safety record. only three other so-called loss of air frame accidents and that includes one that added surface appears very similar. july 6th, 2013 a asianian
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board and three died there. our initial view of emirates safety record reveals only two other serious incidents, both occurred on takeoff and resulted in emergency landings without injuries. nearly 300 people were on board this flight and initial reports have all passengers getting off safely. to certify an aircraft even a boeing 77 which is pretty large it has to be evacuated in 90 seconds or less the exits are blocked. >> donald trump is hitting back at top republicans who have criticized his remarks about a gold star family. from decline yesterday to endorse house speaker paul ryan or senator john mccain in their primary races. his refusal came after both men reacted harshly to his feud with the family of a fallen soldier. >> trump tweeted this morning,
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major garrett is in washington with trump's struggle to get his campaign on track. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump's campaign appears at this moment, aimless. those with direct knowledge tell us trump is estranged from his top political advisers and turmoil among senior staff continues and fund-raising for his office launching this week is way behind schedule. all of this, of course, makes republicans weary and president obama eager to question trump's fitness for office. >> i don't regret anything but i of the democrats and i think i'm entitled to respond to a hard hit like that. >> reporter: donald trump refused to apologize to the parents of humayun khan a muslim american killed in iraq. >> i've never been a big fan of john mccain and i hate the way our veterans have been treated by john and other people. >> reporter: trump declined to support the re-election bid of three republicans who have been
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khan family. john mccain and house speaker paul ryan, and new hampshire senator kelly ayotte. >> now we are united. we are coming together and we are going to make donald trump the 45th president of the united states and we will make america great again. >> this isn't aua >> reporter: at the white house, president obama jumped into the fray. >> there has to be a point at which you say this is not somebody i can support for president of the united states. >> mr. donald j. trump. >> reporter: campaigning in virginia earlier in the day, trump tried to deflect the khan controversy. >> a man came up to me and he handed me his purple heart. >> reporter: calling on stage
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dorfman. >> i always wanted to get the purple heart. this was much easier. >> reporter: accustomed to protesters, trump faced a different kind of distraction. >> don't worry about that baby. i love babies. i love babies. i hear that baby crying. i like it. >> reporter: but quickly changed his tune. >> actually, i was only kidding. you can get the baby out of here. i think she really believed me that i loved having a baby crying while i'm speaking! >> reporter: at a fund-raiser in colorado late last week, we were t interest in becoming more presidential, possibly related. businesswoman meg whitman urged republicans yesterday to reject trump and announced she would help hillary clinton elected to president. and in a statement said the following. gayle? >> thank you, major. >> donald trump faces new questions about his views on workplace sexual harassment today. he told "the washington post" that a woman facing harassment
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earlier this week, he told "usa today" that if his daughter ivanka faced harassment, quote, i would like to think she would find another career or another company if that was the case. julianna goldman looks at his changing message in this controversy. >> reporter: good morning. well, on sunday, donald trump seemed to question the women who accused former fox news chief roger ailes of sexual harassment with you the prepared adjustment on comments of eric trump here on "cbs this morning" yesterday and that sparked a fire of criticism. >> she wouldn't allow herself to be subjected to it and you should take it up with human resources and i think she would as a strong person but at the same time, i don't think she would allow herself to be subjected to that and i think a point he was making and i think he did so well. >> reporter: on twitter the backlash to eric trump's comments came quickly especially from women at the center of the
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from gretchen carlson and megyn kelly tweeted a single response word with "sigh." donald trump tried to clarify his stance saying i think it depends on the individual. it also depends on what is available. if there is not a better alternative, then you stay. adding but some people don't like staying in an sfroatmosphe that was so hostile. ivanka trump appeared on fox news last n her family and trying to calm the firestorm. >> sexual harassment is inexcusable in any setting. i think harassment regardless sexual or otherwise is totally inexcusable and if it transpires, it needs to be reported and it needs to be dealt with on a company level. >> donald trump's unfavorableability among female voters is higher than any nominee since they divan polling. >> reporter: frank luntz is a republican strategist and cbs news contributor. he says trump's children,
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election. >> that the trump kids have as much, if not more, credibility than their father. they are going to need to be more public than most children are. because they are going to have to balance off the stuff that their father says. >> reporter: eric trump defended his comments on twitter, writing, quote, i said sexual harassment is a in go and should be addressed by human resources. it's totally unacceptable behavior. >> the nation" moderator john dickerson is joining us. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> so is the republican party going to turn in a big way? are we reaching that point where this building pressure causes them to come together and say we can't go as the president said any more? >> the problem is anybody who has endorsed donald trump has to worry about doing anything that helps hillary clinton get elected. i mean, this is what has kept
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gotten from people saying you're hurting the party and you're helping hillary clinton get elected. on the other hand, if you stick with donald trump too long and you finally break, people say you didn't break for reasons 1 through 19 and then on the other hand, you also then get all of the people supporting trump who support him intensely than raging against at you. so the people who are in this unfortunate position can't move. >> what is likely to happen? nothing? >> well, at the moment, yes. a lot of hand wringing. around saying, how do we fix this and how do we stop this? attempts to divert. attempts to break away from him and -- if you're a senate candidate in a vulnerable race you're trying to break away from donald trump. but then, ultimately, hoping somehow things get better without being able to do much to change that. >> there seem to be different levels of response to donald trump even within his own party? >> right. we should probably come up with like rings on a tree. you have the first group of people who are republicans who
