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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  August 7, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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s is your time. i believe in you. congratulations bro on a job well done. i'm so proud of you. you are amazing. ?
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f0 the whole entire world is against you. >> right now a heart broken mother is standing up and speaking out. her stern warning to the killer who cut her daughter's life short. >> he tle and you're setting fire to my personal property. a family wakes up to a fire on their front lawn. it was a political message? it's game over for alex rodriguez. the yankee star breaks down while announcing his retirement. good evening, thank you so much for joining us. i'm jessica moore. we begin with that heart broken family's fight for justice, and yesterday they said good-bye to a 30-year-old jogger who was murdered on a run, and today the victim's parents called on
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cbs 2's hazel sanchez has more information. >> reporter: police have been posted here outside of the federal park behind me since tashfeen -- since karina vetrano's body was found. >> reporter: police said was assaulted and strangled. >> my daughter was a force to be reckoned with, and i guarantee you -- i guarantee you, you mother -- you will be reckoning with that force, not only for the rest of your pathetic life but for the rest
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surrounded by her family and closest friends spoke to the media outside of their howard beach home a few blocks away from the federal parkland where philip vetrano regularly ran with his daughter and he found her body. he expressed gratitude for the police working around the clock. >> myself and my family owe everything to the nypd, and we can only ever hope to bring justice to my daughter work. >> reporter: this neighbor fought back tears thinking of the vetranos's unthinkable loss saying the entire community is hurting. >> whoever did it, hang him like musalini. >> reporter: a mother's undying determination to put her daughter's killer behind bars. >> my daughter was a big
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magical. the whole world knows she's magical, and i guarantee you that you will pay forever. >> reporter: police are urging the public to come forward with anything they know that could help them with the case, and they are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. live in howard beach, hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news. we turn now to big news in the world of sports. alex rodriguez is career. the 41-year-old choked back tears today as he announced his retirement, and he looked back on his career of accomplishments and setbacks, and mark morgan is here with a- rod's message to fans, and mark, it was pretty emotional out there today. >> reporter: it was. a lot of different feelings running through the room. i attended the news conference, and they are ready for the next phase in the relationship. after 12 seasons in the bronx, alex will take the final
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stadium as his playing career comes to an end as the yankees face tampa bay. it was not easy for him to announce he's hanging it up. >> this is a tough day. i love this game. and i love this team. , and today i am saying good- bye too both. >> reporter: he will be released as a player on friday night, and he will move into special adviser and instructor for young players. hal steinbrenner was approached with the idea earlier this week. he said it was not forced. >> based on listening to both of them, my guess is i don't think it would be a forced situation. i think you have to take alex's
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will be paid the remainder of his contract this season and $21 million as he slides into his new role next season. he walks away from the playing field 4 runs short of the magical 700 mark, but in 2009 he tested positive for peds 6 years later, and numerous controversies and drama defined his time as a yankee. he feels those lessons can help him in his new role. >> for a guy who has been mistake in the book, i hope they can learn from my mistakes and hopefully not make them. >> reporter: a-rod said next friday he will head to miami to be with his family and then focus on the youngsters in the offseason and the spring training. the news has a lot of yankee fans talking, brian conybear has that part of the coverage. >> reporter: fans streaming out of yankee staid had something
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rod era. >> it's sad. i would like to see him play for awhile. >> there's a lot of controversy around him, but i would be upset to see him go. >> reporter: alex rodriguez may be the most polarized player in yankees' history. >> having him as an adviser for the up and comers is awesome. >> reporter: others say good riddance. >> he cheated, and i don't think that deserves to be in >> great player, a lot of home runs, and ped use that tainted him. >> reporter: his last game is a hot ticket. the cheapest seats are going for 49.99 on stubhub, and a legend suite is $7,500. no matter how much it costs to get into the stadium, you can expect an emotional sellout crowd on friday when a-rod plays his final game in
