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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 5, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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i think she must have like some vision problems. >> that's blake last night, still shocked that he's with her. >> we've ki >> wow, that is amazing! >> so cu but here's the new rrlationship headline surrounding the couple today. gwen and blake hire wedding plan everyone is expecting an engagement? they may walk down the aisle soon. >> but there is a wedding in works for kevin hart and aniko parrish.
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told our kevin frazier himself. >> we set the date. >> august 8th. >> that's right, ladies. i got to put this chocol the freezer. >> the i do details? the location is santa barbara. about 200 guests were invited. kevin's 8-year-old son hendrick will be the best man. and the wedding planner is the bride. >> i told her to do what you want to do and just come back to me with a finished produ >> he said he's leaving in my hands. that's it. >> like a good fiance does. you go above that number that's -pnot happening. that's all i did. gave her a budget. are you feeliig any pressure? >> no, i don't, actually. >> we're getting marri >> kevin actually proposed on aniko's birthday two years a the comedian and aspiring model met back in 2009 when he was still on the verge of becoming big. and now that he's worth a reported 87.5 million, kev says oh, yes, we'll be getting a prenup.
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she gets my platform of where i am and what i have to protect pnd what's at it's not open a thing. >> the couple that thinks together stays together. >> while this is kevin's second marriage, he's sure aniko's the in fact, he calls her my that's a biblical reference because she's something he can't live without. in june, he 31-year-old had her bachelorette party on the beach. >> bachelor party full of perfume. >> cash carbohydrates. >> any alcohol? >> you don't need that poison. that's poison. >> kevin's got a ton of celebrity friends. we'll see who makes it to the nuptials. as for the first dance? >> we feel like less is more we've taken our time.
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we want to do it right and and do it for us. that's the big thing. >> so exciting for them. congratulations, guys. more marriage news. we want to congratulate jennifer aniston and justin theroux they are celebrating their one-year anniversary today. bachelorette runner-up robby i think that that secret is more well-kept than probably the nuclear codes. that's something that i've heard brought up, but i have no answer to. >> okay. would you >> i would be open to it. >> robby isn't ruling anything out. he has, however, left l.a. we spotted the runner-up
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that's also where bachelorette bad boy chad has been staying, posing with fans and living it up. >> good morning, organizer whatever it is. no big deal. >> think you have aachance on playing the next bachelor? >> there's no way. >> would you take it if they offered it to you? >> i would take it. who are you talking to? >> meanwhile it's bachelorette liz for jo jo and fiance jordan rogers. the newly engaged couple was out shopping for sunglasses in ve on snapchat swapping faces and using a crazy cat face f >> how are you? have you spoken to jo jo at all? especially since after the final rose? how are you doing since you really went through a breakup? >> [ inaudible ] it's not easy. it was not easy at all. >> i'm a little nervous. >> but i'm moving on. i'm glad she's that's definitely something that i was concerned about. she's doing well it looks like so i'm happy for her.
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watching the ol he is friends with gold medal winner ryan lochte. but they went to rival colleges. ryan swam for florida, robby for florida state. exciting announcement this week the news that jimmy fallon will host the golden globe awards. it's going toe goods. the stars all turned out for a big golden globe bash last night. blond hair don't care. girls. >> from jena rodriguez's new do to a clean-shaven j.t. >> very nice of the hollywood fon thank youu >> decked out for the hfp grant get put on by the organization behind the golden globes. >> tonight we're going to add another $2.4 million to that. >> emcee jamie was on a break from shooting "scream queen." >> i love you with all the hotties on the set. the doctor is in. you've got taylor lautner.
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>> last season she recreated mom janet lee's famous "psycho"shower scene >> i'm about to check nto the bates motel. >> but after news that rihanna is playing the marion cray rule on bates motel that got an inttresting reaction. >> do you have any advice for her in taking on that infamous shower scene? >> um huh! >> all riiht. i cannot think oo a better way to spend a day than with oscar winners matthew mcconaughey and charlize theron. they co-star in the new animated film "kubo and two strings." they were so much fun to talk to. even if our afternoon start was
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>> waaing up finally. look >> this is texas morning. afternoon is when he come >> what time of the day do you usually tend to like wake up? >> i'll be hitting my stride in a few hours. >> i love that. you've experienced the full mcconaughey experience. >> the full mcconaughey is pretty awesome. but put mcconaughey and charlize together and we found out a few cool things. >> the sword. it's in his head! >> the two are voicing the new animated film "kubo and the two strings." turns out matthew had to get script approval from his kids. >> we'd read a bit each night. i saw where they giggled and laughed and said go back, read that part again. that's something i find fun with all the scripts i do. i don't read them all to them. there would be a lot of bleeps, beeps. >> charlize is looking to
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3d motion animated addenture about a japanese warrior. >> this is really nice to find something that my children could actually see. -pthey would have to be at leas 52 to see any of my work. >> finally, charlize dropped a few secrets about fast eight. >> i don't drive in "fast eight". not to bust anybody's bubble. >> i hear charlize has been flirting with you. >> i didn't know that was flirting. i read that and i was like, you should have told me that was flirting. i wasn't aware that was flirting. yeah. i'm a little r >> believe. charlize theron a little rusty with flirting? >> i don't buy it, either. >> still ahead tonight. what you never knew about celine dion's most famous song. "eflashback friday after ?ast night's performance. sounds weird. >> plus the latest on valerie harper's cancer battle.