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speak out, that is not surprising. then the ring of people who are paul ryan and mitch mcconnell -- remember, mitch mcconnell said he is not a credible candidate and marco rubio said a period of time where donald trump needs to show he is a credible candidate and we are in that period now. that group of republicans are supporting trump but have comments they make every once in a while. then chris christie didn't approve of the comments trump made about the khan family. that is another that makes this a little bit different than previous ones where the sort of usual suspects speak out. >> there is a lot of reporting that the campaign is in chaos enmany party leaders are trying to get trump to focus on substance instead of personality or policy. i mean, here is a story in all of the papers today. aetna backs off plan to expand bill clint
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working. the dnc fired three top leadership people in chaos and seems to be no discussion from the republican side because trump is talking about all of these other things. >> it's not the chaos created that is the clock is tick onning this election and opportunities are missed that are right there. remember the gdp numbers that came out on friday weak economy is not exploited by the republicans. >> trump is not inclined to go there and sees no interest to be presidential. >> or he is and that other things get blocked out by that. >> john dickerson, thank you so much. as i just mentioned there is a new shake-up in the democratic party over the embarrassing e-mail hack. the ceo. democratic national committee amy daisy stepped down yesterday and the chief financial operation and communications directors are out and from hacked e-mail is that appear to show they favored hillary clinton in the primary season
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after a reported 400 million cash payment to tehran. the "wall street journal" first reported the payout last night and it happened in january around the same time that four americans detained in iran were released. margaret brennan is at the white house with why one lawmaker calls this ransom. good morning, margaret. >> reporter: good morning. well, the obama administration has long said that a nearly $2 billion settlement with iran was unrelated to the prisoner release even though they happened at the same time. an a implementation of that land mark deal to freeze iran's nuclear program. when iran released four american prisoners in january, including journalist jason rezian, it was a diplomatic before the accident. three americans were met in germany at landstuhl regional medical center. >> we made a price in a major
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>> reporter: the administration strongly denied paying any ransom but according to new details reported by "wall street journal" $400 million in cash was flown into tehran on a cargo plane around the same time that the americans were handed over. it was loaded with euros and swiss francs currency. senior u.s. officials claim the timing was coincidental and just the first payment of a separate at the time, president obama did not provide details, but did say the money was meant to settle an outstanding legal dispute from before the 1979 islamic revolution. >> with a nuclear deal done and prisoners released, the time was right to resolve this dispute as well. >> reporter: the administration never consulted congress, according to republican congressman ed royce, who accused the white house of paying ransom to a state sponsor of terrorism.
7:18 am
tuesday, there were instant reverberationses on the campaign trail. republican vice presidential nominee mike pence. >> the administration air-lifted $400 million in cash to iran. you know, we cannot have four more years accommodating and apologizing to our enemies or abandoning our friend. >> reporter: now the brother of prisoner jason this statement saying he is thankful for his brother's release but the publication of these additional details, no doubt that jason's treatment and other americans was a cruel abuse of innocent americans. let us not forget that iran incorrectly imprisons at least four u.s. siss and residents as well as british and french and canadian nationals. the number of zika infections in florida is
7:19 am
person is infected. a new case happened in or near the one square mile neighborhood of winwood. some stores there are closed and efforts on the ground to kill the mosquitoes have not been effective and that prompted florida official to call in an aircraft that will be used to spray and insectide the area. ahead, the lawsuit against fiat, chrysler
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get your good going. blue diamond almonds. proud sponsor of the us swim team the air force declares america's latest fighter jet is ready for limited combat. ahead, the massive cost of the
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>> don't miss charlie filling in for scott good morning. it is sfnl:26 on this wednesday, august 3rd. a beautiful day on tap. lots of sun, low humidity, highs in just the low 80s. i'm chris wragge. john's full forecast coming up in just a moment. but, first, police are now investigating the death of a woman whose body was found last night near a bike howard beach, queens. 30-year-old corina bertran dlopo went out jogging late monday afternoon and never return. her body was found about four hours after she was reported missing. a transition of power under way at the nypd after police commissioner bill bratton announced he's retiring next month. bratton is taking a job in the private sector. james o'neill a brooklyn native and current chief of department will replace him. city bike is moving on up on the east side and west sides.
7:27 am
and more are coming as far north as 110th street. by the end of the year, the city bike system will have more than 600 docking stations and 10,000 bikes. right now you can get $25 off a year-long membership if you sign up. now john has the forecast. >> what are they doing again, chris? >> movin' on up. >> he wanted to sing that story. all right. the weather story, let's see, blue skies, smilin' at me. it is going to be a nice day today, clear and 67. a little cool in parts of the hudson valley where weti dealing with a little bit of fog, but 65 in scarsdale, 57 in monticello. whoa! that is chilly. dewpoints are nice and low, upper 50s to right around 60, so that's going to be comfortable. 81 a little bit below normal. sun sets at 8:09, pretty sun to see all day long. high pressure is in control. we're back in business with great weather. tomorrow nice again. it's friday where we see some changes. the changes on friday, it'll be warmer, but you're dealing with
7:28 am
evident with a few more clouds, and then saturday during the day there's a chance for an isolated thunderstorm, could be strong. until then, though, going to be great. enjoy it. >> all right, john, thanks so much. i'm chris wragge. we're become with another local update in 25 minutes. "cbs this morning" is coming back right after this. ??