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in the bronx, brian conybear, cbs 2 news. fire investigators are trying to figure out who would want to turn this 12-foot letter t. into ashes. ali bauman spoke to the homeowners. >> reporter: 12-foot t for donald trump has been towering on this lawn since may. the homeowner had it custom made to show his support. just after 1:00 a.m. on saturday morning while family of four was sleeping inside, their lawn t. was up in flames. >> i jumped out of bed and came down here. i can see out the window there, and there's a big orange glow. >> reporter: the fire marshal was investigating the damage and has not determined the cause. ground lights typically shine on the sign, but last night they were out. he believes someone was attacking his politics. >> you ignored my rights, trampled on my private property, and you're setting
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surprised because many in the area are trump supporters. while we were interviewing the owners on his lawn, many driving by made their support known. >> every once in awhile you get someone who doesn't like trump -- there you go, go trump, right? >> reporter: he is worried someone in the neighborhood could be putting families at risk for their first amendment rights. his lawyer came over to look at the damage. >> a lot of civil harm has been done to him. if we can find civil case against them. >> reporter: this will not silence his political views. he will work with the artist to put a bigger sign this week. ali bauman, cbs 2 news. hillary clinton and donald trump will share their views on the economy later this week, but today a new national poll shows clinton has an 8-point lead over donald trump. the abc news poll suggests it comes after boosts in support
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college-educated voters, and a new cbs battleground poll shows clinton with a significant lead in the key state of virginia. she is leading trump there 49% to 37%, and the two candidates are neck and neck in arizona and nevada. a call for action tonight in the fight against zika, senator schumer urged congress to return to washington and pass a $1.9 billion bill to fund the vaccine research. it's utterly amazing. we e a vaccine to stop zika, and because congress is not doing its duty, we will not get the funding because they don't have the money. >> lawmakers don't return until september. so far 15 people have been infected with the virus in miami. tragedy at a water park. a boy dies on a water slide
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from his family. watch what you eat. dozens of people sickened by what they thought was a piece of candy. and then later, prowlers at the pump. drivers ripped off by a small device at a gas station. and a shark's big show. wait until you see this belly flop. the fishermen got a big surprise off the california coast. >> lonnie, you liked that video? >> it listen a great-looking day out there today, and the weather is going to repeat itself for a short period of time, and we have to talk about the changes i see by midweek after the
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learn how to make their summer unforgettable at we are following a developing story tonight. the death toll in mexico is rising with the wake of hurricane earl. at least 38 people have been killed in mud slides, mostly in in the mountainous area of pueblo. the area has received a month's worth of rain in just 24 hours. a tragic death at a water
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a 10-year-old boy was killed while riding what is known as the world's tallest water slide. the 168-foot tall ride is taller than the statue of liberty. kenneth craig reports. >> reporter: park goers were ask toed leave the schlitterbahn water park after caleb schwab, the son of a kansas state lawmaker died on the attraction. >> we honestly don't know what happened. that's why a full investigation is necessary. >> reporter: the schwab family said we are comforted knowing he believed in our savior jesus and they are forever together now. we will see him another day. water park officials offered no specifics about his death. >> right now our focus is with the family, and our thoughts and prayers are with them.
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at least 54 inches tall, and they climb 256 steps to get to the top and descend in multiperson rafts. a coowner said in 2014 they used roller coaster calculations for the ride but it didn't translate well to the water slide. they decided to tear half of it down and reconfigure the angles. in this promotiona hill. >> all of our rides are inspected every day actually. >> reporter: park officials said it will remain closed pending a full investigation. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> water park will also remain closed tomorrow. back here at home, police are investigating a subway stabbing as a possible hate crime. officers said a man made antigay remarks before stabbing
