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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  August 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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path through the parkland that bordered the residential area near 161st avenue in howard beach, a route she normally ran with her father. >> he asked her not to run this path. all right? not without him. >> reporter: police said she had been texting a friend but then the texts stopped and multiple calls from her father went unanswered. >> at some point after that her father began to get worried. >> reporter: vetrano's dad helped police trace their usual running route. then around 9 p.m. last night a ping to her cell phone led investigators to marsh about 15 feet off the path. >> the father actually found her so my heart goes out to him. >> you can imagine his anger at that point. >> we found her face down in the ground. >> reporter: police say she had scrapes on her legs, her sports bra and shorts pulled down. it's unclear if she wanted target or if this was a crime of opportunity. a steady scream of grieving loved ones -- a steady scream of grieving loved ones were at her home today.
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she was a great girl. she had tons of friends. she lit up the room when she walked in. >> it's so sad. it's terrible to anybody, a child to predecease a parent. [ crying ] but in search a horrific way of in such a loving family, it's killing the neighborhood, all of them. [ crying ] >> reporter: vetrano was well liked and had a very large following on social media with more than 10,000 instagram. she was a graduate of st. johns university and worked at vetro a catering hall in howard beach. her coworkers will be holding a candlelight vigil at the catering hall tonight at 8 p.m. to celebrate her life. live in howard beach, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. >> thank you. right now, we are following a developing story in newark. chopper 2 over the scene of a
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they are searching near the passaic river. police aren't saying where the suspect escaped from or what he is wanted for. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. now to campaign 2016. donald trump appearing at an event a short time ago denying claims his campaign is in extreme crisis. cbs news reports the candidate is increasingly estranged from his advisers and that turmoil among his senior staff continues but trump tells an entirely different story. >> so i just want to tell you the campaign is well. it's never been so well united. >> reporter: donald trump back on the stump and his campaign hopes back on message in daytona beach, florida. this time he seized on the news that the u.s. paid $400.000000 to iran around the same time 4 detained americans were released. >> we have been humiliated by president obama and his policies. we have been humiliated by the iran deal to start off with, where they get back $150
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say the campaign is struggling to make sure the candidate avoids any more unforced errors. but today it seems trump and his vice-presidential nominee mike pence were not on the same page. trump is not ready to endorse house speaker paul ryan for re- election. but today, pence strongly endorsed ryan and says trump told him, go ahead. >> i talked to donald trump this morning about my support for paul ryan our long-time friendship. he strongly encouraged me to endorse paul ryan in next tuesday's primary and i'm pleased >> reporter: on the democratic side, three high level members of the democratic national committee left the organization on tuesday in the wake of the committee's hacked email controversy. in a campaign appearance in denver, hillary clinton ridiculed donald trump for not making some of his products in the u.s. >> donald trump makes, um, his suits in mexico, not ohio, where he could; his furniture in turkey, not pennsylvania, where he could. if he wants to make america great again, he should start
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>> reporter: in a big surprise, trump supporter newt gingrich told the "washington post" that trump cannot win the election the way he is conducting it and must reverse course. it is no longer owned by donald trump and soon it will no longer exist. the trump taj mahal casino in atlantic city is closing! operators are announcing they will shut down after labor day weekend, not unexpected. it's been in trouble for some time and workers have been striking for more month. trump opened the establishment back in 1990. his friend carl icahn bought it out of bankruptcy two years ago. new at 5:00, police in new jersey arrested a postal worker accused of stealing from the mail she was delivering. 27-year-old smith of orange faces theft charges. police say smith swiped gift and rebate cards from people on her route in mahwah. investigators say she would feel the envelopes to find the cards and say that they caught her in uniform using stolen
