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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  August 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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a disaster it has been for delta travelers across the globe. they tell us 800 of their 6,000 flights have taken off and safely landed. about 300 flights have been canceled so far. they say that number is growing, you can expect for cancellations and delays before the day is over. >> outrageous. >> a major problem. >> airlines should have computer systems to go unacceptable. >> delta fliers world wide bracing for what could mean endless hours at the airport. lines that terminals, growing, delays extending and frustrations mounting. >> made me very upset. >> you hadn't hurt? >> no. >> jessica, among those showing up only to find her flight wasn't taking off ask there was no indication if it ever would.
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grounded this morning, passengers posting photos of the growing crowds at delta tirlinals across-- terminals across the world, blamed on a overnight power outage in atlanta causing a system-wide computer failure. jessica is is headed out for a wheelchair competition. >> we have transportation to catch, huge inconvenience, especially when you is a disability. >> delta aphyllouss lift-- officials li t the planes taking off. the backlog leaving a crippling effect on the airline schedule as customers scramble to make alternate plans. >> heading back to atlanta then i have another delta flight at 7:00 a.m. this is a domino effect. >> i can bounce up and down, but i feel badly for the people traveling internationally or have to come to u.s. or family vacations. >> reporter: delta officials
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computer system is now slowly coming back online but they are telling customers whose flights are extremely delayed or canceled they will offer full refunds and will allow customers to exchange tickets free of charge. reporting live from la guardia, janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. driver going the wrong way caused a car crash this morning, from chopper 2, you canee the car on the back of-- can car on the back of the tow truck. the tractor trailer swerved to avoid the car and side swiped the second car you see there. the wrong-way driver may have had some medical condition. no other serious injuries were reported. a westchester county mother is facing manslaughter charges in the death of her baby girl. she admitted hitting the 15 month old several times to stop her from crying. cbs 2 news's magdalena doris is outside the court house in mt. vernon with more.
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yusef was found dead in her mother's care and as her mock walked into the courtroom to face arraignment, she was greeted by supportive family and phrens cheering her on. >> dasia bartee is in jail charged in connection with the death of her youngest daughter, 1-year-old samia yusef. neighbors who passed by the memorial for the baby on 210 washington street can only say what happened inside is tragic. >> i feel sorry for the little child that really lost the life and, you know, they didn't deserve that. >> mt. vernon police found the lifeless girl friday morning after the aunt called 911. the prosecution said she admitted to police she hit her crying child 6-7 times in the back before bouncing her on her knee. exacerbating the injury. >> police responded and found the child, took vitals and did
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>> police say she may have been dead for hours before they called, she was ice cold, leading cops to believe her body was stuffed in a freezer. >> you always treat it as if a homicide. >> that investigation led to the child pfls mother, 26-year-old dasia bartee, who police said was investigated by child protective services in the past. >> she shaz to go to jail-- has to go to jail, hopefully she will stable. >> reporter: as dasia bartee left the court room her family shouted "i love you" and "we are here for you." she shouted at the media "she is innocent until proven guilty." live in mt. vernon, magdalena doris, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. a 79-year-old man shot and killed while standing on the street corner, police are on the
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seconds before shot on the corner of union and 3rd street, the man in the cowboy hat. police say the shooter was firing at a group of young men and that a stray bullet hit him in the chest, he later died at the hospital. his family is in shock. >> showed his kids how to work, he was nice, got along, and basically he was a respectful guy. >> iella's grand son said the body w the funeral. a case that has shaken the community, elected officials are set to host a meeting to discuss the case. >> police say 30-year-old karina vetrano fought for her life before her attacker strangled and sexually assaulted her. cathy says she has a warning for
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you, i guarantee you, you mother [ bleep ], that you will be reckoning with that force, not only for the rest of your pathetic life, but for the rest of eterny as you [ bleep ] burn in hell. >> karina vetrano's parents, surrounded by family and closest friends spoke with the media outside their howard beach home a few blocks from the federal park land where phillip ran his daughter and discovered her body tuesday night. he expressed gratitude for police working around the clock to solve karina's murder. >> myself and family owe everything to the nypd and can only ever hope to bring justice to my daughter, karina, through them and their hard work. >> neighbor, tony fought back tears thinking about their unthinkable loss, saying the entire community is hurting.