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110th street station last night. the victim was rushed to st. luke's hospital, and we are told he will survive. police are still looking for his attacker. an arrest after dozens of concert goers were sickened in ohio. the unsuspecting victims accidently ate thc-laced food. 24 people were treated at nearby hospital you may know it as a compound found in marijuana. a wild scene caught on camera near san diego. a huge shark jumping out of the water over and over again, and captain mark martin was fishing with friends when one of them hooked the shark, and it got away. he believes it weighed well over 500 pounds. it looks like he was showing
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to jump in today. >> that was west coast water right there, and it gets chilly out there, but look. our beaches were packed today because it's such a beautiful looking day, and what i want to do is show you how nice looking it was in picture form. nice low humidity. that was the difference today. the humidity goes low, and you get pictures that look like this. this, i mean it's just fantastic stuff, and look at this picture from charlie hoff, and the delaware river reflections, and look at th and you have low humidity, and the clouds have a distinct edge to them, in the sky or the water, and it's a pretty, pretty day out there, and right now, pretty nights as well. no complaints. the empire state building lit up in purple for national purple heart day. 78degrees right now, and 86 was your high temperature, yesterday, 87, and really, temperatures, i mean that's not the difference in your weather today, but there was a big difference, and it was all
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weather, and the rain chance returns on wednesday, and then it looks like it will be a good run of some unsettled weather wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, and even sunday, and i mean a chance for wet weather, and you know, we do need the rain around here, and here's the temperature trend. the temperatures are consistent. all right, saturday, 87. today, 86, monday, 85. tuesday, 86, and no big changes there. the humidity dropped way down today, and you could feel the difference in the air today versus yesterday, and tod around 5 a degrees for new york city, and that's about as nice an air mass as you can get in the city, in august, and you just had to love that day out there, and tomorrow, it's going to go up a little bit, but it's still in the comfortable and nice range, and maybe you're getting close to 60 degrees, but a dew point above 70 degrees on wednesday, and that's where it will really start to be oppressive outside. wednesday is a muggy one. what we can see right now,
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and radar picture this came through on saturday, giving you cloud cover, and nobody picked up really anything more than half an inch. that would be the biggest number i saw. high pressure will be in control again tomorrow, and overnight, clear, comfortable, 70 degrees in the city, and north and west, i think 50s and 60s on the thermometer, and tomorrow, 85, and a beautiful blue sky overhead, and low humidity once again. 86 on tuesday, and looking good. later in the day, you will see the humidity going up a wednesday, and that's 87, and sure enough, by wednesday, you start to repeat the whole scenario looking for the upcoming weekend, and you're looking at a rain chance each and every day wednesday through sunday. >> with the forecast like this, you should consider running for office. >> you think so? >> i think you would get a lot of votes. >> what makes you think i haven't thought of that.
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disney world. the amusement park announced additional security measures after a toddler's death. what workers are installing to keep people safe. we all know reading is good for your brain, but what about your body? you may want to pick up a book. don't forget to follow cbs 2 news on
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welcome back. mark morgan has a quick check of sports. >> a mixed bag today. a significant day in the bronx as the yankees and alex rodriguez announced next friday will be a-rod's last day as a player, but he will continue with the or special adviser and instructor. the indians were at the stadium, and tanaka had a solid start. he gave up only 1 run in 6 innings, striking out 8. in the 4th, the solo homer into the short right field porch, and nice. that gives the bombers the 2-0 lead, and the mets avoided the 3-game sweep into detroit, and neil walker, and that's a homer with one on, and a huge 2-run
11:25 pm
game-winning 3-run homer last sunday, and the mets held on to win it and salvage the last game of the series. a little bit later in the show, we will have former jets' wide receiver, wesley walker joining me and weighing in on the team's prospects this year. up next at 11, a major change at disney world, plus, former track star oscar pistorius rushed to the >> also ahead -- >> a man in new rochelle caught in the cross fire, and now his
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we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow.
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a 79-year-old man was shot and killed in new rochelle when a stray bullet shot him in the chest. the police say they are on the killer's trail as the victim's family tries to cope with their loss. >> reporter: tonight a candle
11:29 pm
