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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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spring creek state park land just a few blocks away from her howard beach home. her lifeless body was discovered by her father. >> it's so sad. it's killing the neighborhood, all of us. [ crying ] >> reporter: police say around 5:00 tuesday afternoon, vetrano left home for her jog on this path through the park that borders her neighborhood near 161st avenue and78th street a route she normally ran with her father but a back injury kept her at this path, not without him. >> reporter: police say vetrano had been texting a friend during her solo run. but when the texts stopped and she didn't answer her father's phone calls, he called police and helped police retrace their usual running route. around 9:00 last night, aping to her cell phone let investigators to the body 15
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she had scrapes on her legs, her shirt and pants pulled down. it's unclear if she was targeted or if it was a random crime. dozens of crime scene investigators went into the park searching for clues. the vast grassland is a haven for homeless and crime. >> you got people like you see across the people that start parking, they start doing drugs, they start drinking in the morning, you see all the bottles and everything left behind. >> reporter: vetrano a st. john university graduate worked at vetro a catering just celebrated her 30th birthday in the south of france. grieving loved ones have been paying their respects at vetrano's home heartbroken over a vibrant life taken away too soon. she was very well liked. she had more than 10,000 followers on her instagram account which has been flooded by friends and family and strangers alike sending their condolences. her coworkers at vetro that
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candlelight vigil at 8 p.m. to celebrate her life. live in howard beach, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. controversy tonight over a new graduation requirement for new jersey high school students. in the future, starting in 2021 students need to pass a standardized test to get the diploma. but that requirement may be against the law. cbs 2's meg baker with more on the exam outrage. >> reporter: it's all fun and games for jersey kids this summer. but when school reopens, they face a serious reality. pass a parcc test or you don't graduate. parcc stands for partnership for assessments of readiness for college and careers. and the state board of education with governor christie's support says every, single student has to make the grade. parents are upset. >> i'm concerned that this test score doesn't reflect kids' learning. >> reporter: today the state decided there will be no more opting out. >> i'm pleased to report that
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positive gains in math and english language arts. >> reporter: but still more than 50% did not score high enough to get a diploma. >> i'm saying to the governor, please, stop this crusade for parcc. give your children fairness in schools. let's keep the excellent school system that way. >> reporter: some say it's acting outside its authority that a law must be passed to change graduation exam is useful. my kid has always had great experiences with teachers being able to assess how she is doing. >> reporter: new jersey has been required standardized tests for a couple of years now but students had choices. by 2021, the s.a.t. and a.c.t. will no longer be accepted as an alternative to the parcc exam for graduates. once parcc is the only option and they fail, they can retake
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substitute graded classwork and academic achievement in a portfolio, for test scores. meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> the new jersey education association says the requirement will disproportionately harm students with disabilities and students living in poverty. we have an update tonight on a brazen shooting in yonkers that left a 4-year-old girl injured. police say they have arrested a suspect. investigators say 19-year-old floyd bw on willow street last month. bullets flew right by a coder will on the sidewalk but grazed a 4-year-old in the leg. >> we treat all shooting incidents very seriously but in this case it was particularly disturbing because of the complete disregard for public safety. >> when police arrested floyd bruce for an unrelated armed robbery, they say they found the handgun believed to have been used in the willow street
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instrumental in tracking down the suspect. also tonight, an update on the man accused of robbing a bank on staten island wearing a dress. the nypd says jordan weiss turned himself in and has been charged. weiss allegedly wore a black and silver dress, heels, a hatted and sunglasses while holding up the santander bank on water street last week. police say convenience store dress and running off shirtless after the robbery. the citibike program is expanding across the city but some neighbors say new docking stations are taking up valuable real estate. and hundreds of parking spaces, well, they must go. cbs 2's dave carlin "demanding answers" from the city's transportation commissioner. >> reporter: some drivers get heated seeing dozens of new citibike docking stations popping up above west 85th