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like they did like mussolini. >> anguish fueling anger and a mother's determination to put the killer behind bars. >> my daughter was a big believer of karma, and as you can see, she is magical, the whole world knows she is magical. i guarantee you, you will pay forever. >> tonight's community meeting will take place at 7:00 at t howard beach, the same church where her funeral was held. a jewelry store owner fights off a man who tried to rub him at gun-- rob him at gunpoint. scott is live. >> reporter: a daring robbery attempt in the diamond district has the store and its owner on edge this afternoon. nypd says the suspect in the surveillance pecktures who tried to rob this mid-town jewelry
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and not afraid to use it. >> hold the gun and bring it over here. >> 61-year-old, the owner of rafaello and co. near 5th everywhere the attempted robbery happened yesterday 4:00 p.m. the suspect entered and asked to see a chain in the display case. when he went back to get a key to open the case, the suspect pulled a 33-year-old wum sxn put the gun to her head-- woman and put the gun to her head. he ran to her defense, fighting with the suspect trying to get the gun. >> i took from his hand, the gun, i want to take it. >> the suspect got control of the gun but when he stepped back to fire it, the gun fell apart. >> it started like this, like that, the gun get broke. >> the suspect bolted the store
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there. they described him as 20-25 years old, 6'2, 160 pounds, last seen wearing a blackjackt, black pants, black shoes and baseball cap. rafaello and co. is known as a jeweler to the stars, famous clients reportedly include jay-z, p. diddy, and khloe kardashian. >> the owner of the store tells me the gun used in the attempted heist, the one actually a bb gun. >> reporter: live in the diamond district. a break away of the pakistani taliban taking responsibility for a suicide killing, the bomb exploded at a government-run hospital just after the body of a prominent lawyer killedane shooting a-- killed in a shooting attack, put dozens of lawyers and journalists in the hospital who
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are connected. much more coming up on cbs 2 news news at noon, tragedy at the water park, a 10-year-old killed. a brooklyn highway soaked in beer, a tractor trailer closing the roadway during the morning xut. a fish-- commute. a fisherman caught thi will talk big changes in humidity as we head toward
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a kansas water park is closed an investigators try to find how a 10-year-old boy died. >> the son of a state rideing the world's tallest ride. >> officials still haven't said how 10-year-old caleb schwab died, only that he was on the water slide. >> we don't know what has happened. that is why a full investigation is necessary. >> witnesses say they saw the boy's body lying on the flound. >> first responders started covering it up with a white sheet. >> you just don't really want to believe what is going on.
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for lawmakers and their families. the slide sends riders on a 3-person rep. riders must be at least 54 inches tall with each raft 400-550 pounds. it faced multiple delays before opening in 2014, adjustments had to be made after sandbag tests slide. >> all the rides are inspected every day and inspected by an outside party at the start. >> representive schwab issued a stam saying as we try to mend our home with caleb no longer with us, we are comforted knowing he believed in our savior, jesus, we will see him another day.
