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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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right now, sunshine and scattered showers, a muggy and wet start to the weekend, but good news, relief is in sight. plus, a final fair well in queens, mourners remember a young woman murdered while out jogging as searching for the killer. concert chaos in new jersey, dozens injured when a railing collapses. thanks for joining us y am jessica schneider. better have an umbrella ready, there is rain on the radar, how long will it last? meteorologist vanessa murdock has more on what we can expect. >> it is not going to last much longer at all, maybe an hour and a half for some, but for so many
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nicely and very quickly. here is a look, there is a cold front pushing through, yes, a line of showers and storms has made their approach past the city, a few showers for long island the next hour or so, but we will zoom where the stronger activity is through central new jersey. this cell, as we see right here in hunterten county making its way to the southeasterly direction, here is a look at the timing on this very last bit of it will be in hamilton 6:34, millstone 7:00, 7:08, jackson, toms river. hour and a half left for some but after that is going to be a beautiful night. 70 degrees, clearing skies, dropping humidity levels setting the stage for a spectacular sunday. details on that coming up in a little bit. back to you. >> thanks. mourners paid respects to a
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a fung, brave, and loving person. cbs 2 news's steve langford reports. >> a heart breaking fare well against a back drop of collective sorrow, anger, and fear. the service heard over outdoor speakers. >> our city is gathered here in prayer, grief over the loss of karina. >> 4 days a a killer still on the loose,ther criminal undertone of the funeral does not go unspoken. >> it is time to love, and stop hate. >> father francis. >> one animal, who will face god. >> an overflow crowd at st. helen's church, some standing
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hear. her father, phillip, speaking in almost a whisper of his beloved daughter. the mother speaking of her daughter's love of rainbows and the wizards of oz. only a few blocks away, police continue to devote major resources of a murder who just wanted to go for a run near her home late tuesday afternoon. as her pallbearer rubs his hands on a coffin, another, inconsolable. her friend, anna. >> i will remember her as a fun, caring person, not the way she went. >> sentiments expressed by the victim, herself, on a prayer card who once wrote "i would like the tears of those who grieve to dry before the sun, of happy memories that i leave beheend when day is done."
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langford, cbs 2 news. >> investigators recovered a sneaker and headphones and are testing dna. a frightening fall at a concert in new jersey, tonight, dozens of people are recovering after a railing collapse sent them crashing on to the concrete below. cbs 2 news's brian has the latest. >> one minute you are watching your favorite artist up close, then it turns to complete chaos. cell phone video from back stage shows the moment a railing holding back the crowd at the bb&t pavilion in camden, new jersey, collapsed when snoop dogg and wiz khalifa were performing 10:30 last night. 42 people were injured after they tumbled 10 feet down on to a concrete floor right below the outdoor stage, about half way
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terrifying moment that ended the concert and sent dozens to the hospital. >> snoop dogg and wiz khalifa came really close to the lawn and everybody started pushing and the gate broke. all of a sudden i literally fell 6 or 7 feet and i luckily fell on top of someone so i didn't hit the concrete, there were 4-5 people on top of me. it was so hard to breathe, i literally thought i was dying, so scary. >> one person remains hospitalized in stable condition, expected to be okay. concert promoter live nation says engineers were on the scene to make repairs and stabilize that railing. another concert is scheduled for tonight, featuring 90s acts, salt n pepa and vanilla ice will go on as planned, they say. one victim tells us she won't be going back to that camden venue again, ever. cbs 2 news. >> brian, thank you. we have new information for you tonight on a troubling stor
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girl in mt. vernon. police arrested the toddler's mother, 26-year-old dasia bartee. mt. vernon police say the child, samia yusef had significant trauma to her face and suffered internal bleeding. the girl's body was extremely cold when they arrived yesterday morning and investigatorerize looking into the-- investigators are looking into the possibility the toddler could have been put in a freezer. republican presidential candidate donald trump is trying to gop leaders after multiple high-profile spats. cbs 2 news's earl bar net is in washington. >> donald trump tried to heal party divisions by endorsing house speaker paul ryan. >> i support and endorse our speaker of the house, paul ryan. >> this comes after refusing to announce his support earlier in the week.