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? well, it turns out flossing might be unnecessary because after looking at 25 studies on the effectiveness of flossing, the associated press has determined that the evidence for flossing is weak, very unreliable, a very low quality and carries a moderate to large potential for bias. you lied to dawn! that does it. based on this news i'm going to stop flossing 38 years ago. >> i always heard four out of five dentists recommend flossing and you know that fifth dentist is right now saying, nobody believed me! you all said i was crazy! well, who is crazy now? >> that is good. >> that was really good joke. >> it was. >> it doesn't make sense it doesn't work. how many times has a dentist
7:31 am
the worst part is our children saying, mom, i don't need to. you reported that we don't need to floss. i still think it's a good thing. >> i do too. >> i'm still embracing it. >> and i have no dental training but i think it's a good thing. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? this half hour, are the olympics worth their huge price tag? the games in brazil could cost much more than the official estimate of $12 billion with a b. ben tracy is in rio and hes looks om city's facilities may never be used again after the games. >> the parents of the late "star trek" actor anton yelchin are suing fiat chrysler how they want them punished for the roll-away incident. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the washington post" reports 2016 was the warmest year on record. the temperatures were higher
7:32 am
average social surface temperature and recorded the highest global sea level and greenhouse gases were the highest on record. "the boston globe" reports on a fight in the triumph for fair pay. charlie baker signed a law on monday that requires men and women to be paid equally for comparable works and makes it illegal for workers to ask for a salary history. reporters say such information could >> the "los angeles times" reports on the air force declaring the f-35 ready for limited combat. it is a major milestone for the fighter jet which has faced attack challenges and costs overrun. it will be the backbone of the air force's fighter fleet. the maker of the f-35 says each jet costs at least $98 million to produce and let me say i would like to go up in one of those jets in case anyone wants to know. >> i would like to too, but, no,
7:33 am
remember they had that? >> did you get the simulator? >> i did. >> i will sit here and cheer you both on and you come back safe. i ain't going. i'll cheer you on. >> what if the pilot is cute? >> still ain't going. no, thank you! >> i tried. the "atlanta journal-constitution" reports a guilty plea what is called the largest known securities hacking case. pross traded business secrets. earnings information was stolen from three corporations. the hackers are charged with taking at least $30 million in illegal profits. the conspirator who confessed faces up to 20 years in prison. >> the maker of chip cards takes twice as long as a typically card. the scanning takes 13 seconds. the lag is tradeoff for more security.
7:34 am
chip cards will open the phone for smartphone pay. >> the parents of "star trek" actor anton yelchin are breaking their silence about his emotional death. they had an emotional press conference yesterday announce a lawsuit they have filed against fiat chrysler. his parents blame fiat chrysler for aoo gearshifter. kris van cleave is in washington with more. >> reporter: good morning. this is the problematic shifter. it lacks traditional grooves that tell you you're in parked, drive, or reverse and leads to people thinking the car is in parked when it's actually in reverse and getting out and the car with roll back. in the yelchin case, his family can't find the first recall notice and the second one saying a fix was available, arrived
7:35 am
>> he loved life very, very much. >> reporter: through tears, their heartbreak was clear. the parents of "star trek" arc anton yelchin broke their silence six weeks after their only child's death to flounce a lawsuit against fiat chrysler. >> it is wrong. it is against nature when the parents bury its own child. >> reporter: yelchin died when his 2016 backwards and pinned him against a fence at his home. it is one of many worldwide recalled for the gearshifter that can result in unintended roll-away incidents. >> he was very special, but now is very special. he is dead. we might save some other life. >> reporter: governor regulators report 700 complaints claiming
7:36 am
investigators called the design not intuitive, increasing the potential for unintended gear selection. a problem we first reported in march ahead of the recall, but fiat chrysler getting negative consumer feedback about the shifter shortly after subject vehicles entered the market. that is as far back as 2012 and it's no longer offered in new cars. >> the yelchin family, their biggest nightmare because they are not motivated by money. they can't be bought off. they want them punished and they want them changed in the way they do business, and we intend to go after them. >> reporter: in a statement to "cbs this morning," fiat chrysler says it extends its sympathies for the yelchin family for their tragic loss. the company has not been served with a lawsuit and cannot comment further at this time. now fiat chrysler has issued a safety recall. the fix is now available for most vehicles. in the meantime, the company is
7:37 am
they have put the car into park and to set the parking brake before getting out. arizona is drying out this morning from monsoon storms. heavy rain in phoenix stranded drivers yesterday in high water. several people were rescued. flash flooding forced the evacuation of at least two high schools and shut down parts of a major interstate. some areas of arizona saw close to 3 inches of rain. powerful tropical storm is gaining strength this morning in the caribbean. hurricane before it makes landfall and could happen as soon as today. the storm is targeting mexico and belize and guatemala with heavy rain. winds topped 60 miles an hour. it is blamed for deaths in the dominican re blic. it is not expected to have an impact here in the united states. could the rio flame leave rio feeling burned? ben tracy is outside olympic park this morning. >> if the olympics do for rio
7:38 am
might not be worth celebrating. coming up, the true cost of hosting the games. you can watch us live if you're heading out the door through the cbs all-access app and you can find it on your digital device. you don't want to miss superstar leona lewis here in studio 57. we will be right back. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts,
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? just two days and counting before the summer olympics gets under way in rio. we have been tracking the security scramble ahead of the opening ceremony. officials, yesterday, unveiled agencies from 55 nations will monitor the terror threats. that is only part of the massive effort and expense that goes into hosting these games. ben tracy is outside rio's main olympic park to show us why some believe that the financial risk of playing host is certainly not worth the reward. ben, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. good morning from rio. hosting the olympics is typically a pretty great advertisement for the host city,
7:43 am