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the upper west side. this is a residential neighborhood and it's ruining everything. >> reporter: making parking spaces disappear overnight. >> this is residential. that is a business venture! it should be on a business street, not on a residential street. >> reporter: we demanded answers from city transportation commissioner polytrottenberg. residents angry about the loss of parking about the double parking. at what point do you decide to do something to ease their pain? >> look, i -- i -- i -- i there are always people who are going to be unhappy when you have to make trade-offs. >> reporter: in upper manhattan, 28 brand-new docking stations by the end of the year citywide 600 of these. people who live in this building closest to the new docking station at west 87th street say they were surprised by the plan and just as they were starting to circulate petitions to try to stop it, this was installed. >> my office alone has been able to move a couple near
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corn years. >> reporter: a state senator says elected officials and concerned citizens are getting together to get some stations moved. the commissioner said, her department is open to that. it's working but not working here. >> we are always reevaluating. >> reporter: as the city reviews certain spots, some residents say maybe it's time for their own soul searching. >> i have to wrap myself around a new way of commuting. >> reporter: she figures nowadays you can't beat the bikes. them. on the upper west side, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> brooklyn neighborhoods including red hook are expected to get citibike service by the end of the year. a developing story night now in new jersey. police in -- right now in new jersey. police in newark looking for a missing suspects. -- police in newark looking for a missing suspect. joe biermann reports. >> reporter: it's an underground search. this started around 1 p.m.
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stop. the driver of that vehicle fled, jumped into the passaic river there in newark, swam into a storm drain, and then somehow got into the sewer system in newark. what you're looking at, police detectives, they have one manhole open right off route 21 by the drawbridge. they are searching the underground sewer system for this man that fled from a car stop in harrison. no other details. live in chopper 2, joe >> thank you, joe, for the update. the latest technology in track storms with cbs 2's new and improved mobile weather lab, lonnie quinn live in columbus circumstance toll give us a -- circle to give us a preview. lonnie? >> reporter: this is amazing. this is day one, the debut of the cbs 2 mobile weather lab. it does everything the last mobile weather lab did plus more. more square footage to bigger vehicle.
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that equipment does and how this can make monitoring a storm easier for us and for you as well right after the break. also tonight at 6:00, a tree travesty. a damaging disease affecting oak trees on long island. why scientists are concerned and how you can tell if your tree has it. also tonight an update on little sandy diaz who had surgery today to remove a life- threatening tumor. we just heard from her doctor a makeover. how this makeup artist is helping her clients who are victims of domestic violence heal. >> coming up at 6:30, charlie rose in for scott pelley on the "cbs evening news." hello, charlie. >> hi, dana. tonight on the "cbs evening news," growing divisions in the gop and how some prominent republican leaders say they have had enough. >> plus the zika virus now 33 service members are infected and new vaccine trials begin.
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i'm terrible at golf. he is. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. re enlive. always be you. a disease that kills oak trees has surfacessed on long island. experts hope it's an isolated outbreak but they are taking
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aggressively. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff reports from suffolk counties. this is a signature of the long island -- >> reporter: this is a signature of the long island landscape but a newly discovered tree disease could put it in peril. >> it's a big deal. oak wilt is a big deal. >> reporter: a big deal says the forrester of the new york state department of environmental conservation. oak wilt, a fungus that kills trees mainly in the south, has been confirmed for the first time on long island residents love their woods. >> it's heavily wooded around here. the name of the industry is all woods street. >> reporter: the discovery made by an alert arborist on private property on this block. four new plantings, red oaks planted from out of state died suddenly. they turn red off season. the diagnosis a fungus that chokes off water and nutrients causing bark to wilt.
