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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 7, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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live from studio 46, this is cbs2 news. >> it's the whole entire world against you. >> right now a families fight for justice. a mother sends a stern warning
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daughter's life short. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm jessica more. a queen's mother is standing up to a fugitive using words like pathetic, puny, and week. her 30-year-old daughter was laid to rest on saturday and today she called on the killer to come forward. cbs2's steve langford is live in howard beach with new information from the victims family. steve? >> reporter: a serious deployment of police personnel at the scene of the crime just a half-mile from the vetrano home where the family offered a support and appreciation for the police and unmitigated rage for the killer. >> i'm going to address the coward. >> reporter: cathy vetrano has a few things she wants her daughter's killer to know in no uncertain terms. whoever it was who sexually assaulted and strangled 30-year- old karina vetrano, who police say fought back ferociously against her attacker.
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be reckoned with. and i guarantee you, i guarantee you, you mother [ bleep ], that you will be reckoning with that force, not only for the rest of your pathetic life, but for the rest of eternity as you [ bleep ] burn in hell. >> reporter: phi family at high noon outside their howard beach home, to address the media and the unknown killer about 10 blocks away from where their daughter's body was found tuesday night. the family also expressing great thanks to the police for their tireless work here. >> myself and my family owe everything to the nypd. and can only ever hope to bring justice to my daughter karina through them and their hard work. >> reporter: the vetrano family
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night and what a regular route might be. there are in fact dozens of trails and paths hidden back here in spring creek park. neighbor tony montalbano struggles recalling the night much of this neighborhood learned the heartbreaking news. >> to hear the mother scream, just -- >> reporter, grief, uncompromising wrath. >> justice will be served. >> reporter: no new details released so far on this murder mystery, but it is clear that massive resources are being deployed to try to find the killer of karina vetrano. live in howard beach, steve langford, cbs2 news. >> thank you. now to big news in sports, yankees star alex rodriguez is calling it a career. the 41-year-old choke back tears today as he announced his retirement. and admitted to challenges on and off the field. mark morgan is here with a
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directly to fans. >> he really did. this was something that had been coming to a head for quite a few weeks. both sides came together and this is where we are after 12 seasons in the bronx, alex rodriguez will say goodbye to yankees fans next friday at the stadium as his playing career comes to an end when the yankees face tampa bay. a rod could not hide his emotions earlier today. >> i want to thank mom, who's watching at home, and my daughters, thank you for your support. you've been through so much with me. >> reporter: rodriguez will be released from the club as a player following friday night's finale. and will move into a new role, special advisor and instructor for young players. a-rod says yankees managing partner hal steinbrenner approached him with the idea earlier this week and he said he was not given an ultimatum by the yankees except this -- to accept this role or he will be released. brian cashman said he didn't think steinbrenner forced a rod's hand. >> based on listening to both
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be i would not think it would be a forced situation. i think you've got to take alex's word for that. >> reporter: cashman said a-rod will be repaid the remainder of his contract for the season and a total of roughly $21 million next season as he slides into his new role. rodriguez walks away from the playing field just for home runs short of the magical 700 mark. but in 2009 it was discovered he tested positive first -- for peds and numerous other controversies and drama often defined his time as a yankee. him in his new role. >> for a guy like me that's meant -- been to hell and back and made every mistake in the book, i think they can learn equally from the mistakes i've made and hopefully not make them. this is a tough day. i love this game. and i love this team. and today, i'm saying goodbye to both. >> reporter: a-rod also said
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family and then focus on helping the yankee youngsters in the off-season and in spring training. for more on yankees fans reaction to today's announcement, let's go live to yankee stadium and cbs2's brian conybeare. >> reporter: mark, a rod's announcement cotton off a lot of fans off guard. by surprise here at the stadium today. but despite all his drama, the huge contracts, the steroid scandal, most of them say they're going to miss when he's gone. >> it's sad to see him go. i mean morning today. >> i've been a yankees fan all my life. and probably my favorite player would be him. >> reporter: yankees fans young and old seemed as sad as alex rodriguez himself was when the 14 time all-star announced his retirement earlier in the day. but he is staying with a team as a special advisor and instructor. >> if it's not working out for
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and comers is awesome. >> i like that he's staying with the organization. he turned his reputation around quite a bit. >> reporter: that was targeted -- tarnished by a steroid scandal and suspension in 2014. the question on many fans minds, will that keep a-rod out of the hall of fame? >> if anybody takes steroids, it's going to hurt you automatically. >> i don't think he'll get into the hall of fame. in the next 10 years. >> because of the performance- enhancing drugs? >> yes. encompassed almost seven -- almost 700 home runs, the fans across the nation, to be very proud of him. >> reporter: i asked several fans today if they thought a- rod was one of the all-time great yankees and all of them said no. he's just a notch or two below that level in their minds. reporting live at yankee stadium, brian conybeare, cbs2 news. >> thank you. new for us at 6:30 an