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senate republicans. >> i hope, in the highest esteem, senator john mccain. i also fully support and endorse senator kelly of new hampshire. >> trump admitted he needs to support the entire coalition to win the general election. >> but i need a republican senate and a house to accomplish all of the changes that we have to make. >> by his side was running mate mike pence, who praised trump's off the cuff style. >> he says it like it is, and he will make america great again. >> the republican nominee tried to stay on message, hammering his opponent, hillary clinton. >> she is a monster. okay? >> but he couldn't resist bringing up incidents from earlier in the week, blaming the media. >> the whole place is cracking
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newspaper it says "trump throws baby out of arena." >> i want you to hold me accountable, press and citizens alike. >> speaking at a journalism conference, hillary clinton continued to paint trump is unsuitable and unprepared for the white house. >> i do have this old fashioned idea, when you run for president, you ought to tell voters of america what you would do as president. >> but she couldn't avoid questions about the investigation of her handling of secretary of state. >> what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful, is consistent with what i have said publicly. so, i may have short circuited it and for that, i, you know, will try to clairify. >> trump tried to capitalize on those comments from clinton, sending out an anti-hillary web video and sent out an e mail and text message to supporters using his ryan endorsement as a fundraising opportunity, and he
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campaign announced more than $80 million in fundraising from last month. sources tell us that after trump's week of missteps, fundraising has stalled. cbs 2 news, washington. coming up at 6:00, an emergency off fire island, several boaters rescued when someone went wrong in the water. new information on the investigation. plus, a scare at home, balloons and flowers, but there is nothing to celebrate here. how a womt running. later, lucy's new look, a controversial statue finally replaced on what would have been the comedian's 105th birthday. in sports, is the workload catching up with mets pitcher, noah sind guard? we will discuss that. the yankees future looks bright, and the present isn't looking too bad either, i will slow you
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members of the fire island coast guard rescued people after their boat hit a sand bar near great captains island. 2 were treated for minor injuries, 5:00 at night, a commercial salvage trip was called in to remove it. police say new security video shows 2 men bringing a balloon and flowers to a home
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cbs 2 news's alley spoke with the mother who fought them off. >> hardly a hostess gift, this video catches 2 men police are looking for in an attempted robbery, you can see them linger outside 1001 home street after 7:00 a.m. on tuesday. once someone let them in the building, one man hides under the stairs, the other waits outside a first floor apartment for more than >> i was sleeping, and i heard the knock and told my mom somebody is knocking at the door. >> a 31-year-old mother gets ready with her 9-year-old son and baby girl. they were too afraid to show their faces, the mother speaks little english so her son translates. >> she didn't see nobody. 5 minutes after that, she was going to go out and that is when
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door to get in. >> reporter: the man's face was blocked by balloons and flowers but once he ran off, his shoe remained right here. >> mother and son say they have no idea who would want to go after them. the attacker said nothing while trying to push his way in. police have not determined if this was random or a targeted attack. >> really scared for the past few days. >> even though neighbors passed by the men without stopping, some say it looked suspicious. >> who is going to knock at that tiwi >> residents say the only gift they want to see is that these suspects are found. in the fox first section of the bronx, alley bowman, cbs 2 news. >> police say both suspecterize hispanic in their 20s, 5'10. celebrating summer in the city, biking, running, exercising in the street, children, adults, and pets get a chance to stretch their legs without any traffic. when will this wet weather
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the so-called scary lucy statue in western new york is now gone. >> [ cheering and applause ] >> hundreds of on lookers cheered as the new bronze statue of lucy ball was version created by a different artist that sparked outrage from fans. today would have been lucy's 105th birthday. a sure-sign of summer, that is traffic free. this morning the rain held off for the city's summer streets festival which connects central park to the brooklyn bridge. >> reporter: a 7-mile stretch of park avenue is full of fun and free of cars.
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>> it is open and you can do any activity you want. >> at the summer streets festival, it is all good, whether on training wheels or running, you can even spike board. if that is your thing. >> cross country skiing to a skate board. >> pets and owners are taking advantage of the freedom the annual festival brings. >> amazing that they do this for the vilo, the peds, and the dogs. >> in the 9th year, summer street, sponsored by the department of transportation, doesn't rea theme. but if you are tune under to rio this year, you can find a very fitting activity on aster place, racing against team usa's allison felix. >> you can't be as fast as she, she is amazing, felix. >> the enormous street stretching from the brooklyn bridge to central park starts 7:00 in the morning and is worth waking up early for. >> amazing. >> reporter: if you miss the summer streets festival you have
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avenue. >> yeah, i don't think that was actually her screaming, i think it was the zip line. vanessa murdock has the forecast. i think we know what we will be doing next saturday morning. >> where will be working. >> your brakz then. look-- breaks then. looks fun. >> it is, i have been out there reporting and it is a lot of fun, people love it, that is for sure, today it was greatec you know, the rain just moved on through in the past few hours or so, and now we are starting to see clearing skies with just a little longer to go with those showers and storms. a look at radar momentarily, right now lets check with weather watchers, see how they are feeling about saturday. i think it was good but awfully muggy out there this morning. that is for sure. so lets see. scene? lovely.