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a man in new jersey claims a bear swatted him on his porch. the police say the information they have so far is not consistent with a bear attack. so what happened? christine sloan reports from warren county. >> reporter: in new jersey, residents in this rural town in warren county say they see a lot of bears. >> there's one really big one, um, some say it's about three, four hundred pounds. they do get pretty big. >> reporter: do they usu walkway or do they go about their business? >> they go about their business, pretty much. >> reporter: but a 58-year-old man who lives in this house on county route 627 made a 911 call wednesday morning telling police a 500-pound bear swatted him as he fed a cat on his side porch. the division of fish and wildlife spent the morning investigating looking in the yard, police say finding no evidence of a bear attack. >> the laceration that was on
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laceration. can i say if it was from a 500- pound bear? absolutely not. >> reporter: this guy says he was attacked by a bear and it doesn't appear to be a bear. what was it? >> i don't know. at this point, it's too early to tell. i would not call this a bear attack. >> reporter: investigators say the cat food wasn't touched, either. the man is being kept at the hospital for observation with minor injuries. the mayor says they will continue to search the area to make sure residents are safe. >> i think in this case, just because it is such a real po the investigation is over, we are going to err on the side of caution as if it was a bear. >> reporter: police are waiting to interview the homeowner to verify the information he initially gave them. as for those who live here in bear country, keep your food inside and garbage secure. in new jersey, christine sloan, cbs 2 news. >> the division of fish and wildlife continues to monitor the area but a spokesman says
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a stunning arrest near the nation's capital. for the first time, a police officer in the u.s. has been arrested on terrorism charges accused of trying to support isis. cbs 2's dana tyler is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: the officer, 36- year-old nicholas young, has been a metro transit police officer for more than 13 years and for more than half of that, the fbi says he has been on the radar since 2010. agents arrested him today at with providing material support to isis. agents searched young's home in northern virginia for evidence the government says he had been assembling, an arsenal. according to court documents, young's arrest comes about a month after he allegedly bought $250 in gift cards to allegedly help isis purchase mobile messaging apps. but young actually gave the gift cards to an undercover source. >> we know that part of the
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around the world including isis is to use social media to try to recruit followers around the world. >> young was fired after his arrest. the fbi says there's no evidence that he posed any threat to the dc metro system. if convicted, young could face up to 20 years in prison on this terrorism charge. kristine? >> thank you. turning now to the nypd, where outgoing police commissioner bill bratton says the largest police department in the nation will be very >> bratton spoke to cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer today. she joins us with more. >> reporter: well, dick and kristine, james o'neil might have been hand-picked by bill bratton, but he is not a bratton clone. his accent is east flatbush, not boston. while the mayor sought to portray the change as a seamless handing off of the baton, bratton sees a change in focus that might bring more harmony to the relationship with city hall. when i asked police
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under his successor james o'neil, i expected him to say it would be a continuation of the bratton reign. instead -- >> it will be different. jimmy is prepared with his neighborhood policing plan, the ability of the department to address the racial divide. jimmy, i think, is going to have significant gains on dealing with the racial tension in this city. >> reporter: if that happens it would be a major store with his boss, mayor de blasio, who has made reforming department one of his major initiatives, a big deal for a mayor facing a bumpy re- election campaign next year and because of that, bratton said o'neil will have -- >> the resources to do it. >> reporter: new yorkers will see a different stripe of cat running the nypd. consider, his nickname in the department is j-po for jimmy police. he rides a harley, a motorcycle buff, and he has
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scandal. in 2008 he lost his job after drugs were used in his department to pay off informants. he didn't involve but he languished for more than a decade until bratton returned to the department. ironically, he will also have to deal with an ongoing corruption probe that has already led to the indictment of several top chiefs with more reportedly on the griddle. >> these corrupt police officers cannot be allowed to continue in the police department. he needs to set that tone at the top. >> reporter: and while the experts say he will also be judged on how he deals with quality of life issues, like the homeless and communities overrun with people who smoke synthetic marijuana, k2. >> it's one of the most important things that people all over the city expect. they expect quality of life to be addressed. they want to feel safe. >> reporter: well, when the mayor introduced him as the new police commissioner, james o'neil said that one of the things he liked about his old job, chief the department, was that it wasn't very political.
