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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  August 8, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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the clinton pulls ahead. a new cbs poll shows hillary clinton extending her lead in a state and donald trump barely holding on in a republican stronghold. >> deadly mudslides flatten south brace for up to a foot and a half of rain. >> 4,000 miles from the summer games in rio, did fallen olympic hero oscar pistorius try to kill himself in jail? >> fly ball center field. well hit. >> and the a-rod bombshell. the controversial yankees' slugger calls it quits. we are there for the dramatic announcement. >> i love this game. and i love this team.
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? ? welcome to the "cbs overnight news." with the election 13 weeks away, a cbs news battleground tracker poll out today shows hillary clinton ahead of donald trump in the key states of virginia and nevada. our poll shows trump holding a narrow lead in arizona a state republicans typically win. virginia and nevada are among the 11 could go either way towards deciding the election in november. errol barnett has more from our washington bureau. >> reporter: but i think that the people of this country don't want somebody that is going to short circuit up here.
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>> reporter: trump on the attack because clinton is pulling ahead in national polls. and showing strength in crucial swing states. 12 points ahead in virginia. two points ahead in nevada. both key battleground states. trumps trouble due to failure to consolidate republican support. today, newt gingrich said that fact is sinking in. >> reporter: however, senator jeff flake of arizona said trump must do more. >> some position he's has taken need to change. he has got to have a more serious immigration policy than simply saying we will build a wall and make mexico pay for it. >> now trump and clinton are set to deliver duelling economic speeches this week in detroit. trump speaks tomorrow. clinton will be there on thursday. of course michigan is another key battleground state.
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for more on our new battleground tracker poll, let's bring in cbs news election director, anthony salvanto. >> behind hillary clinton's big lead in the key state of virginia is that she is passing the commander-in-chief test more so than donald trump is right now. the commander-in-chief measure has come up to the top of voters criteria for how to make their presidential decision and a majority say that they feel be commander-in-chief while a majority feel that donald trump is not. this measure has become so important now, that it is even overwhelming other measures on which hillary clinton isn't doing as well. for example, on the honest and trust worthy measure, or i'm looking out for people look you. now when we look to other battleground states, when we look to nevada. hillary clinton has a slim lead. then arizona where donald trump leads by a margin less than you would expect. he may if these poll trends continue, be forced to start defending reliably republican
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elaine, back to you. >> anthony, thank you. >> the miami neighborhood where local mosquitoes have infected 16 people with the zika virus got a sunday morning soaking of insecticide. zika causes severe birth defects. pregnant women are advised to stay away from florida's so-called zika zone. >> this weekend florida senator marco rubio says he does not believe a pregnant woman infected with zika should have believe the child would be born with severe microcephaly. the remnants of earl, triggered deadly landslides in mexico. errol made landfall as a tropical storm, dumbing heavy rain that flooded rivers and creeks. at least 1 people were killed in two states. here is mireya villarreal. >> reporter: in its wake, tropical storm earl left devastation in communities throughout the mexican states of vera cruz and puebla.
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homes killing at least 1 people including one small child. over the past few days, earl dumped up to 1 inches of rain in some areas and registered damaging wind speeds up to 80 miles an hour. families trying to escape the floodwaters were caught off-guard and unable to evacuate fast enough. earl reached hurricane levels earlier this week as it moved through central america. nearly submerging the town of san ignacio in belize and destroying a bridge in guatemala. the threat of severe weather still remains. parts of central and western mexico are expecting more rain as another storm is developing off the west coast. elaine, right that is raising red flags once again for potential mudslides and flooding. >> mireya villarreal, thank you. millions who live along the gulf of mexico are bracing for a week of severe weather. meteorologist pamela gardner of wbz in boston is tracking this.
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to pour over western and central florida as this area of low pressure just sits over the gulf of mexico. and because of it we do expect some flooding rain potential through tuesday night. a flood watch is in effect from tampa to gainesville. that flooding rain concern all the way through tuesday. in fact, monday, noon, you can see more of the moisture picking up here. with heavy potential for showers and even some thunderstorms into tuesday afternoon. and looks like the projected rainfall total, in addition to what they have already experienced from tampa to panama to 15 inches of rainfall. elaine. >> pamela gardner. thank you. >> michigan man arrested sunday accused of passing out candies laced with marijuana chemical thc at a music festival in ohio. on saturday, about two dozen people became sick from eating the candy. they're all okay now. iran executed a nuclear
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an iranian official says, sharam amiri was hanged. his mother tells the bbc their son's body was returned to their home town with rope marks around his neck. isis is claiming responsibility for an attack in belgium this weekend. a man waving a machete and shouting ala akbar, wounded two police officers. he is a 33-year-old algerian living in belgium. isis called him a soldier in their movement. the "cbs overnight news" will be
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the first weekend of the summer olympics wraps up with a major swimming showdown. ben tracy is covering the games for us in rio. >> reporter: a midnight session of beach volleyball in rio, that didn't phase kerri walsh jennings and april ross who dominated the australian team. >> the united states! >> the u.s. women's beat france for their second win. >> and have the opportunity to arrive in rio. >> while the brazilian crowd booed and yelled zika every time hope solo touched the ball. she posted this picture on social media expressing her concerns about the virus. but spectators are more worried about scoring tickets. >> i am literally asking any one in any language that i can speak if they have tickets.