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tried to burn down a 12-foot high statue dedicated to donald trump. here's what the giant statue looked like before and then after the fire. the fdny rushed to the home of artist scott libido in castleton corners this morning. laredo constructed this giant t on the front lawn in a show of support for donald trump. neighbors tell us there's no evidence of whether a printer or april hillary clinton supporter is hillary clinton plans to counter donald trump's views on the economy with a speech on thursday. but today a new national poll shows clinton has opened up an eight-point lead over trump. the washington post, abc new poll suggests clinton lead comes after boosts in support from women, catholics and college-educated voters. meanwhile, a new cbs news battleground poll just out today shows clinton with a significant lead in the key state of virginia where she's
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in arizona and nevada. up next and unsolved murder in rochelle. new surveillance video of an innocent man killed by accident. tonight the victims family speaks out about the tragedy and the killer who is still on the run. plus, former trakstar oscar pistorius rushed to the hospital. we have new information about
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speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. a shooting is sending shockwaves through a neighborhood in rochelle. a 79-year-old man is dead and
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killed him was meant for someone else. cbs2's allie bauman is live along union avenue in new rochelle with reaction. allie? >> reporter: 79-year-old manwell aiello was in new rochelle only a few months from mexico but in that time he's made a habit of sitting outside of this deli. all that remains is a remote -- a memorial where he was shot. sitting with the white, hat, you can see manwell aiello at around 11:00 p.m. on just moments before he was shot in the chest. juan castillo says aiello was a regular at his deli. last night castillo heard what he thought were two firecrackers going off and came outside to see aiello stumbling. >> he woke up with blood running on the chair. and that's -- what happened? >> reporter: he was taken to a nearby hospital but later pronounced dead.
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distraught. his kids had to work, he was nice, we got along. and basically he was a respectful guy. >> reporter: family and friends do not believe the bullet could have been intended for the grandfather. >> somebody who had nothing to do with the problem. and then you find that bullet from nowhere, not a target. it's painful. you know? >> reporter: i spoke with the police commissioner a few minutes ago. they say they do not believe that aiello was the intended target. they say they have some leads on a tart -- hope to make an arrest simply live in rochelle, allie bauman, cbs2 news. >> thank you. oscar pistorius is back in his prison cell after a trip to the hospital to treat a wrist injury. the former olympian is serving a six-year sentence for killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. pistorius denied he tried to
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his bed. the double amputee athlete who was sentenced last month could be released on parole after three years. south african prosecutors say they plan to appeal that sentence because they say it was too lenient. stay with us. vanessa murdock is next with
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a call for action in the fight against the guy. senator chuck schumer urged congress to return to washington and pass a $1.9 billion bill that would fund vaccine research. >> it is utterly amazing we are on the verge of finding a
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derelict in its duty, we're not going to get that vaccine for a long period of time. because they don't have the money. >> schumer wrote a letter to leaders in the house and senate, lawmakers don't return to washington until september. so far 15 people have been infected with the virus in miami. in tonight's healthwatch, the fda will begin regulating e- cigarettes tomorrow. trying to make it more difficult for minors to buy them. anyone who looks younger than 27 must now show i.d. to purchase stores making sure minors are not trying to buy them. and e-cigarettes will not be sold in vending machines. the cdc considers e-cigarettes unsafe because they contain nicotine. fda says more evidence and research is needed to determine how the effects compare with traditional cigarettes. vanessa murdock is here now with your exclusive cbs2 forecast. talk about a chamber of commerce kind of day. we could just bottle this day up and pull it out, mid- december? >> yes.
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we could make millions. >> yes we could. >> we'll work on that. it was a beautiful day, it was hot for some but it was not humid. to me it makes all the difference in the world if we can get rid of that humidity. its take a look at what the highs were around the region thanks to our weather watchers. in east brunswick, 88. also in peekskill, high of 88. 85 in the roseburg, bradley beach, they got to 90. new milford 92. 84 cooler in it was a warm one out there, seasonably warm for most. and then let's take a look at a couple of beautiful photos. this one a stunner of the sun, beautiful blue skies, the shade of that blue today was really spectacular. but how packed the beaches were, from avon, in new jersey. did you find a spot? tomorrow may be the same if people are deciding to call in sick but tomorrow will be a
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empire state building, beautiful lady liberty, lovely evening. 84 degrees, west northwest winds at 16. i love a good breeze. here are your headlines, great night, nice monday and tuesday. tomorrow nearly a carbon copy of today. late tuesday, humidity levels start to ramp up and beginning wednesday the pattern is unsettled. looking at a chance for showers and storms, wednesday through saturday. as it looks right now, that's a chance of storms. today high of 86, normal high 84. so two degrees above the norm, well below the record. 104 set back in 1918. tomorrow temperatures will be very similar. the setup, yesterday a cold front right on through. today high-pressure is dominating the forecast. it was warm and oh, so dry. we talk about dew points as a measure of the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. yesterday dew points were in the 70s.
