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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 8, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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>> are you nervous about taking a deposition? >> what are your feelings about johnny now? >> what about people who don't believe your claims johnny beat you? >> while amber was in attorneys this weekend, her ex was staying cool. that's how it lo depp was his private yacht sunday, sporting a wild new do and stylish shawl. depp, however, faces serious claims. amber says she is the victim of domestic abuse and johnny gave her this black eye in may. >> it's basically going to be a he said/she said, his word against hers. >> christopher is a family law specialist who has represented stars like katie holmes during her divorce from tom cruise. he doesn't represent either party in this case but amber has a tough road ahead. >> to get a restraining order, she has to establish that johnny hit her or stalked her, harassed her.
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may just a month earlier this was their last appearance together. a psa. >> i'm truly s >> they recorded this awkw apology for allegedly smuggling their dogs into australia. >> clear everything when you enter australia. >> party's married 15 months. in this situation could take e - longer than the marriage itself. >> as messy as this one is, i can only imagine that that w >> absolutely. miranda lambert almost ran into trouble this weekend, not with her boyfriend, stopped her concert to have two unruly male fans removed. then miranda had this message for the audience. >> do you think it was any hidden message? >> no. >> meanwhile, taylor swift was caught kissing another man on a
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should tom be jealous? this is this morning in manhattan arriving at the gym. being very mum about her sexy saturday night in the hamptons. and here is taylor bumping and grinding on stage with nellie at the party saturday. it's not nellie we are worried about. taylor plants a wet one on this guy and then rubs his neck. who is this exactly? turns out he's named mike hess. the 30-year-old heir to a multimillion dollar oil fort they've actually been friends for a while. seen here two years ago with heidi klum and karlie kloss who were also at the party. where was tom during all this? we believe he was in australia
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brisbane airport last week. as for taylor's ex calvin harris, look what howie mandel says to him in las vegas? after complimenting his calvin suit. >> who is your tailor. getting the future icon award at a gala celebrating the 50th anniversary of caesar's palace. he got revenge on the ex posing a shirtless morning-after video yesterday. >> i just woke up. it's amazing to be back in l.a. >> drama, drama, drama and lots of it. the most unbelievable moment was when he was so cool even by chad's standards. opened up it the first time. >> only person who should be
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>> it's only week two there has been a lot of drama. >> more to come. >> really? what a tease you are. >> the biggest drama coming from the first episode has to do with angry chad. first thing that came to your mind? be honest when you heard him say these things to you. >> it hurt. it was dis respectful. somewhat. we did an interview with him. i'd like to show you his apology right now. >> would love to see it. >> i do feel kind of bad. >> i'm not hearing an apology? >> i'm sorry to them for saying the things i shouldn't have said. >> that whole apology to me, i hadn't seen it. i don't appreciate it still. i think if he really wanted to apologize to me, which he still should and can, it should be in person. not only that, but like you're making fun of something i have no control over.
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that's gnarly. >> you were portrayed as the villain. >> chad as one of the few real villains we had in "bachelor" history, where some of the things he did were honestly despicable. >> is he as bad as he seems to be? >> chad? yeah. he really is. >> move on to you have done all the making out with amanda. there are rumors now tha >> i know the truth. >> you know the truth. i don't want to make eye contact. >> trying to avoid it. >> would happy for amanda? would be happy with whoever gets engaged. >> thank you so much for talking about it. of course, there is plenty of other news in the "bachelor" universe as former bachelorette jojo fletche and her new fiance can treat us to lots of pda.
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bachelorette third runner-up is back home in nashville and content the way things turned out. >> do you think jojo picked the right guy? >> yeah. i think she really did in the end. >> he may be getting another shot at finding that ever lasting love. >> a lot of talk about you being the next bachelor. you think you're picked? >> i really can't talk about that right now. those are conversations we can't talk about. you have to find out. he's like a character out of "the notebook." or nick. >> i was waiting for that. there is another couple in love. that is mila kunis and ashton kutcher. how cute is this? they teamed up to show their support for team usa. >> i was watching all weekend. it's so good. nobody has olympic fever like leslie jones at the top of tonight's roll call..o cf1 o
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oh, my god! >> her hilarious videos and live tweets are so entertaining, she caught the attention of the executive producer with the entire olympics. >> look at thi dude, you are not in the race. >> over the weekend saying, you're officially invited to rio, want to come? lesley responded, don't play. he wasn't playing. toda it's of >> guess who's going to rio? guess who's going to rio? guess who's going to rio? >> up next, martha stewart and snoop dogg are getting busy in the kitchen. >> our new show is rizle, rizle, fashizle. >> the unlikely duo's n show martha and snoop's dinner party got the green light to air on this fall. >> how did me and martha get
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atmosphere. >> each week they'll host a party inviting celebrity guests for cocktails, cooking and conversation. nothing is offlimits. >> martha? she's smoking in the kitchen. she can cook, too. >> finally, nobody puts baby in a corner except baby. turns out jennifer grey turned down a role in the upcoming tv remake of "dirty dancing." playing baby in the three-hour tv m jennifer wouldn't reveal which role she passed on. she wanted abc to do their own take on the classic. ? i had the time of my life ? >> i like it. time to move on. >> i want to see er in it. >> you're trying to put baby in the corner. >> i guess you could say >> behind the scenes of paula abdul's comeback concert and what she spilled during her
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>> later, we get a rare look at j. lo inside the recording studio as mariah carey takes "e.t." on her italian yacht.