corner with 79-year-old manuel ayella was shot and killed. you can see him moments before he was shot in the chest. he had been staying in the area for a few months, visiting his children from mexico. people who knew him said he made a habit of sitting outside of the same deli where he was shot because he liked watching the neighborhood pass by. juan castillo said he was a regular, and he said last night he heard two and see him stumbling. >> he walked with blood running down the chest, and that's why we said what happened is this. >> reporter: he was taken to the nearby hospital where he later died. today his 12 children and 10 grandchildren are distraught. >> he was nice, got along, and
11:30 pm
bullet was meant for someone else. >> it's highly unusual for this to happen. we rarely have any kind of shooting in this vicinity, and it's a very quiet area. >> reporter: those who knew him said the 79-year-old should have never died like this. >> he had nothing to do with any problem, and then you find a bullet from nowhere? he was painful. >> his grandson tells cbs 2 his grand dad will be send back to mexico to be laid to rest. oscar pistorius is back in his prison cell after a trip to the hospital to treat a wrist injury. he's serving a 6-year sentence for killing his girlfriend. he denied he tried to commit suicide saying he injured himself after falling out of bed, and the double amputee athlete who was sentenced last month could be released on
11:31 pm
african prosecutors plan to appeal the sentence because they said it was too lenient. up next, a warning the next time you fill up your gas tank. >> they can do this in a split second. >> scammers targeting drivers faster and easier than ever before. how they are doing it and what you can do to protect yourself. later a new crackdown on vaping. how the federal government is
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i like that. tech support that lets your technician see the problem over your smartphone. only from fios. . a consumer alert tonight for drivers about skimming at the pump. hackers are stepping up their game, stealing bank information with a new device. as jeff paul reports, it's already happened at several gas stations in dallas. >> it's the fastest, most convenient way to fill up your
11:35 pm
everything. >> it's terrible. >> reporter: tracy saxton had no idea someone installed a skimmer. >> they could be in the next parking lot reading information off the computer. >> reporter: dallas police said that's what happened at four different stations throughout dallas. >> they can do it in a split second. they obviously had knowledge of the pump. >> reporter: the latest was found just today. >> it's total sense because blue tooth is easy to install, micro, small. >> reporter: consumer or gas station owners could purchase a frequency detector. the basic ones start at 200 bucks, but the more sophisticated instruments that pinpoint each frequency can run up to $500. >> it doesn't surprise me. the criminals are always a step ahead. >> reporter: the most obvious way to fight back against the
11:36 pm
outside kiosks. >> now i will probably get cash and go inside and pay. >> reporter: police say you should look for gas stations that have red security tape strips on the pump. if anyone tried to crack the inside, the seal will be broken. disney world is implementing new security measures after an alligator killed a toddler there earlier this summer. in june lane graves was dragged by an alligator into a lake the orlando resort, and now workers are building a stone wall around the seven seas lagoon. warning signs and ropes will also be put up to keep visitors out of the water. the food and drug administration will begin to regulate cigarettes to make it difficult -- ecigarettes to
11:37 pm
buy them. ecigarettes will not be sold in vending machines they are considered unsafe because they contain nicotine. more evidence is needed to determine how the effects compare with traditional cigarettes. good news for those who love to read books. there's word tonight of an important health benefit, and a new study from yale university shows in general book readers lived up to 2 years longer. the benefit went up more matter if someone reads harry potter or war & peace. also beneficial, reading newspapers and magazines, but not so much. the issue of men's health you're looking at right now, not quite as good as a biography, but you get the drift. lonnie quinn with the workweek forecast, and this is a chamber of commerce kind of day if i have ever seen one. >> ding, ding, ding.
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very great. i was born and bred in connecticut, and you guys live here also, we are used to hot and sticky summer days. you didn't have that today. humidity nice and low, skies are clear and will continue to be clear throughout the area. 79 right now, and what you should be planning on, okay it will be a dry and pleasant overnight, and there's going to be a nice start to your workweek. monday looking fabulous. tuesday, looks -- okay, darn good it will be more humid by wednesday, and of course with the humidity this time of the year b that's what we were talking about. you come with the possibility of cracking thunderstorms out there. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, and into sunday, a stretch of not constant rain, but a possibility of showers or storms, and here's your rain fall update, and we need the rain. this number, okay, the deficit number, last week was down to 4 inches, and we didn't pick up that much rain on saturday, and
