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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  August 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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this case. now, police believe that vertrano was strangled to death, her body first down in this dense marshland, and it was one of the people that was closest to her, the man she called her best friend who found her. the father of karina vetrano this morning returning to the scene to speak with detectives just hours before he made the heart-wrenching discovery, the body of his own daughter murdered just blocks from their home. >> the father walked out it's really a sin. the whole neighborhood, the whole neighborhood is actually feeling this. >>reporter: investigators collecting evidence today from the scene where they say around 5:00 last night the 30-year-old left home for her routine jog along a path in this grassy area near 165th avenue in hour beach, a route she usually ran with her dad, set back from the residential community, part of state parkland not far from the belt parkway.
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>>reporter: police say she had been texting a friend, but then the texts stopped and multiple calls from her father went unanswered. >> at some point after that her father began to get worried. >>reporter: police quickly began a search of the area. vertrano's father helping them trace their usual jogging route. investigators say they pinged vertrano's cell phone to a marshy area. she was found in the brush about 15 feet from the path. >> her father actually found her, so my heart goes out to begin to grasp that. >> we found her face down in the ground. >>reporter: police say she was found with scrapes on her legs, her sports bra and shorts pulled down. investigators say she may have been strangled and possibly sexually assaulted. police aren't sure if the crime was random or if she was targeted. >> everybody is devastated. i got a million calls last night. everybody is upset and, like, it's just -- it's just a big shock. >>reporter: a single sunflower near the crime scene this
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who had a large following on social media. she worked at a local catering hall and as a speech pathologist, earning a master's degree from st. john's university last may. and police have in and out of this brush collecting evidence. they've also been canvassing this area for surveillance video trying to determine who is responsible for her death. reporting live this afternoon from howard beach, queens, janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. >> janelle, thank you. now to breaking news, charged with trying to support isis. according to prosecutors, 36- year-old nicholas young, a patrol officer was caught buying gift cards for the terror group. he was arrested this morning and investigators are searching his home in northern virginia right now. court documents show young had been under surveillance since 2010 an has traveled to libya twice. he is the first u.s. law enforcement officer charged in a terror sting. dubai's main airport reopened this noon after a
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several hours. all 300 passengers and crew of the united arab emirates flight escape without injury. cbs 2's jonathan vigliotti has video of the terrifying crash. >>reporter: the flight from india came to a fiery stop on the runway as people inside dubai international airport looked on in horror. >> that plane. >>reporter: the plane came down on its belly. video posted online shows the boeing 777 erupting massive fireball, blowing off one of the wings. firefighters hosed down the smoldering fuselage, most of the top melted away. amazingly, all 300 people on board, including six americans were quickly and safely evacuated in about a minute. >> you know, something was burning. there's nothing inside. >>reporter: some passengers report the pilot made an announcement that it had to
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problem. >> get away from it. >>reporter: airport officials say there were strong winds and blowing dust as they approached the runway. the exact cause of the crash landing is still under investigation. jonathan vigliotti, cbs 2 news. firefighters killed while trying to put out the flames. dubai international airport is the busiest in the middle east, handling 80 million passengers last year. outgoing police commissioner bill bratton offers some insight into the future yesterday. >> he spoke to cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer about how it will be different under his successor. marcia. >>reporter: mary and chris, bill bratton put in his walking papers yesterday with mayor de blasio facing re-election and poll numbers showing he's not very popular. the strategy was to hand over the baton smooth, the transition seamless. i was surprised at the commissioner's answer when i asked if the department would change under his successor.