games here is actually doing more harm than good. when rio won the right to host the olympics back in 2009, a throng of bristlians were bounciboun -- brazilians were bouncing on the beach and a chance to show the world brazil has arrived and then the recession of 25 years hit and unemployment shot up around hundreds of billions dollars among olympic venueses. felipe lives in one of the poor neighborhood. all of this money being spent on the olympics, is anything getting better for you or the people that live here? >> the investment is not for us. it's for the -- >> reporter: the official cost estimate of the rio olympics is $12 billion. but many experts say it could eventually top 20 billion. at the same time, rio has cut spending on health care and
7:44 am
weeks at a time, and 20% of the population here lives in bavillos. >> hosting the olympics is a terrible idea. >> reporter: andrew rose is an economist at uc berkeley. he says nearly every olympic is grossly overbudgeted and leaves the host city with billions in debt. if this is such a terrible deal for these cities, why do so many cities seem to want to do this? >> most of the time, the people who are in charge of bidding and getting the olympics are around when the bill comes to pay for them. the olympics entails building a large number of facilities that are essentially never used again. >> reporter: the list is legendary. empty and rotting olympic facilities now span the globe. the only thing swimming in the aquatics center in athens are frogs. beijing's rogue and kayaking course is bone dry. 's the famed bird's nest stadium is used most often as nearly
7:45 am
s segways. the sochi's winter games show of forces and $55 billion made it the most expensive games ever and makes the cost a big concern for future hosts. eleven cities bid on the 2004 olympics and only five to host the 2012 games and at least bidding on the 2022 olympi the international olympic committee has now reformed the bid process, encouraging more reuse and renovations of facilities, rather than insisting on brand-new stadiums. rio is touting so-called legacy projects, including a nearly $3 billion subway extension and a modernized airport, but promises to clean up rio's notoriously polluted water never happened. and in a city that is already
7:46 am
olympic park will go dark after being used for just 17 days. so given the staggering costs of hosting the games, some economists are now advocating that you host the olympics in the same place every four years. for example you could do it in olympus, greece, build one olympic park and instead of starting from scratch every four years and leaving all of this behind. >> it's so smart, ben tracy. >> seems like you need basic infrastructure and basic health care and all of those things they are not getting. >> when with you see the problems you wonder if there is one city doing this so well that afs it was a great benefit to them? >> got to be a better way to do it than what they are doing. >> i know. i'm worried about the olympics, aren't you? >> i do too. i just want it to be safe. a baseball player got into a "foul" mood after a fan saw an opportunity. next, we will show you what the
7:47 am
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. ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena? rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula. visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena?. to first base. votto over by the wall is there. and he can't hang onto it. look at votto. he is looking at him, dude, you're a reds fan! >> cincinnati reds first baseman joey votto lost his cool when a fan got into the way when he tried to catch a foul ball. he stared the man down and grabbed his jersey before storming off but he finally cooled down and went back to apologize and gave the fan a signed ball. here is what it said. thanks for being so understanding when i acted out of character.
7:52 am
a perfect example of what might be apples to some other people we might know. >> turn the other cheek and went back to sarks look, i'm sorry. i got caught up in the moment. >> jeffrey toobin will be here with his new book on patty hearst who became a hostage. that is coming ucb even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ? tresiba? ready ? tresiba? provides powerful a1c reduction. releases slow and steady. works like your body's insulin. when my schedule changes... i want something that delivers. ? tresiba? ready ? i can take tresiba? any time of day. so if i miss or delay a dose, i take it when i remember,
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good morning. 7:56 on this wednesday, august 3rd. grab is shades, gorgeous out there. police are investigating the death of a woman whose body was found last night path at how do you beach queens, she went jogging tuesday and didn't return, her body was found 4 hours after she was reported missing. a fire ripped through a supermarket in white stone queens. four firefighters were injured and taken to the hospital while trying to contain the blaze on 15th street. tack them five hours to get the fire under control. fdny is investigating the cause of the blaze. weather no longer be an
7:57 am
billy jean king was on hand for the unveiling yesterday. the roof can open and close in under 7 minutes. rain delayed the u.s. open from 0 8-2012, the tournament starts monday august 29th. let's get to john for your full forecast. no umbrellas or retractible roofs needed today. >> keep pushing the button, push it again, all the sudden it the roof is wide open. maybe the top is down on your late model convertible. lucky you. clear and 69. winds east at 5. nice numbers, new rachelle, madison mid-60s. 65 toms river right now. scanning the skies, quiet, nice ridge of high pressure and those beautiful breezes predominantly north, northeast, it's a cool way to start the day. numbers will be great for august, normal highs 84.
7:58 am
you, have the sunscreen and snacks and sunglasses, and a buddy. we have moderate rip current risk conditions for long island and new jersey. overnight comfortable, ac is off. tomorrow a wee bit warmer. back another local update in 25 minutes. cbs this morning returns right
7:59 am
8:00 am
? good morning. it is wednesday, august 3rd, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? there is more real news ahead, including new questions about donald trump's comments on workplace, sexual controversial explanation that he made right here on "cbs this morning." we are going to talk to jody cantor of "the new york times" and our legal expert rikki klieman. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> we don't know what caused this dramatic crash. >> it looks like the landing was hard enough to have actually snapped off the landing gear. >> among the first things investigators are going to look for, the plane's black box, similar to this one. they are kept in the tail. >> trump's campaign appears aimless as it makes republicans
8:01 am
questioning trump's fitness for office. >> the apparent position on trump's position on sexual harassment comes after eric trump made comments yesterday on "cbs this morning" that sparked a firestorm of criticism. >> are we reaching that point where the building of pressure causes him to come together and say we can't go any more. >> the problem who has endorsed donald trump has worry about doing anything to help get hillary clinton elected. >> they say the settlement with iran was prisoner release even though they happened at the same time. >> hosting the olympics is typically a pretty great advertisement for the host city, but 63% of brazilians think hosting the games here is actually doing more harm than good. donald trump tweeted a picture of himself on his plane last night, eating kentucky fried chicken, despite the fact that the bucket was clearly endorsing bernie sanders!