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"suicide squad" had a big weekend.
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three decades paul abdul is
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like "straight up." she hasn't performed any of her hits in concert since way back then. this weekend she gave her fans what they've been waiting for. only we were backstage. >> it's been 26 years. let me tell you something, it's different today than it was 25 or so years ago. you have to come back out there and do what you're going to do. >> paula at the festival in hershey, pennsylvania, reminding us of her classic music video. >> i'm happy to be able to come back out and do what i love to do. >> 98 degrees also perfo theer tour. nick lachey made a trip to co-host with kelly. >> it's always a blast.
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part of the bill joey mcintyre is launching a new scripted comedy for pop tv called "the joey mack project" produced by donny wahlberg. >> it's a great team. we are excited to start shooting the end of the month. going to be a lot of fun. >> paula told the crowd she is going to tour with the new kids next summer. maybe this performance was a trial run. while we're stwa official announcement, paula was happy to meet with fans who waited a long time to see her live. >> i wanted to leave my fans with a good feeling and remember i really am always forever your girl. >> "so you think you can dance" airs tonight on fox. still ahead -- j. lo gives us a rare look inside the studio. how she made the latest hits. relax.
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katy's latest beach pda with orlando. pop star going topless? >> mariah carey shows off her
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no sign of summer cooling down as celebs sizzle in their bikini bodies.
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her sons in hawaii. >> aloha. >> between swimming, eating and beaching, brit found time to give everyone a private show. in a classic two-piece. she is 34 weeks pregnant so we are officially on baby watch. >> katy perry spotted in italy in a bikini but she wore something or someone else. in the water? we'll leave it at that. heidi klum and her abs took a break from shooting "america's got talent" to work on her tan in a blue and white bikini we touched down in arizona with ariel winter. took a girl with her older sister. the soon-to-be college freshman kept it fresh with a unique cutout one-piece swimsuit. >> carly steel, the exclusive
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world. >> the keys to a happy romance is separate bath this is the case of his and her yachts. this is the lifestyle of the rich and fabulous, darling. caio, mariah. caio, bella. this is unbelievable. >> wow. >> this is one of my favorite places eve >> we are on this stunning yacht, gorgeous. you and james have his and hers yachts. that is the most fabulous thing how important is it to have his and her yachts? >> it's important to have his and her everything. the his is the arctic p, the seventh largest privately-owned vessel in the world. it belongs to mariah' fiance james packard. the hers, a chartered 16-crew luxury liner she calls home for the summer. they are anchored off the coast of italy.
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>> here is this gorgeous bar. i love there is a bar on the boat. >> is there a bar here in middle of this area which i like. the dark and lightness of this one is cool. >> the master suite with its opulent bath is one of six state rooms. there are two bars, a jacuzzi, a seating areas on the 192 capri. there is a private chef and mariah and her twins. and james' dig is where the party happens. a reported bargain at $340,000 a week pluu expenses, which include the $40,000 a week in fuel alone. >> your kids are on the boat. what do they enjoy the most? >> swimming in the water. they're amazing swimmers. arctic p has an epic slide which
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>> i went down the it was good. i don't know if i'm doing it again. >> i love the instagram post you singing to the weekend for the leonardo decaprio party. >> that was the best. that was so much fun because i love him. >> i would love to see you guys collaborate. >> i would love to see this, too. >> yes, we are back in the studio working on a new project. she is updating her caesar's palace residency and working on a new album with jermaine dupri, taking a ferry to the studio every night. when it comes to her relationship with james, she says all is smooth sailing. >> how do you make that work most boys, you know. you have to go with their schedule. >> he's very cool.
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i get it when he has to do his -- he understands mine. if i'm writing a song 4:00 in the morning, i'm not going to go blasting music -- well, i did that. it was interesting. what i was talking too much. >> how are you planning a wedding during all of this? first off, you've got the arctic p captain. get him to marry you guys. >> that's an interesting thought. i don't know about this. i'll give you more hints as ti goes on. >> she keeps teasing us. good try. you got a lot more. >> i did. i got the answer to the one question every woman wants to know. how does mariah keep her body looking so incredible, especially on vacation? you'll hear her secret tomorrow. it's not what you're thinking. >> come on. another singer who is always looking amazing, jennifer loppz.
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only we can show you how it all came together with "hamilton's" lin-manuel miranda. >> i had this song with a great chorus "love makes the world go i need a partner who would be the perfect partner to do this with me. i had seen lin's speech on the tonys. it moved me. >> love is love is love is love. >> lin-manuel was onboard. the two artists wasted no time. >> i remember, okay, let's do your rap now. i wanted to get to his rap. we wrote the whole song in 20 minutes. relax. >> took me seven years to write "hamilton." i'm not used to working this >> we get an inside look on the writing process. the recording and performances throughout new york city. ? love make the world go round ?
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>> i know, right? >> here is the interesting thing. all 100% of the proceeds will benefit those affected by that tragic mass shooting in orlando. >> that is a great song and doing a lot of good.
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? ? ?
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we are out of time. we have part two of our mariah carey exclusive tomorrow. >> and mariah's going primetime. >> mariah's breaking news about her upcoming role on "empire" as we go myth bus >> do you have entrance music? please say yes. what diva behavior is true and
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