11:39 pm
inch our deficit has gone up. we are 5 inches below where we should be, and we have had a very dry situation this summer, and you know how dry your lawn is looking right now. mine looks like a burnt potato chip. it's not going to happen monday, tuesday, or wednesday. thursday and friday, the rain chances 30% to 40%. i think it's likely some of you will get rain during that time period. it does not look like a wall of water across the area, but heavy downpours out there. whispy clouds through the area, and really a high pressure system, and that's in control, and that's in control right until wednesday, and now i will point to wednesday's front, and i will say hey, this comes into town, but it's not formed yet. i can't show it to you. i have put together or drawn an illustration for you. the front will make its way into our area, and then it will stall in the vicinity. as long as the front stalls, the instability, and the rain
11:40 pm
and impulses along the front, and overall the humidity and thunderstorm chances coming back to the area on wednesday. let me pull up the extended forecast, and you can see the numbers. 85 for monday, 86 on tuesday, and good-looking days, and wednesday, 87. late tuesday, the humidity will go up, and setting the table for wednesday, thursday, and friday. the heat and humidity, jessica, coming back to you. >> thank you, lonnie. the couwn alex rodriguez's final game in pinstripes, and a former yankee joins an exclusive baseball club. mark morgan with that and more coming up in sports. for the latest headlines, don't forget to follow us on
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. hey, everybody. welcome to the sports desk. i'm mark morgan in for steve overmyer this evening. his 12-year run in the bronx is coming after next friday's game, alex rodriguez is stepping aside as a player, but he won't be leaving the organization. following friday night's game, rodriguez will be released from his player contract, and he will move into a new role, special adviser and instructor for young players within the yankees' organization, and now a-rod says the yankees' managing partner, hal steinbrenner approached him midweek with the idea and he then accepted the proposal
11:44 pm
player. >> i think i can play baseball, and you always think you have one more hit and can help the team win one more game for sure, and that wasn't in the cards. that was the yankees' decision. and i'm at peace with it. >> he's always been a leader and mentor every step of the way. at the end of the day, think we will benefit from that er benefit from that experience, and he will help in a different way. >> following the a-rod announcement, the yankees took the field for the al central leading indians. there's a-rod comfortable with the advisory role already. tanaka terrific against the tribe. he struck out 8, and a player in the plans moving forward, didi, and that gives the bombers the 2-0 lead, and that
11:45 pm
plans, teixeira. he called it quits 2 days ago, but something is left in his tank that makes it 3-0 in the 5th. delon gets the save. 3-2 is the final. and this afternoon, the mets in detroit, trying to avoid the 3-game sweep the at the hands of the tigers this one? a pitcher's dual. the mets needed a strong start, and the 6 2/3, and he got a no decision. sanchez just as good, but conforto finally breaking through with 2 outs in the 7th, and he goes the opposite way. first home run since mid-june, and that's a 1-0 lead. the tigers score a run in the bottom of the inning to tie it, but watch this. casey mcgee with the seeing eye single, and they get all crossed up. you have to get on the same page, guys, and martinez is
11:46 pm
now top of the 9th. rodriguez with one on, and that's gone. a huge 2-run homer nor walker, and that was the 3-run shot last sunday, and he comes through this week, and the mets hold it 3-1, and they salvage the last game of the series. >> with the preseason kicking off, we now turn our attention to the nfl, and joining me is a man in the ring of honor, wesley walker. thank you so much for being with us. >> i'm happy it's a pleasure. >> your former team, on friday, tempers flaring, and punches were thrown. what was your take on that incident? >> i like it, and i think when you have two veterans going at it, it's the competition, and i know back in my time, we would have flareups, i call them, and it's a good competition. you don't want to see injuries come about that, and one
11:47 pm
coming off injury, sometimes you get hurt, and that's happened in the past, but two veterans all pro at their own positions, and it's exciting. you like to see that. >> coaches would be lying if they said they didn't want to see it. it motivates the offense and defense. you have to let it go and come back and do your job. you want to save that for the upcoming season. >> reporter: you were involved in some? >> i was with one of my a about the situation. we have never gotten into fights but it was competition. he always had a problem with people talking and he liked to talk, and i did my talking with my body and what i did on the field, but it's competition, and you go to blows sometimes but it's on the field, and it helps you prepare for the games, and when people ask who is the best you ever played with? it's the guys i faced every day who made me better for the upcoming season.