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will be different in that jimmy is prepared with his neighborhood policing plan the ability of the department to address the racial divide. jimmy, i think, is going to have significant gains on dealing with the racial tension in this city. >>reporter: police commissioner bill bratton in a frank assessment of how the department's mission and focus will change once james o'neill takes up the reigns of power at the nypd. bratton says o'neill will have -- >> the resources to do t. he has the leadership to do it, he >>reporter: bratton's remarks showing how the world of policing has changed in the 31 months since he assume command of the nypd for a second time. from a department fixated on protecting the city from terror attacks and accommodating police reforms sought by mayor de blasio, likening stop and frisk, he now has to deal with the tensions caused by the bloim movement -- by the black lives matter movement, making cops more sensitive to the minority communities they protect, while at the same time protecting cops from those who
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speaking to that issue. >> until we have a city where people are held accountable when they commit a crime we have reforms. we will not be able to have a real healthy community police relations. >>reporter: and to what he expects of james o'neill once he becomes police commissioner next month. >> mr. o'neill needs to meet and deal with how he would get there, an we would reserve judgment until that time. >>reporter: o'neill wants to move the department to more neighborhood policing. >> community partnerships and working with them is something that will help with terrorism, it's something that will help with crime, it'll get more information for the police department. >>reporter: and while the mayor and james o'neill are in lock step on neighborhood policing, the real test for many new yorkers may be how he deals with problems like the homeless and neighborhoods overrun with those using
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>> marcia, thank you. the new police commissioner may also have to address concerns from the union representing his officers. [ chanting ] >> the new york city police union holding a rally outside of mayor de blasio's gym of choice. the nyc in park slope, brooklyn. they're demanding a new contract and pay raise. president pat lynch saying they're tired of not being heard and will pop up in unexpect places to grab the mayor's attention. the union is asking for better pay an better equipment for its officers. fire destroys a supermarket in whitestone, queens. four firefighters were injured and taken to the hospital while trying to contain the blaze at the strawberry farms grocery store on 150th street last night. it took them about five hours to get it under control. the fdny is investigating the cause. now to campaign 2016. and donald trump going after some republicans who have been critical about the feud. the gop nominee has with the gold star family. cbs 2's craig boswell is at the white house with more on that
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republican establishment with his refusal to endorse house speaker paul ryan and senators kelly ayotte and john mccain in their primary races. >> i mean, you know, i've never been a big fan of john mccain, and i just hate the way our veterans have been treated by john and other people. >>reporter: all three criticized trump recently for his attack on the family of a u.s. army captain huma humayan kahn, killed in stage. it's one of those things. no, i don't regret anything. >>reporter: president obama is calling on republicans to abandon their nominees saying his comments about the kahn family is further proof he is unfit to be commander in chief. >> i think i was right in mitt romney and john mccain were song on certain policy issues, but i never thought that they couldn't do the job. >>reporter: charlie rose asked cbs news political director john dickerson about the likeliedhood of republicans
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nothing? >> well, at the moment, yes, a lot of hand ringing, a lot of phone calls going around saying how do we fix this, how do we stop it. >>reporter: trump insists there are no problems within the gop, tweeting there's great unity in my campaign, perhaps greater than ever before. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> hewlett packard ceo meg whitman announced she will give her money and time to elect hillary clinton. she joins richard upstate who became the first congressman to announce support for clinton as well. much more ahead here on cbs 2 news at noon. life-saving surgery happening at this hour for a little girl. doctors performing a delicate procedure to remove a massive tumor on her neck. then a new jersey couple says pokemon go is ruining their lives. why they've signed on to a class action suit against the popular game. one local company is going the way of the horse and carriage. it's the last plan of its kind in the area.
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looking at some beautiful weather, great day to stroll through the park or your back yard. we've got the forecast coming
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?slow, building african-style m? it's the little moments that make the biggest waves. kalahari resorts & conventions. the world's coolest indoor waterparks. explore now at welcome back. some breaking news for you in east orange, new jersey right now. an underground transformer has caught fire.
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jim. >>reporter: yeah, chris, the fire department is on the scene of burnett street in the area of central avenue. it was an underground transformer fire. we believe the fire has been extinguished. there were several manholes that did have smoke coming out of them. it does appear now the smoke has diminished. we're seeing several parts of the street shut down, again, central avenue and south burnett street. it's not known if there are any power outages in the area. pse&g is on the scene assessing the situation. live in chopper 2, jim smith, cbs 2 news. is getting life-saving surgery as we speak. it's thanks to two new york surgeons who are volunteering their skills. 1-year-old sandy diaz was born with a giant mass on her face. after multiple failed attempts to shrink the tumor without surgery, the family decided it was time to have it remove. the team at lenox hill hospital is using groundbreaking medical techniques in what it expect to be a five-hour operation.
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place. >> the day has arrived for when god willing, she's going to be able to, you know, get rid of this. >> the surgery is expected to give sandy the chance to finally eat by mouth and breathe without a tube. pokemon go players are on the hunt just about everywhere you look lately, but one new jersey homeowner has had enough of players invading his property. now he's part of a class action lawsuit against the pokemon company developer niantic. cbs 2's jessica l leighton reports from the pokemon fight. >>reporter: from pokemon go to pokemon no, a west orange, new jersey man is fed up with this wildly popular game and some of the people playing it. ? ? >>reporter: in a lawsuit filed friday, jeffrey marter alleges that he's had strangers gathering outside of his home, holding up mobile phones as if they were taking pictures.
