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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 9, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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? it's tuesday, august 9th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." donald trump tried to stay on message, but h couldn't keep ranking republicans from jumping ship. a new poll gives hillary clinton an even larger lead, but a new lawsuit blames her for two deaths in benghazi. and bad blood in the water. with the staredown and a record breaking swim american gets her revenge against her russian rival in rio.
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newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you, i'm anne-marie green. well, donald trump's economic plan calls for a tax base which he says will revitalize the economy. the clinton campaign says all trump's plan does is benefit the rich. she unveils her economic plan thursday. a just released national poll now shows clinton has opened a double-digit lead over trump. 57 prosecutes fe temperament to be president, 67% feel that way about trump. >> good morning. lower taxes, fewer regulations and a focus on fossil fuel. donald trump pitched his revamped tax plan monday in detroit. many of his proposals have been embraced by republicans for
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across-the-board tax cuts. >> my plan will reduce the current number of brackets from seven to three. and dramatically streamline the process. >> reporter: during the hour-long address the republican candidate also took came at hillary clinton. >> every policy she has tips the playing field to other countries. >> reporter: speaking in florida, the democratic nominee panned trump's plan as more of the same. >> trickle down economics does not help our economy >> reporter: a monmouth university poll out monday has trump trailing clinton by double digits nationally, while facing growing opposition from members of his own party. late yesterday, republican senator susan collins of maine revealed she would not be voting for trump in november. this after 50 gop senior national security officials warned the republican candidate would be dangerous to the nation's security. clinton herself faces more
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time as secretary of state. >> i blame hillary clinton personally for the death of my son. >> reporter: the parents of two americans killed in the 2012 benghazi attack filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the democratic nominee monday. they say her so-called extreme carelessness led to their son's death. clinton's campaign responded to the suit by saying she has already been wrongdoing by several different investigations. on thursday, she will offer up her own plan for the economy during a speech in detroit. anne-marie. >> brian webb in new york. thank you so much, brian. well, coming up on "cbs this morning," we'll talk with jerry seib, washington bureau chief from "the wall street journal" about the economic plan. and to weather. the golf coast is under the threat of heavy rain and
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hoernls used sandbags to try and protect their properties from the rising water. and the wet weather spread into the southeast. in alabama the unsettled weather also caused street flooding. on mexico's gulf coast the cleanup and recovery from hurricane earl continues. weekend mudslides killed at least 45 people, including eight people from the same family. meanwhile tropical storm javier is making its way california peninsula. the storm was expected to pass by the popular resort cabo san lucas overnight. in california residents in another 5,000 homes have been told they may want to evacuate as the so-called pilot wildfire as spread. the fire has burned 57 acres east of los angeles. smoke advisories have been issued for the mojave desert
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contained. several area school districts will be closed today, no injuries have been reported, though. delta airlines is struggling to rebook passengers stranded by a glurcomputer glitch. the company says the power outage at its atlanta based classic computers but saying delta equipment caused the outa delta ceo offered a mea culpa. >> i apologize for the experience this has caused four and your travel experience. >> customers whose flights were cancelled or delayed could get a refund or $200 in travel vouchers. another case of zika virus was covered in palm beach county and north of miami-dade county.
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the new school year starts tomorrow in florida. and governor rick scott has ordered mosquito repellent distributed to south florida schools. the 10-year-old who died on a water slide ride suffered a neck injury but it's still unclear what happened to caleb schwab. two women riding with schwab said they say they saw him going that passengers are supposed to ride in. the ride will remain closed. three children were injured when they fell out of a ferris wheel. the oldest is 16. they fell about 45 feet to the ground. they are reportedly in serious condition. to rio now where american swimmers scored gold for the second day in a row. there was some bad blood in the
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meter breaststroke even started. >> reporter: on the deck american lily king stared down the russian outraged that she was eligible to compete in the game after serving for doping for a banned substance. king got what she was looking for. revenge. schepp won gold. and the russian settled f silver and the american lee brought home bronze. it was gold for american ryan murphy. ? his win made it six straight for the americans in the event. >> and cherry gets the final block. and this one is over. >> reporter: the american women showed their strength in the
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switzerland with the match remaining in group play. and fencer ibtihaj muhammad made history with the hijab that she wears for her muslim faith. muhammad won the match but eliminated in the next round. >> u.s. has stretched its lead in medals with 19. five gold, seven silver and seven bronze. of course, to get into olympic event, you need a ticket, and some event, a little easier to get into than others. jamie lucas is in rio with that part of the story, good morning, jamie. >> good morning, anne-marie, i can tell you the swimming tickets were tough to come by, you probably see on tv those empty seats. that's because we're told brazilians are last minute
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and they've only sold about a quarter of tickets outside of brazil and the majority are to americans. >> reporter: this family brought their three kids from reno nevada to experience the games. >> 26 events. >> reporter: 26 events? are you going to be able to stay up for all of them. >> yes. >> reporter: the family got here for less than aos fuel value meal. >> we got it for $12 apiece. >> reporter: women's rugby, biking races and the kayaking competition only drew a few thousand spectators. the lackluster performance by the brazilian teams is not helping to fill seats and many say it's too high. swimming finals and gymnastics
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$300. this is what happened when we tried to buy tickets for the u.s. men's basketball game. are you sold out? you can find any soldout event on the black market. the international olympic committee is hoping that the stadiums may eventually fill up with people who have the olympics on their bucket list. the brazilian police reported they arrested 40 people for scalping and they've also found hundreds of counterfeit they will not do at this point is give away any tickets, anne-marie. still ahead on the "morning news," spieced candy. and ivanka trump under fire. a designer of her clothing line complains about the lack of paid maternity leave. this is the "cbs morning news."