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that is about to change. >> yes. >> welcome to politics, chief. >> thank you, marcia. >> mayor de blasio's vision zero initiative set its sights on improving safety at intersections where drivers make left turns. with a dozen pedestrian accidents in years, this was one of the most dangerous. among safety improvements in place, a 12-second head cross the street. 9-year-old lucas maxwell made a video about the intersection that pushed the city to take action. >> i'm so happy that the commissioner watched my movie and made this corner safer. the department of transportation and new york city are the greatest in the world. >> the city is also working on a pilot program to study safety improvements at 100 other intersections. the most successful will be rolled out citywide.
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make that happen. >> smart kid. >> my goodness. still ahead, pick up or pay up. new rules for litterbugs in one suburban city. how trash could cost thousands of dollars or worse. >> a new warning about zika and companies' false claims of protection. the only ingredients that will really repel mosquitos. >> and they only had minutes. how hundreds of passengers escaped a plane as it erupted in flames. >> reporter: we are live here in columbus circle. it's a ti weather lab. take a look! this is the new improved mobile weather lab. everything the last did vehicle this one does more and better. i'll walk you through it
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mosquito workers in miami took to the streets this morning to spray for mosquitos that could be carrying the zika virus.
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south florida. spring is only part of the -- spraying is only part of the effort to eradicate zika carriers. >> if you see anything on your property, get rid of the standing water. >> it thrives in small amounts of water especially in backyard items. new york state is cracking down on companies trying to cash in companies accused of advertising and selling infectsive insects repellents. the products -- ineffective insects repellents. the products including ultrasonic devices, patches and stickers. also vitamin b-based repellents were being sold. >> my office will not tolerate desettlement -- deceptive advertising that could put people at risk of a serious
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>> consumers are advised to use epa-registered insect repellents which help provide long-lasting protection. the centers for disease control and prevention says that the best repellents contain all of these following ingredients including deet, oil of lemon, eucalyptus, or ir-3535. bail is set at $100,000 for a former airline lobbyist linked to new jersey governor chris today. the former new jersey transportation commissioner and former lobby i was for united airlines -- lobbyist for united airlines is charged with conspiracy. prosecutors say he was the middleman helping his friend the former port authority chairman arrange a direct flight from newark to south carolina, his vacation home. samson pleaded guilty to a federal bribery charge last month. new information on the dubai plane crash. it erupted into a fireball
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morning. all 300 people aboard escaped. but a firefighter battling the fire was killed. jonathan vigliotti reports, the ntsb is sending a team to assist in the investigation. >> reporter: the emirates airline flight from india came to a fiery stop on the runway as people inside dubai international airport looked on in horror. >> we were in the plane. >> reporter: the plane came down on its belly. video posted online shows the boeing 777 erupting into a one of the wings. firefighters hosed down the smoldering fuselage, most of the top melting away. amazingly, all 300 people on board including six americans were quickly and safely evacuated in about a minute. >> i think something was burning, so the smoke was coming in -- immediately they ask us to evacuate. >> reporter: some passengers report the pilot made an announcement he that he needed to make an -- announcement
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emergency landing because of a landing gear problem. officials say there were strong winds and blowing dust as the plane approached the runway. the exact cause of the crash- landing is still under investigation. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, london. >> amazingly, and thankfully, no one hurt. >> talk about your close calls, though. >> absolutely. let's take a look closer to home now. the weather, specifically. what a great day, no humidity, circle. lonnie is warm out there with his jacket off. and you have the new mobile weather lab behind you. >> reporter: you bet. kj, remember that afternoon two years ago where we debuted the first mobile weather lab? like the best day of my life? this is like even better! it's everything that other vehicle did but ramped up in a number of ways. now, the first thing i would tell you is it's kind of like half mobile weather lab and
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so while we are driving on while i'm a passenger i can report on the conditions as we're actually driving down 278 and i'm talking about road conditions and what's great about that, we actually have some you in tech devices. this is great looking stuff, all right? i talked about reporting on the road conditions driving around 684, whatever you want to talk about. this is a road condition monitor. this is shooting a beacon down the road. it knows how far the road is away because of the tires are on the road. and that back, we translate that information. we can give you how much ice is on the road. that's important to know if you are traveling down the roads that this vehicle is on at that point in time. we have temperature, barometer scanners what we had on the old vehicle but now we bumped it up because now we have a rain rate monitor so i can tell you here we are in morristown, new jersey, and the rain is coming down at 2" an hour. that's important to know in the middle of a storm. over here is a new anemometer.