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access to the back yard to catch these virtual creatures that have people crazed around the country and that the game put them there without permission. marter wanted nothing to do with our story, but his neighbors were interested in why we were here. when we told them about the lawsuit -- >> that's a first. that's a first. >> pokemon thing is getting out of han. >>reporter: he said there were too many young people trespassing. >> i didn't see anybody. >>reporter: noo' he says he hasn't seen anything out of the ordinary. >> some people are complainers, i guess. >> i don't think it's right if people are trespassing on other people's property. >>reporter: we caught up with a group of kids who say the app is addicting, but they know the limits. >> i think we've learned our lesson. >>reporter: how did you learn your lesson? >> tv. >> people getting in trouble. >> parents. >>reporter: and now they know for sure they won't be welcome in this neighborhood. the game clearly says don't
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private property to begin with? i contacted nintendo to ask that very question, but so far nobody's gotten back to me with an answer. reporting in west orange, new jersey, jessica leighton, cbs 2 news. new york city's last dairy plant will close its doors after decades of business. elmhurst dairy milk processing plant in jamaica will shut down at the end of october. the family-owned plant supplies milk to thousands of local groceries and schools. 273 employees the schwartz family who owns the plant says regulatory burdens made it impossible for the company to compete with out- of-state vendors. >> hate to hear that. when we come back, we'll hear from the only american on the pope's panel to study the possibility of adding female deacons in the catholic church. and how long will this beautiful weather last? john elliot has your complete
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pope francis has given his blessing to consider the idea of women in the clergy. >> it is a move that's both shocked and excited many in the church. cbs 2's marley hall has the story. >>reporter: pope francis says his decision came after intense prayer and mature reflection to appoint a panel to study the
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roman catholic church. religion professor phyllis agono is the only american on the commission and says she's been waiting for this moment for years. >> the church would be making a great statement about the dignity and place of women in the world. >>reporter: known for his progressive stances, pope francis' decision to look into the possibility of women deacons differs from the views of his predecessors. he first entertained the idea last may after meeting with a group of women from various religious orders. the idea for the commission not the pope himself. he agreed to the study, but the vatican says not to expect change anytime soon. deacons are ordained ministers who can preach as well as preside over weddings and funerals, but they cannot celebrate mass. his storians say the idea of women in this role is not new to the catholic faith. >> there are several popes in the middle ages who wrote to bishops giving them the authority to ordain women as deacons. >>reporter: so there is a
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>> there's great precedent. >>reporter: agono says the idea can transform not only how women are seen in the church, but in society as well. marley hall, cbs 2 news. >> the 12-member panel includes priests, nuns and lay women. well, let's talk a little weather right now. mild temperatures out there, sunny skies, low humidity. >> it's beautiful. >> one of the best days of the summer. >> haven't had this in a while. >> and it's great. i mean, some of the best weather in the country is right here. what are we doing inside? a i tell you what, you're watching a tv show inside and we do appreciate that. let me take you outside through the weather watchers. first off, the readings, anywhere from 75, some readings in the low 80s. that's really the exception, not the rule. let's have some fun with pictures. you know, come on, daniel says, look at those eyes. you can't say no to those eyes. mary ellen said, that's right, we're going for a nice, long walk. you know what? taking in the beautiful sights, make sure you monitor standing water for bugs and get ready to
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michael, 76 staten island. big party there on south beach tonight, great weather for that and the ball game, all kinds of fun. and this is fun too. bob has 76, beautiful skies in toms river, and it's a good surfing day. surfer girl released by the beach boys on this day in '63. let's keep surf amin', let's go to the beach. want to remind, moderate rip current. so, yeah, you are going to see some good conditions, just make sure you're ready for those rip cuts system, surfers too, but, yeah, talk about gorgeous conditions. 78 with sun in the city. so nice. 73, one of the cooler readings there to about 78. these are the official observations, and they are one or two or three degrees warmer than we were yesterday. dewpoints delightfully low, 60 in the city. dewpoints are actually a little lower than they were yesterday. so it's kind of win-win. we're going to see some nice numbers, staying likely a little bit below normal.
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make sure sunscreen is too. uv forecast is a 9. pollen not bad, air quality still good. that's a nice thing -- nothing to sneeze at right there. humidity falling and i tell you, the barometer is rising. beautiful view right there. got a nice big ridge of high pressure, so we've got some nice days to look forward to. real quick update on a strengthening storm. this, as you know, is earl, the concern for parts of mexico and belize. this could even strengthen into a categor1 right now it's at 70 miles an hour, barreling to the west. great today, i think almost as great tomorrow, just a little warmer. still a real nice day. more heat and humidity friday. and then out of the two weekend days, saturday could be busy in the afternoon. >> looks like we got a great start to next week too. >> uh-huh. >> thank you, john. still ahead on cbs 2 news at noon, the is exaning. find out the newest
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coming up on cbs 2 news tonight beginning at 5:00, preying on people's fears over the zika virus. the new warning about products that claim to protect you, but may not. and then at 6:00 a tree destroying disease found in parts of the tri-state area. why scientists say it could be devastating and what homeowners should look out for on their trees. those stories and much more tonight on cbs 2 news beginning at 5:00. well, city bike is moving
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several stations opened up yesterday north of 85th street and more are coming as far north as 110th street. by the end of the year, city bike will have 10,000 docking stations an bikes. you can get $25 off a year-long membership if that's what interests you. >> perfect day to get out there. >> it would be a good day for a bike ride. that's it for us at noon. for john elliot, i'm calvi. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow morning.
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