11:48 pm
marshall and eric decker's performance thus far? >> one of the best i have ever seen, barring injury, i think they could possibly be the best tandem in the nfl. when you look at brandon marshall, he's a physical specimen. mark gastno is a big guy. he's probably a lot less than he used to b but he has a physical appearance never seen. i like decker not only for his ability to do everything together as a wide receiver, but the things you need from all around. he's fast, and he can block, and they worked well together, and he is just a good, wonderful person, and i think the combination, and that surprised me with the leadership. he didn't come with a really good reputation, and the spots where he was, and i have been nothing but impressed. barring any injuries, that's
11:49 pm
of these guys to do well. >> wide receiver guys, were you better than marshall and decker? come on wesley. >> i have always been very modest, and i will say this, i would never ever succumb to anyone, i don't think, i'm like marshall. i don't think anyone could ever cover me. there was a competition between us two as a tandem, but everyone would ask who was better, and i would say me and he would say himself. as a group together, it's it's the team itself that makes you better. i think what todd bowles has been able to put together in getting everyone together to believe in themselves and work together, that's what you are trying to build up for the reputation and this comradery, and the jets have that, but decker, marshall, and when they are on, they could be very devastating. i have never seen anything like
11:50 pm
>> i would just say me, but i can't go there. >> that's what we want you to say. >> one final thought on that, with the emphasis of passing the ball, what kind of numbers, dude, this would be unbelievable. >> i used to be angry at alton. he could catch 100 balls, and i would get the touchdown, and it's just frustrating, and you get caught into a system. one of the biggest problems hi was staying healthy. i could have put up better fame by now. it's difference when the emphasis is on the passing, but the number one reason, i think key is really guys staying healthy, and that was my biggest problem. the guys like myself and al tune, we had a situation like this. you can't say what could have been. i think and dream about those things. i wish i could change that and play during this time.
11:51 pm
or bust right now. do they get into the playoffs? >> it will be tough. i don't look at the teams they are playing because every year is different, and every team they have struggled and had their problems, and every year is just so different. you to get off to a good starlet, and you have to jell together, and that's offense, defense, special teams, and i know that todd bowles knows this, and i have a great deal of respect for him and what he has done, but every year is different. i expect i expect them to be in the playoffs and contend for the super bowl, but it will not be easy. >> odell beckham jr. has come into his own. >> he is just unbelievable, and who is going to not know that one-handed catch he made in the end zone? he does this on a consistent basis. the only thing i would like to see for him, concentrate on the game. i remember the incident with him and josh norman.
11:52 pm
you not tell me this guy is a stud athlete. i think with the addition of sterling and cruz f he can stay healthy that will help everyone on the team, and i don't know if eli has had the receivers that will be this good, but i have a great deal of respect for odell beckham. he's one of the best if not the best. only time will tell. >> eli manning has beckham and what looks to be a healthy shepherd who is getting rave reviews. do you think this is the best? that's saying something for eli manning. >> the thing is, you don't know until you get on past the preseason, and you know, everything looks, even with the jets, it looks good on paper when you see it, and you know what the abilities are, but once the season starts with injuries and things happening throughout the year, i think it will be a great start for eli,
11:53 pm
of core receivers. >> it's prediction time, do the giants get in the playoffs, yes or no? >> no. >> they do not make it. do the jets make the playoffs? >> you went diplomatic on me earlier. >> i would say yes. it's a tough call. >> i can't go against my team. i can't go against my team. >> i know it. >> a fan all the way. i was thinking about it, but it will be tough. it was never easy. i can't go by looking at the that's tough, but there's no give mes. that's all i know. wesley walker, thank you for being here. >> appreciate being here. thank you. the nfl preseason got off to a false start tonight as the traditional first preseason contest, the hall of fame game in canton, ohio, was canceled. the cancellation was not because of weather or electricity and lights, but the field conditions. the packers and colts were
11:54 pm
was used created problems. the cleats could not pen strait the paint. one player said it was like cement. the game was canceled in 2011 because of the owner's lockout. michael phelps has done it again. he got hiss 19th gold medal, and he has more gold medals than anyone else has total medals in the h olympics. that's crazy. he's not done yet. he has at least three more events to add on to his historic olympic medal record. baseball history in denver.
11:55 pm
sazuki with another hit, and jeter released a statement about this. funny no statement from jeter on a-rod's retirement. 7 birdies here that were
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
case you missed lonnie's forecast, it's nice. >> starting off great, but not such a great finish. >> enjoy it while it lasts. that does it for cbs 2 at 11. thank you for joining us.
11:58 pm
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isn't this place charming? as advertised, but you didn't invite me here for the charm or the ice cream. we can't just have ice cream? we can, but not in this instance. better chance of being hit by lightning. (chuckles) okay, i have a problem. well, first of all, your mom's got a lot on her plate, idering... it's not about mom. oh. it's about my teacher. (phone rings) it's like she's made it her mission in life to keep me from ever graduating. turn that thing off. but what if it's important? choose. look, here's the problem. she's notorious for being harder on the girls, but when she found out i was from a family of cops... look, i should really check it. choose.


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