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it's a little -- we still have that in here. it's got a little hole in it and that air sort of rams into it as it blows up against it. that's why it's called ram speed. but this is a visual of how strong the wind is out there. speaking of how strong the wind is out there, if we go to our weather graphics right now, not too much going on except for beautiful weather, kind of a sun/cloud mix but right now you have to put the emphasis on the sunshine. it's a great looking day out there. 78 degrees. what you should be expecting as you look ahead a great looking night so eat outside if you it's still sunny and warmer for thursday. no rain until maybe late friday. more so saturday. that's why i'm saying sunday is going to be the better weekend day than saturday. for your day tomorrow, an even better day tomorrow than today high temperature about 83 with a lot of sunshine. got some kids over here talking to me about the mobile weather lab. what do you like the best? >> the wheels! >> we can drive up to three feet of water!
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>> thank you. it looks even meaner in person. >> meaner? >> yes. >> like one of those big tanks. >> even with the new anemometer. >> yes. that, too. [ laughter ] >> okay. [ laughter ] >> we'll have a pop quiz on that. breaking news in syosset. joe biermann is live in chopper 2. joe, what do you have? >> reporter: hey, guys. real mystery developing out here in syosset. at 4:30 comes in reports of a car fire here on the 200 block of southwoo it wants a blazing car fire, but now there's an unconfirmed fatality inside that automobile. a lot more police activity surrounds it. a lot of police detectives from nassau county starting to come out to the scene. you can see it's on the wrong side of the street at a stop sign just at a highly residential area. so developing story here in syosset. live in chopper 2, joe
5:23 pm
now as we all know skipping the sunscreen on any day can have consequences down the road. that's what momentum patients are -- that's what melanoma patients are learning the hard way. new therapy that could save lives. >> they have been delivering milk for almost 100 years. now the elmhurst dairy is closing. why they have no choice. coming up. ?? ?? ?? ?? don't miss out on the best us open yet.
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the 2016 us open. get your tickets today. for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, [ inhales ] all stop & shop produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess.
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i'm dana tyler. tonight at 6:00 parcc exam outrage. new jersey lawmakers say the controversial test will be a requirement to graduate high school even though most states are doing away with it. is it even legal in new students and educators. also tonight a disease destroying some trees in the tri-state area and scientists say this problem could spread. tonight at 6:00, we'll take you to the neighborhoods most affected and explain what homeowners should look for on their trees. those stories and more tonight at 6:00. right now at 5:00, a landmark queens milk factory is shutting its doors. the nearly century old elmhurst dairy says that changing consumer habits will force it to close. >> the owner hopes to create a
5:27 pm
nearly 300 employees are now looking for jobs. cbs 2's vanessa murdoch has more. >> reporter: the conveyor belt runs nonstop inside the elmhurst dairy carrying millions of gallons of pasteurized milk. the plant has been a mainstay in jamaica, queens since 1936. but now long-time employees are wondering where their paycheck will come from once the factory closes october 30. >> i'm already missing this place. i'm supporting and family from this place. i'm working here 21 years. this place is my life. >> this is max schwartz the founder of this company. >> reporter: henry schwartz speaks fondly of his father, who first started the business in queens in 1919. he says he tried to keep the business running but has lost tens of millions of dollars in recent years because of consumers changing habits. >> we were producing nature's most perfect food and delivering it to millions of people throughout the new york
5:28 pm
there's an enormous decline. >> reporter: at its height in the 70s and 80s the milk factory employed nearly 600 people with good playing jobs. this man called it the best job he ever had. >> i have nothing bad to say about the company. i made a living here what more can you ask for? >> reporter: no severance pay but some will be offered jobs at other food related businesses upstate and in new jersey. the owner is considering a new business at the site, possibly entertainment-related. >>pe acres and make it into new businesses that employ far more people. >> reporter: but he adds most of the existing buildings will be torn down ending a century old dairy legacy. in queens, vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. >> regular milk consumption has declined as people turned to alternatives like almond milk and other brands of mill.