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very lovely weather watchers, thank you. high atop the empire state building, mostly sunny, 79, rain moves out quickly, skies are clearing for some, not all. storms are exiting, clearing out tonight, looking great tomorrow. superb sunday on tap. today we topped out at 87 with hew humidity-- high humidity, normal high is 84. as we look to the satellite and radar picture, you can get a sense of where the showers and draped across central new jersey, sliding off in the southeasterly directionism yes, still a-- direction. yes, still a few showers in long island, maybe few stray sprinkles for the rest of us. generally the next hour and a half it is all out. skies continue the clearing pausz as the front moves through. -- process as the front moves through. it was humid today but behind the cold front dry air pushing to end the weekend. tonight, clear and comfortable is where we are heading. tomorrow, super sunshine and
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temperatures mid 80s, lots of sun. monday just keeps coming. entering a very nice stretch ahead. tonight, clearing skies, mild, 70 degrees, decreasing humidity. tomorrow, feeling comfortable, 86 degrees with the lower -- degrees with the lower humidity and winds 5-10. on monday, 85 and mostly sunny. tuesday, 85 and mostly sunny but you notice the humidity levels climbing, wednesday, thursday, fridaer and storms. next saturday the story doesn't change. >> at least salvaging the last half of the weekend. >> much of today was decent too. >> overall, decent. >> thanks. coming up in sports, the yankees battle the indians at the stadium. jason peaeropaul gets peppered about-- pierre paul gets
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welcome back, steve overmyer is here with an update on the yankees. >> we thought the season was over at the trading deadline. the yankees may be building for the future, but they are still playing for this season. deadline? the yankees are doing more winning than losing? taking on first place indians at yankee stadium, face of the future, gary sanchez making big contribution s, he hit safely in all 4 games, that does include 3 doubles and 3 r.b.i. 2-0 lead in this one. then he shows defense in the 5th. the pitch gets away but sanchez makes a death throw to get the
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already thrown has 3 runners. 2-2 in the 6th, cc, mike, gave up second most runs-- cc didn't make it out of the inning. 3 runs, 6 hits, 5 and 2/3. the yankees pull ben suffered, since the trade of chapman and miller, 7th inning, anthony in relief facing norwich, cet cet 4-2. speaking of miller, he is the indian's closer and takes care of the last 3 outs for his new team. cleveland wins 5-2 at the staidm. the mets haven't put together 2 straight wins since before the all star break. last night the men who, we thought would be a si young candidate, noah syndergaard was not bad, just a step back,
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runs. in his last 3 outings, it has taken him at least 112 pitchs to get through 6 innings. syndergaard is dealing with a bone spur in his elbow and you wonder if it is preventing him from geting the most out of his game. >> i am trying to be fine, play darts out there, as opposed to just going and trusting my mechanics and delivering a quality pitch. it has been frustrating in the past month because, i mean, i have there and dominate every team, but something hasn't been clicking there recently. the first gold medal of the olympics won by an american teenager in the sport of shooting. 19-year-old college champion virginia thrasher won the women's 10 meter air rifle gold, she edged out a pair of chinese
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time she every shot a rifle was 5 years ago. giants practice, jason pierre paul scored a touchdown by scooping up a loose ball with the hand that is missing some fingers, a play that is confirmation of his choice to ditch the club protecting his hand and go with the specially designed glove that allows him to play with more dexterity this year. more than a year after the fireworks accident that cost him a few fingers, he repeatedly affect him. >> how is your hand holding up? >> what you think? >> i gotta ask you. >> i am out there running, right? i am running and banging people. good. >> you have to do anything to take care of it? >> no. my hands feel like my left hand, just missing a couple fingers. that is it. >> his right hand feels like his left hand. just missing a couple fingers. >> that would throw me off. >> apparently they were running passing drills, and he was
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he clearly would not have been able to do with the club on his hand. >> might not be as impactful as you think. and team usa bringing the gold. get a gold on the sheet. >> virginia girl, lets do it. bring it home. hopefully we keep the trend going. >> hope so. that is going to do it for us on cbs 2 news at 6:00, thanks for having us, from the entire team, have a great weekend. we will be back at 11:00, sure hop in the meantime, have a great
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: zika damage control. the the growing outbreak in miami sends a chill through florida's tourism industry. >> cheese! >> ninan: also tonight, following the trump campaign's worst week ever, the republican ticket tries a more pensive approach-- mike pence, that dozens are hurt in a concert collapse as snoop dogg and wiz khalifa bring down the house. and a tale of two lucys. the so-called scary statue and the new one that looks like the lucy everyone loves. this is the "cbs weekend news." >> ninan: good evening. i'm reena ninan.


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