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were removed. but to stop an isolated case from spreading by roots and insects, the dec says it must destroy all red oaks in a 150- foot radius. >> versus waiting and then we have to deal with thousands of trees. >> reporter: unwelcome news under towering oak trees. >> we grew accustomed to our trees. we have been here over 30 years. so our trees mean a lot to us. >> the whole idea of living back here is the ambience of the neighborhood and the area. >> reporter: >> yeah. >> you can't put this back. it just -- i mean, it's impossible. >> reporter: but they say they must act swiftly and aggressively. red oak is the prevalent species on long island and the outbreak is down the block from a state park filled with susceptible oak trees. in long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. an update on a little girl we told but at 6:00 yesterday. one-year-old sandy diaz from
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threatening tumor on her face at lenox hill hospital. we heard from the doctors today midway through the procedure. and they say everything is according to plan. and that sandy is doing well. changing the conversation about domestic violence. one survivor is using her career as a makeup artist to help other victims of. -- to help other victims. cbs 2's vanessa murdoch reports. >> we have to keep going. >> reporter: 11 years ago, the we'll call her lily, nearly killed her. he claimed he just wanted to talk. >> he suddenly pulled out a knife from his socks and i don't know, he just started attacking me right there. >> reporter: he stabbed and slashed her so violently, she spend three months recovering in the hospital. >> us women, we no longer feel attractive, no longer feel pretty because we feel damaged. >> reporter: makeup helped transform her life. at first it was a necessity.
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learn how to hide some stuff, um, how to, um, fix my scars with makeup. >> reporter: each brush stroke helped her heal. now she is a professional and uses her artistry to raise awareness. when people ask about her scars she doesn't shy away but answers honestly. >> that's just a great opportunity for me to speak about what happened to me and my story and maybe help someone. >> one in four women and one in seven men will experienc lives. >> reporter: rachel goldsmith of safe horizon says it's crucial we talk about it more. >> i have my left ring finger painted purple. >> reporter: part of the put the nail in it campaign. she says it's perfect conversation starter. >> so the goal is to take a vow to end domestic violence. >> reporter: lily has proudly taken the vow and hopes her message of hope and healing reaches those in need. >> there's always light at the end of the tunnel. >> reporter: in the meantime she says you're not alone.
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vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. >> for more information on the put the nail in it campaign, head to our website, lonnie quinn now out in columbus circle with a new tool which is kind of like i bet a new toy at first, lonnie, right? checking out the new mobile weather lab. >> reporter: without a doubt, dana. there are a lot of differences between this mobile weather lab and the previous mobile weather lab. the first, you're looking at it right now. all right? that's a little tv monitor. we now have we can broadcast while we're actually driving through a snowstorm. i'll have the data as well so i can tell you what it's like. what about a flood? pan down. we have a lift system. a lift package on this truck puts it up as high as it can go. we have these huge wheels on it. we can drive through 2.5 to three feet of water and for those of you who live in portions of the new jersey, just the other day you had up to 3 feet of water.
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this one can. we'll get the information out to you and we'll monitor and track the storms for you. all of this information comes via the devices on the top, okay? we have more devices than we had before. everything the last vehicle did, this vehicle does more and better. this is key. get a shot right here. this was not on the old vehicle. this is a lightning sensor. one of the things that -- it has perplexed me for the last 20 years i have been working in weather. lightning is not an element of a severe thunderstorm. hail is. big winds are. not lightning. it has nothing to do to determine whether you're having a severe thunderstorm or severe thunderstorm watch in your area. i think it should. if you have ever been under a mama of a thunderstorm, you know how scary and dangerous it is. now we can tell you about that information and report it via this brand-new monitor. we have all that equipment. so we can show you more information. what's also cool about it, the anemometer, which is spinning
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reporting winds -- which is spinning around up top, now reporting winds at 6, 7 miles an hour. that's not too strong. but i have a catalog to tell you the biggest wind gust in whatever location the vehicle is in. outside now we'll show you the location where i am right now. new york city looks beautiful. it's a great looking sky overhead, 78 degrees. more sun than anything else. 80 your high temperature. 4 degrees off the mark. what you should be expecting, eat outside tonight. it will be beautiful. sunny and warm thursday. no rain really until late friday. think it's more so ur is better than saturday. quiet radar picture. the wider picture shows you late friday and saturday rain chance and you do want to look at this. 59 p.m. update from the national hurricane center -- the 5 p.m. update from the national hurricane center, hurricane earl will be a category 1 around midnight tonight, not in our area no threat to the
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heat and humidity back in place but sunday the nicer of your two weekend days. dana, this is it. let's go back to you inside. >> thank you. taking the 7 train to the 4 to yankee stadium, steve overmyer next with the subway series. ??