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>> yeah, tickets. [ speaking foreign language ] >> good thing you speak multiple languages. >> reporter: here at the olympic park, spectators have complained of long lines and even missing some of their events. olympic officials say they're trying to fix this by adding more security screeners. one problem they can't fix are the strong winds that blew through rio sunday. forcing all of the rowing events to be canceled. but tonight, all eyes will be on the pool when team usa swim stars, katie ledecky and michael phelps compete. >> how excited are you to see phelps swim? >> very excited. announced he wasn't coming back after the london games. >> reporter: the first week of the olympics has gone fairly smoothly. but rio's mayor is pleading with the people here to either carpool or not drive long distances tomorrow when they go back to work. elaine, the fear is that the olympics will make rio's already notorious traffic that much worse. >> ben tracy, thank you.
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announcement. calling it quits and will play his final game next friday. but he will still have a role with the team. demarco morgan haltz the latest from yankee stadium. >> i love this game. and i love this team. and today i'm saying good-bye to both. >> reporter: an emotional good-bye sunday morning for one of most celebrated and at times hated baseball players of the last two decades. alex rodriguez. >> i never thought i can play for 22 years. at 1 i just wanted to make the team. >> the 41-year-old, three time american league mvp and 14-time all star sat out 2014 suspended for enhancement drug use.
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a-rod thinks he can keep playing. >> that wasn't in the cards. that was the yankees' decision. and, i'm at peace with it. >> fly ball, center field. well hit. at the track! he has done it again! >> reporter: a-rod's ten year contract worth $275 million is set to end in 2017. the yankees must still honor the financial agreement. >> the high drive, center field, deep. going back. looking up. there it is! number 600. >> the slugger leaves the game just four homers away from the elite milestone of 700. >> i especially want to thank the fans for letting me play the game that i love. thank you. >> reporter: a-rod is not parting ways with the yankees just yet. elaine, serve as special adviser, and instructor, mentoring the team's young players through december 2017. >> demarco morgan at yankee stadium. thank you.
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his jail cell. south african media raised questions whether it was a suicide attempt. more on this from london. >> reporter: elaine, oscar pistorius denies he attempted to commit suicide and told prison officials he suffered the injuries saturday after slipping and falling out of bed. however a south african newspaper claims prison guards found two razor blade in his cell. prison authorities would not confirm the reports. the former track star was treated at returned to his cell in the evening. there has been concern over his mental well-being. pistorius has his own cell, and limited interaction with other inmates. back in july when sentenced to six years for the shooting death of his girlfriend, a psychologist testified he was a broken man. pistorius maintains his girlfriend any death was an accident. pistorius became the first double amputee to compete against able-bodied runners in the 2012 olympics. elaine, before killing his
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competing in the rio games. >> jonathan, thank you. well if you were watching golf today on cbs, you witnessed history. >> one final look, this for a 58. [ cheers and applause ] >> he knew it. >> jim fuyrk, set a pga tour record shooting a 58 in the final round of the travelers championship. fuyrk was one of six golfers to shoot a 59. >> a group of fly fishermen are sharing video of their encounter with a high flying shark. >> oh! >> hold on. hold on. hold on. hold on. >> oh! yeah! >> captain mark martin of san diego says it was a maco shark, well over 500 pounds. it was on the line for about 20 minutes. putting on an impressive air
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>> coming up next -- pope francis shakes up the catholic church opening the door to the possibility of female deacons. dove men+care. the strength test. like leather, skin is stronger when it's hydrated. that's why dove men+care bodywash has a unique hydrating
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today pope francis addressed the war in syria saying it is unacceptable that so many helpless people including many children must pay the price for the lack of desire for peace by
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>> pope francis shocked and excited many in the church last week giving his blessing to begin considering the idea of women in the clergy. marly hall has the story. >> reporter: pope francis says his decision came after intense prayer and mature reflection to appoint a panel to study the idea of women deacons in the catholic church. the only american on the been waiting for this moment for years. >> the church would be making a great statement about the dignity and place of women in the world. >> reporter: known for his progressive stances, pope francis' decision to look into the possibility of women deacons differs from the views of predecessors. he first entertained the idea last may after meeting with a group of women from various religious orders. the idea for the commission came from the nuns, not the pope himself.