5:29 pm
in the mornings. >> good old days. a move by the pope could shock the catholic church. a local professor may have a hand in it. >> it's an honor. >> meet the long island woman getting a special place in the debate over allowing women to become church deacons. >> also, taking park clean-up to a new level. how leaving your litter could cost thousands of dollars in one suburban city. >> plus, up close and personal with a shark on the er
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a clean-up and crackdown in westchester county that targets trash. good evening, i johnson. >> i'm dick brennan. litterbugs could face fines in the thousands for tossing garbage on the ground. they could even lose their car. lou young has the story from yonkers new at 5:30. >> reporter: stand in the bronx, look north and notice how roadside trash seems to vanish right at the city line. it's not an accident. workers on the yonkers side are keeping it clean. but it isn't easy. >> out the window, they pull over, especially at lights, they will pull over and put something out on the curb.
5:33 pm
streets. >> reporter: now westchester's largest city is getting ready to issue lots of tickets and big fines. city council president liam mclaughlin wrote the legislation. >> we're not messing around. the city council is increasing the fine from a class 3 to a class 2 offense. >> reporter: which means fines start at $250 and go up from there. >> you can get up to a $5,000 fine for littering here in our streets and our offices will be more aggressively pursuing those individuals. >> reporter: the ordinance put ha littering initiative already in effect at city parks. visitors urged to leave no trace. >> it's a good idea for us to pick up our garbage and take it right back to the -- where we came from. >> reporter: it's an increasingly popular policy first instituted by the national park service, carry in, carry out. which means you might find a trash receptacle at the park you visit. but if you don't, the trash is your problem and leaving it behind could cost you big time. >> this isn't something we're
5:34 pm
chip in. >> reporter: the fines begin in the fall. until then we are on the honor system in the streets and the park. who had potato chips? we're in yonkers. lou young, cbs 2 news. >> when it becomes substantial enough to be labeled dumping, police say they will also confiscate vehicles involved. bergen county is getting high praise for helping war heroes. today it was honored for cutting the population of homelesve after a pledge to provide housing for 100 homeless vets. they used a voucher program to get them into rental homes. >> they deserve to live securely and prosperously in our communities. that security starts with a roof over their heads. >> the county is one of only 28 communities so far to meet the goals of the nationwide challenge. pope francis is opening the door to women possibly serving as deacons in the
5:35 pm
issue. and only one american is commissioned for the panel and she is from our area. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan reports from hofstra in hempstead. >> reporter: the remarkable and historic invitation from the vatican reached professor phyllis vagano on the campus of hofstra, university. how does it feel to be the only american on the pope's panel? >> it's an honor that he has entrusted me and my research to bring >> reporter: the doctor a leading religious scholar will soon serving on a 12-person panel commissioned by the pope to study allowing women to serve as deacons. male deacons currently carry out some of the same duties as priests. >> they being performing a some baptism, marriages and preaching. >> i don't know why there aren't already female deacons. >> old people would be against
5:36 pm
in the diocese of rockville centre is against the idea saying women are well serving being nuns. >> this i think has caught the world's imagination and something that will continue to be discussed. i don't think it's going to be blown off the pages of our news. >> a lot of women and a lot of people have turned away from the church because of all their bias. >> i think it's needed, you know, to progress as a catholic. >> reporter: she says she wrote her first of 20 books at the behest of john cardinal o'connor, who felt female deacons common in the early christian church was a top thank needed to be studied -- a topic that needed to be studied. >> i think the holy father means we'll be getting -- or i'll be getting on an airplane soon. >> reporter: whatever the outcome in rome, the professor hopes the discussion will enable the church to speak more forcefully to the world about the dignity and place of women. from hofstra university, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> while the commission might