8:02 am
a passenger jet carrying 300 people including six americans crash landed this morning in dub dubai. all of the passengers and crew evacuated safely. video appears to show an explosion once the emirates airplane stopped on the runway at dubai in this airport. the plane flew in from southern indiana. passengers were reportedly evacuated within 45 seconds of the crash landing. wow. thicac the boeing 777 and pilot was said to have told passengers during the flight there was a problem with the landing gear. cbs news has been told the landing was hard enough to snap off the landing gear. the national transportation safety board will likely be involved in this investigation. two weeks after the party convention, donald trump says he is not ready to endorse house speaker paul ryan or arizona senator john mccain in their primary fights. trump told "the washington post"
8:03 am
these are horrible times for our country. we need very strong leadership. i'm just not quite there yet. ryan used almost actually the same words in may about getting behind trump. he said, quote, i'm just not ready to do that at this point. i'm not there right now. ryan and mccain have said they back trump but in recent days, both have criticized trump's feud with the family of a fallen soldier. trump declined against last night to decline to the khan's for attacking him. he says he has the right t about him. >> new york's richard hanna is the first republican congressman across party lines to say he will vote for donald trump's opponent hillary clinton. hanna, who plans to retire at the end of his term wrote in an op-ed yesterday, quote, for me, it is not enough to simply denounce his comments. he is unfit to serve our party and cannot lead this country. president obama voiced similar sentiments during a news pconfe prime minister yesterday. the president expressed his
8:04 am
>> there have been republican presidents with whom i disagreed with, but i didn't have a doubt that they could function as president. i think i was right in mitt romney and john mccain were wrong on certain policy issues but i never thought that they couldn't do the job. but that's not the situation here. and that is not just my opinion. that is the opinion of many prominent republicans. which you say, enough. >> well, donald trump said the president does not know what he is doing. new york city police commissioner bill bratton is one of the best known names in law enforcement. if not the best. after more than 45 years of police work, he announced his resignation yesterday. bratton will step down next month as head of the nation's largest police force to join a consulting firm. we are pleased to welcome
8:05 am
>> i want to talk about your record but, first, you've been the top cop in boston and los angeles and twice here in new york city. you know a lot about leadership. do you agree with the president that trump is unfit? >> mr. trump scares me. scares the hell out of me, to be quite frank with you and personal opinion. i just don't get it in terms of the support for him. as a veteran, a vietnam veteran, i'm amazed that veteran groups are so the hot metal incident was appalling. >> why? >> the demeaning, in some respects of that most significant award to be wounded in combat while protecting your country and i've always wanted one of these. amazing. no recognition of the significance of that medal or the meaning of it. no sensitivity there. >> that is one thing.
8:06 am
>> the lack of depth on issues that the "shoot from the hip". i just watched this whole campaign and i just shake my head. again, a personal opinion. i've been in public life and public policy, law enforcement for 45 years, 48 if you include my three years in the army. and i just don't get it. >> not then to be president says bill bratton? >> that is my belief. that is my belief. >> do you know him, commissioner? odd years. not close. but the apartment interactive with him at different times and i know many people who are strongly supportive of them, although they have questions. but, again, it's troubling. >> it's a habit when people strike out at him, he strikes back. so -- >> a tough guy. but i don't know if he's taken a
8:07 am
i'm always amazed by people who are betrayed as tough guys or portrayed themselves as being tough. it is easy to be tough. it really is easy to be tough. it's a lot tougher being soft and understanding when you need to do soft. like the joapolicy gee to the family. what about taking something bad about you if they had that? isn't that the issue? there is no compassion there. strange times. >> may i turn to you? >> i'd rather talk about me. >> this is a big moment. >> all of the reasons that norah cited at the beginning in terms of your experience and what you brought to policing, it somehow seems there must be some other reason you're leaving this job. because you love it. you have said you love police
8:08 am
say it's a career opportunity. you have a responsibility to yourself, but also you have earned the respect of people who feel like they need you here in challenging times. how did you make this decision and what is behind it? >> it's the right time for me personally. i'm 68 years of age and it's the right time for me professionally. the nypd and is moving very forcefully to address all of the issues of the day, issues of race, issues of terrorism, issues of crime and dealing with all of them successfully, although it will take years on the issue of race. it's not a new york issue, it's a national issue. and so for me, i'm able to leave the department in very good shape, as referenced in all of the newspaper coverage today. clearly the right time when you go out with that type of coverage.
8:09 am
extraordinary leader, jimmy o'neill, my successor. i've worked with him the last two and a half years and known him for 25 years. similar to los angeles when i left at los angeles, i was very comfortable with the line of succession was secure. and an individual who believes like i do that policing need to change and he is the right guy to continue that change. >> you came in with john miller. john miller leaving with you? >> i think you guys have to get a big net and try to pull it john, i think, after much criticism from the media when he took the job of counterterrorism chief two and a half years ago has proven himself to be one of the most extraordinary individuals in that area and has held his strength in the defenses of new york city and by doing that, the strength in the national defense. he does an extraordinary well job. john, in terms of making a decision when to come back to the media, hopefully, to you guys is a personal decision for him also.
8:10 am
city of new york in terms of his stepping away from that position, as well as to the country. he is widely respected by everybody on the national and international scene relative to terrorism. >> commissioner bratton, hopefully this wents on't be tht time we see you at the table. >> hopefully, not. i'm the opening act for your next guest. >> you know our next guest and you might have seen her this morning. >> looked pretty good when i saw the house. >> she is actually married to the commissioner. we have seen rikki klieman in all of her natural beauty. there she is. rikki klieman is here along with jodi cantor of "the new york times." we will take ahead this morning
8:11 am
singing star leona lewis will be here in studio 57 and
8:12 am
love." we love that song and starring in the broadway revival of the blockbuster music "cats." that is all ahead on "cbs this morning." the things that i consume on a daily basis, a lot of it is very acidic. the enamel on my teeth was actually weakening. the whiteness wasn't there as much. my teeth didn't look as healthy as others. my dentist said that pronamel would help fight against that erosion that foods and drinks were causing. so it was really important to start using the pronamel. you have to worry about. pronamel is now giving me the confidence to know that i'm doing the right thing. so it's nice to know that it's as simple as that. ? ? ? with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. nutella - spread the happy!