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>> closed captioning on cbs 2 news is brought to you by: chrysler! yankees and mets even one apiece. steve here with the next game. >> it's now going to yankee stadium which kind of changes things little bit as the subway series moves to the cespedes as designate hitter. the yankees get to use the dh again but it won't be alex rodriguez. they have called up gary sanchez. 23-year-old catching prospect will eventually get some time behind the plate but for now, he will be the dh. sanchez was signed from the yankees -- from the dominican republic when he was 16. and he has been on their radar as n impact big leaguer for a long -- as an impact big leaguer for a long time.
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strides and he is going to be good back there. everything, i mean, throw, block, catch, receive, block the plate, well -- we're not allowed to do that but, um, those sort of things. but, you know, what catchers are supposed to do. >> as for the mets, they also say that lucas duda is being shut down for 30 days in considering the date his return this year is looking doubtful. we are in the second week of camp and the jets starting running back matt forte is not for the giants, injury is no longer a concern for damon harrison. snacks played his entire career with the jets before signing with the giants this year. and even though their practice was still in the same state he is identifying a problem that anyone from north jersey will understand. >> i'm trying to get situated myself now and get closer to here. so -- which has been a challenge because i'm not used to all the traffic and 17 and 3 and 46. and i'm used to just driving
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transition. that's been the hardest part. >> traffic. go figure. all right. the games of the 31st olympiad officially starting this afternoon. the united states women's soccer team just kicked off against new zealand and they already lead 1-nil. the greatest olympian of all time michael phelps will carry the american flag at the opening ceremonies friday night in rio. the 18-time gold medal winner will be competing in his fifth olympics. after the whole steve fans know that it is in their best interests to stay away from a player that's trying to catch a ball in the stands. one reds fan was so focused on the foul ball he didn't realize he was blocky joey vado from making the play. are you a real reds fan? publicly shaming him. rules state the fan can touch the ball in the stands so the fan wasn't kicked out.
6:26 pm
to chill. he took a selfie with the fan and even wrote an apology to him on the baseball, as well. so he did right afterwards but, you know, maybe just heat of the moment in the middle of the game. >> but what you said at the beginning of that, the man was so concentrating he wasn't paying attention. >> i don't think he knew how close joey was -- >> back after this. i'm robert de niro and new york is my home. it's the best place to visit in the world and now it's the easiest, because now there are new tourism guides on the road, and on your phone that make it easier to find the places you love.
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and world-class entertainment, no matter where you are. take the ultimate road trip and see why i love new york.
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at 11:00, an unusual crime spree in new jersey. a man on his hands and knees crawling on the floor of a bakery over and over ai cover up his tracks of. >> plus, the key to a happy marriage could be in your choice of drink. beverage keeping couples together especially later in life. it's all coming up at 11:00. >> thank you. up next on the "cbs evening news," 33 u.s. servicemen and -women diagnosed with the zika virus. thanks for joining us. captions by: caption colorado
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> rose: trump in denial. but in another sign of division, his running mate goes his own way. >> i'm strongly supporting paul ryan. >> rose: and party elders sound an alarm. also tonight, fighting zika in the air and in the >> hello, this is rachel... >> rose: a solution to those annoying robocalls. no more robocalls come to this phone, ever? >> this will ring once on your phone if this is in your house and then stops. >> rose: and there is a lien on this luxury apartment building. >> it's leaning 15 inches out towards the west. >> rose: and it's sinking, too. >> there's no one that can assure us that it's going to


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