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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  August 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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identifying their suspect. they're hoping that the public will help them catch this attempted rapist. >> police are on the lookout for this man, and now neighbors are too. for those who live on 5th avenue lined with doormen buildings equipped with security cameras, this block hardly seems like the setting where a young woman would be attacked. police say last saturday it was here where a 20-year-old woman was sexually assaulted walking street. a quiet block not far from the popular tourist spot washington square park. >> i regret this very much, and i'm sure they found somebody. >> police did find their suspect on surveillance video. investigators say on july 30th at around 4 in the morning, this man grabbed the victim from behind in a bear hug and tried to rape her. women who walk in the area on high alert.
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who's following me looking over my shoulder. as a woman, i'm always. >> police said the suspect tried to strike up a conversation with the young woman who was walking alone. she refused his advances and that's when he became violent. the fact that he's still on the street is raising concern. >> is he going to come back, is he going to try it again? who's next. this neighborhood, another neighborhood. you never know. >> police are asking the public to keep an eye out for this man they describe as a 25 to 35- yead inches tall to 5-foot 8 with medium length hair. the victim was understandably shaken and taken to the hospital for observation. again, police are circulating this video in the hopes that someone will recognizes suspect and give them a call. magdalena doris cbs2 news. thank you. the nypd says the queens community remains under threat after a woman was found
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police presence heavy in the neighborhood as investigators search for her killer. cbs2's andrea grymes is live in howard beach with more. andrea. >> reporter: well, mary, this very active search continues at this hour. let's show you some video that we shot from chopper 2. as you can see where they mowed down and cut through the expansive brush in this area doing their methodical grid search looking for clues. police have ruled out friends and family as suspects worki that a stranger strangled karina vetrano. >> the nypd in the air and on the ground. this morning investigators once again suited up in special gear heading back into the vast weeds and marsh searching for any evidence that could help solve the murder mystery that has rocked howard beach. >> we're all frightened now. we don't know what to expect. we don't feel safe in our neighborhood any longer.
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police do not think 30-year-old karina vetrano knew her killer. nypd chief of detectives robert boyce spoke yesterday afternoon. >> we believe there's a severe community threat. right now we think it's random so we don't believe it's anybody in her life that's created this. >> vetrano left her howard beach home around 5 p.m. tuesday for a solo jog nearby. on an unpaved trail in federal parkland by the belt parkway. when she did not come home, her fathehe body about 15 feet off the path. investigators say she was severely beaten, sexually assaulted, and strangled. police now are questioning local sex offenders and other parolees with violent histories who may have seen this thick marsh as a prime location for murder. >> there's always vans parked, people coming out that don't look like, you know, they belong here. >> the fbi has joined the investigation and the nypd has
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for information in the case. many are hoping they quickly make an arrest. >> it's absolutely horrific what happened. it's -- they're a wonderful, beautiful family. their father is a great guy. the mother is a wonderful woman. her children, her two girls, it's not to be believed. >> reporter: and that family and other loved ones will say their final farewells beginning at a wake for vetrano later this afternoon from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. in nearby ozone park. her funeral is set for tomorrow afternoon at st. helen's here in howard beach. reporting live, andrea grymes cbs2 news. thank you. police are hoping surveillance video can help catch a hit and run driver. take a look, a red van appears to sideswipe a parked white van. there is a man standing on the driver side of the parked vehicle. this noon investigators say he is in serious condition. the incident happened tuesday on grace avenue in east 233rd street in the wakefield section
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ford f-150. they say a black male was driving at the time of the hit and run. police are investigating an armed robbery at a hotel on staten island. chopper 2 was over the ramada on gannon avenue where police say two teens held up the front desk clerk this morning. we're told the teens got away with $700 and tried to rob another hotel as well. no one was hurt. now to the fight to stop zika. the city of miami is doing whatever it can to virus from spreading. a team of researchers went from house to house collecting mosquito traps overnight. they're looking for eggs and adult mosquitoes conducting tests to see which insecticides will best kill them. a brooklyn neighborhood is in an uproar saying the city is now demanding they pay to park. new meters have been installed in spots that used to be free. cbs2's steve langford has the story. >> suddenly having to worry
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change everyone here believes in. >> it's too much. they should let people park for free. >> sections of 3rd and 4th avenues along with some spaces on side streets here are now subject to muny meter parking. >> there's no more free anything. everything is taken away from us. >> some business owners like the new paid parking because it means more customers can find a spot. >> more turnover because before the muni meters i couldn't >> an online petition is demanding the new paid parking spots be removed or alternative free parking be provided for local residents. some here seem resigned to it. >> if i could get away with not paying it, you know, but what's -- what's got to be has got to be. >> the local city councilman said he's made a request that some of these new paid spots be set free once again. in bay ridge brooklyn, steve langford cbs2 news. two city council members
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notification before making free parking spaces subject to muni if meters. donald trump is trying to move on from a tough week on the campaign trail and hillary clinton is extending her lead into states that have previously been solid republican. chris boswell has this report from washington. >> because a tape was made, you saw that with the airplane coming in. >> donald trump is doing something he rarely does. he now admits he was wrong about this video. trump tweeted the plane i saw on television plane in geneva switzerland, not the plane carrying $400 million in cash going to iran. but trump isn't apologizing for his refusal to endorse paul ryan and other establishment republicans. ryan along with wisconsin governor scott walker and senator ron johnson say they still support trump but they're all skipping his rally in green bay wisconsin this evening.