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?? ?? ?? ?? don't miss out on the best us open yet. including our stunning new roof. you in? the 2016 us open. get your tickets today. ? i think what you're saying is ivanka is a strong, you know,
8:16 am
she won't allow herself be objected to it and you should take it up with human resources and i think she would as a strong person. at the same time, i don't think she would allow herself to be subject to to that. >> the republican presidential nominee responded this week to a question about how his daughter ivanka would react to sexual harassment at work. ed, quote, i would like to think she would find another career or another mp case. donald and eric trump's comments sparked a national debate. cbs news contributor and "the new york times" correspondent jodi cantor is here along with rikki klieman, also known as mrs. bratton. jodi, talk about your comments to both of the trump men and what you think it says about the broader perception of sexual harassment at the workplace. >> i've interviewed different women in the industry over the
8:17 am
sexually harassed in the workplace. i've never interviewed one who said she was able to brush it off yaels easily. the pattern is general lower level women are afraid to speak out because they don't have another power in the organization and higher level women feel they have a great deal to lose by speaking out. the roger ailes departure from fox news is many is exceptional. this is not people usually stay silent and threat of a lawsuit is settled out of the public domain. >> are you worried about the comments that eric said ivanka would not let that happen to her. >> women feel to push back. >> a strong woman i think wouldn't allow herself to be sexually harassed.
8:18 am
carlson who sued roger ailes who is a mighty strong woman. look at megyn kelly in the investigation said she was also subjected to inappropriate comments which constitute sexual harassment. we know under the law, sexual harassment affects every person, not only women as jodi has written eloquently about but it could be sexual harassment woman on woman and man on man and woman on man. strong or weak. >> i guess the question, too, what donald trump said in this interview, too, that ivanka would find another career or find another company. the suggestion that it's the woman's responsibility on her own to remove herself from a situation where was she is being sexually harassed is that the right way to look at it? >> of course, it's the wrong way to look at it completely because although ivanka trump or other women who are fortunate enough
8:19 am
find another job. but most of the world cannot. >> then what advice do you have for a whom is sexually harassed? >> i think the sexual harassment advice that any good lawyer would give are the following. first of all, if you feel safe, you should confront your harasser. you should say, what are you saying to me, what are you doing, i don't like. and i don't want you to do it again. putting the harasser on notice which many times you can't feel safe and you can't do that. you should go on, make a pers r you should absolutely go to human resources or a superior. you should look at what your company's policy is, complain promptly. if you wind up at the eeoc, going to the equal opportunity employment group, that what you must do is you got to get there within 180 days and you must, must, must be specific. you can't say he is making me feel awkward. you've got to know exactly what he did and when he did it.
8:20 am
news story is a correspondent reported the sexual harassment and then was retaliated against for reporting it to human resources and up the chain of command. >> that is absolutely the fear. i've never seen a sexual harassment lawsuit play out the way the ailes one has so far. i think it's safe to say, i wonder if you would agree, this is the most consequential sexual harassment suit we have been se ripple effect and hasn't hit the courtroom yet and yet more and more women are coming forward. >> is that two parts? one, because there were repeated snan instances but more importantly it was haneleddled by an indepet law firm which meant people feel more comfortable to come and talk to them? >> it asks the question what is going on in the american workplace. how could this have per sissed so long for fox and where else
8:21 am
>> run lawone lawyer said to me fact that paul weiss acted so quickly two weeks after gretchen carlson filed this suit that is a good sign how corporate america is reacting? >> i think it's a great sign because i think that the roger ailes' lawsuit is one that will really be educational and may prevent more of this. >> thank you both here. and crunchy bites tender s ended up together. that's just what happens when cats call the shots. new friskies tender and crunchy combo. friskies. for cats. by cats. ? if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, with reduced redness, thickness,
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8:24 am
8:25 am
the we have a beautiful day on tap. i'm mary calvi. john john has the forecast coming up. police are investigating the at the time of a woman whose body was found near a bike path in howard beach careens. she went jogging late tuesday afternoon and did not run her body was she was reported missing. a transition of poker underway after police commissioner announced he is retiring, bratton is taking the job in private sector, james o'neil ax native and chief of department will replace him. police are looking for the suspect in a deadly shooting at bronx beauty salon. gun fire broke out before 6:00 at the believe beauty spa in
8:26 am
men outside the shop. the suspect followed the victim inside and opened fire. the shooter took off. the victim has been identified as lebron. to a health alerts outbreak of the muchs in nassau county, 18 cases in the long beach area. ma jury trial of the patients are in they 20s and 30s. it's not covered by the >> you can come this with just a headache or low grade fevers, body aches, things similar to the common cold. >> doctors recommend two doses of the vaccine. some may have only gotten one. doctors say it is never too late to get the booster shot. you are thinking a perfect day today? >> absolutely, when you consider in the low 80s, low humidity values and lots of
8:27 am
63 cool spot on the map. 70 edson. cooler than we were yesterday. dew points in the 50s and 60s lower than yesterday. less humidity. yesterday felt good but gray. today with sun 81. 84 the normal. there over the next few days, sun sets 8:09. uv index a 9. make sure you have sunscreen on. back in business with area high pressure in control today. nice ag friday, heat and humidity both up. feeling like a typical summer day and friday in to saturday, could see showers. enjoy today. back with another local update in 25 minutes. i'm mary calvi, cbs this morning returns in just a
8:28 am
which you are you? be the you who doesn't cover plaque psoriasis. be the you who ows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara? just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara? may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tuberculosis. before starting stelara? tell your doctor if you think you have an infection or have symptoms such as: fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough.
