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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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now that he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, he is trying to make sense of his actions and remembers everything that days and walked me through the painstaking hours of terror. >> i felt alone and scared. i didn't want to involve my family. >> reporter: walking to his apartment singing to soothe his anxiety, he felt advertisements were urminging him to strip tried cleaning up the litter. he did not trust the police officers approaching. >> pigeons came and they excreted on to a police officer. i took taas a sign of wows the animals are protecting me. i can't trust that he is
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bag below, fracturing his arm, he spent 3 weeks if bellview hospital and friday, charges against him were dropped. >> i respect that my actions cost people, tax payers money, that's not what i had intended. >> reporter: the conditions of the charges drop ready he has to stick with his therapy and appear in court within the next 6 months. he looks forward to sticking with his art work and seeing where life ak >> dr. max is talking more about some of the symptoms curt described. associated with bipolar disorder. >> dana, bipolar used to be called manic depression. not even has these kind of severe manic episodes which can be hard to distinguish from a psychotic event due to schizophrenia. there are different types of severe bipolar disease.
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energy, insomnia and gran dee yows -- grand yows racing thoughts. >> he is working on it. what a day of frustration for delta airlines passengers, fliers facing long lines as a computer crash canceled more 2000 were delayed. christine sloan is live with the developing story. have they caught up? >> reporter: they are trying to, dana, there has been lots of cancellations, 360 flights, lots of delays, some waiting as much as 7 hours right in the middle of the busy summer travel season. >> this is outrageous. >> reporter: frustrated delta
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lines, going nowhere, at newark liberty international airport, only the be told their flights canceled, airline officials say an overnight power outage at the airlines atlanta hub causing a system wide computer failure affecting everything from screens to ticketing, advocacy group says the system should not be this vulnerable. >> it's surprising the airline did not have a back up to their computer system that simple power failure in ta take them down worldwide. >> we got delta teams working around the clock to restore our system capabilities. i'm sure you can appreciate, it's a all hands on deck effort. >> reporter: check the status of your flight before coming to the airport right now, all flights can be changed for free. christine sloan, cbs 2 news.
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the would be thief ran away when his gun fell apart. police releasing pictures of the suspect, who they say hit the rafael and company jewelers on west 47th street in midtown. the owner oh of the store says the man walked in at 4:00 yesterday, and asked to see a chain in the display case and then pulled a gun on a female employee. >> he pulled he said this is a stick up. i took from his hand the gun, i want to take it. he did like that. >> the suspect bolted the store empty handed. police are searching for him. update this evening in the death of a west chester
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bartee admitted to hit her child to stop the child from crying. the little girl may have been dead for hours before help was called to the mount vernon apartment on friday. bail for the mother has been set at $50,000. protection orders have been issued on behalf of her two other children. a wrong way disaster averted in west chester county. quick action by a roadside emergency truck driver this morning, turned a potentia >> reporter: in the wrong way driver saw the sign that didn't register, the white car headed east on the westbound side of i- 287 near the tap bridge. >> were you scared? >> a little bit. >> reporter: we seen it before, a confused or drunk drive crashing head on, in to traffic
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told it was a medical emergency. vargos took a chance using the emergency lights and positioned himself in the car's path. >> i tried to stop the guy, i know he is going to be a disaster. >> reporter: he got him to slow down, he was moving along at a crawl , the car in gear and engine running. he had to get out to finish the dangerous job. >> i get out of the truck and opened the door. i grabbed the key. >> reporter: the wrong way drive never took his hands off the wheel or spoke. people that removed wrecks prom the highway knows how bad it could have been. >> he probably saved lives. >> reporter: his bosses agree, a spokesman telling us mr. vargas went above and beyond to