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republican party. they're stuck with him. there's no way out of that. >> trump's electoral map is shrinking. not only is he trailing in battleground states but his numbers are beginning to fall in traditional republican states. >> hillary clinton now holds a 4 point lead in georgia, a state that has voted republican since 1996, and national polls show clinton with an average of a 7 point lead. >> we're about to head into three weeks of olympic coverage. there is not a lot of opportunity to move these until you get to mid-september. >> clinton has spent the week making the case that trump is a bad businessman who would not be good for the nation's economy. craig boswell cbs news the white house. >> trump's campaign always say they expected a dip in the polls following the democratic convention. they say the polls will move back trump's way starting sometime next week. coming up, a big surprise for a stem cell donor. >> i know i wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for her.
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meets the recipient that she gave life to. >> keeping track of time, find out where new countdown clocks are going up on subways. plus. >> ? so i put my hands up, they're playing my song ? ? >> everyone in the car pool, the u.s. olympic swim team takes a karaoke spin. >> beautiful end to your workweek, but changes are on the way for the start of your weekend. i'll have your full forecast
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a tearful meeting in manhattan, two women who never met before share an unbreakable bond. >> brian conybeare reports on the life saving gift. >> whitney jenkins rings a bell to celebrate her successful stem cell donation. the 22-year-old college student from texas was honored in lower manhattan thursday by dkms, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting blood cancer. then whitney got the surprise of a saving a stranger's life. >> you're actually not going to have to wait any longer because stacy is here. >> stacy are poe lee a mother of two from upstate al myra was saved by whitney's stem cells. >> for her to be willing to do what she had to do to give me my life and a second chance at my life is extremely grateful. >> at first whitney couldn't
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a mean practical joke. i was like are you serious. you have this connection with them and to be able to meet them is awesome. >> you do a simple cheek swap. >> anyone can register to be a donor through their website, 14,000 americans need bone marrow or stem cell transplants every year and more than half can't find a match among the 28 million registered donors worldwide. >> that person is somewhere out there, and that is what we work for to register as many people to find a matching donor for every single patient. >> the six-hour stem cell collection procedure was painless, like giving blood. >> i feel like i did so little and she's so grateful and i'm like you're the rock star. you went through all of this. >> but for stacey whose cancer is now in remission, it was a lifesaver. >> she's got the biggest heart out of everyone i know. i know she's done amazing things, and i know she's going to keep doing amazing things. i'm very proud of her.
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she's planning to hold donor registration drives on campus when she goes back to college this fall. >> she's a great example. great ambassador. >> what a moment for them. >> a warning to swimmers at a popular beach, go in the water at your own risk, the high bacteria count that could make you sick. find out where. >> it is sure to be a beautiful beach day today, but rain clouds are heading this way for the weekend. vanessa murdock will let us
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a plane crash landed on to a highway in northern italy narrowly missing several drivers: officials say the dhl cargo plane was coming from paris when it overshot the runway. investigators say the plane skidded off the runway and slammed through an airport fence. it stopped when the no barrier. no one was hurt. new count down clocks are getting a trial run in manhattan subway stations. the mta is testing the screens on eight stops along the n, q, and r lines. the clocks tell passengers when the next train will arrive. they've been numbered on numbered train lines. the goal is to have clocked in all 269 stations on the lettered lines. the tests will run for the next 90 days. 131 buses will also be outfitted with the digital
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orchard beach. the health department says a swimming advisory remains in effect at the bronx beach and swimming is not recommended. , but some people this morning did not heed the message and were in the water. the health department says tests reveal high levels of bacteria that could come from bird feces. officials will test the water again tonight. >> that's not good news, especially with a great weekend on the way or a decent weekend. better sunday than saturday. don't want to steal your thunder. let's get over to vanessa murdock right now who has the weekend forecast. how are you? >> showers and storms may alter plans, especially tomorrow afternoon. things looking really good right now. many will likely be hitting the beach before the day's end. let's check in with our weather watchers to see how things are evolving this afternoon. warming up very well, many of us in the 80s now. it is 80 as we look to this report from tim jones in queens. partly cloudy skies. sent us this beautiful shot. how about that. looks pretty clear out there right now. it's a thumbs up for this afternoon. what you might notice is the