5:37 pm
not pope francis will allow female deacons. quite a sight at the jersey shore, a shark on the beach. look at the incredible video. you can see children interacting with the shark after helping it back in the water. this happened near sacramento avenue. the beach patrol doesn't know exactly what kind of shark it was but it was about 6 feet long. they are telling swimmers, it's safe to go back into the water. >> but nte interact with a shark? [ laughter ] >> i wouldn't recommend it. >> be sure it gets off okay. >> yeah, okay. sharks at the shore and stars in the hamptons! they are the hot spots where celebrities are spotted. we'll show you some of the "a" list hangouts. >> if you have ever wondered how a star is bob -- how a star is born, you will want to meet this amazing 12-year-old who is well on his way. ?[ music ]? >> oh, yes.
5:38 pm
macarena hit number one on the billboard charts. it stayed there for 14 weeks, although the choreography will definitely stay with us forever. >> unfortunately.
5:39 pm
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
the hamptons, where arms. listers flock each summer -- where "a" listers flock each summer and people are looking for the stars. >> not the bs, the as. so where are the celebrities really hanging out? we have been asking this question for days now. cbs 2's jill nicolini reveals wherey >> reporter: what celebrities have you seen here? >> j-lo was here taking a picture there in the door. >> justin bieber the other day. he was around kmart. >> the best restaurants here, beautiful beaches, gorgeous streets and it's the most beautiful place on earth. >> reporter: the editor-in- chief of the hamptons magazine says you have the best chance of spotting stars while they
5:42 pm
restaurant is nick and tony's without question. the baldwins frequent guest, sir paul mccartney there the other day having a little veg tear yar treat. >> reporter: the manager -- vegetarian treat. >> reporter: the manager is tight-lipped about her patrons and we heard jeff gordon was just there too. >> we treat them the way we treat other people. we respect their privacy. sag harbor is just the most beautiful town on the water and, of course, billy joel has just made the town so famous as a homeowner there. >> reporter: this is the marina in sag harbor. it's the end. that's why the celebrities dock their yachts here to dine out. >> it's the unhampton. it's a little quiet than some of the other towns. >> it's a new restaurant called [ non-english language ] i was in there the other day and saw sarah jessica parker. >> what celebrities come to your place? >> we never say names so i guess they feel comfortable to come here and plus i like to think that the food is fantastic. >> reporter: in southampton, the hottest new sushi place is where kim kardashian and
5:43 pm
>> who do you hope to run into? >> brad pitt. nice to run into. >> reporter: who are you on the hunt for? >> selina gomez. >> hugh jackman. >> reporter: you still have a hugh for weeks until labor day to hunt the east end for your favorite celebrity. jill nicolini, cbs 2 news. >> if you want to travel further east to montauk where there are always celebrity sightings at the hip restaurant and hotel called the surf lodge, taylor swift and leo have been spotted there. that's big stuff. >> do you approach people when you he that's the problem. [ laughter ] >> maybe a politician i would know. that's about it. >> i don't approach them. >> they should be approaching you. >> oh, no, no. i'm like d-lister. coming up next, the discovery that could give some melanoma patients new home and some extra time. >> first dana tyler has what's coming up on cbs 2 news at 6:00. >> reporter: dick and kristine, tonight at 6:00 a citibike expansion on the
5:44 pm
cbs 2 is "demanding answers" tonight. if the neighborhood does not want these bicycles, why not move the rack to a neighborhood that does? also, this is no ordinary makeover. the makeup artist was viciously attacked by her ex- boyfriend left scarred physically and emotionally. but now she is using her career to help other victims. >> try to remind them that we have to keep going.