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danger to prevent a tragedy. >> you might have saved lives. >> i know, thank you. >> reporter: doesn't that feel good? >> dennis works the morning and evening rush hour shifts along the throughway and connecting roadways and out there now making sure everything is going smoothly for the next 53 minutes until 7:00. commuter alert for drivers in new closures near the garden state parkway, 163, and parts of route 17 will begin wednesday. the closure will be from midnight until 4:00 a.m., expected to last 3 weeks. the construction crews are in the final stages of the work, building a new interchange. campaign 2016, donald trump touting success in new york, as
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new york city was a disaster. we made it great, i want to jump start america and it can be done. the rich pay their fair share, but no one will pay so much that it destroys jobs. >> trump made remarks in detroit while unveiling a tax plan calls for cutting the corporate tax rate to 15% for individuals there would be 3 tax brackets, instead current 7. democratic candidate hilary clinton toured a brewery in florida today where she blasted trump's planks as nothing more than trickle down economics and predicted it would plunge the economy back in to a recession. clinton plans to discuss her own economic plan next week. here in the city, new city bike stations installed on a block that hasn't seep traffic
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some neighbors not so happy about the bicycles, cbs 2 demanding answers. a wild crash on the bqe causing quite the buzz. the tractor trailer overturned, spilling beer everywhere. a long island woman gets an extra dose of ground hogs days she is having a hard time getting rid of these relentless rodents. high pressure ng the south, rain south of that, the rain is coming back to your area. i will tell you when in just a bit. coming up, more on the delta airline power outage, charlie rose in for scott pelley tonight. >> reporter: the cbs evening news, a glitch or something more? what delta officials are saying about the massive power outage that grounded hundreds of flights across the globe.
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over, spilling cans on the road this was the eastbound lane near the brooklyn battery tunnel. the crash shut down traffic and caused back ups , the truck driver hospitalized in stable condition, it's unclear what caused the driver to lose control. city bike is rolling in to a manhattan neighborhood. some who live in the area are angry and frustrated. many on the block include with children. jessica moore is demanding answers. >> reporter: metal bike racks line 91st, between 2nd and 3rd, closed to vehicle traffic for 40 years and home to many elderly and disabled residents and people like maria are not happy. >> it's dangerous. take me for example, i'm unstable on my feet. >> reporter: debite between
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the people here say it's different and blocks only the handicap entrance to the park, now when people try to go out, they run in to this reof bikes. tony lives on the street, he is blind and relies on his dog to help him around x baby couldn't figure out a way around the metal racks. >> it's a horror. i live here and can't get across the street. >> reporter: not everyone thinks the bikes are a bad idea. >> i think it's a great thing for the neighborhood. i wonderful, it brings more people to second avenue. >> reporter: ben says his office sent a letter to the dot, when the plans were proposed, asking him not to put a city bike station in a dedicated play street. >> it shouldn't be on a closed play street. we roweled like to move it -- would like to move it over, 10 feet away. >> reporter: dot didn't know about the issue until cbs 2
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>> it's always a balancing act with city bike. sometimes when people complain, when they get used to it, they grow tolo it. we are going to look at this one. >> reporter: this raises the question about how much communication goes on between dot and the communities where the bike stations are going in. the 91st street station is part of city bike's expansion to the upper east and west sides, jersey city and brooklyn. >> interesting to see if there is a homeowners on long island block are complaining they being targeted underground by a ground hog invasion. jennifer mclogan reports from. >> reporter: this summer is not the same in the cooks sigh os id backyard, destroying landscaping. >> they are this big.