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8:30 am
. ? >> please join us in welcoming 9-year-old nion harvey. okay, zion, whenever you're ready, it's your pitch. >> all right. zion, all right! >> we like this story because 9-year-old zion harvey threw out the ceremonial first pitch at game. he is the first child to undergo a double hand transplant. you go, mr. zion harvey. doctors at the children hospital of philadelphia performed the surgery last summer. since then, he has undergone rigorous therapy sessions. he seems to have adapted and adjusted very well, right? >> that is amazing! >> look at this. >> and he's got personality. >> you're right, personality plus. >> yeah. so cute. congrats to them. >> i hope he is at home
8:31 am
>> who? >> 50 cent. i like him. he needed a little help there. welcome back to "cbs this morning." this half hour, singer leona lewis is making her broadway debut in the musical "cats." she had she was 6 or 7 when she first saw the show. she is here looking stunning and gorgeous this early in the morning in studio 57. she is now part of its revivrevi jeffrey toobin and talk about the kidnapping of patty hearst. the kidnapping rocked the nation more than 40 years ago. he has a look at why hearst stayed with her kidnappers. >> the 12th state dinner of the obama presidency last night. first lady michelle obama looked
8:32 am
brandon maxwell who is lady gaga's stylist. >> i'm surprised there is only 12 in eight years. i thought there was more than that. >> i think who can design for lady gaga and first laid michelle obama, you can appreciate his atlanta, georgia last week, veterans actor bob mcgarage said he and two other stars had been fired from sesame street. all cast members were told two years ago they would be needed less with a new half-hour format but the door was left open for all actors to continue to appear based on future story lines. the "the washington post" says that some millennials born in the '90s are avoiding sex. don't choke, charlie. they are more than twice as likely to be sexual inactive in their early 20s than the previous generation. overall, they have fewer sexual
8:33 am
some say they don't like the hook-up scene but they find building relationships time consuming. good relationships take some time. >> who conducted this study? i'm sorry. this doesn't sound accurate to me. hello, tinder, all of those apps? doesn't sound accurate based on my limited knowledge. >> i was going to say. >> speaking of jeffrey toobin. the patty hearst abduction in what seemed like a simple abduction turned into something much more implicated. the story, even now, fascinates the world. >> there has been a big kidnapping on the west coast. >> on february 4th, 1974, three people burst into 19-year-old patty hearst's home. she was beaten, bound, and thrown into the trunk of a car. the scene left neighbors terrified. >> i heard her pleading, please, no, not me.
8:34 am
demanded hearst's wealthy family to donate food to the needy in exchange for her release. >> ransom made for $2 million to be delivered to a tax-exempt charitable organization. >> reporter: the hearst family implied and patty's release looked likely until things turned. patty pledged allegiance to her kidnappers and joi >> i see no reason to further defend my position. >> reporter: she took the guerrilla named ton that and caught on camera robbing a san francisco bank at gun ps point. the daughter of william randolph hearst woo now on an fbi wanted poster. >> i'm a soldier in the people's army. >> reporter: then over 100 days after her kidnapping, authorities finally caught up with the sla.
8:35 am
millions of viewers left six members of the group dead. but patty remained on the run. until september 1975 when authorities finally caught up with her in san francisco. >> i said don't move. and then placed her under arrest. >> reporter: a sensational trial followed. patty's lawyers argued she was brainwashed and jurors listened to hundreds of hours of testimony as they grappled with one central question or wasn't she? patty hearst or tonya? >> that is one of the questions of jeffrey toobin. author of "american heiress." >> how do you answer the question? >> the answer to the question she joined the sla. when you look at the lengths of
8:36 am
that she committed and the multiple, multiple opportunities that she had to leave. you know, we talk about one bank robbery, the famous bank robbery with the photo of the machine grandpa. she helped rob two other banks, including one where a woman was killed. she shot up personally a street in los angeles. she helped set off bombs in northern california. so the answer to the question is yes. >> was she brainwashed or was this a swedish was it? >> you know, i try to avoid these terms like brake brainwas and stockholm syndrome. she reacted to her circumstances. she was a vulnerable restless 19-year-old when she was kidnap and very unformed like a lot of 19-year-olds. the sla was actually good to her for the most part and she saw the world through their eyes,
8:37 am
demonstrated, that six of her comrades were killed. she didn't want that fate so she went on the run. but once she was arrested, she thought, i don't want that life any more. i want to go back to my old life and she made the rational decision to say, hey, i want to be a hearst again. >> you said in the end she became her mother. in the end when it was all over, she became her mother. during this whole time she was very critical of her mother. at one time you write in the book she said to more m, wearing black." she became very disparaging to her own parents while she was being held captive. >> sort of the remarkable thing if you follow patty hearst's life since 1975 when she was arrested, she has actually led the life for which she was d destin destined. she became a socialite and some eccentric interest and been in a couple of john waters movies.
8:38 am
mother notwithstanding the criticism of her mother. >> the sla was a rag tag team. they had no plan and did this willy-nilly and got patty hearst after looking at her engagement photo. >> symbionese is a made-up word. they didn't liberate anything or anyone. they called themselves an army. there were, at most, a dozen people involved. so it was an incredibly group of people that improvised their way along. interestingly, most of them or several of them came out of the indiana university drama program and they excelled at guerrilla theater. they liked to put on shows but they really had no judgment of what to do once they had it. >> so they captured the world's attention. >> she served less than two years in prison and president
8:39 am
>> this was the remarkable part of the story. she was sentenced to seven years for the bank robbery. after a bipartisan effort by ronald reagan who was governor of california and close friend of the hearst family and congressman, wealthy people, they said to jimmy carter, please commute her sentence and he did after 22 months. 20 years later, bill clinton, on the last day of his presidency, pardoned her. she is the only person in american history to receive a commutation from one president and a pardon from another. that to me when you look at the scope of her crimes, the three bank robberies, the shootings, the bombings, that she got that sort of gifts from two presidents tells you a lot about -- >> because of her last name? >> she didn't talk to you? >> she didn't talk to me and has moved on in her life. she is now big in the dog show business. there is a photograph in there
8:40 am
won at the westminster kennel club. >> thank you for that point! >> how much is she worth, about? >> you know, it's -- the hearst corporation did one thing that was really brilliant. in the very early days, she bought 20% of espn so she is really rich. >> "american heiress" is on sale now. coming up next is leona we will learn how she got a feel
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? ? that i keep on posing you cut me up and i keep bleeding keep ? i keep bleeding i keep keep bleeding ? ? >> norah and i sound like cats singing but we like the song of leona lewis, and the best single selling worldwide and that was in 2005.