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monday only "e.t." with j-lo before she drops her new music
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so good to see valerie
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>> in her first starring film role sinne her diagnosis, valerie plays a woman with alzheimer's in "my mom and the girl." all while she continue battle with cancer. >> you wake up and say, oh, good, i' another day we'll live. >> look at you. words to live by right there. >> and i've had a great long one. and great stuff happened to me. my darling husband. >> her husband, tony catiati was with her a year ago when valerie fell ill doing a summer stock play in maine. she was airlifted by helicopter to the hospital. this woman is a >> i probably have three months. they don't have the cure for the lining. it's in the lining of the brain. it's another area. >> at a special screening of her film based on a true story, valerie was supported by fellow tv icons dawn wells from gilligan's island and knot's
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>> this film is a labor of love. >> she's such a lovely lovely woman. and i'm so happy to see her looking so well. >> what's not to love? >> i like the way it was written. i don't know a great deal about& >> alzheimer's. >> just what it does. >> above all, valerie is courageous and able to laugh about the toll aging has taken on her health. so incredibly supportive. it's really touching to see. and still ahead tonight, crazy celeb fashions. kim k's corn rows and who's the star stepping out in an
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plus after celine dion's emotional tribute to her husband last night, we flash back to the set of her most famous music video. >> i'm so much in love with my husband. >> then meryl streep on her recent viral video mo [ screaming ] >> terrifying. >> and the claws are out as adorable kitties com catnastics. >> closed captioning provided
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stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. outrageous stars step out into outrageous looks. >> you look great. >> first kim kardashian west and her corn rows leaving italian restaurant il pastio in beverly hills. check out those leather-laced boots. for 3600 buckss kim was also rocking a black tee from kanye's line completing a look with an air ms. bag. in new york. lady gaga gets down to business heading to a recording studio in an oversized plaid pant suit. while leaving her apartment earlier, the superstar stopped to hug the fans before
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sidewalk in a pair of sky high mark jacobs platforms. price tag? $230 but when it comes to gaga's best accessory, how about her hotty guards? don't think we don't s >> let's get you up to speed on some more headlines. last night celine dion m a surprise appearance onabc's -p"greatest hits" leading up to this iconic flashback friday. it's celine's emotional tribute last night to her late husband >> rene, you will always be in my heart. >> on abc's summer series "greatest hits" celine sang her heart out. it's a song that has endured for almost two decades. and we were privileged to witness celine record its music video back in 1997. >> when i saw the lyrics i was moved and touched by it. >> here's a little movie magic. at one point celine sings really fast.
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>> like that type of thing. sounds weird. >> but when they slow it down, her voice is normal. >> like slow motion. ?? >> the video for "my heart will go on" was to promote leo and kate's love story in "titanic." but it may just as well have been about celine and rene. he died in january. put on this day, they had beee >> i'm so much in love with my husband. but it would be a shame not to be able to share it. i would love to have a child. it would be amazing if we could have a child. could you see this? look at this. >> a little over three years later, their first of three children, rene charles, was born. >> my husband and i would love to have this dream come true.
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>> she's a rock. >> she can be a little flat. >> flat? >> it defies medical science. >> for the record that is meryl streep trying to sing badly. she stars in "florence foster jenkins" which based on this crazy true s of a new york heiress who was so wealthy no one would tell her she had a lousy voice. meryl said being bad really is more fun than being good. >> i just ha ?? >> i think you have a future. >> y great singer. how much fun did you have singing badly? it looks it was a blast. it was so much fun. >> we all know meryl really can sing. she's hit the high notes in at least ten of her movies. but as florence foster jenkins, meryl's biggest fan is her husband played by hugh grant.
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is her pianist. >> i cannot believe it story was real. >> it was a complicated story. and it's a complicated love story. >> speaking of musical, we're very excited to hear you're in talks to join emily blount on "mary poppins". >> yes.
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yes to the dress. >> do not miss our big ex cluesive with someone who can definitely belt it out. we are all aboard the s.s. mariah >> ciao, mariahh >> ciao, bella. >> mimi gives us an exclusiie tour of her $25 million yacht. this is one of my favorite faces ever. >> you thought your summer wait until you see how this diva and her billionaire fi roll. >> you and james have his and hers yachts. that is the most fabulous thing i have ever seen in my life. >> as she breaks big news to "e.t." >> nobody thought it was possible but i did it. >> starting monday.
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