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
malignant melanoma is the deadliest form of skin deaths a year. >> once it spreads fewer than 1 in 10 patients survives. a new combination therapy is changing that dramatically and saving countless lives. dr. max gomez explains. >> reporter: melanoma is very curable when it's caught early. but it also spreads very quickly even when it's a small mole. that's when it turns deadly. now a whole new class of drugs called immunotherapies is revolutionizing the treatment
5:48 pm
die and decided there were things that i really wanted to do and people i wanted to see. >> reporter: cindy had good reason to think she was going to die when the melanoma on her shoulder spread to her lungs. her doctor at the nyu perlmutter cancer center knew that survival stats for her stage cancer were grim. >> most patients would survive only about six months because were infecteddive. >> reporter: but a new breakthrough combination of drugs unleashes the body's only immune system killing the cancer. >> they get the body to recognize the kansas something to a-- the cancer something to attack and the immune system goes after it. >> reporter: this person's melanoma that started as a bleeding mole eight years ago had since spread to his lung and thigh. >> i was begging for one month, two months, three months, i need to know.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: he is getting the now fda-approved combination of the two drugs and while he still has a couple of treatments to go -- >> all the spreads are gone and they had another tumor in my left thigh it's gone after the first treatment. >> reporter: as for cindy, she is finished with her treatments and just one day ago -- > i'm cancer-free. unbelievable. it's a miracle. it's really a miracle that i never thought i would see. >> yervoy and the other were approved for melanoma five and two years ago but the combination does much better than either one alone. and that's what led to the approval of the combination earlier this year. it doesn't help every melanoma patient but more than half of them are responding and some are cancer-free for years. these were patients who had only months to live at this point. so it's completely changed the treatment of melanoma. big deal.
5:50 pm
are we going to see sun or storms this weekend? >> let's go to columbus circle where lonnie quinn live in the mobile weather lab. the new one. lonnie. >> reporter: the new one. the new one, that's right, dick! look, sun or clouds or storms this weekend, i think you will see a little bit of everything and i think sunday is the better weekend day. this mobile weather lab draws a crowd. we're not paying them. it's a cool looking vehicle. this is the new mobile weather lab, all right? and if you look up top, you're going to notice first of all a we had on the old veronica. what's interesting here -- on the old vehicle. what's interesting here when i was started doing weather almost 20 years ago, the amount of space would you fill up with just these devices up here would be probably two rooms in a good sized buildings and now we can put it on a big vehicle. something new we haven't seen before, this horseshoe looking thing here, this is avissibility sensor. now how important that is --
5:51 pm
you know how important that is. and another is important whether to take off or not. this one is an air quality monitor. can you see this? can we get that shot? this is a dust monitor and what's great about that is, so often we talk about air quality and everybody thinks low level ozone. dust is one of the biggest allergens out there. we can now measure it for you. let me show you what we're america as far as temperatures in the area. it's been right now. 78 right now. sunny, 80 your temperature a little below average. saturday summer rain. earl is getting stronger. we have a hurricane earl up there with 75-mile-per-hour winds. it's just to the northeast of honduras and the track puts it into honduras or belize sometime tonight or early tomorrow morning but in our area this poses no threat. good-looking pictures out there.