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being expelled from college of because a drone. state officials said he said he would shoot people at the school. testimony was heard in the lawsuit against the school. an investigation is under way under a questionable candy that sickened kids at a party. and in the south china seas. "the new york times" reports evidence that china has plans from the disputed islands. it shows what appears to be aircraft hangars in the south china seas. they said that the islands were being built up for peaceful purposes. "the washington post" reports a gaffe between ivanka trump's words. workplace policies help women with children but the company that designs their clothing line
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leave. one designer said she had to struggle to make ends meet after giving birth to her son last year. the dallas morning news reports a lawsuit filed for a texas student who was arrested last fall. ahmed muhammad's father said his son's civil rights were violated were a boy's homemade clock was mistaken for a bomb last november. the suit is seeking unspecified damages. the san francisco chronicle reports that marijuana candies may have sickened 19 people at a teenage girl's birthday party. she were hospitalized for dizziness, and heart palpitations. officials don't know where the candies came from. the building where the party was held does not serve food and the party caterer is cooperating with police.
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hena daniels is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, hena. good morning, anne-marie. a lift in energy left stocks higher. the dow jones lost 14 points. s&p 500 finished nearly 2 points lower and the nasdaq lost nearly 8. one of the world's largest point of sale payment systems oracle's micros has been micros has been used by hotels and restaurants and retailers around the world at more than 33,000 sites. a computer blogger said micros was breached by russian cybercriminals. it's unclear what financial data was accessed. oracle is notifying customers to change passwords for all macros accounts.
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stocks. was launched a year ago to take on amazon. it should help walmart reach a younger higher income customer. no more free tv on hulu. it's preparing an online tv service against cable. those free episodes will be gone but will be available through hulu. people watch those episodes. it has about 12 million subscribers who paid for original shows. and lyft is making it easier to drop off a friend or pick up a bottle of wine. lyft drivers could make multiple stops by simply talk to get driver. now lyft is adding that second stop by using the app. anne-marie. >> thank you, hena.
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swimmer michael phelps year's olympics. he won gold in the 400 meter free teel and the 300 meter butterfly. but as ben tracy reports it is the purple marks on his skin that has many people talking. >> reporter: when michael phelps made his rio debut, there were two questions. how fast would he swim? and what's with those purple marks all over his body. turns out, they're the result of an ancient chinese pain relief
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you can see him getting the treatment in his under armour ad. here's how cupping works. specialized suction cups pull the skin up and away from the underlying muscles breaking capillaries. that speeds recovery. phelps is such a fan, he instagramed this photo mid-cup treatment. codey miller said he's also a cupper. >> it to me during training. i'll have her put cups back and she'll be like -- ahh -- i know! >> reporter: but it's not just for professional athletes, this 24-year-old uses it for pain. the doctor treats her in new york. >> cupping actually jump-starts the body's natural healing process to help resolve the issue. >> reporter: ben tracy, cbs
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a decade ago she gave a stranger a gift of life. and now that stranger has returned to give denny a gift of a lifetime. jim >> reporter: to make a man happier, jenny could trust arthur thomas' heart. >> thank you so much. >> are you kidding. >> reporter: after all it belonged to her father, michael.
4:26 am
killed near a robbery in pittsburgh ten years ago. hundreds of years ago in philadelphia arthur thomas' failing heart had him on a transplant waiting list but hope was slipping away. >> i was on death's door when he was murdered. and i needed a heart or i was going to be dying within the next few days. >> reporter: fast forward a decade to a letter jenny mailed to arthur thomas. >> she said, dear daughter of the man whose heart is inside you. would you walk me down the aisle? >> reporter: which is how jenny stepien got to have her father's beating heart with her for the biggest moment of her life. >> it's like having my dad here. and better, we get to share this story with other people and people see organ donors do matter. >> reporter: and that's how both hearts were both breaking at this wed saturday and filled to
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here's another look at the morning's top stories, donald trump introduces revamped economic plans that proposes tax cuts but it's short on specifics. trump says his plan will revitalize the u.s. economy. hillary clinton said the plan benefits the rich. a new national poll shows clinton with a double digit lead over trump. and senator collins of maine said she won't be voting for trump. at the olymps american lilia king won gold in the 100 meter breaststroke. american ryan murphy won the 100 meter's men's back stroke. and the american team rallied 117-69. the u.s. women's pounded spain 103 to 63. coming up on your local news on "cbs this morning," more from rio. we'll look at accusations of doping against a russian swimmer
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deputy director michael more l about his endorsement of hillary clinton for president. and we'll show you the veggie burger revival as burger lovers embrace the meatless alternative. that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green.
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it's 4:30, 73 degrees on this tuesday, august 9th. a warm, sunny day today ahead of some showers that are coming our way tomorrow. good morning, i'm chris wragge. >> and i'm mary calvi. welcome to cbs 2 news this morning. we'll have traffic and weather on the 2s in a moment. but, first, we begin with breaking news. a chaotic scene this morning park section of the bronx. bullets started flying as police struggled with the suspect. >> one man was killed, the suspect wounded, and now that suspect is in police custody. cbs 2's magdalena doris joins us live from bed forepark with more this morning this morning. >>reporter: police say -- sources say this all started inside of bodega here on the corner of east 198th street and valentine avenue, an that's


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