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about 15 to 20 degrees, that's why it feels so much more comfortable out there today. for tonight, moonlit beauty, clear skies, looking lovely. tomorrow, not a bad idea to enjoy lunch outside as high- pressure continues to dominate this forecast. tuesday high-pressure is still in play. winds begin to have more of a southerly component and with that humidity levels begin to rise. your extended forecast, 85 and mostly sunny tomorrow, for tuesday, 86. a few more clouds and slightly more sticky. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, even su humidity and a chance for showers and storms every single day. it will not be a washout any of those days. as it looks right now. >> we'll enjoy the next couple days. thanks, vanessa. stay with us. ro and new york . it's the best place to visit in the world and now it's the easiest, because now there are new tourism guides on the road, and on your phone that make it easier
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and world-class entertainment, no matter where you are. take the ultimate road trip and see why i love new york.
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steve ove sports day. >> we talked about it earlier in the show as far as a is concerned, he and the yankees, together here. i was at the conference today and you kind of got the feeling that a-rod thinks he's still got some hits left in him but his 12-year run in the bronx coming to an end. after next friday's game against the rays at the stadium, alex rodriguez stepping aside as a player but he won't be leaving the organization. following friday night's game, rodriguez will be released from
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yankees organization. a-rod says yankees managing partner hal steinbrenner approached him with the idea and after some thought, he accepted the proposal though it will be difficult to walk away as a player. >> sure. of course. i think i can play baseball. you always think you have one more hit in you or help the team win one more game for sure. that wasn't in the cards. that was the yankees decision. and i'm at peace with it. >> he's always been a leader and a mentor. every step of the way. at the end of the day, i think that we are going to benefit from that experience. our kids will benefit from that experience and he's going to help us in a different way. >> following the a-rod announcement, the yankees took the field against the a.l. central leading indians. there is a-rod comfortable already with his advisory role. giving some advice in the dugout. masahiro tanaka solid start
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giving up only one run in six innings, striking out eight. a player moving forward, didi gregorius, solo shot into the short porch. lucky to see -- lucky 13. and a player not part of the yankees future plans, mark teixeira, he called it quits two days ago, still something left in the tank. rbi double in the fifth. dellin betances gets the four out save as the yanks take two of three from the tribe your final. the mets were finishing up a series in detroit today trying to avoid a three-game sweep. in the hands of the tigers. a pitcher's duel in this one, the mets need a big start from jacob degrom. only one earned run in 6 2/3 for the ground. who unfortunately got a no decision. anibal sanchez just as good for detroit. michael conforto breakthrough with two outs in the seventh. he goes the opposite way, conforto's first long ball since mid-june. solo jack gives the mets the lead.
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eighth. j.d. martinez and the third base coach, they get crossed up, guys, got to be on the same page. instead of scoring, martinez gets tagged out for the final out. now, top nine, neil walker facing francisco rodriguez. that is gone! a huge two-run homer for walker. game-winning three run shot last sunday, comes through again this week. 3-1 and salvage the last game of the series. moments ago in detroit, baseball history. rockies hosting marlins. that's ichiro suzuki at the plate. he cranks a triple off the wall. his three solvents hit -- 3000th hit. one of the greatest hitters the game has ever seen. ichiro suzuki. he certainly deserves a tip of the cap. that is an amazing, longevity and production over a big span of time. >> this a-rod announcement, is
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another team? >> with alex rodriguez, nothing can be dismissed. out of hand. >> you make a very good point. >> thank you very much. thanks so much for having us into tonight. that does it for cbs2 news at 6:30. for the entire news team, thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. ? keep on savin' all day at dunkin' donuts. double up on delicious
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ns on dunkin'. captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> whitaker: what is this? you might think of heroin as primarily an inner city problem, but dealers are making huge profits by expanding to new, lucrative markets-- suburbs all across the country. i'm sitting here looking at you, and you look young and fresh. you're the... you're the girl neoo and you were addicted to heroin. >> i mean, obviously, it's very flattering that you say, like, i don't look like a junkie. but even miss america could be a junkie. i mean, anybody can be a junkie. ? ? ? >> stahl: "an american in paris" is a love story. it's also a valentine to dance.


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