5:52 pm
rain tomorrow or saturday. tomorrow 83. friday 85. friday looks good, slight chance of rain friday, saturday better chance of weather. back to you. >> thank you. winnie the pooh and friends are back on the sleigh at the new york public library. the original toys that inspired the stories were recently repaired. theye textile repairman -- [ laughter ] -- >> hard to say. >> stuffed animals gone for about a year. kids are so glad they're back, especially pooh. >> very cute. up next, are you ready to rock? ?[ music ]? >> piano man ? >> meet the new jersey musician who is already a star online but has even bigger plans ahead of him. >> then at 6:00 a tree destroying disease found in parts of the tri-state area. why it could be devastating
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
if you ever wondered how a
5:56 pm
grader in paramus who is showing us how. cbs 2's cindy hsu introduces us to this young man with an old soul. >> sing us a song the piano man ? >> reporter: meet jake who is only 12 years old. he fell in love with music at 2 while watching billy -- billy joel. >> he had this contraption over his neck and playing harmon cats. we thought it was cool and we went to guitar center and this is the same one from when i was 2. [ singing ] >> reporter: then came his love of guitars. how many guitars do you have? >> nine. >> reporter: and you pay for all of them yourself? >> yes. >> reporter: how do you get that money? >> um, well, i play gigs and, um -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: i'm not laughing. it's just so young. it's amazing. >> he plays all over the place. >> reporter: he has been
5:57 pm
the boss. >> i decided to learn a springsteen song because i didn't have one yet and people requested because i'm from new jersey and everything. >> reporter: so he learned no surrender and the video went viral. ?[ music ]? ? no surrender ? >> i would get messages in all these different languages all over europe. >> reporter: he also plays for local charities and the senior center nearby. along with all the charity work, jake has been hir weddings, bar mitzvahs and at a confection shop where he performs every weekend. he was hired after he heard jake playing in town. >> i thought he was just incredible. everybody that was walking by was completely blown away by what they were seeing. >> reporter: so he is a fixture there and even turned one of his performances into a benefit raising nearly $3,000 for an animal rescue group.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: remember the name jake thistle. you heard it here first. ?[ music ]? >> reporter: in paramus, cindy hsu, cbs 2 news. ?[ music ]? >> now, when we asked jake who he dreamed of performing with, he said either tom petty or bruce springsteen. >> does have an old soul. >> he does. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> that's it for the news at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a woman out for a run never comes home. her father makes the heart- wrenching discovery. tonight, the search for her killer. >> the politics of the parcc exam. new jersey lawmakers say students must pass it to graduate. is that mandate legal? >> fighting tree fungus. a devastating disease threatening hundreds of trees in the tri-state area. >> and more than a makeover.
5:59 pm
violence. good evening, i'm dana tyler. her name was karina vetrano. and just about this time last night, the 30-year-old queens woman an avid runner should have been finishing up her daily run. instead, she never came home. her body found just blocks from her home in howard beach. cbs 2's hazel sanchez live at the scene where police continue to search for clues. hazel. >> reporter: dana, karina social media that her passion for running was an instant love affair. so it came as no surprise that she would still make her daily run in the state park hijacked me despite the fact that -- behind me despite the fact that her running partner dad was too injured to join her. now tonight there are dozens of investigators in this area trying to find her killer. karina vetrano was beautiful and admired in life. a stark contrast to the way she died. police believe the 30-year-old
6:00 pm
spring creek state park land just a few blocks away from her howard beach home. her lifeless body was discovered by her father. >> it's so sad. it's killing the neighborhood, all of us. [ crying ] >> reporter: police say around 5:00 tuesday afternoon, vetrano left home for her jog on this path through the park that borders her neighborhood near 161st avenue and78th street a route she normally ran with her father but a back injury kept her at this path, not without him. >> reporter: police say vetrano had been texting a friend during her solo run. but when the texts stopped and she didn't answer her father's phone calls, he called police and helped police retrace their usual running route. around 9:00 last night, aping to her cell phone let investigators to the body 15


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