8:45 am
"spirit." ? love me somewhere ? >> her career started back in 2006 when she took the crowned on the third season of the uk's "x-factor." ? touch me it's so easy to leave me ? >> decade later, she is stepping on to a broadway stage for the first time. the revival of andrea webber "cats" performing the signature song that is called "memory." hello, miss lewis. so glad to see you. i went to the show on saturday and when you sang that song, i got goose bumps and everybody was on their feet at that moment. good for you. you saw "cats" when you were six or seven and you thought what? >> i saw the original production in london and my mom took me to see it. i just remember, it was magical.
8:46 am
particular stuck in my head and i've literally been singi iing since i was 9. i asked my singing teacher if i could land the song and sing it in my baby voice. >> when composer andrew lloyd weber said you have one of the greatest voices of your generation, it must have meant the world to you. >> yes. that blows me away. he is incredible. and especially his legacy, especially being from t u amazing. so the fact that i get to come here and perform is wonderful. >> what did "x-factor" mean to you? >> the ""x-factor "is where it began. i took it to a whole new level. it wasn't in the uk any more, it was worldwide so it was all around that time and gave me a
8:47 am
stage has to do their own makeup. >> yes. >> because there is so many. so you get a lesson on how to do it and then you have to do it yourself? >> yeah. we get tools how to do it and each night, we have to transform ourselves into the cats. it's all about getting into the character and the process of cats flowing from the human. >> you spend a couple of days pretend to be a cat? >> oh, yes. when we first got here in our rooms, people you've never met before and the directors say,e the day and we were just crawling around to eat like a cat and take a nap as a cat. >> eating out of a bowl on the floor? >> down on the floor like pretending. >> really? >> yes. we were cats and got know each other real quick through that process. >> do you even like cats? >> i do, yes. i actually have an animal sanctuary in the uk and we have lots of cats at the animal sanctuary there. >> your music is so great.
8:48 am
really like your music. that song, "it will all be better in time." >> yes. >> i've heard people say many times the lyrics to that song saved them. you must have heard that too. >> i have a lot of rejection to that song in particular. it's so true and poignant and it will get better in time and you do heal and you can apply it to a relationship, you can apply it to a traumatic incident that >> a job? >> you're from london. >> i am. >> you grew up in london? >> yes. >> i was born in iffington. >> now you come to new york to do "cats." how do you find new york? >> it's quite similar to london, actually. you see people using the subway and getting on the bus. it's very -- it's got a very london vibe about it so i really
8:49 am
there were reports you had a custom customer fluffle. >> i watched him for seven years and decided to go to a new label. because i decided to do that, i got half of -- >> that's good. >> what is your favorite song from "cats"? >> i love "gus" the theater really great number. >> you do it well. >> thank you leona lewis. >> "cats" is now playing on
8:50 am
i'm robert de niro and new york is my home. it's the best place to visit in the world because now there are new tourism guides on the road, and on your phone that make it easier to find the places you love. find great dining, amazing history, and world-class entertainment, no matter where you are. take the ultimate road trip and see why i love new york.
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low humidity. highs in the 80s. police are investigating the death of a woman whose body was found near a bike path beach queens. vatrano went out jogging tuesday afternoon and did not return. her body found 4 hours after she was reported missing. a transition of power at the nypd after bill bratton announces he is retiring. he is taking a job in the private sector, james o'neil will replace him. a fire ripped through a supermarket in white stone queens, four firefighters
8:56 am
hospital whale trying to retain the blaze. took them five hours to get it under control. the weather will no longer be an issue at the u.s. open. retractible roof is scheduled to go. the new roof can open and close in under 7 minutes. rain delayed the men's final at the open for five straight years from 2008- year's tournament starts monday august 29th. the weather for today looking pretty good. let's turn it over to john elliot. meteorologists love roofs. we love them. you are right, mary, let's play a little tennis today. i got to stretch first. air quality is good. pollen not bad. clear and 70. wind east 5. nice readings in the 70s long island, cooler hudson valley. started with fog.
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73 gillette. 81 today. 81 little bit below normal. don't forget the rip current risk if you are going to the beach. nice one tomorrow. more humidity friday and saturday. our next news cast is at noon. always on at
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>> judge larry: was there trash filling up the house? did the house stink? >> it smelled of beer. >> announcer: her home wrecked... >> i don't know who did that. >> judge patricia: so, who else was in the house besides you and the cat? >> announcer: the hired housesitter? >> it was my understanding this is my home. >> judge tanya: when you babysit, you don't get to keep the kid. >> announcer: "hot bench." judge tanya acker. judge larry bakman. judge patricia dimango. three judges. three opinions. one verdict. >> judge patricia: we've reached our decision. >> announcer: in a court of law, it's called a "hot bench." paula vancini is suing her former friend, shawn walker, for not fulfilling his housesitting duties and for damaging her car. >> judge patricia: good morning, everyone. thank you. please be seated. sir, you may sit, also. >> sonia: your honor, this is case number 46, vancini vs. walker. >> judge tanya: thank you,


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