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rise. that will be the trend tomorrow. 83 degrees as we look to thomas. he is reporting good conditions in pearl river. i think this is a mostly sunny observation. 83, mostly sunny. looking lovely. tomorrow things begin to change. live outside right now as we look across the skyline, mostly sunny and 80, your relative humidity 56%. health forecast, for today the uv index is 9. that's a burn time of 15 minutes if you note that and a moderate risk of rip currents along the shore of south island. pollen count, medium to high for today, grasses, nettle, as well as key know pods, and your air quality is moderate. humidity levels are holding steady for the moment. we're going to start to see them increase as the day progresses. your barometer for now holding steady, but it will start to drop as an area of low pressure approaches, and things will be changing to move through your
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settled on sunday looking like the better half of your weekend. as far as your rain chances go for tomorrow, 30% chance through the morning hours, but midday settles down a bit. as we get into the afternoon, we begin to see a greater chance at 2. it peaks around 4:00 with our best chance of showers and storms in the city. after that the line moves through. all the action courtesy of this cold front well out to the west, still high pressure controls your friday, hence the beautiful end hour by hour, let's break it down for you. lot of sunshine this afternoon, increasing clouds overnight. tomorrow morning chance of showers and storms, but as we get into the afternoon, that chance is much greater, and then as we move into the evening hours, skies begin to clear. by 9:00 totally out of here. your sunday is looking spectacular. for today we'll top out at 84 degrees with lots of sunshine. increasing humidity overnight, increasing clouds, 72. tomorrow 88 degrees will feel
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best bet late in the day. sunday clearing out and 86. monday, tuesday, looking awesome, seasonable with sunshine, low humidity. chance of storms again wednesday and thursday. >> numbers are good, though. >> looking good. >> thank you vanessa. >> when the heat is on a lot of people want to eat light. >> stephanie tantillo is in the kitchen. >> it's summertime now. we are going to make an incredibly light meal that is packed with nutrients and loaded with flavor using all summertime ingredients. we have topped off with a poached fish fillet. we have here very, very thinly sliced zucchini. we put it on the japanese mandolin, made it very very thin, and now i'm just going to do a quick chop of some fresh mint, and we're going to put it in here. now this zucchini has been sitting in white wine, a little bit of lemon juice and we're
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virgin olive oil. we have orange segments, orange peel, some mint and some currants. we're going to put the fish in like this. make sure it is at poaching temperature. you don't want it to be boiling because then it's going to over cook. it's been i want to say about 3 to 5 minutes, maybe a little longer. we're going to bring the fish over here. in the meantime while we're doing that, we just plated that zucchini very and take this fish out, and we're going to go ahead and just plate that right on top like that. now if you want to top it off with a little bit more of that beautiful zucchini carpachio, the more the merrier. just for fun we're going to do a little squeeze of orange juice right here, and there we have it. i'm stephanie tantillo everybody. thanks for watching. >> when we come back, it's car
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olympic swim team. >> ? i hopped on the plane at lax with a dream and my card again.
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isabel carried the torch to the christ the redeemer statue. to want's ceremony to open the olympic games. >> before arriving in rio, all 40 members of the u.s. swim team got together for their own version of car pool karaoke. >> ? my tummy's turning and i'm feeling kind of home sick, too much pressure and i'm nervous. and a jay-z song was on, and the jay-z song was on, and the so i put my hands up, they're playing my song, the butterflies fly away. nodding my head like yeah ? ? >> there goes some of the stars like missy franklin and ryan lochte. phelps has been tapped to carry the u.s. flag in tonight's opening ceremony. cannot have car pool karaoke without the swim team. the city wants to turn a hotel into a homeless shelter, but neighbors say not so fast.
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>> then coming up at 6, here's something people who fly can zipping their teeth into, taking care of your teeth at the airport. the shocking practice at jfk that could soon change after three decades. those stories and much more tonight on cbs2 news beginning at 5:00. that's right, if you're at the airport and you need a little dental work done, there's a place you can go. >> that's it for us at noon, for vanessa and the entire news team thanks for joining us, i'm mary calvi. >> and i'm chris wragge. cbs2 news is back at 5:00.
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>> phyllis: i'm so sorry. i am so sorry. i had a family emergency. but everything is fine now. oh! sorry. okay. what did i miss? what the hell are you doing here? >> jack: honey, i told you we would be voting in a new board member. >> phyllis: but you didn't mention it b >> jack: well, yeah. we got kind of sidetracked before i could tell you the best part. >> billy: do you have a problem with me being on the board, phyllis? >> phyllis: no. of course not. part of the foundation's mission is to help addicts retool their lives, to break the cycle of bad choices and reckless behavior. who's more equipped to do that than you?


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