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indefinitely, there isn't an age restriction but at the team the slide opened, riders had to be 14 years old. caleb was only 10. >> the name of the slide is german for the word "insane." beer made a mess of the morning rush, a tractor trailer spilled over before fibclk this morning-- 5:00 spending cases and cases of budweiser, snarling traffic for hours. the driver was treated for minor injuries but no one else was hurt. after 12 years? >> alex rodriguez is retiring, success, scandal, and year-long suspension for steroids. the 41-year-old sliding into a
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players. >> i love this game and i love this team. today, i am saying goodbye to both. >> a-rod's last game will be friday, that is sending ticket prices soaring for his final game. >> you got it. 12:16, still ahead on cbs 2 news at noon, regulations for the sale of e cigarettes go in effect today. enjoy beautiful weather temperatures will make a come
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a growing wildfire in southern california forced several dozen families from their homes, it broke yesterday in the san forest, 5 miles east of la, they cover more than 4500 acres, 400 firefighters are on the scene, so far no reports of injuries or property damage. the fda begins regulating e cigarettes, sales to minors is prohibited, under cover agents will be in stores to make sure minorerize not buying them-- minors are not buying them and
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e cigarettes are considered unsafe because they contain nicotine. time to talk weather, lets bring in vanessa murdock, yesterday, dynamite, today, even better? >> today is essentially the same as yesterday for most of us, but more clouds to the south that might have some feeling a little blue today. overall, a great way to start the work week, lets check in with our weather watchers, see what they are saying, we do have, again, the split decision, more clouds to the south, more sunshine to the north. for 79 degrees, this report from maureen in neptune city, she is saying skies are overcast, relative humidity, 57%, at least that is good. humidity levels are low. as we look to the north, 82, this reading from greg, sunny skies. there is a little boundary, just to the south of the city, overall, a beautiful day but this trend of sunshine to the north, more clouds to the south will continue for the duration of your day.
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high atop the empire state building, 83, mostly sunny, winds are calm. relative humidity at 43%, this is why today is so pleasant, because relative humidity levelerize low and they-- levels are low and stay that way today and tomorrow. edison is 85, i think most of us are in mid and upper 80s this afternoon, likely see a couple of 90s out there before all is said and done. your health forecast, uv index is 8, a your pollen count, medium to high. your air quality is good. humidity is low today, barometer is rising, and that is because high pressure is dominating this forecast. we have high pressure to the north, those clouds kind of stuck in the middle between the low pressure to the south. again, this isb boundary in the middle, but generally high pressure is in control. there are no showers in today's forecast. tomorrow, a minimal chance of a
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it is wednesday that the forecast completely changes. humidity levels rise, showers and storms are back in action. hour by hour, here is what you can expect for today. lots of sun to the north, more clouds to the south, but overnight we are looking mostly clear skies. tomorrow, a few more clouds, a mixture of sunshine and clouds, a slim chance of a shower well inland. wednesday, increasing clouds, showers and storms, high humidity is back to stay. for today, 85, mostly sunny on average tonight. 70 and mainly cl sunshine and clouds. wednesday, all the way through sunday the forecast is completely different, high humidity, a chance for showers and storms, and temperatures hovering close to 90 will mean feels-like-temperatures will be low and mid 90s. >> nice stretch coming our way. thank you. tony is in the produce aisle. >> reporter: if you go red seedless, green seedless, they
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number 2 grape. the black seedless is like 3 in seedless grapes. sales aren't great. when you try to black seedless grape, you will buy them again. the crunchiness, they are sweet, incredible. i love black seedless grapes, storage is very important. when you buy them, the darker the better all the way around. see how important that is? stem, nigh and green, the greener-- nice and green, the greener the stem, the grape. between medium and small, they don't come too large. look at this bunch, when you bring them home, store in the refrigerator right away, don't wash before you store, wash before you enjoy. you will know why they are so great. always remember, eat fresh and stay health y. that is good. >> that does look good. when we come back, a rare
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decades. here is something you don't see every day, a wild scene on camera, a mako shark seen jumping out of the water over and over near san diego, captain martin said she was fishing when one hooked the shark. something tells me the shark was trying to get away. it did break away at one point. martin believed the shark weighed well over 500 bounds but that is-- pounds, but that is a pretty nimble shark. >> gymnastics competition. s for the entire cbs 2 news team, have a great day. >> see you tomorrow morning 4:30, have a great afternoon.
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>> kevin: oh, my god. [ gasping ] >> mariah: oh, my god. are you okay? kevin! are you okay? wait. were you running? not from someone? like...physical activity running? >> kevin: i needed to clear my head, okay? >> mariah: and you had to get all sweaty to do that? >> kevin: crisis mode, all right? i was honest with natalie. i told her all i could handle was friends. >> mariah: wow. i bet she loved that. >> kevin: she passed. it's over. >> mariah: well, i can't say that i blame her. when a woman wants more -- >> kevin: oh, no, no, no, no, no. i'm the one who wants more. i want to get back with chloe. and i need you to help me make


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