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vatican says not to expect change anytime soon. >> deacons can preach and preside over weddings and funerals but they cannot celebrate mass. historians say the idea of women in this role is not new to the catholic faith. >> there were several popes in the middle ages who wrote to bishops to give authority to or dane deacons. >> there its precedence? >> there is precedence. >> the idea can transform not only how women are seen in the church but in society as well. marley hall, cbs news, new york. still ahead, the decade's long search for a veteran missing in america, leads to a surprising discovery. toilet germs don't just stay in the toilet. disinfect with lysol bathroom trigger... ... and lysol power foamer. they kill 99.9% of germs. to clean and disinfect your bathroom... ...lysol that. don't let dust and allergens
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ght is perfect. can someone read me another story? daddd? mmm coming breyers gelato indulgences it's way beyond ice cream. the government estimates more than 47,000 veterans are homeless. about 16,000 live on the streets. herman leon was one of them for decade. mark strassmann tells us about his remarkable homecoming. >> reporter: in 1984, herman leon, 21-year-old army vet disappeared. martha sally, his younger sister. >> he decided to go to atlanta to work. >> reporter: when did you get worried?
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years. and then when it got to five years, i was like, uh-uh. something is wrong. >> leon bounced around atlanta's shadows and in a series of part time jobs, rooming houses and homeless shelters. the army vet kept radio silence with his family. >> he was look a gentle giant. >> patrice green, social worker with veterans association met leon at a homeless shelter last april. like so many veterans, leon had untreated mental health issues. >> so i asked, well where is your family? and he said, i don't know. >> reporter: green searched online. and including a facebook messag% to four possible family members. >> the very next day, i get a call from the sister. and she is like -- is this a joke? >> i was thinking, another hoax. >> reporter: when were you convinced? >> when i heard his voice. and i knew it was real.
3:24 am
reunion was 32 years in the making. >> i hugged him the i told him that, you know, we never, i never gave up on him. >> i was shocked. i mean, i was crying within minutes. >> reporter: she says it is a miracle. >> it is a miracle to her. but it is a -- it's a miracle to me too. i had to go through this. >> reporter: leon's sister says all the question he's can't answer don't matter. he is home. mark strassmann, cbs news, charleston, south carolina. >> miraculous homecoming indeed. well, up next, with the world divided strangers unite in song.
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at a time when there is so much dischord in the world we end with strangers coming together harmoniously. here's jericka duncan. ? i heard there was a secret chord ? ? and it pleased the lord >> reporter: 1500 people of all races, faiths, and ages, answered the call to sing. the song leonard cohen's 1984 "hallelujah" was led by rufus wainwright. ? hallelujah ? >> reporter: the spontaneous
3:28 am
choir, choir, were created by david goldman and nobu adelman and used socialed me y to ask any one who wants to sing to gather at a specific location. [ clapping ] >> reporter: when david bowie died his song space oddity filled this art gallery. ? and i think my space ship nose which way to go ? ? the group learns a song for a few hours before recording for the world to see. >> pe have created. even if it is 3 minutes in a day full of, you know, bad news, and, tragic events to have that moment to say it's not all bad. >> reporter: so far they have recorded more than 200 songs. ? don't you know we're talking about a revolution ? >> reporter: including tracy chapman's talking about a revolution. ? don't you know you better run, run, run, run, run, run, run ?
3:29 am
inspired her to sing. >> for me it was the perfect song to vocalize what has been happening for me inside. ? talk about a revolution ? >> reporter: they're crying out through song. combatting pain by bringing a sense of peace. jericka duncan, cbs news, new york. ? finally the tables are starting to turn ? >> that's the "cbs overnight news" th continues. for others check back with us a little later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm elaine quiano. ?
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? welcome to the overnight news. many republicans hope presidential nominee donald trump will get back on track this week, after one of the shakiest periods of his campaign. new national polls show trump losing steam while hillary clinton is getting stronger in critical battleground states. numbers on "face the nation" and speck to a leading republican not ready to endorse his party's nominee. >> donald trump's very bad week helped push hillary clinton into a sizable lead in many polls. including "washington post" abc news poll out this morning. showing her ahead of trump, 50 to 42%. and our cbs news battleground tracker has hillary clinton up, by 12 points. in the key state of virginia


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