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look the same. >> reporter: ground hogs are burrowing below, leaving big holes, popping up on the cook side of the fencing. see them coming out from behind the hose tas, walking -- hostas, walking along the pool. >> reporter: filling up now, because ground hogs hibernate early and will be getting ready to slumber under the 's play. i decided maybe i should try to catch them. i don't know if this cage is sufficient. i think maybe it's too small. we have to be very careful not to get ourselves bitten. >> reporter: ground hogs may carry rabies. >> tough remember they are wild
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encroaching on their lands we will come across them requester if they are becoming a nuisance, spca says use ammonia or cayenne pepper, or human hair or kitty litter to thwart the invasion. >> monday start of the week, a nice day, a lot of sunshine, lonnie is here to tell us about a chance of storms. >> >> i think so. >> ground hog day going on here. >> sorry. >> bill murray was the weather man. i loved it. dana was talking about the sunshine, there is your picture, it's a little bit of partly sunny skies at times. currently you are on the good side, more sun than clouds, 82,
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the humidity is so nice and low out there. your high temperature was 86, 2 degrees above the average today. record of 99 set in 2001, will stay in the books for another years what you should planning on for the next few days, a great first half of this week, wednesday is the turning point, heat back to the areas showers and storm possibility, lingering in to th wednesdays thursday, friday, saturday, why am i doing this. by the week's ends the heat this place, plenty of you could be feeling like the triple digits. on the show, from new york city points east, feels cooler, feeling like 90 to 95, you are not done with that big time summer heat or the feel of it. it will be backment high pressure in control, up to the knot, that's where the prettier
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conditions, down to ocean county, the clouds are thicker, chesapeake, where the rain is, not moving north, high pressure stays this control, stays to the souths off to the west, the next stories wet weather off to the west, also this big dome of heat if you will. i know, we hads use different terms, polar vortex. now we have the heat dome. you are going to difference. tomorrow the high will be 86 degrees, good looking day, sun and cloud mix. you will be 87 on wednesday. 89 thursday. 87 friday. 89 saturday. 88 sunday. similar temperaturewise, wednesday is when the humidity goes up and heat and humidity, that's the calm that will bring about the thunderstorm chance and a good run of unstable weather and we need the rain, wednesday is when it could get
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livingston. >> despite up there in years, manning continues to get it done on the field. how does he do it? arod short farewell tour gets underway tomorrow night in boston. does joe think he will get a derrick jeter-like send off
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last game this friday, rodriguez begins his farewell tour tomorrow night. there is only one stop for alex, boston and the question remains how much playing time h he -- will he get. arod does well at fenway, 287
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what kind of farewell will red sox nation give him. in 2014, jeter finished career at fenway, he was given full respect, literally. yankees skipper, was asked about the crowd's reaction to arod. >> i'm not sure what he will get. i think he meant a lot to this game. this is a guy we are not going to see everyday come along in the game. you are just not. this has been a special player for a long time. i hope he received s ce he has earned it. at least the mets went in to the off day with a win, salvaging the last game with the tigers. walker came through with what turned out to be the game winning 2-run homer, on fire, raising average by 31 points in the past 12 games, has 19 homers, four short of his career high of 23. make that 30 members of major
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suzuki entered with a triple in colorado first member from japan, fourth to be born outside of the lower 48 states, he passed pete rose for the professional hits crown after getting 4257th combined between japan and the united states. no punches oh harsh words thrownly marshal or reavis. decker sat out th with knee soreness. manning has been as reliable as they come. he has the incredible iron man streak, hasn't missed a game since his rookie season. hasn't been easy as the seasons have gone on. >> have gotten smarter, over the years, with my training with my warm up, taking care of my body, having a plan to fete through practice and make sure
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make sure i get healthy. roll out of bed and practice now, and how to get loosened up. >> way until you get my age. sey have to take a couple of hours before the show. >> eli. he has those weapons this year expecting a big year for him.
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more news ahead tonight. this is coming up up at 11:00 . we are going to take you to a different kind potheyto sack races, -- potato sack races and volleyball, these kids are doing everything in the dark. >> he gets up at 2:00 or 3:00 this the afternoon, doesn't go to sleep until 3 or 4:00 in the morning. >> we will explain, there is a
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> rose: delta down. >> so we're just here, twiddling our thumbs. i have no idea what to do. >> rose: a computer crash grounds one of america's largest airline, leaving thousands stranded. also tonight, a new zika infection in florida, but this one miles north of miami. a new donald trump reads his economic policy off a prompter, promming this: >> there is no other donald trump. >> rose: at the olympics, much ado about cupping. and the special guest who made a bride's wedding. >> hi!


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